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Slingshot Stunt Driver & Sport

Slingshot Stunt Driver & Sport for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by TapNice located at Zacna 2 80-283 Gdańsk. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
This will be it: 2020! This is exactly what it all led to! All of the operating, jumping, automobile smashing, stunts and crazy shenanigans - that's where all of it finishes...

Are you a brave enough stunt driver? a crazy enough stunt driver? a fearless enough stunt driver to SEND A VEHICLE FLYING OFF A SLING SHOT?

Are you the # 1 stuntman of 2020?

We bet you're!

In this awesome, one-of-a-kind driver arcade experience you'll be able to:

- Adjust the strength of the sling shot
- Choose a jumping direction
- view your car jumping, flying, bouncing around until it goes smashing in to the target...

… but as long as you’re a skilled adequate driver!

Aim carefully & you will need to secure within the spot that is marked! For the coins you collect in each stunt you can buy awesome upgrades:

- Sling shot energy: quicker driving = further flying!
- Engine: for driving faster
- Bonus: make better money for future stuntman jumping

The more you obtain, the more challenging the terrain becomes in addition to more carefully you need to aim your bouncing.

2020 isn’t the entire year for everyday car jumping
2020 is not the year for ridiculous, stuntman what’s which can be flying? You need to drift? Really, drift? Watch me move off to sleep. You-know-what else drifts? Dead items of wood.
2020 is the of this sling shot year. Sling your vehicle to the environment, stuntman.
Sling It far you awesome driver.
Sling it smashing to your target.
Be the # stuntman motorist of 2020.

This is the driving game that is most useful of 2020 - as well as the craziest of them all.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Slingshot Stunt Driver & Sport.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Slingshot Stunt Driver & Sport for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Fun game though just uninstalled due to crazy number of ads, even after disconnecting the internet theres still more than 10 ads showing up, gets annoying
This game isn't hard at all. And it's not challenging I'm sure a 4 year old could play this game. As well as this game wouldn't let me post this review until I gave this game a star.
Ads after ever level, this mean 15 second run equals a 30 second ad, and they literally play ads during the 15 second run as well. I understand this is how you make money but you go to far. Didn't even play long enough to see if the game was any good.9
How many ads can you cram into a garbage game? Slingshot Driver & Sport seeks to find out! You get an ad! And you get an ad! Everybody gets an ad! Thought we were done!? NOPE!! More ads for everyone!!!
More ads than there are aids in Africa. Same jump over and over just to upgrade 30 times to make the same jump. Trash game. No skill no fun. Plus watching your car roll down the hill for 30 seconds after a miss is terrible
Im on level 3 ///8/4 and can't get it to land near the landing pad to move forward or progress its a kool game but the developers need to work on getting the impossible jumps oit of the hame i played it for hours on end untill this buzz kill
Too many damn ads. This game would be better if I didn't have to watch an ad every couple turns. It makes playing this game very very frustrating. Remove the ads or limit the number of ads so there aren't so damn many. I'm about to delete this thing which is too bad because I very close to beating it but just thinking about dealing with the ads makes me not want to play. PLEASE FIX. I will not pay $2.99 or less to remove the ads.
Update has ruined the game, was partway through a level almost at the line, now after the update i cant even get up the hill
Was fine.....until world 2. They fail to tell you that if you upgrade in world 2 too early you can not complete the level. The smallest you can launch is 10% and no matter what i overshoot the target each and every time. Spent hours woth now way.
Fun game, but the fact that you have to wait for the cast to stop moving is very Annoying!!! Sometimes it takes forever because the car is rolling down a hill or something stupid like that. You really need to fix the incredible amount of dead time.
I'm okay with ads, but after every try?! The ads are way to often... play for 10 seconds and get 30 second ads. Makes it not enjoyable.
Game is missing a mandatory button on World 3 Level 9-3, making the game unbeatable. Ads are also excessive, should be only 4-5 tries at most, not 1-2.
You know what? This game is actually really good as far as displaying ads goes. In fact, one of the best I've played and definitely nowhere near as awful as some are saying! It's a good little game to while away some time and have a couple of laughs. If you're looking for a game to kill some time while waiting in line somewhere, or for your dr. appt, and one that is entertaining without a ton of ads, then I highly recommend this one! It gets the job done, without making you crazy with ads!
Really good game any chance you can get world 4 open as it's still under construction and I have played the repeated world's just getting bored having to wait on world 4
Great great game but I've have been stuck on 10-2 forever without an end in sight. Can't you get some power up's to pause time or something! And why can't I see my car selection. It's just a glitchy mess.
Enjoyable mindless fun. Some levels are frustrating. The events don't work for me and I've spent all of my gems. You can't pull the car back
Love being able to play the game, but it freezes anytime you try to shoot the car in the special events screen
After spending time on beating every world 1 thru 3 been waiting on world 4 for months now. Now I'm seeing adds with different levels and seeing that now u have to pay to play the others. Not worth the time any more.
For the most part it's pretty enjoyable and challenging on a appropriate level. There was one part of level 1 where you had to get past about 12-14 vehicles driving back and forth and jump a ramp and land on a target - that challenge was so annoying I nearly removed the game from my phone. Other than its pretty good.
Really fun & addicting game. Ads arent that intrusive and the fee to fully remove them isn't outlandishly priced. Deff worth a try.
