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Stair Run

Stair Run for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Try to pass over the obstacles!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Stair Run.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Stair Run for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Honnestly not a bad concept tbh though I think you should make levels repayable and maybie add some sort of special rewards to spice it up a tad more but I do enjoy the simplicity of it that's for sure
I just want to say every game I play the only ad that's showing is this every GAME. A DUDE WALKING TO STAIRS AND JUST SOME GAMEPLAY WITCH THE WHOLE THING REPEATS THEN THIS WHOLE AD TAKES 30 SECONDS LONG THAT'S SHORT BUT I JUST WANT TO PLAY MY GAME. I'm deleting the game has well I just wanted to comment this that's why I downloaded it
It's a fun game for sure! But I'd expect more from the voodoo game company because they have amazing games but this one you dont have skins, and new levels they keep the same levels but with different colors so I hope they will do something about this to improve the game. But I toatally recommend this game its soooo fun but if they improve it I will give it 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Great game fun mabye try to put some power ups or some upgrading powers so that we can boost things up please amd thank you for this wonderfuls game apriciated.😁👍👌😄😊🌟.
I really love it. Super game. Perfect game for children. The only thing is I cannot pick up so many stairs. I am trying but, I cannot pick up many stairs. Today I kept a belief in myself. So I won till the end👍👍.Nice game super game. Give more games like this please. My brother also enjoy it while I am playing. Everyone in my family loves the game "Stair Run".Thank you for this beautiful and super duper gameGood Night ❤💙💚💛💜❤💙💚💛💜❤💙💚💛💜❤💙💚💛💜❤💙💚💛💜❤💙💚💛💜❤💙💚💛💜❤💙💚💛💜❤❤💚
It's not very fun a game because like it's kind of boring but sometimes when there's no internet you need something to play with but still it's not a very good game that's why I give this game this amount of stars at least I'm going to give it to stores cuz it's kind of good and it's kind of bad so that's why I give it to stars
It's a fun game but it kills me for no reason and it's hard and I can barely even do the second level it's supposed to be easy when it's the second level this game is clearly a two-star. I will not recommend this game to five or under it's way too hard it's stupid because it kills you for no reason.
Its an ok game but what do you do with the coins??? 🤨🤨Its pretty pointless including all the other VOODOO games.🙄🙄 They just take the simplest game and fill it with ads. 😤😤One of the good games is granny its a way better game than this especially when you play granny with mods.😃 This is ridiculous compared to how much better VOODOO could be.😒😒 Edit:I just now noticed the money doesnt really go up by the number😠😠🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
I just love this game.i never die and at the end of the level I always get to the chest.I can play this game forever in my intier life!you need to play this sooooooooooo fun game!!!!
I like this game dekhna hai game they do this and that this game problem why when we go in these other colours we are just Dyna game game my that is western that's why I am not playing this game too much I always do when the sometimes I only do one time I play one time I don't like this song I am also playing then afterwards why should I visit on my time in playing this game I play games like Asphalt 8 is 49 and these games are very nice and all this always there just bring this kind of games th
It's really fun but it's just the same levels nothing new. I want to be challenged I pass very level 1st try. Also what do I spend coins on??? Theres these ads that pop up on the screen.. are they blocking something?
After being forced to disconnect from internet and turn off airplane mode because of blinding ads, I found that the game was actually TRASH. It is much too hard even by the second level and there is absolutely no effort in design or gameplay of Stair Run. In fact I could say this for all VOODOO games. You should start making games that actually don't SUCK.
I love love love love love love this game but I think there should be more stuff like DIFFERENT!!!!!!!!!! places to go to
This is a very good game. The game is about to collect the block and use it to help it clamping IT is a very good game .I have downloaded stair run on 4 November 2020only but I only choose this game only . I know this game by the ad of game very good game . I will never delete this game ever .
Hearing the objects get picked up really highlights the lack of any background music. And the victory fanfare feels kinda lame as it sounds like they used the same instrument for both the fanfare and the pickup notice. It feels like someone had a great idea for a week long project but were only given the afternoon to do it.
0 star for you!!! Damn game!!!! I cant play it,the game turning something pink or what!!! And so many ads!!! Dont play it! Dont install it at your phone,tablet or pc!!! Ugh!
I love it because its so easy and its kinda fun actually but i give it five stars because its realy fun and adds don't pop up that much so if yall don't download it just download it is really fun!
after every 2nd round there is an ad. And at this point, and the state of mobile games are im not suprised. And the game is boring, REALLY boring. Over all dont reccomend unless you like ads and like boring games.
Quite good i like the idea of the game but its a style that most games these days use,and at start the game is a bit laggy but then stops and they have coins that u can collect the thing is i dont know what the coins are used for yet and the amount of ads the game gives is quiet absered it gives u an add like once every 2 rounds atleast there skippable but still quiet alot over all this game is quiet fun and i really do enjoy it.
So stair run is a good game but the levels are too easy, you get ads every 2 levels you pass, levels are too short, you have to do the same thing every level which is boring. You can't buy anything with the coins you collect in a level. This game can definitely be improved.
