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Smart Remote for LG TVs

Smart Remote for LG TVs for PC and MAC

Is a Tools game developed by Quanticapps Ltd located at 20 Eastbourne Terrace W2 6LG London. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Tired of looking for the remote control for your LG TV? Want to control multiple LG TVs with a remote that is single? If so, it's time to upgrade your basic plastic remote control to a smart remote control app and control your LG Smart TV right from your Android device!

The Smart Remote for LG TVs connects to your smart TV over WiFi and lets you turn your TV on and off, change channels, control the volume, enter text using a real keyboard, control all smart TV features, and much more.

Upgrade your clunky remote to a powerful app:

* Turn your Smart TV ON and OFF (Supported models only)
* Change TV channels up and down, or enter a channel number to jump right
to it
* Increase or decrease the volume of your TV
* Mute the sound of a single tap to your TV (silent mode)
* Change the input source (HDMI, PC, AV, etc)
* Add multiple Smart TVs to the app and control them from one place.
* Navigate Smart TV features
* Add the widget to your home screen
* Use the trackpad while browsing the web
* Quick access to built-in smart apps like Netflix
* Widget directly integrated into the notification center
* Media content: You can easily stream your content that is local to TV directly from the app.

The Smart Remote for LG TV app is compatible with all the LG Smart TV OLED and NanoCell TVs with WebOS and Netcast systems.

FYI - We use this control that is remote, so we're always working hard to add more features. We'd love to hear how you use your Smart Remote for LG TV, so please leave us a review and a rating.

