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Speedy Quark VPN - Fast Servers & Secure Proxy

Speedy Quark VPN - Fast Servers & Secure Proxy for PC and MAC

Is a Tools game developed by Free VPN - Fast Proxy Inc.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Speedy VPN is the world’s fastest and most secure VPN proxy app that is free. Protect yourself from cyber threats with a tap that is simple of screen.

When it comes to Internet's safety and security, Speedy VPN is an tool that is essential. It encrypts your connection so that third parties can’t track your online activity, making it more secure than a typical proxy.

We have built a VPN that is global proxy included America, Europe and Asia, and expand to more country soon. WeYou can click the flag and change proxy server as any right times as you want.

We provide some FREE VPN proxy servers for you to use, and guarantee free,secure,fast free proxy.

- Dayly traffic that is free and free
- 7-day free trial: free of charge; unlimited traffics;fastest servers.
- Length of subscription: one year; one month.
- Price of subscription: one-year plan: $2.99/mo; monthly plan: $11.99/mo.
- No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period.

Contact us: [email protected]

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Speedy Quark VPN - Fast Servers & Secure Proxy.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Speedy Quark VPN - Fast Servers & Secure Proxy for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
This has been the best VPN service I've subscribed to over the past 3 years, the service has quality performance, is a great value, and is the most user friendly of all the app interfaces that I've used.
Thank you for quick response I think it is because only thailand 3 server is accessible for pes events in Thailand that's why and yes more thailand servers are needed are you are doing a great job 👍
Very fast internet speed to easily download & watch online movies & news.thank you for your company.good luck!
I can't believe that I'm dropping a good review about a VPN app, but here I am. It's easy, fast and super useful, especially for students like me. I really love this app
Great for a free VPN! Sometimes it's a little slower than my regular internet connection, but get the job well done, at no cost whatsoever. The ads only show up when I am in the app itself, which rarely am, so they almost never bother me. I would recommend this VPN to anyone who wants a free VPN.
If there is an option to submit ZERO star then I'd be happy to do that. Absolutely rubbish! I subscribed to its premium plan and the service is horrible. It shows the ping is 20ms(!) while playing a game it increases to 500+ ms ping which is annoying and unexpected. Do not use this agin.
Great improvement after the update. Moreover I find it is quite good for playing ML. Honestly, sometimes the app didnt work well for me two weeks ago, but now they solved my issue! It's really trusted and reply timely. Thx the developer
Absolute load of rubbish. Downloaded the app. And all it did was freeze/lock my phone up. And to switch off the phone and reboot the phone to clear the problem. So if all it does is freeze and lock your phone in my opinion its a load of rubbish. Now removed the app and moved on.
For a free VPN, I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it is - if anything, I'm pleasantly surprised! The ads aren't really 'in your face' and even with the free version, there are a lot of different servers to choose from. I don't use it on a daily basis, but it's a handy app to have installed and I love how easy it is to use!!
Works perfectly. Has been a great tool to access heaps of extra content. Had an issue once with an update and the staff were fantastic, helping to troubleshoot the issue and come to a resolution. Was fixed in 48 hours. Highly recommended the QuarkVPN
I really appreciate the performance of this VPN, specially when i make a video call to my home country, it's really doing nice work. thx again
This VPN is the best VPN I have use it's free but it give only one hour per day so please increase the time limit by the way it is a very nice VPN
Pretty good i can truly use netflix although sometimes its unsteady. Its ok, after all most of the time its fast. So just need to strengthen your servers!
Sometimes when I'm using quark vpn just disconnects but I think it happens cuz the battery or something because it happened with all the VPNs I've tried.I think there are litter server are broken. overall it's a useful vpn.
Pretty good app. From India. Still get good speeds a week later. There're some ads, but isn't too much of an issue for me. It is simple, fluid and responsive. Not much setup at all is need even for the noob user. Tysm for its free, really necessary to play Pubg Mobile.
To be honest. it's a little slow when I first connected us server.that couldn't help me to stream my favorite drama. so I decided to pay for 1 month plan.wow! everything just became very fast. there is no free lunch in the world