The game is indeed great ! When I am free I just love playing this game . But the only problem is the graphics , they aren't up to the level But still Great job !!
I hate this game at First There was this Purple Screen and then its like cracking and when i touch it starts to become a Purple screen again and it all becomes boring What Happend? Please whoever created this pls Fix This i installed it Because i thought it was fun i just saw it in the Advertisement so Please Fix This😞😞😰 I dont know what happend
This game is very intresting and this is not like other games in which hundred of ads are there juts 1 or 2 ads are there in this game. Children and adults also can play 😀😀😊👌🏻👌🏻.
This game has many flaws:- 1) there is no guide for how to play 2) there is no settings, no nothing 3) the graphic could have been a lot better 4) when you play this game it is like you are stranded on an big desert and all alone. 5) when I jump from a height and even when I don't touch the wrong colour I lose my tiles. Overall it's a good addictive game
Pretty basic, kind of gets boring after a while but not too bad. Also, you get coins for nothing so if there was a shop it would make a huge difference because you'll have a reason to play.
It's a very good game for passing time when your bored but that's the only time you use and yes people are saying the amount of ads are annoying (which they are) but just turn your mobile conection and internet to go offline so there's no ads l.
The idea of the game is very good and it runs very smoothly, but the game looks HORRIBLE there was absolutely no effort put into the designing this game. Also there are ads every time you die which gets very frustrating.
This game is ok but why do I get coins? Also I see everyone mad at the ads BUT, I have a simple solution. If u want to turn off ads for free then close the app and turn off wifi. Reload and then the app won't be able to load ads. You're Welcome :)
By seeing the ad I thought it is an amazing game. But it is not really true.What is the use of coins in game? Graphics are not bad. Why can do some changes in game? Like changing graphics . Levels are almost same. I'm really upset......
This game is fun and easy to play one of the best game I have ever download.the only problem was the advertisement but when I turn off my internet there was no more advertisement come in.
Where do I begin? It's horrible. It's a perfect example of "Minimum effort, maximum profit". The bugs, the animation and rigging of the player model, the lack of shading of any kind, I could go on forever. The most "advanced" thing about this game is the automatic generation of levels using pre-made pieces. The amount of ads is outrageous. I get needing a profit, but when you have so many games with that amount of ads, it's terrible. So if you do play, airplane mode is the way to go.
Horrible. By far the worst game I've played. I can't even purchase the ad free. After purchase I still get ads. Uninstalling.
I love this game so much it's not scary and it's really fun and you can get the stairs but like when you but when the thing dies it's like you can just skip it or you can just restarted it again it's really funny you need to try and give the store I have are five or four or three are to this is so much fun!
This game is a grate way to pass time and anyway l like this game it's fun and all.All the levels are easy and hard so anytime l would like to play it especially when l am borad so it means it gets full stars
These games are made only for money. I got it thinking it might be a fun simple game and it wasn't even the bare minimum. Companies mass produce these games where any saps who download them sit through ad after ad. These games have no emotion or intent behind them, and aren't real games. It makes me really sad to know that this is what games have become. You can't even look at previous levels, it litterly has no point in it, no substance, it is only a ply for ads and money and it is sickening.
Amazing game this is so wonderful I love this game it's really easy and fun I like easy games just when you're getting stairs make sure it has a sound like dddooooddoooggggooyuouiroi you get the idea and that's the only problem have an amazing day stay safe 6 feet distance where I'm asked wash your hands or use hand sanitizer that's in your purse or on hand or in your fanny pack or in your backpack bye have a wonderful amazing awesome unicorn rainbow day I love your game it is amazing bye
I use to think this was going to be a fun game, but I was wrong. There is no use for the coins, and ad's just keeps popping up in my face.
This game is super satisfying and good that collecting is like a treasure coin collecting and sooo excellent but if they did new updates and new stuffs It will get 5 stars
It was fun at the being , but now they put a thing in there code so you pretty much can't die , and like the other reviews say you collect coin and there is nothing to buy with them.
This game is very very nice an it had also helped my focus to get increased because we can't do some other thing while playing this game
Would be a good little game to pass the time if wasn't for the long adds after pretty much every level! Highly annoying
When you first get the game. It lags and it doesn't stop stacking even when you let go of your screen. And too many ads. Nobodys like having too many ads. 2 stars. Trash game. Why do it exist?
Way too many adds, couple times one would try and start while im playing the game, and the game will glitch and then it causes me to die. Every round theres an add, so annoying. Don't get this piece of trash of a game
This is really a fun game! We get alot of coins! One time my brother said HOW DID YOU GET ALL THOSE COINS!?!? then I said download stair run its the BEST game ever!! Then I told my family then they all enjoyed your game called Stair Run!
Nice app to do timepass. Its graphics and controls can be made much better. They must give more characters to play with. There is only one character with which we can play with
I did not even play this game!It said that I do not have the hardware requirements and then there is something carving out of the purple screen.There are some designs and a man dancing. That is what I saw!Do not install this.
