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Skip-Bo for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Fruit Loops Game Studios located at Sai Radha Pride Brahmagiri Udupi Karnataka 576101. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4W and up.
Skip-bo where fun is in order. It is the ultimate sequencing card game. Get in the competitive spirit with the Skip-bo card game and be the first one to get rid of your stockpile. But there is a twist, you have to do them in order.

The objective of the game Skip-bo is for the players in the game to discard all the cards in their stock stack as quickly as possible. The first player to do so wins the game.

The deck consists of 162 cards, twelve each of the numbers 1 through 12 and eighteen Skip-bo wild cards which may be played as any number.

To begin the game, players are dealt the same amount of cards face down into what becomes their personal Stockpile. During play, they draw from a central Draw pile and work towards starting up to four building piles. Each pile is then built up numerically in sequence, 1 through 12.

A Skip-bo card is wild and can be played to start a building pile or as any other number, too. These cards are perfect for breaking up static situations or helping to beat your opponents. Use these cards wisely, for they can really help you beat your opponents.

Play against the computer, against your friends in local multiplayer or with millions of Skip-bo players around the world.

You can also create Private Rooms and invite your friends to play.

Add fun and fervor to your family time by playing this awesome game of Skip-bo.

Skip-bo uses aptitude and methodology to make heaps of consecutively numbered, raising cards.

Test your skills and get into the action, and place all of your cards in sequential order. Keep an eye on your opponents, though, because the first player to get rid of all cards in their stockpile wins.

In Skip-bo, trump cards or wild cards separate static circumstances and can be played as any number, use these wild cards and beat your opponents.

Skip-bo is the perfect type of game to play if you want to turn off your brain and play something that is relaxing and won’t tax your brain.

Get in the competitive spirit with the Skip-bo card game where players skillfully build their own stacks of sequentially numbered, ascending cards.

Skip-bo is a perfect game that can be fun in short doses whether you are at home or traveling.

Get ready for some sharp-minded fun with Skip-bo card game..

Download Skip-bo today for free and have fun with your friends and family!!

