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Slots UP - Vegas casino slots

Slots UP - Vegas casino slots for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Three wishes slot machines game studio located at Business Centre, Al Shmookh Building. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
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Slots UP! app - casino slot machines is intended for adult users and strictly requires them to be at least 21 years old to access and use our services, for entertainment purposes only. This game does NOT offer any opportunity to win anything of real value, such as money or prizes. Under NO circumstances this game could be considered a gambling tool of any kind and does NOT guarantee any success in playing real casinos, slots and slot machines.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Slots UP - Vegas casino slots.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Slots UP - Vegas casino slots for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Very much impressed .I don't play off line casinos often and I live within 30 minutes of 5 large casinos in southern California so this is high praise indeed. Great graphics and reasonable bonuses. First time playing and thus far enjoying your slots.
Just rubbish lose 30000000 just to get one of your special bonuses and still not get it think of a better game as I said this is rubbish
While it paid ok with the initial coins when betting max, it keeps pulling you out of that game and you have to go back into it. You only get 1 slot choice. Very limited choices and whats finally offered when you level up arent inviting. If all of that isnt annoying enough, then the slot will change how it wins. Chains were added to the one and only 1st machine available which you had to unlock. Just Yulk.
Boring bonus games You hit a certain level and can't win to save your life unless you buy more coins over 300 spins and nothing.
This is very addictive so beware there's lots of missions to do to keep u interested... Graphics are super and it's free but u can still buy things if you need too but other than that I love this game..
Started On The "26th Of Sept. 2020," Finding Out Where & How Much." To Bet, The Game I Am Playing Or Which Game Will Be The Most Fun, As Well As Consistently More " PAYOUTS. "
I have been playing your 2021slots game for 340 consecutive days and I just found this game a few days ago. I love the game it is very similar to 2021 slots just on a smaller scale, thanks for updates.
For the most part, it's a good idea. But, when it's advertises "OFFLINE", then make it all offline. If I want to open more slots, I need to use my Data cuz I have no Wi-Fi/internet. You lied !!!
Been playing for over a month. Was a really great game. Have played up to level 215,game has become severely stagnant. Upon finishing quests on games, does not give reward cards and they get frozen. Then I noticed how games cheat on obvious paylines.5 of a kind on numerous games, where game summary even shows those lines as paylines ,not paying out for it. Play at own risk
Payouts are good. I started with 2m coins and now I have over 100m. Only been playing for an hour. Definitely keeps you interested.
Fun! It's a nice change to play slots that are different than other casino game apps. I love the vibrant colors and cool graphics.
Great game payouts are good and frequent. I love the idea of different challenges for each slot. Would recommend
Fun to play. Like real slots, you can win a lot, but the games also go into what I call 'suck mode' where no matter your bet or which game, you will lose everything you've won (just like in Vegas). That's ok, but getting more coins thing really sucks because the amount is very low. Also, I've stopped playing some of my favorite ones because there is suddenly a minimum bet needed to play. If I'm betting 25 million, why do i suddenly have to bet 1.25 billion to continue playing? Overall, it's fun.
This game can be played free offline but only to a certain point. Only PEGI12? Surely any type of gambling should be 16+? The graphics definitely look aimed at 16-! Designed so you have to make in-app purchases to get very far. Can't just go to a slot you have and play for fun. You have to play and follow the challenges.
I love this game. Perfect for killing time. All the challenges inside each slot is a great way to keep someone interested.
A lot of fun. You can actually play for a long time without buying credits. Wins are awesome and often. Very good game.
