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SmartCaller-Intelligence Caller

SmartCaller-Intelligence Caller for PC and MAC

Is a Communication game developed by Transsion Holdings. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 6.0 and up.
SmartCaller may be the fastest and best dialer for you, it bring your calling experience to the next level!
Improve your calling experience and call control by updating to variation that is latst

○ Block calls - effortlessly block undesired telephone calls
○ T9 Dialer - quickly search by name & numbers
○ Quickly phone your frequently used contacts
○ Clean & intuitive design
○ Auto call recording
○ Video Caller
○ Flash Alert

Block numbers to avoid all of them calling you again.

SmartCaller provides you the options to create your video clips which can be preferred the caller back ground. it is possible to improve your feeling by picking video this is certainly different as your inbound caller ID, regardless of funny video clips, dance videos or videos taped of your chosen baseball people, them all may be immediately played to tell you as you have an incoming call.

SmartCaller can give you flash notification on incoming calls,

Switching from a call shrinks the phone call screen so that it may be moved while multitasking in other applications.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the SmartCaller-Intelligence Caller.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download SmartCaller-Intelligence Caller for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Dark mode theme.best ok 👍👍 But calling theme change pls. Dark mode. Pls update. All. Dark mode. Plz.
Used the old version ,dropped my phone for 20 minutes to attend to my client, returned to my phone to find miraculous update. Thought my phone is being monitored. Kindly inform us whenever there's update in your apps.
Caller ID shown multiple entries instead of murge or group by caller ID on call history. Please fix it. Its installed by default.
Kindly switch back to the previous UI i have to keep uninstalling it back to the previous version. This is an in built app so i can't use any other one properly. Frankly speaking the new UI and updates are horrible and irritating. You are forced to use settings which you don't want to and it's so tacky now.
The app used be great until they updated it. Initially you could tap on the contact at the dial log to take you to the other numbers of the contact. What happened?
Something needs to be done concerning this app as it's frustrating me, I can't view contacts and chat them immediately on WhatsApp via call log. It's affecting my efficiency
For an earlier version. Recent updates not good. After looking up a name, just press the back button and the whole list goes back to default.
Best app.but one thing is not good there is no swile delete option for call histort thats why am giving 4 stars. Thanks..
04-Sep-2020 I don't know from where this App came into my Phone. Today, saw a notification, regarding update available on Play Store, and came to know, this App is on my Phone. I didn't install this App, and this App is not Appearing in the list of Installed Apps, (including System Apps). Therefore it seems to be invading my privacy. And I am unable to remove this App from my phone. Regards, .
Good updates. Please add some more buttons in it like UNKNOWN RECEIVED call numbers It will make this app more good Many thanks for adding speed dial. Regards
Better app, but pls Add the following Feqtures:- 1. Blocked calls/messaged Notifications 2. flash Light Alerts for Missed calls/unread messages 3. Identifying Unknown caller Names Thank You ~We are With You~
I don't like how it doesn't have a full page of my favorite contacts. It only that the system force me to use otherwise i would have got rid of this app.
Unnecessary bloatware came up in my device with the device updation. I'm not interested, I don't these crazy applications coming up in my device without my consent.
After update the the multi call Merge function disappeared from calling app. Now I cannot place a conference call during calling. Only one to one call option. Please add the conference calling option for my Infinix s4
This is a good app but in the display option, when you turn on the contact photo, it automatically turns off itself. Please fix it
I don't have the latest update of this app.....old version is in my phone and also not showing any updates anywhere 😡😔
My experience is very bad about this when i dial number it takes lot of time..like hanging.please solve the problem
It's a good app. But several improvement must be done. Such as dark theme option , dial pad change option, call statistics view option and more user-friendly. Hoping for the best.
It's function is good, but some basics not suitable. Like One contact's all calls should be merged, deleting of any call should be easier, After update contact's info is not available in single click - which was in the last.
I have not found this new upadated version Please edit the incoming and out going call theme And i not found the version.... Some times calls cannot be reach and i am no found the new update version
