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SlowCOVIDNC for PC and MAC

Is a Health And Fitness game developed by NC Department of Health and Human Services. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.
SlowCOVIDNC is the COVID-19 that is official Exposure app for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS). It allows users to know if they may have been in close contact with someone who has shared a COVID-19 that is positive result through the app. Users can anonymously share a COVID-19 that is positive result to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

NCDHHS created this app so that North Carolinians can do their part to protect their community and slow the spread of the virus.


Step 1: Download the SlowCOVIDNC Exposure Notification app. Enable Bluetooth and Exposure notifications.

Step 2: After opting-in to receive notifications, the app will generate an token that is anonymous your device. A token is a string of random letters and numbers that is used to represent a phone for a period that is short of. This ensures your security and privacy are protected. These tokens that are individual every 10-20 minutes and are never linked to your identity or location.

Step 3: Through Bluetooth, your phone and the phones around you with the SlowCOVIDNC app are working in the background (without draining your battery or data) to exchange these anonymous tokens every minutes that are few. As a total result, devices can remember how long they are near each other. Phones also record the Bluetooth signal strength of their exchanges in order to far estimate how apart they are.

Step 4: SlowCOVIDNC periodically downloads tokens from the server that have been uploaded from the devices of users who have tested positive. Your phone then uses its records of the signal duration and strength of exposures with those tokens to conduct a risk calculation and determine if you have met a threshold for notification.

Step 5: you may obtain your PIN from your local public health department and submit that into the app if you have tested positive for COVID-19. This voluntary and anonymous reporting notifies others who have downloaded the app and may have been in close contact with you in the last 14 days that they might be at risk.


Using SlowCOVIDNC is entirely voluntary, and you can enable or disable it at any time. When SlowCOVIDNC that is using privacy will be protected. Tokens will collect and share date, time, signal strength and duration of proximity. No location data or data that are personally identifiable ever be collected or stored.

By enabling Bluetooth and Exposure Notifications, you can anonymously share a COVID-19 that is positive result to help slow the spread of COVID-19. You may also be notified if you have been in close contact with someone who has shared a positive COVID-19 test result.

Learn more about how your privacy is protected and our privacy policy on the NCDHHS website.

Thank you for downloading SlowCOVIDNC. Together, we can slow the spread of COVID-19!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the SlowCOVIDNC.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download SlowCOVIDNC for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Well done from a security standpoint - completely anonymous, only uses randomized tokens for ID (big numbers that change every 15 minutes - no names, etc.). Completely secure and safe. (professional computer geek here)
You have to have bluetooth and gps on just to allow the app to do its job? Yuck. Why don't I just tape a microwave to my forehead too. Great app for killing your battery and phones processors while catching some awesome radiation. For what? Maybe another person is using this app too near by. Fail!
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ As a Trump Supporter, was skeptical of this app. This App really uses ZERO DATA. It's over bluetooth, so the apps talk to each other. That's pretty much it. Rather have it, doesn't hurt at all.
It will be very useful if you can see with how many devices your phone exchanged tokens. This way you can see that is working without waiting for a close notification.
The app is not working, it has not checked for exposure since January 9th. I keep seeing where they are telling people to go to Device Care > Battery ..... That does not exist on my phone, they must be giving instructions for an iPhone. ********* Update still is showing January 9th as my last exposure check. This app has not worked since then. I guess that I may as well uninstall.
Doesn't do anything and yet covid is raising in numbers around nc. It would be better to know where it is so I can stay away from those areas.
Not sure how effective this is unless there's greater usage than we are seeing now. I was at my docs office yesterday, and was 6 feet away from 2 people with positive tests. Not a thing's showing up on this program.
The app is not working, it has not checked for exposure since January 9th. I keep seeing where they are telling people to go to Device Care > Battery ..... That does not exist on my phone, they must be giving instructions for an iPhone.
No this app does not work. I tested positive in December and the still don't have me listed. I've called the number too and they just say to call back in a few days. Useless.
Certainly a good idea! Hopefully more and more people will download this app. If it truly works as described it should be very safe and secure. Use and exposure reporting should not be optional!
App hasn't checked for exposures in 25 days (Jan. 5). It did the same thing back in December as well. What gives? The app needs to do its job in order to work. πŸ™„
Excellent and Thank You! I agree with other reviewers, I hope (and will do my part) it is downloaded by as many NC residents as possible. Also - Google's category of "Health and Fitness" doesn't apply they need to create a specific Public Safety or Pandemic Level Category, because this app should NOT get bulked in with thousands of fitness and weight trackers and is likely getting lost in the search. Apps like this is essential to keeping us safe, it needs its own Category. Thank you again!
Useless app! But great idea if it worked. I've tried for days to enter that I tested positive for covid-19 and it refuses to allow me to notify the system. If others are experiencing this then it renders the entire system useless. And secondly you have to voluntarily disclose that you tested positive. I've tried for days to enter my positive test result, but it refuses to issue a PIN necessary to upload. 11/17 update :finally got a pin, and still will not accept alpha-num entry. S9 phone.
