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Swipe Fight!

Swipe Fight! for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by BoomBit Games located at BoomBit Games Office 102 - 2 London Bridge Walk SE1 2SX London. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Enter the fight and arena! Make use of fighting that is cool that you control intuitively by swiping in the display screen. Duel awesome, different opponents in several environments which can be cool. Could you win against all of them and turn a fighting winner ?

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Swipe Fight!.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
The game is great The controls are awesome and convinient But i think as levels increase so should the opponents difficulty and reaction time Opponents should attack a bit more since they are proving a bit easy to defeat Also an online and link mode would be just terrific
Very fun game. Ads can be excessive, but at least you get bonus coins for watching. All in all a lot of fun.
The game itself isnt bad BUT whenever it's time to watch a video for multiplier or outfits, there is either no video available or the ad freezes and you lose it BUT all ads that dont benefit you, play perfectly
Awesome game for dealing with stupid people throughout the day...thanks guys for new coping with mechanicism
Fun little time killer. Cartoony graphics make it fun. And the finishing moves make it interesting to see what the next finishing move is. All in all, it's a good game. Definitely a game I'll keep on my phone.
I like this game but the dodge just stopped working in the first 3 seconds of me playing and also when I was able to dodge I would still take damage
It's a really fun game it has ads but it is manageable the only thing is that for me it is kinda easy and really easy to spam one move to win but overall a great game
Its a great game but the dodging doesn't work most of the time but its still really good I recommend it
Don't know if it is the phone or the game but controls aren't as quick of a response to me, and if you perform combos it's lucky because most of mine just stop my previous attack selection
It's fun for awhile but the opponents dont seem to get any harder the further you get into the game. It's too simple. I usually win without them landing a punch. Its 5 strikes and then Finish Him! No challenge. Then its another ad I've seen dozens of times before. The skins and scenes are fine. Who cares? Just make the opponents more challenging. It's not small children playing this.
This is just silly. the ads that you need to use to upgrade will not run but the ads between the levels do run and are unskippable. this is junk
Its fun and time consuming. If i could suggest one thing, maybe a specific technique for each character you earn or collect. Such as mui tai for one maybe kempo for another or boxing and judo etc.. But over all thanks for the experience
Great game. Just hate it though when an app gives you a chance to rate it from 1 - 5 stars, but only the 5 stars selection will work. At best, that's dishonest!!! Would have given 5 stars if not for that.
Its addictive. Lot of ads but good time killer. Short game. Dont take long before you repeat fights no rewards. End of game. No more moves,no more characters, no gear. Short.
Play is good. Gets stuck in later rounds for bonus points. Can't upgrade accordingly within the game parameters.
Amazing game and helps in life if you want to learn how to fight or use self defense. One thing that annoys me is that you have to watch adverts to get the skins
When I saw the advertisement for this game it had captain america fighting spider man and I am playing the game but nothing like that
This cool so I can practice my fight I did pretty super hard is super cool whoever made this game I love him
The game is pretty great, really satisfying, the hit sounds are nice and it feels good to dodge. However my only request is that the enemy is turned into a ragdoll from the finishing punch. So whenever you get to " finish him" and you hit, it won't just be a scripted knockdown. But still, good game.
Soo ... how much money did I just earn you greedy game makers for the incessant ads that are riddled in this game!?!? Its asinine at how many and how often there are! They truly take away from the whole game experience. Greedy, greedy.
After level 3 it's near enough impossible to play, absolutely shoddy excuse plus the amount of ads and if I've earned a skin why do i then need to watch an ad for it
Its a fun game you can put combos together and you can lean back to dodge punches thats what i like 100%
Cans u guys add alot more graphics and more of a selection of skins that everyone can choose from different clothing different everything. Whole game needs a major update and upgrade. But other than that the game hella clean I like it
I've been playing this game for about one hour straight and I its a realy fun game except turn of your wifi because you get bombarded by ads.!
Good old fashioned fighting fun with not a lot of ads, as long as you don't go for the big money choices, you can play for a while before the next ad shows its head
Great game play its easy to advance but i would love to see better upgrades like more scenes and more move options!!!
I like the game. Its quite interesting. There is scope for better graphics. You can grant us 1000 points for first strike like in shadow fight.
It's a good game but It would really be helpful If you just removed the ads keep some but not one every 2 games that would make the game alot better but that's the only reason why it's not 5 stars. Really appreciate your game and keep up the good work.
Just downloaded the game and it is quite enjoyable, but for some strange reason the adverts keeps kicking me out of the game, continually making me log back in from stratch!!!
Fun game if you like kicking ass but having to watch a 30 second video after EVERY fight just to get your reward money for winning gets old in a hurry. Besides that, it's a great time waster
To many ads. Literally 1 ad after ever fight. Like come on. Put the ad on the screen in the corner or something.