Disclaimer: This app is not an LG that is official application. We are not affiliated with LG Electronics in any way.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Smart Remote for LG TVs.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Smart Remote for LG TVs for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
It worked when I first downloaded it, but for whatever reason it stopped working. The only button that works is the volume and Netflix button. Also the ads ruin it.
I was searching for a rellacement of the original lg remote control software and i found it with more and easier to use features! Definitively worth the one time payment to get rid of the adds and add more functions. Using it every day
Bought the paid version as I liked the interface and to enable the trackpad,but even after paying the trackpad does work the arrow just moves but doesn't select or click. Thus unable to use the trackpad even after buying the paid version. Also there is a painful lag in the trackpad and it's bad to say the least. I wld like a refund. Not recommended the paid version and am not sure without trackpad this is even useful app.
im so happy i found this for my tv because its just been sitting here all new and not being watched cuz my baby lost the remote somewhere lol
When I started the app up, it said "Control your smartTV with your iPhone or Apple Watch." Why it told me this it was loading the Android version, I am not sure. The next window told me to "please wait until your smart TV seach within the network ends." Not sure how I feel about 2 errors which have been hitherto for unnoticed, and these being not 10 seconds after opening the app? Two words people: proof read. And if you didnt notice that that is actually ONE word (proofread), then i dunno
This app was helpful to me when I needed it last night but now it's like it locked my damned phone or something! I can't use the swipe gestures to go back and exit out of it and even selecting a notification from my notifications to open another program does not work! Not sure what the hell you got going on in this app but I'm considering reporting this to Google because not cool.
I paid so I could turn tv on and off. Doesn't work. Another product that doesn't do exactly what they say it does. Don't pay keep the free version. I will now get up to turn on my tv.......
Overall I am satisfied but the whole app feels like a beta version. Connection sometimes lost (especially with older LG TV, netcast software). I can also see a support for turn on this TV but the power button doesn't do anything. Even cannot be used to turn it off. Also struggle to switch connection between 2 TVs (other one is webOS). All in all the app doesn't react properly in many cases mainly with netcast TV. It's still good, didnt regret buying the premium but waiting for improvements.
It worked for one day. Now half of the buttons don't work. Not even the power button. Then getting a refund is like jumping through hoops. Stick with a free app. It works better.
I installed this because I thought it would do something more than what my remote does but it doesn't seem to. I would like to know if I can do either a voice search or a type in search using this app because typing in characters and numbers with the remote is painful. Does the paid version of the app allow type in or voice search? If so sign me up! I just uninstalled it, it has no tactile feedback so it's actually harder to use than the real remote. and it pops up with annoying ads every time.
This might be the worst app I've ever used in my life. This is probably the only app I've ever reviewed too.
You should give people a trial a 1 week trial with all the buttons functioning to see if you're product actually works it says for 139MN I could buy all the functions but without a trial the price does not convince me whatsoever that's terrible marketing
Better than the proprietary LG WebOS remote app! The widget is AWESOME & doesn't take time to connect, its immediate!
Good but can be temperamental would recommend. You need to have patience to work this. You also need 6.99 if you want premium. It's pretty good overall.
👎👎👎You have to buy the app just to use your remote arrows. The trackpad is also just for the pro ( purchase) version 👎👎👎
Takes forever to do anything. I can turn the volume up and down at will, but cannot do much else. Waste of money.
App locking up phone. Had to uninstaller to get it to work, when it did work. I went with upgrade and still same issues. Money back please.
Best app! But one thing is is that it won't connect my TV ive been looking for the remote and literally no luck please make this work
Love it. We lost our remote and we have looked everywhere for it (even trash) with no luck. We couldn't turn it off because the LG is on our wall, pretty high and my 3 year old son had to go to bed. Thanks to this app, it's a lifesaver
I am very happy that you paid attention to my review, but I also want to say that your webos is very useless because of the useless applications are stuck inside it and mainly some popular applications like jio cinema, jio TV, MX Player are not there. I am not saying that you give my money back to me, but I definitely want that when I have given money for something, then I can use it properly and I like to use it.
heavy on ads, had 4 in the minute I've been using the free version. want to see if it's worth buying but it's hard to use with so many ads.
Previous updates brought many improvements and happy to see that. Let me point out some issues/functions I am still missing from the app: Ch list function still doesn't work with Netcast Tv. Just an empty window pops up. On WebOS it is working fine but implementing a search function would be a huge step forward. That's the point of this function to quickly find that channel you want to switch to. Also noticed that I cannot switch between TVs while they are turned off. Please fix this too
I mean no offense, but this app is pure and utter cancer. The control scheme isnt optimized for all phones. I have to have a premium to use features paired with ads. Someone else has an info button and i dont. Id give it more stars if at least the premium paywall wasnt present.
