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Street Diver

Street Diver for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Miniclip.com located at Miniclip SA Case Postale 2671 2001 Neuchâtel Switzerland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Play the flip game that is newest!

Jump from a great variety of locations, from your own regular day town to your stress regarding the Wild West or even the amazing sci-fi World, there are tons of levels to explore! Land on specific targets, perform frontflips which are amazing backflips to obtain additional points and get rewarded for crashing!

• perfect amounts, make movie stars and development through our tale map
• Jump from amazing options: From the world this is certainly viking a city in room, the universe will be your play ground!

• Get rewarded for crashing!
• Share your most readily useful jumps and your fails that are hilarious your friends!
Our ragdoll physics engine will ensure to give you you memorable moments!

• Unlock special figures: Rockstars, sportsman, zombies, mummies, warriors.. Over 50 characters for you yourself to unlock!
• Mix and complement human body components and create your personality this is certainly unique!
• Brand new content delivered regularly!


This online game doesn't need connection this is certainly internet and may be played offline.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Street Diver.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Street Diver for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Amazing game with no more annoying ads and plus point is that you can play it offline also 😍😍😍 So smooth gaming experience.
One of the most addictive games I've played in a while. Not alot of context compared to some. But there are no repeat lvls and the skins are many. Just wish they had some multi player 🙄 or score boards. Still giving 5 stars in hopes for more lvls
Fun game. My problem is it often gets stock while i'm playing, like after a turn it's just blank nothing's happening I can't even quit or go back to main menu . Other than that nice game. Pls fix it then maybe I can give 5 stars
Everything is pretty good Mechanics are simple yet so good, you only play with one finger all the time Extra challenges are so addictive and fun Hardness progression is prrety intuitive Some bugs and collision detection misses apear sometimes but are no big deal Scoring system is not as understable nor expectable as it should
It is a real good game I would recommend it but right when I complete a game I go straight to a ad or when I am still playing the game a ad will pop up
I like this game it has a decent amount of ads but i like the concept ive played all the levels and i really want more levels in the game but if they add more levels that would be cool
Fun way to pass time. Would be 5 stars if not for the ads in the levels. I can understand between levels but IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LEVEL!? Like you couldn't wait 20 more seconds?!?!?!
Good game, makes you try harder, if you competitive. But disappointed I've got to level 200 and can not go further, glad I didn't pay to get rid of the ads
It was kind of fun at first, but then after I hit the fifth level, the constant ads started. After every level, successful or not, the ads would play. I just have no patience left for games like this. I understand the need to advertise but these games are just ad farms. Don't bother.
I genuinely enjoy this game. I'm close to level 100 with all stars. It's fun to just try and get all stars before moving to the next level. Ads are short and it's a good experience overall.
Are there any plans to add more levels? I beat the last level after about of month of playing. The last few updates have not added new levels. I really enjoyed this game, but without new levels, it's pointless to keep this on my phone.
Fun game needs more levels I beat all levels and have all the stars theres nothing to do now please update game and add more levels
Fun, seems like they actually lovingly handcrafted the levels, something incredibly rare in mobile gaming where lazy, apathetic game design runs rampant
Very good but so funny when you break the bones 🤣 😄 😆 😂 😀 😅 🤣 😄 😆 😂 😀 😅 🤣 😄 😆 😂 😀 😅 but I think you can make some more effort 👏 😀 but it is good Not beings rude
Was hard at first but once I got used to it, it turned out to be a good game to pass time! No ads is the best part about it 😁
The game is fun but I made it to level 11 and now im stuck in a loop of the game crashing every time I start the level. Literally makes the game unplayable.
One of the worst games I have ever played on phone. The physics are absolutely terrible. The aim on this is the worst. If I was you. Just remove this from the app store!
it is fun, I could've recommended it to my friends but the dev decided to put energy usage that kills the fun out of it. they even put a pay to play system that is not even fair priced. maybe if you put more effort on developing the physics I might consider paying for this until then, don't even bother playing this game
I love this game. I don't think I've ever said that in a review. I opted to throw a few bucks the developer's way since I like this game so much.
