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Super Trainer(Champion Tamer)

Super Trainer(Champion Tamer) for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by zlwx located at [email protected]. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
Super instructor is an adventure development game with classic IP sprites whilst the theme. The overall game features really fresh and breathtaking photos and story this is certainly initial. Countless adorable and pretty fairies which can be little all in the phase. They prefer to gather and cultivate players miss this is certainly don&# 39;t, come join us when you look at the adventure.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Super Trainer(Champion Tamer).
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
Gameplay is too fast to tell what is happening and not much is really explained. Also text size is so small and clustered I can not read any of it.
This game looks awesome looks like a super trainer Pokemon game I love Pokemon game good game that you made
Slow!!! I suggest you should open new server everyday 2 days opening new server...and you missing one thing in this game you should add PayPal not everyone using Google pay to make recharge
I wanted to keep playing, it seems like a great idle game. But it lags wayyyy too much. And it honestly does not seem to affect the game too much, just hard to watch lol so only 3 stars from me and im Uninstalleing. But keep working on it. I hope to come back when its patched
this game is amazing but i want to add that if you pick a avatar you can add someting Like the hair the shirt and pants shoes Like that and more monsters 🤔
I just got through the tutorial and managed to play for abt 30 mins. Character got some good pokemons then the game kicks me out. I tried logging back in with my facebook and it keeps telling me login failed. Tried with google and local, but it made me restart. Game has some serious bugs that need to be fixed asap.
Good game but it is kept asking to update for every 12 hours up to 412 mb at a time I'm losing nearly 1 gb daily please do something
As soon as you leave this game you have to restart all of your progress why does it do that i wanted a different server so i can battle different people so i left and rejoined and i...you know what for get this game do not install it just get pokemon quest or pokemon go or any pokemon game out there available that doesn't restart your progress you need to make the game save possible, they want you to install the game so they can make more money and have false advertising it is all lies!!!!!!!!!!
It's a good game but I can't play on my account yesterday it was working fine but now it is making me starting over
I was so stacked up on stuff and alot of good pokemon and i was a very high level and stage 1150 sum and it restarted my whole acount worst game experience ever
Very good game i saw some people telling that when u join second it doesnt let u join let me tell u that this game is a big and if u dont storge how will you right so dont tell this developers its ur mobiles problem
Its not the original game like it says it is, but its still a fun different type of experience for a Pokémon game. I didnt get far enough to investigate the claims of the app failing on people but I did get far enough to enjoy the game as it is, so dont expect an original game experience.
It's cool that they implemented this I am ready to start my journey man what I said sounds cringe but it's TRUE
Trash so many glitch and bug why I can't open my game how this game not open this game always kick me and why this game showing loading screen so long time 😩
This game gets to a point where it's no fun leveling up a pokemon becomes costly and materials for evolution are slow to obtain It's a money drain even the real money items are expensive
I was waiting and no one control it. It was scary and he knock (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)ᵏⁿᵒᶜᵏ ᵏⁿᵒᶜᵏ the door and said Pikachu have a good night mares 😱 pls some one help me
This game is v.nice . But pokemon lets go pikachu game plese fix this gamein playstor.request karta ho.....
Played it for about 20 min enjoyed it then update pops up not through play store like 2mb stopped at 0.8 left and failedupdate. Ab something something... Wouldn't bother unless it gets fixed
Seems interesting but I can't figure out how to use the fourth pokemon slot. I have like eight pokemon but I can only use three. The slot is unlocked, it just won't let me put anything in it
Awesome pokemon game but please pls pls please add more pokemon and let us be able to use z moves and not only that but please pls pls please let us make our pokemon mega evolve or go gigantimax
33mb update every week. Its not updating. Its a compact data transfer. That is then sold to the highest bidder.
3 Reasons to not download this game. No. 1 the game is a ripoff. No. 2 its always spaming. No. 3 it uses footages of the real game in its ads WHICH IS PLAGIARIZING! AND ITS A CRIME!