The app gets to 99% and freezes over tried to download the app 3 times and it freezes in 99% Everytime
Happy to see some improvements but let me point out further issues. My lg tv with netcast software can be turned off now but still cannot be turned on (app says it supports turn on). Also the channel list function fail to load. Just an empty window pops up without any channel to select. Unable to display content (only on netcast TV but lose connection with webOS after some time). Also the whole app lose its connection sometimes especially when sending it to background. Waiting for more stability
The app looks nice. I was really looking forward to using the all. It detected my tv easily but after I entered the pairing pin. It crashed. Each time I reopen, it crashes again after the ad.
Apps works well on my LG C8 smart TV. Once purchased, ads are completely removed. App developer and support team are responsive and very helpful.
IMO it is the best app for LGs, better than LGs own. Would be 5* if the trackpad was usable. The tracking is way to imprecise and jerky compared to LG and even other third party apps. There's also no way to scroll when using it?? Would be nice if the keyboard was brought up automatically when clicking on a text box as with others as well. Everything else is pretty much perfect.
Does what it wants. Works when it wants. Most times the only buttons that work are either the volume buttons or the on and off button. The free version is very limited... But if it properly worked, it would be acceptable. Wouldn't purchase it (even though I was thinking about it), as the app is so inconsistent.
Totally worthless app. Most of the practical features cost extra money . The app is filled with tons of third party ads which makes the remote control using experience pointless and tiring. Definitely not recommend!!!
When I first tried this app. I was not happy with it. It kept causing my wifi to disconnect and it wouldn't turn tv on. Well come to find out it wasn't the app , it was my router wasn't set properly. Now the app is the best one I have tried and I am very happy. Its an awesome app. I have an lg webos 3.0 model # 65. Uh6030 and it controls everything. I definitely give it 5 stars.
Would be nice to get a trail before purchase to make sure it's a good fit. But all in all good app. Has some nice features, but cannot use them unless purchase.
Ok not brilliant. Mostly does what it's supposed to, the exit button doesn't exit like the real tv remote though.
What the hell! New update doesn't work. Track pad doesn't work, arrows don't work, constantly disconnects... why the hell would update if it was already working.
I have been looking for an app like this for years.. All of them are trash and totally useless except this one.. You don't know how grateful I am for your work. Purchased immediately the premium version. Big 5 stars.
Terrible Experience.. Bought the ad free version but still showing ads. Also, at starting it connect to TV but after bought the premium version nothing is working as well Smart apps are also not showing.Trying a lot but didn't get the results. Please help if this can be resolved
When i first tried the app, it was good. All systems go. Lol. But after a while it no longer works if you're on Netflix, Disney etc. Only the volume works.it tends to disconnect. You have to reset app and restart tv.
My power button only works 3/10 of the time. I purchased the premium. The power button was the main reason I got this app.
Update: after last update it still directs me to open app again, close app or, send feedback. This app was great until recently. Now I have to watch ads over & over. I reinstalled & I have to continue to enter the number on my tv screen to pair it but, it doesn't pair it continues to say enter number on tv screen which is always a new number. Way too many ads ,too long to watch too. I wish developers would create a truly free app option WITHOUT ADS!
Stopped working the day i bought the full version of the program and now i can't add my tv to it .. today 18-12-2020 i updated the app .and I've been using it for 10 min now and it works perfectly until now..
Before the update, the app worked fine with minor hiccups. Now the app will not stay open. Even after uninstalled and reinstalled.
Took forever to connect the tv. One add popped up and was causing my phone to vibrate until I closed the add. Allowing adds like this is unacceptable
Absolutely awesome app, quick install, found TV almost instantly and works a treat thank you guys 😉👍😊
It works well for an app remote. But I think it's bogus that you have to pay to use certain features. For example.... I cannot use the remote to turn my tv on or off, unless I pay for the premium remote..
Free version is a bit annoying due to ads, but what app isn't. I upgraded to premium since I have a couple LG Tvs at home and darn this thing works seamlessly for both. Nicely done.
Hello. I just bought this app so I can use trackpad feature. That was the only reason to buy it. But it doesn't work. Cursor is always on the middle of the screen and won't move. Just blinks when I try to move it. Overall, app is good but I am obviously not satisfied because I payed for the feature that doesn't work.Can you fix this or refund me?
Awesome app I have been using this service for a couple of days now works great i purchased the premium it is well worth the price because you receive so much more benefits like the widget access and the instant buttons like for Netflix and prime and mostly all streaming services. I highly recommend if you are one of those people that lose your remote, even if you don't It is a great benefit to have.. Also great and fast customer service.
Easy to use, easy to connect to TV, works like a charm! Very happy 😊 Saved me money and time. Bravo! Edit 1 hr later: Stopped working. Can only turn on or off and adjust volume. Ngl, yall had me in the first half.
I lost my LG remote with a lock code on my smart tv. Downloaded this app, and was able to control the tv without any issues. A must have for anyone needing a remote.
