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Tennis Go : World Tour 3D

Tennis Go : World Tour 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by MAFT Wireless located at 145 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai 18/F On Hong Commercial Building. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
🔴 Congratulations! You have discovered a fresh hit this is certainly powerful online game! Then chances are you must not miss it if you are a sports fan, if you want competitive games!

🟠 This recreations game adopts modern 4D image quality, while the high-definition image perfectly restores the playing tennis arena this is certainly ultra-real. No matter where and when you can be immersed when you look at the wonderfulness and excitement for the tennis-court!

🟡The gameplay of this method online game is straightforward and intuitive, an easy task to learn but saturated in ability. In accordance with levels that are different you can find different trouble settings and detailed tutorials, so that you can discover playing tennis understanding while relaxing!

🟢 A character improvement system just like RPG, strive to enhance your struggle abilities, unlock tournaments being high-level and also have the chance to begin a dungeon for the tennis champion’s trip mission!

🔵Participate in tournaments around the globe and start to become famous in an innovative new fast-paced place competition that is tiny! Train your players, develop your dream league, and participate in group battles to win your exclusive fame!

🟣There are also plenty special occasions as well as other how to play, letting you enjoy a tennis this is certainly special!
What are you awaiting? Download and experience it now❣️

Game features:
● PVP player/multiplayer that is solitary, team up with your peers to beat your opponents!
● Be Involved In the planet Journey and benefits which are get the globe leaderboard!
● Control your tennis club to get wealthy income!
● Increase The level associated with the competition to start out the dungeon king's journey event!
● The fun-filled money that is gold challenge provides you with another type of thrill of fighting!
● Regular and regular Super League, defeat the adversary that is strongest and turn the king of playing tennis!
● Perfect friend connection system, be pals with similar people all over the globe
● Lively and unique chat emoticons, you'll show feelings at any time through the game
● Customize character costume characters based on your requirements

🎾This is online fighting games suitable for using relatives and buddies! PVP player battles, dual battles, buddy battles, 1v1 real time fits with people from all over the world, the most realistic artistic and sound clips, bringing you an gaming knowledge that is immersive!

📣Tennis Tour is playing tennis this is certainly convening across the world, don’t hesitate, it is you! Down load today and ask your Twitter pals to play, make use of your tennis skill, win the overall game to accumulate trophies, and redeem much more restricted equipment!

If you prefer dining table tennis(ping pong), football(soccer), basketball, baseball, badminton, volleyball, then this recreations simulation game certainly will be your favorite!

This Most useful game that is iPad a turn-based struggle with a third-person perspective. Players perform compete and role-playing in real-time in the tennis-court to compete keenly against the enemy. The excitement of FPS is genuine, the procedure experience of MOBA, there are many characters which can be card you to choose! Come and get in on the Tennis Tour!

