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Streamgirls Inc.

Streamgirls Inc. for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Whee Games Ltd located at Poseidonos 1, LEDRA BUSINESS CENTRE, Engomi 2406 Nicosia Cyprus. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Sexual Content, Partial Nudity) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Vibrant and humorous simulator of an advertising agency owner's life filled with beautiful models, celebrity parties, and awesome stories!

Build your own advertising empire from scratch: hire the best models, fulfill all the contracts, and reach the top of the industry!

Become the advertising industry producer that is best: get lucrative contracts, sign deals, earn a ton of cash and have a time of your life!

Surround yourself with amazing models: help them become the best in the online entertainment industry. Light the brightest stars of the ad business!

Make a portfolio for each model: you're the one to decide which photos will pave their success.

Talk and flirt with this planet's most attractive girls: you're the one who has selected them from a thousand candidates!

Secure a cash that is constant: you're the boss, and everyone here works for you. For you- and it keeps coming while you're chilling, the models are making cash!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Streamgirls Inc..
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Streamgirls Inc. for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I just bought a bunch of upgrades to finish contract 34 so i could get to 35 and the special event. Now the game loads to 100% but won't open. It just sits at 100%. Not happy at all.
Just get into a different idle game. It smacks you over the head with offers to spend real money nonstop from the second you download the app. It also doesn't have frequent enough limited events to gather resources for the main game, so it becomes stagnant very, very quickly if you don't want to spend real money (and the prices are ridiculously too high). Otherwise, it's decent. Nothing special but it works and isn't ugly. Except for Nikki's animated model. Skeletor with bug eyes.
It's so fascinating and just Amazing I love how they have the phone and the emojisπŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ’•πŸ’• but download it it is amazing
It was great..tho just like a real woman it takes a month to do something good with her. πŸ˜† So yeah if you like it too please rate it and tell them your opinion on it. They fix alot of stuff they scroll threw every week.
Edit: they made contact and issue has been fixed. Can't progress passed level 5. Was supposed to get a character at level 4, and need this to go further. No point continuing, uninstalling.
I'd give it 5 stars if it wasn't for SO MANY ads. I understand they're a necessary evil of the game being free but geez.
I was loving this game. However, it now won't even boot up. I was on contract 22 or 23 (I've also spent money on gems or what have you) and now the game will not open. The loading bar gets up to 79% & stops. I've let it sit for 5 minutes to see if it would go further, it didn't. I've done everything I could think of. I cleared the cache, cleared the data, powered off my phone then turned it back on & even uninstalled the game then reinstalled. It's annoying since I've put time and money into it
Would be nice if there were a way a earn rubies outside of paying money, like as a reward for completing the special events. Won't be playing for much longer because I have no more photo storage in the game and I'm not sinking any more money into it. Disappointed because it's not a bad game, just needs some tinkering and polishing.
First off game was fun to play until you reach a high level in which I did at level 40 just finished go to clear the game crashed and can not get back in after that stuck on load at 80 percent all so I was in first place on event added new girl looks like I lost this has well. Support will not respond because I want a refund if the game give what you pay for.
March 6, 2021 - you only get 5 slots for pictures and the only way to get more slots is to purchase them with the red gems. Haven't found any way to win red gems and seems your only option is to purchase them with real money. Also, if you use the purple +10(ad) to get viewers and that puts you over your milestone (i.e. you're at 295, milestone is 300, and the +10 puts you at 305) you DO NOT get your milestone bonuses but you're still helping the developer get paid from watching ads.
Updating to 3 stars because they fixed the bugs. Still very expensive for upgrades and such. Not much to do if you get stuck and dont pay
Pay to play. Started off being interesting and free, then got to 3 level and now I have to pay real money to buy red gems so I can complete the level. Easy to learn and play, nice graphics for this type of game. Same you can't really play for free.
I spent martinis before completing a contract and the next contract is to spend 100 martinis....but I dont have any cards for upgrade so I will never be able to progress??? Poor game.
