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TikMagic - Get Likes Flash Effects Followers Love

TikMagic - Get Likes Flash Effects Followers Love for PC and MAC

Is a Video Players game developed by Callum Lab located at Idaho. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Everybody can easily personalize photos with our carefully selected effects and music. You can create music that is stunning without being an expert.
Get ready to surprise your friends and enjoy the endless fun of creation.

Top Features

Stylish Video Effects
- Beautify various dynamic glitch effects. to your photos
- Turn your ordinary photos to animated video

Background Music
- A rich library of background music for you to choose.
- Endless inspiration and creativity

Sound Wave Effects
- An assortment of wave effects is just a click away from you.
- Get inspired with these effects that are stylish.

Fast Saving & Sharing
- Save your artwork.
- Share to the media that are social seconds.

Download now to create your music that is amazing video.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the TikMagic - Get Likes Flash Effects Followers Love.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download TikMagic - Get Likes Flash Effects Followers Love for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Great for gaining followers it's kind of a community thing you follow someone they follow you back you gotta follow and they get a follow it's really cool get more coins and get more followers have fun Whoever is reading this this game is very fun not really a game but helped you a lot for ticktock download this app and you will not regret this thank you for whoever is reading this for taking a moment of their time towards this game
This app is a really good method to get likes and followers and over all it's just a good app so I would recommend downloading it 👍
Really good it helps me get followers and 100% real no scams at all. I do have to say when your getting free coins it will jldo a couple then start loading a lot.
In all honesty it works well! However keep in mind most of these reviews are used for coins but you get alot of them! Things are very cheap and affordable 👌 I hope you will consider!
So yeah I got real followers but...it was so expensive when I want to buy with coins..Maybe you can do 100 followers:20 coins because it was hard to get coins that much
This is a great app overall the quality is great and It gives you likes instantly overall this is just an amazing app it is a solid 5 star app
I love this app. It is helping me grow so much as a content creator. This app is 100% legit. This app helped me resch 100 followers and I really appreciate that. So you should get this app as well.
This app is super good and helped me grow a lot totally not making this comment for more coins it's not that great wouldnt reccomend other ones are better
This is actually really great app l, it gives u a lot of followers. U need to download this app, so good, when u just downloaded the app, u will see 13 stars already!!Awesome right thats why u needed to download this app👍😎
Best app ever and it really works you just got to follow people and then you get the likes and then it just does I love this app so much I am in love with this I recommend you get this app.
This is one of the best apps I love getting followers so over all this definitely a 5 star app and I recommend it a lot
I love this app it's so good and can boost you so easily I definitely recommend if ur a small creator or want to get more followers
I really love the app its very worth my time i get my likes and followers also tou get 5 followers just for putting in you user name its just overall the best app ever.
I really like this app it's not like other ones they actually give u followers I started on one and now I got one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight followers after a week of having it
This is an amazing and wonderful app which I find worked really well for getting followers on the social media app TikTok.
It is pretty good especially because it is not a scam when I bought 10 follows it actually did it so u give it a four because you have to have a lot of coins to buy follows but overall it is a good app
I think it good but when you want to buy the likes or followers you have to buy them or you can watch ads overall it's a great app
This ia a great app! It works and xoins are really cheap! It takes a few minutes to get fully but overall 5 stars!
This app actually works and I kept getting likes from following people! But please update to maybe make it faster cause sometime after I follow they say that confirmation failed...
Realy good app,very nice and it realy works but it has to fix the part where you can only get followers for more then 100 coins..but tho it is a GREAT app😁
Really cool app! Helps me and my girlfriend a lot. There are other apps like this that dont work well. This one is amaizng! Awesome app!
I dont normally add reviews for apps but this one is actually really good and deserves a review from me, its easy to use and you actually get followers unlike other apps like this 10/10 would recommend
Overall the apps fine it works just after about 1 hour it stopped for me unfortunately , bit I uninstalled and reinstalled and it worked again.
I'm really liking this app so far! I have been able to gain actual followers! I will continue to use it as long as it produces real followers
Its so awesome so fast i actually do this justo for coins😂😂😂 but for the people who is looking for a app like this use this app it qorks perfwctly
this app is amazing! it actually gave me followers and likes. I know it's wrong to use an app but this app is definitely a 5 star app.