I like this game very very much this is a wonderful experience game but I don't like 1 to 10 level this is not amazing and I 'm not enjoying this game in level1 to 10 but this game is very interesting
I just hate your games when I was in the game I can only a pink screen can't see any thing game over , the numbers, levels, controls is so bad. you and make the game more nice and then others will rate 5 🌟 stars in this game... .
Most amazing game interesting but there is one problem thats why I m not giving five stars because of the changing of color Of the control of man hope u understand plz update its high level frequency so you can get 5 stars
It is very relaxing game but it s graphic design is really worst and why there are coins of no use I have literally crossed level 285 now please improve this game .or please make stair run 2 the controls are good but the graphics please improve I love this game don't make it the worst
It's a conceptually good game, however, what is the point of having a coin system, if there is no incentive. There are no skins to unlock or anything to do with them. You already have scores, so why have coins. It seems like you had the base for the app already built then did no work to actually develop it into anything. Then asking a ridiculous price of almost 3.50 for just removing ads from a time killing game. Are you serious?!?!? Rip.
I like exept there is a glitch i found its where when im running up onw of the platforms half way up i get bonced back like i touched a red spot oh and thats not all i would like it to be more unique as in tye levels loop a lot thats all
Fun game but the amount of ads. The ads are so long and it won't let me exit out of them till the end. You get all these coins but you can't spend them on anything I wish you could use the coins to buy different skins I hope they can do something about this
I love this game to kill time or do something with my hands. All together there are only about 6 different boards you can play and I've played this so much I could play with my eyes closed. I hope later on there are more boards to add to the complexity of the game. Also, why am I collecting coins? I can only assume that there will be a shop later on but at this point I've collected 40k coins and I'll wipe out a shop if it only has a few items. Overall, needs improvement but enjoyable enough.
It was kind of cool, for a little though. The game is hella laggy and not really worth the download. The ad I saw on instagram the game looked more fun and graphics were better then they are now. Fun experience at first but too laggy and ads come up to often.
It's an okay game. I just put airplane mode on to avoid ads. I just have one question, why put coins in the game when there is no shop ingame to buy stuff like power ups or whatever?
This game is epic!!!the graphics are great the game doesn't stick at all. The only thing that's bad is that there are ads after every game. But I recommend you get this game.
This game is so fun I've had it for over a week and I'm already on level 90 something it's it's gets harder and harder as you go but it's it's actually kind of easy so if you want under the age of three you could probably play it but you don't know this is a really fun game I would know for more people to rated 5-stars
Ever time i lose or win a ad come and u can't skip it and i like the game but it go to fast that the part i like so ever time i do something it's always come to a ad but i think u should download it fr but it is a good game
Literally the worst game developer in the whole damn world, every single game is the same, play 1 round that's maybe 30 seconds at most. Followed by a 30 second advertisement. I wont want to revive, but I still have to watch an ad? Terrible game, terrible developer.
This game is really awesome but when we play it our much time went it is very addictive , graphics are well but their should be some use of coins I have enough coins but their is no use of it I like it 😂😂😂😂
I didn't know it would be a 5 fps game. Bcoz it lags all of the time and u can't play at all. Played it hardly for 5 mins and got irritated.
I gave it 3 stars because the coins which we earn does not have any point we can't buy anything , *we cannot store the money we earn* and the ads that come after every level
This game is most relaxing game ever😇😇 . But only one problem that is that if I have reached till end level and my 30 stairs are left so they are not added in the next game . Only the thing is that if extra stairs are left you can add them in next round 😀
The concept is good, you can play this for long period of hours. I gave it 3 stars cause 1. What am I gonna do with coins? 2. I wish you add an endless mode
This very interesting game it is cool but ads are much more in the middle of the game this the😡🤔 problem pls check as you can do more 😘development in some things 🥰 i have already finished 100 levels this game makes little peace i even said to some🥰 friends to download they said me this game is wonderful and this game is wonderful and fun also this game is one of the best game Thank you Blessy🥰😘😊❤
Don'tlike it too much but its relaxing I have downloaded it two time but it's relaxing that's why I am playing this but there are no values of coins and another character can't be buy by this coin 😑😑😒😒
Over all it's a fun game and it does help pass time it does have alot of as but I understand it has to so that it can be a free game I rated 4 stars because I feel like at times it can be hard to collect enough pieces to pass and get to the top of the pyramid but over all not bad
It is the worst game ever I give it 1 star because their is no use for the game you dont use the coins you get and you just stake stairs it the stupid thing ever I hate it dont downloading it also my favourite game is fortnite so all the requests for the games are trash there are so many ads I'm sick of ads stupid
This game is very glitchy, like most Voodoo games. For the first few levels you play each time it doesn't work right. I'll tap the screen and the stairs don't work, or the stairs go and I don't touch the screen. This game is addicting, I'll give you that.
This game is all about life and inspiration first a person collect success and then uses it like the stairs I love the game😊😊 but can you plz improve the graphics and make the game more challenging??..