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How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Tennis Go : World Tour 3D.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Tennis Go : World Tour 3D for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Just downloaded it been playing for 45 minutes. It's exactly the same concept as Tennis Clash which I've been playing for about a year now. My only issue is the gameplay performance is somewhat choppy. Gameplay is not as smooth and fluid as Tennis Clash. And no it's not my phone I own a high end device.
Game cuts off in the middle of play. It glitches and move slow. I have updated it and all. Also, the match ups aren't fair if someone has mobility or 10 why is the competitor a 39 at least with other tennis games the numbers are close. Tried but this is crazy a waste of coins bc of unfair play.
My attributes automatically reduced the next day and i can't understand the reason. My attributes were about 220 privious day and next day automatically it was 205.
The matchmaking is too bad and the connection doesn't work. But I think it's a server problem cause I tried also with my wifi but still doesn't work
Far better than tennis clash. More accurate ball placement as to where you aimed, players aren't getting balls that clearly have already passed them, and you actually have longer more enjoyable point play. You actually have a legit chance with superior play of winning against Ayers with greater resources. The cons are the ball color against the court color can be difficult to track and you do t see it until it's over the net. Sometimes frame rate skitters or the entire pic moves up the screen.
Update just came and still as of 16th Nov still is despite them saying game fixes and optimisation its still One of the worst striking systems I have ever come across!! Once ball is hit it will slow the game down so much so that the opposition can get to balls that had no right getting unless the game engine slows very poor and ruins the tennis experience.
It's a good game. It's like a tennis clash but some improvement is necessary. Kindly add graphics like tennis clash . Overall this game is very best. Some features are very great then tennis clash like 2 player mode
First of all it looks like my original review was not posted smh... In a nutshell this game wants to take your money to play against bots with the occasional "real" person... What at first was seemingly extremely bad match making, now is clear. They want you to spend money so bad that they flat out cheat. I hit many what should be impossible to return shots just for the ball to freeze in mid air and the opponent to zip across the court to hit it back repeatedly I literally can't score once smdh.
So far, definitely a better game than Tennis Clash. The one big problem is that videos are never available. Just never! Also, the UI appears a little confusing but that maybe because I'm used to TC... Hope the developers don't make the same mistake as the TC developers have & are continuing to make and that here, they will take member feedback very seriously.
This game has gone from good to worst. The ball is so small you cant see it coming. The opponents ball is so fast, you cant even hit it. Your ball on the other hand stops and wait for your opponent to hit it. This has become worat than tennis clash. Not going to play it anymore, tennis clash a little more enjoyable than this copy cut game.
It seems like a good game but it just lags alot & controls will not respond..I'm losing matches because of this
Never received my 1.99 log in prizes after paying. And says I already own when I try and purchase again. I love the game and enjoy it and would give it 5 if not for that. Can I be reimbursed or somehow get it to work? Can anyone help me?
I really enjoy this tennis game play. However, something needs to happen with matching players correctly. The skill sets between players should be similar or somewhat different. Its getting ridiculous. Please do better!! Thank you!!!
It is a lot of fun!! It's also challenging because if you place your return volley wrong you will lose!! Just like in real tennis.
So far, better than Tennis Clash Thank You Update your game is starting to go just like tennis clash the pay to play Rigged game The further I progress the more it seems like I'm playing tennis clash in that is not good RIGGED RIGGED RIGGED 2nd update it's sad when you rip off your pay to play customers Go head Tennis clash (Absolutely disgusting)
I like to play tennis games and found this app in the playstore. After downloading this app it does not work which is a total waste of my money and time. Whoever is responsible for this should correct the problem asap as it is fraudulent to take something from a person that pays. My advice to future down loaders is to not waste your energy,time and money.
Warning!!! Serious rip-off of Tennis Clash with unbalanced match-ups, you play agains bots/people so you sistematically lose coins
Games a good game, but as always you come to a point where you need more stuff and they try to get you to buy it .
The game was very good in the beginning with it being challenging to win but you're still able to beat players who have higher stats than you. However, when you're in the upper levels you also consistently lose to players with lower stats which is extremely annoying. You also never get the items you use in the packs you open which means you end up never leveling up your stats in the upper levels.
Great gameplay, some depth and immersion would be good. Also, I am unable to change my player's name as the keyboard does not popup. I am using a Google Pixel 2. Advise or help would be welcome.
Really good tennis game. Though it could use some improvements like playing with friends, and more pack slots for opening packs (maybe like buying more pack slots like how builders work in clash of clans). But overall really good game.
So far it seems better then the other game just like this. The attributes seem to match the characters better in matches
Totally game is awesome but i have one suggestion please start tournament so it will more enjoyable 😉
