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Stickman Dragon Fight - Super Stick Warriors

Stickman Dragon Fight - Super Stick Warriors for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Azura Global located at Pulau Tekong, Singapore. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
You are a fan of role games that are playing? You like it to be games that are stickman? Welcome to Stickman Dragon Fight - Super Stick Warriors!

You will find it so much fun to experience this simple but gameplay that is interesting. All you need to do is dodge, jump, power your ki, perform basic and 3 advanced skills, transform your hero into an instinct that is ultra fight against invaders. The control is so simple that you will be amazed at how attracting the sound effects and graphics are.

The game integrates some features that make the gaming experience more comfortable than ever:
⚡ Completely free
⚡ No network connection required


Phenomenal 3v3 stick fights
There are not only traditional 1 vs. 1 fights but also interesting 3 vs 3 fights in Stickman Dragon Fight - Super Stick Warriors. You can team up easily with 2 more heroes to fight against a team of three other heroes in Versus mode, or 16 teams of three in Tournament mode.

A large collection of the strongest fighters
👊 Win battles, get rewards to unlock the more than 100 fighters
👊 Try out new characters, practice fighting skills in training mode before deciding which characters to unlock
👊 Roleplay as villains and protagonists, explore the power and experience their unique powers and eye-catching performances of each stick that is super of the Universe.

Missions and Rewards
👊 There are 3 interesting modes to play:
- Story mode: Go on a journey that is long discover every single corner in the world, to search for the enemies, get into many fantastic playgrounds to defeat them and save people
- Versus mode: Face your favorite opponent in an intense fight and try to prove your skills and powers
- Tournament mode: 16 finest heroes or teams will fight in the tournament. Who stands the ground until the end will be the winner that is glorious
👊 The spin is free and its rewards are attracting such as gold or even a character
👊 Lots of daily quests and milestones to complete that come with rewards
👊 Receive free gifts are available at any time

Let’s download Stickman Dragon Fight - Super Stick Warriors and enter into the arena to fight for your team of heroes and humans on the Earth!

Our developers will continuously update more characters, storylines and refine the product to deliver a brilliant gaming experience for you and your friends!
If you need any technical support or would like to send us some suggestions to improve the game, please contact us via:
FANPAGE: https://www.facebook.com/StickmanDragonFight/
EMAIL: [email protected]

