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Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by KingsSolitaireGame located at HONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
Solitaire Spider Fish is one of the BRAND-NEW spider solitaire card games for you with an AMAZING spider ocean theme. Based on the solitaire that is classic gameplay, you can create your UNIQUE aquarium of the undersea world within your hands.

There are dozens of cute fishes, such as Clownfish, Rainbowfish, Bannerfish, Globefish, Butterflyfish, and Anglerfish, etc. More fishes are waiting for you to explore. It provides you a great way to spend your spare time and help you to keep your brain smart & sharp at the time. that is same CREATIVE SPIDER SOLITAIRE
Based on the spider that is classic gameplay, we've added a CREATIVE aquarium world with different sea fishes for you.

While enjoying the spider solitaire games, you will be totally immersed yourself in an amazing aquarium that is unique with delicate undersea surroundings and creatures.

When you pass a deal, you shall get coins and stars as rewards. And when you collect enough stars, you can get Chest" that is"Star the "Daily Task" to get surprises. What's more, don't forget to try the Spin" that is"Lucky more surprises.

There are over tens of thousands of spider solitaire challenges for you to play anytime and anywhere together with the "Daily Challenges"!


- Daily challenges with different levels
- Up to 10 top records
- Timer mode
- Left-handed mode
- Single tap or drag&drop to move cards
- Auto-collect cards on completion
- Feature to Undo moves
- Feature to use Hints
- Play offline! No wifi required

[email protected]

If you like playing Spider, Patience, or Klondike solitaire games on laptops or webs, it is definitely one of the BEST spider solitaire games for you on mobile devices! You can train your brain or kill time with friends together.

