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TfL Oyster and contactless

TfL Oyster and contactless for PC and MAC

Is a Travel And Local game developed by Transport for London (TfL) located at 14 Pier Walk, North Greenwich, SE10 0ES. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
Manage your adult Oyster and cards that are contactless the move with the app.

• Top up pay as you go credit
• Buy adult rate 7 Day, Monthly and Annual Travelcards, and Bus & Tram Passes
• View your Oyster card and contactless journey history
• Check contactless payments
• Check your pay as you go balance and see season tickets
• Check if you have any incomplete journeys
• Allow notifications when your pay as you go balance falls below a certain amount, or your Travelcard is about to expire

When you top your credit up or buy a Travelcard or Bus & Tram Pass, it will be available to collect after 30 minutes when you touch your Oyster card on a yellow card reader as part of a journey on any London bus, or at any Tube, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail or National Rail station within the pay as you go area, tram stop or River Bus pier.

Keeping on top of your spend is easy; see the date, cost and time of your journeys from the last 8 weeks.

Customers who have not already added their contactless card to an account that is online do so at contactless.tfl.gov.uk.

The TfL Oyster and contactless app will request access to your camera. This is so that you can scan your payment card. We will never store the pictures that are scanned. Alternatively you can enter the card details manually.

You can’t currently add Oyster photocards to this app.
You can’t currently buy discounted tickets through the app.

For security reasons TfL Oyster app is not supported on rooted devices.