This game is exactly the same concept as Tennis Clash which I've been playing for about a year now. The worst thing about this game is 90% of the time your NOT playing a human player. Your playing the AI. Also, there's a bug when sometimes there is no audio in a match and the graphics framerate becomes very very choppy. Tennis Clash is much better.
Same BS as tennis clash, just a different look. They both have an opportunity to make a really good game, and neither one wants to take it.
A newbie to the game but at the moment is playing really well I've been buying tennis clash for several months quite advanced I don't intend to make the same mistake with this game I just try and play as well as I can on while I can it's going well so far congratulations .pix won't load. Replays not working anymore!!!
Awesome game... it is almost exactly like tennis clash but give way more stuff for less the $ you get way more stuff! Which is definitely a + Keep it up👍
bad very bad. the game is fun but it always says that you have network promblem very bad thing.this game has to goven 0 stars but what cab i do there is no option of zero stars.
I'm experiencing a lot of glitches while playing the game lately. I would appreciate that the glitches are resolved as soon as possible
So far, definitely a better game than Tennis Clash. The UI appears a little confusing but that maybe because I'm used to TC... Hope the developers don't make the same mistake as the TC developers have & are continuing to make and that here, they will take member feedback very seriously.
Fun game to an extent. The ball goes haywire sometimes. It would be nice to have a serv training mode.
So far all good in terms of game play compare to tennis clash with but graphics and characters animation need to workout. Camera closure and players auto movement.. Hopefully all will be sort out and listen to players not like tennis clash worst customer support and never released a satisfied patch ever. I always comes with a different story Rip off tccc Bless you TG
It's not as crisp,smooth or clean as t.c. but before I went from noob to amateur the matchmaking was fair and fun. Now doing the same stupid B.S. TC does. Everyone i plays attributes are far superior to mine, I understand my trophies, medals whatever u guys call em are being accounted for but cmon its common sense if a guy has an attribute lol of 220 and I only 180 his stats are gonna be so much better that even if I am the far superior player I will have no shot. Please fix
Great game to play. Quicker progress, steady servers, keen and accommodating developers! -- regards, Supremo King (PK101)
A newbie to the game but at the moment is playing really well I've been buying tennis clash for several months quite advanced I don't intend to make the same mistake with this game I just try and play as well as I can on while I can it's going well so far congratulations
Seems ok so far but I can not compete because I can not figure out how to run from side to side... sometimes it works and other times I just stand there
Game totally copy of Tennis Clash and evils of that game also copied. I was expecting that developers will learn from that but totally disappointed. Finally time to ininstall this game also.
What did you do??? I just downloaded the latest version on Nov. 6th and it hasn't played right since! The ball slows down drastically while in midair, allowing the opponent to get to the ball everytime..in some instances, they travel BACKWARDS to catch up with the ball and then hit it...!!! I'm going to have to delete this, I cant play it like this..you need to throw away that patch or new version or whatever it is and stay with the older version..this is unplayable. It was fun, but now???????
Graphics not so great. Had some connection issues. Many things still need to be improved. Overall, for me is just an average game. I give 3 stars at this moment.
i cant get a match. About 10 times in a row i got 'the match failed' and before that i got 'cannot connect to server'. There seems to be some issues with this game.
Game has a little too much lag, but otherwise fun. I like the bags offered, but could use a little more variety.
Graphics slick, good controls and... a missed opportunity. I can handle that I'm playing bots, and even that its impossible to progress without spending money, but what made me uninstall was when I played a game, hit 5 or 6 match winning shots (like other side of the court, no chance my opp could ever get to it), and the game slows right down (matrix style), and he slides across and makes the shot?! What kind of cheating 'u were destined to never win the match', b.s is this???
It's really good game. Only need to improve graphics and change some court colours. In some courts can't see ball properly. At the moment adds not working. This need to be fix quicker. And need to unlock Tournament mood so player can enjoy. So far it's better than Tennis clash.
Even net is working properly than also it shows error of network and while playing game ball stuck at opponent side and they can score easily.
Terrible game. You cannot win against someone with a high volley rating as no matter how good your shot is, the ball miraculously hovers over the net until the opposition is in place to hit a winning volley. If I could give minus 5 I would
Stupid update.... Morons lost the plot again. Attributes doesn't matter anymore.... Such a idiotic update to a good game.. even with bots it was good and fun.. Now a player/bot with half your attributes is playing shots that one can't even follow let alone your useless character with high attributes.... Wish I could give negative stars. Pathetic losers... Don't push updates if u r not sure it will work.
It started out fun then I spent some $ and then the game slowly got worse.U play in the low coin arena and make every amazing shot win 7 out of 10,move up to the expensive coin arena and suddenly every shot is out or long,lose 8 in a row and gotta start all over.I just can't do it anymore,I have to uninstall it,terrible swings.The most insulting thing is the card pack slots, when all slots r full and U win, it shows U missing out on the best pack,when a slot opens up to refill, U get the worst!
This game is so fun.You can play with other people that are better then you. You can fight them back which is so cool.😆😆