This is really nice an working but I'm worry about for pubg if I'm still using in pubg this vpn my pubg I'd Ban or no please tell me?
This vpn speed is extremely very good i would give five stars and i had ever seen such speed very good.
whenever i try to connect the vpn the app takes me back to the log in to your account screen. Getting tired of continually signing in and told to now use the app,but after updating new veison.it get better than before.
Works great and no noticeable slowdown on Android. Only thing is that anytime I access my bank account online I have to double verify it is me. It DOES change my public IP address! Just curious, if they keep logs? Maybe the developer can answer this question.
Absolute 5 stars! Great for Pubg lover and after I subscribed to the monthly premium, the ping even reached 20ms in the game, which is incredible. Now I have recommended this vpn to all my friends, its worth.
right now 3star cuz..sometimes i cant find thailand server and sometimes high ping this last couple 3days.. when i first dl this vpn very very good connection with green ping but aftr 4days of using it something wrong happen.
Just started using this app. Seems to work well. No problems. A couple months in and extremely happy. I was worried about the overhead it would have on the performance ie slow down or battery life, but I haven't seen much difference at all. I would recommend it for sure.
Is been awesome and blocks my internet when I lose connection. The only thing is when I connect to my local items I need to remember to disable it, otherwise I'm unable to access it. Just a small thing, but it's good since it protects me.
I think this is a great app. It's easy to use and it's completely for free too. There's little to no ads and runs smoothly on games such as pubg and MLBB.
Hey I want a refund, IV been messaging and trying to get in contact. I bought two plans buy. Accident an non of it works so I got stolen off
It was amazing! For some reason I suddenly couldn't use whatsapp. I tried other vpn for a while and that died, and after trying this for more than one week it's literally been the best vpn I've had. It is really fast&reliable with quark vpn
So far it's working well just downloaded the app recently so I'll see how does a month later but for most part it seems to working well.
I love this VPN, I was blocked in watching a video on YouTube as it said not available in your country. So I just quickly switched the server to a U.K. one and was able to watch it in seconds. Totally worth it
For a long time I chose VPN for work, but stopped at this because of the fast connection and user-friendly interface, no extra buttons and a clever menu.
This app is excellent. I have use many Vpn like Ufo vpn, 3x vpn, xvpn which is not as good as they advertised. Speedy Quark is sooo great to play games. it will take your pings lower even about 30ms. Really like this app
This VPN is far more advanced than any other I've ever used and I have used lots of others and paid for many subscriptions. This vpn is the best, although it is not as well-known as other.
Speedy quark vpn one of the best vpn i relly like this application fast time use this application i like this application
Pretty good so far. have been using it for nearly one month,As a business man. the internet privacy is super important for me.It also encrypts information I send across the internet, making it unreadable to anyone who intercepts my traffic
it was working fine at first, but then it disconnects automatically wich is very annoying. But other than that its kinda great
The last version was always randomly disconnects with error, but after updating to the newest one. I haven't got this problem anymore.Money well spend!please continue being the best!
Been using quark for nearly two years. I have met some tough issue due to different reasons. fortunately the support team are always ready to help with me.I think quark have a strong technology team.good service!
I am currently on the trial and I'm impressed. Very good services in my opinion. After subscribing and using it for a while I consider it to be the best vpn in my opinion.
Very good app indeed. I have used several VPNs and this app is the most cost-effective. Only sometimes refreshes and get disconnected when your phone locks because of inactivity. But for most times when online, it's the best.
Why the vpn is only like 9min this isn't even enough for a competitive match such as mobile legends or cod games it should be 3hours so much for the imbalancement
I've used Quark. for months! Ever since I traveled to a place that didn't allow access to Netflix and Whatsapp, I couldn't call my family on Whatsapp and watching favorite series! Quark VPN made it possible for me to actually use the Whatsapp and Netflix. Sometimes, it is a little slow with free servers on Netflix at night, but vip is perfect. Highly recommended!
Its a useful app. it is also helpful for our privacy. Totally free to use and really comfortable. Anyone can easily Access any application by using this VPN