For the firts time i try i think it don work but WOW,Its REAL.i so happy because of this apps! This really work! Thank you for the apps :>
Wonderful app. It is a trusted app and all positive response with quick service. Love this app. 5stars rating.
I love this app it's trust worthy I would say to get the likes and comments bc followers unfollow but the app is trust worthy and good for getting famous
I'm giving it 4 star beacause the auto growth prices are so high and i think you guys should lower the prices because no one is going to buy the product with those prices. Like 349.99 for 7,000 followers everyday? Overall the app is good, but those prices need to go down because if you don't lower the prices this app will get a bad rating. People want to get a lot of followers on tiktok but no one is going buy that. You need to either lower the prices or make it free for 24 hours on the dot.
This app actually works. I usually get followers pretty fast after using my coins for them. Good app.
This is a truly exceptional app, it is legit and it really gives me likes and followers. I truly love this app.
This app is pretty amazing. It works 100% and the best thing is. You don't have to log in or anything! All you have to do is type your user name. Get coins and BAM you have instant likes and follower! 10/10 app!
This is an Amazing 5 star review app with amazing content for everyone it is a great source to use if your just a small tiktoker
The reason why I rate for 5 stars is it really works and it's simple to know how it's function so I really like this app
I was really surprised about the likes option, normally it says stuff like : "maintainance" or "update soon"
Exactly what it says you can follow/comment/like people accounts to get virtual currency to then spend on getting engagement for yourself. You can also pay directly for engagement if you want as well.
I actually think this app works. No complaints here! I got real followers and likes that aren't bots. I'm shocked yet satisfied.
WOW! It's actually real and free! Lately I have been losing tons of followers and this app have really helped me out! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because when I go to get more coins by following someone it doesn't work so maybe fix that please?
Hi. I really recommend this app. It is an amazing way to get free followers on TikTok. Other ones did not work. But this one is amazin!
Really good but have to buy followers if you can watch short adverts for 5 coins which will lead to followers/likes
It is a really good app I told people at school I was famous so I downloaded apps and the didnt work but then o seen this one and I was like this is the last app I'm gonna try and it was my first time of finding one that worked download this app if you want likes,followere,and comments
This app is amazing you earn coins then spend them on real followers at first I fought it was a scam but it actually helped me a lot.
This app is so cool you can get a bunch of followers less than 5 seconds im so happy keep up the good work
This app is so cool its deserves 5 star at first I think its fake cause every time I used an app like this not work but this work. This app is so cool
This is an amazing app and I SAY this deserves lots of downloads. 🥰 Best app. I tried other apps and they only gave me 2 likes, But this app SAVED ME! It’s so easy to get coins!
It's so good of a app it works perfectly fine and it gave me 5 followers at the beginning it is a solid 5 stars
I highly recommend this app as it is very useful and no issues found what so ever. You can get 60 coins for downloading a certain app and a daily 5 coins every day. This is for sure the best way to get tiktok followers.
This app is super legit it helped me get 5 followers in the first 5 seconds of me opening the app i love it 5 stars hands down
this app sounds amazing to others but I'm having problems with this app when I opened it after it downloaded it said on the screen 100 effects so I waited 5 minutes and it still wouldn't work so I'm giving this 2 stars .
This app is the best. It’s iconic!☺️❤️ I got so much likes and followers thanks to this amazing app! This app also helped me through out so many hates from my friends because I always had 4 likes or 3. This app is the best! If anyone’s looking at the comment section, it’s a BIG MUST to download this app. It’s amazing. It’s not even a hacker or a scam!
This is a great app but if you watch many videos for 5 coins then you have to wait for a while until you can watch anymore again but I go 50+ followers in one minute for following 2 ppl..
This is like amazing its good if you dont want to watch videos or ads but also if your broke u can still get like comments and follows this app is overall great i highly suggest it
This app keeps on saying it has an error and won't let me do it, I dont like it. I put in my username and still not letting me in.