Too many ads. I simply exit out of the app and restart it which takes half the time then sitting there and watching an ad. It takes too long to upgrade to pass a level unless.... You watch ads. The game is very repetitive and I will be uninstalling it to find something better. They could have been a really good game if they weren't more concerned about making money with ads then entertaining people. It's a real shame.
Great game to play for short breaks or if your just looking for a quick play that saves your progress.
Its a kids game and when they complain it has to many adds its definitely a problem. Kids liked it for awhile till you had to play adds all the time to make money for upgrades
Lots of fun. Worth paying for ad free version. So glad it's not a monthly charge like a lot of other games.
Fun game but the amount of ads is insane. Ads between every jump. Ads you have to close out... Twice each!
Game is too flawed, uninstalled after a short time. The physics engine is broken, even the touch screen functionality is temperamental and I found myself dragging the catapult back over and over just to try and get the game to play ball. Lastly, I couldn't find any kind of guidance to the game; why am I purchasing engine upgrades for example? Avoid.
World 3 Jump 2/10 is impossible without being able to see the windmill to time your jumps. An ad after every jump is extremely excessive. Fortunately for me, I turn my WiFi off, then play without the ads. Uninstalled, I do not recommend this game.
invisible bumps in the road, and random things that make your car go off course is terrible. would not recomend at all!!! this game is not worth the wasted space on my phone.
Decent game, good for just passing time. Some levels are just too annoying. Currently stuck on world 1 level 8-2 which is so idiotic. The ramp you have to go off is at an angle to your car's slingshot and the ramp isn't even aimed at the landing zone. No matter how hard I try, the car just decides to do a barrel role before it gets to the ramp and, if I manage to get on the ramp, my car just decides to change trajectory and turn left for no damn reason. Please fix
Why does it keep shooting backwards it pisses me off real bad Just keeps doing it shooting backwards . Sometimes it don't & it's fine for awhile then it just starts doing it pissing me off bad 😠
More ads than game. This is a great game to play but it has an insane amount of ads VS actual game play.
THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!!!! AD FREE 2.99 IS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!! I have so much fun trying to get the car to flip and roll, can't wait too see what's next for this game! Keep doing what you're doing devs!!! <3
Pretty fun game. Not super hard to where you want to give up, but challenging enough to where you want to keep trying
Really great fun... terrible commercials. The timed type that are difficult to get out of so what's the point. 1 jump and 30 seconds of a commercial plus what ever time you spend being stuck? Don't waste your time.
The game itself is pretty enjoyable. But the ads are ridiculous but I can deal with that, the thing that is starting to frustrate me is the fact that the game only works about half the time. It keeps saying app has stop working and it will kick me out of the game back to my home screen. If it keeps up, it won't be long before I delete it.
Ad simulator. Not even trying to hide it. After the first level. Ad. Sling shot once then another ad. Unistall as quickly as you can.
Sorry to many ads, life's to short to keep watching them, the games levels are quicker to do than the ads, sorry uninstalling,
I quite like this game. It's fun, graphics are good and it's a good time pass. I've completed it within a week. Gameplay is simple. Downside is constant ads and some levels are glitchy. I am not a gamer really but this one did have me hooked for a little while.
Its pretty fun and the commercials for gold rewards makes the game way more enjoyable. Somehow this reminds me of when I was a kid and would make my own ramps.
Started off fun but quickly became annoying. At level 8-1,I cant take it anymore. Could be a good game with lots and I mean lots of improvements. Sorry but I must uninstall.
Ads and glitches. The game is really fun, but there's a lot of places where you crash into invisible objects then watch a 30 second ad. Then you play for 2 seconds and crash into invisible objects again. Then another 30 second ad. Too bad because this game could have been cool. I don't think they even test the new events before launching them.
Mostly unplayable, once you hit a certain point, the slingshot just flips your car uncontrollably. Add that to an obscene amount of ads and you have this mess. Uninstalled
It's ok to pass the time away, quite challenging as well. Unfortunately I have completed it to world 4. Sadly its under construction 🏗.... hurry up and get it sorted. If not I'm deleting the app..
Its a fun game but you can't get into it with an long advertisement ever time you take a shot. Had to stop playing.
5 levels and they want you to rate the game the starts the ads. Then more ads then hey send me 3 bucks and I'll take the ads away No? Here's more ads well I'm gone no matter how fun the game might be. There are to many games out there to be held hostage for no ads.
The game is good but some of the levels are almost impossible to complete because the road is to glitchy
There is no reason for the car to sling backwards. Been on one level far too long trying to make the run. Uninstalled.
I love this game it's just the levels are a bit hard and there are quite a lot of adds but other than that I really like it the graphics are great and it isn't laggy overall it's really fun 🙂🙂🙂
Super fun game, gets very addicting. Just a big issue is the inconsistency of some levels. To a point, it no longer depends on skill but lucky bounces to hit the next checkpoint. This does not make the game hard but irritating.
I give u an one star for a few reasons. like in all games now a day its a huge let down with all the adds ...but the many reasons why you get the one star rating is cause you make everyone that doesn't buy your add block hit a button that SAY I LIKE ADDS and I hate them with a passion thus rating well never change...
I see a lot of negative reviews on this game and I wanted to set the record straight. I've played it for a little bit and I don't see adverts bombarding me like what the critics say. The game style is very basic but you don't need the best graphics to make it a good game. Over all the controls feel easy to use and the progress is enough to keep me wanting to play. I give it 4/5 it's not perfect but it's got it's charm.