..It's exciting to play..amazing colours and fun graphics..lots of variety of slot games to unlock ...pays off with great rewards and winnings..bets are not exagerated as some other ones are would add some cute famous cartoonie characters to make it but more cutely more exciting..lol..there's 1 slot that would be nice to add is that slot game.. animals from outer space..something like that..where flying saucers suck up the animals..lol..lol..until now it's great casino game. After idk ..πŸ€”πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ
Must have this App. Game it is So fun and very enjoyable to play you just can't stop playing this Game Once yOu start or begin tO play it...Thank you for the creatOr of this App. Game yOu make me feel sO relax and chill at the same time... GodBless everyOne & Stay Safe and Healthy always πŸ™πŸ€—πŸ™
Love this. Just wish the winnings would be more frequent. As for the task on the games just impossible if you trying to gain coins to keep on playing. Have to sit for days and spin every two hours to accumulate coins to play again
Please get rid of the annoying hand that makes the blip noise!! Have to have the sound off or it drives you crazy. Would rate it higher if not for that.
Really enjoyed game til majority of the slots games started kicking me to the lobby instead of rewarding me with the "pick card" reward section after completing prerequisites of the slot game. When I re entered the slot game the completion bar is at 100%. Once I took another turn it was give me the "checkmark" clear thing then kick to lobby again. Extremely annoying....
You have to be online to load slots. The first dozen or more games are fixed. Play max bet and get Β£ in the bank!!! Once you get going, careful moderating your bet allows you to get quite far when playing free. Ultimately, no skill.
Fantastic I love this game, best casino game I've played, I definitely recommend a 20 star if I could, the graphics are absolutely amazing, thanks for sharing this app!!,
I bought coins twice quick to take your money but did not receive the coins. What a rip off !! HOW DO YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK
worked my way up to 525 billion - stayed on one game and never once won a bonus and ran out of coins - come on!!! useless game
Very confusing and scamming. I purchased roughly 5 dollersworth of coins thinking it's for real play. Only to find out it's all free game. So what the hell is the point of the coin package purchases for. I'm disappointed and looki to get a proper solution and immediate refund . Nonsence.
I am surprised at all the extra fun features in these games. I began winning immediately which always encourages me to stay and have fun. Thanks
I love playing slots and this one has great payouts the graphics are awesome I'm definitely letting my friends and family know to play Slots Up...
Good slot, i am having so much fun playing this game, wish i came across it yrs ago, free coins all the time, enjoy this to the fullest, thanks,
Good games with decent win ratio. I wish that if you delete then reinstall it they would offer your highest previous coin total, rather than the highest previous level achieved.
Love this APP. I just keep winning and winning. Just when I think I lost all my coins because I bet Max, bang I mega win again and again. Best APP ever.
Seven slots it broken its missing two blocks on chain break ..toataly skips a patern sucking me dry so fix or delete its the only reel i like
It ok but this like the other game it rip you off on your 3 to 4 to 5 of a kind I don't always count your wins that why rated it at a 2 star which should be one for not counting the wins
There are so many different games and I love playing all of them. They keep me busy and pass the time and have great pay outs.
Omg already loving it soo much!! Winning huge and haven't seen not one ad yet!! Amazing!! Great job y'all!!
Horrible. Game app stops running constantly and you can't even play the game just to have Leisure playing time because any time you collect the symbols it requires you to it takes you right back to the lobby. That's very upsetting. This is not a good slot application at all. On a positive note I will say that it is nice to not have to put up with a lot of ads.
This game is so much fun and addictive... been up all night instead of getting my awareness blankets done
Best graphics and great to play. Would have like to give a 10+ rating. Total new form of play and much more fun than all previous slots I've played. Keep up with what your guys doing to create better games to play than all your competitors. Well done!
It's fun and different from other games. The graphics are cool. The instructions are good and easy to follow.
Paid for coins not recieved them,yesterday a $9.99 pack they never came today I bought a $4.99 pack it took payment 3 times my player id zenlreezt, needs sorting
Your app aint worth the one star that i gave you. It freezes up all the time n when i hit then button to make it start spinming...it will keep spinning and wont stop n i loose all the coins I have won. And i have to reset the whole thing n start all over again.
This new game is tons of fun . Just the way i like it alot of different games and bonuses to keep you busy for hours doing something you already love !
If you're looking for a freestyle spinning game this isn't it it truly has little choices on what to do it doesn't matter you lose at the end the game the reals whatever you want to call it has already been preset camera games like y'all need to be removed from Google Play Store and Google Play Store should be fined for having games like you on it!!
