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Soccer Super Star

Soccer Super Star for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Real Free Soccer located at Block 3, Phase 2, Festival City, Tai Wai,New Territories. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.3 and up.
Play the brand new football game Soccer Super Star and enjoy the insanely real, ultra-fast and football experience that is immersive!

Love action soccer that is arcade lack the time to practice? The Soccer that is new Super very easy to learn game controls allows you to jump-start the fun. Just flick your finger across the screen to kick the score and ball a goal!

Sounds easy, right? Wrong. A solid strategy to bend shots and split defenses as you progress through the game, shots become more challenging and you’ll need. Soccer Super Star doesn’t get overly complicated but maintains a steady increase in difficulty while offering the flick that is best to kick experience! Be the hero in every match.

Soccer Super Star’s gameplay concept is expertly done, the degree that is high of allows you to reflect your personal strategy in the game as you level up through your dream Leagues. Topnotch artwork and dynamic levels mean a truly world-class football that is immersivesoccer) game experience.

Download to play today and score big! Yes, you can even play offline.


It’s true, you can play and manage your team of eleven without the internet!

Utilizing the latest 2020 motion capture technology of real star players

Intelligent game A.I. allows freedom that is realistic powerful simulation with accurate ball physics. Make your way through the Leagues to be a Soccer Superstar!

Be the hero for your country & Club and head for glory!

Intuitive flick to pass and kick gameplay, sweep your finger across the ball to drive, curve and power the ball past walls of defenders.

We love to hear with your thoughts to soccers[email protected] from you! Please email us