Please provide any feedback using this link https://www.tfl.gov.uk/app-contact

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the TfL Oyster and contactless.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download TfL Oyster and contactless for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Need a way to delete my out-of-date credit card. Need a way to delete my Oyster card which has been fully refunded and deactivated, though TFL Oyster app still thinks it has £21 on it! Need a way to set one of my cards as the default, otherwise how do you know which card it's going to use?? Maybe different ones at different points in the journey which would confuse the system mightily.
Good user interface, I just wish there was a deal for those who buy travel cards, I work in London and wondered if you could make it more customisable, example; if you work Monday to Friday, it could be exclusive to those days, unfortunately you have to pay for every single day when you buy a travel card. Please TfL, consider this!
Overall a good app. Frustrating that it is the only app that continues to ask me every week when I top up that I have to log in. If I really have to log in regularly, can it not use my fingerprint like my banking apps?
I have tried topping up my card, it said the payment doesn't processed. Tried again, same thing. I have checked my bank account, it's been charged twice. It was 2 hours ago, the money still not appeared on my card, however I have used it. Now I am in negative balance.
Still not working even after updating. When tapping out at train stations the app keeps reading I hadn't. It's ok on the buses. Now the app won't show any journey history or my fare balance.
Stuck on the buy anywhere any time page on opening the app, worked on my s20 ultra but not on my s21 ultra
When you run out of credit you can top up the 4 stars is only because it can take 30 minutes before its on, you can check your journey history.
It's very convient, the track your oyster,and see how much you spend money for your journey,I find a difficulty to check my history it usec to open easily and then not anymore, is that at the settings?
Frustratingly bad - because it is so close to being perfect! The good:- You can nickname your different Oyster cards. This is really useful if you have more than one oyster card registered under your account. For example, you might have one for domestic and one for work and/or your childrens' cards. The bad:- You cannot delete obsolete cards from the app. I lost a card but the lost Oyster card is stil showing on the app and it can't be removed by me. Auto top-up can only be changed once.
Makes life easier when topping up your oyster. In addition to that, you also get to see your journey history too.
Easy to manage, easy to top up, but it takes time to see your journeys, especially on buses. The travel history is updating much later in the same day, but for the buses you need to wait till the next day. In fact is a good app.
I wasn't able to add my student card to the app. It has to be a feature that is added soon because I don't see why the student cards are not accepted here
I like it, it's good. I'd like to have though a better refreshing handling, e.g. when you swipe down to refresh amount, because recently I was caught without money in my oyster as the app showed I had for one journey, while in reality I've even used the emergency fare the previous day and didn't know it until I checked the history.
Great app, generally expect to see your journeys the next day though, but with Oyster it can be sooner. Great way to keep track of your Oyster balance.
Doesn't work, open the app and it gets stuck on the loading screen which is a shame cause I genuinely used to use this app and it was very helpful
When it works it's great but when it doesn't it's frustrating as you get charged for an incomplete journey. I am also trying to update my card and it doesn't work.
Fares take days to process through Metrobank. I've been left short because of this issue. Not sure if the issue is my back or this app
I was charged a maximum journey fare due to the ticket barriers not working, applied for a refund and I'm still waiting two months later.. if I could give TFL zero stars it'd still be too high
TFL should look into these issues; Why do I have to wait for 30 minutes to ride the when I top??? If the card in very small debt for example 10p it does not allow you to buy a travel card (weekly or otherwise) When you do not have credit on the card it does not show travel history
Oyster card balance slow to update on app when you top it up. Topped up on a friday and didnt show on app till i checked my balance at a shop on the following monday.
Nice and simple. Wait 15 minutes for online top-up to sync with the system before going to the station.
I'm not able to see my cost journey, its show me the last used only, it was fine about a week or 10 days ago,no journey history
Terrible app thought I would download it , to make topping up or buying monthly easier. Just stick to the website to top up . Whoever made this up clearly didn't test it properly or do any quality control . It took money from my bank account , but I have to now wait 24/48 . To receive my monthly bus pass and that's if it works. Honestly your better going through the website or a physical location to top up .
It really makes topping up easy but I wish they can introduce a £5 options sometimes I don't have enough and just need to get out quickly. But I've been enjoying the app so far!!!
Worked for a few weeks and seemed quite easy to check balance, journey history and top up. Then today it asked for my password to even open the app to check my balance. Said my password incorrect, which it wasn't. Called TFL twice to reset but that didn't work either.