A small percentage of people are downloading this for Android (can't speak for iOS), and such a small percentage of people are actually tested daily in this state. It's more like a gimmick app unless everyone downloads and everyone gets weekly testing. So no way to know if this approach to contact tracing is working.
A small percentage of people are downloading this for Android (can't speak for iOS), and such a small percentage of people are actually tested daily in this state. It's more like a gimmick app unless everyone downloads and everyone gets weekly testing.
As others have said, no one is going to use this because it's a royal pita to report a positive. My wife is positive but the system does not find her by phone or email. It wants her to call to get a pin. She's not going to do all that and most people won't. Good idea but virtually useless.
Set and Forget peace of mind. Very quick easy to set up, and runs in the background. I have noticed no impact on my battery life. Great application.
Deleting the app, I got covid, tried to do the right thing and alert others through it. I'd rather take the time to post this review then call and get a pin. And based on other reviews attempting to get a pin isn't always successful so I'm not wasting another second on this. And I don't need a developer reply thanks.
A few bugs, especially in the Data (last) option page. Give the option to search specific areas like zip code, but won't let you type in anything.
Great App I have not had any issues with this app. It was easy to install and easy to get pin to input positive results. I think this should be mandatory for everyone so we can truly SlowCovidNC. If you guys could send out flyers it would be awesome. So few people know about this app so come on and educate one another.
We have had SlowCOVIDNC for a week now. It was very easy to install and use. Since installing the app, we have not noticed any additional battery drain. We don't understand why this app is not being used more widely. At this writing only about 10K+ have been downloaded in a state with a population of over 10M+. Also, it might be nice if the app told you if you had contact with someone using the app (you could make the disclosure optional). Thanks for finally getting a COVID app out there.
This is finally an anonymous, Google and Apple sanctioned app that uses anonymous tokens to anonymously help slow the Covid-19 spread. Please share this app (3 dots in the top right of the play store app screen lets you share it with others). Also, they have an iOS version that you can ask your iOS friends to run as well. Running this app will help slow the spread, which saves the US Healthcare system money, lets more businesses reopen faster, and it's completely anonymous!
This app and program is a joke. I got tested positive for covid-19 but never received a code to put in the app. How is thia app supposed to help when no one even gets a code to enter. What a joke.
Hopefully I will continue loving it while it doesn't show any alert on my phone... Now, the app should have been named either CovidAlertNC, or CovidNCShow, or CovidNCExposure, because it is way easier to find id. First time I tried to find in the list, I could not because obviously it has poor choice name,.. so I turned off BT and sure enough the app complained but didnt say its name... grrrrrr..... So, usability department, please step in.
You should be able to report if you have been exposed to someone with covid or if you know that you had it without having a test. Example, if a family member had it and you are caring for them and you got sick, you don't need to test the know that it was from covid. That could be different levels of reporting from suspected covid to confirmed if you're worried about false reports. SMH tried to report a known exposure but can't without a test = dumb
It's a good idea if that it would keep up to date. The last time mine checked in was back on December 24th 2020. My app is up to date also..
This app is a fantastic idea and everyone should get it. The more people that have it the better it works and the safer we can all be. Thanks to those that already have it.
Can't enable the app. I downloaded the app then I read how it works then I clicked enable. However it says that there's an internal error and that I should try again. I try again and it keeps saying internal error. It doesn't tell me anything what the problem is. Using a Samsung Galaxy A20 android phone. Would be thankful for any help. Will be checking back. Edit: Thank you for responding. What you told me to do helped tremendously. It works perfectly now.
My app has not updated since January 15th at 7:04 a.m. so if I've been in contact with anyone that has notified the system then I'm just SOL.... in addition to the pins being so hard to get and to administer while you're sick...this was a good idea but has a lot of flaws... but I still wish mine would update... it worked fine for several several weeks and now no updates
Can't enable the app. I downloaded the app then I read how it works then I clicked enable. However it says that there's an internal error and that I should try again. I try again and it keeps saying internal error. It doesn't tell me anything what the problem is. Using a Samsung Galaxy A20 android phone. Would be thankful for any help. Will be checking back.
The last time my app worked was 12/27/20, with no exposure detected, it'll be a really good app if it worked.
Second review, again, about not being able to obtain a PIN. I've tried every way possible to get one and am unable. Was told may take 24 hours since notification of positive result, it has now been 72 hours, a phone call from the health department, and being symptom free for 24 hours since notification and I am still unable to obtain a PIN because "I'm not in the system." Deleting this app and relying on social media is probably better for notification of exposure. Stay healthy!
Has not checked for exposures since January 9th. Checked to make sure the app is not being put to sleep. I have had 3 known exposures in the 10 days. Getting tested today, not because of the app.
Found out I was exposed from a coworker who tested positive. I got tested and also found out I was positive. Unable to get a pin to share my results and the app never knew that I was exposed. Its honestly kind of useless at slowing covid. I did find out where to go get tested, but otherwise this app sucks and its no wonder we have all time record deaths and hospitalizations. Time is of the essence with Covid and this app doesn't have any sense of urgency. Im thinking of uninstalling it.
