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TikTok for PC and MAC

Is a Video Players game developed by TikTok Pte. Ltd. located at 201 Henderson Road #06-22, [email protected] Singapore, SGP. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
TikTok is THE destination for mobile videos. On TikTok, short-form videos are exciting, spontaneous, and genuine. There’s something for everyone on TikTok whether you’re a sports fanatic, a pet enthusiast, or just looking for a laugh. All you have to do is watch, engage with what you like, skip what you don’t, and you’ll find an stream that is endless of videos that feel personalized just for you. From your morning coffee to your afternoon errands, TikTok has the videos that are guaranteed to make your day.

We make it easy for you to discover and create your own original videos by providing easy-to-use tools to view and capture your moments that are daily. Take your videos to the level that is next special effects, filters, music, and more.

■ Watch amount that is endless of customized specifically for you
A personalized video feed based on what you watch, like, and share. TikTok offers you real, interesting, and fun videos that will make your day.

■ Explore videos, just one scroll away
Watch all types of videos, from Comedy, Gaming, DIY, Food, Sports, Memes, and Pets, to Oddly Satisfying, ASMR, and everything in between.

■ Pause recording multiple times in one video
Pause and resume just a tap to your video. Shoot as many times as you need.

■ Be entertained and inspired by a global community of creators
Millions of creators are on TikTok showcasing their incredible skills and life that is everyday. Let yourself be inspired.

■ Add your favorite music or sound to your videos for free
Easily edit millions of free music clips to your videos and sounds. We music that is curate sound playlists for you with the hottest tracks in every genre, including Hip Hop, Edm, Pop, Rock, Rap, and Country, and the most viral original sounds.

■ Express yourself with creative effects
Unlock tons of filters, effects, and AR objects to take your videos to the next level.

■ Edit your own videos
Our integrated editing tools allow you to easily trim, cut, merge and duplicate video clips without leaving the app.

* Any feedback? Contact us at [email protected] or tweet us @tiktok_us

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the TikTok.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download TikTok for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Pretty fun app. I've been on this app since 2018 and it's great. You can discover different people with different talents. There are many different contents.
I just wanna say, the app is great though what i find really annoying is there's a limit to videos that you can like, I've noticed this when i go back to the oldest videoes on my favorites and the old vids i liked are not liked anymore. Maybe have no limit in liking videos?
Battery drain so fast even I've turning on the power save mode. Why is it hard for you guys to fix the battery issue? I can watch youtube for hours and only losing 2-3% but with tiktok one hour 20%-25% battery usage! FIX IT! LOWER THE POWER CONSUMPTION AND CPU USAGE. WAKE UP TIKTOK DEVS TEAM
It's a nice app. Sometimes there are ads but I don't really mind but overall its nice. The rrason why I give it a 4 instead of 5 is because the ads. The ads just bother me a bit but not that much so yeah. Its a nice app to have but it just takes up quite a lot of space
So I've been using this app for months now and it was pretty fun. I use this app for entertainment and I gain friends on this app! But the only reason why I rated this with 4 stars is because I can't send my friends messages or videos? It always says error every time I tried to send or chat something, or is it just mine. I really hope you could do something about this. But overall, I really love this app!
Hello just a few minutes ago I left a negative review because of no response regarding my issue but just now I received a notification that the account was banned and it helped me so much! I'm really grateful and if you have any issues similar to mine, reporting the account, sending emails(which is what worked for me) and leaving reviews will work. Just wait a moment since it might not come immediately!
Their app is amazing but i have a problem when i download this app and i log in to this app and when put my account number or my name i don't know but it always says im not right from tiktok is it my connection or my internet or something it was getting weird so yeah but i hope you understand bye i guess
Its a very good app,but after a phone reset of mine i tried signing in and im 14.but it keep saying im not old enough so i scroll up to 1998++ it still didnt work..pls fix that!! :)
Absolutely wonderful experience when it comes to social media. An exciting way of truly dicovering your hidden talents and more. It's just having fun and fun👌
Overall, this app is AMAZING and fun to have to our smartphone but the problem is if you have an android phone, it is VERY hard to be a creator/influencer due to the laggy camera. Like iphone, the camera quality is better, smoother, and faster. So if you can fix that problem it will be a blessing for us, android user. Thank you for making our quarantine NOT boring.