I am using this app most of the time noticed that the top up i made does not come. Contacted TFL was waste of time made inquiry of two top up, git onky one refund now will be contacting TFL for three more Looks like scame
Very useful for someone like me as I work really early mornings. Going to a shop to buy a new bus pass isn't always practical. Just order one online and I get it as I go to work. Less hassle
Easy to use fast and works in minutes , so much better than trying to find a shop to top up , would be great if discount given for monthly buys
App won't open properly, it just sits on the loading screen permanently. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it hasn't changed.
Convenient app. but need to improve I have to keep sine in everytime I use.and should update to oyster card quicker.
Pretty much just takes your money, as sois as something goes wrong or you lose your card, etc you have to contact TfL. You can top your oyster card only by £10 chunks and depending of their system it might take longer than what they say to actualize your oyster with your purchases on the app and the travels you've done. This app is not even worth two stars but it's what we have so I'm putting up with it for now.
Very useful. I can top up my Oyster card everywhere and every time I need it and it helped me a lot of time.
Good for keeping track of spend and history but i think its awful you can only top up from £10 upwards and in certain multiples. Thiscis the same as machines on the underground. Not an app issue, as obviously dictated by tfl policy. Hope this feedback is considered.
I couldn't see my travel history to check how much I've used on the day and if I was close to the daily cap. I thought uninstalling and reinstalling it again would have fixed this as it did in the past, but it didn't. It is actually worsen it, now I can't log back at all, I have been trying for 3 days. This is very poor! I need to go out, check my balance and load my card as not usind a machine due to Covid. Very very bad issue!
Easy and convenient app to use, I wish I can add my daughter ZIP card that I can top it up for her instead of going to the station or shop.
Simple but working, very handy when you need to top up. The only negative note so far is that you can't put the same nickname for a replacement card (I lost one and wanted to put the same name). Obviously I added a number to the nickname but it's no the same!
Simple and easy to use. Very helpful when on the go and need a quick top up. Would be good to have an option to add just 5 pounds though
Journey history either doesn't work at all or only shows you the very last journey. Tells you you have incomplete journeys when you do not. Tells you the wrong balance. In the last month the app has become practically useless.
I can top up my oyster card, from the app. It would be nice, if it could work on the Oyster reader. I'm happy using it
A good app, saves time at the ticket machines, and shows you how much is being charged for each journey.
It's very convient, to track your oyster,and see how much you spend money for your journey,I find a difficulty to check my history it use to open easily and then not anymore, is that at the settings?
Easy to purchase travelcard and top up Oyster. Have been using the app since launch, have had no problems with it.
Great app allow you to top up anywhere you are, even in the convenient of your home..👏🏾👏🏾
Frustratingly close to being perfect! The good:- You can nickname your different Oyster cards. This is really useful if you have more than one oyster card registered under your account. For example, you might have one for domestic and one for work and/or your childrens' cards. You can't give cards nicknames on the website. The bad: - Annoyingly you can't delete obsolete cards from the app: only TfL can do this. If you could it would be perfect. Be aware that Auto Top-Up can only be changed once.
Am I alone who was charged twice for a same journey? And it's happened e few times in a past half years
What's wrong with photocards not making it to app. I'm utterly disgusted about this. When I wanna check my balance, top-up and make my journey free from machines, I'm getting no benefits. TFL should do this considering the trying times. What It'll take to make photo cards in the system??. I honestly wanna know what's are the obstacles
A pain... A minimum of £10 to pop up. And, be there in mind that will take up to 30m to be the card.
Tried to top up but didnt see my money loaded onto my oyster card. I think they took it and left me with a £0.50 balance credit, i should have just poped into a local oyster shop, no problems there.
Topped up £10. Oyster account stayed in the negative, and was charged for swipe I made believing I had topped up. According to CS the system hadn't caught because it was Sunday. If didn't have my debit card with me I would have been late for work. Critical on that day because I was opening. I don't know how helpful CS could have been in my case, but it really was a wasted phone call. Yes, I got to work on time...
Can't sign in on the app,it keeps saying my password or username is wrong yet I can sign in on the web version,using the same password and username I tried for the app.Im not changing my password when it's working perfectly fine
Not sure why it keeps crashing when topping up on the app now. It works fine on the website. Needs fixing!
A week ago cause Covid-19, I tried to not touch the ticket machine. I made a £10 refill using the app, but it didn't work. I lost money and bad experience👎
£10 minimum top up is too high. If I want to take one bus somewhere and I have 0p on my Oyster card, I still have to top up £10. That is way too high. The minimum top up amount should be £1.50, which is one bus journey - or £3 max. You should be able to scan the oyster card on the phone app too.