Great game and although I am not a fan of afk games this is a really solid game I enjoy more than most other games I play
Love this game I have a lot of fun playing this game. It is a all around good game. I just wish u could play off line
Honestly a really fun game. Takes awhile to really get the hang of just cause theres so much to explore but for the most part a really fun pokemon experience.
I would be happier if there were more servers because I have to keep getting back on after I crash. It's a cool game otherwise. I wish I could give it five stars. The size of the servers always crash everybody.
I mean its pretty much nothing like pokemon. It has all of the pokemon,but it has none of the mechanics. No catching, no battling, and the online featueres are horrible.
I don't know what happend but the game is not strting. If i open the app the screen will only shows black screen. I have waited for long time to start the game. But onthing only black screen😭. Plz.. someone help me
Resources not a problem but ... the game tasks are almost impossible and its only pay to win.. also the game gives me an update of half a gb daily for no reason..
One of the best staff teams, always able to assist if there is issues. The best! Idle champion tammer out there! Recommend 10stars if I could
Need my account fixed now paid over $40 usd in game and now everytime I log into my account it kicks me when I hit the adventure mode and is bugging out or refund me back my money.
It barely about pokemon like when you just start you have Pikachu and can't pick the beginner pokemon and I got a op when I just started and I couldn't pick my moves It picks it and I had to fight when I just started and you can't pick a character or customs. And the map was weird, like I was expecting to wake up and go to the pokey center to get my biginner pokemons but I was at a village and with people weird right, and the controls was weird because I usually i use joystick but it was tape
While it's an interesting concept this falls flat the game does most of the work for you and this game has alot of stolen artwork
Its like a kid made it. You just stay in one spot and press one button. Thats it totally pointless nothing like it i hope they get sued for making this crappy pokemon game
I paid 100 doller's on this game then kicks me out i cant even play if you dont refund me i will report this to the game store and try and have it taken down
HORRIBLE Pokemon copy, everything is buggy. No interesting game play. Just a blatant money-grab attempt using the Pokémon company's characters
This game takes up too much space and the game's connection is terrible unlike other games that needs internet this game needs like way more usually games that take up lots of space don't need that much but this game is different it is probably the servers please optimise your servers or don't make a server with lots of people in it
Its trying to advertise this as Pokémon but it clearly isn't and is clearly just made to try and fool some poor kids into downloading it only for them to be disappointed. The people who run the advertising department should be disappointed in themselves for lieing like this.
I still honestly believe that wargreymon can and always will be able to defeat any version of Charizard
It has amazing artstyles, convenient controls, lovely music, and above average gameplay that puts it above the rest. Highly recommend👍
I love this game soo much until a week ago i was going go in and grind until it want me to log in again soo i thought i was a glich i cant log in i spend so much real money😠😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠
1 star for this scumbag app game! you down the micromon universe game and create new game, poor dog developer
Was a great game got everything I wanted and needed till they updated it to make %80 of my pokemon unable to do the daily trials now I have lost the ability to even want to play the game so I'm deleting it ugh time to find a new game thanks for making a unwated update goodbye
When I played this game it made me relaxed in some pokèmon games I saw that I can't take some legendary Pokemon but in staring I saw I was playing with groundon and my pokemons are not evolove in other games but in this game I have Charizard , gengar , pizyot and venasaur full evolve .
I'm probably lucky but at lv40 I'm got up to 30 pokemon that's rank-A and above wit no dups. The game is alittle grindy but overall I like it. BUT unfortunately it is stolen art but this game is honestly what I want from a actually pokemon game🤷‍♂️👍 just my opinion tho
Great game but 2 stars removed for asking players to report problems over discord... 2 huge problems. Firstly you did that so new players cant see whats wrong in reviews. Secondly you should and do know. That this is easier for players and this is how 90% of the community lets devs know issues. Now if devs actually responded to reviews rather than a fake im sorry and no solution or future response. People might go back and change reviews or atleast good games would get good reviews. 666 gems....