Would give 5 stars bit is unplayable with the ads. So don't download this game unless you like watching ads and not playing a game
Best game ever really like I'm fighting somebody and when I'm in stress I fight these people in this game and I love it it's so good πŸ’•
Pretty fun game l! The dance moves are nostalgic. And to make the game more e joyable. I turn the game music off and play '80 old school music and watch them breakdance. Great game!!!
I like this! Its simple to play and a great little time killer. Great job look forward to seeing what this can become.
This game is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo addicting like bruh its so fun I could stay up all night playing it but I wish there was a multi-player mode u already know what it is it will actually fit perfectly and BYE bye πŸ‘‹
It's really fun and you can like do combos if you dont dodge or get hit it's kinda hard but still fun
fun n easy but ads keep crashing the game and I'm having a hard time progressing. fix for higher rating.
Its a very enjoyable game but if only the boss was a lil bit harder, If we can change the name from "you" to something else but other than that i love it.
I think they did a pretty good job on it I like the finish moves already I hope they get better I just started like 30 minutes ago I think it's pretty fun hope it gets even better
Best game ive had in a while it runs so smooth making it so satisfying to punch them and the game isnt ad crazy like other games i like a fast paste beat em up game i think they nailed it out of the park with this also some moment i found funny are the fatalities
It is very fun and satisfying but it gets repetitive after a while I would rate it a 5 star if there were something like tournaments or a story line
game was super fun but I am absolutely not watching an ad after every single fight i finish and if you "earn" a skin why would you have to watch a video to get it? This game was good for about 20 mins but the ads are throwing it off badly
Sometimes after you fight and you win and you watch the video then it'll go blank and then you start all over again reloads
Kind of fun but repetitive. Buying power upsadds no noticeable difference. Game hangs up quite often and requires restart.
I'm loving how easy it is to play...I got pretty tired of the the Ads tho...Soo I opted to pay for the Ad Free version and it's great.. I just hope they give us payers A little more πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜
I feel like it's a good game because the fighting style but I wish it was a little more challenging. Also fighting the same dude is geting boring.
This game doesn't have that much adds and this game is so good I 've just got the game today and I am high level all ready
It's a great game but it shows ads evrytime i finish a level.And on the 50th level i coudnt 3van hit the guy whithout being killed.
Nice update and I glad you fixed it where as I can play on my device butt can you like add more stages like different background scene and different enemies in the game please
This is a very straightforward game. No BS. And that's pretty cool. But I would like to beat the snot out of my coworker in this game. So developers, could you please add a multiplayer via internet or Wifi LAN please? Thanks again! P.S.: My 2yr old loves when I play this; sometimes he gets a swipe or two in!
Super easy, just round house them to death. I made it to level 135 with this, an got all the skins lol
So cool but next time I prefer the power should be more powerful and I wish you have like monies so we can unlock skins because it's impossible for me what's the ready for start
Nice graphics and few ads easy controls. There are no confusing things in the game all you have to do is swipe up and to dodge is to swipe down its that simple!
If I could rate this game 0, I would. I has ads every single level! And, to top it off, When you reach Level 13 - 20, You have 100 health, and they have 228 or something close to that. This game is not worth space in your phone. Not at all.
This game is really fun not such a cash grab like most games has a somewhat oringal idea but could fix the audio am I the only one hear thats? sounds like a broken record!
It's actually a fun game. I enjoy playing it. Makes me laugh at some of the characters. Could use some more moves, but I also haven't gotten very far so there is no telling what else is to come. Good job guys inventing this. Good job.
Awsome game I've played before and I just came back and I love what you've done to the game there isn't as much glitches against how it use to be :)
This game is really fun, and it's stands out from those dumb cash grabs using cheap models and unoriginal ideas. However, there is a glitch that happens with bosses mostly, where your opponent can hit you once before you get to finish them off. This is frustrating as it feels really good to get a perfect victory against a boss, so please do your best to fix it.
Would be better if the political ads weren't just one sided. Tired of just seeing the Democrats talking bs.
Great way to kill time and not have to spend a dime. More apps like this are needed especially now in this pandemic where everybody stuck at home without means to make an income.
Fun game not pay to play thats awesome it does get repetitive but also get more difficult not to much could make opponents harder but they are decent opponents wish was online and a pause button.
Very good game Please try to contain ads to many if the issue can be fixed game will be rated higher but a very good game hopefully good enough to go online
Love the game but I wish you could earn new moves and I wish there would be different characters as you level up.