There hasn't been any check since Dec 25, 2020. This is concerning. The exposure notification is turned on.
It does exactly as it should. A sharing feature is the only missing option. With this app being dependant on community involvement I'm surprised there's no share option already.
I love the idea, I installed the app and it worked right away telling me I have not been exposed. I have found one flaw...Ever since i installed the app on 12/27/20 the app states "Exposure last checked on December 27" (the day I installed it). So I don't know if the app is working or not? How often is it supposed to check for exposures of nearby persons? Or worse, Is the app working fine, but an indication that nobody nearby me has the app installed? Need more details? I'm an Uber driver.
Hindsight is 20/20 The concept of every cellphone having this app is amazing! I gave SlowCOVIDNC 4⭐ because of the possibilities! We'll see if it helps in another 90days. The NFL teams that are using something similar have had great outcomes & information shared.
The app isn't actually checking for exposure. Opened it today and it was last checked for exposure three weeks ago.
App works well but needs to allow bluetooth to be turned off and remove the persistent notification. You don't the app running inside your house. In response, I know you can turn bluetooth off, the issue is the notification to turn bluetooth back on will keep coming up even if you dismiss it. Thx.
Worked as described from the day I installed it on September 29th to December 30th; it has not updated contact tokens since that day and, as a result, no longer provides meaningful indications as to whether I've been exposed.
This app has a 100% fail rate. I had COVID in Dec and it STILL can't get me a pin so I can notify others. It would be too late now, but seriously... My husband (who also tested positive) had the same experience.
Same as to subscribers above... Update stopped in early January. I do have the latest version of the app 1.6 on Android. I have auto update set for this app as well. Someone needs to actually look into this.
Success depends on how many people use the app, which not many appear to do. In a pandemic, it should be mandatory for everyone with a cellphone to be connected. Otherwise, it's pointless.
There aren't enough people using this app for it to be really effective. Also, it doesn't check for exposures very often. A serious flaw in my eyes! It should be checking at least every 15 mins (refreshing) at the very least. It does not allow for exposure time check to be altered in Google. It was a good concept, bad design.
Have used on my phone for two weeks. Does not interfere and does not even seem to be noticeable and I'm hoping it will make a difference and I recommend it.
Unfortunately, the ones I'd hope would use this app (or similar) are the same I'd wish would wear a mask-- or those that think the 6 ft infront of you is for butting in at the checkout... maybe with a mask-ish. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
I am becoming increasingly disappointed with this app. It hasn't checked exposure since January 5th 2021, that's over 5 weeks ago. Seems a pointless app. I have been opening the app almost daily. And yes, it is the latest update according to the app store and it is on the do not sleep list. Even today, Feb 15th, the last exposure check was Jan 5th.
Installed because my job is front line and I thought it would be helpful since I have so many contacts each day. A little disappointed that it really only exchanges the signal after 15 minutes, since 90% of my interactions are pretty short. But it's important to slow COVID so I will do all I can.
The idea of this app is great, but because of the way it's run it becomes useless. I have had the app for 2-3 months. I tested positive on Dec 29th, so I called to get the required number to alert the app. I was told that I would have to wait 48 hours, I called back and was told that I needed to call my health department and then call back the next day, I called back the next day and was told that my number was 'too new to use try again in 48 hours'. What's the point of using it now?
Can't tell if it works. So few people have downloaded it, and so few people are actually tested daily in this state. It's more like a gimmick app unless everyone downloads and everyone gets weekly testing.
Only 4⭐ until I see how well it works long term. I get that covid19 is the fashionable plague right now; but I think the app should be expanded to include flu and strep throat (possibly other diseases too?) tracing--health concerns which in my experience seem more problematic. I'm not saying covid isn't real or downplaying other's experiences...just thinking the app could be more comprehensive.
Horrible and doesn't work at all. I am guessing the app developer is Slow, like the apps name. Google should remove this from the store. It does not look to be supported or updated any longer. Worst app I have ever downloaded!
I found that the process to obtain and use a PIN was too much effort to put forth while I was sick with COVID. I notified people verbally instead - via mass text.. much less time involved. When ill with COVID, people are spending their precious time sleeping and NOT going through social media promopts to set up a PIN - very ineffective! I am also a nurse and mother of 2 - I've had the app since the beginning and have had NO notifications - again, ineffective.....
Would love to tell people I've tested positive. app requires jumping through hoops my sick brain doesn't feel up to. Not useful. State already knows, plug the damned info in.
I don't like the set up. It should be automatically updated when someone test positive by the providers or health department that report the COVID cases. I was living with someone with the virus and noticed my phone never went off to alert me. After reading you as the COVID patient have to up the app yourself. This will probably never happen who has time for that. Which makes this app useless.
I downloaded the app the first week of was made public. It doesn't seem to check for exposure unless I open the app. When I opened it today it seems it last checked 10/8. Then the date changed to today after being opened.