Maybe uploading and playing a video was not to be in the same time. Because there's a case that I'm uploading a video while playing a video and it causes slow uploading of my video. It forces me to redownload the app to make another video.
ITS REALLY SO COOL THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST APP I HAVE FROM CHOOSING A SOUND AND FOLLOW SOMEONE YOU LIKE But the problem is There's some people who make like bad accounts bad content and even their acc get banned for no reason and sometime you need like a big number of followers to get verified BUT I LIKE IT WHEN OVERTIME THEY MAKE SURE THAT THEY CAN BANNED ANY FAKE ACC AND LIKE IM ADIISON RAE REAL COUSIN LIKE THAT ACCS AND SOME OF THEM GET BANNED I HOPE YOU GUYS BANNED THEM CAUSE THEIR SO ANNOY
Always says "Couldn't add to favorites" and there will be vids that I am not intrested in so I press the option that says "Not intrested" and it will say "We'll show fewer videos like this from now on" but after an hour more vids I am not intrested in keeps coming back. Other bugs are "Couldn't like video" and the "Not intrested" option doesnt work sometimes. The anime edits in tiktok are great But the app just gets on my nerves.
I personally recommend you to download this app. It is amazing! You can create your own account & start posting tiktok videos. The best part is that this app have a page called ~ For You Page ~ where you can actually see almost all of the tiktokers' videos. There are alot of interesting videos in the For You Page. You can like, follow, comment & share if you want to. There is even a page it is called ~ Following Page ~ which allows you to view your friends' videos. I will give this app a 5 star
You know I don't want to be rude or anything,but there's a problem that I hated on this when im going to sign up my birthday it's not working!!I tried to sign my real birthday it doesn't work!!!I really hate this!!but please fix this!!!if you don't fix this I will give it 0 star!!!but please fix this!!!I really love this!!!
I cannot record anything anymore... When I press record, there is no blue line on top where it indicates the seconds. When I press stop, there is no next button anymore... I tried uninstalling. And installing it back. It was okay for the first try. But when I wanted to do record again, it can't.
It is a good app to watch in quarantine but im having issues of making an account. I even when im older it wonr let me sign up all it says is "Not eligible" so please fix this I really wanna use Tiktok so please please fix this for us who has this problem.
this is a very helpful and informative platform for all people around the world to connect and share. Some very entertaining with some fun, laughters and sometimes shed tears too. But though some posts some annoying stuffs, but it's everyone's freedom to express. but still always have to show respect to one another, that's what tik tok is all about. thanks
The "not interested" button not working at all. The video I'm not interested keep showing in my fyp also can you fix the content preferences button too it's so frustrating when the video i don't like keep showing in my fyp
It's really nice!. But I don't know why I'm always lagging... Can you please explain how not to be not lagging?. I give 5 start because it's nice and I love it! But I want to experience in the old tiktok that not toxic :). When I post a kpop video it's cute!. When I'm doing some tiktok I really like it! And I use filters and I can edit in capcut too! I really like this app! But if this app got closed I will be sad and other tiktokers. And i can chat and I can chat my friends/tiktokers :)
READ THIS IF UR FYP MESS UP. this app work. I mean the algorithm works again after install this particular tiktok. THE TIKTOK THAT HAS A MESS UP FYP IS "TIKTOK TRENDS START HERE", the app that "not interested" features not work. Yes, there are two tiktok app in this playstore. One is this tiktok and the other is tiktok trends start here.
I would give this app 5 stars if not for this issue that I've been experiencing lately. I have been seeing content from blocked accounts on my fyp, and the algorithm messes up sometimes so it shows me completely irrelevant content out of nowhere, and I would have to choose "Not Interested" for about 10 consecutive videos, just because I want them off my fyp.
It's a great app to use when you're bored and you'll also learn some informations here. Because some people who's making a video reallu have sense.
