The Hobbit: Kingdoms for PC

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The battle for Middle-earth has just begun! PLAY FOR FREE and join millions worldwide to drive the Goblin hordes from the lands beyond the Misty Mountains...

User reviews

  • Josie Soles
    Josie Soles

    Someone educate kabam support on soft skills You can only be ignorant to a paying customer so many times until they just go away! Goodbye Hobbit!

  • Joshua Reitner
    Joshua Reitner

    Great game Very well designed and fun to play. new update slowed things down a bit but due it will be fixed.

  • Reuben Wipf
    Reuben Wipf

    My favorite game!!!

  • Matt Hampton
    Matt Hampton

    Changed My Mind So after a week you lose your "new player" bonus and people start attacking you... relentlessly. Since you're relatively weak they come knock down your door and take all of your gold which prevents you from improving... which makes it easy for people to keep taking your gold. It seems the only way to improve is to purchase (with real money) protection runes to keep people from attacking 12 hours at a time, until your strong enough to stand on your own. No one likes being bullied all the time.

  • Ashlea Johnston
    Ashlea Johnston

    Good Game I'm usually not a fan of strategy games like this one, but the artwork is beautiful and it's worth a play if you enjoy games like this. You get seven days to build up your cities before you will be openly attacked by other players. If this is your kind of game, it's worth a play. :)

  • robbie abbott
    robbie abbott

    Amazing This is an amazing strategy game. People complain cause people spend money to get ahead, I spend no money and keep up with the best... complain if you want about people buying to win, it's a game if they want to waste their money, let them. A few bugs here and there but are fixed pretty quickly and players are compensated for servers being down for maintenance.

  • Bethany McDaniel
    Bethany McDaniel

    More updates... They should make an update where you can choose to build more things at once, like how you can train troops in a list, they should have a que of building upgrades waiting for the one in front it... :/ I forget what I was going to upgrade next too often

  • ben morley
    ben morley

    It's alright... The game was fun back when it came out, but it's now just filled with cheaters and players that buy to win. Also the game needs new servers and needs to fix the bugs that rid the game of its fun. My final thought of the game is that it's ok, but wouldn't recommed to other players for the game as lost all it's core values.

  • Daniel Hakola
    Daniel Hakola

    Poor game Ok its like most games except people who are high rank either by spending money on it or have played it for a long time will always be attacking your city stealing your gold. U have no chance fighting back because your troop strength is poor. U need gold for research. Something that can take days to reach. Near impossible when being attacked multiple times daily. Not impressed.

  • Deborah Hinkle
    Deborah Hinkle

    No Support - Lots of pressure to spend $$$$ Wow they have quite a few people spending $1,500 a month on this game and that's just on 1 server. They are worse than Vegas casinos and to top it off after they spend money to win they don't give out the prizes.

Download The Hobbit: Kingdoms for Computer

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the The Hobbit: Kingdoms.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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The Hobbit: Kingdoms Download