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Super MoonBox 2

Super MoonBox 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Artem Karpenko located at Shirotnaya 168, Tyumen, 625000, Russia. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.
Super MoonBox 2 is a zombie simulator game that is free. Sandbox.

In this free sandbox that is simple you can create zombie squad and watch them fight!

Professions - Every unit has its profession that is own and what it likes!

Colony - Defend your Colony form zombies!

Leader - Become a zombie leader.

Zombie - every person that is dead a zombie and returns to the settlement. Fight a bunch of zombies!

Zombie beasts - There are monsters in the woods that can attack!

Settlement - Build and defend your settlement!

Control - Manage any unit in the game and do the job for it!

Weapons - Build workshops and forges to produce weapons and fight against zombies!

Sandbox - A sandbox game with your rules!

You can play this Sandbox game offline without wi fi or internet connection

Download Super MoonBox 2 - Zombie defense Sandbox game for FREE!

If you are experiencing any problems, please do get in contact if you want to see more features and units in this free new zombie game with me here: [email protected]

Leave a feedback or suggestions!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Super MoonBox 2.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
This has better graphics then the other one but I paid money for the other abilities in the first game, yes the first one was buggy and sucked but you can't just make a new game AND make people pay for more abilities.
When i load my save's i put some fence's on my map but it messes up everything i was thinking that it Needed some fixes. But its still a good game So.. I gave it a 4/5 for now
Why the other zombie are not moving or hunting a people ? I like the game but there is some bug that you need to fix the people is good but the zombie ....... pls fix it
OK so the annoying part is the lumberjack all they do is just plant trees instead of cutting them there so annoying and I can't even build buildings and tools on my own my people do it for me I can't build near houses but trees grow near houses that's just stupid and there and some of the zombies just ignored some of my people
It is a good game but there one thing i don't like is that that the lamberjacks don't stop planting trees it got to the point that my game crashed.
It's good but I wanted to make the factory and I needed 10 wood so I had 10 wood but then the stupid armoury kept using all of it so I couldn't make anything Also this game is extremely pay to win Want cool weapons then pay! Want a millitary jeep then pay! You only get the boring stuff But the rest was fun
I cant use the cars, there isnt mutch to do and there is no interact button. Only hit and jump and move. The game isn't as good as i thought it would be.
I'm confused on why the developer decided to create a second game instead of updating the original? I hate the fact the camera is stuck at an isometric view and how these characters look like they're pulled straight from the unity assets store, already seen these same character models in multiple games.. Unless you're planning on updating both, which is highly unlikely then I guess I'll stay away for a while then comeback to see when you finish this game and I'll change my review
It's by far better then the first one and I understand it's in early access so expect constant improvements but more weopons, cars, building costs less and they can pick up their own stuff and a time manager where you can fast forward and such, as well as maybe a day and night cycle, and factions of humans? Thanks, good game!
This game is pretty fun but theres some problems people keep breaking fences or metal gates and its super annoying and I miss the charcters from super moonbox 1 but still this game is good also it would be great if there was some civillians. Thanks!
Ok the game is good but the humans sometimes act like zombies and break eavrything and the cars that never use them thay just destroy them and kill them selves:/ please fix that that's all
Fences duplicate upon loading, vehicles shift rotation, need to add more weapons, add rotation feature to objects, streamline AI, maybe add armour, more vehicles, more powerful mines, maybe terrain changers like cement wood stone etc for decal and to stop lumberjacks planting trees everywhere. Everything else is good 👍
Not a good game at the moment, but has potential, I would recommend using original assets to distinguish this game from the other games using the voxel characters. Add ragdoll physics and better character controls and this game would be great
i love the game! i wish the people can drive cars,build roads and vans and there are not a lot of cars though and i also want it to be mltiplayer game that you can play with friends and when the vencles get destroyed can they instead of dissaper can they look vey destroyed but deleteable if the player want to. Thank you! Vishnu
Its great but still needs more improvements.And also a couple of bugs that need to be fixed. 1.Do a day-night cycle.You can disable or enable it in the settings 2.The Ai is sometimes dumb.Example (the lumberjack doesnt plant more trees if theres no trees,but the tip said they plant trees.3.Add the ability to create homes.4.Add the ability to create roads like dirt,concrete,metal 5.Add weather,rain,thunder,snow,etc. 6.Add disasters 7.More types of human,zombies,items.If approved just reply ☺
I've played the game for a bit and realized there isn't much to do. It would be better if you add some stuff that you need to unlock by doing specific stuff. It would make the game more playable. Also maybe adding that premuim characters you can't spawn but over time they do get to your city. Otherwise the game is pretty cool
Good game but... its definitely need some fixes... also its turning my phone into a portable grill. [P.s. are the units supposed to get tall and slender?]
I would give it a better score but it does crash to easily.I place down 5 dynamite and it just crashes.please fix
I have a few suggestions. I think it would be absolutly EPIC if there could be enemy soldiers "like a bad soldier unit that killed both normal humans and normal soldiers. And also maybe soldiers that attacked including eachother "like a unit for fights it would be awesome if you could place weapons for those units and they would kill eachother after they have a weapon. And maybe armor or a shield to give humans more health and maybe a medic to heal them. please consider.
Wow the first one the graphics I'm not going to lie I hated it and when I saw this game I checked it out and wow you improved so much I can't believe it this game graphics are so great I can't get premium yet because I don't have google play money but I sure will 😄
