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Star Roam & Planet & Sky Map

Star Roam & Planet & Sky Map for PC and MAC

Is a Education game developed by Findout World Inc located at Hong Kong, KL. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.
In Star Roam, you don't have to be an astronomer to look at the performers overhead.

Outside or in the balcony, nights with family are no longer boring. Only point your phone towards the night sky, and in just a few seconds, you'll be in a position to recognize performers, constellations, planets, nebulae, satellites and other space that is deep in real time! The movie stars can be seen by you relocating real-time sky view and all the astronomy details about it. It becomes effortless and enjoyable to acknowledge the stars. You can also decide to observe stars at any time and location, similar to this time 12 months this is certainly last tomorrow night, as if you had been in a time device.
Star Roam would be the celebrity software this is certainly best and sky guide to allow you to start your celebrity trip, also without astronomy knowledge.


๐ŸŒ•All performers when you look at the sky view:
We combine all the known movie stars of over 1.69 billion, with all the understood planets, normal moons, and comets, with several various other 10,000 smaller system that is solar, and more than 2 million nebulae and galaxies.You can easily see the astronomy details of each celebrity.

โฑTime vacation in sky view:
You can choose any time and location, for instance the morning this is certainly early the North Pole, and look at the evening sky at differing times and locations. Or move ahead or backwards into the time that is current adjust the rate, and see a fast-moving chart associated with the night sky of movie stars and planets.

โ˜„๏ธAutomatic tracking your sky view:
In auto-tracking mode, we use the phone&# gyroscope this is certainly 39;s to help you show the evening sky towards which your phone is pointing in real time, and quickly discover stars you need to realize about. In inclusion, celebrity gazing will help you monitor the movement of a star within the sky view and follow all of them as celebrity walk-in the night sky.

๐ŸŒŽReal observation knowledge:
You can choose various geographic conditions, we're going to simulate the top and atmosphere with the truth of sunrise, sunset and atmospheric refraction, etc., for an improved feel with sky view.

๐Ÿ—ฟMulti-cultural Constellation Knowledge:
We have actually gathered a few of the world's most star that is common, such as west, Arabic, Boorong, Chinese, Indian, Kamilaroi, Macedonian, Ojibwe, Romanian... And show their contours and lines in the sky view as you can plainly see them.

โœˆ๏ธUse offline without waiting:
You may use the sky guide when there is no Web, such as outside, wild, hiking. Whenever and anywhere pay a visit to glance at the star walk in the night sky