I found it fun but The game froze after i click at the shopping icon.. I couldnt even proceed the game after that.. It only shows a margarita cost $25505050
Still buggy after update. Freezes after watching ad so you cant collect rewards. Very expensive for not that good of picture content
I am stuck. I'm on contract 5, its asking for 5 streamers over 100 but I don't have a 5th streamer. It's asking to upgrade a studio, but I don't have enough studio prices. It's also asking for 400 martinis but the only thing I can earn is money through the streamers. The game is at a complete stand still as far as progression goes. It broke. It wouldn't let me get the 5th streamer and now I cannot progress or start over.
Game is buggy. Was doing event and had my income at the triple gs. But when i managed to upgrade the studios to max it nulled the income for the leaderboards and now i lost my 1st place rank. Waste of time.
It keeps shutting down. This is a very awful app. I Uninstalled and installed the game. Same issue. Loads to 80% and crashes.
It was fun for the first little bit, but after realizing I can NEVER acquire rare items to continue conversations without buying them with Gems, I am quitting. Also, I watched a video to get "double cash". It doesn't give me double cash. This is a great way to kill a few days of spare time before bed, but you'll never be able to progress without spending a ridiculous amount of money. I do not suggest this game until these two issues are rectified
I like the gameplay but there needs to be a way to earn gems like watch an ad for 1 or 2 gems a day or somthong like thqt but over all decent.
I can't even open it anymore, everytime I try the bar reaches 80 then quits. And on the rare chance I do, If I try to go to the event and it crashes. Fix your crashes then we'll talk.
The game is nice. I just started so I have no issues yet, but I will update if I run into one. I like this game. πŸ‘πŸΎ
Can no longer play as game wont load, keeps saying connecting to server. Doesnt make a difference if i try mobile data rather than wifi
Careful making in app purchases, it may say error an not give u anything, but it will still take your money, did it to me 3 times
Latest version seems to have broken the main game but the event works properly. The main part gas an infinite glitch where you can click a girl and get infinite money with no cooldown.
Stuck on contract 3 progress bar 5/9.. Can't do anything else ! No story no tutorial only 3 characters unlocked!! I spent 6 bucks on a useless free game for what?! 11/22/30 issue has been resolved
I started off really liking the game until i ran an update for a special event. Game locked up on me and now won't open. Spent a bunch of money i am now out. Contacted tech support twice and was told it would be updated and fixed in a few days or a week and i would be compensated for my game being down since february. The first time i was told that was about a month ago... no update. The second time was over a week ago. Just wish the game would work.
Your standard farming idle game. The text chains are a good way to add story but the responses regularly seem geared towards a choice I didn't make so either it's a bug or a design team attempting to give the illusion of choice where none exists.
Was an alright game, until it stopped opening. Acts like it's going to load, then crashes, every time now. How frustrating. UPDATE: Uninstalled, reinstalled, same thing happened. Well, I know better than to deal with pay to win apps, but thanks for the reminder.
A decent idle game overall, but once your photo storage is full (5 pictures), that's it unless you spend real money on gems to get more storage. Have to spend real money to unlock some of the characters. This game is seeming like more and more of a cash cow than anything. Thanks but no thanks! Also some of the quests are very unrealistic. Update 11/6/20: Forcing people to pay real money to progress in the game is definitely NOT very motivating. Down to 1 star now... smh
Nice artwork, cool characters and best of all the chat feature that allows you to talk with the characters themselves gives you some hot pics with amazing artistic flare.
I love this game it had me playing it for a while And y'all who are having trouble just maybe delete it or something
2/9 update: improved my rating to 4*, epic girls are now obtainable in events which are fun and don't really require spending unless you want to get rankings. However after contract 40 the game is over and nothing else can be done. We need more contracts!
Do you like watching hundreds of ads for no apparent reason? If so, this is the game for you! The game is literally watching ads to fulfill a "contract", after which nothing happens, then you do the same thing over again. After a few contracts it takes days of ad watching to pass the contract. Utterly pointless.
Good game idea but is basically a framework for ads. I don't mind ads but when the gametime ratio is 3 times more ads than active gameplay then it soon becomes an issue. Contracts can take several hours to complete and this is a very hands on game. It is possible to automate the game but this requires upgrades to characters which takes ages to achieve unless you purchase rubies (not possible to win these by gameplay or ads). The photo album is very small (5 pic) it is expandable by using rubies which must be bought which makes the whole text message interaction pointless. This game is high maintenance and becomes tedious after a day or so.