I am loving this app...relaxing and I am winning.But the most exciting part of it all,It's new,and it's exciting. I am actually waiting every moment since I installed this app and begin to play,LIKE WHAT'S UP NEXT?!!!! YES,IT'S NEW TO ME AND IT'S WORTH WORKING WITH AS IT'S REWARDING JUST TO PLAY AND GIVE ME SOMETHING ELSE DIFFERENT FROM L APPS OF ITS SORT,ANOTHER THROUGHT OF CHEER...JOIN ME...AND LET'S SEE IF WE CAN HELP MAKE YOU JOYFUL IN THESE TIMES ALSO...
Thus far I am impressed I play the other game that is just like this one but newer of course and I like it just as well I like the games the the funny characters the quests and coins and wins and woohoo but for real this game rocks as a casino fun times easy going don't have to bet too high if you don't want to some some places you have to but you can always wait for those till later that's what I like about this the developers all the hard work that went into both these games you guys rock
This game is fantastic because it's fair. They let you play for a while before they start bothering you for money. The graphics are really good but over all the number one take away is great gameplay. Congratulations to the makers of this game you deserve all the accolades.
I'm really enjoying this game. I like the choice's of games. The graphics are great! ❀ 🎰 😊 ❀
Way too much going on , just want to play the ordinary games. Spinning is really slow, can't play the game again after challenge is complete, what's up with that? Deleting after this review.
So first thing LEVELING SLOW AS HELL ..no matter how much you bet im currently betting 20 billion (yes not million) a roll and its mind numbing how slow it still is...almost lvl 100. also not gonna say how but there is a glitch in this game ill leave it at that not getting paid to figure stuff out for the devs lol.. oh and out of the slots ive unlocked 97% of them are not even creative boring graphics and plain. so my suggestions scrap all these boring ass slots add new ones cause clearly this was a money grab with no thought. and speed leveling up.
I love this game!! It has the best games and pays out way better than any other casino games I have played!! I've been looking for my favorite casino game and I finally found it!!
I'm honestly disgusted in this game I support you by spending a lot of money by buying coins and yet nooooooo winnings to complete the tasks and my money is running out so fast with the lack of winnings I'd say don't download this game wasting time and a lot of money I'd say it's the worst game ever horrible experience
So far 5 stars,only on 15 minutes and went from 700,000,to 17 million, brilliant graphics to.will up date in 2 day's,I've now got over 200 million, having loads of fun lots of wins and bonuses also, try for yourself and see πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
I'm having lots of fun playing. I would recomend Slots UP to my friends that like slots. Still having fun playing Slots UP.
I have the same problem. After I finished a quest, just throw me out in the lobby without a "pick card" part
This one is one of my for one I love the way that you really stop the wheel and it's not random it doesn't stop itself you really can stop the Wheel by yourself it's one of my pepe it's when the best slot games I've ever played I think
Beautiful games and graphics are absolutely amazing and the only thing is you have to play some of the games in portrait mode
Just join this I have a few hours ago I'm playing the journey to open up all the slots it's okay no commercials well can't say that there's one every now and then but it's not bad I'm enjoying it very much the little icon said $700,000, 00but that is not what I gave you when you got on to the game I was a little disappointed about that but I'm winning and I'm moving up fast I'm already at rank 19 so I'll give it a little time and see if it keeps going well if not it'll definitely be deleted out
So far it's ok. I've only been playing for a few minutes and they ask for a review without an option to do it later. If it's still a good game later I wont change my review. They do give great bonuses. After downloading again, I realized why I deleted. Its because the games are too cartoonish. Cute game and I still stick with my original opinion.
Dull and underwhelming, won a lot of money but got so bored, an ordeal to level up. That bad I uninstalled it with over 100 million in the bank.
Awesome slots and bonuses games great payouts, just seems like it takes a little longer to get to open other slots.
So far this seems like a great slot game to play.... haven't been a bunch of ads so that's a plus already πŸ‘ will give it five stars after playing for awhile..