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Stickman Dragon Fight - Super Stick Warriors.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Stickman Dragon Fight - Super Stick Warriors for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
But one I chose one of most powerful hero but in story mode the same character has high power level please add upgrading system of heroes
This game is broken everytime I buy a character then I get off then back on they are gone also This Game has bugs Such as When I spin the wheel 80 times you get goldenfreiza Wrong I press Claim It does nothing Fix This Garbage Game Also it's Just a copy Of another Game👎
Very good game but if you can make the player go up and down that would be cool but the game is amazing 👏
If you could: Add more colorways to characters. Add a mode that allows us to use special move Without running out of mana and make it a survival mode. Pls do: When i do a special move the background suddenly change to a black scene with colored stripes. can you guys make that happen when we win fights as well cause that look cool. Thank you i play this game cause it feels like another dragon ball super season.
This game is nice and very cool graphics is nice and this is very interesting one of my favourite DBZ game
I like the game. The problem is the ads, they keep showing up. However the gameplay is great, it might be my favorite game. Add multiplayer and a stage select for the next update. Keep up the good work.
It was fun at first but when you play it for a long time the controls get boring Pls add like "FUSION" like DBZ pls
I had Fizea yesterday then he went out of my fighters collection and when I buy something it disperse the next day easily its a nice game but th is bug brings the rate down
This is the absolute worst game I have ever played ever since the recent update the characters that I buy simply go away leaving me with the weak default characters it's not fun playing countless hours trying to get them back when they are just going to leave again
I always wondered who was stronger naruto or dragon ball,this game is really fun battle against npc to get stronger unlock new characters from naruto and dragon ball! It's super fun download it trust me
Sorry but this is too annoying I hv spent weeks trying to get characters when I leave they are gone now I don't care its fixed update or not am tired I have lost interest
Very fun to play and highly recommended. Also if the ads become to annoying then turn airplane mode on and you will be fine.
The game is so good the graphics are great the gameplay is great but the thing is all the Naruto characters like every form are all the same like they all have the same power up and stuff that's the thing I don't like but like when he turns into the Ninetales that's when he has a different powers
best game ever but needs controls for chromebook and pc also needs daily rewards for after the first seven days.
The game is sooo..... Cool!!!!! I like the heros and bosses it soooo!!!! Cool soooo i gave its a 5 star cool can hou make another game plz i will like it I will gave its and 5 star plz plz plz i love this game 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Add cloud saving support to save our progress and would watch multiple ads if ads duration were 3 to 5 seconds
This game is fun, but can you add more characters from new generation animes like Tanjiro from Demon Slayer, Yuuji from Jujutsu Kaisen? that will add more fun in the game.
This game is very good and i even like goku and all the caracters im a boy and i like this game i even like the stickman and the others.
Every thing is good but description there is noted completely free but vegito gota and ryjin is not free and more not free like gomu Ssj blue gomu ultra beta ssj blue and Frieza final but there is trick in pack the free one which can buy by game money is when unlocked and fight one time rest character in pack is unlocked but in rygin viggito final freaza and gota is not
I give it three stars they did a good job when they made this game but the bad thing is when who ever I am fighting and they are about to finish me I always try to move away but the game is good I give the guys mad props
Really good graphics and really good gameplay totally would rate 5 stars this game is the best stick fight game i know
Its a good game, fun and what not but after a while the optional ads stop working, not loading any. And I really liked that. Please fix this problem. Once you do I'll give five stars, but 'til then I'm sticking to three stars
I'm a big dbz fan but like the names are wrong gomu it's goku geta vegeta but it's a really fun game and the spin thing I feel like it's a hoax because I can never get geta ultra sorry vegeta ultra instinct It's a really good game though.
This is the best game ever made on playstore apart from shadow fight I love it soooooo much but I can't fly so thats why I rate it a 4
I love the game but the only downside is that there is some pay to win stuff but other then that it's a great game
I love it and the graphics its fun playing and i like upgrading to new characters its so cool i play it everyday i just wanted to say the game is awsome and cool and i love it
Best stickman game ever is anyone think he or she can handle this game what are you waiting for joining in
game is great but if an opponent Doe's a attak it will still do damege to me. also can you add flight because it's annoying to hover.
I've played this game for about a week and I'm loving this game but I don't want the double x2 when I spin the wheel please change this immediately in the next update. Thank you.
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The game is good but, just like other stickman dragon ball games, there are so many characters behind a paywall
Really cool game just some good effects and vibration would be make it even cooler definitely the best dragon ball game in my opinion
I love this game the 3v3 feature is so cool i love all the games the only problem i have are the ads but i just press o and open it again other them that i love this game