I just started using this app and so far no problems.Among all the VPN apps I have tried this is the most reliable one. Keep up the great work!
Works well, easy to install, no glitches so far, have used it abroad multiple times and always connects. Can take a while in some out of the way location. Gives peace of mind when you need to use unsecured WiFi.
Its awesome app..i didnt had any issue before i updated..if u can please do something about the time limit...we would be thankful.
Recently I reinstalled, and it is really trouble free now. Faster and easier to use. Most importantly, no dropped connections to speak of, which was a trouble for me previously. Ty for the update.
I used the app just twice so far but worked soo well, really impressive, as I had so many disconnected calls with the other apps Very good!
As soon as i updated it became horrible with flood of ads. I eas going to give five stars before updating
I use your vpn for a long time,,, yesterday I suddenly found it added Philippines server,,, what a nice coincidence.. That's exactly what I need now
it's good, but it automatically logs out and that made me feel very angry when I playing games .I deleted it and tried other vpn but same things happned again,I was so confused and got contact with quark customer service.The step by step fix was easy to follow and fixed the problem.thank you so much!
its not free there should mention paied version,only 2 hr free rest of it after wating adds also no free
I subscribed to its premium plan and the service is great. It shows multi-high speed lines, and even the ping is low, like 20ms, also working great actually(donot know why), but for watching tv, playing games all are perfect for me.
This is fantastic experience to use such support to download anything from anywhere with fast clicks of buttons on my android phone... Very useful please upgrade more where nil network coverage.. Thank you..
I've previously tried many vpn that were supposed to clear junk files & not only were they complicated but they didn't do as good of a job. while quark is definitely a different one because it does what it's supposed to do
so why do you have a free time button when it doesn't even work, I keep on clicking it to get more time but I only get the 10 periodically, It doesn't play or can't find videos anymore so i can't even use the app to it's full potential.
So far so good. I only buy it since the cyber week sale, which makes it cheaper than other VPN. So far just use it for watching movies from other countries since I'm a movie addict. Pretty sure there are better uses for this but so far I'm happy with what the app provided.
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I would like to urge everyone that please don't ever used this app...Instead of boosting your internet service it will add the internet traffic....this app is so useless...before installing this app i was njoying smoot internet...but now wit this app im not even loading my games...
signed up for nearly one week now. And I'm indeed satisfyed with quark vpn. It doesn't need login to get connect.and switching smoothly from Wifi to data
I love this vpn. Its cheap and its reliable. It doesn't disconnect randomly and the servers are fast. My friend recommended it to me and at first I was skeptical but I love it now. I havent noticed any slow connections at all, so if you're experiencing it then it might be your connection or maybe try a different server.
There is just one thing that need to promote would be an automatic clean function. Set a time to run cleaner once a day or night. Set it to run while not using would be perfect. Thanks
the 1st ever vpn apps that i use that really works and so easy to use..most importantly its FREE!!!i love it
This is a good vpn theres no problem with it, it boost my internet like 31%, btw this is a great app!
One of the best I've come across so far...great work... don't change anything,,, I'm okay with the ads so long as it makes it work perfectly...the only update you guys can make is on adding more servers in TH&AU,,, otherwise, everything is ok...well deserved 5 star
I like this vpn. It is very fast, and so i recommend this vpn to people who is watching youtube, playing games and more😊😊
Nothing is so called perfect. Have tried so many good vpn before every vpn have different issue,some are small but some are big to solve.The reason why I choosed quark was the fast speed.yeah. comparing with other vpn. quark surely have better server than them.
Haha very amazing when I connect connected quickly,at that time toaght tataly fake but I realize when I open google play app It was totally changed Iwant to give infinite star specially on the paid version OMG ......
Its actually a fantastic app. One of my favourite because it hides my ip address and allow me to download apps which isnt made for my country. The download speed is about 2M/s to 5M/s in most cases. Keep up the good job.
Really really really useless application, no ping solution or best netwok even cant run in background