Set to fail! Cash grab, all spins are predetermined...want proof? Download play and take screen shots then take it offline delete all the games data and do it again and again (did it 4xs And it was exactly the same). Set up to pull you in and clean you out.
Highly recommended this game, you level up fast, you make money fast, they don't force you to watch ads, great graphics, it would be fun to add friends and chat though. Keep up the great work! 😁
I've been playing non stop. I think it's the best spinner control system out there. tap it, roll it, slam it, it responds. Great games. Great quests which build up your betting for more enjoyment. Great job. looking forward to more games.
I truly played Your Company Of Partners Company Enjoyed it Much..St. Is the Jungles of Faked To False..Well How Much Did I Win! I could Ask the lieth PCH. Amongst Other On lined Slots..Pick_Up town Funks Don't Even need to Know My NAme Of Appearance ..Well Wells_Fargo To Jingle advertisement Room Fawn Gangsted.. So Numerically I Passed Each time As you Page Text Party & DocumentNoneOfYourSuccesses & Freed Promo Stay WildGirlBoy He.she gays..that has now been additional my 5yr Ho Much Did I Win?
Fun and Addictive! Plenty of new and exciting things to do, goals to achieve and rewards to collect. Slot machine all have there own special quirks. Level up fast and unlock new machines all the time. download if you enjoy playing slot machine games. This is one you will definitely want to play.
So far im enjoyed this game, I play a lot of slot games 🎰 online and spend a great amount of money to play so hopefully this game will be satisfying experience for me
So far it's ok. I've only been playing for a few minutes and they ask for a review without an option to do it later. If it's still a good game later I wont change my review. They do give great bonuses.
Great game, loads of fun slots. Only drawback is that annoying jingle everytime you win, really grates on you.
I have been playing Slots Up for over a month. It is the longest game to survive on my phone. It is great. I've won a lot of coins (78billion in the bank), I have never been bombarded with ads. I watch a couple of ads on reward cards and am always generously rewarded. I will continue to play as long as things stay the same. Some of the slots give you spin limits, and sometimes those limits are too small. And they want to charge 25 diamonds for 10 more spins. It should be 25 for 25 I think.
It would be great for once to play a f****** slot game where the reels are not set this s*** is a scam and a half
This is why i hate Slots i was up to 900M coins i bet 10M went through 22 spins no rewards of anykind.. Then on my 23 spin i got 7M.. ALL slots are a junk.. They should be outlawed. I wish i could give all slot games the middle finger
Went through 6 BILLION COINS. Not 1 bonus game. Payouts are way too low. Bonus games as you can tell from above are apparently impossible to hit. Just not fun when you can't even keep your balance somewhat level to keep playing without having to make purchases. Uninstalling. Good luck everyone else.
I really like this game,love the graphics,great way to pass the time away. Don't hesitate to try it you will like it too.
Disappointed. No frequent bonuses. No free spins. Fixed game, like others. The classic hooked up at first. Then the game start to drain your coins. Forcing you to buy fake coins w real money. What a joke.
This the first time I've played this casino. The games are more interesting and have better bonus payouts than the usual casinos. I've become bored with trying other"new" casinos, only to find the same games in each one. I'm optimistic...well see.
This is a fun game I got a lot of points and you can play it offline so that is a bonus. Has a lot of fun bonus features
I just started playing and I am hooked already. The payouts are great and the graphics are nice. This game will be a keeper and there are so many more to choose from. Download and see what I am talking about. You wont be disapppinted.
The graphics are stunning! I normally don't give reviews this early because I just started playing yesterday evening. So far no issues and I'm winning! Beautifully made game. Great for my eyes!😁😁
Your site is useless, bought credits to try to have a play. You took so fast, no chance of features. Rip off. Dont mind spending occasionally but I am not going to pay towards the site. NOT MILLIONAIRE. Be a little fairer to the small spender
This is THE BEST slot game of all!!! Ive never had so much fun. If you are bored at home? Download it! You will be very glad you did!