Update: i had report it no one reply no issue fix before you suggested it. So what am i supposed to do now? Since i cant also logged out because it prevents me till i have linked my email................. Old: Hi why cant i link my account to the email i used to log in on app ? I keep trying to link it simce it keeps on popping but everytime i try to use the same email that im usinh it keeps on sayinh that the account already taken. That email is what im logged into
I really love this app, like I really do. But for some reason when I clicked on it and go to "following" I didn't show me the videos of those whom I followed, but instead just suggested me different creators to follow. I checked my profile and it showed me the number of creators I followed but when I clicked on it the profile pictures of those I followed are gone. Please fix this problem, I really love this app because of those creators so please fix this as soon as possible!
It is so fun. One of the best app ever. The only thing that needs work is the censored things. They need to have a age category type of thing. Tik Tok is so fun and always makes your day but they need to work one the bad things that people tend to post. They also need to work on the notifications because they are mostly useless and unnecessary. Although there are some errors in this p.o. I totally recommend it if you want to smile, to get entertained, or to recommend/post your own content.
More often than not, this App will hang/crash when im choosing/going thru the effects and my entire phone will shutdown & reboot by itself (Not the first time happening). Have uninstalled & reinstalled, Same thing. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT as its VERY ANNOYING & its NOT my phone problem, its your app! Thank you!
Too many Bugs, Live Stream feature never appear on my account even though i have 10k followers. I have reported this problem a month ago but you never replied. There is also a bug on your Tiktok Treats Event where you cant redeem the rewards even though you have enough points to get it.
The app was great and entertaining. However, android version of tiktok needs a lot of optimization especially in shooting videos the quality of the video seems like low very different from the phone's video recording quality. I hope this would be fixed so that we Android users can create a tiktok video with grreater video quality. Issue: "Video Quality"
Well, this is the best app ever!! But the reason why I rated it 4 stars is because sometimes it gets glitchy and come out of the app, and then I have to restart the thing all over again, but I of course recommend for everyone to download this app because it is the best!!😍🥰
No audio for duet , and even for voice over, no audio comes out once uploaded. Permissions are all approved though. I think it only works with iphone. Oh sad android. :) It's sadder when you can't afford one. Hahaha
Why do that Tiktok said server is unavailable? Then all my videos are gone?! In my daughter's account, all vids were gone. It said she must change the username, name and all of those in her profile but why is that?! Please explain! She was so worried that only app that can lessen her stress and sadness will ruin her happiness. please fix it now!
Hello, tiktok! I just hope you'll see this. I really love the app but I have this problem about my account where I accidentally logged out of it and I can't remember my password. The number that I used for the account is also expired so I can't recover it because I also wasn't able to put my email in. Edit: I already have been asking help there. Even submitted some verification messages but no one has replied. None in the support tickets. Please. Help me and notice my messages.
I am so addicted to this app. TikTok is my favorite social media app. This app is so good that you can pick what content you like. But there are problem too. Whenever I use this app i want too be entertained yet my For You is filled by politics, inappropriate pfp and gender war. There are also TikToker who's banned for no reason e.x. donelij, nickfosterjokes yet the ones who deserves to be banned e.x. Tony Lopez (Raped a minor), 6ix9ine (Raped a minor) and Jorobe (Being a hypocrite).
It is a good app but when I make another acc it will always say " Sorry,looks like you're not eligible for TikTok....But thanks for checking as out! So if ur seeing this rightnow tiktok owner or what... can u tell what is wrong with it I really need to make an account ....im really sick and tired to it I always want to make an acc Please tell me..........
its perfect. i love it. i can make funny videos and others. exept you will really need a strong internet connection. but still i love it
Great app. Addictive. Now I spend more time on Tiktok comparing to other social apps. Appreciate include some sort of flagging, when a friend unfollows after many days of following. With high number of followers, it is difficult to identify, if a follower unfollows after following for moths.
I'm gonna say I'm impress they did something like this but not really that great I mean everytime I open it it starts to say that I don't have a WiFi or data connected too iam literally connected to our WiFi when I tried opening other apps it doesn't have a problem tiktok is the only one who have the problems plsss fix it
It ia very fun to use but there's a bug... when I am about to tap the upload... it will show my video but when im going to touch the video that i want to upload the app will restart... i tried to clear cache, clear data and restart my android but in the end its helpless... so please hear and notice me...
