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সন্ধানে-Sandhane for PC and MAC

Is a Health And Fitness game developed by H & FW Department, Govt. Of West Bengal. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
1. Citizens Screening Application

2. Screening on travel history, contact history, illness (like Fever, Cough, Respiratory Infection etc.), additional symptoms (like Loss or diminished sense of Smell, Sore throat, Persistent pain and pressure in chest etc.)

3. Captures history of comorbidity (like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart/Kidney/Lung Disease, Asthma etc.)

4. The app is specially featured to capture the location of a citizen during screening. Such location details are geo-tagged (in maps) to identify the emerging zones that are alert on real-time.

5. The app also facilitates in identifying the geographical areas having SARI (Severe Acute infection that is respiratory symptoms and/or ILI (Influenza like illness) cases and would help in taking timely decision by the health functionaries.

6. Health functionaries (ANMs, ASHAs) are using this application for door to door citizens screening and upload the data in central server of Health & Family Welfare Department, GoWB.

7. The Android version of the app is available in the portal of Health & Family Welfare Department, GoWB (wbhealth.gov.in)

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the সন্ধানে-Sandhane.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
It doesn’t work on iOS. It doesn’t get installed at all. Only available for Android. What about people who uses iPhones?
Worst app ever. I have tried several times to submit my data. Every time it is showing "No internet connection available" & after that lost all filled data.
Worst app ever. Every time it shows internet connection is not available, saving data in sd card. I wonder on whose SD card this is getting saved.
Every time I submit it is showing no internet connection. But I have wifi as well as mobile data connection.. other apps working fine.
It's just a declaration form, why does it have to be an app. And why does an declaration app needs access to Media, photos etc. On top of it don't make it mandatory if it is only available on Andriod phones. It would be of better help if it was a website by the state govt to go and make the declaration.
This application is not available for iPhone (iOS). I am using iPhone 6S and its not allowing me to install. Also in my Samsung mobile I can able to install but can’t upload the same.. getting error Uploading from a long with no further update. Updated: Data uploaded after 10 minutes through Samsung Mobile
There should be a statement of the nature and purpose of this app and clarity about the applicability and its intended use. There should be info about the steps to be taken in case the applicant has proved positive for Covid19. Since Covid-19 patient becomes non-infective 10 days after the onset of symptoms, one wonders why there is a 2 month cutoff in this app. For instance, would there be a quarantine upon arrival in West Bengal if the visitor had Covid 19 had Covid 19, 2 months ago?
Worst experience. Along with all the other mess, the state has made this app mandatory to travel to west Bengal and asks for your complete personal detail then refuses to submit. Please solve this asap, the app is completely useless.
Every time i try to submit status it shows no internet connection, while internet is there. Then it starts rotating round and round but nothing happen.
I don't know why this app is not working. Everytime it says internet not available info save on SD card. I wonder, on whose SD card is it getting saved.
People, kindly dont download this app if you already have arogya setu and a rtpcr report during your travel. This is pure harassment and not a democratic move to prove your covid negative report at several points. Also, they could have easily done it by using a web URL, why a stupid app?
Not working even..says internet connection unavailable, saving data to SD card.. Whose SD card? I don't have an SD card bhai.. Moreover I have Wifi and phone data switched on!! Work on this app Mr developer and pls donthe needful
Such a bad experience. While it is mandatory to have this app while boarding a flight, it is impossible to fill up and submit the details through this app. Every time u fill up the app and press the submit button, it says internet connection not available'. Other apps are working fine with internet. Please solve this problem.
Most worst app.. non functional.. after uploading data it is showing network not available.. irony is while I'm sitting in WiFi zone with 100mbps speed....
Very good. This will be really helpful for all the people travelling to West Bengal during the pandemic.
The experience has been awful. I have trying to upload my details for an hour now and it keeps throwing me out on the basis "internet connection unavailable". I have tried multiple internet sources but the app keep repeating throwing me out. Fix it ASAP.
Worst app I have ever seen. Authenticity of data being provided by user is not validated. Also, it asks for mandatory access to my media files. Why? Why? Why?
I am a traveller from Mumbai , how can I fill up the district , ward no , etc when there is no provision for it
Worst app. It asks for acess to my personal information unrelated to covid19 like media files photos. When you deny that it will not open.
This is so irritating. I fill information and submit, it says internet not available while I am on wifi. Tried to fill info for mom too on her phone and the app shows same notification. Whats the point of the app if it doesn't work. You can simply take info then from arogya setu app and the address we provide during web checkin.
Worst app ever. Every time it says no interest connection saving data on SD card. I wonder on whose SD card this is getting saved! 👀🤮
Takes long to read location. Cannot login or recollect / view data once uploaded, even with ID provided.
এমন একটা মোবাইল অ্যাপ যার Play Store এ দেওয়ার কোনো অর্থ বোঝা গেলোনা। Information updated করলাম, আইডি পেলাম কিন্তু তারপর আমাদের আর দেখার কোনো সুযোগ নেই। এটা না থাকলে আমরা, মানে জনগন Health Status, (জ্বর, কাশি, co-morbidity) change হলে up-to-date করব কিভাবে? এখানে HelpLine এর নাম্বারটা থাকলে ভালো হতো। View/update status এর সুযোগ দিলে Mobile No. সঙ্গে OTP দিয়ে open করার Option থাকলে ভালো হয়। ID মনে না থাকার সম্ভাবনাই বেশী। সবশেষে বলি, অ্যাপটি খুব গুরুত্বপূর্ণ, user-friendly এবং কার্যকরী।
It is just wasting time, not taking the details even after several tries and good Internet connection. This app should be removed from mandate criteria for travelling.
Very bad experience , After several tries , I can' t even open the App. Given 1 star, although it is given to be zero.
What was the need for another useless app after Aarogya Setu? Just because some egoistic thick skulled lady has an issue with the central government, doesn't mean u make it compulsory for travellers to download another app. Is West Bengal outside India? What's the need for another individual app for the state? Why make things more complicated unnecessarily?! Focus on surveillance and treatment of the people in the state rather than waste time on making newer unnecessary apps.
Simple app. Data uploaded within a couple of seconds. SMS too, came instantaneously. Please add more features such as viewing your personal details, information as to how your data will be used, nearby Covid labs, quarantine centres, etc. Thumbs up 👍🏻👍🏻
I have downloaded the app with this internet connection successfully and filled in the form but as I am clicking the submit button, it's said that no internet connection, try later Very annoying