very bad performance. it may take a very long time to open and when i call person this app is shows appearances very late. this is very slow. i haven't new update like design and other functions.
The app is great with the exceptions of some minor bugs. The app bug which annoyed me the most was that you cannot add a picture of your contact once you save it. Please fix this problem in the next update. I'll be very grateful.
This new update has the poorest interface in my opinion. Now I can't just tap a call log item and just copy number like i used to. And there is this icon ULIFE on top of my call log which wouldn't go no matter what. Kindly take out that ulife thing and bring back the tap and copy function on the call log. And please improve the colors on the app. More work to be done please.
It is a nice app, i think if you change incoming and outgoing caller screen, it will be very nice also need dark mode
My app is also Installed but dark mode not support please New update of this app please new update my email address
Dialer shouldn't open up automatically when the phone app is opened. Also in dialer when i tap back button it close phone app instead of toggling dialer. Please fix this.
After last update it become more good to use and I was happy with the lates version but when I made a factory data reset it become in older version and since then it not updating but on the playstore it showing the latest version but I am unable to update it
After recent update, some isues have raised- 1.UI is good but, when I open the app on top it's shows "check balance in Ulife with one click (GO)", ITS VERY ANNOYING 2.When I open the app, it always open with dial key pad, it should open only call list ! 3.If I copy a number and paste it on dial key pad - there is no option for paste. First I have to press any number then I have to paste then again that number I press first, have to delete and then can call ! 4. CANT LISTEN LOUDER LIKE BEFORE .!
My phone is infinix hot 8 frent and Rear LED light in my mobile . Incoming alert call Rear LED light is pllinking . But frant LED light is not pllinking . Iam tell about this
If we save a number it saves two times One is real and other is READ - ONLY contact😤 This app even not deserves 1 star.
Your app is VERY GOOD. But calling wallpaper is bad. You must to create Calling wallpaper is black and same contact log is only one log for all calls at every time. There is too many logs create automatically of same number, there's really bad. Please improve this.Sometimes call not ended with one touch by end key. Dear sir please give a best update with these options.
When ever my phone is in my pocket or bag and I get a call, it keeps sending quick response message to the person calling. I wish to disable the quick response message from my phone Or you can add inadvertently mode when someone call you
Why did this appp get installed without my permission??? It's really annoying especially the Ulife thing. I hate everything about it. Please give an option on the settings to go back to the old interface. It's giving me anxiety everytime I use it
Best but ....need swipe action the option is only to delete.so at list one one swipe(right or left) to call.thankyou
It was updated to the new version and face but after a while, it returned to the former interface and ever since then, I haven't been able to update it to the new interface. Please I need assistance. Thank you
It's amazing application, but there is an issue.. I updated it once before then I removed the update from the application to make it like the factory version .. but after that I can't find the new update anymore .. please check this issue for me and solve it please ..
Worst app ever I have used, no new update and I fed up from it. I don't want to rate it even 1 Star😠😡. I haven't received any new update from the long time, no new features and its very disappointing.
Sir smartcallar acha hai magar is main history option hona chiea received call alag or dail call alag missed call alag. Sir smartcallar is best but right say left yeh left say right Karni per number delete ho jata hai magar save option main wo number Ni ata hai number save Karni ki ley copy paste Karna parta hai ya lekhna parta hai
Unable to update to this version after upgrading my phone's software, Phone app of my phone is set to factory default & now there is no option to update.
After updating i can't go to my call recording. The old update was good in this case. Please fix this issue.
It's a nice app , but the video show aspect should be work on, if you guys can make someone add his own video to play when making and receiving call I will give the remaining star, check Vying calling app here play store you will know what I mean.
It has to much light , please at list put some dark them ,it over affect the eyes , especially to people with eye problem, I will be glad when it's. Put into consideration
Worst app.. Please give the call recordings in mp3 format or give the option to choose us at what format. And give the call history as full history while we choose to view the particular contact... Please give the merge contacts and fine duplicate contact options... And give more settings like MI caller app... Give more user friendly settings.