I really appreciate this app this is so much fun I don't have any problems of it I really love this app like I don't wanna delete it. And every update much nicer I can connect at my facebook even if my sim is expired. Like this app so I rate it 4, cause some of my video delete but idk what did I do but never mind, I can live now can't wait for the next update..............
I use tiktok for some months now.. but I notice that I can't use all the effect.. can someone help me with that? My phone is Android. But I can't use all the effects in this app.. I'm a bit upset because of that.. but all in all. It's a great app👍
Hi Tiktok Producer!!This app is so beautiful but when i installed this,my phone just crashed.All files has been crashed.And this is the first time that my phone logged.I dont know but it suddenly logged.And i update this for over 25 time..After i update it says that i should update it again.Why?
Sometimes i can't check my inbox, my profile, videos i like, my favourites, people i follow, people that follow me and things that we can click on. But the fyp and following page is fine even if I refresh it. My WiFi works fine so please fix this bug.
Hi TikTok, This is a great app. The videos are entertaining and lots to learn with. but i gave it 4 stars becuase when i like a comment when i get back only few comments are liked. Not much adds. And please add new updates like videocall, comment a picture, fast forward, shoot 5 minutes long video, pin a video, and join a livestream worldwide like you can join in America but you're living in mexico for example. But thanks for making quarantine fun and not boring.
There is a HUGE bug. I blocked soo many people but they still end up in my fyp. Please fix this. It's annoying ..Edit: Now I only see content from the people I've blocked for a huge majority of time. I have to refresh for like 10 times to get to the content that I liked... edit: I tried to use the not interested button and It just deletes the video for a while and it still shows up on my fyp
The reason I only gave 3 stars because Everytime I enter tiktok without the wifi on it says "no internet connection" but when I turn it on the wifi it still can't analyze the wifi so you have to open the app again to refresh. But I liked the app the only problem is it can't analyze the wifi.
my account became glitchy as my username and follows turned to '0'. so i updated my account by giving my phone number. it still has the same problem and i can't update my username. the profile pic, my follows, my liked and favorite videos disappeared. please fix this problem.
Hello developer the app is wonderful, so far I've been enjoying watching and making contents but I just have a slight problem with the push notifications. I don't get push notifications despite turning all of my notifications on in my phone's setting or In the app. I've tried searching for help online but came up with nothing.
The content is great. But i dont understand why my direct messaging is not available. I am 16. Fix this!!
I wish there were a proper music library database in the app? Example, I look for a specific song from a specific singer, what came up on the search is all unrelated to the keyword I typed in. Another issue I've faced is how posted videos sometimes turn to lower resolution, through the editing it looked fine.
I kinda don't like it cause when I change my username it saids it will change After 17 days then I delete it again I wait for 17 days! Then I install it again then I go to username it saids again change it 20 days it so annoying and just received 2 stars cause it is so annoying. I'll put 5 stars but fix it first TikTok developer!!!!
I can't log in this app. Even i have a stable internet, it will show me that “there is no internet connection”
It's a new angle of watching video in vertical format and it is always surprise to look for new content when scrolling. Just a recommendation is to have screen mirroring feature with chromecast would be better
It's great just it's annoying how the video will load it may take me like 10 minutes just to wait for it to run the video but other then that its great. And now the issue is i cant favorite a sound because "it isnt for commercial use" or something
My camera's been lagging, I've been installing this app for how many times hoping it will change but it's still the same.. Can you guys help me with this?
THIS APP IS THE MOST AMAZING APP I DOWNLOADED I'M NEVER GONNA UNINSTALL THIS APP!!!!!!!! But, the reason why i gave this 4 stars, overall its amazing I pretty much love it!!! And the problem is I can't really put my youtube channel there in my profile, so yeah that is my problem
I love this app TikTok! But the only problem I have about the app, is that when you want to duet someone, you can't use the video you already made and have to make a new one just for the duet
It's a fun way to create videos, but the time feels too short! And it's hard to edit the video clips when I want to rearrange them. But over all, it's good.
Hi tik tok developer! So I recently downloaded the app, and the app was so wonderful for me to look through some funny video. But the problem is I would like to suggest that you should have a feature that every time you log into the app, you can choose what kind of topic you want to see. Which I think is good for me, because everyday I can always pick one topic that is my mood today, like maybe entertainment, funny video, dance video, etc. It's okay if you don't add this, just my suggestion!