And if you also like cute fishes, don't hesitate to download and play this spider that is CREATIVE game NOW!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Spider Solitaire.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Spider Solitaire for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I like the "Spider Fish" game better than the plain "Spider" solitaire. This App doesn't seem to have any "bugs" either.
It was great but they trippled the adds after the last update and it's not worth playing anymore. To many interruptions and one of the adds freezes up and crashes the app so you loose all of your progress.
Solitaire Spider Fish is relaxing. It is fun to get to stock your aquarium with the new fish. I love that the fish move around the aquarium while I play.
Love this game but when are you going to add more aquariums? I've got almost 15,000 coins and nothing to spend it on.
Great Spider Game. Very challenging. It makes you strive for a higher and quicker speed to break your previous high score. KooJoes to the developer. Since you have my EMAIL ACCOUNT, do you have more games like this you would share with me? Hope so!
I've been playing for a while now. My aquariums are full and no new ones are available. Aside from playing the game the goal is to get more fish for aquariums. I can't move forward.
Good game. Keeps me occupied. But is there a way to avoid reminders to play? They serve only to aggravate me. I play when I want to, thank you very much.
Did enjoy this game but very annoyed when I try to complete the jigsaw it won't give pieces of jigsaw and just gives coins or nothing so I can't complete it.
Fun love the optics, like To win a lot of coins to purchase pretty tropical fish! Thanks, ads are interesting and not too annoying
I gave this app 5 stars before but when I downloaded this time there are ads popping up all the the time, even in the middle of a move! And these are long ads! They totally disrupt game play I can no longer recommend this game
Too many adds, when I first started playing it wasn't too bad, but now it's every time I click the deck it's another add.
Really liked it at first but now every time I hit the discard pile I have to watch a little video don't like that too many.
Every time I get the fish I want, you make me take an aquarium I don't like. On top of that it infuriates me that I lose all of the special fish I worked so hard to get. I'm rethinking about whether I want to continue to play this game. I have 17,000 points saved. I should be able to transfer the fish I want. It's so FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!
Just fun to finish all of the games... Other ones you keep playing many times before you win the game..This is good for the mind...
I just Love this solitaire fish game it is fun and exciting to play it is rewarding and entertaining sometimes I can't wait to play when I'm busy .it is nice to sit and relax and enjoy the game,.
Ads are ridiculous. Popping in the middle of a game? If not better very soon I will uninstall. I'm sure one player doesn't matter to you but your aggravation is something I don't need to put up with.
I would enjoy this game more if cards were bigger. Most card games I can turn my phone sideways to do this.
What's going on this morning the mother's day special ended with pink roses converted to coins. 10 minutes ago the game put the mothers day aquarium roses and prizes back on my game. But didn't give an empty aquarium for this special. Mines full! I guess I'll wait a couple of month for an empty aquarium and all the roses I get will convert to coins when this special finally ends!
I like spider solitare but playing with rewards to build a fish tank has really added fun to the game. The animation is excellent. Very well put together.
Been playing this bout four months now got my points up now game shuts down and I loose my play and shuts down of it freezes so I have to start a new game very annoying.
Beautiful graphics and a smooth game with easy controls. The fish are a bonus and lovely to watch and collect.
Started out like a good app but after getting to the next level of play ads pop up in the middle of a draw pausing the play. Also can't access the plants that I have earned.
It use to be fun but all of a sudden the ads have became ridiculous. I cannot complete one game without getting 3 are. Also the "rewards" offered and just about impossible to earn without spending money but will make it seem like you're getting close to earning one
Love the game, you ruin it with all the advertisements. Can't do a game with out it cutting in all the time.
Really cute game BUT, ads in the middle of play! Are you kidding? Destroys your focus/concentration and ruins any calming affect of playing a solitaire game. I will have to uninstall. :( So bummed.
Annoing and 2 much ads are there. I think unlimited ads bounds us to uninstall this game app. Much disgusting app.
This is a very challenging game it took me a minute to catch on but I like it very much I couldn't breathe through it like the other games this would be a good game to play for money
This game is ridiculous! I'm just here taking my time and it's way too quick to give you suggestions on the next move like I don't know how to play solitaire, I mean who doesn't? It's solitaire! I go to make a move and it's telling to make a move at the same time and I can't into it..... Put it this way, I want to play the game not have the play me. For goodness sake just put a hint button in there if you really think people need THAT much help with SOLITAIRE of all games πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
Use to be a 5...latest update dropped rating to a 2. Now the ad's that use to play between games play during a game and frequently. Enough disappointment to uninstall the game.
I've been playing for a while now. My aquariums are full and no new ones are available. Aside from playing the game the goal is to get more fish for aquariums. I can't move forward. The newest version inserts ads right in the middle of game play. Very annoying and distracting.
I like the concept it's unusual it's different than other card games It's challenging but once you get the idea it's a lot of fun πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» The graphics are great Love those little fish πŸ’—
I enjoy playing Spider Solitaire. What happens to all the hearts I collect in Valentine games when it is over?
Do not like the fact that the game doesn't rotate horizontally when the screen is turned. Checked all settings and no option on the game itself, even when the phone is set to rotate sideways. Uninstalling. Let me know if this is fixed and I will try it again. Thanks
Why does the wheel spin cheat? It changes color, when you tap it. Can't give up any free, fictitious coins?
