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Solitaire Cruise Game: Classic Tripeaks Card Games

Solitaire Cruise Game: Classic Tripeaks Card Games for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by BELKA GAMES located at Glάdstonos, 85-403, 3032, Limassol, Cyprus. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Just take a Solitaire Cruise and enjoy your solitaire that is classic card complimentary! Train classic solitaire tripeaks trip to your brain & perseverance! 🎰

Bored of your grey, boring everyday activity? Sick and tired of your tedious, routine work? Need a break after a day’s this is certainly hard?

πŸ’Ž Go through the thrill of a sea voyage: solve solitaire problem and find out colorful locations all over the world. Breathtaking structure that is contemporary historic web sites and normal surroundings await you. Relax with a card that is free that is more interesting and difficult than Three Towers and Tri Peaks solitaire. Its clean cards and refined design enable you to submerge yourself in this game that is addicting of enjoyable, pleasure and brand-new experiences. Train your mind and reasoning with tens and thousands of special levels and enjoy your solitaire tripeaks journey on a cruise liner that is first-class.

Bid farewell to distress and monotony. Enjoy a life that is wealthy an environment of enjoyment from your mobile device. Have actually a cocktail that is refreshing check out what Solitaire Cruise Game: Vintage Tripeaks Card Games needs to provide:

βœ… Enjoy challenging Solitaire games, Dice Tournaments and various activities.
βœ… See all 25 magnificent venues, including Las this is certainly glitzy Vegas majestic Paris, alluring Nassau, enchanting Venice, stunning Dubai as well as other spectacular locations.
βœ… Enjoy layouts which can be striking admire spectacular views of modern-day urban centers, historic places and natural landscapes.
βœ… Uncover The solitaire that is classic from a fresh direction because of a wide array of incentives and mechanics.
βœ… Gather movie stars, spin the Wheel of Fortune, search for the Jackpot and win HUGE prizes.
βœ… Build up your reward and maximize it risk-free.
βœ… Destination bets and win more!

You can play card games traditional that is free on the web without adverts - no Wi-Fi with no internet connection needed. Age doesn’t matter - the matter that is only’s crucial can be your desire to succeed plus the appeal of a much better life. Still weighing up the choices? Thousands of people throughout the world have already made their choice.

πŸ† Solitaire Cruise Game: Vintage Tripeaks cards - an elegant solitaire this is certainly free game, advanced travel and extravagant leisure for real connoisseurs. Grab it today to begin your amazing adventure that is private!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Solitaire Cruise Game: Classic Tripeaks Card Games.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Solitaire Cruise Game: Classic Tripeaks Card Games for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Keeps crashing while trying to start a level, but still takes the money that the level would have cost. High cost rounds & bonuses vs low payback.
It's fun to play and not overly noisy. The background music is pleasant and the challenges are fun without being too frustrating. It's my favorite solitaire type game.
Game is terrible. Unless you spend money you cant actually play. Games cannot be won 90% of the time unless you buy the boosters with real money. They can be bought with coins but you will spend 20k coins to win 2k coins after the match. Straight up cash grab and a waste of storage space on your phone.
Why cost coin to play game? I dont understand that concept. Which is why its a 2 star game to me. Would be higher if you don't have to pay coins to play.
It's a little sketchy, but fun. When trying to select cards I have to press 2 or 3 times. And, I do like the difference in this Tri-Peaks game. Mrs. C.
I understand your company needs to make money but when you chase away a customer after the first day that can't be too profitable. I like the game I really enjoyed it but then I had to pay pay pay to play play play so no longer do I play period you may need to rethink this if you want to stay in business. I deleted game.
This game is horrible. It starts out pretty easy but gets progressively harder. Too hard, too fast. I consider myself pretty adept at tri peaks games but this one is the worst. I was doing really well, then it all went down hill. I started the night with over 130,000 coins & then couldn't win for anything. By the end of the night, I ended up with about 2,300 coins. I'm uninstalling. They just want you to buy coins. Forget it!