I don't know what happened but when i am saving videos, the video will stop and you cant scroll down. It pissed me off cause sometimes our internet is slow thats why the saving is also slow, you can't cancel the saving cause there are no cancel button, I can save videos while scrolling last time but i don't know why the saving of video now is like this. Is it the update?
Really bad!!! Needs to fix so many issues - I can't create an account when I add my age (or any age)... my previous account @hiadamroberts has also been deleted... when I create a new account by using a phone I can't update anything and it also says I'm not connected to the internet :/
It's pretty good. I've been posting about art and anime, everything is going smoothly. One concern of mine, is that when I edit my videos, it often lags and makes the video laggy and not really good. Because of that I tend to edit on another app.
Overall, great but somehow I cant link my phone number, it says "this number is taken"even tho its MY number. What does that mean? I hope you update it because I'm really having some trouble. But overall THE BEST APP
we installed but there is problem in signing up, in the start it show to enter your birthdate, afte that it showing error, i am trying sinc one month but cannot register an id, i update an install many time but cannot succeed
I like the app but there's this thing.... When someone comment on my video I get a notification But when I click on the video I posted The comment won't show up I refreshed it but still 0 comments If it's a bug or lag maybe kinda off fix it?
i have been using this app for atleast 2 years already, but everytime i want to make another account, it only has three slots, and i want atleast 5 or 4 slots. if you can fix this problem im really gonna appreciate it! and afterall this app is addicting!
Just now when i was using this app was perfectly fine but now when i tried using it, i could not load anything as if i had a bad connection but i was using data and every thing is blank and my profile was too. I could not do anything except to like the videos or just watch them. I could not see my liked videos or my posts and my friends on my profile. I really want to continue watching tiktoks. Please help fix this problem. I had already linked my acount with my phone number too.
I like this app but theres one problem on it. And that was the internet connection.... Its too slow to adopt connection...
Overall, it's a great app. The only problem with TikTok is the videos the FYP are showing me despite clicking "not interested". I blocked the creators who I don't like but they are still showing up in my FYP.
I dont like the way when you turn on the mobile data and,When i open tiktok, its so laggy and loading...Even tho my friends at The place of my grandmother,My friends can just like save a video fast,And Record fast! And their load is like 15-40 and mine is 50 or 90 and im having a bad connection..
I can't sign in to my account. It asks me for the 4 digit code but it always says it's wrong when I did it right...
I really like this app, you get followers and you can have likes!!!! This is like a second youtube! I like it that I'm kinda addicted to it but can you please make an update that you can friend people without following them? Like in roblox, you can friend while not following them, because some of my classmates in college, they're vids kinda is weird XD
I have contacted TikTok through Report a Problem a week ago about my account needed to change the phone number as I do not have the old number anymore. I still don't get any response from TikTok. And for the past 6 days, my videos stop getting views. TikTok has shadowbanned me without any valid reason. I'm just posting handmade tees. I don't think I have violated any rules.
Hi developer, I am having problem with this app, it's suddenly starting showing me no network connection, even my wifi and cellphone network is working will and other all apps are also working, but this tiktok is not working..
Something went wrong with my following I followed over 500 ppl but when I press my following none shows up, I try to go to my following page and it shows suggestions of ppl to follow. I went to a creators acc to see if I was still following them, I checked and I still was. I tried installing and the uninstalling the app nothing happened. Please fix this
It's a nice app, but the problem is whatever I do there's only a few views of my videos. Like I already did everything but it seems that you are blocking and preventing my account and videos to be seen by others. And my videos were always drop down even tho I wasn't actually doing nothing. Please fix it.
Hi, why can't I scroll through my following list normally but I'm seeing trending creators instead? I don't really like that feature because my following is like my mini FYP and that trending creators thing is bugging me a lot. I tried closing many profiles but more show up.