I liked the game untill level 121 because there is a bug where it is almost impossible. There is a invisible thing when you try to jump of the building. Please fix it
So good. You actually earn cool skins, and can customize your character. I love playing it because there aren't that much ads, and is hours of fun. Good job guys
Awful gameplay, I really wouldn't waste your time even trying it out! Nothing like it looks, poor quality game!
It's a fun game. I suggest spending a couple bucks to get rid of the ads, otherwise you won't keep the game long. The game hasn't been updated in over half a year. I finished the game months ago. No new levels. Please update!
Great concept and fun at first. Unfortunately this game doesn't really progress, there are new levels and you get new skins but it's l kinda the same. Different flips you unlock in each world (gainers or backflip fulls) worth different points would spice it up. More multi flips levels, they are fun and better goals, land on the target is a lame goal. Otherwise it looks very clean, I haven't experienced any bugs and mechanics seem alright. Also coins are useless aside from the sping wheel
Fun game play. Ads trigger too often (approximately every 3 tries). Like the different costumes. Balanced difficulty increase.
I like this because it is so funny when it crashes and you can customize your character and im almost done finishing this game so update this game so it is longer and it should do some tricks while on air
It was fun at first now I'm stuck on level 30 and it won't let me go past even though I've hit the target
Good ole miniclip games doing what they do best. Not many ads and they're all 5 seconds max, not pay to win, and again...it doesn't bombard you with ads
Love this game, super easy and a great way to pass a few minutes. Only 200 levels which iv completed entirely so cant wait for the new ones to come out.
Im usually sceptical about mobile games like this cause they're generally infested with intrusive ads which spoil the whole experience but this is a fun game with addictive mechanics and i dont think I've seen a single ad. I love it!
Fun to play and great time killer. However, only has 200 levels and has said coming soon for months...
Way too many ads I played for 10minutes and I had 5 30 sec ads that I couldn't skip it was fun but the ads are a suck fix it get rid of them and right now I wish I could rate this 0 stars!
This game is great, but I have a few suggestions: 1. Can there be more flips than just front/back flip?? Like flips from your other games (the trampoline one i think lol) that would add quite of bit of difficulty and satisfaction to even land a gainer flip!! 2. Maybe diversify the challenges. Other than that, its great :)
Absolutely amazing game. I got so addicted I completed the game and gained all 985 stars. Few bugs from lvl 191 and lvl 196 which enabled me from actually landing on the target but I managed to complete it. 100% recommend to anyone willing to relax with a satisfying flip game.
Too many ads. If ads are coming once at a level that is fine but they are too frequent that it became irritating to play. Although game was fun.
Ohh!!!!!! I have totally completed the game. Very interesting and addictive game. It has total 200 levels. The last area ( sci- fi) was very interesting. But please add more levels 🙏. Till then... I am Uninstalling it.....
Great but Flawed gameplay quiet addicting, but i got several random crash, some fix may get 5 stars👌🏻
Fun, simple game with a more than fair amout of add breaks... meaning very few and most are less then 5 seconds if you click out. Overall a pretty good mobile game.
This is pretty fun. There are ads, but not after every level, and 2 dollars removes them. Addictive as well.
Okay, honest review. The game is fun, and the ads are less annoying than I feared. Not bad at all, give it a try
Open the next location because I beated the entire game and I want to go to the next location update the game please and thank you
When I'm on level 6, trying to get all the stars, the game just keeps crashing. Can't even attempt to jump anymore. I have the Note 9. Definitely uninstalling because of this.
You know the level where you have to land in the tiny red circal in the truck with a pool and a fire truck with white barrels in the back and cups on the front d it's friggin imposubal to bet iv try to beat it like 1 thousand times and still can't because it to far forward and you go lean forward to much so ya plf fix and make the level f ING possubol and I'll raise it
It looks Hard When i first enter the game but,when i reach lvl.6 it looks easy.i love it!Great App!i want to thank you the developer of this game😉.
Fun game...and there aren't alot of ads (relative to other games)....and it's just great to launch yourself off a roof and into a garbage can and not have to go to the hospital....i mean...who doesn't want to do that in real life?