Again, writing a review to state that it randomly stops checking for exposures. I think it happens when I connect/disconnect other things via bluetooth or when I turn bluetooth off/on. The app reads "Exposure last checked November 20" it is now the 23rd. Last time I wrote a review I don't think the respondent understood what I was saying - I understand how to open the app and look for the last exposure check, what I am saying is it is not checking anymore for some reason.
This was a good idea with a big flaw. Getting a pin is not straight forward. Someone sick with Covid will not take the time to bother getting a pin. It should have been done like this... Sign up with the app with your cell phone number, you get Covid and the county health department should notify DHHS to send the exposure. This would have been easy to do using the cell phone number of the infected person. My wife had Covid and this app. She thought it updated using health department records.
If it weren't so disturbing that something like this is just being touted by DHHS to slow Covid, I'd be jumping for joy. But, now,, all i can muster is too little too late for 100s of 1000s.Apple cranks out a new iPhone with world-wide ads faster than this. I'd say I can't believe it but, this is a red state and the "Red Pres" is pulling out all stops to pull a victory out of his red, you know what, like he did last time. Meadows did say they weren't going to try to control the virus. Shameful!
Update (10/11/20). App has had no impact on phone. I'm sad to see so few D/L's.This App can help reduce the spread by quicker notification of exposure so individuals can take appropriate actions. No, it won't stop the spread but it can slow it down, help reduce the load on our health system and reduce the cost and time of notification. NEEDED: State to increase PSA's, local TV and radio stations to increase awareness of it, and Corp. Leaders to encourage it's use. Good luck.
I check every so often & I last checked it this evening (12/13 ~8:20pm) & it says it last checked exposures at 6:33pm, so that's fine. But what I'm worried about is if other people are actually using the app. I try to stay home as much as possible, but I have gone out recently and I'm concerned that the app hasn't picked up on exposures. Not that I want to be exposed, but it sure would be nice to know if I had, esp given the rate that covid is rising in the state...Samsung galaxy S10 user.
Excellent and anonymous, doesn't use your location data -- only uses encrypted tokens over Bluetooth.
Great idea if everyone used it and tested frequently. I had Covid in July before getting the app. No notifications of exposure for me even after shopping at a mall for Christmas.
Exposure last checked on 2/8. It is now 2/28. Exactly what is the usefulness of that? I am using the latest update.
Install and ready to get started. Hit "Enable" on first launch, but get "Internal error". Updating Google Play services is not an option at the moment. I guess Huawei phones are not supported πŸ™
Edited review: after download, I cannot access any of my connected Bluetooth apratutus. Now my car Bluetooth, 3 different air pods and 2 earpieces will not connect at all but I was told they'd work in conjunction. That's not true for "MY" phone operating system. Thought it was the perfect app but now I have doubts because 2 Bluetooth apps CANNOT be used at same time, so please don't tell downloaders or be sure to share correct information.
I am confused. I was thinking this app would check for exposures on a routine basis but my last check was back in December and I see no way of manually requesting a check. Am I missing something??
I have a situation much like the previous commenter. My last check was January 12 and I have a google phone, I tried looking into the android setting to avoid snoozing but no luck. It would also be nice to have an in app feedback troubleshooting resource. Overall it's a good idea and keeps personal data safe
Caught COVID with no notification that I had been exposed. Couldn't get a PIN to report my own positive test result - online said they couldn't find the record and I couldn't reach anyone by phone (made several attempts, no answer). Useless, uninstalling.
Please download and use this app. It works in helping slow the spread of Covid-19.. but it can only work and work BEST when you use it. 5-stars. Please read the "How it Works" info... And also the Reviews. If I could give more stars... I would. Please get this information out to as many as you can.
My daughter tested positive, lives at home, has the Slow-covid app but it always said I had not had contact. When she reported her positive test to the health department she was not given a pin to report her test. I have also had some co-workers test positive and not been notified through the app.
Neat idea, but living in Asheville makes me think I need every state's app. Is there any way to make the state apps work with each other? We've had many tourists test positive during their visit and even if they report their result to their state's app, the tokens would never be shared with my app.
To Developer, Your suggestion fix app didn't work? My app runs in background on either wifi or data, and doesn't go to "sleep" on battery? It's allowed to use battery at all times. I wonder if maybe it shouldn't be using the battery as ”optimized"? Many of my important programs built into phone and some apps are "not able to be optimized"? I'm a 52 yr old Uber driver, exposed to all types of people? This app still says "last date checked for exposure" as 12/27/21? Now is 1/24/21? Suggestions?
While the app is easy to use and read, the app prevents use of bluetooth keyboards and controllers for more than a few minutes. After that, this app forcibly disconnects your accessories, and you need to manually reconnect.
Worthless. I have been in bed sick, sick with Covid for a week. Still tells me no exposures detected. Getting ready to remove it.
My SlowCOVIDNC app is working great now. Thank you Governor Cooper, Dr. Mandy Cohen, and everyone working to slow COVID in NC!