Great so far. Would be a 5 if you could click through a the non play reactions and between points. It's just boring watching, just wanna play.
Beautiful game. Control are awesom but little bit issue of speed of game it is too slow...i like this game on free time play..should try everyone
Love the game only problem I,m not getting any sound on some of the matches fix that please and I will give it five stars
It's fine, but needs a lot of work. You play bots about 75% of the time. There are no tournaments or clans to join. The game crashes quite often as well. It has potential, but a lot needs to be done.
Since the update the ball freezes long enough for opponent to get there to return the ball no matter where you hit it. Not fun any more. Also bots have higher backhand and forehands .
Its becoming more like tennis clash. Ball stops at one side and wait for the opponent from the other end to hit it.
This game is still unstable sometimes you win the match but the match dont exit and unfortunately you need to quit the game and if you quit the match then you will lose your coins 😡
Great gameplay. Not so much emphasis on buying special instruments like other tennis games. However, need more player base. And graphics need to be more fluid.
Not a bad tennis player game, has alot of simular effects as tennis clash, tennis balls does not follow line prjected for it can be clearly seen going off to the right side of the project swipe course made and has issues with the tennis ball freeze in air allowing opponents to run a hit it in return, not very realistic player volley hits more times than not on a serve return or regular return, go out in corners more than in. I would like to see some updates and try again. That is why only rate 3
Without spending money you can just play Season 1. And with season 1 there is no chance to collect enough money for anything. So, game is interesting maximum 2-3 hours, uninstalled after that.
When I hit a ball in on the line (even tho it is clearly in and touching the line) it zooms in and says that the shot was out. Its obviously in.. Why have it replay and show you that it was in, only to call it out? Fix this please.
It's good at the moment but like all these games, it won't be long before it becomes unplayable with ridiculous updates and wanting all your money
Best tennis game out there.. such a high skill ceiling... You can come right in and destroy ppl... Or be terrible. It's all in your finger ability to control the court. 10 out of 10 from me.. well played
Great till I purchased a 7.99 pack and didn't receive it. Just purchased a 1.99 pack for 4000 coins and 800 banknote and a pack or 2 and only immediately after received 200 banknote ONLY... Now a 1 star.
I purchased the 1.99 log in special and received non of what it said it would. No banknote, no cards, nothing.
The problem is ball is so small sometimes can't even see where it is going and most of the time just play it
I download this game 5 times When open the game there is a blank screen So do not download this game pls..
STOP MAKING MATCHUPS BY TROPHY COUNT! Trophies don't mean anything when you're matched against someone you literally can't compete against. Once you hit a certain amount of trophies everyone is miles better than you. Match making is as bad as Tennis Clash.
The game is lagging immensely..ball doesn't move smoothly ..... How would I win matches ...I mean the whole purpose of game would be defeated ......
So far tennis clash can be uninstalled as there z a new kid on the block w/TENNIS GO 3d... idk how it z set up as far as bots vs actual RT PvP. nice to be able to not play TGWT3 bc I can't stand them environment within they're game's. GG#59
At start game was very good, everything was very smooth. But now I am facing below two problems 1. Ball getting stuck in air ie speed of ball become zero suddenly. 2. Everytime I serve or return the ball it stuck with Net, means I am losing most of my points in net
This is just seriously tooooooo many unnecessary 🤬 updates and for what? I can't even enjoy playing this game because of this. Can we just play the game without all of this BS? Do know that these bytes add up and it takes up phone space so try to figure out and find a stopping point and let us enjoy this game please! 💯👊🏾🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤬
One of the worst striking systems I have ever come across!! Once ball is hit it will slow the game down so much so that the opposition can get to balls that had no right getting unless the game engine slows very poor and ruins the tennis experience
I've tried a few tennis games but this is one of the best. The controls are simple the graphics are great and the gameplay is fantastic. The Doubles Mode and Tournaments add a nice dimension to the game. All in all a very good tennis game. Well done to the Developers 👍🏻.
The best tennis game, I'm new to these games but I thank u from r this cool game, having fun trying to get better, starting to win ...I recommend to all friends
Great fun! Easy to learn. Has some minor technical glitches, but I am sure they will be fixed over time
Absolutely waste of time playing constantly disconnects from the Internet which I end up loosing my game. This happens every time I play yet everything else no problems. I am going to give up this game if it cannot be resolved
Game was ok. Very stuttery on my phone, 2 force closes in 10 mins. Then I get to tier rank 2. My opponents are now literally twice my stats playing in the first bracket..
You will not progress unless you pay real money..... This is fact made apparent by the hilariously overpriced "fighter grip". Other than that graphics are cool gameplay is decent. Basically an exact copy of Tennis Clash down to the overpriced pay to play "grip sets".
There is no good tennis game on the market. Attributes mean NOTHING in this game. Your ball slowly floats in the air just to allow your opponent to slam it past you. There's no control, mechanics are terrible. Will uninstall. Do not play this
Good start. In game chat - message translations to English aren't very accurate I think purple cards are the legendary and orange ones the rare, but the description says opposite in game Some item names are not ideal - vibrator? Who came up with that idea? 😆