Its very useful app but i requesting to resolve/update your app as necessary with major following problems which facing me... Thanks #When I have calling/messaging to a saved contact, there is no option of SIM Selection.
If we save a number it saves two times One is real and other is ( READ - ONLY) contact😤 This app even not deserves 1 star⭐.
When I select a dialed contact..call history should be available same page but not available like that. I have to check by day all the dialed history. Its not fair.. Just think about it..
I have to keep uninstalling this app back to the previous version because honestly the new UI is horrible. If you want to keep this new UI then can you make a new app for it rather than forcing the update on the previous version.
It's a Better application, but please Add the following Necessary Features :- 1. Notification of Blocked calls/messages 2. flash Light Alerts for Missed calls/unread messages 3. Identifying Unknown caller Names Thank You ~We are With You~
I consider this update having the most poor UI. There's ULife written for no reason on top of the app, on the bottom tab navigator. Even when a log is long tapped . Call reacord is on the options list but not selectable.
This is the best and great new update that I have gotten today. It has changed the whole calling interface completely.. I love the new look mehn! 🥰 I am merely requesting that we can be able to changed the color on the interface while on a call. It only displays green. If we could go like blue grey and all these other colors it would be perfect! Thank you guys!
I uninstall this app because i have face an issue of video caller setting video caller setting does not shown in my device so i decided to reinstall this app and after uninstall this it has been not shown update option now i have an old version kindly fix this problem most of devices it is not show all option my device is this one😔😔
Thanks for update But now please remove blue wallpaper while calling please add black colour on call screen
Interface is super and clean... My only problem is the dial pad that keeps popping up any time I come to my recent call section. Please work on it. So far very good update!👍🏽😉
Deleting option is good in call log but calling option is not like deleting option in call log ( e. g swipe calling) like Samsung Galaxy phones.
Best but ....need swipe action to call either right or to left.The option is only to delete.so at list one one swipe(right or left) to call.thankyou
Unnecessary updated version incapable to save unsaved incoming number from call logs, worse than old version.
Nice update, but search contact not working properly for multi no save in same contact name. It's search only one no. Please update to show contact with all saved no. In single name.
Positive experience though video screen incoming call can be made effective adding more themes and try out also adding custom video so it would be fantastic ❣️ hope you recognise this feedback
I still get voicemails from blocked numbers or messages . I still get voicemails from blocked numbers. updated 2/2/19 but otherwise it is a good app.
It's a perfect caller to dial the numbers with a swift and speedy dialler. Moreover It has autorecording feature available as well. Plus, themes provided are an add on to the dialler. Can we have a dark mode available as well?????????????????
The upgrade is good, I think there should be a way to select the banks that one is using. We can't use all the banks provided there...
Good app but phone numbers are dialed automatically if the phone icon left open for a while and i don't know how to stop it.
Update the video call theme These phone not show video call option so Fast updated video call theme i hate old theme😞
This malicious Chinese app seems to have got installed in the background mystically. There is no option to uninstall it via Playstore and it's not even showing up in the list of installed apps under Phone settings!
I love the dark theme, but contacts no longer open when you touch their faces from call history . Instead, it makes calls no matter where you touch. Please fix this!
I really appreciated the update of this smart caller, I really like the night mode option, but then I can voluntarily offer you useful additions; for example: caller display on OS 9 can also have a night mode, so that it does not remain green, 2 ° Manual activation of night mode.
great app, please add caller id ,for which i don't need to install seperate app. Spam blocking is also not so good. But it does it job well and is simple.
Some important opitions required i.e when any particular contact dialed his contact most recent activity should be shown(dialed mins ago,missed call mins ago,sms mins ago etc).i have used it in samsung galaxy which is helpful to remind you about the activity for dailed number. It also a bug that when you press i button it doesn't shows all recent activity of that particular number I dialed.
Very nice app, Works great but please let's have the new update on play store. The 18th December 2018 version is still @ play store but when you search the same app on google, you will find the new version that was updated on 20th September 2020 there. Please we want the new version on play store immediately.