◆◆◆◆Skip-bo Features◆◆◆◆

✔ Compete against friends & other players and climb the weekly leaderboard.
✔ Advanced AI, and yes, they won't be easy to beat.
✔ Create a Private Room and Invite Friends.
✔Play with your friends and family
✔Get started with an interactive tutorial
✔ Online multiplayer where you can play with real people around the world.
✔ Localized in various languages.
✔ Play with Local Multiplayer.
✔ Ton of Achievements
✔ Get free coins by Spin and Watching Video.
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How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Skip-Bo.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
Ever since the update, when I first start to play it says download. When I hit download it goes to "Play Store" before I can play a game. Every single time!!
I have paid for this game before only to have the former developer claim that their "license" had expired and the gamed disabled. How long before it happens again? Not paying for this game twice, sorry... delete.
Not happy to lose over 13,000 coins on the old game in order to keep playing skipbo, since they didnt transfer over to new game. Graphics not particularly an improvement....dont like the font on the numbers..harder to see for us older players. Not sure what the improvements actually are.
Game was fun before your updates. You'll (on purpose), LOWERED the volume). I have a partial heading loss & was able to hear it clearly before. I've been playing the game for a long time now & you decide to update. Although, the volume is not really needed to play...I guess I just got use to it. Thought to put a volume controller on it or something would of been better.
I love this game! However, I'm not fond of the newest update. I've paid for the full version but now i have ads.
Battery sucker. A game takes 45 minutes and manages to suck up 25% of my battery, not to mention my phone gets hot to the touch. I can sit on social media and play other games all day with no need to charge my phone. Play 3 games and my battery is dead.
I really enjoy this game! However theirs ads that play in the background long after I've stopped playing! Can you fix this? It's annoying! None of my other games do this!
Every time I log in to play the game it tells me there is a new version to be downloaded. When I go to the download page it tells me I already have the newest version. Next time you update this game I hope this gets fixed.
The old version of this game recently MADE you download the new version. The new version now includes adds. The old one did not. Thats the only reason I had this game of. because of no adds. Very disappointed.
The game is constantly saying you're not logged in. Had to uninstall it and re-install it. Lost all my achievements a second time 🤬
Have been trying to play an online game for some time but keep being told I've been disconnected from the server, before I've even been able to connect! I've tried logging out and back in, logging in as a guest, and have even uninstalled the app and reinstalled with no luck. This is the second time I've had trouble with the app, I think its time to give up.
Game has lots of glitches...we keep having to delete game m reinstall to play it. It gives us messages that game is full or does not exist. Very annoying.
Fun until you try playing with friends. Multiple glitches. Fix your game. Your "update" fixed nothing. Figure it out...
Freezes every time I go to play with my husband and it dont let one or the other see the board after it shows a big card. Love the game not the app
Please make it so I can hide my Facebook profile photo and name in online game sessions. I don't want to give those details to strangers online. Giving the option to backup game data to Google Play instead of Facebook would be great too.
Games good just gave all one stars because screw the devs tryna farm ads oh and online mode isnt even how the ganes played only 10 cards making online mode really boring and incorrect "we have updated the game to make it better" you made it worse do no download it originally my one star was because ads but now you deserve the one star for a crappy version of a good game wish there was a zero star option do not download this trash
This game blatently cheats in all kinds of ways. It was better the first time around. After they merged the first with solitaire they screwed it up. Brought it back and i lost over 69,900 points. Now it cheats so you cant win a game as much why does it take points off your score even after you win. This game is not like the original one at all
The cards get stuck and you cant move certain ones at times and it also kicks you out of the game a lot,, other than that, pretty good game when you get to play.
I like it, however some issues, I would rather have the option to play with just one other person, instead of 4 people all the time. 2nd issue... I like hearing the clicking of cards, but not the...its your turn everytime. Otherwise... the speed of game is awesome.
I really love playing Skip -Bo. There's one thing that needs your attention, It's when I want to exit the game it ignores the quit prompts and keeps starting the next game. Other wise It's perfect.
This had been our go-to game for virtual game nights with friends during this pandemic, but now we can't even play anymore. We've all uninstalled and reinstalled, yet it keeps saying "Game does not exist". So frustrating. It's been this way for about a week now. When are you going to fix it?!
It's not a bad game, works most of the time. But I do not understand what the point in the coins are. And it also won't allow me to log into my fb account or any other account.
Game is fun to play when it works. My wife and i constantly have problems with the "play with friends" option. It always tells us game does not exist. We both uninstalled and reinstalled the app, didnt work. Made sure everything was updated, didnt work. Tried through facebook and through guest, didn't work. I emailed the company and have received no help from them.