So happy I came across this lovely relaxing game 😊 thank you dearly team πŸ€— one little idea, maybe some gentle ocean sounds in the back ground would bring this game experience too help sooth the mind 😊 and a little bit more realistic 😊 apart from that,I love this game too bits 😊 keep up the great work team 😊 thank you πŸ€—πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ˜Š
Love this gameπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» Please tell me how to trade or sell fish.i would really like to move some of my fish to a better aquarium if possible
The game is awesome and addicted, but it needs a lot of game playing to complete the puzzle. Every piece that I win became coins. Five days playing and the puzzle is not completed. This is the worst thing in this game. The coins should be more valuable and the puzzle should be easier to get completed. After the update you added more ads, that's horrible. Besides those things, this game is cool. Please, simplify those things, because we like to play, not to see a lot of ads. Thanks.
Spider Solitaire is one of the games of great interest to me, due to the fact that it stimulates my brain therefore, provides to me, the needed brain challenge that keeps me at alert and ready to face the intelligent challenges my of everyday life. My immense thanks to you for the provision of a game that adds meaningful brain improvement to me.
I wish the fish would talk to me in the game like they do in the ad! Mine are rather anti-social. Sad. Great game!!
Sadly the fun has disappeared. The ads are constant, more than any game I've ever played before. As you play the game, you get another tank to fill with fish, that is until last week & even though I play the game, there's been no new tank, so why tell me it's coming soon. I feel like uninstalling the game, but I've bought coins for new fish. The tanks fill & you cannot put more fish in, so where to now, with tanks all nearly at capacity?
I would like to tell you guys this is a great game to play and i just love it and all the fish swimming around its so soothing to me all i can say great game. Dan
Love the game, and until the latest update would have given 5 stars. After yesterday's update the number of ads increased greatly. May have to look for another spider solitare
Every time I get the fish I want, you make me take an aquarium I don't like. On top of that it infuriates me that I lose all of the special fish I worked so hard to get. I'm rethinking about whether I want to continue to play this game. I have 17,000 points saved. I should be able to transfer the fish I want. It's so FRUSTRATING!!!!!!! It gets worse. I have 22500 points and wanted to purchase a rare fish. Guess what? I can't. I have to get a new aquarium. Guess what? There aren't any new ones.
Loved this game when I first got it. Slowly the commercials started to increase from 1 or 2 before and after each game until now I get 2 or 3 in the middle of the game and loads of them after. It also freezes during the game for a couple of minutes. It's supposed to be relaxing, but I'm beginning to be STRESSED OUT.
After bad review and report you are not stopped a lot of ads at every click. So I unistalle it. And ask other users not to use such app.
I've always loved Spider Solitaire & Fishdom and this game puts them together! I just don't like being timed and moves counted against me.
Love having goals to get for gathering my fish. Just wish this game would have joined together with the one I was playing on my phone. If anyone can help me with that I would appreciate it.
Addicted to this game. It is a good way to pass time. The game has competitions which are fun but recently started to not give points for your participation. But over all I recommend this game
There are lots of sub-challenges and different things to keep your interest. Plus, you get to learn about fish as you go!
Why is this nothing like the game play in the ad? I can play Spider any time with any Spider app, they are all the same game, but this one looked different in that the cards moved backwards and forwards on the screen. It doesn't.
πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„β€β€β€ more fun than normal solitaire took me a second on how to play but very easy to learn!!!
Whenever I win more than one puzzle piece at the end of the game they switch to coins it's not fair! And the ads omg is before during and after never ends!!!! Very disappointed πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ and I gave 1 star because I can't give ZERO!!
Cards are just to small .I'm 73 yrs old and love the Fish collection game But bigger cards would be more fun. Or flip screen. Side ways more room.for bigger cards.
This game is very similar to another spider program. In fact it has most of the same functions in graphics.
Tooooo many adds I'm seriously thinking of Deleting this game its every 5 seconds on the hour.. not worth it...
Love the game hate the snakes and ladders I just played to win the fish three days straight to win a damn fish it is not giving me the fish puzzle pieces and I'm very upset I just played three straight days nothing but the fish the puzzle
If I get an ad in THE MIDDLE of a game, I'm installing & giving the worst rating you've ever had. Enough ppl said they didn't like that, so I expect it to be changed when I start playing.
This is a lot more fun than the Spider Solitaire I am used to. Love the tropical ocean. Best new game I found today. Keeping me up past my bedtime
I love to see the fish swimming around. I love the different tanks. Graphics are good. But, SO MANY COMMERCIALS!!!!!
I love collecting the different fish. They all have a different personality. I am so hooked on this game. I have one more fish to collect. We will be going to a different sea bed. My aquariums are getting full. It's fun to watch them as I play my solitaire.
Updates don't bring new fish tanks, aquariums backgrounds past three updates. What are new fish food for if I don't have free slots to put them in? Stopped playing since I mastered the level cap. Shame!
It looks like a nice game if I could see you are messing with my eyes it will stop or I will delete the game
This game is so fun and it doesn't have too many ads it would be a great game to play and its a good game to lose track of time
Fun game doesn't drive you insane with difficulty and it's made relaxing while you figure out in your own time how to not make as many moves with your cards.... A good game that won't cause you to explode with frustration it will simply decompress destress and help you disengage from your problems and for those of us who tend to think to much about certain troublesome issues bad enough that you can't shut your brain off .... Try this as it just might do the trick!
Really great game probably my favorite except for the use of the annoying magic which is just to make you watch ad after ad