This game can be very fun it's a good time killer. Although as other games it seems like you need money to get further and buy things. Although with patience you will get somewhere without money.
I just love the way this game is set up and it's really easy to play, suitable for all ages and the graphics are fantastic. I will recommend that everyone plays this game, it's simply enjoyable. Well done game makers. Cheers.
Doesn't work. Hit the button to play round. The screen goes black and then nothing. Stays black. Waited a long time still nothing. I will uninstall.
I thought the game was fun until I realized I couldn't play anymore cuz to play even 1 round u gotta pay 1000 coins... if u pay during the game I understand, even pay-to-win I understand, but pay-to-play? U That's really sad, it was actually interesting, but I'm deleting it now, I wanted something fun to distract me, not to stress me out
Gone are the days games were fun, challenging and required strategy and thinking. Games are all about making money now. Hence the challenge is gone the strategy gone and all the fun gone. Buying coins to play and succeed defeats all the purpose of a game. This game I really enjoyed but it's getting uninstalled as it's the same as every other game nowadays. You need to be a millionaire to play ! Ridiculous Money money money what a shame I was enjoying playing.
Only been playing a couple of days but I really like the game so far! It could become addictive. The graphics are great, the controls are easy. So far I would highly recommend this game!!!
I LOVE THIS GAME! It is very fun, and yet tests your skills! The only thing I'm a little uncomfortable about is how you can only put it in land scape. I love the graphics and they dont force you too buy anything. There is not that many add either which is a Ginormus plus for me. 10/10 would reccomend πŸ’«πŸ’›
Stay away from this game no chance to get decks finished without getting extras for resources which runs out very guickly,then u end up with offers for them!
I've played 20 hands of solitaire (which it does well BTW) and still haven't seen the puzzle as advertised.
Like all the others. Every level costs coins and the price gets more expensive the higher you go. You end up spending more coins to complete a level than you earn, and eventually run out of money.
Very fun and not to easy of a game. It isn't super easy which is nice. Most of these games are super easy. I'm enjoying it very much. The only bad thing I have found is that it is so expensive to get things you end up needing
Why do you always ask for a review when we've just started playing?? I could give a better review later in the game. At this point, it is no different than any other solitaire games. You use the strategy you think is best.
This is a fun and ok game but you can really tell you are playing against a computer. It makes sure you have to use your winnings to get more cards to finish a level.
It would be nice if your computer was set so you could get a nice run at least once every so many plays i have not had one since i began playing this game. I wont spend my money on this game because it doesnt really change the outcome where it would help. So why waste my money!
Fun game but the computer does not allow you to advance further when you get bonus. So you end up using your cash to advance. I gave 3 stars
This game is just like all the other games, they give you only a few coins and not the right cards so that you use up all your coins making you buy coins of which I've never done nor do I intend to do with this game or any others like it!! Uninstalling
Another pay to play game, the stages are rigged, it's the only solitaire game that you need to pay to finish a stage. I only tried it to get a reward for another game but it's so rigged it's not worth playing, uninstalling
If you don't have Facebook you're screwed. My kid accidentally uninstalled my game. I don't have Facebook. There's no other way to save, so I lost all my last month's progress... don't spend money on this game.
Its an okay game, but you need to pay to get a good run very early on in the game. Its a shame, it didn't give me the chance to play and enjoy it before needing to make a purchase.
Nice game but it jumps around too much from game extra . Great prices but I take a few less prices if I don't have to figure out how to play next bonus game. As winnings this is one of the few games where you can really without going broke.
well it looks like I can't really play the game anymore. significantly more fun in earlier levels. easier to play multiple games in a row. now, I only have enough coins for 1-2 games every hour. i might erase all the app's data on my phone so I can play it more...
I like the game it's fast fun and clean. The other thing I also like is that it is not 4 of a bunch of ads.That is the main reason I stay with it But it is also fun to play. Thank you for creating a game will you don't spend most of your time watching ads.