Why does it keep shooting backwards it pisses me off real bad Just keeps doing it shooting backwards . Sometimes it don't & it's fine for awhile then it just starts doing it pissing me off bad 😠the game is over at world 4. & it gives you nothing would be nice if it would give you a premium car ...they used to be free anyway
Ok well its a fun game for killing time. There are a few issues that need to be addressed though. First of all is the ads. Thats probrably the biggest issue i have with this game. Way way way way to many ads. And i dont find this game worthy for spending any money on, at all. The other issues are locking up on me. And again this is because of the ads i think. Because it only locks up during the ads. And lastly is this game needs more. More options, more development, more something.
Too many ads. Got in the way of the game. I get the need for ads but every few seconds, and you can't get past them. Not worth the waste of time.
For all those people who say to many ads. Just back out of the game when the ad starts then hit the app as if you were going to play your game. Also for the people who are stuck. Change cars.
Can't seem to get to world 4 for no reason. still under construction for over two weeks. Love the game if I could play it. have over 18 and a half million dollars and cant even spend it to help construction go faster, that would make this game over the top. Still cant get to world 4, this is so fustrating and makes me not want to download any other games from this company. If you're going to put other worlds you should be able to access through all the money you make or some other way.
You really need to update faster. The game is cool, but waiting for updates if ridiculous. Then when it does, you only put 10 levels.
Fun little game. But the grinding you have to do is unreal. Had to do the same level more than 30 times to earn enough money to level up enough to complete the level and then then next level you have to grind some more. It takes the fun out it.
A very simple fun game to play whenever you get a spare moment. Saddly the adds take up more of your time than actually playing which is ridiculous! Even when I don't want accept the bonus for watching an add one plays usually...wow
10 minutes on the app and 6 minutes of that time are advertisements. I understand that it costs money to develop but this is insane. Game play is okay, one of those games when you are bored but each turn you take, which may last 15 to 20 seconds results in a 20 to 30 second add. Uninstalling
Game is okay. Dynamics are trash tho. When you upgrade your slingshot you should get more distance and not less. Seems it makes it to the target only when it wants to. I've been playing for a week now and I would not recommend it.
Was fun for a while, then I got to level 40 on slingshot and engine and now I can't use 100% slingshot because it makes the car front flip all of the time. I have to go to 85%
Massively aggressive ADS save your self the time. Do not touch this game. Even though the ideology seems very fun its effectively ruined by the whopping minimal 40% time average of ads playing.
Game its self is ok. PACKED full of ads that last longer then the levels themselves. Not to mention I have to sit through the same ads over and over for games I have already. Diversity in ads at least. Uninstalled...
So if you finish the game you have finished the game though it says restart it just makes you play the last level of each stage which is the coin grab and very boring . i was looking forward to using the other vehicles but nope!!!!! (PLEASE FIX THIS GLITCH WELL I HOPE ITS A GLITCH HOW ABOUT JUST FIX IT? ANOTHER WAY TO PUT YOURSELF IN A BAD SPOT IS WHEN YOU LAND IN A CHEXKERED BOX WITHOUT OPENING A GATE BUT HITTING BUTTON CAUSE NEXT STAGE YOULL FIND YOUR CAR STUCK IN THAT SAID GATE YOU DIDNT OPEN
If you love ads, you'll love this app. Seriously, I saw at least 20 painfully slow ads before I even started playing. I don't have time for this.
The game itself is fun for the special events is stupid you can't even slingshot your car far enough to get one target. Taking a star away the events are all jacked up you try and play but it dont work but maybe 1 out of 5 tries yet you still have to wait 3 hours to try again.
A 30 second advert after every round, can't really get into the game because of this, shame as it has promise.
The game is fun but you spend 3 times as much time watching ads than playing. I mean its ridiculous! Every time you make a jump you watch an ad. This makes the game no fun at all and I just end up cutting it right off. I've seen games with a lot of ads but this takes the cake. All you do is watch ads the whole time. Sometimes it shows an add before I even make a jump. Horrible!!!!!
Don't waste your time with the events. You can't launch fast enough to do any of them. 100% didn't even make it down the bowling alley.... This was fixed, but now you've broken it again...
Do you like ads the game will ask you. But if you watch the ads to get double money or better you will not get asked. With that out of the way this is a realy good game over all.
Good way to pass the time.... Even though I know Ads are a necessity for these Apps, I think they may be a Bit Excessive for this Game
It's addicting when I start playing but some levels it's hard to figure out how to get to the finish line, all those gates you have to open and such. Also not sure I earn diamonds. Apparently you need those for certain upgrades.
Ads make it unplayable. Completely unplayable. I understand about ad earnings but there is a level after which it pisses of the player.
What a steaming turd of a game this is. Just like all the other banal drivel on the app store these days. Cretinous and boring and designed purely to get you to watch ads. How about some original, interesting, playable content? Anyone?
Highly disappointed, I was having fun got to level 4 it doesn't exist. Very addictive, very fun and challenging now!!! Nothing!!!
At first I was enjoying it, but now I'm stuck on world 2, level 3-2. The slingshot and engine are upgraded too much, I can't use a small enough amount of power to not overshoot every time. Need a way to decrease power or uninstall upgrades. Paid for the ad free version and now I wish I hadn't. Edit : still haven't heard back from developer on a fix, game unplayable. 1 star for now.