Lotsa slots had been my favorite slot game for over a year until i played this game a few times.....the payout is vs your bet is better than most
been playing for awhile. when i play the quest challenge and win, here lately i have been only getting half of my rewards.
Love this game!!! Love the quests and it does give you free spins and enough bonuses to keep you wanting to play more!
The colors are incredibly sharp and vibrant wish there were more than one game to start off with that I'll be patient and keep fighting
Game keeps blicking and have to always open band reopen reopen sick of it never get a chance to play anything
I love the graphics and the bonus rounds. They have cool adventure games. Best slots I have played in a long time.
So far the game is average as far as wins go. But I've had it locked up on me in the bonus round and you lose your bonus. That's not fun.
I love playing these games. Especially while waiting in line for something, grocery store doctor's office places like that. You'll have fun too
One of the better slots game I've played. Exciting and creative games. So far a winning experience rather than getting ripped off like a lot of other games I've played.
So far it's a very easy slot game to play but I bet it gets harder as I level up. Really having a fun time with these games
I love this game. The graphics are fantastic and there are big bonuses. The best part is you're not bombarded with ads every 2 seconds.
Not a good game. Lets you win until you get to a higher lvl and then you lose. And even with them gaurentee you woyld win you lose...
Having lots of fun I like the graphics it actually gives bonuses every once in awhile unlike other games thanks for the experience. Really awesome. Couldn't ask for a better game to pass the time
Fun games however every time you win a big win app crashes and has to be restarted ...which is annoying !!
Like how they move quickly opening up games with tasks and moving up the ranks upon completing the tasks. So far not bombarded with ads or pushing to get higher every 3rd spin. So far, pretty good.
2nd chance - even worse. I had 3 trillion - small bets you win, max bets you lose. I never had free spins or a bonus in 3 trillion at max bet. USELESS!!!!!!!worked my way up to 525 billion - stayed on one game and never once won a bonus and ran out of coins - come on!!! useless game
You seem to be missing the point, either the game has a bug or you've designed it so that you no longer get the three cards after a quest completion, it has nothing to do with luck, I'll raise the number of stars when you fix it.
It's a fun game except you don't get game choices to begin with. Also, every time you complete a quest it takes you back to lobby which is annoying. Otherwise, not too bad a game room.
I like this one with all the bonuses and rewards at the beginning it's great.Ive been on & offline all day and my bank has full,I give it a thumbs up thank you very much.
If I had it to do all over again I would probably give it three stars if even that I've made so many purchases and spent so much money and it just get nowhere in it all it does is take your money half the time you don't even get what you purchase it's really starting to upset me I think they should give people that spend so much money a little extra something here and there
Fairly good, just doesn't seem to have any, real, good, wins. Overall it's just a little bit better than average, and worth keeping, and playing.
I absolutely love this game. I went from 1 million to 30 million in less than 10 minutes. Best casino game I have found on here yet. I refer this game to anyone that likes to play these type of games.
I would give 5 stars but only been playing about one hour but as of now 4stars for sure love that there's not ads every few seconds but after I play more ill give another update but I see 5stars coming good job guy or ladies
Cute, but still deleted after playing. It's one of the better slot games out there. It's just a money grab in the end. But others may enjoy it. If you get a bonus, they're pretty unique. But it still follows. Programming of all other slots: once you hit level 20, your ods decrease significantly. This is not algorithm. It's simple programming to draw you in enough to pay for fake chips.
Great time so far. Lots of quests. Game unlocking could go faster. Granted this game allows you to build bank. Paying attention to bets. Play on baby.
I love it so far but I'm waiting for more games to open up that way I could give you a 5-star but so far is great great payouts great grabs I love it and great bonus
So far so good. New download. Game lets you win at the start so you will have coins to play. Have not played long enough to be able to give fair rating. Smooth graphics. Not bad.
To many ads just like every other casino game!! Wizard of oz casino game is the only casino app worth playing its actually fun and very addictive!!!
Beautiful graphics fun relaxing and you get BONUS and free spin so far just love it πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜— keep up the great work, do you have other slots ?