It helps me with the followers but the prices are high but pretty cool u dont get coins when h watch ads so that a waste but other then that its cool
I'm not writing this for 50 coins but I'm doing it for real now this is a good app but the thing I dont like is the purchase with coins to buy followers and likes it's a lot of coins but that's all the rest is amazin
I really love this app it really works it's like using real tik tok but at the same time you're earning coins! Nice app!
Had a virus amd took long time pinpoint what was causing the lag on device. Install at your own risk. It adds a huhi memory reresource cuconsumption to android device.. Will not even let me post bad review with out erasing characters, had to copy and paste to get around this... Beware virus malware!!!!... had to go to google play directly to post review would not let me from inside app..
Best app ever 9/10 only because some over the trying is an connection error but either than that it's good
This is a fantastic app! Works well, and took under 5 minutes to get my likes and follows! Overall, it is a very good app!
This app is ok but be aware when you download this app sometimes the people that just followed you might leave later but most of the they stay
I love it sm. It's so amazing to use and actually works really well. They get actual people to follow you! Which is amazing. So you should totally download this app. Trust me, it's so so so worth it. I've gained 1000 followers just from this app.
Great way to waste money. I didn't spend any, just looked around. Its mostly empty accounts with no motivation on their accounts. But in the meanwhile, follow my TikTok on @OMG_IMSOAWESOME and @MACRO_AESTHETICS
I like this app so much! Its working very well. And i got so many followers and likes! I gave it 5 stars!!
This is a great app! I wasn't expecting for it to work but it got me all the way up to 92 followers. I can also give my friends followers and likes. The only problem I have is when you make a purchase it doesn't let you get free coins from an add but other than that it's pretty good.
It really works but it takes a long time to get coins and im not wasting my money on something that might scam me
This app genuinely works and I absolutely LOVE it. Its a great way to grow so I trust it and you should too! GREAT APP.
This low-key the best app because u can get coins from liking following and just downloading apps then u can use the coins to get followers AND IT REALLY WORKS!😱 So this is why I go e it a five star rating...
It's a good app but the only problem it has is that some profiles are private and you have to wait like a day to get 4 coins so please ask them to set their profile to public, and also we get the same profile to follow over and over again same with comment and like. Some profile have set their comments to certain people and we cant comment so why is it there hope you read this and alive them thanks.
Very great app you will not be disappointed if you get this app it is incredible gets the service as fast as possible
This is a very good app and also its very good and not that but it had a lot of abilities that you can do without the normal tik tok
It was pretty nive since.i.got so much coin for i managebto pull woo gold.lon it and it was just ku.da fun to use ut legut but rake tok much time
Rating 5 for coins but doesn't work the best :/ sometimes it doesn't give coins even when u like someone's vid
I love this app. Liking and following on this app grant you coins in which you can use later to buy likes, comments and follows. App is great. Highly recommended
So far, the app lets you earn coins easily by watching ads(5 coins for each). But I'll try getting followers to make sure it works. Until then, I rate it 4 stars.
I loved this app at first. Now they have raised the amount of coins you have to get to buy whatever it is you are purchasing, so I will be deleting the app. It already took way too long before and now takes even longer. Wouldn't recommend getting the app.
Its just when i buy more coins that i download it worked but it stopped and keeps loading at the app store so that i can download the app it was so long so please fix it thats why i only rated 4
Stopped working 5 mins after. The error keeps popping up, and I didnt even get coins for downloading apps and giving a review
In my opinion I rate this 5 stars because it is a really cool app and it is helping me get more on Tik Tok and who doesn't want that
This app is fantastic it got me from 0 to 500 followers definitely recommending this to my friends to help them grow like me
This is a very solid app, I would recommend this of you're new to Tik Tok or trying to grow ur account, very useful!
Definitely five stars like this app gets you followers so quickly i love it and its so simple and its ad free 🖤
This app is pretty good because in 1 minute I got 11 followers! This is useful to find out how much followers you have everyday and to find out other peopkes followers lol
I think this works amazing! and I hope to get more followers soon because I quit my main account and now I lost all my followers T-T but overall I recommend it! There is a slight glitch when i watch a video I don't get my coins but its still a good app 🤩
It's a great app. It actually give you the amount of followers, likes and comments so fast. Hope there's still a lot of free coins.
its so easy all you do is use it and do things and bingo you get whatever u want!! so fun its an easy 5 star
This app is so good it actually work u will not get a lot because it has a time frame but you will get LOTS of followers so I hope everyone enjoy as much as I did!!