This is best thing to have especially with my handicap it makes it easier than the actual remote. Definitely worth the price.
Due to latest updates from your end, i have been able to use most functions on the remote very well hence the 3stars. May review further as time goes by. Keep it up.
I just downloaded this app and so far, I love it! It doesn't have to re-connect to my tv every time I use it and there aren't a million ads. Thank you!
I understand now why it's rate is low. Once you've downloaded everything is fine.....then maybe two months later it will not sync to your tv. As if it has a hidden limited time usage on the app.
Good when it works which isn't very often it takes a long time to load. I doubt it's the age of my phone some of the other LG remote apps available load alot faster and actually work consistently on my Samsung Galaxy S4.
Pretty good to much requires payment i.e. sleep timer really lol maybe I'm wrong other wise excellent may purchase further along.
When you leave the app even with it running in the background and open it up half the buttons don't work anymore and I have to force close it and restart it to get it to work again... I paid for your premium version so I expect this to be fixed... Soon. Phone:Samsung s20 ultra 5g
I downloaded 4 apps that didnt work. I downloaded this app and not only did it work but it only took about 45 seconds to connect to my t.v.
This is the best app it doesnt take time to connect it is very good app i love This app 😊😊😊😊😊
I liked this app initially. It worked seamlessly with my LG TV, as described and was a lifesaver when I remote went missing. But it glitches...A LOT! I have to constantly turn everything off and back on, restart the app which rarely works, go through every single function and then come back to it hoping that ANY of the buttons will work. About 50% of the time this solves the problem. If an app only works 50% of the time or less, that is a major problem.
I think it needs to be more user friendly and automated. Seems as though for many, it doesn't just work from the start. I never knew how to change my broadband settings. So when it didn't work, I had to reset the app, then disconnect the app from the TV... Reconnect and then it work. Still better than not having a remote. Good effort, but I think a more user friendly app will bring your customer experience where it should be.
It was working for 30 minutes But now they are asking for money Why are you wasting people time If you're selling then put your price at the front as other do so there will be no confusion
It was great at first until you need to type something in or have to shut the tv off because then they MAKE YOU buy the premium or you wo t be able to reconnect to your tv as I've bin trying for 10 min and finally gave up and ordered a REAL one this is very ignorant that if you want to actually you app multiple time you gotta pay 10$ just to be able to fully use your app there no touch pad or anything unless you pay for it !!!!! RIP OFF VERY DISAPPOINTED
One of the worst app experiences I have had in a while. The amount of screen controlling ads is enough to uninstall immediately. App itself works intermittently.
Lol I got this app because my remote was broken but when I saw that I needed to verify it on the television I noticed that this app was pointless. I put a three star review because idk if the app is good or bad
I really don't understand why people give this application such a low rating. The application works much better than the original app. I am referring here to the application dedicated to LG TVs with Netcast os.
Quick review as only had 2 days, paid for the pro version. Would turn off my CX48 but not on, although its IP did not change - the trick is to *** turn off automatic IP *** to make it static, TV turned on after that. Spacebar not working on textpad, but all the basic controls work. Pleased I paid for it.
Terrible compared to the excellent iOS version. Often doesn't connect to the TV (there is only one we use with this app), seems to work only at random. The POLAR opposite of the iOS version, not sure how they screwed up the Android version so badly.
App freezes. Purchase is in a nutshell a bit of a robbery. App should be thoroughly tested before being sold. We should be ablectobtdstcall features for 24 hours after which the App should block what is supposed to be purchased. That way neither us nor Google commerce has to put up with refunds. Interesting app if it would work
Works great one time. Will not connect again unless you uninstall and reinstall. Dumb me paid for the upgraded not working version.
Poor. Purchased the full app £5.99. It will turn the tv off but not on. Ripped off again. I want my money back.
It just works! Installed itself and worked perfectly. Well worth buying the ad free version. When you flip to another app, then come back to it, there is no delay. Really recommend. TL,DR it just works.
Works perfect after inserting the code in your phone that you see on your TV then after that it works as if you just bought the remote from a store!! I love it!
I pay on phone and same app on tab not ugraded, still ads and more ads and more ads Many faults -When you enter in "contens" and play some picture cannot go back -Connection is possible only trough same WiFi router, no BTT no direct WiFi -No gravity sensor for Magic LG Only use as mouse pad -If you switch to analog tv app mess up with TV channel settings and cannot be returned to digital TV with normal remote. Only with this app 6 Euro for this? Overpriced I already pay for PRO as stated before Nevertheless on Tab still ads Refund claimed
Uhh Where was the buttons again? Don't tell me this is button-hide and seek. It sucks and when I press my device I'm using it sits there. What kind of thing is this? Some kind of rip off trying to get you to play it? I think so. Edit this stat, cus I hate it!
There are defenitly improvements to be made such as voice control TV not turning on when pressing the on/off button bug btw I'm using premium and I'm unsatisfied but that doesn't mean you can't improve your app.