Instead of meeting your family and friends, enjoy taking a look at the evening sky! Star Roam will sky show you through the secrets associated with the universe.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Star Roam & Planet & Sky Map.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Star Roam & Planet & Sky Map for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Can't use it without paying!! Over $20 ๐Ÿ˜’. Time waster. Should show its unavailable without a subscription and the lame 2 day trial after giving out your information in order to use is not considered a free app.
Bunch of Crooks!!! Trick you into free 3 day trial. Then Charge you for a YEAR!! $29. You can't cancel.. I have tried..YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED โš ๏ธ
Even thou I have chosen the 3 day free trial, I was charged the full year ($83,99). Talking to my bank about it. It doesn't even work on my phone. SCAM.
This site charge me 32 dollars when I only signed up for the free trial I used it one time and it charge me nearly six times ... dont use this app it's a joke and they are thief's
It seems to have a few bugs and glitches but its a very good start hopefully the people that created star roam continue to work on it
The free version of the app is good. No need to sign up for the trial people have issues with. However, serving popup ads on your phone when you're not even using the app is far too intrusive and intentionally deceitful by the developers.
Love finding stars, Awesome app planet watching. Thank You developers its just what ive been looking for.
I began using this app last year to track the Christmas star, the coming together of Saturn and Jupiter. It was a great tool to help me photograph the event. It is easy to use and very accurate for timing and location.
This app is actual garbage make it so you point your phone and it shows what you are looking at. It is all a guessing game. Please make it so where you point your phone actually shows what you are looking at do not buy until this is fixed.
Tried to auto sign me up for 3 day trial and $30 after that. Just wanted to try app first. If it can't identify satellite in front of me, not interested. If it could, just want to pay when camping. Didn't give option of 3 day trial then lock out until ready to pay in april next year. Tried to force $30 in 3 days. Forget that. Didn't even get to try it. Didn't explain how to cxl purchase. Very poor free trial invitation. I'm always weary of scams like this app. App probably wouldn't work anyway.
Started getting pop ups all the time after downloading this app. Once I deleted it the pop ups went away avoid...... I'm not talking about the star event notification, that was fine and informative. I'm talking about the ads that constantly pop up at all times of the day that started when I downloaded the app and stopped when I deleted it
I was a sucker and paid for the full app and I still have stupid pop ups on my phone. DO NOT INSTALL APP OR PAY FOR IT. Waste of money. It is also very inaccurate.
I love this app.I was looking for these kinda astronomy apps for months and this is perfect.I highly recommend this.
I downloaded it and it wants money. I have not found a star chart app yet that is even close to accurate no way I would pay a dime.
I installed this one night, and used it for perhaps ten minutes. It somehow charged me a $29.95 yearly subscription fee, and started popping up intrusive ads on my phone at random times. It's trash.
Terrible!!! Absolute scam! Downloaded free trial and it was supposed to remind the day before it would charge. Went to delete today as no reminder and it has already charged me $100!!!!! Will be contacting them and the bank!
This app started displaying advertisements over other app on my phone, and every time it said it was a diffrent app. The first time it popped up it said it was from subway surfers, so I deleted that, then it happend to June's journey, you tube, face book and more. When I finnally figured out that it was coming from star roam, I deleted it. And the ads never popped up agian, it's been about a month since then though.
Teaser sell price not properly disclosed should be removed from play store if not properly disclosed. It appears the same company has bought several of these apps and are monopolizing the topic
I enjoyed the app until recently. I've been getting a pop-up several times a day telling me to drink water, check my phone storage, etc. It gets in the way of the app you're currently using.
Unrevealed until you open the app is that this is a 3 day free trial. Ongoing use of the program requires a not an expensive subscription. I would like to have been spared the time for download and installation but it took to discover this.
Accurate, but lots of things arent free on here. Little pricey and other apps offer same features for free.
Crashes continuously after asking for access to files and other things it had no business asking for.
Hello, there is no way to end the free subscription, at least not from what I can see. I want to cancel. Please do not charge me the $29 fee.
great app, very accurate as far as I could tell, the one thing it could use more of in my opinion would be pictures when you click on the planets or the constellations