Was hoping this game would be good. Sadly it is not. The very first one to solve is extremely easy. After that I would get down to just needing 1 card out of 9 unseen cards and no dice. Unless you use all your power ups you will lose every time. Uninstalled.
Just started playing today. Good game so far. I've been playing about 3 hours and haven't stopped. So yeah, it's a good game. Only downside, it's not classic solitaire. But this is fun. I'd recommend it.
Love the game BUT it keeps crashing and taking my coins. I keep paying for each game and when I got play then the app instantly crashes. When I log back in I'm the cost of the crashes game short.
Just like all other games they just want your money to keep playing. They will have you use all your points then want you to keep on buying more. I have not bought any more and been playing on the free ones and have not advanced at all. So they have proven my thought, is you pay them to play or you don't play.
It's a good game. I just struggle every time I lose the game then I have to wait for like an hour before I get the bonus. M loving it though. 😍😍
Great game. I like the changes in the layout of the cards. My preference is to hold my phone vertically but I see how this have works better with the phone horizontally.
Difficult to win within the cards dealt, which means you have to buy with your coins and I am sure as the game progresses you will run out and then have to buy.
I just downloaded this game and I think it's the best solitaire game so far! Graphics are stunning easy gameplay!
The game is good but , I have bought the promo coin at RM7.99 for (15000 coin + 300 blue ticket +3gold card) at 2times but havent recieved any coin . Please give any reason why ? And when can i get the coin ?
it is very pretty and it's fun to play but they suck you in and then you can't get anywhere, one minute you have all the points and then suddenly you have none they make it very difficult for you not to pay them something...and it's not on Google play pass.
I've tried a few different tri peaks solitaire, but this one is all around better, by far. The others had way too many ads. One of them had you watch up to 5 ads per one hand. I am not exaggerating. It also would have like 7 red aces but no black 4s or 6s (for example). Crazy, seemed it only had 10 or 15 different cards. Im loving this game. I'd give it 5 stars but often the game is going slow motion. Please fix that small glitch and you'll definitely have a 5 star game!
Decently entertaining when not crashing. I've lost so many coins due to crashing that it's affecting gameplay. I've submitted tickets on this, but no response.
Fun so far. I think they always ask for rating too soon. But, I'm having fun so far and they're not asking for sales so far, either - that's a good thing! More later.
This game keeps crashing in the middle of my games! When I start it back up, it's gone out of my game and my coins are gone!
The graphics are so beautiful, as well as a lovely game too play! Yet will do what I do with my other solitaire games, and that's too save the coins up! So that I don't run out.... I'm 64years young, and can't afford too buy coins..this game is a winner! I shall be keeping this one! Can't wait too enjoy the journey 😊 god bless every one!
This is the best solitaire I've ever downloaded there is the annoying ads but they are only 30 seconds you get free coins every hour and I have won big on the daily competitions love it
The game is beautiful and engaging. However, it is way too demanding and that takes away from the enjoying factor. It's upsetting trying to actually make some progress. Coins are lost in a second.
This game is all about you spending money. Its amazing how you can go through 13 cards and not have a card that you can use. You start some games and immediately know that you have no chance. There's are too many screwed oddities to not believe that this game is not rigged. From the roll of the dice to the cards that steal your cards. I had9ne game where I played 4 cards the rest were taken by 3 cards that were there from the start. You will get frustrated and end up deleting.
It never gives you a starting card to actually complete the game in fact all cards are random and may not give you the card at all, sets you up for failure
I enjoy playing this game but sometimes I get mad at the game especially when I'm about to win and then they keep on giving me the numbers the cards that it knows I don't mean then I have to spend more of my winnings ever run out other than that it's a it's a good game it's a fun game
RIGGED RIGGED RIGGED!!! I have already uninstalled this greedy game. Wild cards, cost to play a round, extra five cards are all to costly, and the payout is too low. Buy 5 extra cards bc they screwed you, and you still don't get a card you need. Layouts set up to were runs are not possible. They will bout 3 of the same card on the board and the number needed right under it. GREEDY GAME ALERT. RIGGED TO GET YOU FOR YOU MONEY.