Game is fun. I don't like how it constantly asks for you to buy ads away, or resets your car when you move onto a new world, or how limited the vehicle selection is, but overall its very fun for how basic it is.
This game is very addictive my partner and I have both finished it and are waiting for world 4 hopefully soon 🤞 I get the need for ads as this is a free game most free games are full of ads (I'm not sure if people know this but if you turn your mobile data off and your wifi off they go away 🤷🏼‍♀️) people complaining it's to hard would complain if it was to easy so just do you
Every level there is an ad. It's ridiculous. The quickest way to get rid of the sds is to uninstall the game snd delete the app. Hassle free
It's a good addictive game, right up until level 10-2 which is impossible to pass, the car inexplicably turns sideways and ad impossible to keep straight, I've tried the level over 100 times now, same thing every time. Shame really as makes the game unplayable now.
Too many ads... Every three turns u get a ad then lose your groove where you was trying to go.. Level 10.0 there's a glitch on the middle ramp that u hit invisible ish and crash immediately.. 😠😠
Paid $2.99 for no ads. Theres still ads on the main screen. Overall i like the game. Lets see if they include more ads later.
Cool game but waaaay too many ads. I've played for 5 mins and have gotten an ad pop up after every single launch so far. Wouldn't recommend it since you'll spend more time watching ads than playing *Update: Raising my rating I found out that to multiplying coins is what triggers an ad. Not doing so allows to play more. Still ads are frequent, but not nearly as much as I originally experienced.
Sorry no. Uninstalled after 3 plays. I 100 percent support ad-supported content but a 30 second ad after each play that lasts fewer than 10 seconds is a hard pass from me. There is no game at this point, it's just sitting and watching ads.
It might be fun, but after every single level is a 30 second to one minute ad. Its quicker to just shut down the game and restart. I understand the need for games to make money and I usually dont mind ads that much, but a 10 second level following by a 60 second ad is just ridiculous. Edit: After playing this game for a little bit longer the ads just kept coming after every single level. Really terrible. I dropped it down from 2 to 1 star because this isn't even a game.
Only because it's a car game, I've always SUCKED at car racing games 😔😒😳, but this game brought the fun back in driving a car 👍 a 4 to you, is different, cause to me, a 4 is 4 x what ever number you use, cause it makes it that much more 😁👍✊✌️ I'm out of here...
I really like the premise of this game, but it still needs a bit of work. I thought it was going to be more about setting up the perfect shot to make your car run the fancy tracks and hit the goal, but it ended up being shoot your car into a wreck and hope you accidentally crash your way into the marker.
Another lame ass game. Dont waste your time, unless you have time to waste. Lame concept with ads every level.
AVOID AT ALL COSTS... STEALS MONEY!!! Wasted money... Can't restore purchases once you switch devices!!! Terrible... I will seek refund from Google. The developer has offered PARTIAL REFUND... avoid at all costs!!!
Fun game. The only problem is having too much engine and slingshot for later levels. Can you add a reset level or whatever to reset the upgrades?
Boring and repetitive, all cars drift to the left for some weird reason. Way too many ads, really diminishes gameplay enjoyability.
Seems to be a glitch at level 10-2 where 33% power falls short of the target but 34% over shoots the target. Otherwise the game is great. Fix the glitch and I will raise the rating.
Would give no stars if I could. Can't skip adds which are every time you sling the car once and they go for a min every time. Don't download
Do not download. You spend more time watching ads than playing. Failing a level is almost unbearable as you have to watch 30 second adverts after every single attempt. Lasted about 10 mins playing this game, uninstalling.
I like the game and don't mind the ad's to much. However being forced to watch political ad's is going to far. I feel the political ad's should be removed from the game.
The ads! And I'm not talking about 5 second ads. 30 second ads every time you do anything!! Uninstalled.
It was a fun game until I had to do a factory reset on my phone. Now I'm back to level one. Had unlocked several cars and paid for no ads. There's no way to recover your purchases. It's pretty lame.
The ads are too frequent. You see an ad every 2-3 attempts. I also never figured out why I want an engine upgrade. I may never know since I'm uninstalling this game.
Its an interesting game. The only problem I have with it is there are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many adds. Makes it really hard to enjoy the game.
Pros: -The first 20 levels are fun, intuitive, and unique Cons: -Every level past this is the exact same thing over and over. -Too many levels are just one big ramp and upgrading the sling shot until your car finally can ramp far enough to actually get to the finish zone. -There's a penalty for skipping now. Before grinding wasnt too bad, Now its such a nuisance that I dont recommend even bothering, As you'll spend 90% of your time waiting for the car to stop rolling. -Ads at every corner.
waaaay to many ads its absurd. good game if you pay to get rid of ads but basically pull the slingshot,watch a 30 second ad every single time.
I was able to get over the insane amount of ads (almost one per turn), but then the ads caused the app to crash, making the game restart, with, you guessed it, more ads
Entertaining for a few levels, then it becomes a have of luck, as unseen forces grab your car and toss it to the side or makes it veer off course. These forces being a conflict between your two main upgrades, sling strength and engine power. They conflict, creating an unplayable mess of a have, that still expect you to sit through an ad every three attempts.
Level 7-1 is broken. Moderately entertaining game without the ads. 7-1 requires so much force that the car doesn't even stay on the track, flipping and crashing every time.