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Soccer Super Star.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Soccer Super Star for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
It's a 4 star because every single time the defender kicks it out I still have a chance to get it but it doesn't let me and also sometimes the defenders tackle me and nothing happens
All thing is good the whole game is full of technic and luck but I'm in a doubt that how can a defender tackles a player and hit the ball out of ground(for corner, throw ,etc) kindly solve this problem
Too much of advertisement irritating we understand its a free game then you show a lot not bulk of ads spoil the mind to play the game
It is one of the best football games I've ever played but there's to much ads. AND ALSO you should get 3 things in 1 bag.
People say the ads are bad but they are 5 seconds u click the x then u play more people make it sound like the 30 second ads it's just not true good game
I like the graphic but there is a problem that there our little wrong graphic but I can play the game and it is a nice game I enjoy playing this game thanks
Not to bad, from time to time it crashes. I would also like to play a full football match. Not only parts of the game.
Good game but don't like how you can only select United Kingdom as a nationality and always get selected for to play for England. Would be much better if they added Scotland, Wales and Ireland as choosable nationalities.
Amazing game but unplayable due to the amount of advertisement that triggers at every level. Such a shame.
The game is really fun and I love the fact you don't have energy bars but their is waaayyyyy to much ads which ruins the game
The only reason is because there is quite a lot of ads but its a really good game and I wish you( could choose what football player you would be
No energy meter is good as can just enjoy the game but constantly having to replay ALL scenarios in a level if you fail on one is infuriating. Lasted a few hours then too annoying to bother continuing playing, one for the uninstall list.
Very fun game. Would love to see more national teams added like Malaysia or Japan, etc. I don't know if you can be transferred to other clubs outside of England like Barcelona or Intermilan, but would love to see that.
This game has no limits and this issue has caused it to be pursued very aimlessly, there are no conditions for you to lose in the game, for example.🌹
This app is so good as it is like score hero only but in this game we have unlimited chances to play again .
Great game but play for 1 second gets 30 seconds of ad.... takes the fun out of it. Otherwise fun but damn too much ads!
Great game good game play not to hard but to easy a.i and no gems needed to play but to many ads. Solution turn off wifi. You don't need to upgrade The player.
When I have done 2 of the things all ready and I fail the 3rd one it restarts from the start, the AI gives the ball away when it wasn't even my fault! Really irritating game DO NOT DOWNLOAD
Not bad, but a bit repetive, super star soccer is a better game, BUT on the flip side this doesn't attempt to force you to buy stuff like Super star soccer does.
End up watching ads more than actually playing the game. Mechanics are interesting, but lose interest quickly with the sheer amount of ads.
I think if you could provide 1v1 game against an online player, this game would be wonderful. Anyways, awesome!
So many adds. How is it possible? For every level played you have 5 secs to loose. I think you see more adds than you play the game. With a different approach it would be a cool game to buy, but not like us. Completely wrong approach. This is just ruining an otherwise great game. Good graphics and gameplay. Some room for improvement in the levels, as you only score have 1 or 2 plays per game, so it gets to predictable. But again... So many adds.
Doesn't work. The play button doesn't work when pressed. Nothing happening. So unable to really play it. Shame.
It's a clone of other game that I don't remember the name. And it has the same problems: it doesn't show you the objectives of the stage beforehand
It is the game who will play they got experience to do anything . When I played this game I am thinking it is so hard game , but when I played more and more than it so easy . I love this game sooooooooooooooo . In this game my player got 204 goals . When I see that I am sooooooooooooooo happy about this . 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
It's an amazing game but they need to add real teams I have 116 goals and 38 assists I'm in season 8 with Dortmund the graphics are amazing should play.
Nice game but ads are a big problem all in all nice game I recommend you check this game out but If you do not want to its fine but 5 stars definitely
Its good but Jesus the amount of ads, like I understand to keep it free but at least add an option to purchase to get rid of ads forever.
The game is good but is just a reskin of score hero. This game probably has more adverts than any other game inhave played.
Its a good game. AS LONG AS ITS IN AIRPLANE MODE. The amount of ads are disgusting. For such a generic soccer game they sure stick the ads down your throat as much as possible. Nothing but a bunch of greedy developers. Maybe if you made a good game, people would pay you instead of having to get your sole income from ad revenue.
It a good game but I'm giving it a 2 star as can't get the full enjoyment when your attacked with ads from clicking on it and if you miss then advert, then miss then another advert again seriously they fame is free but are you doing on purpose so people delete the game as they starting to be to much the ads
I've never seen an app with more ads than this one. It is ridiculous. I have never complained about ads,but this,I can't deal with it. It is a good game and it is so much fun,but frequently having to watch ads ruins it.
It's a good app, but it does need a few improvements. 1. The player has to make a transfer move every season, which is unrealistic. 2. Sometimes, add some drama to the game, or news articles to make it more exciting. Otherwise, good app.
Please add to this games Between Google gmail id account Connected option. That's for we can saved to our played data. If although you are Don't bring to the google gmail connected method than we have to must be lost playing this games in data. So, at least i request your authorities, please keep doing this work. That’s for we are truly happy.
Awful. There are far too many ads (there are at least 5 per game) and the AI run around the pitch like a bunch of autistic children on a school playground.
