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Super Notes Plus - Notepad, Notes and Checklist

Super Notes Plus - Notepad, Notes and Checklist for PC and MAC

Is a Productivity game developed by Fivestars Studio located at Nhan Hung, Ly Nhan, Ha Nam, Viet Nam. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
Super Notes Plus - Notepad, Notes and Checklist app is create notes and checklist that is free android.

Record ideas, tasks and set reminders at the time that is appropriate. Create checklist of to-do tasks and complete it in turn. You shall feel more scientific and professional when doing it. No more fear of forgetting or too late for a working job when prompted. Everything is so easy, isn't it?

Super Notes Plus - Notepad, Notes and Checklist has an easy to use, simple interface. You can easily record thoughts or to-do lists and share them with friends and relatives.

Features of notepad:
- Writes notes and to-do lists for free
- Organize notes by color (color notebook)
- Create to-do lists and shopping lists
- Create reminders wherever you are
- Sort tasks by importance or normal level by pinned mode
- Create note widget at the main screen
- List/Grid View
- Quick memo/notes
- Notepad sync notes
- Share note and checklist with colleagues, friends, relatives

Color Notes
Choose a color for note and checklist. Manage job categories by color. Work scientifically and orderly.

Notes and Checklist
Create daily, upcoming to-do lists. Regular updates help you easily track it and scientifically. Keep my notes is an indispensable tool for you to have a more active life.

Reminder for notebook
Easy reminder, simple notepad notes. Schedule your time to not miss important notes.

Sticky notes Widget
Create a note in the widget screen. The tasks that are daily always present when you open the phone. Maximize time and work efficiency

Notepad sync notes
Backup your notes and checklist with google drive. No worries about data loss. Can use one account for many different devices

Super Notes Plus - Notepad, Notes and Checklist is an application to help you be more active in life, work and future plans. Via email if you have any feedback or comments please contact us.