Would rate it a 0 if i could, so baaaad reaction time is horrible. You literally have to swipe 8 times before it works. Trust me do NOT download it will make you brake your phone SHITTEST GAME ON EARTH too many ads and too laggy and crashes just honestly the worst game ever. Delete it from the app store no one likes it. P.s only nittys play it
Pretty decent game but wish it had multiplayer option would be mad fun.its Pretty fun already but yea multiplayer dev teams go getta
It is clear as day and the combos are sick!!! Long as you upgrade right and time your ducking your gonna have a great time
Game seems like it would be fun but it glitches once I defeat the first guy. None of the buttons work after I defeat him so I can't advance to the next screen to face the next opponent. Perhaps if this gets fixed, I'll change my rating.
Lame would be the best description I can give it, some games they don't bomb the living hell out of you with ads, so this way you can enjoy the game and watch a few ads to where they make just enough money to make a profit and give you the chance to enjoy the game with out being blown up by ads lol, this is not one of those games lmao In this game you get drowned, bombed, smothered the living hell with ads, unistalled it within minutes after playing it πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
They should call this game fight and watch more adds. Even when you hit the button not to get a bonus for watching an add, then they make watch one of three adds again. Continue means don't show me the same add one more times if they could fix this it would be a 4 star gamethat could be five star if you added weapons and a plot line with missions to complete.
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ good game when you are in fraustration .. Graphics and sounds are good ..the thing is we can't buy any skin without watching ads .. Overall its a good offline game with no force ads πŸ˜›β€
It's a brilliant game and awsome moves action and skins only if this game would Madea better swip for more easy but also stage tournament will be better tooo
Game is fine not that gr8 it should be little challenging and every fighter should have there own style or moves
Pretty fun app!!! Great time killer. Unlike other apps where the ads are a total nuisance, this one definitely gives you a real benefit with you earnings multipliers after each battle. Nice job!
I think this game is neither oay to win or hard plus really cool and all kinds of of hits i really recommend this to someone good job
The game passes the time and is sometimes quirky with the swipe action. This isn't a game that will keep your attention very long.
Thise game is the best is just that I vu play in android but every 2 fight it kicks me out but the game I bin playing with it lately in ya need better update but the game is good in all ya just need more updates in the game is a little big lagging in every 2 fight it kicks me out but the game is really good is one of the best games of all is like the third best game but is really good the game there's a game between those game in a nother game is just that the other game is like a little bitter
THIS IS AWESOME!! I've been looking for a game like this ever since Punch Hero was erased and Boxing Star needed too much storage space to play on my phone. The figure models are built like like the ones I made for my game years ago so this is a good inspiration for me to continue developing using those low poly character design! I love the simplicity and design! Keep up the good work this game has a lot of potential!
It's a great game but the ads are too much after every fight I have to watch an ad which annoys me and on top of that the ads are just too long
Fun and entertaining. Hard to stop playing. Just hate that my man doesn't gain any power when I hit the button and spend my earnings for more. If it wasn't for that I would give 5 stars
While not terribly challenging, the game is satisfyingly entertaining. I would like to be able to time the kicks and punches closer together rather than punch, pause, kick, pause etc. Additionally, a broader, perhaps more contemporary selection of skins and accessories would enhance replayability. All in all, a very enjoyable game. πŸ‘
This game gets 1 star, because for one you have to wait 30sec. In between matches, win or loose. Then all the finishing moves are the same no matter the charter and I think they should have buttons to kick and ouch and lastly I wish you could play this game the long way on your phone for more room for movement. I wish I knew how many levels it takes to bet the game. I'm already on level 2,000.
This is a very good game the graphics are good you get a lot of money it's a great game I recommend it
Gets your hand moving ready for school. Challenges you to fights. 5 star from me old fashion fighting and cool characters
Only complaint i have is that it dont work 2 well online it skips and make it difficult 2 control my character but other than that its a fun game to play and one more face exspresion when they fight.
Great Game !!!πŸ’― The graphics are simple The Game is Easy to play The game is really good although I was hoping you guys could add more skins and also a few Indian Skins since obviously I'm a Indian. Anyways the Game is Amzing and I would definitely recommend it to other people.πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―
So much fun I went no ads immediately! Still tryna figure out these swipin combos. It's the dancing for me! Some brown skins would be nice.
I just sa this game and thought to myself,"why not." This might be the one that truely makes me happy. Much appreciated. I'll play a little more and give any information to further progress in the game.
Mediocrity. Had this game long enough to watch it NOT evolve. No new moves, characters, scenes. You may consider uninstalling after a few weeks of play. Has promise, but lacks luster.
Far too many adds. There has to be a healthier balance of game time and adds. I know you need them but they're intrusive. Otherwise, it's a fun game.
Its pretty damn fun actually but the downside is that when you play for too long it feels like they get way too easy but besides that the game It self is actually fun
THIS GAME IS AMAZING! It's very fun and it's sometimes challenging I get no ads and you get more cash if you play longer, I recommend you playing this. ALSO, You can even kick people in the balls and the face, There a glitch where whenever ur on 0 and the other person is at 0 health, you will suddenly win.