Started off really well for the first day then it's virtually impossible to win any levels without having to spend all the money you earn from the daily win . I dont believe the levels are any way hard, they are obvious which card's are coming to prevent you from winning. It's always asking you to spend money and purchase extra coins. Such a shame as it could be a good game.
I don't normally play Solitaire. I'm more a word game girl. However, I saw an ad for this game, and found from playing on the ad that it was fun. I downloaded it immediately. I'm having a lot of fun! It was easy to catch on to. I love the pretty backgrounds. You all did a good job with this game! Thank you so much for a great change of pace!
Not what I was expecting. So the game play is good. But the ad I clicked to download the game showed a puzzle. There is no puzzle. Its just the solitare game. Which is ok, but not what was advertised
This doesn't play like the ad I installed it from, which showed gameplay that was more than just plain solitaire. But that's just what this is ... PLAIN SOLITAIRE! Solitaire is for the mentally retarded and demented. Also, it's one of those lame-ass games that doesn't allow for a clean "quit" or "exit"; a telltale sign of low-life app vendors. Update: Go sit on a chopstick!
This game sucks. It gives you the same cards in a row so that eventually have to spend real money. Notice how there's no ads. Also when you leave the game you can't just hit the back button or anything like that to exit you have to actually hit your home button and then clear it out after that. Who does that? You mean to tell me you can create a game but you don't know how to make a exit button? πŸ˜‚ πŸ’© πŸ’© πŸ’©
"Solitaire Cruise Game ' is fresh and fun to play at any level and all skill sets. There are so many tiny hidden nuggets of surprises and excitement that you'll find yourself picking up the game to find out what the next new feature is, as much as you will to actually play the Solitaire Cruise Game for the enjoyment of the Solitaire itself. Well Done, A++
Fun game, i could see myself playing on hours on end, but I'm not made of money and developer have made it where you can only play once an hour, of course unless you want to spend real money to get fake money to spend on turns, yeah this game is not so much pay to win but pay go play? Not exactly what I had in mind when I downloaded a solitaire game, if you had a full version I'd definitely buy that, like that ever will happen, i get it developers need to make money for their hard work,
Enjoy the game, when you lose a game though you get a consolation prize and not all of the coins get added to your balance, wouldn't mind but when you spend money on the game I'd expect better
The wheel giving out the same "prizes" every time it spins is annoying when that is one of the few chances I have to earn coins to actually play. It seems to always be 2 or 3 little reverse the card things. Do I plan to win every game? No. However, having only 2 cards left to win a deal and none of the 13 cards you have left in a deck to play and win really sucks. This has happened on several occasions.
This game is a really really good game of solitaire. It's straight forward game the graphics are nice and warm. You work your mind to think, and when you think It exercises your mind and when you exercise your mind you can make Your memory better sometimes
It's a great time killer but would be even better if you could win real money through PayPal. Especially for people who need a little extra cash. But still it's a very fun game
I recently downloaded your solitaire app, so far I do enjoy the journey. The graphics are awesome and the music is great! I love playing cards and like a good challenge. I look forward to experiencing other levels!
Pretty good game so far not to easy and not to hard, evenv though. I just started playing well come back later to update my review if need be.
I loved playing but the game kept saying no internet connection when i had great connection and when i would go to watch a video to get more coins kept sayion an error occured i am unistalling this game and wont play it again
I like this version of tri-peaks Solitaire. I'm a little concerned about running low on coins sometimes, with the way it is consistently costing more for games, and help, etc. But I'll just have to wait and see. 😊 I'll update my rating after I play some more.
This game was fun at first but as you play you have to buy too many coins to even get through one card game. I'm uninstalling and looking for a game that doesn't rip me off.
I really dislike this game. If you don't expend money you cannot progress, in addition you cannot even watch the ads for coins because it only works few times, the rest of the time you have to deal with the "ops"
Great game to play when you want to kill time. But sometimes will have a problem connecting to internet when your in the game.