What an exceptional slot game. Very exciting and wins are plentiful. Was just going to try it and am already on level 7 non stop excitement.
The game Bowling Alley isn't paying off bonus points. In two days, I have been cheated out of over 160 billion coins won in bonus round.
Have played in excess of 70 slot games, this is the only one to play. Ample opportunity to get coins without spending money. Great payout to bet ratio. NO, IN YOUR FACE ADDS!!!! LOVE THIS GAME.... Thank you for a decent game.
I just stumbled onto this game , so far I have played 3 different slots and doing okay , the graphics are nice as well . There are no silly missions , which is good .
It's a little generic, the games are NOT actual slots, but if you're into big wins and don't mind watching a few videos for coins and rewards then this app certainly has you covered. Not the Best but most certainly Not the WORST either.
Paid for coins not recieved them,yesterday a $9.99 pack they never came today I bought a $4.99 pack it took payment 3 times my player id zenlreezt, needs sorting, edit sorted thank you
4 of the slots is stuck on complete task and will not give cards at the end of task or advance to next task...
Fun to be had all day and night. Free to download and free to play. Jackpots and huge rewards won all the time with many slots to choose from- ya cant lose!!.
Enjoying the game so far,see how i fair without buying coins, if all goes well, you get the fifth starπŸ‘
Awesome slots. Fun games and amazing graphics. Actually uninstalled all others after playing this one.
I've been playing huge casino and billionaire casino for 3 years they've got over roughly 4 to 500000 thousands of me but now there gone to the dogs there stealing money off people would you win in say about 100 million you will be short 30 million everytime you win and when u get paid there stealing your chips off you I have just played this game I give a five stars I just wish I came across this rather than huge and billionaire casino special effects of brilliant
The app closes at random. ALL OF THE TIME. Your playing a game and it just closes. So annoying if continues i will delete it.
Game is good πŸ‘Œ but would be better with more action like games with real coins can be won or made maybe even giving away a real pot for someone to use in a live video casino
Fun, love the different quests. I love playing your old casino quest game too. Happy to see a new one.
You know what you can do with your Defeat the Boss Quests? Other than that and the lousy bet to payout ratio this would be a decent slot game.
Overlaying an hour long advert, which can't be escaped is just ridiculous. I get the use of ads by devs in their products but by freezing the entire game for 60 minutes, unless I pay up, is too much.
Great slots...money dont last long due to events that require you to pay more than maybe you want to play... It was fun and slots different
I have been playing your 2021slots game for 340 consecutive days and I just found this game a few days ago. I love the game but not happy with daily bonus... you spin the wheel and get a great bonus amount and it tells you that you are receiving a ticket as well. For four straight days now no tickets has been added, just the bonus amount from the wheel. Hope this can be fixed
These spots are totally different from the other spots! They are more exciting and are totally awesome to play! Try it and you'll see what I mean! Best of all, you win more than on regular slot machines! Lots of fun!!!
Wins are up and down. Can easily lose it all betting small even. Bonuses or Free spins are far and few between. Great graphics but payouts leave you needing to pay to get paid.
Don't buy chips cos the more you buy the less you win. I brought 2 trillion chips got no big wins from them what's so ever. Then they expect a gd review.
Lots of Big wins, fun for hours, plenty of ways to play to fill in the time. When you lose you lose big.😒
So far so good. Quiet interesting because of the uniqueness the developers put into it. Good job. It doesnt feel as if im playing just any basic or mediocre slot/casino app. I have NOT been subjected to ANY ads at all and ive been playing for 40 mins. So if you are the type of person that dont appreciate ads then this is for you. Ive had a blast winning a ton the whole entire time ive been playing and the level in which you can win far exceeded my expectations. Thanks for a good time.