I love everything about the game it is so cool l can play for a hour it's so fun and I'm a big fan of dragon ballZ
This is sooooooooooooooo easy that I can finish this game in a few days and you can't change the character in the story game mode but you can change your character in other game modes I don't have any problem with it because I play games like that and make this a little harder so I don't really like that you can't fly and I don't the animes are wayyyy tooo easy
If it's the game of love but I can't play it if it looks like a good game so please can I play it 250 I need to play I can't play it by can I play after that question to fix it that can play
The game it so easy and boring and it look like cool wallpaper and if you play it it boring that the real problem if you see the app it cool and if you play it boring
the game is really cool but I wish you can fly in it but everything else is good they control the graphics are all awesome
I like this game so much but the Champions reward it's very hard to get creator please make the tournament easy for me to get the champions reward! So I can be the winner winner chicken dinner
Wowwwwww i like this game sooooooooooooo much their attack is cool and the stickman models is good but just why why i cant get the geta ultra when i spin no matter how many times i spin i still didn't get the geta ultra the most time i get when spin is 100 coins and 200 coins but i still like this game so much fun and uhh kinda hard hehe but fun i recommended you to download this game and dont forget to turn on your airplane mode or turn off your wifi because if you dont theres an ad okay
I give it 3 stars because I spent a lot of time try to get 800 gems but when I accidently logg out it made my gems to like 4 it made me delete the game.
I like the fighting and all that but I don't like it how we can't fly so I think you should make an update what Dragon Ball characters can fly but normal Naruto can't same goes for sage mode Naruto
اتقوا بالله عليك إيش أسوي للجهال كم مجموع فتاوى ابن تيمية أرسل بواسطة ابوسفيان في امين بيدزاء او مصطفى زماني وغيرهم
Very good game but when we defete a character we should get that character Anyway this a very good game
The game is awesome I like the free gifts free coins and free gems and my favorite part is the bosses they are really powerful and are a challenge.
It is a good game it really is it is just that after you fixed the game with the skins diseaepring it now has a problem where like after you in like the game half way in a battle when you attack and you turned around it won't let you turn back around and the way you facing it make you stay like that the hole time
the gameplay is good place add new characters,new combo system,multiplayer, make it harder and add flight
It was amazing 😍❤️👌👏 but please can you make Goku and Vegeta's super Saiyan blue and ultra instinct to be able to by it with the game coins or diamonds
I love this game its interesting there is a story mode and the plot is really good and even if you finish the story mode you can still do versus mode training mode and tournament mode there is a lot of characters to collect so download it
Amazing game!, Super fun to play and I love the idea of taking Dragonball and turning it into a stickman game free for all!!!. This is one of the best games I have ever played!.
I have to give a 1 star cuz it keeps crashing I couldn't play the game and I can't even play it now because it crashes
Its kind a like a story more than a game but is pretty good and i like the way how freesa swarn for reveng
It is fun it just stol my money I bought the character thing where it gives you all of the characters and I had then and the next day they were gone it tuck ten dollars the first game is a lot better it doesn't scam I will give it a better review if I get my stuff back
Overall the game is good but I'm having issues with in-app purchases. I'm not receiving the all pack purchases. It's taking the money off my parents credit card but I'm not receiving my order. It's an error that needs to be fixed please
Wow what a terrible game i think it needs work it took me 5 minute to get the most powerful character in the game off of the wheel just using the cash i got from it and kept spining using the diamonds to get what i wanted after that i played it for a vit and stop
This game is really awesome it have so many characters like naruto,goku,vegeta etc.It also have the story mode only one problem is for ultra instinct goku we have to buy him it's my request that we can buy ultra instinct goku buy gems and also write there name correctly
This is an amazing game but the reason i rate 4 star is because there is one problem why can't the player fly please work on the game it is a big problem
It is very fun. But I don't like how all the characters you play sound like Goku when your fighting. Nut still fun tho
I really love this game souch BUT as you can see the but is capitalized why cant i upgrade my fighters while my enemies are more stronger than me for example migra is the strongest player with 720 hp and i think 82 atk and so on while culler he is so strong in story mode no matter ho hard i try i cant beat him please fix it and let me upgrade my fighters thanks and this would make me give it a 5 star and 👍👍👍
The character of the game are amazing and also the game but the problem is we can't fly the character up and some character are for real money but the game is awesome
can you make it 3D and give new player 1600 free diamond and give old player 1600 free diamond to if you do it I will rate 5 star OK and I wish you do it OK
I give 2 stars because when I buy a new character they fight for only 1 time then we want buy another time then they open please fix the characters otherwise I will don't like this game🙏🙏
This is a cool game but after a day has past after buying a character you jave to buy it again unless you earn it from a spin.
This game is really fun u guys should add more character's like Zeno and his Guards Shenron it would be cool.