I have only just got the game and so far the game is fun and I'm enjoying it πŸ˜€ the one star I left out was for improvement bcuz you can always find something to improve on
Game was enjoyable at first... a nice addition to the many idle management games out there... the artwork is great. The tasks just enough to keep you interested... slight changes to the list of interactive projects... all of these were good. Personally, i like to give credit where it is due... so i try to make some purchases in game... give back to the developers... but apparently, all you get from this game is about two days to play and it locks out... dont download...
Overall good idle game with some very nice artwork πŸ˜‰. It is quite difficult to make progress without paying a bit of real money and unfortunately the investment isn't worth it in the long term. I'm on contract 13 and have been stuck for over a week with basically no progress. The actual gameplay loop is quite fun, similar to adventure communist.
Forget about premium currency, I can't advance any text chain because I'm on contract 24 and I have only gotten 1 rare item from Virginia. What gives? This is impossible to pass.
It's good but not great. It has funny elements but the pay wall is huge so unless your gonna sink money into it you got about 3 days of fun before boom.
Game play is decent for the type of gane, however the massive fault is the massively undersized photo album that has more images locked behind a expensive pay wall when you get repetative adds.
Been playing for a couple of days there seems to be no way to earn rubies in this game without paying money. In other games if you click on the add rubies /diamonds you can see an ad that earns a few but not here it goes straight to pay money option.
I cannot hire the second streamer the last time. After I report it to the customer service email, it worked well. Thankyou for the good supportπŸ™πŸ˜Š
11/16 update: still no epic girls. Pricing is a bit high. Hoping for improvements. Interface a bit clunky and unresponsive. No way to get rubies for free. Some contracts have messed up quest orders and it's possible to glitch yourself to the point they're unsolvable. Girl packs need to be cheaper too, instantly asking for $20 per rare girl is too much, and the amount of rubies per $ spent is terribly low. Their artist is awesome as usual. :D hope they balance the game soon!
I really like this game however i have an issue with the game how many gems is each payment for its blank so i cant tell how much im getting from it
Hit a wall about ten minutes in. It requires me to upgrade a studio to progress but there is no way to do this. The button does nothing. A broken mess of a game.
It's a good game but after I paid for some extra photo spaces it freezes on the loading screen and keeps closing the app on me.
I had an issue with an in game purchase, and their customer support quickly resolved the issue. The game isn't perfect, but it's fun...and good customer support is hard to come by
I liked the game but after this update it seems like the game is broken. money doesn't move an when I opened the free crate from watching ad it wouldn't load the stream or texts you guys broke the game with your update. I'll check back in the game to see if it's fixed but not going to keep a broken game installed. it was a fun concept an I was interested in more events and new characters but might as well be a pipe dream. hope you can fix it? wouldn't mind spending money on it but glad I didn't
Jitna der isi open hone me lagega na itne der me hum agar pubg abhi hota na to hum tdm 2 bar jit kar aa jate phir v ye open nahi hua hota
Game wouldnt start so i restarted my phone. Still wouldnt restart. So uninstalled it and reinstalled it and lost all of my progress. Not only that the inly reason i went through this is because i bought the starter pack which i didnt get. I want my money back.
Only 4 stars cause this needs binding. I'm not gonna put no money in this game and can't save your progress.
Fun for maybe an hour. Then it becomes pay to play on top of being buggy. Don't waste the phone storage space.
Ok time waster but gets boring fast prices too high and I don't want to spend that much for hardly anything
I like this game so much but I don't like when I have to click on the money to go to another one. Play do something like make the money collecting automatically.
I do lile this game, however I dislike that there isn't really a way to earn Rubies other than buying them.
Starts off really well but gets significantly worse in later levels. It is quite difficult to make progress without paying a bit of real money and unfortunately the investment isn't worth it in the long term. I'm on contract 21 now and am completely stuck. It would take almost a year of playing to get to the next level without spending money. it's a shame because the actual gameplay loop is quite fun, similar to adventure communist but the balance is just horrific.