This is a great app for those who are 'willing to be' famous people. But for now I don't have much followers, peopledoesn't support small Tiktokers. But I love TikTok because short videos free up space, and doesn't mess up a video. Trends are interesting, music library is complete, and you can't miss the VIDEO ADS HAHAHAHAHAHAH! But these ads are okay, especially these ARE JUST TRENDS! Good thing there is no 'paid anything' in the app, OR I WILL BUY IT LOL
Hi tiktok devs, the apps are great and i love making video from it too. But the problem is sometimes the outline of my text was shown in black when editing the vids, but when i post the video, the outline become white and its kinda a nuisance since i have to do the video all over again. I really like your app and it is very addicting, but this problem is a little anoying for me. Thank you 🌹
This app is good but the other options that's available to others are not available on me I try to update my tiktok but it's not working I still hope you can solve that problem 🙂
I gave this app a 1 star because i can't register my birthday. It keeps saying that my birthday is not eligible. Please fix this problem ASAP, because many people are experiencing this too. This is not good for us because we want to try this app too .
I really love the app but I only rate it 4 star because the only problem is that it always log Everytime I open it and also when I am gonna make a video it's stops in 9999% like that.....so I'm so upset.... The games is good.... Thank you also to the creator😘😘😘
Very nice app I spend my time on tiktok mostly but one thing is that I can't message I tryed to search up videos of the how to get my messages back but I couldn't so it's kinda wierd that I can't message anyone on tiktok
This app is amazing and addicting, I definitely will recommend you to download this app and when you are feeling blue you can surf through tik tok and feel better again! The downside? Sometimes videos unrelated to the things you like pop out of nowhere but sometimes these videos are inappropriate so if you are below the age 13 I don't recommend you to download the app. Stay safe at home!
I love this💖💖 but i just uploaded 6 or 5 videos on tiktok then its says "you need to clean youre storage" so i just uninstall this then i make my new acc to tiktok and i had 8 or 9 followers!!!! But i have a problem too it's hard to donload for me but i have lots of storage so it can download 1min
The app, is good but why im so dissapointed is in a way that i can't do a live on tiktok. Its been 2 weeks since they update the tiktok but my account is still have no live button although i already have 30k follwers on tiktok. But i can see that others tiktokers like 1000+ followers is doing they live while me is still waiting. Although i report my problem on tiktok settings 1 week ago but still have no response. Please do some actions
Well. It's a little bit laggy when i were watching the video. It says that i don't have strong connection while watching the video. Well i try open other app and the connection were strong enough. Plz fix it
This app is a great app and addictive but there is a problem. I couldn't change phone number because my account is link to another number which I am no longer using it.
Overall it's a very wonderful app!, it's the reason why my quarantine is not boring, but when I'm making videos it always glitch , but my camera is good, hope you guys can fix this because i want a great experience making videos🤗
Fun app. But you banned my accounts for no reason. The videos are entertaining and lots to learn with. This app is good when your bored just scroll on your fyp and your good to go. You can also see the cases of covid here. And Make a video choose a sound and show your talent, edit your profile info. But i just gave it 4 stars because when i like a comment when i get back ony few comments are liked. Thanks for making quarantine not boring😼❤
The app is so good because it has funny videos and trending videos and it has so many downloads worlwide and you will learn new things like cooking and other you can do
I really love this app 😍 but I already entered my email/SMS number in my acc's but it still keeps on poping up and I done like it 😐 I hope this little problem gets fixed. Thank you.
I can't find the option to allow others to save my videos, i can't find it on settings anymore... I'll change my rate once my issue gets fixed. Thank you. I've tried going through your instructions but I got confused bcuz "privacy & settings" are separated on my settings...I tried both but still nothing...
Love the app it's really fun but there are some videos that i'm not interested in and i keep pushing the not interested but simillar videos keep popping up in my for you page, i already clear my cache and i already report the problem but nothing change at all, and it keep getting worse i see less videos that i love
This app is overall great but the problem is I can't go LIVE but many other creators go LIVE and I tried watching tutorials on how to but it seems like there is a problem .
I have an old account on tiktok i think its from my old deleted facebook account and i dont know why it is still around. I tried opening it but i cant, since my old facebook account that i used on it is now deleted. and it causing me a lot of trouble like literally do you guys have any email that i can talk to about it? I have a proof that its my old account, i just wanted it to be removed please help!!!!!!!!
I really love this app, but somehow when I'm shooting a video it keeps lagging, so I hope tiktok will fix this!
