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Stickman Battle Fight

Stickman Battle Fight for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by ONEGAME GLOBAL located at No.222 street Monivong, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Stickman Battle Fight best action that is fighting ball game.
A unique game with Rogue-like gameplay combine combat gameplay. that is classic A lot of superheroes for you to choose (hero)
- Upgrade the power of characters ( Rank A to Z ) to participate in the power tournament. that is universal Diverse combat dragon skills.

Download Stickman Battle Fighters now - to experience the world's fighting action game that is best.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Stickman Battle Fight.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
Omg the the game is so good the reason why I put five ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ cuz the control and gameplay is ez and combat animation is out of this world!!!!! and u can upgrade character and moves become the strongest all that stuff my man u get five star great game 👍
This is one of the best game ever created on mobile this is very nice it is not a waste of time download it now trust me its worth it keep the game fresh guys im counting on you this game is fire i could talk all day long best game ever..... DOWNLOAD IT NOW
I was loving the game but then I stopped playing it for a bit then when I started playing it today, I lost 3 characters that I had, not to mention one of them was a level 15 and I paid real money for that character. Not happy
No trying to be rude but this game is trash because very move I make its an ad I exit a fight ad I complete a level ad I get gold ad I get a spin ad I lose or win a fight ad
Fixed bugs really?I was gonna give it a five stars but everytime i battle there is always a part where i cant move or punch
I guess then it's good but what do you mean by expired do you mean no more updates on that game if so then I'll play this one
Can you help me onwer I'm sad I only have 6 common and uncommon please help me I need money please I have 2000 only please
The reason I rote this three and a half stars is because you only have one chance at the tournament and then you have to pay for it so you can't level up your caricature
im giving this 3 stars because its graphics are ok but some parts are kinda eh so it is still a fun game the controls are really hard if your phone, tablet , or computer is laggy even when itd not sometimes
This game is very good except the controls whenever I move in the left direction then 60 percent of the times my character gets out of control and flys up and goes back even after removing hand from the joystick, because of this I had no choice but to uninstall it , if the control were good I could have given 5 stars for the game, it's the controls which disappointed me a lot, and at last the game is awesome.
This is awesome and cool it really kills your boredom and the graphics are nice thanks to you made this❤️
Good game but my only problem is that I wish goku and the other characters could level up like your at super saian 0 and there is a button that when you press it you go to ssj1 and on characters if you double tap you go on stats and forms. Then if you have ssj123 and 4 you can level up to it.But it's still nice. Plz add my features NOW🤬
I will give it 5 🌟 but the story mode should give you more money an add more stuff to the game an you will get a 5 🌟
Its a great gane but they upped the price of hit in the update so when I deleted for a while because I was addicted I lost hit and then his price upped when I got it again
this game is so fun i found 1 lug which help me very much when i lost againt lord beruss i came back 1 punch i won i acttualy did 248.243 damage per second
One of the best games I've ever seen even though the actual training doesn't give you any money I recommend you going to arcade mode and fight someone weaker than you it's a very good game five stars
Ok,its the best game ever, hope you can cone up with even better games and you could add Fu , Goku ultra instinct prison planet ,Cumber,Xeno Goku and i hope you can come up with an even better game because im really looking for a good dbz game and you are the people for it,ok bye, beware of the coronavirus,bye love you guys,oh and add the tournament mode
Whoever made this is a really good game and I want to say but I catch is still better haha but that's more better bad cats more I like to game but a lot but I just like bad ok play me out the game valleycats if you can obtain a bit like the stuff ok for me so I do that like like the game the game you made I watch videos on TV about no just like a no no no like I know I don't know why no comment and his moves and it well I do know them really goodly I just don't know the names and keep up the goo
This truly is a great game but the ads is too much like in matches or after matches and after those ads u give us the option to watch an ad after an ad so u will only end up uninstalling. Unless they show less ads
This game is very cool you can fight characters from the game,and upgrade your heros or get new heros download it you wont regret it
Messi Mario is it possible to have it is about the same as my cousin is about the same size as the door I was doing nothing but it was a good day at work and I was doing nothing but it was not my wife has an ear and I like your style is the same one that was on Monday to discuss with the wedgie is it is it ok if I was doing nothing but it was a good day and r the same time I your the one who is a PS5 I like to be a PS5 ii
Its a good game. A giant time killer but the shop is so expensive and it gets really competetive and you should add a dungeon mode the higher u get the more cash or dragon balls
I just joined the game 2 days ago and I love it, it's so creative and exclusive with the 3 day free member pass but the only problem is when I join PvP and win, it tells me I lost because of wifi, and I had full bars so please fix this issue
Very funn game 5 stars because when i had it on my old phone it diddnt have any pvp or online battles or great apes and other stuff so devs thank u 😁😊 but also every time when i go on daily raid boss every time the dude flipping SPAM PUNCH ME And then i ALWAYS DIE AND HE HAS BEEN DOING THIS FOR A LONG TIME NOW AND I HAVE GOKU ULTRA INSTINT AT LIKE LEVLE 42 AND HE STILL KILLS ME EASY so 4 stars thank u for your service but its still fun acept raid boss
Great game not good but can be used to pass the time if needed. I highly reccomend this game for people who wath the anime Dragon Ball Z
This game is awsome not too many adds has alot of action and its fun for 10 year olds! Its much better then that laggy stick man fighting game
It is excellent game that is provided in this goal this fighting game is very good you like fighting games so please download this is so good
The reason i give it 4 instead of 5 stars is becuse on tge spin the wheel thing there is to many coins and i allways get the coins other then that its a good game
this game is cool but I had 1 problem why is this an app phurchises I'm almost hitting beerus and why is there names are wrong please make it normal again I played this game for 2 years time
It was very very good and and I really loved the thethe experience was very very good I love the experience and you should really download this game I finally found out where all the characters were turns out you will get the characters wearing them the Wi-Fi is on
Good game, but when fighting some enemies it's either your too op or they don't let you get up and beat you till you die, the onse that do that are the daily bosses, absolute nightmare to fight I can't get a bit in, I recently caught against mecha f something idk but I was yohan ultimate and couldn't even hit him because he pinned me down with teleport hits and normal combo hits
This game is strong, and really good. Especially if you pay, but its unfair to free players that you can pay ( and beat ) anyone if you have enough cash. Make the characters move through the environments and helping the player know who's who would help. And giving the characters more ablities as well as cash ( in game ) to help pay for upgrades. Other than that, 4/5 not perfect but not horrible either.