It's another game that you have to pay to win. The drop rate of the items is very low and the buttons switching to "watch an ad" takes you to infinity ads to play the game.
Works ok as a time killer. Beat level 22 (which had an absurd time scale on it compared to all the previous levels), and now it crashes and won't load past 79%
After 6 pictures collected, it requires 10 diamonds for one additional photo... This is the essence of the game taken away. Typical UNITY. Just when I thought you guys are doing better with the ads, you screw us like this. Uninstalled
Just started but so far it's alot of just pressing buttons. I enjoy the text message part tho. I gave 3 stars because I'm no ty far in so its just so so as of now. I hope it gets better. It needs more interaction all together.
Recent update seems to have broken the game. Contract 11 has locked the game with no further progression possible (first girl locks and cannot collect money). Oh well. It was fun for a while. Fun concept.
you need to either get rid of this app or change the ad, it is one of the most sexist ads ive ever seen. Actually just get rid of the game, i only installed it so i could write this review.
Pay to play game. In reply to their comment: I don't expect quick progress. I expect a fair and honest game. Not hide things I need to be able to continue a conversation with the girls, and having to pay in order to get those things to continue with the game. So please, get your facts right, and actually try playing the game before you accuse me of wanting a quick game. If I wanted a quick game, I'd play battleships.
Works ok as a time killer. Beat level 22 (which had an absurd time scale on it compared to all the previous levels), and now it crashes and won't load past 79% Edit: cleared cache, uninstalled, reinstalled, still hangs at 79% on loading screen
It's a good game but full of bugs. In the event I'm in at the moment it's pot luck if I receive and money from the automatic collection so not made any progress in it since the first 3 hours of the event. When you got to the store it don't show you how much you receive for what you spend.
I stuck at the mission 100 martini spent. And I spent all shards before this mission. So I couldn't play anymore. Fix it please.
Game becomes a watch ads to progress game very quickly. As in literally watch many adds to get items you need or buy them for 50+ dollars... That will disappear soon as you finish level. Events are staged/fake and not accurate. Great time waster if you want to watch 10+hours of ads to progress 1 level. And some pictures you have to pay for even when they are bleh pictures. Nothing special in game. Just time/money waster.
Can I give less than 1*? What a cash grab. This is one of those time killer idle games but locked up behind CONSTANT ADS. Buying stuff early is ridiculously overpriced. Even worse your "rewards" for playing become locked behind a paywall after so long. Took a fun idea and made it trash with your greed. Garbage like this should not even be offered in the store.
I opened the app once,didnt even get to the second level,and now the stupid app wont open. It loads to 80%,and then shuts it doen everytime.
This is an entertaining game. It is ad supported, so there is no surprise there. There are few ads, so far. It is fun and easy to play.
Fun for 15 mins till i ran into a part where i had to pay to progress. Idk if it was a bug or not but i'd rather not drop cash on a time waster
I love this game and i dont know how like. I saw an ad and is was this game. So i taped it and i downlode it and i played it and it is great. So like i said i love this game. And I like it and it is great.
So when am I going to get the part in the ad and loading screen where I can make it so they have strip naked?
Does this game even have sound for anyone else? It's incredibly frustrating that there are no in game settings to look at.
why do u wanna force us to spend money in this, it's as if u r saying that if we want to play this game then it's a must that me do a purchase. and also cannot continue from contract 4. so many glitches n errors 0 stars if i can give
Fun game but how do you unlock sensitive content? There is no menu or settings option I can find and every picture has the sensitive content eye with a line through it. Please advise.
Pay to play. There is no alternative but paying to "unlock" the rewards. UPDATE 2020-04-02: The developer has responded to my review, and missed the point entirely. They have referred to donation being inevitable for "quick" progress, but beyond about contract 10 (I persevered well into the 20s), there are resources that never drop (e.g. business cards), and no way to obtain gems without paying cash. Gems which you need to unlock additional picture space. I don't want quick progress, just SOME
This game has great potential, however after the first contact I could not, in any way, progress. It would not allow me to hire Andrea, the first stream never ended and I cannot change which page I'm seeing, by using the icons along the bottom. The "hire" button is permanently greyed out for Andrea, and I cannot find a way to progress beyond this, as there's no way to replay instructions for an in depth explanation of what to do, or any way to achieve progression, from what I am seeing.