This is the perfect time killer. Easy to play and the rounds don't take long. One of those waiting room games if you get what I'm saying. Worth spending a buck or two to remove ads.
For me still when your playing offline ,then go back online adds come up like crazy? Maybe bring in some new adds.
I would give 5 but there is an ad after almost every level/fail. Ugh! But other than that addicting af and wonderful mechanics
Finding it impossible, on some levels, to do the number of flips or backflips they ask for (3) Other than that, entertaining and a good past time
Too many ads. Distracting. Why not make them skippable from the beginning instead of making us wait a few seconds?
Good game.... I would suggest to bring up some levels with running and diving mixed to make it more fun.
This game was extremely fun! Please, please add more to it. This is the only time I've ever enjoyed playing a mobile game. The Ads are infrequent, and do not get in the way at all. I love this game!
It could be a fun game..... If there wasn't so many ad breaks, I get 1 every 2 phuq'n jumps, and I get you need to make money and you wouldn't need so many if YOU'RE CHALLENGES ACTUALLY WORKED, it'll say get 600P and I'll do a perfect backflip collect the cash AND a perfect bullseye only to come up a point short...... WTAF, that's why I deleted this game
The game is great! The ads people talk about don't really bother me as much. Right now, there are just a few every so often. Although, it would be great if we could save our progress to either facebook or google play. I can't find any options for that. 😀
It is fun and free to play it was skins and u can customize your characters but u need the heads the arms the body and the legs
It's fun, but wow is it inconsistent with difficulty. Randomly there will be levels that are super hard (As there should be) and then just a plethora of the most absolutely bare bones simple jumps. 90% of the levels I beat first try, and even the difficult ones weren't that hard. Also the ending is so anti climactic. Level 200 is so boring
Great game for all ages. Fun offline game too. Great to NOT have to endure ads every 4 secs. Which by the way will ultimately lead to some Moof Milker chucking their phone at a transgender little person's disproportionately large head killing them instantly!!! But, ya know, keep jacking up those ads!!! 👌🙄 Good job on the game though👍
Pretty fun and the ads aren't really invasive. I normally play these games with data turned off to stop all the ads, but this one I don't really feel like I have too.
Very good game. The makers made it sure that the players never loose there interest in the game. Thanks for showing less advertisements. Lots of love and congratulations for making such lovely game.
Everything is good, good amount of ads good quality good grafics the game in general is really good check it out!
Simple, fun and addictive! After seeing it on GraystillPlays...I had to try. This game is not buggy, it ran extremely well on my Galaxy Note10. I completed all 200 levels this week, and im ready for more. This game has alot of potential, I am sure over time with some updated options, maybe some different character sounds , more things to hit or flip on per stage, this will be an amazing app ! My son and I BOTH really enjoyed it.
Good game, but has some glitches. I've been stuck on level 190 for ages. very weird behaviour. needs to be looked at.
Good gameplay, but simple. I beat it in a day... Still waiting for more levels. If you are bored for an hour or something, this is the perfect game.
It was mu best game in year end 2020 up until now. When suddenly got stuck in level 190. It has the most glitch/bug of all stages and you cant even complete it because of the bugs. It has invisible walls almkst everywhere. If you dont fix this. I wont changr my review and it will forever the worst game i ever played
Great game it's really fun to play and you really don't have a reason to rage at it and there is not that many ads in it and the ads are like 5 seconds
This game is the best with great graphics , and the challenges keep getting more and more difficult .I love this game
Amazing game. Great time killer and stress buster. Completed all 200 levels. When will you launch new ones? Waiting eagerly!
Love the game, graphics, and simple controls. Only thing is that my game progress wasn't transfered over when I got my new phone!!
The game is amazing it's just that too many ads just bothers me hopefully you can make your game ad less
Where's the new levels? I completed level 200 months ago. The developers from this game don't respond no matter what and I'm deleting the game from my phone tomorrow. It was cool but there's no more levels coming so... see ya.