Fairly fun game - Had to buy it to avoid an eternity of ads - but no cloud save option, and cannot backup the saved game when transferring to a new phone, so lost my saved game when I got a new phone.
Broken after update. I tried doing the special events and I can't even pull the slingshot back anymore. Also when I try to choose my vehicle its glitchy and im unable to select any vehicle
New levels??? Come on it shouldn't take that long. Love games like this but seems every single one takes forever for new levels. Have had 3 updates over the last couple weeks but still no new levels
Godawful. If you like to keep your sanity stay away. At a certain point your slingshot at 100 allways flips your car. At lvl 7-1 your car shoots as straight as a boomerang. Even at 97 it flips the car and is pointless to play. Dont play this game if you like your sanity.
To many ads, and the mechanics are boring .....sling shot a car, hit a wall, then repeat until you get enough money to upgrade(watch an ad every 5 secs to reduce number of walls your car has to eat until an upgrade). Get to a new level and start it all over again.....BORING! And after two levels I was asked to rate the game multiple times so here ya go & uninstalled.
Too many ads!!!!! Update to response. Free and an ad everyother time you play is a bit Much! There are Lots of Free games that actually allow you to play more than your watching ads!!! So you can keep your passive-aggressive reply!
It's a fun game but there is something wrong with level 7 where it gliches and makes you crash every time you go over 80%
It's a good game, but the power is totally random. 100% can go far one time but fall short even with upgrades another time.
Cant install update !!!!!! Well it was awesome until you accedentially hit the checkered box without hitting the switch and then your slingshot gets stuck in a door and you cant move any father!
So let me give you some advice. If you put half of the amount the ads, people will play for 3 times as long and will be less likely to avoid your games. You guys have been over saturating your games with ads and people notice. I understand that you have bills and salaries and I don't mind an ad here or there, but with less ads, you will make more money in the long run. And NEVER go with subscriptions. Thats just ridiculous. It's a huge turn off.
It's fun but the same as any other draw back style mobile game. Way too many ads. When you choose to boost your winnings you see an ad. That's normal. When you skip to play again, it plays an ad. I'll play something else with less ads.
This game is so freaking fun! Runs smoothly and is totally worth spending a couple of bucks to get rid of ads. :-) EDIT: Had so much fun and beat the 3 Worlds available. The 4th one says Under Construction and I can't wait! 🙃
If you enjoy the game like i do, then its worth the 2.99 to stop all ads. But i have over 1 million coins and completed all 3 stages. I want to play more but after stage 3 thats it. Hurry up and add more levels already, i am patiently waiting for more. Please Hurry Up!
Could be a really fun game, seems like a solid idea for a game. It is very money hungry and ad heavy, but the implemented game mechanics suck a lot and the slingshot power is inconsistent from one level to the next. You can't even get past the first stage until you upgrade your engine like 4 times. It's kind of waste of time a d an idea, it could be a really fun game if they tried.
Two main issues with this game... 1. There's adverts every 5 -10 seconds which takes the enjoyment out of the game. 2. The game is bugged which cause the slingshot to launch you backwards or collide with nothing.
Nice game to play until you finish World 3. Then nothing left. Read there was a Christmas even added but I can't find it.
15 seconds of game play and 30 seconds of ads. The "Events" don't work, you can't pull the car back to play. It's a fun idea, but i would rather have it in the "toy world" instead of the transition intro real.
If you love ads, great game, if you're happy to pay for no ads, and love simple repetitive drivel, again, great game. Otherwise the graphics aren't terrible, but the physics aren't great, and asking if I love ads is what drove me to actually reviewing the game... good work guys.
I really like this game. Far too many ads. I understand that ads are nessary, but multiple ads between turns is Overkill. Waiting 28 seconds for ad to run, and 13 seconds for a turn. You do the math. if you reduce ads I will increase rating and reinstall the app. As of now am uninstalling game.
Just amazing nit way to revent a slingshot. that was the good old days when you were in your teenage years.break out the targets and make sure you had your lead shots.really enjoy the game.keep up the good work. suggest this for everyone.
Fun and Challenging!!! However, since the last update, the game freezes when video tries to play and the control over the stunts is lost.
Too many ads to even consider buying or spending money on this game. Just uninstall it... Such a shame because it looks great and would be good to kill time. 30 sec ads which can't be skipped between every level. Each level takes about 10-15 seconds to play. More time watching ads than playing the game
Nerve breaking, time consuming game... What's the deal with waiting to the score after a crash? And if you 'skip' you get penelty. This is a game for commercial. Feels like a job.
You have ruined what could be a great game with ad after ad after ad after ad ad nauseum... Enough already. Your game is not worth the time lost from your life having to watch poorly made advertisements panhandling aps or games that have no relevance outside of 'bounce a ball for ten seconds... Consume a ad. Break a brick for ten seconds. Consume a ad. Jump a broken bridge for ten seconds.. consume a ad. What we are looking for is a few moments of respite and your game works for that sans ads
I had completed levels 1 & 2. Now after the update it shows that level 3 will cost 10 gems or unlock after 1 & 2 are completed but it's not unlocking even though I have completed both. Update: The developer sorted this out extremely quickly with a new update.
I payed for no ads and I wish I didn't because mini games won't even work and there are quite a few glitches throughout the game. I have also had the problem of upgrading the slingshot too far and not being able to beat a level. I'm having a feeling that feedback is not something that is given with these types of developers. Otherwise its a pretty fun game when you're bored.