Super fun slot game...love that u have quests to beat as well as simply playing a slot game...a 2 for 1..thanks for the fun
This is definitely one of the best free offline slots. You need to make a few small in-app purchases to get very far. Connect to the web to download the slots; watch the adds for extra bonus's. Occasionally a purchase might fail. If you prove you bought the items but didn't receive them, they are very quick to get your purchase to you. Connect to a Facebook account and it will remember if you achieved an Higher level. Very good app. Excellent customer service. πŸ˜€πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜›πŸ˜„πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ€ͺπŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚πŸ€—
So far game is not so bad. I'm trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing. Nice graphics. A good download
Played may slot games. This one is pretty enjoyable and find I can play for awhile even off free coins
I really like this game! I'm SO glad I downloaded it! I've tried many Casino games...sure they give you free coins to start but then you quickly lose them! Not on this game. It keeps letting you win to actually enjoy the game! And the Panda game! OMG! It TOO ADORABLE! TRY IT. IT'S A GOOD CHOICE OF A GAME!
You have to be online to load slots. The first dozen or more games are fixed. Play max bet and get Β£ in the bank!!! Once you get going, careful moderating your bet allows you to get quite far. Ultimately, no skill. I've counted 156 slots within this app!!! REMEMBER!!! Bets and payouts are proportional! Bet high and win big. But, you will loose more proportionately. Choose the time to bet high and you can get quite far. I've got to around lvl 115 only making a small coin purchase once.
Fun but the quests are made a little out of reach like going to a brothel and only finding really really big girls
The best slot I have played, and I have down loaded hundreds, payouts fair and good variety of games would recommend to all. On level 100 and going strong.
So far so good. The games are very enjoyable to play . I have some great payouts on bonuses and free spins.
So far 5 stars,only on 15 minutes and went from 700,000,to 17 million, brilliant graphics to.will up date in 2 day's,
Enjoyable graphics and game play, sad I have to watch 2 ads to get the bonus cards, and now I have missed several rewards because the ads malfunction and I have to exit the app. So now only 1 star, maybe if someone there was paying attention and prescreening this might be avoided.
Started out great but as you progress more and more coins required to make any headway. One slot required you to make 30 spins in free spin mode, 150 spins later coins all gone and no free spins at all. Rip off to get you to purchase coins. No thanks.
So far game has been fun...with many opportunities to win money. Because I only started playing this game today I can't give it five stars yet but will update to five stars if the game continues the way it is.
I love playing this game it has so many features that you don't get on other slot games. Cheers Troy Australia.
Bad game no fun at all..at level 120 and the minimum bet keeps getting higher..would be ok if I can get some wins but 22 billion coins lost in a few minute..no bonus no scatter...lousy way to keep people playing..would be ok if you can win some games but hell no. Not a single bonus game for days...verdict if I can give negative star I would..just being generous by 1 star. Lvl 120 imagine how long I played this game...waste of time
I love this game. Its offline so you dont have to constantly watch to keep it online to be able to play.πŸ˜„
Fed up spinning zeros Level 20 and still no free spins and only once did i get a bonus round. So many slot games around like this, they only want you to pay to play.
I hate locked games, this app takes way to long to get to the next level. I played at max bet, just so I can move on. Also when your finished with the 1st game "within the game" it gets very hard to win.
Top 5 worst Slot games ever made. Be prepared to win big in the beginning and lose everytime after that...update to Developer response. 1st off thanks for taking the time to click that Macro. 2nd your response needs to be edited because it contradicts itself. If the game is based on luck why would matter how long I played? Keep playing? How i deleted this terrible money grab game. Absolutely horrible
The app is fun, but there is a LOT of bugs & glitches to be worked out. For the time being, I would advise against making any purchases on the app.
I have playing for a while now and I am very happy with the games expend good time congrat teamwork keep going and regards.