It is the best game ever. But when I collet coins I can't spend them. Atleast when I update it there is no change . You can up date again but this time make a change☺️😊☺️😊
Very nice app. When I am free I play it, naturally it is my most favorite game of all times..thank you stair run! For such a wonderful and min blowing game ....... I love it !! I am playing the stair run game since 1 hour ! Thanks
I really love this and other friends in the world of a new job, but the fact side and night and day out of town for work in progress on this. The other side , but it would the.
There's an issue where I get the coin amount at the end, and that number is the total amount that I gave, but I know I should have much more. Please fix. Otherwise, pretty good game
This game is amaze... I like it by the way it is my first time playing this game I watched a add and then I downloaded it the help of adds I can download new games... I could say go stair run!...and go ads!...and go other games I downloaded and deleted!...
I think it's really good you are my favourite game company and I think you're really good I love your games but the ads on mine there is not much ads but other than the ads the game is over the roof amazing
One of the laziest games I've ever played lol. Literally no point to the coins and every single level is identical. I love the concept of it, but every level has 0 challenge and is basically just copy pasted. If there was any care put into this game it could be challenging and fun. Its purpose is 100% to make you watch ads lol. Good thing I have AdLock at least :)
Voodoo is not a good studio in which they create time wasting games only for money. In each game they make they fill it with tons and tons of ads you can't skip. Its either "You don't want to watch an ad for more currency? Ok here's an ad anyways." Or " You just watched an ad after completing a level? Ok heres another ad for wanting to play the next level." And in each game they keep vibrations on bit each thing you do makes your phone vibrate thus draining your battery more and more each time.
This game is a bit laggy but at least you get to complete 2 levels, get a quick ad, then get back to the fun.
You collect coins, but they are useless, game mechanics sucks, fps drops hard when you collect lots of blocks, even with high end phone. Way to many ads
What do the coins do? There is not even a main loadind screen for the game. They probably made this game in about 1 hour and did not put any effort in. I recommend that you turn off you internet if you do not want any adds.
This game is ok the rounds are super simalar and you get coins but you can't buy anything with them and you cant get new skins the game is pretty boring and i honestly don't know why I though it whould be entertaining ty.
Its just the same game again and again with seriously no noticeable changes! Plus it is bundled with way too many ads. I have played about 120 levels and haven't found a single level challenging or different from the others! And lastly what are the coins for!?
Idk what I'm supose to do with these coins. Game is ok, needs more effort. I wouldn't spend money on your games honestly. They get pretty old fast. Need something to catch peoples attention and keep them engaged
It is Really fun a little glitchy I'm totally fine with that because I don't have internet service it's a fun and relaxing game to me and my fingers. That's why my mom plays
Not that great, just like always voodo has to do ads every second to get ad revenue and doesn't even care for the people that play the game. These games have some potential but It isnt shown at all
It's a nice game but it will be nicer without the ads. I suggest to not use your WiFi or data or else you won't be able to enjoy the game, the ads will keeps popping out. If the ads still won't stop I suggest using airplane mode, it kinda helped me with the ads.
It's very nice. And also it has less adds. It has very good levels. I really like this game. You should download it.
This freaking game is filled with ad virues. I have reported this app to google. I clicked on the banner ads, and now its opening 100s of apps in the google play app automatically!!! And i cant close the ad too in the game. Ban this game developer from google play.
This game is so fun I love it I really wish all my friends could have it it's like the best game in the world I'm like a little kid this is my dad's phone and I still love it I love stair run because it has no glitches it only has a little ads and I don't want to put a better view I wait sorry I spelled that wrong I said bad review but I love this I'm never going to put it bad review on any games try level
I would say this game is a good one bc it helps you relax when I'm mad I play this and calm down,& ALL the levels are the same and easy that's why I love the game I'm on level 156,people that hate or just haters and picky
Okay so the game is absolutely stupid and awful like did you even try. Everything is very dull, boring and easy. Bad graphics and animation. Do you even know what you're doing? Horrible and boring game... With absolutely many ads. Looks like a bad game made just for ad money.
It is superb game and there no adds if there are you should turn out your wifi so you can download this game and have fun this is not too hard and not too easy this game is fun.
This game is bad. It's extremely boring and there are adds shoved in your face every second game or so. I don't like the graphics and the sound effects are annoying. There is also no music witch makes the game feel unfinished.
I am currently on level 82 and so far I have only had to watch one ad. It is easy, fun, and so addictive! You should try it!
I wish I can give it a 5 star but sometimes when I start my game it starts moving putting down stairs while I'm not even touching my screen.Voodoo can you please fix this? And what are the coins for? Can we get market with skins backblings and pets? How to get rid of ads just click off the game and enter back the ad is gone. ;D
I think I might be OBSESSED with this game, you need to download it! The graphics are way more incredible than I expected, the plot and gameplay are equally enjoyable with fun characters and diverse maps. 😊 Download Stair Run!!
Good game I guess but the ads pop up almost every round. And when you silence one ad the next one has sound. It's annoying. Last 6 levels then got pissed off having it scream in my ears.