It's wonderful that this app even exists. I have been sick and have trouble breathing and no appetite and fever etc on and on for a little under a week but since I wasn't or didn't feel like I was in immediate danger which I have had periods of not really being able to breathe very well I was not going to be tested but because of this app I am going to be tested so that my number gets counted. Your state needs these numbers in order to accurately know where they stand in this pandemic.
Little to no impact on my phone performance and battery life. Appears to work as described, but many more people in North Carolina need to install this app. This app can help to slow the spread of Covid-19 by alerting you to early possible exposure to someone who tested positive. This app needs to be promoted more prominently on social media so people will know it's available. I found it by chance on the Google Play app.
Can't believe a naysayer is the top review right now. Any contact tracing app relies on a large mass of people using it. Their whataboutism with "How is this going to work?" and "I don't think this is it." is defeatist, narrow minded, and deeply disturbingly stupid. This can work. More people just need to install it and enable it. Then let the app do its job.
Was good in the beginning when the app first into being, but has gotten slack. On the main page of the app it just has that I was last notified on the 6th January 2021, and has not changed since. Thinking of deleting the app because it seems that you can't trust anyone these days. Sacrificed my 2020 year, and maybe more to come, to take care of my father by myself, no other family or friends and would like to know if I have been exposed. May have to sacrifice my life and go back to work soon.
Can't give it anything but a 1.. I just reloaded it yesterday. Had for a while but Uninstalled because it never showed exposure and I knew I had been exposed. Several times. Thought I'd give it one more try. I've got a feeling people aren't going to be honest. So this app may be a dud because of that. I'd give them 6 stars for good intentions but people still run around shopping and everything else. They don't quarantine like they're supposed to. Sad but true.
resourse hog.. I've tried this app on at least 3 diff phones and i now have one of the best phones out there Samsung S20 Ultra 5G and it even bogs this phone down too. I noticed this problem specifically when trying to screen cast to my TV, which is something I do often when playing my drums to music. shut this app off.. problem solved..
This app, as the developers admit is useless. False sense of security. Because it is impossible to timely report covid--what is the use? Our entire household now has Covid. No one can report to this app. Since no one can report being sick, you will never be notified of exposure. Got back a positive test result. Tried to tell the app that I tested positive. Unfortunately it wants me to jump through hoops to get a pin to report a covert positive test. It will not give me a pin.
This app used to update daily to show potential exposures. Here we are on Feb 1 and app last updated exposures on Jan 17. Perhaps funding ran out. I will be deleting this app. Update: Ultimately had to uninstall and reinstall. Will see if it updates regularly.
When I asked about something like this when it all started I was pretty much told to shut up, stay home, and wash my hands. Even that I would be violating HIPAA. After everything that has transpired in the last several months, I only see this as more fear mongering. Another way to get people to take unreliable test that only inflate numbers so the state can get more federal money and try to keep us locked down. Also this is another way for you to be tracked.
It's ok, but if people don't report anything, the rest of us don't know. Besides, South Carolina, as of today, is almost fully open and the mask mandate is pretty much history, except places like medical and schools.
One star for the idea. All other stars gone because it doesn't work. Last checked for exposure 11/25/20. I set it up to never be put to sleep, but it just doesn't check and there's no way to force it to update.
I loved this app until it was updated; since then it has not worked at all. It automatically turned notifications off and wont allow them to be turned on again, and since I deleted it and tried to reinstall it, it has been stuck in a loop for the past 2 hours.
Unable to obtain a Pin using the form due to always failing the CAPTCHA. I've tried being case sensitive and not case sensitive. It fails every time. I've tried this on Chrome and Firefox browsers
Covid in my family Didn't work.. Then I try to update it and tell of my POS outcome. Says can't find me in system...
I give it 5 stars, because I love the idea of this app-- as long as 1) people actually download it 2) people actually go to the doctor when they're sick/get tested 3) people actually report to this app when they test positive. I've had this app downloaded for a total of 6 days and have not received any notifications. Although it doesn't cause any problems with my phone, if my storage becomes low and I must resort to delete unwanted apps, this app will be the 1st to go. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
Won't enable. Internal error. Bluetooth is on so I'm not sure why it won't work. Google Play is up to date. App still will not work after installing again.
When I go to enable it it keeps saying internal error, try again later. Whats going On? Really want this to work. I have a galaxy s10 and I cant figure out whats going on.
It would be cool if it actually checked. I've updated every time in hopes it would work, but it doesn't. Its a good idea, just not very well executed. Deleting now. After months and months of use and waiting for it to work right, it just doesn't.
Appears and works as expected. Uses bluetooth key exchange and synching with the NCDHHS covid exposure database to help verify if you have been exposed. It's about time NC got it's own covid tracker.
Will not allow me to setup a pin to share my test results. States that the last time it's checked my exposure was 2 months ago!