Not a bad app and maybe worth it but will charge you when u do the free trial and even if you cancel the sub immediately they'll keep your money. After numerous emails, no reply at all so it's now with the banks (not hopeful if I'm honest). If I could give less than 1 star I would, nothing but decent and a money grab!!! Stay away!!!!!
this is as great app. it has said much info as well as a interactive sky map and so much more. if I could I would give it 10+ starts
Some people are saying you need to subscribe and this is only a 3 day trial, that is not the case, you don't have to subscribe to use this app. The app in general is very nice and works well. My biggest gripe is upon opening you first have a animated logo page which then goes onto a time lapse demonstration, to actually use the app and stop the demo takes time and gets frustrating. Otherwise, so far, I'm liking it.
So far so good. Wanted an easy star map for the kids when we are away. So point your phone att the sky press the open button and it shows where the stars are with names and pics. And as you move the pics move. Just what I wanted.
Awful, latest update has terrible chiming noise which you cant stop, how anyone would think this to be a good idea is beyond me. Uninstalling
I'm not sure if I have been charged for this or not. It said I could cancel anytime and asked me to subscribe. Now it's saying I'll be charged on the day it says it will cancel...3 days later. Was anyone who left the same kind of review charged??
A common flaw with apps is as soon as you install it, you are confronted with the 'rate this app screen'. What is the point of rating the app before you even use it? One star, no pun intended.
the most amazing app I have ever installed. my son and I used it last night to see the stars and were amazed how accurate and cool star finding is through your app.
I like the reason why it because like I get to see everything on the star and so yeah like I never ever got to see do you know lun a has a back :-) that is so creepy on the back of her mouth we're not mouth but her :-) is so so creepy
Looks like it could be quite good, but the spams your phone screen with "news" and ads ever few hours. Uninstalled.
It tosses you into space and u can never return. At least i couldn't find a setting to return me to earth to look up at constellations.
Warning, this app now runs several background tasks and will annoy you with popup adds. It was a great app that would accurately identify what stars/planets were in the sky, but recently added the popup adds. It does not identify itself in the popup, so had to go into running processes and find it.
cool app. i can find whatever I see in the sky immediately and Identify it. zoom in on planets and stars. way cool
You have to subscribe. They tell you that there's a "free trial" however that's just a bait tactic to get your credit card info and charge you every month automatically for the rest of your life. A true "free trial" requires no credit card info of any kind. Run away from this shady app . #Scam
It is NOT free. It is a trial that wasted 66 Mb of my data though the app itself may be great. Just don't be fooled.
Getting random pop up full screen ads while not even using the app after installing this, do not install
Pop Up Ads like crazy! Everytime I opened my phone or did anything I would get ads popping up. Did some searching and found out this app was the culprit! Don't download!!
Deleted the application because it keeps pushing a pay to use option in my face every second I open the app, I deleted the app & now an old gray see through application is there now. Whenever I go to remove it, I get a notification saying "This is a system app and can't be uninstalled". I never had this app as a "System application" and only 100k people have this app there is no way I had it on my system whenever I got my phone. Do no install this application, you will not be able to remove it.
I love looking at the stars and how accurate this app is. It has a little bit of time lapse if you move too quickly but it corrects itself well.
It does exactly what it says in the synopsis, just point at the sky where you want to view and press the phone symbol on the bottom left hand side of the screen and boom it's done, press it again and it freezes the screen (you can even turn the screen red!! Its great for a beginners as you can literally download and use, there's an option to view future events.. there is option to pay for other services (maybe for those budding astronomers) but as a free guide its pretty amazing ๐Ÿ”ญ๐ŸŒ•โ˜„๏ธ๐ŸŒŒ๐Ÿช
How do I avoid being charged after my 3 day trial ? I've tried everything There is no CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION by the app in the play store.
This company is a joke. After my 2 year old accidentally downloaded the app I was charged $67 I was given an email so that I could request a refund. It has been 3 days and not so much as an email back. Unacceptable
Amazing educational tool, brilliant use of our GPS tracking system and possibly life saving if used when lost.
Absolute garbage. I never started the trial and they keep spamming my account to try to charge me for it.
Have to subscribe & set up payment info before you can use it. Don't know how good it works after that because it kept crashing.
This app started opening pop-up ads randomly even though it wasn't running. I hadn't opened it in 3 days. Not sure what it's doing, but avoid it.