It is a terrible game no skins, every level is the same no new obstacles . I mean what kind of game does not have skins or score
This game is ok. 1 too many ads 2 lagging alot! I dont want to delete it but I do at the same time. So I recomend and dont.
Such a good game. I never get bored of it and it's very addictive! But the only problem is that we get coins if we finish the levels and we have nothing to spend them on. Maybe we can like customize the person or buy designed bricks and something like that will make the game much more fun.
Don't get me wrong.. it's a great game. Just TOO MANY ADS. THERE'S LITERALLY NO POINT FOR COINS!! There should be like skins you could buy and other stuff. Really disappointed😖
Completely pointless game that is made a content farm. This game isn't even complete with coin collecting but nothing to use those coins on. Well done voodoo you blew it again, this is the last app I will be downloading of yours. At least put in a small amount of effort to make something worth playing.
Fun app great for wasting time but has lots of ads . I recommend you turn of the internet when you are playing this game . Hope this was some help
For a few things. I thought this game would be alright. Oh Boy was I wrong. There are to many ads it just doesn't make any sense to have this game up if you don't make any money off it. Also the coins?? Is there a point for them? Because they are unspend-able. There's literally no point to this unless you wanna watch ads for living. 😒🙄
In the add it looked way funner but once you buy it it's very reapeative. It also has adds pretty much every round and it gets boring super duper F-a-s-t fast it may look fun but it's super stupid the game could've been more interesting if they'd editted it more like what kind of editing class did you go to. It's obviously not good. So ya thanks for wasting my good apps👊👊😤😤😠😡😭😭😭 Oh and if you say that this game is super fun you must like adds.
I found a bug in the game but I actually liked the game but your collecting coins for what you can't even spend them on anything
Best game I ever played. I thought it would be like the other games with colorful people but it was so much better ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️. Little tip: before you start there is a ad on the left. If it doesn't show up there will be a ad. Speaking of ads , the ads are not long at all!!!!!!! If you consider getting this game I suggest you should ☺️☺️☺️🤗🤗🤗💗💗
Its honestly such a fun game and really addicting to play, but the only form of reward there is are the coins which are for no use at all?? This is such a pity, with so much potential and gone to waste with terrible carrying out of the plan :"(
Nice game to kill time but I didn't get the motive for collecting the coins.... There is nothing were we can spend those coin.
This game is AMAZING!!!!!!😍😍 I ❤ so much. At first, when I was going to downlode it I thought that it was going to be a very BAD game. But I was wrong. It is the best!!!. I really really really recomend it. Go and downlode it NOW!! Ths game should get 7 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.
Honestly, this a good game if you need to kill time. The graphics arent great, but mobile game graphics usually arent good. The reason I'm giving this three stars is for two reasons. 1- Way too many ads! I get that game makers need to make money, but its excessive. 2- There is no reason for the coins. If they added any shop with 4+ items, I would like the game a lot more. The idea of the game is great, it just needs more effort put in.
I found this game from an add and it looked pretty fun when I downloaded it it was so much fun I can't stop playing it is amazing there are a few adds but are just pictures and you just have to x them I love it it is amazing this is actually my favorite game now 😁🤣🤣🤣 I never even had a favorite game but now I do this is so addicting but not the bad type the best type possible to ever be make sure you keep your phone away while doing homework or any work because this will definitely distracte
Developer I have a problem with this game i think or my phone it's lagging so much I have seen reviews they also have same problem so it's not my mobile prblm so fix it, that's why I am giving 4 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐ and this game is so good I like it but sooooooooo many people don't like this game because no update I want update also and fix my problem.
This game is great. It's good for time consuming and it's fun too. The only thing is that on a few levels the game automatically makes stair cases. Otherwise, I recommend you to download this game.
I thought it was gonna be more fun than it is. Incredibly dull and repetitive gameplay, no idea what you can do to make this sort of thing better I'm hoping the devs can think of something but until then it's getting an uninstall. Basically just Google play fodder and not really fun at all.
It is the most relaxing game ever........who has a problem with it tell me.....no problem the coins must be given to enjoy the game...ok it is fun so five star..... And there is no need of shops in the game. Because the colour of the player changes itself in every level so why don't you people understand and fight for silly things. Calm down.
I play it at first it was fun but it almost has the same levels and I get hit for no reason. there are lots of glitches and I do not recommend playing this. it doesn't even have online or shops for the dum coins. it's not a good game. voodoo I was expecting more than this
No gona lie its very very good game a bite hard i gave this 3 stars as well because too too much ads and there aren't any skins so add that too it.