The game keeps shorting out when playing online with a friend. It also freezes to where you can't move your card, while playing online with a friend. You really need to work out the bugs in this app.
This app is great when it is working, but a lot of times when I try to join a game with my friend it says the game doesn't exist when I use the game code. Would love to see this glitch fixed.
Fun but can't create a room with friends. Continues to say game doesn't exist and only downloaded to play with friends
Fun but too many glitches. Took me forever to play with a friend. Kept getting a message that it didnt exist when we put the code in. On top of other glitches we played a skipbo and it stayed the same #.
When trying to play with someone else the error comes up that game doesn't exist. None of the codes work!
Great game, except since the update I have to update it everytime I open the app to play. I have no choice but to hit update if I want to play. Very annoying.
I love this card game very much and I never had any problems with the game either lol also you can play online or off..... 100% and 10/10 with me just saying love this card game best one to :)
Make me watch an ad, just to close the app?!! It was a good app, but being digitally held against my will, that's not OK. Despicable to say the least. Force closed the app within 15secs of the ad start. Now it gets deleted. Such a shame.
For, but could be better! I enjoy playing but sometimes the cats have a life of there own and can't be put into the correct piles, sometimes cards disappear when dropped as well! I don't understand why I don't get the points for my XP either, I'm well above the target but still not getting the points?
The game asked me for an update but the update was to install a new version. (This version) I installed the new version (this version) but now it wont even load the game when I open up please fix this. I miss the old version. Way better.
Would be a great game if the screen didn't go white mid game, freeze or completely kick you out if you minimise the page for a second. Was told to update once before but I updated and still doesn't work properly
Only problem with this new version is that EVERY TIME I open the app to play, it tells me there is a new version and do I want to download. I already downloaded, five games ago! But I can't play until I say "Yes", then it comes to this page, where it shows I've already Installed the game, and I can click play. Please fix this!!
Love this game! I had the previous one for a long time till I noticed you guys made a new one. If I could add I few things it would be for the offline game. Where you're able to choose the difficulty and how fast the bots play. Other than that love this game and always have!
Latest update fixed it thanks, but sometimes when your playing with friends the screen goes white, game is still too glitchy. Please fix.
Only downloaded this game so I could play with my best friend. We both downloaded same version and when we go to create a game, itll come back and say game does not exist. Wth???? At least with the old version, we were able to play!!! Please fix this!!
I just looove playing skip-bo...this is one of my absolute favorite card games to play! Its fun playing it on this app but I really enjoy the game play alot more physically hands on with other people in the outside world but when there's noone around to play like that...I have this app to turn to n play with people online or offline too. So it is better then not getting to play at all!
I chanced my 1 star review to 2. Even after the update there are times it wont let you play the cards and I even had the screen go white and not let me play.
Love this game for the most part. One thing that needs to be fixed, when someone leaves during a game, I get skipped and my cards in my hand change. It happened a couple times and messes up my game. :/
Online play is seriously broken. No options for onine, so it's always 10 card. Sometimes it's no ones turn, which just kind of stops the game dead. Sometimes your turn will end before discard if someone else leaves the game. I am not sure what the coins are for, as there is no way to spend them at all. Is it for High score? Could I hypothetically become the best Skip-Bo player by watching a ton of ads? IMHO, this app is another bad cash grab via exploiting your favorite card games. Weak.
Nice game... A few things though, ad should go on the top. I always find my self hitting it when I try to play cards. Seems like you always get the same cards like always drawing 6s and 10s or other combinations and seems there are more cards than the regulation 144. Other then those, great game.
Great game! The best part i love about Skip Bo is that you get to choose how many cards you want to play with. Download Now!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope if you get it nobody has problems so Good Luck Everybody.
Someone said this game was choked with ads, but I disagree. It's very fun and the ads are quite minimal.
Stolen code from another developer? This app is identical to one that has been around longer which recently had an update and name change. That app is now called Skip Solitaire. I really hope this is not a copy of that. The other one is by Gaming monk games. I think some of you that are unhappy with this game downloaded it thinking it was the new version of Gaming monk's old Skipbo.
In an online game with invited friends my screen just went white. It was not my laptop, as everything else worked fine. Just the Skip Bo app window was white with large red blob in upper left corner. We had to guit the game. Along with the horrible full screen advertising. This app is being uninstalled. It is unusable.