Tried to get into this game, but someone in the dev team had the terrible idea to convert the "buy another person button" to "watch an ad to get 10 people" button from time to time, so suddenly instead of using game currency to upgrade stuff, I'm watching ads I didn't mean to click.
Interface a bit clunky and unresponsive. No way to get rubies for free. Other than that, perfectly playable for the most part but epic girls are not unlockable in any way. Some contracts have messed up quest orders and it's possible to glitch yourself to the point they're unsolvable. Girl packs need to be cheaper too, instantly asking for $20 per rare girl is too much, and the amount of rubies per $ spent is terribly low. Their artist is awesome as usual. :D hope they balance the game soon!
A decent idle game overall, but once your photo storage is full (5 pictures), that's it unless you spend real money on gems to get more storage. Have to spend real money to unlock some of the characters. This game is seeming like more and more of a cash cow than anything. Thanks but no thanks! Also some of the quests are very unrealistic
I like the animations. The bad things: Without free rubies you can't expand the photos inventory, therefore flirting is useless. There is a small freeze every time we collect the money from each stream (happens in manual and auto collect). Not many girls to choose from. No audio. No settings.
Sophie was a really good useful character however paying for each time you wanted her to be automated? No. I paid once thinking it was going to be permanent. What a filthy scam that is, I'll be asking for a refund. Do not play this.
Hit a 'cash item only way to advance' pay wall about an hour in. With no other options (including watching ads) to get the item is a waste of time.
I completed the 4th contract but didnt recieve the character i was post to get from it. Im now stuck on the 5th contract and have no way to progress....please fix otherwise this would be a 5 star rating easily
It's a chill game where, when I'm bored or have some spare time I can palu it and feel relaxed. It has some good content too! I also liked the way everything is sorted out and organized. The only little thing I have some not bad but dislike is that, the packs are a little expensive. However, in overall its a great game to relax!
At contract 3 and meant to upgrade Andrea to automate but unable to open the page that is meant to allow me to do that
Stuck In 3rd Contract,No Guide,No Reply From Support,Nothing!! Update:-Support Replied And Helped Me,Game Is Working Well.
Its fun, my only gripe is the pay for extra photos thing, and I don't see a way to delete the ones you want
The message: ...we have a new contract ... No model can fulfil it.. And it can not be clicked away .. Game is hanging ...
For starters? Real bad English. It's on par with wattpad. The ftp lifestyle is way too constricting, especially with how many ads you have to sit through. Don't even get me started on how much this game tries to get you to pay for their stupid levelup boosts.
Its a good game to kill ur timeπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡. U can make it more better also. So hoping to see another new things in new updatedπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰. Keep it up!! Good job!! πŸ‘
Well, I was starting to have fun with this game, but there's a point where you must spend martini tokens as part of an mission. This wouldn't have been an issue, but I had nothing to spend them on because I had bought all available upgrades up to that point. The shop doesn't unlock until the later levels, so there's no way for me to even buy my way to the next level. Congratulations, dev team, you screwed up an opportunity to earn easy money. Uninstalling because it's broken.
Most games like this will give you a trickle of premium currency (gems in this case) so if you are patient and put in the grind you can unlock some premium stuff without paying actual money, this game however does not, so you are stuck with the 5 pictures if you want to play free Also the flirt energy takes too long to refresh, basically 3 hours to have a conversation, and you get 2-3 conversations per contract so it's a near impossible grind without spending money
The game was fun until I reached contract 40 and game crashed then fixed that issue now over 3 weeks still no new contracts and yet a event coming shows starts on level 44 what gives
It's pretty good so far, but the requirement for money is frustrating... It would be nice if you could watch ads in order to earn gems and/or more camera memory.
I can not tell what is happening in any of the conversations with characters with how bad the English is. That plus the fact that there's no way to earn the gems needed to increase inventory space make it worthless to try and play after you get 5 photos. Edit: after making the dumbest decision to buy some gems, I spent some leftovers on energy. I had about 500 energy before I changed contracts and the game reset me back to 100 after the contract change. Even if you think you like it, don't.