Stair Run Is All Ok and That But It comes to The question of How Many Levels there are Because I Completed Numerous of Levels within this Game And the Level I got to Is Level 475 so this is Getting on my Nerves a bit because I dont actually know how many more Levels they are it's just like the same thing all over and over again If I were you dont bother with this app I mean it alright for a little while but can get quite boring if you Carry on Successing with the Levels,
This game is really fun and it's really entertaining but my problem that I have with it is you can't change character and sometimes it glitches
It's the best game ever but it is one thing that I want that is if some stair pieces are left then you can use in your next level otherwise the game is best game best and one more thing you can kill time and I have read all the ratings some are saying there are glichtes and some there are lots of ads they are lying if you have them just uninstall and install again best game ever 🥰😍♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️
Entertaining but a bit mediocre on some levels... And the coins you earn are worthless there is nothing to do with them but nonetheless love this game.
Fun game but the amount of ads 😡 the ads are so long and it won't let me exit out of them till the end. You get all these coins but you can't spend them on anything I wish you could use the coins to buy different skins I hope they can do something about this
Really good at the end of the day you can do it in the first place to stay and i don't know how to get the chance to buy the dlc with the same thing as well as an hour to get the job done with story is a good idea of where it is thoooooWhta you are not that bad for the uniform you have to be in the same place to be with a girl is a good idea to be a part time person or something like that and I think I should be canceled because I had a really good at the end of the day and I was thinking abou
Don't download this game. It is simply made to make money off of ads and that's it. Let me explain: 1. You get currency (coins for nothing) why??? 2. Laggy when it comes to simple game play and I know for sure that it's not my phone 3. Ads after like 2 or 3 levels. Yes you can skip them but it's quite annoying dealing with this unless you turn off your WiFi connection. The gameplay could be ok but it gets repetitive and please for the love of God what are these coins for?
This game is very addictive. The only reason why I didn't give 5 stars is because one, what do you do with the coins? 2. Too many adverts, and 3. Whenever you get a lot of bricks it's laggy and also not much detail, very basic, please fix this.
I gust love this game so much I don't know what to say.But I am so glad that some one invented this game I have so many things to say and I don't think all of it will fit.This game I think will be my favorite.Who ever envented this game you have to tell me you did I am so impressed and it is telling me that I have done this 334/500.I am going to stop right hear and I am tired but I am going to keep playing this game.i might watch some💤 in a little bit.Goodnight if you are going to bed.💤💤💤💤
Feel like this game has been rused, when being created. The game looks basic and plain. Also not to mention, the amount of ads are annoying.
It's a good game but it gets boring after a while. There's nothing to spend your coins on, no one to play with you like the ad said not even a computer. Its all pretty boring bit it is a good time waster.
Most stupidest game I have ever played can't even make it past level two because there is not enough block things to gain to even pass. I definitely would not recommend anyone to play this game.
Its a awesome game . I love it but I have 1 tip . Like can we change skins to basic to normal to epec to legendary . That time it's gonna be more fun and u can keep a mystery wheel every time when we unlock a new skin . This is my opinion Thank You!!
I do like this game it's basically a game where you get stairs and then you hold to place this not much problems to it but there is one problem you can't use the coins for anything but I'm sure it's for a future update
I was expecting day O to play in the background false advertising. And there's my 2 cents after watching your outrageously long in game advertisements.
This is a great game! The ads didn't lie about the game play, it's simple, not really creative but it's wonderful! I've spent hours playing this game, which is a feat on its own. Good job Game!
great game!! I love it so much just turn off your wifi and data and no ads! It is so amazing ( jk it is Terrible)
The people the say this game sucks are just people that don't really understand the amount of money , time and effort it takes to make a game this good. And if there are too many ads then just click that little icon that says remove ads. I Personally think that this game is the best very fun and awesome 👍👏😊!!!!
I loved this game when i saw it in my cousins mobile so i also downloaded it i was really exicted to play but it showed that the hardware are not available to run the game and just show purple screen i dont know about the technology much but the main thing is i want to play it ,please help!!😭😭😭 the model is samsung galaxy j max.
I really like to pretend I am on a journey with stairs and my 1 older brother and my 1 same age as me brother (P.S I don't have any older brother or same age as me brother I only have a younger brother) but I wish they would give you a tiny bit more stairs that is why I only gave this game 2 stars I hope you fix that and this to, I really would enjoy it if they didn't make the stairs so much of them at the end of every level, only once and a while I get the treasure at the top of them.
It is fun to play but after 78 or 80 level when v start the game it doesn't work my phone is little bit hanged out of it................................. So it's a stupid game and to waste our MB.................. That is why I'm giving it only one star................................................... But it's OK when v download it and play one game or two at a time................. OK so if u love it u can download it it's your disigion you want so u can but then also a very bad,stupid game.
I love the game, but, im a little frustrated about the fact that the game is reall laggy sometimes, like, it's not always bad, but sometimes it's very laggy and annoying, im not a hater of the game, but i wish the people who made it could make it a little less laggy
The game is not what I thought In the ads it looked good so I downloaded but it's so boring no instructions cheap game
The ad said that it's illegaly fun but I found that it's the most Boring game in the WORLD The game is easy I felt that it was oldly dumb Same levels no difference It's the worst game I've played in my life This game is ugly Every thing is ugly and bad I hate it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
3 because I have collected more than 30,000 coins but there is no use of them. At least there should be store for skins etc. etc. But this game is time-pass game. And the best thing is that it is offline. Only deficiency is use of coins
It's a fun game and all, but why are we collecting coins for no reason? Why is there no skin's we can spend the coins on?