The game needs to be fixed as the controls are very bad and the game which needs to be played by character Yunks I use him and receive no star for playing with this character as if I were playing with another character.
This game is so much fun! I wish they put the character actual name in this game Goku Gohan Vegeta Whis Lord Beerus and more. KAMEHAMEHA
I love it i like it i am just happy to install this game and pls update this game more and more and more and more because i finshed all levels and if u can add some more 🙏🙏🙏🙏 🎩 😁 👕👍Great! 👖
The is very addicting its so fun but the thing is ITS SO hard to do some Bosses in the Story Mode, Another then that the game is very fun.
I HaTe THiS APP!!!!!! You said there will be story mode and pvp but Noooo there is only one option. Totally hate this👎
It is sooooooo good And the controller is so awesome I can't believe it it's so cool having everything you play it
Nice game cool grachics and amazing storyline. BUT:1 i keep getting duel invites evem when im offline, which makes me think that this whole multiplayer thing is a scam ,and2: even whe. I win these "multiplayer challenges" they say that i lost because i went offline. After that, good game. Pls add friend list in game too, that would help
I do like this game and I gave it five stars because the characters looked like cool 😊😊😊😊😊😊
From all the rates I give this a 2 star because if you pay real money that's gonna suck wasting money on this game
This is good if you want to win easily especially bosses you use shield after he attack you then take your own turn keep, if he attacks again do it again
It is just awsome! I have searched so much for a dragonball game that has online pvp and the fact that i found one is great! The only little problem is that you have to play hours in the pvp to get in the next section
This game is awesome and all but the only problem is that when i upgrade my hero i always think that i can level up to SSJ2 but also SSJ3 and it cannot do that and i waste my soul ball (Dragon ball) to upgrade my hero (This is me Nathan if you want to chllenge me i am in beginner leauge)
I like this game why can't it be when if your character is in Ultra Instinct he or she can dodge by his or her own. And I agree with Drake you should change the voices into their own.
Holy this game is popular and u can save money to become WAY stronger and this game is good I didn't used to play these ( which have such skinny characters) since how skinny the characters are but I like this one
Well This is a good game but Can u Do An Update That if ur Normal Goku U Can transform Based On what Goku U have Like The Ultra angel Im gonna give 5 stars So I will be waiting
My 2nd review and I love the game alot, but please fix their voices on an update to where there noises they make are more accurate to the characters also fix vegeta where his evolve state is not always a great ape maybe base form but not every one even blue vegeta has a great ape form there can be something new added maybe but thats another reason why I gave this a 4 star and ads
A really good time killer and also has a wide character selection and I don't see any problems and also they have more advanced features than other stick anime type games
I would give this a 5 star, but some of the characters like SSJ2 Vezito need the hitbox of the energy blade fixed. The energy blade hitbox is too short, and it needs to be extended because vezito aka vegito is one of my most favorite characters and i dont want it to get ruined like this and some people dont either.
I love this game is really fun cause you can play online its so fun and the versus mode you get coins when you when one there are diffrent levels of it like easy mudiem hard hell and god
It's good,I like it,could you bring something new. It's fun It's wonderful I was fighting piccolo and I won. Then I was fighting friza and i won. I was unlocking heroes and beating bad guys. I think it's marvelous.
I like the game. but I gave it four stars for one reason because i would like if there was a transformation button to make the experience worth while
I think this is a great game but just add SSJ5 and I think it might be fun if u also add multiplayer but I still think it is a good game I just love the graphics
It is the best game ever because the game is very fun pretty cool but the problem is every like 50 seconds you know like one second it takes her to a stupid ad I f###kg 🤬1qq hate it because every time you want to play continue playing the game I text you to a stupid app and that's why I don't like this but 50% not like the other 50% is like so that's why I hate it
This game was best game I have ever played. It even has Gogeta omni god. Thank you for making this game.👍
The graphics are good and please use the original names. I loves dragon ball super games so I'll be willing to download a lot of them.
Ok,its the best game ever, hope you can cone up with even better games and you could add Fu , Goku ultra instinct prison planet ,Cumber,Xeno Goku and i hope you can come up with an even better game because im really looking for a good dbz game and you are the people for it,ok bye, beware of the coronavirus,bye love you guys,oh and add the tournament mode, my only problem is why can't we transform