when you spin the wheel it's rig cuz you only get gems and coins and that's not cool cuz some people actually waste their money on this game so you see the sad can you please unrigged the wheel please but it is cool to play and it's a very good game but the wheel is rigged oh and play Roblox BB King brother that's my thing for Roblox
First our character can fly add this feature second don't allow us to choose our opponent in versus mode
The game is nice 👌😊 but it take me out of the game and it will never stop so please do like make it stop
Man i like your game i like the graphics the story the animation....but i just kinda dissapointed because its all about DBZ you should add some more naruto characters and a naruto stories too thats what i think you should add to your game...and if you gonna do that i appreciate it...im looking forward to your next update..Thank You
It was good at first but i have seen 50 ads and the next day cyrus was gone then i bought suke devil and it was gone when i was going to make another tiktok with it so can you give me cyrus and suke so i can turn this into a 5 star?
I love this game but it's so hard to get gems you should do better with gems because I have more coins than gems the tournament gems should be 80,make it better with gems 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
The game is nice but i think that each hero should have their own power icon but rather then that its fine
I love the game bc i like the anime dbz and dbs and its great. 10\10 :) and also can u make the stick figures alot biggger? and add some space to the stickfigure names and anyways PLEASE SEE THIS COMENT and also thus took me like allmost 1 hour to downlode(idk how to spell daownlode lol) and can you guys add zeno to the game? And ALSO ayomide you suck as **** ****** **** im sorry and also when i wait it reset when i wait T_T
This is so awesome especially when I fight against android 18 but it just so awesome 😆😆😆😆 keep it up.
Very good game I like the funny names but great job on the details and the movement love the game I hope to see more inprovment my favorite characters are the customes.😁
This game is awesome and fun I really like that every single character cost like 500-5000 gems pls do it
The game is amazing but one thing i dont like is that they didnt add pvp bc i got vegeta ultra instic and i wannaed to test it but i couldnt bc i saw there was no pvp pls add this in the next update i will gladly will be happy if u do have a good day :)
The game is nice 👌😊 but it take me out of the game and it will never stop so please do like make it stop it can never stop 😭🙏🙏😂😡 so sorry I need to press uninstall so I don't know what you are going to do and I told you
It's kinda ok and fun but I suggest that you should make an multiplayer for this like connect to the same net and you can fight each other but that's a suggestion it's still great
Nice fighting in versus mode 1v1 & 3v3 and Tournament mode 1v1 & 3v3 ! Nice story mode too.. i wish add other character that purchase with the coins and diamonds only. Its okay with the ads but not too many. Hehe 😁👍 Thanks i enjoy the app.
The game has no problem but it has a lot of ads every match there is a ad please remove some ads because it would be anooying if you do that your game is the best and I will change this into a five star
I really liked this game there are a few ads here and there but it IS really good. It helps me with stress to LIKE WHEN YOU WANNA HIT SOMETHING. YAAAAAAAAAA.(I am not a bot btw)
This game is already so fun to play and I barely downloaded it I love the characters that they have from anime it's just such a great game to play whenever you're bored five stars
Suck game this game is so suck when i click this game not responding omg this copy from unity the true this game is so good but this game copy from the stickman fighter This is the name Stick Man Warriors
Cool game but can't you guys and some realistic transformations and separate them from stickman to 2 real skins
This game is really good but i feel like they should make it so u get emralds with normal troops on story but its overall great
Firsti will tell that this game is copy of another game and thename is almost same In these games we always fly which we cant do in this game this game this game fighting is nothing 0 I would give this game no stars but i cant post this without of any star and one thing more ads there were too much ads that i had to off my internet plz dont dont install this game according to its rating
This is the most best game I've ever played and the graphics is so so so good sorry for the haters of this game I love this okay please forgive me think you God they make this game.
Love the game mainly the story but, why aren't the ads working I had a chance to get gomu as ssj3 and I missed it becuase there were no ads this is probably the only time I will every ask for ads.
I give it a 2 star becasue when i buy something with gems and coins and do something it just goes away like my brother bought devil sasuke and i did too and we dont have it any more and he also bought goku god and he doesnt have it anymore please fix it. otherwise the game is good but the bug just brings down the rate
the games keep crashing whenever i start it up, just audio in the background but i cant even go back to the homescreen, its just stuck on the tutorial page. Giving this a 1 star untill its fixed
I love the game and DBZ/GT/Super. But I have a Ad Glitch problem that has a stupid flashing going on. Like a crazy on/off switch and it keeps closing the game on my Iphone. Please fix this.
I love this game so satisfying and worth installing! 😍😍😍 Keep up the good work! I wish there is more update 😍
IT IS PERFECT. Except there should be a run button but other than that it's great to kill some time and it doesn't even need wifi ☆☆☆☆☆
The game is great but Goku ultra should be able to get him with gems. Infect every fighter who is in dollars should be gems.So i would really appreciate it.
I like this app because it's like something I did play before it's called stickman warriors super dragon fight
Ummm soo why its not five star there some glitch that gomuj1 supersians the enemy glitch out he fighting nothing im on his back so can u fix it its really fun game i will put five if u fix it thx bro