This game looks ugly and is a waste of time, the levels are all EXTREMELY similar, you can't pause levels, you can't go back and redo levels, there's nothing to spend the coins on and you can tell that the game has been made with the least effort possible. The only slighty positive thing about it is that it's weirdly addictive, just open the app with wifi off and turn it on when its loaded and you wont get any ads.
Too easy. Played over 50 levels and barely failed a level. Too many ads. There's an ad bar constantly at the bottom while playing, but apparently this isn't enough for them... There's also a video at the end of every level. Levels are very quick to get through, so that's a lot of ads.
This game is so fun but sometimes when you get to the line you run out of stairs because all the obstacles are so high at the line. but overall it is very fun
I dont care about the ads because I can just turn off my data but the annoying thing is there's no point like what are the coins even for there's no way to use the coins u get so I immediately deleted this after 2 minutes of gameplay and am appalled that its #1
I want to give 5 stars but there was one problem to your game the problem is player collect coins but for whom the player collecting coins there was options for spent money and for another players to buy so plzz correct this problem for me and take 5 stars to me
Hey I like your game, it doesn't look it's been made alone my issues : add it for consoles and computers that's not fair 2nd make a moving joystick and a build button 3rd only in app purchases 4th make other characters 5th make multiplayer races
Classic Voodoo with their ad spammy games. So Voodoo spends insane money on ads on games that aren't very good, and I have gotten like 10k ads from them at this point. And I watch ads to get rewards. Well Voodoo makes like 90% of all of the ads their ads BECAUSE they spend hundreds of thousands on ads. It is working as Voodoo pretty much is the big almighty of Mobile gaming. And honestly I wish they can stop but they will never stop. That's why people need to talk about Voodoo's things.
This app is amazing! There are few ads, fun levels, and many different colors per level! I just ask for fewer level repeats, though.
It is great! Fun, easy, and satisfying. There are a lot of ads but you can just turn on airplane mode and enjoy the game how it is! 5 stars!
Well this game is good but I don't understand why it seems when I get two thousand coins it just takes me back one thousand but still I guess you don't spend them anyway so it's brilliant .💙
It is a good game but it is annoying that there is nothing to work towards and all of the runs are pretty much the same. Also i can't play it anymore because eveytime i go onto it they screen turns grey and doesn't do anything.
Imma be honest I like the game but when I'm made to collect coins and can't spend them that's when I give it less stars. And it's just grab stairs go up fall grab stairs go up fall (you get the idea) and I understand that you're supposed to avoid the red but some of them are pre made stairs you should be able to use! Don't play unless you love collecting stairs and coins and can't spend the coins you get. Good day 😒 Edit: theres tons of others which are copies but BETTER
Oh my God I love this game so much there is not a lot of ads like when you lose there's like no ad after when you lose like straight up this is the best game I ever heard and ever saw that's why I give you the five star this is the best game😮😮😮😮☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️🌈🌈🌈🌈
Why I give this game 3⭐is bcause of : 1. no reason for the coins! at least add a shop! 2. So many ads! it's Like finish boom ads! 3. When I don't Let go it stops the stairs! not good (⭐⭐⭐👎👎)
Love the game concept, would give higher stars if it wasn't for the ads popping up every time I fail or proceed to the next challenge.
I like it very much but there's a lot of ads so it gets kind of annoying and also I think there should be different avatars cuz there's no way to spend your money so if that makes no sense but it is a fun game
Boring you collect 🌟!! For what you can't use them to purchase anything change skin,person stuff like that.also levels are to simple try an endless level where you have to collect to see how far you go then people would have to keep playing to beat there own score.i am uninstalling hopefully will re install at a later date if better
Its a fun game to kill time. I installed it like a few days ago and I've already reach a high level but, its very boring now.. it has nothing interesting anymore the levels are identical the concept is 0 and the coins are absoultely useless! Next about the graphics.. It is just that in a new level there is a different colour.. for an example: level 1 is blue, level 2 is yellow. And slowly slowly you'll get used to all those colours since even the colours are just a few please! Fix this!! T^T...
Sucks. Adds everywhere and it cuts any music your listening to off for every one of them. It even reactivates the sound for the adds even though you put it on silent.
This game is awesome!!💫 I love this game but I have it 4 stars because of the amount of ads I get but otherwise this game is great ignore the hate there bots or there pressed because there losing too much😉 otherwise great game!
I dont have any negative comments with this game! I really enjoyed playing this game as its simple and good for little time pass. As in adds it told its brand new so u get highscore easily well its here!! I get 48900 high score in my first try!! You should try this out and even I don't get much adds!
Not too many adds, overall a good game but sometimes its impossible to get a perfect score and I hope you will fix that.