Played the game for a while bought the 99 cent pack all went well, next day try and buy the $19.99 lifetime package i got the receipt and creditcard statement like i should have the package in game and yet it has been 3 days and i have yet to be contacted back from you about refunding my money and/or giving me the actual product in the game.
BEST GAME EVER! Just two ideas to add; 1; Pokèmon Trading/Gifting You can put up a trade by selecting the pokèmon and rank, then you set up you're pokèmon, then everyone in the server will see it and can click on it and accept it. You can gift by selecting a pokèmon and a trainer to send it to then the person will receive the pokèmon in their mailbox. 2; Pokèmon Dificulties You can set the AI's battle difficulty ( via EV's, IV's and ranks ), but it gives better rewards, like Mega Stones. Thanks!
Interesting fan game but lots of stolen artwork. As an artist whose had their work stolen from them, I can say its not pleasant at all. I highly doubt that there was permission granted to use the art. There aren't any credits to credit the original artists. This is scummy and very sketchy.
This game is terrible, and a rip off of pokemon, honestly, nintendo is gonna take this down eventually, so anyone who tries to play, be warned, because eventually your progress will be destroyed. Also, the advertisements are very misleading.
I love how this game entertains me whenever im sad lonely or even mad and or bored. The graphics are cool, the pixels remind me of fun times and it is overall #6 in my Top 10 Games! Try it out and see if you like it, I promise you wont regret it.
Never got zekrom from the trainer manual and it says I collecting all shards yet he's nowhere to be found fix your game
im a kid that when i login in it kiked me now i need to speend mony when i have non this game is garbig
Umm. I was having a fantastic time. I spent 5 dollars to get the 30 gems and it said bonus 300 but I got none. I need you guys to fix this
I love pokemon so this is so awesome and beyond cool. So that is why I love this game and gave it a 5 💫
I think I would actuly like this game if I could play it...it only loads up to 97% if you could fix this issue than I would give more stars
POKEMON(RPG)EXCLUSIVE *************************** -POKEMMO-PIXEL-32BIT- *************************** GAME FREAK RITUAL SUMMON *************************** POWER LVL.999999999999999° POKEDEX SCOUTER DETECTS (((((((((((((GENGAR))))))))))))))) ++++++++++++++++++++++++
The types in this game are a little wonky but, this is a game I can keep on playing and ill never get tired of it
Two stars because when I was playing it was fine and fun but when i tried to join again the second time it said check version unknown error and i tried everything fox dir 5 stars
👍 Super Trainer pokemons-like Game Pros: 💖Good Game Tutorial 💖Nice Game Control 💖Good Game Smoothness 💖Auto Attack 💖Online Game.
This app stole my money and didn't give me what I paid for. Twice. When I clicked on support on the home screen and tried to go to the appropriate place ('I didn't receive my item in-game that I paid for') it mysteriously kicked me out and closed the app each time I clicked it. I'd either like the item back that i paid for, or I want a full refund because this isn't the first time it has happened. Fix this. Now.
I love this game it fills me with Pokemon nostalgia. Saddly though it's really big on pay to win but I still have fun just going around with my team and battling it out with friends and other people.
Here's how pay2play this game is. In the special holiday event the have 3 out 4 tabs one for$20 one for $50 and another one called... and I'm not kidding " Total $ Recharge" with a $400 dollar cap. Note this is only limited time MULTIPLE times a year. That's about $3000 a year. Not including extra $490. Have fun getting 3 pokemon you could have got on a $60 dollar game and 700+ extra pokemon for free
This game is more on expend money free to play player cant Injoy this game much and unfair only player can expend get areceus you must do event when can get shard for all player not only ho one can expend money and plz do more battle systeam cuz when we finish doing task we do nothing and wait for the refresh. And plz if you do event let the player get it i try play new server and some one there expend lot and get the top 1 for moltres then don't play again I doubt that player from a dev.