Never left a 1 star review before. Used the app one time to find mars and worked great. Opened a month later to find a free trial expired. That's ok. But shortly after I started seeing advertisements pop onto my screen when using other apps like Google or YouTube. Not cool. Then it was like it was trying to hide the source of the ads, closing them when I would push ||| (android). Extra not cool. Uninstaller fixed the problem. I hope this is some kind of bug and not a poor decision...
Do not buy, OK so let me explain I bought this 3 days ago and I decided to cancel the subscription they will charge you $60 to cancel. If the company going to say free to in subscription then make it free then trying to scam. Dont download this app unless you support scammers.
I see people are getting charged even on the free trial and also my phone keeps having ads pop up and this is the only app that is running in the background. Thats sus.
Looks like I started to get Adware after installing this app and it charged me when I didn't want it.
2 stars because it won't let me do anything. I was looking forward but I can't have free trial. Also 1 question. Is there an Australian star culture. If yes, please add. I will rate more stars if this is fixed. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜I knew it was Mars!! This app is the best. Real- time map of the sky with just my phone camera? Ummm, yes please! JUST POINT YOUR LENS TO THE SKY(manual off/on can be found on lower left)!!!
Paid for a subscription but kept getting prompted to subscribe again. When I would "restore" the purchase, it would work briefly and then crash. Although it's a cool app, the constant crashing and subscription issues (I ended up getting charged multiple times due to the restore issue) make it unusable. Also the notifications for Star Roam do not use the normal android notification channels, and this is annoying.
Did not do what I was wanting, namely pointing at the sky and telling me what I'm looking at. Canceled subscription and uninstalled. Will update if they go ahead and charge a fee for less than 5 minutes of use.
Way to hide the cancelation button. Congratulations. You stole my money and I'm pretty sure this gave me a virus. Getting pop-ups telling my phone is overheating and to drink water, so if you get those too, this app is why. Give my money back.
Wants your location and info to just give a blanket star map. I want to point my phone at a section of the sky and it shows only that section with free roam like the app I used in 2015.
Could not even get to the part where it shows me the constellations before being prompted to buy something. And 60$ A MONTH? No.
I want to cancel this app. I clicked on cancel and it said it won't cancel until Nov 4. It also said it begins billing then. I do not want this subscription. I just installed it today, Nov 1st.
I deleted this app 5 minutes after I downloaded it because it says that my brand new phone couldn't handle whatever was necessary to do real-time star tracking. They still charged me $60. I want my money back.
I had this app before then i lost it lastnight i was trying to find Jupiter and Saturn and this app came up glad too have it again.
I love this app but over the past few weeks it's started giving me pop ups SEVERAL times a day telling me to drink water, my phone is overheating and other various pop ups. When they'd pop up, my phone wouldn't let me do anything until the pop up would give me the X to close it out. With some, it would take up to 10-15 seconds and I tried go back or tapping off the pop up but still couldn't do anything until the X came up. The star map of the app is great but I cant keep because of all this.
Couldn't figure out how to shut up obnoxious sound, plus the ads popping up while app wasn't running clinched it! DELETED!!!!
I installed but I haven't really had the time to thoroughly check out but from what I see briefly looks great. I will be editing this review if I found that I don't really like it .
Kept crashing during set up and when I finally got it to load, it badgered me to sign up for a $10/month subscription... why? And then I had to control the sky using my fingers... I thought it would follow the motion of my camera where I was. Uninstall.
Do not install. Very misleading business practice. You can not use the the app only it's a 3 day free trail so you don't have time to cancel subscription.
Nice interface, even without the subscription, but installing it also introduces pop up adds that appear when unlocking your phone even without opening the app. Deceptive use of the my device for advertising. Do not recommend.
be careful downloading this app hidden subscribe and no easy way of contact. the 3 day trial perfectly set up so google play cannot refund (play store has 48hr refund policy). very angry
I accidentally let it charge me and I was like whatever, I'll just get into stars for the next year, it seemed to have alright content. I get ads forcefully appearing on my screen all the time, literally ALL the time, even when using unrelated apps. I want a refund because it's so bad, not sure how to go about that though. Don't download this!
I LOVE THIS MAP!! IT IS A DREAM COME-TRUE!!! My favorite planet is saturn! Thanks for makina my dream-True!
after I gave a 1 star review the developer responded that I didn't need to sign up to use the app. I tried it again. And nope it won't let you go past the sign up page. Thanks for lying to me.