Fun game... a little bit glitchy but not terrible, ads are annoying but thats nothing new.....airplane mode;) Beat the 3 worlds already waiting for more levels!!!
I'm embarrassed I made it to 7-1 in one sitting. But 7-1 is broken. The stronger your slingshot the more it throws you off track. Id be back if there were 35% less ads forced. I watched a whole bunch on my own and it still forces one every three jumps.
Was great until the upgrade. Now even more ads. And ones that actually open my browser without asking. No thanks !! Uninstalling....
This is another ads app. Instead of being a car jump game with ads in between, it's an ads game with car jumps in between. I'm finished with downloading all these stupid games that require you to watch an endless amount of ads to upgrade or you have to pay to advance. I'm not sticking around long enough to see if I'm prompted to pay to remove ads, so download and judge for yourself. My patience and interest ran out in under 10 minutes.
Completely unstable game.. would give negative five stars if I could..always saying connection lost.. way to many ads. To much upgrades to go to next level.. could be a fun game if fix and less ads. But wouldnt waste my time with this game
Click bait advertising, the button to get past an add opens another advertisement, this happened a few minutes into the game and that was enough!
No skill, just ad watching. There is no skill, you just progress to the next level after watching the same ads over and over again. This could be a great game but it is just an advertising revenue generator. Waste of time!
Found it quite fun and something a bit different, however the physics need to be fixed on some of the levels, currently cant get passed world 1 level 7-1 as the car flips everytime when using more then 90% power and doesn't have enough speed to make the jump with less than 90%
Control of the car in air is no longer available (flips and rolls) and my car just keeps sliding around after it lands, I have to press skip and lose coins to try again.
Fun to play but too many ads to build up engine to pass each level. It would also be nice to see an aerial view of each level when needed.
Honestly didn't think it was going to ever be updated, just a game that got put up for a quick money grab, I was wrong, the updates have been nice, my no ad purchase is working great through updates, honestly just a chill fun game to pass time with
The game is overall good. But level 8-2 is impossible, I am specifically writing this review to check upon that level, the ramp and the final spot is very wide and is not possible. Please fix that and also try to add a feature of skipping the level if the player is not able to do it deduct some coins, or add skip feature after 15-20 tries. Please I've been stuck on that level for a month. That's why I've skipped playing it.
Thought it was ok, then you bloody kept asking if I liked ads!!!! Then there's the bloody ads along the bottom, then between the levels you've got to sit through MORE ADS!!! WASTE OF TIME!!!
Edit: now up to 5 updates and still no new levels. I'm deleting now. New levels??? Come on it shouldn't take that long. Love games like this but seems every single one takes forever for new levels. Have had 3 updates over the last couple weeks but still no new levels. I understand it takes time but why do that many updates without new levels? Just wait to update when you get the new levels done.
Love the game but on level 10-2 in world 3 theres a glitch. If i slingshot at 32% i fall way short of the target. If i slingshot at 33% and up i fly way over the target. So no matter if i go above 33% i fly way over. Or if i go below 32% i fall way short. Can you please fix this so i can finish world 3?
Game sucks....You gotta watch a 30 second commercial after each launch...cant back out of the bonus multiplier without a commercial unless you pay...this game aint worth paying for...if the game were better id pay to remove ads...Game just went from lame to Lamer X30 with a 30 min ad after 🤢
Waste of time. You earn coins then launch the car and it constantly glitches, when you hit skip the game takes the coils away. No point in making a stronger car because it constantly crashes. Payed for no ads and wish I didn't. Don't bother with it. Not worth it
Pure Advertising game. I have played for an hour. In the meantime I viewed more than 80 ad's. What is this?? And asking to pay 280inr to avoid ad? Such a creepy mind of the creators.
This game is infuriating. I have completed all the levels available. Most were done by sheer luck. Sometimes the physics don't make sense. 80% power is too much but 79% is not enough. Ads are a plenty and I would have paid for them to be gone but the game always gives me a reason not to by how difficult the game can be at times.
You as developers want people to pay to remove ads when the game isn't that exciting, it's more of an offline game, what a joke.🤣🤣
When given the option to pay to remove ads or click "I like ads" I couldn't bring myself to hit i like ads and since I couldn't continue the game without picking 1 you left me with no choice but to uninstall. Pity coz it was enjoyable
Too many ads ruined an otherwise cool game. There are other games that have lots of ads, but this is excessive. Rather than a game with ads, this is more of an ad stream with a mini game in between.
Glitch on World 2. I can make 2-3 attempts before the game loads again. With a unlock gate blocking my vehicle. And I'm unable to continue playing. Even after paying your 2.99.
Fun game but you know what's ruining it? Having to choose between losing most of your coins or waiting for hours as the car slowly rolls down a hill for half an eternity. I'm getting really bored of keep having to hit that skip button.
Really entertaining 👏 Please add a few more "free" cars. Worth 3$ to get rid of adds, way better without. Been playing all day.
Way to many adds adds to be aloud to play adds to upgrade adds every time you finish a level not a good experience. Thought the game was going to be more like hot wheels crash but it not and its add to win
Very nice idea BUT all you keep doing is collecting coins and upgrading. Graphics are old style video golf from ten years ago. Scoring does NOT make any sense! Lots wrong/could be better.
Can't seem to get to world 4 for no reason. still under construction for over two weeks. Love the game if I could play it. have over 18 and a half million dollars and cant even spend it to help construction go faster, that would make this game over the top.