The game looks good so far, but some firm of pawn control is a much needed mechanic. I find it annoying how the lumberjack almost never cuts down trees and nearly only plants them. Something like turning on or off certain behaviors or things would be nice.
This is much better i dont mind the people getting talker the tools are great this is a great game thanks!!
This game has a lot of potential. Just a suggestion: make it so that units upgrade over time (for example, builders to technics and so on). Other than that, no issues! Keep up the great work, guys!
It's a great game really, It has all sorts of things you can do. I rated it 4 stars because of some bugs that can really ruin your progress : When you place some fences, sometimes it only appears as a single stick/pole, and can be walked through, The text bar sometimes remain and you can't remove it whenever you load, place things in occupied tiles, etc, Whenever the humans kill a zombie, they sometimes get stuck hitting nothing.
Very good game but can you make it so that the prievemuim version has its own part in the main section and make it take less time to load the premium version
This a good game but you need to make a wall, cavalery for a expedition, and make a titan for next update
Poor AI. I don't understand. This is supposed to be a zombie survivor sim, right? The AI ofbthe humans are so dim. They don't run away from zombies and don't even know that they are around. Am I missing something here? I paid for all the characters thinking that there will be normal civilans who will act as humans, those that run and defend themselves. Please update AI to make it more realistic.
Too many bugs. For instance, the lumberjacks only plant trees, filling the entire map with full grown trees instead of cutting them down. The miners only harvest the ore once then wander aimlessly. Scientists extract gun powder but no one picks it up, not the soldiers, not the bulders, not the ninjas, no one. Add: Some guard towers would be nice. Maybe a helicopter. Assault rifle soldiers and RPG soldiers. A gate to keep zombies out of fenced off areas. Snipers and tanks.
Worst Game of All, Problem Is That I cant Remove Zombie Triggers From Making My People A Zombie, Plus The Game Crashed, Worst Game Ever!
Can you add a new thing where they won't attack the fence and metal fence except for zombies and bomb oh and even different civilization appears as different they go on war and fall like the middle ages world war and today
I think your on the right track to making an awesome game. Right now it's just not a clear idea it seems with what you want to do. There isn't really a goal in the game. It's just a wonky sandbox game at the moment. I feel like that with both of your games. I can't wait to see what gets fixed and added later on down the road.
Its nice but can you make it so when we put something we can change the rotation cause it sucks when i can make the roation right and lumberjaks they plant soooo much trees and can you make it so when they cut trees they just re plant it
I like this one but I paid 7 dollars for the first one and yall just stopped working on it. When I bought it I thought more things where gonna come out but its been like a year and nothing has changed.
I love it, but could you add more cars, make the people in the game not destroying fences, add dirt roads,, add the ability to make houses in any direction depending on the road direction, and ability to get into houses and add furniture when you're controlling the person, and as well as multiplayer? Thank you! :)
Good game can you put more items in the free ones cause there is too much items that is in the premium version, and the lighting is weird,you should let the units go to cars, more trees,you can rotate objects,zombies that has slow spped but alot of health and like that,and let zombies carry weapons,and guns too i understand tif you dont do this,good game tho
This game is fun and all but please fix the wood storage because Everytime i collect wood it would disappear and please can you make the lumberjack pick up wood also the Mason can pick up stone
I gave a you a 5 star because I personally loved the first game and when played this game i was totally in love with also your who created world box needs to make everything free he will get more players which will earn him more money for his success
this game is amazing, I have played it for a day now and honestly I dont understand how it only has 3.8 stars, I do have one problem and that's the lumber Jack's, even when there are many trees around them they decide to plant more, right when spawn them they cut down trees, but after that all do is plant tress.
The Game Is Pretty... Meh. It's Alright And The Graphics Are Decent But It Doesn't Really Have That Wow Factor. Still Alright Though
One of the best games I have ever played! But I missed the old characters from the original game, overall everything in good expect the characters.
I like the game but can you fix bug on this game? It freeze the game and i cant click any button. Fix the game and i will rate five star.
You should make us able to control a single player to feel Action an also make the AI better that's all thx for the game tho :)
I've found a glitch where a unit will be very tall and skinny or very short. Its quiet funny but is common in the game. Over all it's a good game
Sometime Bots are just stop working, and sometime they work in the way that it could'nt be balanced, like lumber jack work to slow while engineer spawn too much equipment, cause lack of wood while police dont need weaphone anymore, and what is the object that look like an eye at the bottom of the resource bar do as well as the powder plant ? They just spawn but no using point ?
9-10 my only problem is I already bought the pemium in the old game and thought it would be free in this game better then the 1st tho I love it
This is a really fun game but I think it would be better if you had the ability to use more thing and place items you need and could you try optimise it because it is quite laggy
Plz fix the bugs i would give the game 5 stars if you fixed all the bugs like bruh i know you problably spent hours and hours making this game so plz fix the bugs!thank you.😋
Good game. But the lumberjacks dont collect wood, they just plant trees most the time. Please let there be a setting where the lumberjacks dont plant trees.
It gets boring after a while, plus the controls whenever your controlling a citizens is weird, and whenever I attempt to turn, the camera flies into the other direction.
Very welk made,and fun,however a few dinamite and a grenade crashes the game,but overall a very good game
Ok the building system needs work, for example the building. Maybe it just me but I cant build stuff on my own my people do it witch doesn't always work and for this type of sandbox game were you can accually play as people it just dont make sense. Couldn't figure how to use cars out. But my biggest problem is weapons, all the weapons aren't free not one and for players who don't want to have to play to basically win so yeah.