Anyone I have asked either never heard of this app or may have heard about it once and forgot about it. If Roy Cooper and his "science-based" health policy staff were serious about containing the virus and encouraging proper contact tracing, the airwaves and newsprint would be flooded with ads about this app. They are not. It does no good (and drains battery according to some of the other reviews) if only a relative handful of people use the app & broadcast their Bluetooth signals into the ether
I decided to update this review. I haven't changed the rating as of yet but probably will have to after I get some kind of answers. On January 10th, 2021 my app stopped reporting. On the 11th I had to call off from work due to a fever and symptom scare. I did test negative for Covid, but the timing of it all couldn't be worse. I mean, three days, during my wait for answers. How is that helping anyone? I work at a high traffic State facility and thought I could rely on this to help.
I tested positive at a minute clinic. When I tried to enter my positive result it didn't have my information. I called and got a PIN, but when I entered it, the app still wouldn't take it. I was able to notify everyone I was in contact with that I knew, but I was out in the world a good bit.
Would be great if the app sends some type of push notification when you're in an area with high reported cases.. I wish other folks download this app
App works well in theory. Tested positive and never was able to get my pin to report positive result. Now app no longer checking for notifications. Hasn't checked for any since January 2, 2021
After i re-installed the app on 1/27/21, the app is working great! No exposures as of today at 3:42am! Thanks to developers who suggested this fix!!
I have to reinstall it every 2 weeks because it stops updating info. Bluetooth is always on. Great idea for tracing transmission, but obviously not reliable.
It's not very effective if the only thing that ever happens when I try to enable it is that it says "internal error". Edit: I had already done what they said to do in their response because I saw it in a response to someone else's review. It didn't fix the problem.
Kool app! However, still trying to figure out how it exactly works πŸ€”. After careful review........ Now I see all πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² States whom reported their results......TOTALLY AWESOME APP. LOVE πŸ’˜ IT!!!
When I found myself getting less than 99 Push Notifications an hour to my cellphone, this app came in and saved the day by getting those useless push notifications up enough to display (99+) notifications. Since my sense of self worth is directly tied to the number of notifications I receive per hour, it immediately became an invaluable tool for increasing tMood, we ent ckkhat number by 1. It may actually have had another function, but whatever that function was- IT matters less than a of a hor
The app nonfactions are anoying everytime I turn off the location and bluetooth a anoying nonfactions come in a minute .
Stupid thing doesn't work. Someone has covid and two stores have been closed due to having covid 19. This app never alerted me I found out via facebook.
Have recently uninstalled and then reinstalled this app. Seems to be working since I can see the date change from last check, but one problem, if this app has been downloaded by so many how is it that when I go to the store around a lot of people, there's no show that I may have been exposed. I'm pretty sure that majority of these people have the app, and care for others to turn it on correctly?.
I downloaded this app when it first came out. Ive had no problems with it and it doesn't drain my battery. I truly wish more people would download it, just for the simple fact that it can help each other stay safe. At first I was worried that this was some type of government tracking devise, but it's not, thank God! I truly believe our NC health department is trying to help us remain healthy and I truly appreciate the effort. So far, I've not been in contact with anyone positive and Im thankful!
Superb statistics by Tableau...high quality app design. Hope I never experience the notification process! Strongly recommend all to install this free app!
I have had this app sense it came out and not once have I seen any information or gotten a notification. Undoubtedly no one uses this app because I work where there have been at least 20 some cases it looks as if one person would have this app, but no. Its useless
Exposure last checked: October 31, 2020 8:15am. It's November 23 now. I thought this app was a great idea. But now I have some random app that is connected to my Bluetooth 24/7 and I'm deleting it.
Only just learned about this App and installed it instantly. This seems like a great App, I wish there was a mailing to inform us about this App as I think many more people would then hear about it and install it, which would make the App so much more effective.
This is a great solution to a hard shared problem. I'm telling everyone I know to download the app right away, keep Bluetooth on and report anonymously if the do become positive.
Not effective. I downloaded the app 2 months before I was exposed. Didn't get any notifications. Everyone around me has the app. Once I tested positive it was a 10 day ordeal just to get a pin. I agree with others that there needs to be a better way for the pin to be given but not by tracking phone numbers. Maybe everyone gets a special code when they're tested that they can put into the app and their results will automatically update once they come in. Less hassle, more secure.
Great idea, problematic execution. Gives a false sense of security. With so few people in this state getting tested, so few wearing masks, it's unlikely that most of your covid exposure will be captured & recorded by this app. And you must leave Bluetooth on for it to work? I understand why, but it's a battery drain, & constant EMF radiation exposure is an unwelcome side effect. If the app was automatically on everyone's phone, testing was widespread, & positives were autologged, then maybe.
Has stopped checking for exposure. Last checked for exposure 11/20 on my pixel 3. I cleared app data and it checked in today.
I have two loved ones with preexisting health conditions so I'm always trying my best to keep them safe since I work in fast food and come into contact with strangers all the time. I highly recommend this especially if you live with seniors or people with preexisting health conditions. I recommend it to everyone to be honest.