Ad will take your whole time rather than playing the game. Every end of the level up they would run a 10 to 15 seconds ad. Plz don't buy this. Try some other football games. If you are a football or soccer lover.
Amazing graphic Wonderful joystick, but one problem I face is that winning a match is not in my hands please improve it
It's great game but could there be commentators in in the game it's a great overall it's a great game but could there be commentators please
It is the same as score hero but it is easier. But the graphics can be improved but non the less, I will give it five stars.
this app is brilliant but it'd be better if: 1) there were league standings, because u don't know what you are playing for. 2) you didn't nice teams every season because it is unrealistic. 3) news headlines and stuff to add more drama.
It was a fun game but low quality And I hope you can make it better and make a more best game ever and the best graphic
Oh god the ads... This would actually be a really good game if it wasn't for 2 things. 1) I have recently changed phones so I have lost all of my progress. I had played hundreds of games! 2) the ads. Oh my god the ads! Way tooooo many. There's not even an option of paying so you don't have to endure them all. Such a shame...
If I score two goals and miss the third one, I have to re start from first goal -- this is the worst thing about the game which irritates a lot... Please change it asap
I liked this game before the update. after the update the game wiped my saved data meaning I had to restart the game from the beginning. the frame rate for the game was awful aswell. since the update the game is very slow, I deleted 5 apps to see if the game wouldn't be slow but it still continued to be slow. uninstalling and won't be playing again
😔😔😔Your game is great no issues about it. ...but the Ads guys, Ads make this game not enjoyable, I wish you would play this game and see what I'm talking about. This game deserves 6stars, but because of Ads it's really hard to rate because I don't enjoy it really because of Ads. Please kindly fix this Ads thing 😭😭😭😭please please
Not only one of the best game apps I've played, but loads of fun too if you're into soccer. It definitely helps with your ball placement and passing techniques. I also like how you can choose to play for one of your favorite teams. The only drawback to the game, is it does drain your battery faster than most game apps. Other than that, 👍👍
Could've been a really good game if weren't for the annoying ads, I mean come on, I get that they are getting supported by these ads but in this rate they will lose a big percentage from people who are actually playing this game. UNINSTALL !
Excellent and real game playing experience. Just need two features more in this game one is auto replay in super slow motion with zeal effects and another one is leader score board. Hope will see this features in next update soon.
I upgraded the game to the latest version and i was brought back all the way from Level 500 to 300 and as if that one is not enough whenever i score or assist with my main man, it is no longer added to his goal and assist tally 😡
The gameplay is awesome and thanks for not adding energy system in the game loved the game the only problem is that I couldn't select a particular player and pass the ball to him please add this feature and I'll give the 5*
This game is good no long or short ads the graphics not really good but I love this game I'm at level ten just started playing in really good and it's so easy to play no other rating to give than four ⭐
Similar to another soccer game on here, but tuis seens a little more realistic. Just wish you guys would have announcers and better ways to win upgrades for your player. Other then those couple of items, very fun game to play!
..Been playing for a bit. -The game is VERY good -EXCEPT! there are odd things that happen: -1, the team dosen't seem to work for the ball, they practically LET the other team steal it, they just stand there, -too tired..? -2. The constant tripping of my guys waaay too many times, when they DO have the ball. -How come I can't do the same..? Set it up where they get it back...heh! -3. Every time I'm looking for my guys to score, nobody's there, always surrounded they should be up there with me..
Could have been a decent game but unfortunately like most games it's dominated by ads. Controls are nice and so are the gfx. Not sure what the idea is as what you do on the pitch has no influence on the game. It's just stage by stage giving you goal opportunity which you must score to proceed to the next level. But there's no reward scheme, no reason to go to the next stage as its the same as the last one.
It shows aid between match . We can't close it . I would say bloody bc app to install. One star is also more to give rate .
3 stars. game is so nice very good game but still 3stars because too many adds . dont be greedy. make adds 3 or 4 per day then will be perfect
Developable.ı pretty enjoyed while playing this game if u love play football and watch.In my opinion u must give a chance.
It is an amazing game i only gave it a 4 star because there is an ad after every level it can get a bit annoying but apart from that this game is amazing definitely recommend it 👍👍
Extremely fun game, couple of down sides, first when you are transferred, there isn't usually an option to stay where you are or get a choice of more than two options to move to, also there are a lot of adverts, but other than that, it's great
Very poor after every shot there is a 30 second advert that you can't skip pointless playing spend more time watching adverts.
Game is interesting but need more improvement. Clocks must run down till the end of the game. Rewind is boring leave the game to flow and add option for takkling instead. There's no league standing one just playing and that tend to be boring. At the end of the season let chose which team do I want to sign with no you choosing for me. It's great app nearly close to SCORE MATCH, I'm leaving score match for this game if the next update will be improved
Waaaaay better then Score Hero. It's more realistic then the Score Hero game. Thank you so much for creating this amazing game!!!!
Too too much. They will force you to see ads all the time. Grapics is basic. But too much ads is really annoying issue.
This game is fun for 5minuits then it gets so annoying it seemes like my player intelligence I less than 0 all I ask is to not give the ball away and that's all they do and this game is so harsh it takes you out of cup tournament s so you can play pointless leuige games and if you miss you have to start again from square one