It just helped me get fivefollowers and I love this app so much I'm going to use it and never delete it and if I delete it it's because it's taking up space and I'm not using it but I love it
Amazing, It does actually work but you have to buy or watch videos for coins I was downloading all the apps and then I Uninstaller them and it went way quicker do this instead of waiting!
I rate this 5 stars because they actually make you work for it instead of just giving you the followers! This app is amazing and it deserves 5 stars!
This app is amazing!!!!I went from 10 to 35 followers this app is a must if you are trying to get big
This app is really great. I didnt think it was actually going to work! Now I am gaining lots of followers and likes.
It totally works get it, I got coins and used them and it totally worked, I'm doing this for 100 coins pls!
If a circle had a point this app wouldn't of work but since a circle has no points this app clearly works.
Super app! Would definitely recommend!! Takes a while to get alot of coins but overall amazing, would give it a solid 5 !!
This app is amazing it actually works I love cause,I'm able to get alot of like,follower etc download it. It's amazing.
This is a really great app for gaining like follows and more I defenetilly recommend. I saw some posts saying the didnt have money to bye coins but you can get free ones♡
this is an amazing app and I give it a solid 5! I've come around a lot of apps like this but this is literally the best one.
Very Good App Its A Solid App.It Workes Well. Sometimes You Dont Get Coins But I Get Them Most Of The Time.
I love this app and getting coins on it is sooooo easy I just got 100+ coins in a few min thats why I rate it 5 stars
This is a great app I mean it but sometimes when you want more followers you have to save up soooo many coins it's ridiculous and if you want the easy way to buy the coins it costs so much so please would you guys make the prices lower
This is a solid app, gets you real likes and real follows but sometimes the users do not keep their liked on your videos. The app is still 5 stars
It has great service no problems and is legit i like this app because it is well respected and I hade a tremendous experience.
It's a very useful app. Helps me to get more followers on tiktok. It's very capable. It's a cool app.
Great so far but now when i follow people it says that it failed, and when i used coins to buy something it never loaded and took my coins.
Great app, actually delivers the likes and comments. Followers usually unfollow so don't waste ur coins on those. You can aquire quite a bit of coins for free also to boost ur likes,comments. But I wish they added more download and install option for coins. I did about 8 of them and I am no longer recieving the offers.. 😐
Eehh it's okay to get acouple followers and I guess likes :/ charging abit to much... needs to be more improved as well, I don't get anything when I like ppls vids An there acouple other things that need improving
This app works for sure but after half an hour the people start to unfollow you I'm kinda wondering this because when I tried this app I got like 10 or 5 new followers then 15 20 minutes later they immediately unfollow you it's like they never followed you in the first place or ever even saw your account before. It's like someone making them follow u so weird... besides that this app is a RIP off I mean it I'm not gonna pay 4 to 5 bucks just so I can 10 15 followers it's ridiculous.
Good I would totally recommend it I always get followers like immediately or in about an hour it always works I never fails.
So far this seems to be a legitimate way to explore and expand your profile. Im really liking it and the fact that its uses real people is just icing on the cake.
This is really good and really works i will be uesing this app 24/7. Thank you for making this app❤.
Nice app I gave 3 stars because you need to find a different way of getting coins instead of buying them and watching ads
Absolutelyove this app. It is a solid 5 star app. Try it out! If you need coins just download apps, and then undownload them. You can also watch short videos to get coins. Love this app. 5/5 rating!
This app is pretty good! One problem is when i watch a add it dosent give me any coins but i still give it a solid 5 stars!!!
This is a great app! I never really thought it would actually work. In one night I managed to get 40 followers.
This app actually works of your trying to get on the fyp or trying to get lots of likes this will actually bring you the likes and it workes in less then 10 seconds so I would recommend this!!