I love the concept for this app, and usually have no problems with it. However I checked it today and the app says that it has not checked for exposure in over 20 days. I don't know how to fix this issue.
So far so good, so I give 5 stars for the following reasons: download ease and ease of use however, after I downloaded this app, my question is this: if I'm using this app via Bluetooth, no other Bluetooth devices can be used, at the same time, such as Bluetooth ear pieces or in my vehicle which automatically connects my phone to my vehicle Bluetooth features when I operate the vehicle etc, is this correct?
This app is great and it could be very beneficial in stopping the spread of COVID. It does need to be advertised more on social media and regular media in order for people to learn about it, since it is not functional app if less than 1% of people in NC use it. I only learned about it today, and I'm pretty tech savvy and try to stay up to date with COVID news.
Can't tell if it works yet. So few people have downloaded it, and so few people are actually tested daily in this state. It's more like a gimmick app unless everyone downloads and everyone gets weekly testing.
This app is amazing! My only concerns are if ppl will follow through getting the PIN from the health dept. if they test positive. I am worried that doing that will be very low on their priority list once they are told their results. Also, I really hope that everyone in NC downloads the app. I hope word of mouth about it will help everyone hear about it. I am just worried that will not be enoughto get the word out. Hopefully, the state will run some commercials or something similar.
ITested+Around TGvingWithA medFacilityThatWasWorkingwithThisAppSupposedly.ITookTheStepsOfReachingOutAndTryingToObtainA pinNumberToReportMy +case.Contacting slowcovidnc, they looked my info up and couldn't find me at all.They told me sometimes it takes 48 to 72 hours.So I called back at 48 hours.They had nothing.Called the place that did my results to confirm I tested +, after 72 hrs. They said yes.Called the app again around 4 days later and still couldn't find me.I never got report ever.
An absolutely useless app. I tested positive for covid nearly a week ago but have yet to be able to get my PIN. Every time I call in they tell me it's going to be a few days. If you look at the reviews this seems to be the case, that they won't provide you the pin until weeks afterwards. So all in all, this app serves no purpose. What an absolute waste of taxpayer money.
Such a small percentage of people are downloading this for Android (can't speak for iOS), and such a small percentage of people are actually tested daily in this state. It's more like a gimmick app unless everyone downloads and everyone gets weekly testing. So no way to know if this approach to contact tracing is working at all.
I avoid as much contact as I can, but having the tool to keep track is another layer of security in this plague/pandemic time.
I found this by chance.. it should be pinging on folks TVs and Phones like the hurricane or missing person alerts. Other than that, the app looks pretty good... **Needs users using**
I'm glad to have this app. I haven't noticed any difference in battery life or phone performance. Going into the settings I can see when it's run in the background and checked in with others using the anonymous hash. Thank you! Stay safe y'all!
I for one think it's a great idea; yes, it is a bit of a battery drain, but, c'mon people... Can we get our priorities in line please?
No dice. My husband was diagnosed with COVID last Monday. He sent out a notification (had to call for a pin). I also have this app on my phone. Both our bluetooths were enabled but I never received an exposure notification, even a week later. Great idea, but buggy.
It does not update your exposure very regularly. It last checked on the 20th, and it is now the 24th.
10.49 million people in north Carolina, 50,000 people have downloaded and many have gave up on it. As for the features and app itself, I think it lacks way too much in features. Other countries have way better apps. This is the only app here I can find so far, so I'm keeping it. Something is better than nothing.
Tho it shows option to choose metrics, they cannot be changed. Having to obtain (& wait for) a pin is an encumbrance & bottleneck as well. Will deter ppl from using the app. Have found this app to be of minimal utility, unfortunately.
App is a peice of trash. Trying to sign up and use it is a pain in the butt. It shouldn't be this complicated to use an app that essentially only needs to notify you of other users around you. Many apps have this function. Hell, even dating apps notify you if a match is nearby. The devs need to learn how the hell to code an app before trying to capitalize on everyone's fear with this useless junk during a pandemic.
Now, if only NC citizens would simply be honest about their exposing others to their positive Covid test as soon as notified. Instead, so many are carelessly waiting until they get negative result. Meanwhile the positives are spreading Covid in neighborhoods, stores, churches, and other public places... WITH NO MASKS! Just because you didn't need ICU, doesn't mean others you exposed will be as fortunate. Get Behind THE Mask! πŸ™πŸ˜·πŸ™
It's taking weeks to obtain a confirmation pin to share results which defeats the purpose of this whole thing. By the time people get their pins it's been over a week or longer in some cases, which at that point is too late. It's pointless to alert people if it's not immediate. Deleting the app because I'm not ok with tracking me for no purpose.
I tried contacting them, and my test was not showing up in their system so they could not give me a PIN. I used the link your provided and I also called when the link was telling me I wasn't in the system.
Just downloaded SlowCOVIDNC to my Android phone. Easy to install and enable. As a 26 yr Public Health Nurse, I would be remiss in not trying the app and encouraging others to do so also. Shared to my Facebook page today.