Horrible game. Horrible graphics. Ads after EVERY attempt (roughly every ten seconds.) Shows ads for things that are untested, harmful to human health, and deadly - lately it's that keto thing. Does not allow for reporting of these ads. Also, they will probably reply whining about making money - to which I reply they need to investigate the products people want to advertise and that their placement of ads in the product amounts to support. So they are supporting killing yourself.
Can't even finish world 1 cause the game stutters and ungodly amount when I launch the car, not mention there are little ads on the side of the screen, and banner ads, and pop up ads after every level. I do like the game visually, but there are no graphic settings so the game is unplayable for me.
To manu ads. I'd be interested if they happened half as often, which would keep me playing and net you more ad views and thus money. As is, im only on the 4th level and had 6 ads, no thanks
Fun and worth the download. Hint: you can "power level" in the first level, before the ads begin. Definitely fun
Its rigged so you watch adds, just like every other game . After a minimum of 15 slingshot upgrades, the car us finally reaching the same distance as the first launch, and yes that includes engine upgrades also, which by the way don't help for most finish lines. The first ad above fir this isn't even a real part of the game, just kmething to get people to download. And what's the devopers fascination with cliffs & forced viewing if the car rolling aimlessly over all the different terrain?
Propably the worst game you will have the misfortune to download nothing works properly amd the adds are everywere. There are so mane adds that the game is unplayable without geting mad. There was an option to vote it to be removed from store i would go for that. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS
Don't waste your time downloading it. You are forced to see too many ads. 50% of your time in the game will be seeing it ads.
Makes you watch an ad just about every other try. Takes wayyyy too long to upgrade engines and slingshots. Gets very boring and monotonous quickly. But, really, I would still play it if it weren't for the crazy amount of ads!
Probably the most intrusive ads out of any app in the Play Store. I wish I could give this game a chance, it looks like it could be good, but WAY too many ads. Bye.
Decent game. Just a couple of suggestions. Make it so that you can downgrade something if you need to, I upgraded too far and now I'm stuck on the second world. And make it so you can upgrade your car in the new "challenges" because every time I try one, the slingshot and car are back to level one. Fix those two problems and the game will be perfect.
Way way way too many adds and these adds so long the screen times out and its an add after every single play no way you could enjoy this game I will never reinstall this game because of all the ads the game play is fine but wow all the ads these ads must pay them super well
Have had this game for over 2 months, paid the 2.99 to have all ads removed. Haven't seen an update with new levels ever since. This is a scam- they collect 2.99 from millions of people, make their money and stop supporting the game. Absolutely pathetic..
I payed for a subscription so I could have access to all worlds all the time. So that equals exactly 3 world's! I'll be unsubscribing, buy I also payed for no ads before I payed for the subscription, so when I unsubscribe I still had better have no ads at least?! A little feedback on this would be GREATLY appreciated!
AD OVERLOAD !! Gameplay is a great time waster. Alas a 10 second go at the game followed by 30second ad after every....single....go is a p**s take. I understand the need for adverts, but the frequency is ridiculous! They're not even the ads you can skip after 5 seconds. Un-installed. Steer clear !
Terrible you watch ads more than you get to play the game. A total waste of time and space on your phone. STAY AWAY!!!
*FIXED NERF* No replay value, cannot replay any worlds without completely restarting them. Have beaten everything that there is ava season pass holds no real value.
Lots of bugs. No real challenge, only difficult levels just require you to get lucky with the traffic. Poor design leads you to waiting for your car to finish sliding around indefinitely or take a penalty for skipping.
This game honestly deserves a 3.5 star rating however the amount of ads they force on you is the most I have ever seen. Not only are there ads every other race but while you race there are ads off to the side and bottom of your screen. They definitely want you to pay the $2.99 to go as free but even then I am sure they will have more.
The app began into the game without my authorization or giving me the chance to read and review the Terms of Service or the Privacy Agreements respectively. The app cut me off from reading and skipped right into the game. No agreement and no consent. That's a definite no go for me. Deleting immediately.
Fun game to pass the time but the crashes are annoying, I slid on my roof for close to a minute while I just sat there and waited and if I skip then I lose coins... I beat all levels and im currently waiting on world 4 I hope they fix that issue.
Paid for no adds and powered up so fast the level became impossible... Speed required to hit target is less than 10% which is the lowest possible speed. Please fix, I was enjoying your game. No reply from customer care regarding this in two weeks...... Must have tweaked something for the better.. Landing areas are now much more obtainable. Thank you. Once again reached impossible level. Glitches send car way past target at the correct speed.
not bad for a bit of fun. sometimes it can b difficult to find the correct combination of power & direction! but that's the idea, right? u can play either on or offline. online there r a few adds but there r plenty of upgrades for watching adds! give it a go for change of pace! EDIT- for some reason the slingshot isn't working in the events! it either doesn't fire at all or it only does it enough so the car bearly moves forward! i hope this can b fixed!! cheers!
No ads for the first few levels and then a 30 second ad after almost every shot. I understand dev takes time and you have to make money but so many ads makes the game unenjoyable.
Once you disable the "using data" its a cool simple game..(no ads whats so ever) What i dont like is that fact that you LOSE all of your upgrades when you go to the next "world level!!!" and then yoi have yo START AGAIN???? thats the dumbest thing ever!!! You should be able to use your last upgrades to the new stage!