This game is good but there are ssssssooooo much ads so the worst part about this game is that there are way to much ads so yeah but other then that i love this game so i hope you like it to and i hope you had a good thaks giving so bye! Happy holidays! Do you like this game? Well, i hope you do and do you like my comment about this game? Well i hope well bye for sure so bye👋! And also i'm 8 years old now bye👋!!!😘😝😛 and sorry for those out there that have coronavirase😔😳😒🎄🎅bye!
So fun. But what I love about the game is that ads come only once in a while. Games made by Crazy Labs have a lot of ads but not this one. What I also like about this is it let's you choose to do a either a back flip or front flip. Really cool game
Cool game harder than it looks after the first practice so it stays interesting .Same as any other game here adds to progress restart etc .but A good challenging game no matter.
At last I find a game that is good and that is not EXTREMELY INTRUSIVE with the ads. It's really fun.
very very very awsome but there is one thing I dislike about the game, I think you should be able to use the arrows to play the game like flip diver.
whats wrong at level 51? whenever i land at the target my character always fall even though i land it perfectly please this bug
Good game having nice scenes and players customes always pleasured to play and fell happy to tell all that it should be great for any one who is trying to learn from this and for street Parker
It's okay. Fun for a minute. Lots of ads and only 200 levels make it a 2 star game. Pretty sure the "Coming Soon!" is there just so you keep it downloaded.
This is pretty fun. There are ads, but not after every level, and 2 dollars removes them. Addictive as well. Edit: After 6 weeks of playing, I have reached the end of the game. I hope more levels are coming soon. I played this every day.
Fun game, limited ads makes it easy to grind through, big plus. Level 180 is impossible to score 650 though, and yet impossible to execute two flips and land the Target.
The game actually is really good when you played offline / off data .. always laging during the game when you go online ..make you quit play the game... Poor app..
Pretty fun but pretty easy I have completed all levels at five stars and it was not with it Make the game better
Adictive, nice funny game. Seems to me when you pass higher level the adds are more. For better experiance do not use Wi-Fi.
It' fun. For the first 15 tries. Then you run out of energy. Then you gotta wait. Which takes the fun out of it. Devs why do you have to put an energy system to a game like this? It ruins the experience
A very best game. Only I want some levels like jumping from very high place and also from space. Please can you make. 😊
The game is alright, it's just the part when I finished unlocking different levels as far as 12 it wouldn't allow me to unlock it any further along with that I was quit confused on what to do from there .
This is a great game but can you add more skins like, hero brine, hacker, and knight. Altho this is a great game.
Too many adds I can't even play the game because there is so much adds! Even I am at ihop and eating dinner with my wife
Great game, too bad it's got more ads than anything I've ever played before. I mean obnoxious amounts of ads.
Decent game that passes time and has reasonable challenges that keep me engaged. Not too many adds either. It could be a little more goofy and extreme with the flips but otherwise good game.
Real fun, the game has 200 levels so far and a bunch of different costumes to mix and match. I got all 990 stars. It took a couple days of playing here and there but i have yet to get all the costumes. There is quite a bit of content in this game, its great!
Very fun but I think it has to much adverts if thay where to cooperate ads in different ways that would be nice
I love the game reminds me of backflip madness but other than that you have your own unique quality's that makes me wanna complete the levels should add some extras like free mode different levels an maybe huger maps gravity control should make a perfect parkour slash free running game too
Love the game though exept you put an energy. Now I cant play I still need to wait. Uninstalling this game right now
Really awesome game and very limited ads, thank you thank you thank you for that!!!! Not super easy like most of these repetitive mind numbing games made these days. Challenging and addictive. Super fun!!! 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I love this game. It is very awesome and it is addictive for me cause I downloaded 3 days ago and I love it.
This game is amazing, the graphics doesn't matter because it's so good. The only thing I noticed was that when I was connected to my WiFi it laged hard, of there's any way to fix that it would be wonderful. Other than that nothing is wrong
There is absolutely no way to complete the special level because you've made it so hard. Given up and uninstalled!
Cool game.. it is almost instantly addictive, even to the broader minds and deeper thinkers out there.. you know who..
Cool game. Still some glitches. My leg got caught under a rock during a back flip. When I tried to flip again, my leg stretched about the length of the screen and got all wonky. I flew across the screen like a rubber band.