Doesn't work. I tried to report my positive test results, but can't get a pin to do so. The website and the people on the phone both say I'm not in their system. What good can this do if it can't even accept positive test results to inform others? Edit to respond to their response: My positive test result was on 10/8/20 from a test on 10/6/20. It should be in their system. This app clearly can't be trusted to do what it's intended to do if it can't even verify current positive tests.
Happy to have this app. It was working fine for about a week. I could see that it was checking for exposures multiple times per day. Since 11/20, however, it has not checked for exposures. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still not reporting that it is checking for exposures. All settings seem correct. I have a google pixel 4a.
If there were only a way to make cell carriers (companies) make this mandatory. I mean, right now it just feels like everyone who is trying to be compliant and healthy is just walking around bouncing off cell phone vibes off each other. The rest of these idiots aren't using this app anyway. Apparently, over the last two weeks I have been close to three separate people who claim to be positive. I wasn't near them unmasked or for a prolonged period, and 6 ft. apart. But how do we know?
I installed it on my Samsung S5 (6.0.1 Marshmallow). I guess it's working, but it has a big flaw: it's a power hog. Until I installed SowCOVIDNC, my phone battery easily lasted a full day. Now I have to recharge by late-afternoon. That's a big problem. Can you please fix it? I'm not going to uninstall it, because it is important. I can live with the power drain, if I have to. But it sure would be a lot better if it didn't drain the battery so rapidly.
I gave it 4 stars for a great effort! Why do people have to complain about things that will help! Thank u for trying something! Share option will be great! I have alot of people I can tell about this app!
Disappointed. Not Effective. I've had this for a while; encouraged ppl to download it. Up until yesterday, it worked well - seemingly. It checked for exposures several times a day for the past two months or so. Last week, someone in my pod tested positive. It took her several days to put in a PIN. I've not been alerted yet (but I have isolated since her exposure and then positive test). This program has got to be faster to be effective. It's giving ppl a false of security.
Glad to have this! It's not government tracking and anyone who says otherwise is simply wrong. Would be nice to add a share button in the app to encourage everyone to download and use this app.
I downloaded this app when it first came out. It checked often for exposure. Today, October 26, it says that the last time it checked was October 13. Almost 2 weeks ago! What's up??? Bluetooth is enabled.
It isn't working, or isn't working yet. When I click "Enable Now" it says internal error. I've had the app for a few days now, I've uninstalled and reinstalled. I'm using Android. Please advise.
I was exposed and this app had no idea. I was contacted by text and phone call over a week later by NC Health Dept. Was that the app or just the department? Thank goodness my job was on top of it. The app has not reflected that I was exposed, and it should let me put in my test results. Still not sure what the point of having this app is??
I have had this app on my phone for 8 months. So far it has given me no warnings of COVID-19 exposure. I truly think that is a godsend. Or a blessing. Great app.
I like the concept but I always get "internal error, please try again" I'm running android 10 on a Samsung galaxy s10 would be great if you would fix it!
Terrible App. I've had this app since the beginning. It stops checking for exposures at random and then it's hard to get it working again. It hasn't checked since the 17th.
This is a must have! Does not effect battery life at all, which is impressive. Also it doesn't track my location which is good
This app is extremely simple and fast to use. It doesn't ask for your GPS/location information, only that your Bluetooth be on when you are out of your home and that you volunteer to it that you've tested positive if you do.
No issues with the app itself. As stated previously, relies on other people to use the app effectively though. During a public health crisis, even if you can't force people to install the app on their phones because they own them, then the company should be able to ban you from using their cell towers unless you install it.
While I love the idea powering this app actually acquiring a pin takes so long that the app becomes useless. I finally received my positive test result four days after showing symptoms and when I called in to get my pin, I was told that I would have to wait a few days and call in again. By the time I actually get my pin the incubation period for the people I may have had contact with will be over and they'll probably have symptoms before they even get any notice from the app.
Cool idea if it worked. I was diagnosed with COVID last Friday. The next day I tried to "notify others" of my positive result bit it requires a PIN number. It's been a week and I still don't have a PIN number in order to notify others of my positive result.
The app is a great concept and was checking when initially installed. On my Samsung S6, it was a power drain. Also, it hasn't checked for exposures since 10/23/20. Today is 11/20/20 so its been almost a month. As COVID case rates are accelerating again, it seems this app would be more pertinent than ever. I'm looking forward to any suggestions that may be offered to resolve these two issues.
Such a small percentage of people are downloading this for Android (can't speak for iOS), and such a small percentage of people are actually tested daily in this state. It's more like a gimmick app unless everyone downloads and everyone gets weekly testing. So no way to know if this approach to contact tracing is working.
In a place where people think freedom and masks are related, do we expect people to use this and honestly report? Now with the mask mandate lifted for those who vaccinate, those who do not now have an excuse. In concept this app is fantastic, but I doubt any actual results.
I haven't gotten the message on this belt since I downloaded it over 6 months ago and I know I've been around somebody it had the coop and they had the app installed on their phone as well