I love solitaire always help me relax and be able to sleep at night and calm me down when I'm upset or mad so thank you for making this app and I've always wanted to travel so this is a better way of doing it so thank you for making the app. Belinda time 1:06 am. Date 10-6 -2020.
Huge issues with this game, there is a glitch that happens every second or third go where screen goes black and boots you out. I bet $7000 coins ago so very frustrating especially when you have bought coins.
In the bigging its nice because it gives you money but after as usual you have to buy even if you play correct. One star until they fix it
Such a disappointing game, the ads made it seem like it was great but it isn't. I get that all levels can't be easy but the levels become impossible to pass and you can clearly see it's rigged. Uninstalling this game immediately.
The computer never let's you win. You get to a certain point and then you lose by 1 card and if you have spent money on games before you get flooded with pop ups thinking you will spend actual money. Waste of time.
I'm uninstalling because it's just another tri peaks game with different background. The advert shows puzzles too but I can't see any in this game coming up. Another breach of advertising.
I've played these messy Tri-peaks games many times before. The ones I like the least are those that make you pay to play each set. In this game, they start you out with 5,000 coins but charge 1,000 to play a set. They charge 1,500 for ONE wild card and 1,000 for five extra cards. With that in mind, sets become cost prohibitive if the card layout is particularly complex. Tri-peaks is a Solitaire style game. There's no call for charging coins like in poker or Blackjack. It's less fun.
I was ❀ loving it until it crashed, I just lost $43,000 in winnings because the game crashes. I hate your game now!!!!!!!!
I'm so fed up with games that don't play in portrait as well as landscape, especially when the advert played it fine in portrait. I have a disability which makes it painful to hold my tablet in landscape and I'm sure I'm not the only one, so why don't you add the option to switch between the two? The only games on my phone and tablet are playable both in landscape and portrait. I don't even bother playing games like yours I just uninstall as soon as I realise I can't switch its discriminitory.
Graphics are great however I do feel that unless I am prepared to buy something which I never do you will not get very far along the journey.
When you can't get past three of the first rounds without losing, one card left...that tells me all I need to know. Not enough cards to play a good game and many bad or repeat cards. Not worth my time, thank you.
So far I am enjoying the concept and game. It is possible to play without necessarily spending money. Colours are nice and not to heavy on the eyes.
Just downloaded it.... okay so far. But I need to make too much purchases. A lot of games get stuck too early on, forcing me to make a purchase to continue. I enjoy that there are no ads every minute but dislike purchases. I guess I'll wait a day or two and play again.
Not for me. The bombs, locked cards, slots? No thank you. I just wanted a relaxing straight forward game of cards. Nice graphics, nice music.
Does not work with latest Android version. Screen goes black after start button clicked and multiple app crashes.
Cons: the rewards from the events cost of each game ratio is ridiculous. I think the intent is to force the player to purchase coins. Pros: great graphics!
So far I really like this game. I absolutely love pyramid solitaire and this game is actually pretty fun and entertaining! I like that is has other things like the slot machines and spinning wheel to play and win as well!!
Absolutely impossible to play if you don't pay them to. Don't bother starting a puzzle unless you have 3x to 4x more money then you actually need so you can buy a win. And the closer you are to winning, the more they screw you til you pay them
Update: the game payout bonuses you receive make up for lower odds of completing. I'm quite enjoying the game, micro-transactions are reasonable. Old: The odds of winning are less than payouts, & cost to play slowly increases. You shouldn't spend any real money playing this. If you want longer play times, log in every hour for free coins but don't play, log out. Until you have about 20k coins. You don't actually win anything, you're just wasting idle time playing, which is fine. I enjoy cards.
Nothing like advertised.its just a normal solitaire game..WHERE ARE THE PUZZLES THAT ARE ADVERTISED ????.. Ha ha,just had a reply and all they can say is sorry for the inconvinience, People should be made to stop FALSE ADVERTISING...
Waiting for coins for an hour to do one game is boring and terrible, doesn't inspire me to want to open it once an hour just to get coins for one round worth. Next.