Stuck on contract 3 progress bar 5/9.. Can't do anything else ! No story no tutorial only 3 characters unlocked!! I spent 6 bucks on a useless free game for what?!
The game is ok but its pay to play for rubies which the game should give once in a while. This last update mess up the suitcase that you can open the timer will reset or it will disappear.
This game in a nutshell: -The gameplay is just ok -This is a pretty light game until ads play -My phone just crashed everytime an ad play -a shitload of ads -have to watch ad just to get a level up before its reset Conclusion? : its just a bloatware. The girls in the photos are just for attention
I'm getting a little frustrated because this is the 3rd day in a row that this game has depleted my in-game phone battery when I attempted to use it to send a message. Every time it offers me more, the game freezes and I dont gain any. Plus it acts like I used it all but doesn't actually use it for anything. Please fix this
Good enough game. Except why it keep freezing on the blonde lady though? She ain't that pretty I don't want to look at her all day, I wanna play the damn game. Fix it and I'll leave a better review.
Never unlocked Nikki from contract 4, other than that the game is good. I can't progress from the current contract without Nikki or spending real money.
I like the concept. Except im already stuck after playing 20 minutes. Wants me to spend upgrade points but can't get the cards to upgrade due to them being rewards.
While I am enjoying this idle game. The one problem I have is that you essentially have to pay money if you want the good stuff. There is no free way to earn gems by watching ads like in other apps I've played. You're stuck with only 5 picture slots then you'll need to pay real money in order to get the gems to open more slots. The are ads that always pop up for deals to spend real money to improve your girls. Further in game, your girls need to be a certain level to auto collect. Please improve
Your new event today is bugged. My automated streamers are not generating money. The pink bar is stuck. :( UPDATE: they are quick to respond with my concern via email they provided and I am satisfied with the service and was able to fix the issue real fast. Thank you so much!!!
I love this game because it's so awesome and there's rarely any ads like I can play for 15 minutes and there won't be an ads.
Just another money hungry game can't delete photos and I have no clue how to get rubies to be able to earn space for more photos.
Update, I did reinstall it and got somewhat further than the first time but unfortunately it started to crash every time I try to open it again after I went to bed. Which is a shame since it was pretty fun to play :(
So this game is ok, with the devs looking for feedback and every I'm sure it will be better, for me my quest contract 3 is stuck at trying to upgrade Andrea to lvl 2 can't find where to her up, I can't click anything but add viewers and shop for gems that's it
Only 4 stars cause this needs binding. I'm not gonna put no money in this game and can't save your progress.edit what is u saying? I'm talking about bind account to facebook and google.
Game is running by ads, you cant play it right without paying of course, and texting in game cost battery?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And you only start with 5 slots for keeping pictures from the girls, if you want more you have to pay of course
Their is no number on how much rubies you get for price on them When you pick a ruby pack there no on how much you get for the pack
Wasn't bad at first. I don't mind games that make you grind it out, but the events were the only way to get some things and they just stopped coming. Feels like the game isn't supported by the developer.
I spent alot of my time trying to get all of adele's photos and when I got to the last one which is the most important one it gave me a white screen on the picture please fix it and give me the photo
Game started okay as most idle games do but after reaching the 3rd contract I had an issue where I couldn't auto collect on Andrea, I thought it might have been because she levelled up and I needed to level up her conversation so I put the game away for the night to allow my energy to recover but when I came back the game locked up on someone telling me that Andrea had to be on stream but I couldn't move past that conversation. I might wait a while to see if this gets fixed. Still not fixed.
2/11 update: new event is unplayable. Cards cannot be obtained, can't claim quest rewards can't claim free 1h briefcase, everything is bugged. Possibly because i ran out of contracts in the main game. Fix it please, game is unplayable.
Overall very good idle game with some very nice artwork πŸ˜‰. It is quite difficult to make progress without paying a bit of real money but it is worth it in my opinion. The actual gameplay loop is quite fun, similar to adventure communist. The girls are all cute and the text system produces some nice pictures. Only downside for me so far is that it gives you loads of pictures at the start but as you progress they basically stop.
you add different purchase option inside the game. if you want to make money by this game ask it at once before giving this game to the end users. while playing the game when you come to realize that if i had 100 $ i could reach the next level is very annoying.