My problem of this game is bug on turnament, it show i lose even it did'nt finish the game. Some Comp are strong and more HP. Then it cannot dodge b coz f the enemy start the ultimate skill + punch kik, more damage u take. Plz fix this.
Why... so... many...ads... Guys, c'mon... please stop with all the ads. Why, after every single match, before a match, during anything does there have to be an ad. Yall dont make enough money off of micro transactions to stop with this incessant nonsence? Uninstalled, 1 star at best.
Dude this game is awesome I did a pro at this game and its easy lol I play it for a hour 5 and I did many bosses try this app
Tbh I don't really like this game. It only has 2 franchises in the game ( naruto and dragon ball ) the other reason why I don't like this game is because there is only one sound affect for the punching and getting punched sound that's why I rated it 1 ⭐
very good game 😄☺️👍👍 but if all of character are free so I rate 5 stars but sorry if u can do a update of all.free characters j rate 5 stars
It is a very cheat game it has a lot of glitch when I come to won a tournament match it come back to its main place and I lose the match # Game Glitch 🎮 😤
I like the game!!! But, I give it 4 stars because without online mode im not very happy with the game... But its honestly pretty fun
I wanted to give 5stars but the controls we can't go on top so the enermy can attack us so please fix 🔧 this
Very Nice Game the fact I like that it has unlimited play time and theirs tournaments and versus but please add something new and very nice game
I love the game so much. I know I only rated it four stars even though I just said I love the game. I rated it four stars because there are too many ads. You always have to watch one before a fight, which is very dumb. The best character in the the game is the hardest to get. Yeats why my favourite character is Migra. Also before I forget you should make it possible to fight against other people for rewards. You can get the idea from playing Dice Dreams. Gave a good night.😴😴
I play after 1 week then then i can see automatically super saiyan blue vegeta and goku unlocked in my phone i like that
I love this game sometimes it can get challenges but overall its great you can unlock dragon ball characters and play in tornaments.Or of you want just play the story which is really good too.Definetly recommend this game.
The video made it seem so cool but actually its just a bummer. Your fighter only has one hand to hand combo move and cant fly...
The reason it's a four is because its recommended as a part time game however its pretty addictive sometimes I've been playing for less than a day and I allready have the top characters
This game is pretty good because it'scuz it's like something that I played before it's like made by the sing Creator but I don't care it's like a whole different game
This is by far one of the best mobile games I have experienced I would give it a solid 10/10 if I could.🙂😁
This game is amazing. But I do think that they should add more franchises other than just Naruto and Dragon Ball. For example, I think they should add some characters from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure or some other animes. Other than that, great game.
Bro not gonna lie this game is good for a stick fight game I would always download boring one cuz I could not find a good on so yeah you should download this game.
This games is good but the only reason that I hate this game is that it can not fly other stick fight games can fly
I gave this a four star because when u turn super Sayian the npc stops fighting you and focus on nothing just fighting air
IF I WAS GOD OF THE WORLD I WOULD MAKE THIS THE ONLY GAME TO EXIST.......but the ads I hate 😔😔😔😔 they can get annoying fast..... Also can u make some new story's.....'plz' And upgrade ne to....
I mean its fun... Thats all ya need in a stick fighter. Aditional characters cost but not too much and with reasonable amount of grind i guess.
Very good every round in any mode me and my opponent punch at the same time also the combo is epic this game is awsome😁
Amazing this game has awesome content and is helpful with stick man design ideas and movement! Also their is a issue when your opponent is using a move and your charging it doesn't give you mania can you plz fix that. And the ultra people dont doge can you plz fix that this is a amazing game with a lot of potential:).
Genuinely decent game, only problem is sometimes the characters break, and face the opposite of each other, not being able to fight and removing the real challenge of the game.
Its a very good game but there are so many ads please take the ads away that will so good and it will be a great game.
And your next update please don't make people play for those characters honestly I already tried that and last time I lost everything and I technically wasted a couple of a lot of money over it now please stop making people pay for the characters I just saying it really devalues the game your game has great potential and it's a very amazing to the point I'm in very extremely impressed but please make it easier to get your characters maybe a lot more easier
This game is super cool and how to get new skillls? I see some elites and even playerd have pls tell me and I have already defeated the first boss and andread team! I'm in the tournament the andred sister is really strong
I love the quality and I love the three versus three battles it's almost the same thing as stickman warriors also a Dragon Ball super game but they are just some changes.
This is a really good game, I was gonna give it a four star because it won't let me change my character for some reason, and I can't beat the leader with Ruto because he is the weakest one, so can y'all please fix it so I can change my character. Thank you
This game is amazing the only thing you need to do is take away the ads plz that would be great 😁 You just need to get rid of those ads and then it's perfect and game is already you just need it to be a bit better take away those ads your game is ready.