I like the scene because you have challenges you have to overcome and the red spots make you lose things any normally win but sometimes you don't well you always win there is no losing because you get to stare and then you win you can only lose play running out of their things whenever you hit or red thing please try out this game and and if it says you can't get it beg your parents to get it for you is it is really fun it's really really really really fun
Decent idea, but no real intro or tips, and second level was so hard I couldn't pass it. If it gets so hard to pass a level so fast, instead of progressively getting more challenging, people arent gonna bother with it for long.
I wish that I could give this game a five star rating, but I'd say that VOODO studio should make you get coins for something else then just saying look I have so much coins.Please VOODO studio🙏🙏🙏, should also make you be able to change the skins that the characters have.🙏🙏🙏
This games system is very good the controls are preety easy it has good graphics but it would have been a 5 stars from me if the environment was good I likes how they did with archer hero 3d it also had a plain graphics without anything leaving the platform and the sea and now it got a update which made it 3 to 5 stars
Needs zero stars!!! Controls don't work properly, game glitches and to top it ask off they rape you with ads, every 15 seconds of gameplay for atleast 30 seconds of ads is garbage!!!!!
To say this in three words, Your game sucks. In fact, all your games are bad. They are each mini cash grabs with tons of ads. You also put very low effort in all of your games. Almost every object has no texture and is a solid color. You may say this is your art style, but you are just too lazy. The same with models. Each level is almost identical because you just copy paste each model and make it slightly longer. You literaly use some of the same models and concepts from your other games.
Tell us what you didn't like : The add shows how it's a game where you compete against other players and you bounce when you touch the floor so it becomes harder, also the ending has a speed boost that the add doesn't show that makes the game super easy and boring
A Decent No Frills Game Everyone in the comments are so nitpicky. It's a simple game, plain as that. Takes little effort to play, and easy to enjoy. Easy to navigate, easy to complete each stage. The challenge is "self motivated": get to the top of the bonus steps. Again....these are "bonus" steps, so no need to get all bent out of shape if you don't reach the top. I've had minimal ads in game play...just the one second flash at the end of each stage...not bad for a "free game". Enjoy!
It has potential but falls flat fast. It's an addicting play, but breaks due to being too easy, too repetitive, and no point in having coins; there's nothing to use them on.
First off, this game is like a pool of ads. After every level, there is an ad. This game is kind of fun, but over all, filled with ads. I wrote this reveiw before I delete this ad-filled game.
not great. The game itself was okay, but there are SOOOOO MANY ADDDSSS!!! its unneccessary! also, the game kept crashing for me.
Nice to play but why do you need coins if you can't buy anything in the game? Please add a shop or some updates for the Avatar or something that needs coins
I would love to rate this game a 5 star because i love this game so much but the only thing i'm concerned about is you earn coins but you can't use them to purchures anything and its original and i don't like that.
There's too many ads and on level 11, it took my blocks away and I lost. 1 / 10 wouldn't recommend downloadling this
Hm, decent game. The only problem is you get coins for nothing, if you have coins and nothing to spend it with it doesn't make sense. This game would upgrade 100% if you added a skin shop, or gear shop it doesn't matter. Please add a shop, I recommend it in v00d00 games. This game would extend its benefits if you added a shop, and I would give it a 5 star.
Amazing! I think this is a great game. Haven't had any problems with it although it would be nice if you could use the coins to get boosters and stuff. Other than that it a great game which you should get!
This game is straight up TRASH, Like what is even the point in getting coins if you can't buy things with coins and every time I'm done with a round I get a non stop ad, And everytime I hit the red spots I get pushed back, you should die if you hit them.... I don't recommend this game to other people. This is garbage 🗑️
There isn't that much ads like every one else says that's why I gave the game a 5 star review overall the game is awesome so people need to just stop saying there is to much ads and if they are going to give y'all a 3,2,or 1 star review they need to stop playing a game and download a game that's best for them.
Nice game but why are the coins given? There is no need to the coins. I cant buy anything . And so many adds . Fix these things ....
Addictive at first...but only after 80 levels I realized its the same courses all over again. Only satisfactory and not challenging at all.
Graphics: ⭐⭐ Pretty bad and can use improvement. Gameplay: ⭐⭐⭐ Good passtimer, but the maps are repetitive and can get boring. There is no sorts of customization, and games like this should have it. The way the stairs are coded is very good, though, and there are good sound effects. Ads: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Nice spacing, one ad every 2 runs. Other: N/A
i relly like this game! It's just the addverts! After every game there is a addvert and it is very anoing! But i would recamend this game . P.S If the owner of this game is lisining please could you do somthing about the addverts!!!!!!😁
I actually like this game, it's a good way to pass time. Unfortunately I've "collected " at least 900 coins a run (im on level 40) and my coins only read what I collected from the last run. Would be nice to have all the actually coins I've earned, and to use them for stuff in the game.
It has a very good concept, but the game lags if you play too well. It u have too many stairs on your back the the game will lagg and yhere is a huge difference between thw sceeen we see and the actual scenario.
This game is good very very good I love it even teach you how to play another game you see when I was young I used to play this game Android is very fine and an hour from now