Signed up for a 3 day free trial and was charged before the 3 days were over. Do not enter your credit card info. Also was told a reminder message would be sent before my card was charged but that didn't happen either.
amazing app. absolutely love it. was everything I was looking for when sending to download astrological star app
After downloading this app, I started getting ads on the home screen of my phone! I didn't even know this was possible. After lots of time spent trying to figure out the issue, I realized it was this app that had given my phone a virus which I also didn't know was possible. I uninstalled the app and now my phone is fine again! Beware! Update: although developer has responded that this app does not have ads outside the app, the issue is consistent with other reviews.
1๐ŸŒ they say you can travel in time on this app so I wanted to go to yesterday but to do that tou have to upgrade the app and pay ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ’” wanted to see the Star of Bethlehem 2020 Dec 29. 1๐ŸŒ ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘ŽReview on this App
Took money anyway.... Luckily this went to my att bill and can dispute with them absolutely disgusting went to cancel on play store within one hour and still was charged also once uninstalled wants it again and acts like I never paid
Got my location and everything set up and now the app wont open. Keeps closing without even fully opening. Gonna uninstall and find a different one.
Free trial scam plus niw the app wont even open even after update... Just crashes after stealing my money
Ad trap. Let me use it once, next time wanted a subscription, and started shoving ads as well as subscription offers in my face. Even with the app closed my phone had ads pop up everytime I opened the screen, it stopped as soon as I uninstalled the app.
Sometime after downloading this app, then using it, I started getting notifications to drink water and phone optimization messages like apps overheating my phone. Pretty sure this app added mallware to my phone since it was the only thing I downloaded since having this problem.
It's ok, I like how it keeps you updated with upcoming events happening in the sky, and I like the different effects it has
I did not care for the app all that much so unsubscribed and deleted. I only keep available on my debit card what I will need at the time but they keep trying to take a payment anyways! Have not found a successful way to contact them and them respond. Would give them a negative number if it were an option.
Maybe I was just being impatient, but I started the trial to find out what the object next to the moon was (ended up being Mars!), but could not find a menu or option to cancel my subscription. I had to go through the Play Store. +2 stars for showing me Mars -3 for that poor UI
Not worth the time. You point your phone at the sky in every direction this app does not follow the directions of your phone. And they want you to sign up for a three day trial to use it. Sorry not doing that. A waste of time and money. Going to find Skyview and download that. This app is nothing but useless.
When I installed this app I was hoping I could use it to look at Mars but instead you have to pay 5 dollars a month, it should be more like night sky on the apple play store, completely free. But it's not. This is disappointing and frustrating.
The app is wayy to slow. Also, the mods are not responding to my emails for cancelling my premium and refunding it even though I had cancelled it on the second day!
Very simple and easy-to-use way to see the stars, planets, and galaxies, even through to the other side of the Earth. Takes up very little memory also.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD unless you want pop up ads forcefully appearing on your home screen every few seconds. Pathetic how app developers think it's okay to force ads on top of your screen outside of the app, then hide the app icon so you don't know which app is causing it. This app is full of breaching MALWARE.
It just stuck in where it thinks I am. It won't move let alone move with the direction I'm pointing to.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD this app unless you want to pay AUS$83.99. I had cancelled app but still got charged Google NO help, Paypal no help. So I have tried everything to get my money back and have paid the money and no app. The seller never replied to any of my emails. BEWARE!
Another BS app that you have to pay for to look at some cartoon imagery.... Not worth a 3 day free trial. And definitely not worth $4.99 a month.
I cancelled the same day I subscribed to this and I still got charged $65 for this app that I am not using I would like a refund!
It's great to identify celestial objects . I don't think my phone has a compass so I have to move that by hand it dose have live motion up and down. Help's me setup my telescope
It automatically signed me up for a 3 day free trial and then it charges 30 a year or 5 monthly. I hit x on that screen and it does seem pretty cool with the constellations and Mars etc, but not worth paying monthly or yearly for since I don't have time to stargaze like I did when I was younger. I uninstalling it now and checking to make sure it isn't going to charge me.
Automatically charged me for a full year after free trial and no response on cancellation. Poor app that gave my phone annoying pop ups too.
Sooo, the app doesn't work unless I give it permission to snoop on my photos and media etc. Uninstalled