Unless you spend $2.99 to remove ads, you will spend 99% of your time watching them. So needless to say I did enjoy this game for half an hour and that was it.
Just played for 2 days, and have yet to be overly annoyed with ads. I recommend this game. Innovative, skill required, and FUN.
Enjoyed this and made it to World 4.HOWEVER as of Oct. 22 2020 there is no world 4 as 3 was under construction now 4 so I guess noone has gotten this far.I have 15million points and understand the ads value to me being able to enjoy playing this FOR FREE! Thanx Designers now complete the new world so I may play it.
Toooo many ads there is a 30 second ad almost after every play. It's not the genre it's that i do more ad watching than playing. Time for another game with less ads.
The old version was good when you flip the car and get really good slingshot. The new update have lots of bugs need to be fixed, like when i reach level 30 slingshot and pull the car and let go the car just flips before drive on the track. I hope you guys fix it like the old version.
I want to give this a 5 star so bad, but there is is bug a world 1 6/10 on the first level, where when I launch my car up the ramp, it skids over to the side without hesitaion, and ir mskes the game impossible, please, i beg, please fix that bug.
Fun but eventually frustrating. It begins nice and easy, quite fun and enjoyable, more so the further you get into the levels and worlds. But then you reach the final two worlds. The levels become less about skill and more about luck, requiring many 10s of attempts of trial and error, crossing your fingers and hoping that you'll miss the traffic or somehow land your mark. I accomplished 1/4 of said levels by taking the unbeaten path, firing my cars where they shouldn't go. I did finish it all
Fun game, however i camt see the cars i have purchased, the screen is scrambled and the cars arent on the screen. Other than that its a fun time killer, there is and ad after each play, but it comes with a winnis multiplier so its kimda worth it.
Love the game. Need to finish other worlds. I finished 1-3 and says world 4 under construction. Having to use less power on certain levels made the game more challenging.
Game becomes way to difficult and with the ads being so often you can spend days trying to complete a single lvl. Uninstalling!
Used to be fun, not any more after developers got rid of the turn around option by tapping the vehicle while in the air. I have unistalled this game.
A lot of the time when I pulled the slingshot back and let go the car would glitch out by doing a barrel roll, getting stuck in the ground or ramp, or just go completely haywire and fly backwards at the speed of light and out of the map, making it impossible to get to the end of each level. I know I gave this a good rating even with all the bugs, but I see people are pointing out some of the same stuff and I'm sure they're trying to work on this. I'll make it 5 star when I know it's fixed.
Game is nice and fun but, updates and new game content are slow, I've been stuck on level 3 for over a month. There is no way to reset level incase you've over upgraded your vehicle. Once you've over upgraded your vehicle it's nearly impossible to hit the target correctly (it's as if you become a feather and float past your target every single time). Not even luck can help you.
Too many adds i am deleting this game today because you play game for about 5 seconds upgrading the car using on level 1 you let your car go then you watch a lot of add for 30 seconds a time more then one go on the game needs to really get that sorted when you could do complete levels then add before you going in to next level up
You literally never miss, I think 99% of my game library is you 😁. Quick to reply with any problems with the games, just keep pumping out these levels, more events and less waiting between being able to play them, and I'll never need anymore games haha! Stay awesome y'all 👊
I guarantee the game designers don't even play their own game. World 3 level 9 is so buggy. If you go straight, your car drifts to the right. If you shoot left, the rock hits you to the right. It's basically a coin flip and I can't win it. It isn't fun at all. Glitchy, unpredictable, anti fun.
Game is good , recreational. But the way you are forcing us watching adds is a different level. If I want to use multiplier, you are throwing in adds , when you see that is not used you are throwing a shorter one again. You've forced me to answer by selecting one out of two option " Remove add for $$.$$ " or " I like adds " . By selecting it I get bombarded with them while playing. Paying for your "free game" should be the same like waitresses tips, only if you worth it .
Download if you want straight ads...there is no game here. Ad between every level, ad when you come in, ask if you want to pay for the game followed immediately by an ad. If not for all the ads I might have paid for the game. But at this point I'm over it.
Once you get through a few levels, it gets better. Although the graphics are old style, they are seriously well designed 🤓 The vehicles look good; the wheels even move! Would be better if the vehicles broke apart on impact. Scoring of coins is still nonsensical. Get almost the same coins for crashing immediately as to flying and tumbling the full distance and landing in the finish zone. Keeping on my device to see just how far I can go free and offline. Looking forward to any future update😎
I'm not to sure about alot of these other people personally I like this game a whole lot,yes there is alot of adds and sometimes its tough but i have already completed all of the levels in two weeks of playing and i am wondering when level 4 thats under construction will be ready to play???
The game is fun and addicting! The problem is not enough levels! I am finished with the game with no more levels!
Adds kill the game. I understand that is how you make your money, but this is ridiculous. You play 10 seconds of the game and then have to watch 1 minute of adds, without the option of x'ing out.
If you love ads this is the game for you! Not only do you get an ad after every single level, you also get the question "do you like ads" where they ask for $2.99 to stop them!!! To the people that say there aren't that many ads, they must have been paid to say that about this game because there are TONS of ads!!! A good game totally RUINED by greed from the developer! I will NEVER download another game by the developer again!!
Not so much fun anymore. Something changed on the 14th . Car can't be manually flipped in flight. The response to pulling back is slow and sluggish. Seems to be more spam. Sad, lived this game