This solitaire game is a bit more challenging than others. It seems like the odds are lower for the cards needed. But when you lose, you get a different level to play instead of the same one over and over. It keeps me from getting frustrated and I like the challenge!
Game crashes as soon as you choose a level to play. It's so frustrating. It takes your coins, crashes and you have to reset the app. As soon as you open the app back up, you're down 1,500 coins because the game took the coins but crashed. Can't even play and enjoy it. Update after their response: I have already contacted them personally. They've failed to reach out from their support team.
Great game, but after 3 hands you don't have enough coins to play. Hands become too expensive too quickly.
This is a great take on solitaire. Lots to do and win and the rewards are very generous. Love the game and would recommend it to all solitaire lovers. Thanks guys.❀
The levels get kind of routine at first but I just started the game so maybe they will get better as the levels go up
I really enjoy this game this the 5 stars. The only problem I'm having is that sometimes it loads, i click play, my coins are used for that turn but the app closes before i can play losing those coins.
The colors are awesome. The graphics are outstanding and exceptional. This game will make you use hand to eye skills. Five Stars all the way.
This game is designed so the odds are going to cause you to slowly lose. The odds of winning are less than payouts, & cost to play slowly increases. You shouldn't spend any real money playing this. If you want longer play times, log in every hour for free coins but don't play, log out. Until you have about 20k coins. You don't actually win anything, you're just wasting idle time playing, which is fine. I enjoy cards.
I love this game. It's fun and passes time fast and truly addicting.. It's good for your brain because it makes you think..
Great game. You could spend alot of your own cash, which sucks. Some of the card games are vefy hard. Cost to much to play a single game.
Rip off The app takes your coins then crashes. You're constantly needing to buy something and buy more because you don't win anything. If you do win, it's 3,000 coins after spending 10,000. Uninstalled.
Fun and easy going for the most part. As you move into the higher ports, the buy ins get higher. You need to keep track of the amount of times you have tobiy the 5 extra cards b/c the first 3 times are the same as thebuy in price and then the 4th is the same as 1 of the cards u can use as any card. Along the way diffetent obstacles w/cards such as picture cards, iced over card, plain suit cards, "lights" that you have to match the suits to b4 u can see more cards, cards that go up or down
I bought quite a fewplans two of which never got my coins never got the extras nothing nobody responds in customer service wrote messages I think that's pretty ridiculous I'm surprised as many people play as they do you guys should really work on your customer service and responding to people very disappointed and dissatisfied
This is a good game..I think it needs some other tasks like; building decorating, etc. so as not to be one dimensional..lot of fun..ggood graphics..thanx developers!
I love this game. No ads. Wtg team. I come to play game. Not watch a bunch of stupid ads. Yes, there is a few ads. But, Not Like most game apps do. This app. Doesn't drown you in apps sales. Keep up the great work. B safe and healthy. Blessings πŸ™πŸ’žπŸ™
Nice looking game however no matter how good you play you will end up spending coins and still not win because they want you to spend money. So I will be getting rid of another money pit of a game.
Game is fun but has too many glitches. When you try to collect your hourly coins it freezes and crashes. Today every time I open and try to start a game it crashes. I just lost 6000 coins from these crashes. Devs need to work on fixes. I'm deleting the app.
Great game love the graphics a credit to all those who spent endless hours putting this game together it helps me concerntrate as l suffer from depression and have stress n tendencies to not be here but your game changed my life l thank you all ....Bear Happy
Don't waste your time! I love solitaire and thought this would be a great change. Unless you want toget addicted only to find out you cannot play further without paying actual money avoid this like the plague!
Pretty unpredictable game. At the beginning, it keeps us in enough money (wins) to stay in the game without purchasing coins. However, when you get deeper into the game I'm sure we'll lose a lot more coins trying to stay in the game. Its no fun for people who don't have money to gamble with when we're forced to lose all our points and have to quit playing the game. We'll see if I'm right.
The game is fun, but I don't like how I bought coins for this game and they didn't last long. After I bought the chips the cards would go all the way through with no card for me to change the card.