I think its great that there's a fighting game that I, a grandmother of a 5 yr old boy, can let him play without the gore bloody gore! Thanks!
It's really a great game but after awhile it gets to easy and the opponents you get to so many times it's like a loop the only thing I would ask for is to add different opponents and new ones with more power
The good thing is the videos are not loading so it doesn't bombard me with ads and games fun to while away a few minutes in between
Great game, really addictive. I would like to see more customizable options though rather than just the preset skins.
This game is a great time killer, and pretty fun when you want a challenge. Cause each swipe has a few different strikes the character may perform
Great way to kill time disabling ads is the way to go for only $3 then it's just swap swipe away. Made it to level 100 in the first day.
Make a multiplayer feature an a feature to where you can get more than cash an skins for rewards such as Bonus levels or Secret achievement bad a## skins. Make the levels more exciting to see an more of a hype crowd in the back
Fun game to pass the time, only wish for more skins and more different opponents. I don't care about ads, but when you close it out I want it gone the first time, not having to close two different screens. It's not just this game, it happens in most games plz help fix that! Thanks
The game itself is actually pretty cool. A lot of fun and a good way to kill time, but the dang ADS! Jesus...... Do we have to watch an ad after EVERY FIGHT! And it's the SAME one every time. At least break up the monotony with several different ads if we have to watch them. The other thing is the swipe system. It's a little sluggish. If I'm no good, I can live with that but getting my butt kicked because he won't move with every swipe is frustrating. Diverse ads and better controls.πŸ‘
When I 1st saw the game didn't think it was fun but over time I've gotten addicted to it and I love it when times are borrowing I have something to do to keep me Occupy
It's an ok game but once the ads show up and u exit out of the apps my screen goes completely black I have to exit the app and click on it and is there a way to fix that?
Its awesome but the graphics is a little low than I expected its hard to see cause the combos and can you make it online its getting ways to easy I need a challenging opponent
So much potential! Very fun swipe fighting game!! Addicting gameplay and Great characters to fight against! Also, It doesnt auto-match you with fake opponents like So Many other phony games do.. Instead it gives you interesting and cool characters to fight against! Definitely worth a play, check it out!
It's a pretty fun game. And lots of unlockables. They kill the fun with ads though. Literally 75% of the time you'll be watching ads. Lame. Potential is good so I give it a 3/5.
This game is Awesome! From it's combos to it's finishers. I really like 'Swipe Fight'! Great job developers. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ’₯πŸ’«
It is really a good game but the ad to game ratio is terrible sometimes I get ads in the middle of a fight its just terrible I pity on the person who made this game
This game is really fun. The one thing i dont like about it is that u have to swipe and only swipe to fight. I wish we could tap that would make the game easier.
Just started playing. It's an interesting app. I'll be back for an update at a later date. Update.. Awesome πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
Extremely fun to play, beyond easy controls for any first time users. Great game to pass the time and its a quick load for you to start playing right away. 5/5 *****
Fun game great for what it actually is worth the download and time played could be more character personalization but all in all fun game.
It's a nice game it can perfect your fighting skills and if your angry it can help you let your anger out
⭐⭐⭐⭐4 stars because of all the ads but other than that the game is really really good.πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
The game was kind of fun but when I swiped it took seconds to do anything and sometimes when I swiped nothing happened
Fights are too short...ads too long.. you do not see much of a difference in strength, and it's just the same basic moves. Just another game that is just a money grab for ads. No creativity in developing new moves or strengths of characters.
I think you should work on the graphics a little bit the game is super fun it's like my second favorite game I think it needs a little bit more upgrading but the game is beautiful that's why I kind of gave it a four stars if it gets upgraded I'll give it a 5 but yep I think you should download this game is worth downloading oh and make sure you follow my Tik Tok at kingprojeremih no space
Like the game and is addicting but for one bonus video ad, it doesn't unlock bonus after watching or glitches and your stuck in the ad with no quit button. That's the only con for the ad version.
Good game πŸ˜‰, control is very nice☺, Improve Graphic quality πŸ€”,Improve sounds quality add new other sounds πŸ€”,I feeling boring add new fun sounds fix itπŸ€” . Upgrade.πŸ˜’
This game is TRAAAAAAAAAASH! Controls are terrible Ai dodges 90% of the time even when you dodge perfectly and try to counter punch. Deleting this garbage!
punch is really cool but the one thing about kicking is hard so kicking is hard because you dont know where kick because...IT DOES NOT TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Street brawl...yeah..simple and addictive..still need more graphic upgrade..skins and accessories..also,try tu add on fighting gears like pipe or metal bat for more realistic street fight..