Thank you so much, Best regards!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Super Notes Plus - Notepad, Notes and Checklist.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Super Notes Plus - Notepad, Notes and Checklist for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Great app........ It really helps me to keep track of my work that are argent but i forgot. Thanks for making app like this
Some features could be made to work more efficiently. But no pop up adds and simple perfect for checklist and reminders
This app is really simple and easy to use. I wanted to make a study schedule and tried many journals and diaries, but found this one best. There could just be one little improvement that you could add a sticky note feature for the home and lock screen, otherwise great app. Totally recommend.
Very easy to use. Only setback is you are required to enter a list title to continue making your lists
Needed a way to digitize my many lists. I appreciate that this has an option for checklists or regular notes. Makes getting things done easier for me.
Very easy to use app. I love the fact that I can create lists and check things be off . I use it for grocery lists, things to do, etc. I can even set reminders. I use it every day.
Good. But since I use big font in my tablet, I cannot read the title in the note. It is half cut. It would be better if it can set the font by itself, not default by the tablet. And.. the ads are disturbing. Uninstalled.
I am only ten but I have a lot to do. This list was really awesome and easy. It was a good check list. I lived the color and background! I haven't had any problems yet but I am not expecting any because this is great!
It's a nice app to organize everything that you need. But it lacks colors, to make it visually pleasing.
Super notes app is intuitive and simple to use. It offers what I need, without unwanted extra features.
Very easy to use, just wanted an app to put down what I needed to do each day, this one is easy and user friendly.
Great app fantastic app I love what you did from the old one into this one yeah so the app was great the company is great because whoever made this app fantastic for you and also I don't know why after right say 500 words right now a stump but pretty gray app same from the old one but different I guess so leave me alone please and I don't talking right now so see you later I'm going to keep on talking until I get to 500 so I don't know I love pizza I love pizza I love Pizza my apologies but I ll
This app can help store, organize and share important information. Easy to access the information and notes you need frequently. Great for those with a less than perfect memory. Be careful about syncing personal information like bank accounts, credit/debit cards, driver license number, address, phone number etc. However, I needed something with strong security. I ultimately ended up with a different app.
Needs a dark theme which covers every portion of the ui. As it stands now, any color theme selected (there are few color choices to begin with) changes the header,footer, and "+" button, not the left side menu which stays blinding white. In addition, we can't choose a solid color for our backgrounds (aside from default blinding white), nor can we use a picture from our own gallery; we have to choose between the 5 or 6 offered. Sync options between Dropbox/Onedrive need to be offered too.
I like most things about this app. My only real criticism is that I personally use it to plan out my days. Whenever I close it the days get shuffled around and drives me crazy!
its pretty nice - dont like the UI it could be a bit more aesthetic but its arguably one of the most convenient and useful apps iv used for the past few days lmao
Easily make lists and notes. Easily edit and sync on all of your devices. Send lists and notes to others via email or sms
Very useful app. Using it from time to time for groceries haul as a reminder. Also what pills to remember to refill at the pharmacy. I also have used the notepad for notes during church services. If you have a tough time remembering things or just need a notepad, this will do the trick.
Disappointed with bugs in an an otherwise nice, smooth, and clean app. After selecting "save", I sometimes get an error like "there are no items on this list". To save, cursor needs to be at the end of a text line, or at the end of the list title. Blank item lines on lists can also result in "save" issues. Arranging the order of your lists can only be done manually by dragging them, and your lists won't usually stay in the order you put them in, especially after restarting app.
so far i like this Apps especially the alarm to remind you what to.do ..on what written ..simple but usefull
I love this app it's very easy to use and I love that I have the option to have either a shopping list or just a regular note pad☺️
Amazing, just amazing. I have a to do list and a log (A journal basically) with timestamps so I have done, what I am doing, exactly when everything I have done happened, and what I need to do/am going to do. Anyways, I really recommend this app.
Can't add photos to my notes, before I could even look at a window frame in this app it started soliciting me for money at the same time asking me for high stars. Look, don't make a cookie-cutter app and make a note pad you would want to use. Don't assume everyone else is a sucker.
Asked for a notepad and that's exactly what I got. Can't really go wrong, works well. Background colour can be changed
😍This app is very good to complete your work fast and in a easier way! Cuz it has an alarm...I really love this app and recommend u all to download it...!😊
It's ok, works well enough. I would rather be able to drag or pin separate notes to my screen, but it's free and there are no ads, so it's good.
Lovely app! Work very smooth and you can sync it with your google account perfectly so you can always have your notes!
I love it but I can't type on the lines. It jumps out so I suggest no lines. However it's cool to use. Thanks
Great app for notes and reminders. Notes can be sorted by color. You can set reminder time or even pin the note to your taskbar. This wonderful app has made my life better as I have an awful memory and I always have my phone to write a note when I have no pen and paper. Highly recommend!
It is easy use and provides variety in the themes for personalization. However if you have a long note, once saved you can't scroll down to read the rest of it without clicking edit.
Till Date,it is nice but interface is not so much intractive or more option also it should be more user friendly and more intractive
Works for me. The checking off the list function seems a little glitched though. I just delete instead of check off the box.
I just recently started using it, and it's going really well. It's easy to use and control what I want to do with my notes. I will recommend it to my friends and family thank you
A pain to use. Seems simple, doesn't save notes and a nuisance to try to do so. Not worth the effort.
Was asked to use this app for a race, it looked added hassle and daunting.. but it was the complete opposite, a very good tool to have, to share the results faster!
Disappointing: should be set to autosave. While it requires you to allow access to Google drive in order to upload it there, it loads as some non-google format instead of using the Google checklist format.
Really love the user interface. Makes me feel like I'm at an office. Ads aren't intrusive. Very simple and easy to use.
Sometimes is not opening directly , but it needs to tap several times to open the app , in generally it's quite functional .
Not quite there. When adding note or checklist to home screen it takes up a lot of space. It would be nice to adjust sizing when pinned to home screen. Now you can only have 4 on one screen (note 10 plus).
Easy to use! I especially like the ability to create checklists! I really feel accomplished when I can check projects off
Great App it replaces my android notes. It hadn't been the same since the last update. This app is easier and convenient keep up with.
So far I love this app. It lets me go paper free and creates less clutter on my already over packed desk. Awesome app!
Straight forward easy to use and has many useful features. Intuitive and natural flow. Can u put a alarm (reminder) for each itemized line??
This app is pretty awesome. I've got all my reminders, notes, lists in one spot! And its easy to use! Can't find the widget thing tho to put on my homescreen. Oh well.
Been using this app for about a month now, enjoying it. It's easy to use, an understand. No glitches, such as a note going missing.
App is good for normal notes However can't change my note themes and background of note. No option for bold and italic writing as well. Even can't add pictures to the notes.
Easy for me to use. So many apps. have too much un-needed stuff for us that are old school. Thank you for this app. !
Just started today - only complaint saving a list should be easier. May give 5th star if this becomes easier with use.
This is amazing notes writing apps it absolutely working as i though i personally recommend you this apps Its absolutely a great and amazing stuff for writing and notes
So far this is very easy n simple app. I like it but every time I go to use; it pops up ( RATE 5 STAR). I keep hitting NOT NOW bc I'm just starting to open n use this app! It will NOT let u use until u finally rate this app. VERY IGNORING N it also has ads at the bottom of the NOTE PAD until u hit AD COVERS UP NOTES. Then it is what I like! So bottom line is: "Rate"this app n also hit the "Ads cover content" then it's usable!
This app is okay but after saving i can't scroll down. Pkease do something about that. That's all except that this app is a 5 🌟
As I'm getting older my memory has gone to pot. Love this app. Simple and so helpful for me. It's going to end up being one of my most used apps. 5 🌟
I really like this note pad. I can have multiple note and color coat each one. Once your note is completed it will collapse into a small box. It's pretty neat.
No stars yet because i just installed about 30 minutes ago. Reviews seem awesome, though. One question i cant find answer to. How do i add sublists? For example, I have ADD and live by lists or i get overwhelmed and cant finish tasks. If i add "Clean Play Room" to my check list, how can i list each thing i have to do?
Have only been using it for less than a day. I can be a tad slow but is easy to set up and use. Would be nice if you could move the notes around and order them on the screen. Other than that rather pleased with it.
A great app ! Thanku for making my work easy😊😊 It has colourful themes and backroud💐 And it , actually this app is amazing👌👌
I went through a lot of note apps trying to find one I liked and this is the best and easiest to use one I have found.
I absolutely love this app! I keep track of everything from grocery and to do list to keeping track of my medication. I also recently had my credit cards stolen and I have been using this app to keep track of everything I've done and have yet to do. This has been a very stressful and time consuming situation, so it is nice to have a no nonsense, easy to use application. I highly recommend this app to anyone that wants a user friendly, straight forward app to help keep track of things!
Just started using the same. Will update accordingly. Font change may be enabled to make this more attractive
Have used app for two weeks: very functional, quick & simple to utilize. Absolutely zero negative experiences thus far...
Awesome application with a nice collection of backgrounds and also having features of alarms. So as to be constantly being reminded of the work to be done for the day , a great support hand .
I'm just becoming familiar with how to use this app, but it seems to have all of the features I was looking for in a "notes" app. I wish they weren't so insistent that I write areview so quickly, as I had only opened it a couple of times so far... but so far so good!