Its good app but it need a lot of stars do get followers every 10 stars 1 follow and one like 1 star one follow 5 stars so it takes a lot of time to get followers
No lie this actually work even though when I try to get the follower's they send me they actually send thousands I believe that's a glitch but one thing I don't like is they give me the same people over and over again and I can't refresh it
amazing. the only problem is when I buy a comment it takes a long time to load! when I click cancel it just takes all my coins. but other than that its wonderful
Its a chill app. It honestly works, but a few people will unfollow so I would gets likes and comments instead. Because people won't really go back and unlike or comment. But they might unfollow
Overnight I got at least 15 followers without money and it was super easy. Because I was new to the tik tok thing I reached out for help found this app and from here on in it's been great definitely goin to use this all the time.
This app is already amazing!!! IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!! But I gave this four stars because I wish there was another way to get coins instead of buying them or watching ads.For still overall it amazing! I do reccomend.
This is a great 5 star app and it really works! And just by doing a couple tasks you can get free coins to get followers!
An amazing app! Got a lot of followers and likes and comments its one of the best apps out there EVER
This is a really good app for new people in tik tok!! 💜🥺try it out I got a lot of people follow me!
It actually works :) it may take some time but it's the same as if you're scrolling in tiktok,but just that you're getting coins for it now
this app is great! I get followers super fast and same with likes. although you do need to buy coins theres also option's to get free coins. def reccomend
I love this app alot because whenever you buy followers or comments or anything else you want and DESIRE its just awesome! Continue to add updates please!
I didn't think it would work at first but it really does its one of the best apps I've tried definitely recommended for followers
The app is fine its self but I put in my alt first to see if it worked and I got followers so then I put in my real one and it wouldn't let my put in my user because it has this Å and it's a good app tho
I love this app it gave me followers and I LIVE it I'm keeping this app for ever I have another one but it's for Instagram but I like this one even better! 😍
This app is very easy to use and actually works I love how easy it is to use it. The only thing is I wish it was easier to get coins
I don't usually do this review thing but this app deserves it. You get real followers, real likes, real comments and all... You can purchase coins to get all those things and if you have down time, you can watch ads to earn coins! This is awesome! Just what I needed to get my TikTok up and running. I'll be sharing with my family and friends!!
Такое замечательное приложение, чтобы получить подписчиков!( Such an amazing app to get tt followers! )
Great app so far, when you install the app you get followers comments and free coins also if you want you watch a short video add and get extra coins
Pretty good app. Although most of time when I follow or like someone, I dont get the reward and it says confirmation failed. But if you can get enough coins, it actually works.
This is genuinely a good app. I have gotten followers from it super easily. All you need to do is follow people or like or comment for coins!!!
This is a solid 5 star app . This app works really well overall. I love it it really gives you liles and followers
Amazing!I love it it works well and you can just get free coins by following people. I suggest u should try this app.
I'm surprised on how well this app is. I have had this app for 5 minutes AND HAVE 125 COINS. I love this app so far.
Id say 1 star because yes, it is a good app but when u r broke like me, u just basically cant do anything. Also this makes u follow random people just to boost your coins and those coins are barely any use when most of the followers dont even load up. Do not recommend. (edit) redownloaded it and gained extra but made it 2 star for that reason!
I can't believe when I started I actually gained for followers than I excepted! This is amazing a solid 5 stars
amazing app! you can get free folowers, like, and coment! this app is nice to all beginers tik tokers. overall this is the nice app that i never seen, thank you! 😊
It does do what it says, you just sometimes run out of people to follow and like and it can get frustrating
The app charges more coins for a little amount of followers but overall the app works perfectly 10/10!
I recomend this app to everyone that wants to get more followers and likes. It works really well and i'm happy i downloaded this app.
I have loved using your app to get me to a bunch of followers and likes. I have nearly got 100 followers and I am so happy about that!😀😀
Very good app, you get an instant 5 followers at first and 30 coins, definitely recommended this app!
This is literally the fastest app and it's so great keep up the good work guys and also I think the prices should go down for the followers and like
It is a great app pretty great for your tiktok boost if your new and starting out and need some follows and likes thid app is the one to help you out and it is great for it it does have in app purchases but other than that i like it and its a great app 5 from me :)