This game is great. But please, for the love of God, let me buy the game in order to get rid of ads. Like the concept and gameplay is so crisp, just let me buy it so I don't have to see an ad literally every 5 seconds
The last update is very bad i was playing at liverpool after update my team changed and all team i was playing for changed also !!!
The actual playing experience and mechanics are wonderful. I just wish it was something like a career mode, with chances to win or lose according to how many goals you score, and not stages-levels... But for what it is, 5 stars!!
Super excited about this game. I will like this game to continue being offline. Please add to your further updates, 1. transfer rumours 2. commentary team 3. language settings
Awesome stuff....the thing I like about this game compared to score hero is that the game continues after the ball is left if it goes to someone on your Otherwise fantastic game....lovely gameplay 👍
Great fun But the adds 😅it's every fail and every time u finish a game, they get old very fast, i reccomend turning off your Internet if you play, but it is very fun and a time killer
The game is super fun and you can make your own play I love it,but the problem is the ads,there is so many that a have to sleep to wait
Game is good. But too much ads. Even we do understand that ads are meant to be there... But this is too much... At point I was confused whether I was playing a game or ads
Good game . Very funny and. Original. Five. Star . But have . A problem. The graphics. Is basic. Please I recommend change the graphics. But is good game . Good look
My main gripe with this game, other than ads, is that my team has 0 brain cells. I'd pass to them when they are wide open, then they would dribble into an opposing player and let go of the ball. Or not even go for the pass in the first place. Not to mention they never push forward, so it's just your guy surrounded by the entire opposing team. But it is still pretty fun. Also turn off wifi to get rid of ads.
After a slow but fairly enjoyable start, I was overwhelmed by advertising, in fact a particular 'Panda' advert whereby there was no way of bypassing it. So ZERO stars.
Very good game only problem is 99.99% of the time there is an ad and every season you need too transfer to a different team
This game is best easy to operator any age. I'm 60 years old. Thank you very much. I feel i'm in the WORLD CUP.
The game is very addictive and I can't stop playing it.The thing I don't like is the adverts.They are always showing dating adverts which is annoying
Good game in terms of UI and graphics, bad business model. I want to pay to get rid of the ads... will change review when that is possible.
This is better than Soccer Star Top Leagues and other games. Please dont put any energy and diamind system as the game is gonna be frustrating for the players. I am waiting for future updates. Good Luck!!!
It would be a great game but is ad after ad after ad really necessary. You can't get into the game as they're just constant. Looking at most reviews people are saying much the same so maybe change it??!!
Another game filled with a ridiculous amount of ads. Every level or attempt at a level is followed by an ad. Uninstalled straight away.
The game's good but just one problem, the game's too easy.. it would have been better if it were a bit more challenging.. and had more levels
I actually like the match engine but there is no progression or anything to work towards. You get transferred every season and there are SO. MANY. ADVERTS. Deleted after less than a day.
They couldnt squeeze anymore adds into this game if they tried. You will literally spend more time watching ads than playing the game.
The gameplay is generally good as long as you don't mind ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad.
The stroy of this game is really beautiful. And also this game looks much realistic they others . I would say in one word its Marvellous. 👌
It's a really nice game and it's better than score because you can play until you're bored. And the customisation of the character is versatile and there so many option to choose from. It's a little reperitive in some levels. All-around it's a nice game to play when you're bored. Keed up the good work Dev.🤟
I really enjoyed playing the game alot the thing I didn't like was way to much ads I think it would be a more enjoyable game if it didn't have ads every time the ball went out of play. Although I still enjoyed it. When you're playing you should be able to pass anywhere on pitch but the game has only a little window you can pass.
The gameplay is good but controls need to be more precise. And the constant ads are annoying and spoiling the game as a whole.
Good graphics likw the game on like level 124 i really like the game ok passing i got a few bug like the game freezes and when an add comes on when im gonna get back on the games it makes me restart the game 3 stars
Best Soccer ⚽ game I've ever played And its a true review🙋 Totally addictive ✨ I suggest you to turn your mobile data or WiFi off to have ad less play
Game has improved but would like to see some of the old character models, some of the new updated models have weird noses. Sometimes my character looks like he has only nostrils in some cutscenes. Also would be cool to have a player role option like being able to choose to be a Midfielder or Winger or Defender
You literally watch more ads than actual gameplay. Before match, after positions after match etc.. how it can get over 2 stars?
Game is interesting but need more improvement. Clocks must run down till the end of the game. Rewind is boring leave the game to flow and add corner kicks and throw ins once the ball get out of play, instead of rewind.There's no league standing one just playing and that tend to be boring. At the end of the season let chose which team do I want to sign with no you choosing for me. It's great app but copied SCORE HERO, I'm leaving score match for this game if the next update will be improved
Hahaha i really enjoy this game more than other games but i think you should improve this a little bit by introducing a real game situation where i face other opponents in a 90 minutes match,apart from that everything is fine😁💪👍🏻❤
Really nice game but ruined again by too many ads! Come on guys when they interfere with progression people will uninstall! Its all about balance. Laters
What a experience i have get love this game so much I suggest to devloppers make sum more realistic then yours game going for top
You open the game, ads. You lose two times, ads. I understand that you need to earn money as well, but I only open the game, I haven't even done anything.