Uninstalled a couple of times and reinstalled. The app is working fine now I'm pleased to say. Would have given 5 stars ,however I haven't tried it on the trains , due to limited travelling.
Does not work. Just so it's on opening page. Tried to reinstall a few tea and same issue. On huawei p30pro
Why can't we have the option to disable the password login I find that rather annoying tbh, other than that it's a good app to use but give me the option to disable the password login if I would like to do so
It is not a multifunctional app but it get the job done .you can add live bus/tube timming timing and put maps in it so they can rely to reach anywhere.
You cannot have an app that directs itself to the website in which both the app and website will not allow a daily worker to update his travel card via phone. The app will tell me that the money on my oyster is low but when I sign in, the app doesn't even have a direct link to my oyster and I put my oyster card number in again but it says its already registered. Dont be cheap get some capable software engineers to do the job this is transport for London with one of the most expensive travel
It would not register oyster card. As I enter the card number, it says answer to security question is incorrect. Which security question, there isn't any?
This app's useless. If you've got a first generation Oyster card, it can't read it! Back to the tried tested machine at the station, much more reliable.
The app doesn't work at all. Just open up the first page and then you can't navigate anywhere. Someone needs to look into it Urgently
What's wrong with this app? It was apparently working fine on my previous phone, despite some hiccups every now and then. But now, it doesn’t function at all on my new phone, can't even register my Oyster with it, let alone try to do the other stuffs (top-up, journey history). It's an essential app during pandemic days, so developers, are you listening?
It's ok for managing the ways you pay. It's not very helpful with commuting or providing any live updates to journeys. You also cannot use most of the features offline which doesn't help especially when you are in the underground.
Makes my life sooo much easier! I check my balance, top up, check I've been properly charged, all from my phone. Thank you guys!
This app allows you even to recharge your oyster card online but the balance gets updated after 30 minutes which needs to be looked in as if possible the balance should be reflected immediately so that the passenger doesn't have to wait for 30 minutes
Great app! I've used it for a couple of years or more (can't remember) to top up, buy season tickets, check my balance and look at my journey history. Really convenient and easy to use. Thank you.
Terrible app. Oyster card balance takes days to update on app when you top it up. Topped up on a friday and didnt show on app till i checked my balance at a shop on the following monday.
A really useful and simple app. It's helpful to know that my card isrunning low and will need topping up. Definitely recommend this app.
It tells you what you need to know and allows you to do the basics. Would be better if refunds were possible too. Some times it logs out when least expected.
Worked really well up until recently, now it just takes my money, tops up nothing and then sends me a refund a day later.
How do i get past that error with check result=0x0001, although my phone is not rooted please? It seems to me that blocking rooted phones is the wrong way to implement security anyway. Just use encryption and sensible security practices like banking apps do.
This app helps track travel expenses. Is good to have the Oystercard that goes with it if there are travel glitches where refunds are due.
Used to be great but now essentially useless as it keeps losing your login details/password so the top-up alert never works because it has logged you out by the time you need to know. I have lost money on having to pay again on journeys that should be free/hopper because I go into negative credit and this app hasn't warned me I was close. Also when it IS working it ignores the minimum top-up setting and warns you at £10 anyway!
Unable to give feedback within the app itself. I have set the low balance notification to happen at "below £2" but the app keeps sending the notification when I go below £10.
What's wrong with photocards not making it to app.I'm utterly disgusted about this. When I wanna check my balance, top-up and make my journey free from machines, I'm getting no benefits. TFL should do this considering the trying times. What It'll take to make photo cards in the system? Thanks, faith for your reply I'm a CS student & I honestly wanna know the user stories and requirement analysis of this software, we're living in 2021 and not in the days of plan driven method but agile instead.
It can occasionally crash and show inaccurate balances but generally it is accurate. Not very user friendly but once you get used to it, it's fine
The app itself is OK, but I'm not happy with some TFL policies that work in conjunction with the app & that's why I can't give it 5 stars.
Quick and super easy app to use. Very convenient when you are in a rush. Prefer using this then logging onto the website.
My app does not work anymore since I used my Samsung s20 plus. It was working on my S9 what's happened tfl? I have uninstalled then installed but it doesn't go into the pages it used to
It would be helpful for to get an emergency boost like the £5 back up on the oyster card who travel all the time then next time have to replace it with a top up just a good brain wave of noing.