Having one of those long......days. Ya know....tired....cranky...etc Its nice to come home and play this game relax and leave tbe . World behind. Great game. Thanks
Real reply from Denver, great game it actually pays. Obviously not real cash but it's alot better than the apps that give you a few million to start then suck
This is definitely one of the best free offline slots. You need to make a few small in-app purchases to get very far. Connect to the web to download the slots; watch the adds for extra bonus's. ::::: Now on lvl 433 with 135+T coinsπŸ€“ No real skill, unfortunately.☹️ Some of the slots you could never survive on. Some you can definitely manipulate!πŸ˜‹ This is the best, unless you want to bet for real. You will then loose real money😭
Having lots of fun I like the graphics it is actually gives bonuses every once in awhile unlike other games thanks for the experience
I am enjoying this app. Graphics and games are unique. The only thing I have to say wrong is your limited to the amount of games to play, unless you advance when they allow me to. Otherwise, great.
Well this is the first time I try this game. Whammo,......... This is the funnest game ever. Love the payouts. Love the games. Wonderful... Thank you for a great game.
Love this game..love the rewards it gives.. payouts are amazing ..just started playing..and love the various slots and grafics are colourful ..the bonuses are great... hope it will last and always remain exciting to play as it is now.
I laughed very hard when I got the Panda bonus and how he picked leaves to complete the bonus. Really cute. Generous bonuses. I like your games very much.
This is a great game. I have been playing it for quite a few days now and am loving it. I like the fact that I can play and keep winning money to keep me in the game. I have played a few slot games that have lost money right away and deleted the game. Keep letting me win!!!!!
Good game good graphics nice speed realistic amounts of money really cool thank you very much good job programmers!! :-)
Really a game that I recommend it to everyone who likes to play games like this one, good pay outs, graphics are perfect, beautiful colors, love it. Thankyou
Freezers returns to home screen when I win big it doesn't pay up very frustrating I can't purchase coins for fear of this game not loading&ripping me off if it was possible this game is not even diserving of one star very disappointed fix glitches I^ll try again in few months to see the situation is resolved thanks
After using several different slot games, this one has proven to be the best, it gives you the most free coins and every next day you play you get even more, and the wins get better and better, and more and more better games are added. Try it out, you will be happy you did.
Love it good wins like the little mini bound on each slot game I play a lot different slots I think this one got it all around
Wins are ok. Still feel that wins should be more common, but it is one of the better slot games out here.
Great games and graphics and the payouts are Phenomenal. I would recommend to anyone looking to pass time and have fun.
I like that I don't have to go through 15 pop-ups before getting to the game and with very small wins so that you are constantly making purchases. Thank you.
Good game but once u get past level 30 your luck runs out and they ask for money. But fun to play til then. Just delete and download another one.
i love the game very much as long as i keep above water . and don.t lose all my coins on one game .thank you and yes im having fun . even with covid are us stay home play safe and take care . chow for now .
This is now my favorite slot and the graphics are fantastic. I don't like slot with akqj10. Very boring and motonous slot. You are one of the best I've played.
After playing the game. I hate not being able to advance level to level & play different games but being made to play the same games over & over again doing 2-3 different tasks of their choice. Uninstalling the same day. Got boring quick.
Very fun and entertaining love this app. You can choose to watch adds for free coins so you can keep playing for free which is great if you're low on money. To buy coins is affordable. Cheaper than the casino and I win more than the casino. I would say it app is a good way to stay home and still enjoy playing slot games; lots of bonuses.
The worst slot game I ever played, this is a game where the only way you win is to get credits for watching ads, it sucks period.
Well I'm not going to say that the payout is great! Cause it's not, the games are unique. But having to purchase coins more than winning coins, well won't do that.
Absolutely love the cute and cudly game and helping the panda get his bamboo leaves. I don't really want to progress to othergames. still loving it
I've played a lot of these slot games and this one seems to be the most fair. I've been on max bet since level one. Yeah you go broke, but that's gambling. I enjoy this game. If it doesn't make you lose endlessly after a certain level then I'll keep playing.
I like it but on some games it sticks and you have to go out of the game and back in only too find you have lost your free spins?
Very upset. Purchased coins and an xp boost package two days ago. Money was deducted but never received any coins. Tried contacting you people via email no response. It would be a better spending my time playing some other game than any from you guys. Your game overall is fun but whats the point if we paying for something that never comes!!!! Waste of time and money..