The game loads and I can add "viewers" but am unable to go to any other part of the game. None of the pages on the bottom of the screen work.
The game is okay. So far no need to but in game currency. I don't mind the ads, but the game is a little boring.
PROGRESSION STOPS WITHOUT $$, despite what their auto-pasted reply says. spending $$ is a must not just for "faster progression", as the Devs claim-see below. uninstalled. BUT. it did keep me interested for a few hours until the Paywall: no $$=no Rubies. no Rubies=no "phone storage". no "storage"=no new pictures. no option to delete either.. add the option to delete and the game will gain much more followers.
Pay to Play, this app wont let you enjoy critical functions of it without paying for these "rubies" which are the premium currency. You'd be better off going to another idle game instead of buying "phone memory" ingame.
Developers resolved my problem though the rare character I had i ended up with less covers for. Ok game, some days it is a quick 2 minute launch to open the chest and sig. off
I paid for one of the deals and i didn't get it. And when I tried to complain I couldn't see any settings
Fun idle clicker type game except when I leave the app at level 6 with a 12 hour 2x bonus. I come back and it starts me right back at the beginning of level 2 or 3. If this issue gets fixed I'll update my 3* review.
Was a ok game until the last couple of days it loads to a hundred percent and then freezes. Update after recent update it still freezes.
I really like this game. My only complaint is that there are the odd glitches where i will watch an ad to receive a bonus and it will either freeze or the ad will pause and then disappear with no bonus.
I realized you can softlock yourself from being able to progress. I ran into this issue where I didnt have anything to spend martinis on and because it was required to progress further I couldnt without spending money at all. This NEEDS to be fixed, regardless if you guys just want to make money off us if we cant PLAY THE GAME without spending money very few people are going to play and the ones that do will drop like flies as tine goes on if they are forced to pay to fix bugs.
The game is bad you have to pay for everything even pictures the game stops being good a more boring.
Just started playing this game and I'm having some issues. I can't seem to participate in the event, every time I try to go into it the game crashes. Also there doesn't seem to be a settings tab where I can contact support from within the game. Otherwise it's a decent game and a good time filler.
3/13/2021- you get 5 slots for pics, only way to get more slots is to purchase them with the red gems. No way to win red gems, only option is to purchase them with real money. If you use the purple +10(ad) to get viewers and that puts you over your milestone (i.e. you're at 295, milestone is 300, and the +10 puts you at 305) you DO NOT get your milestone bonuses. Only 2 events and now at a roadblock as the only option to get cards for upgrades is to buy them.
I stopped playing because the game eventually turns into a pay to advance, or grind for over a month to advance. The game loads very slowly for an idle game. I know the automated response will say something about donating, but there are many games that you could spend your time playing other than this.
The base game it self is quite alright but then you hit a well in the form of having to pay for rubis and having no way of earning them. After that you realise quickly that you you have to get rubys to progress properly.
I would give this less than one star if possible. First, if you do spend money on the game, there is a false advertisement in what you receive. The epic girl for $5 you get 1 of 5 needed pieces to get her x2, whereas the advert says x5. Thus, it would cost $25 to get x2. Also, there are botted rabbits to keep you spending money on events. I tested on 2 accounts. Finally, just like below, after one overnight, the game becomes unplayable. Click on everything and game crashes. Stay away!
Terrible. I've played a lot of idle games and this one just sucks. Progress is slow and repetitive, and I cant enter the special events, it keeps crashing. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it didn't help at all. Plus, my game crashed when making a purchase and i didn't receive the item i paid for, the developer said they'd fix it but I haven't received either my items or my money back after several days. Complete rip off. Only decent thing is the graphics, the artist is good.
Was promising, but then during the forced tutorial process it tells you to spend martinis but neglects to mention they can't be spent alone. In my haste to max stats and actually play the game I used up the other materials and the game won't give more until I spend the martinis, which I can't spend alone. Too unpolished and the tutorial is too heavy handed to the point of locking game progress. Unless you wanna spend cash avoid it, and even then I'd not suggest it.
Update: Had problems when the app was first down loaded. But their customer service worked things out and were very kind.