How do you remove an oyster card. There is an option to add one, which is fine, but no option to remove one. Say you lose your card, and get a new one, how do you remove the old oyster card?.
This app doesn't work. Not able to register my Oyster card. It doesn't seem to recognise the number it asks you to key in. My girlfriend also had the same issue.
Very useful for topping up and checking my balance would be good if I could use it and tap on the card reader rather than carry my oyster card with me.
Not intuitive for navigation from the home page. The icons are randomly dispersed across the page making it difficult to find the right one for topping up or renewing tickets
Easy to use and very useful to notice if you have been overcharged in case of untouched readers. Refund system works very promptly.
"We have detected, that your smartphone has been rooted or the App is manipulated. This can be a security risk" -- it's not, hasn't been, and it's not? Google play shows device is secure, Google Pay works fine, my banking apps work fine, but the tube app says no...? I can run it on a phone that hasn't had a security update for 2 years, but not one that has the latest October 2020 security patches installed? Do your developers know what they're doing? Or is this a bad management decision?
Has worked fine for me in the past - not sure if there's been an upgrade with bugs but it's not loading for me anymore and gets stuck on "buy anytime, anywhere" - won't let me log in etc. Help!
Looks like it's broken. They claim I have an account registered for my email already, but when I click Reset Password they redirect me to a page where I must for godsake click bicycle photos (wat?), and when I try to register an account for my other email they proudly claim they've sent an activation link which they've seemingly failed to, actually (I wonder if they've sent it by Royal Mail, with three days guaranteed, and fifteen days if you're lucky, delivery term).
Would have given 5 star if you did not gave to wait 30 minutes after top up. Been burnt too many times and had to pay extra with contactless!!!!
It was working fine in my previous phone. Now it doesn't work on my new phone. Does this mean my new phone which is S20 fe 5G doesn't support this app or what???
The fact that the top up option begins from 10 pounds when you can log in and top up from 5 pounds on the website remains a mystery! Why so inconsistent not everyone is going for a long journey some just a bus ride and 30 mins wait if u used an oyster machine its instant so this needs app needs to reflect.
All I can say is thank goodness for [redacted], rooted users back baby looking forward to hack your tubes soon 😎
It really helps to manage the tickets and top up credit value on my oyster card as well as check my journey history. There are some things this app cannot do that you can do on the website but for quick maintenance this app is great and easy to use!
Great app. It helps me to save a lot of time by topping up my oyster online and I can keep track of my balance.
Great app for monitoring Pay As You Go travel. I wish it included the Journey Planner as a feature, however.
Love the app, it is very convenient when you are on the go. The app does freeze sometimes when accepting payment.
I buy a travel card every week sometime monthly. With an additional weekly top up. Most times the trains are delayed. And am charged more money some times. Don't know what I should do.
Needs more updates needs £5 top up, you got weekly topups, monthly topups but no weekend topups needs train & underground discounts it's to expensive we not all in top paid jobs. Not that I'm complaining about my job I love my job & happy with my wage, just the costly trains & bus (daylight robbery) NOT a happy customer :(
Trash company and trash app, reset my pasword 30 times, still unable to login, the chapcha is bugged infinit .
Does not accept payment - three times I added a new debit card, checked carefully. Refused every time. Yet no problem making a payment with this card on the website.
I like this app but not happy that you can't put how much you want to top up your oyster card. Not everyone want or have £10 minimum to top up. Give us a choice to put how much we decide to top up like £1.50 or £2 etc and save us from social distancing with others during convid-20 pandamic.
Changed from 5 stars to 1. After the update the app stopped working. During the current pandemic times, when encouraged to not use machine but app for tfl services. Disappointed.
Wish there was a way to "tap in" with the app on an NFC enabled mobile. I have twice forgotten my wallet but had my mobile but couldn't travel without going all the way back to get my wallet.
Yes I am satisfied with this app. It will be excellent if passenges can see the the stopage in the journey history of this app. Thanks.
It will be great if the oyster card , will become contactless directly by phone , same as debit card used with Google Pay which is not possible yet with Oyster Card
So easy and quick to top up and no searching for shops that do top ups,great app that works very well 😃,ive been using this for over a year now
Good app. Good way of managing your oyster. Would be nice if there was a virtual oyster card, say in case you forget your physical one. You can turn NFC on and use this instead. Would be nice. But overall, it does what is says on the tin.
The app tells you the exact times you used your oyster, how much each journey was with a daily total, logs what stations you used and what mode of transport. You can top up your oyster very easily, so easy to keep track of everything. Price alerts when your balance runs low.
Cant fault app to much works as supposed to. Only thing i would say is for anyone on a low budget adding a £5 top up option might be helpful to some as can do in oyster shops.