Too many games where I draw 5+ cards of same number. ie 6- 8's, 4- 3's, 5- 6's, 6- 2's all piled up in my discard slots.
Only been using in last 10 minutes and it froze up after I stopped a commercial from going to the Google play app.
So far, 3 updates to the game. They expect you to re-purchase the game every time!! I've paid twice- not a 3rd time! You lose all of your credits and are back to ad after ad each time the game is updated. Utterly ridiculous and extremely poor judgment on their part, I don't know what these developers are thinking!!!
It has many flaws...it presents a blank screen while playing sometimes you can't play a card. If you could remove the player when they leave a private game that would be awesome.
Love the card game. This is the only version I have found as an app. Simple and basic theme. Clunky at times. Long ads. Good alternative to Uno. Needs update & polish.
The idea of the game is to be the first to get rid of your discard pile not the cards in your hand. the game tends to want to dump cards out of hand first. Watch the AI play a Skip-Bo card on an empty space instead of using it to fill the missing number so that card cand be used from draw pile. The spin bonus should be based upon midnight to be eligible for the next spin. Not 24 hours from when the user spins. Also stop the countdown timer at the end of the game yes or no would work
Skipbo is back!!! I accidentally uninstalled it on my phone and the version I had was no longer in the play store. :( I decided to search this morning and here it is!!! The NPC players play "faster" than before which is great , they play better than before (not as easy to manipulate my win based on learning the AI lol) this is one of my favorite games! I'm so glad it's back
Was great until the update.. Now everytime i open it says i must update before continuing. But its alreaded updated.. Need to click open from the play store. Only way to do it.. Great game.. But crappy programming...
I like the game for solitaire, offline games. However, there is a glitch when trying to get friends to join. After sharing the link, when trying to join, it keeps saying game does not exist!
It would be nice if Offline mode let you win more than 3% of the time, especially when playing against "people" who play so badly that in real life, they could never win. Yet "they" win because they are the same program that deals the cards. So you have very little chance of winning. Also, the game is glitchy, but it might be my phone.
Every time I open the game, there's a request to update to the latest version, I hit update and it brings me to playstore and says open...there is no update and it's really annoying!!!
Skip bo keeps freezing.will delete if not fixed. Happening often now.will delete not responding.always freezing. Not funny any. Deleting game. Done.
It's okay but too many 30 second ass you cannot skip. I know the game needs to be funded somehow but after every game then when you just want to quit after a game one still pops up you cannot skip. At this rate phase 10 is less of a nuisance.
This would be five stars except the new version it made me download is seriously buggy. Some rounds go fine but on others - I've had cards play themselves, I've had cards that wouldn't move, and once the whole screen went white during a round. Not cool.
Love the game but the app is lacking. The app doesn't always connect properly for online play with a friend. It's a cheap made app and it shows but i love the game itself
Love the game but it continuously lacks the ability to enter a new game. When you win it will not download to a new game
They broke it again. 9/23 update killed gameplay with friends. They keep monkeying with it and breaking it. People, hire some QA folks who know how to test.
Constant glitches, tried multiple times to play with friends both in the same room and over distance every time someone's screen glitched out or the game just stopped letting them play all the cards in their hands. Completely frustrating
Started out great but now no matter what we try, including uninstalling and reinstalling the game, the option to play with friends no longer works. Just get a message when trying to put in the code that says the game does not exist. Disappointing.
The new style is not very nice, the green background is jarring and the numbers on the cards are styled strangely. Additionally, I lost all of my achievements because rather than an update to the existing app, this is a whole new one. Would rather you had just made improvements to the existing app. Still a fun game and not too many ads.
Game asked to update and now there are two versions installed on my device. Old UI was much easier, allowed for different level AI and to increase their play speed so you didnt wait 5 minutes for a turn in solo. Go find a rip off app instead, itll play better
I don't understand why a whole new game was developed with the same (or even more) glitches as the old one. The game still freezes often for no reason, cards disappear from gameplay and there are so, so many duplicate cards (as if the deck wasn't shuffled well).
Game repeatedly prevents you from playing cards from your hand or they disappear on your device but not others. When it's the last card in your hand, whole game is screwed, no way around it. Happens pretty much every game on 3 different devices.
The game is pretty cool itself and I never have any technical problems. However, I don't like that you have to be on wifi in order to play "online" with other people, the points are meaningless, it does not give me an option to use a personal picture as others have I've seen and when playing "online" you can only use a card pile up to 10. I also don't like that when playing with other players if they minimize their screen the game is on hold until they come back