Most Amagine apps in the world.Woderfull fun Entertainment apps..there is no problem at my mobile..i like it so much..I want to give 5 star but i give 3 star because i have 2 account but tiktok team didnot grow my account.views geting low.There we cannot following and like too much..please make unlimit like and follow.Please grow small tiktok user account also..Thank you so much for this great apps.
I logged in my account using my username with the exact pass I put but it said no account existed, even when I searched it. I have the username and all. My account is a private account so maybe if I search it, it won’t pop up? I just HATE the fact on what comes up on my fyp. Why can’t I choose what I want to see?! Very non-entertaining videos pop up and it’s not it.
I give it a 4 star because it drains my battery easily but it's a good app I can search a lot of tiktok stars and yeah the only problem is it takes a lot of space but that's all😊
The videos were going fine until.. well I scroll through the videos and I went to my profile page and all of a sudden,they told me that the server was unavailable and that there was a network problem but they network was fine still.i tried it again and still didnt work I updated the app and yet to no avail. What is going on? But still videos are okay
The app is amazing and the content it's creators provide is very fun to watch. But I would really like an option to switch the region. Because I really like content from foreign creators, especially from the US, but since the location the app registers me is different, I mostly receive local content and rarely get content from foreign creators.
So NICE but sometimes there's a wrong thing to make a video by the way, i LIKE this app and so AMAZING😱 my friends what to know this app so, i teach them and they INSTALL ,they started starting making video and they have a thousands followers and like😱 i also SHOCK! i did not expect that moment. For now i have only 1K+ followers and 1.8 likes but now im busy on my modules if im free i making a video on tiktok,this app make my stress AWAY haha, SO thank you TIKTOK 😊❤ hope i get more FOLLOWERS.
I had an amazing experience with this app. The only thing that I'd like to point out is that the buttons on the right side and the captions cover the video. It makes the viewing limited. Maybe the buttons can be a little bit smaller? Or disappear when the video is playing.
Hello @Tik Tok, The app is amazing Everything was going well until the update came is became a bit laggy and Lots of ads and i could not make an account please fix those and i hope you notice this. Thank you for reading
tiktok is not responding when I tap drafts and + button it is so annoying. also the new update is good but my problem is tiktok isnt responding, my phone is good and it doesnt have any problems, just this app is the problem im so mad at it. pls. respond, tiktok, a total disgrace ohmygad. fix this please... it has bugs too. god, tiktok, is now worst, mygadd, respond!!! Please!!! 😩
I have been using this app since it came out in my country, it's wonderful. The problem is, I can't remove my phone number from it. I wanna change the password of my account and I have an email address, but I can't change it since it says that I will recieve a code in my phone number and I didn't get the code, can you please add a new feature having choices if you want to change your password on your phone number or your email address? Please reply thank you.
I love Tik Tok but can i ask the developer why certain account that i follow when they do the live we cannot watch it. I google it and it said if the acc is doing live there should be a pink circle at their profile picture but it seem the account is live but the profile picture have no pink circle rounding the profile picture. Can developer tell me what's going on and can please fix it. Thank You
Asome app!; a give 4 star because im Enjoying make videos! But the problem i open this app and "no network" i think loosing our wifi network Please can you manage the problem.......but it's okay!☺😍😍😍😍
I'm giving this app a 3 start reading because I try to upload a video on any account possible and during the unloading it goes really fast and then it stops at 61% exactly at 61 and I'll be waiting for like about 10 minutes and it will still be at 61% no matter what I do. So that makes me really upset, and the thing is that my phone never lags... So there might me a bug or a glitch on the app. Hope y'all can do better.
This app is the best app ever! But then today.. I think my Tiktok app is kinda broken beacuse it keeps saying that I was tapping too fast, I took a break for one night beacuse I was bussy and before I sleep I tried to like my friend's video.. But its still saying that I tapped too fast..
* not every filter or effect is available shown on for you page. * no recent date written on for you page / following page unless going to that user's profile to see the date. * no dark mode.
tiktok was okay. until one point. yesterday, i opened tiktok and after a few minutes of using it, the screen freezes. i'm able to scroll status bar down, but i can't scroll tiktok. the screen freezes but the sound keeps playing even after i closed the tiktok app. there must be some glitch bcs my other apps are doing amazing. please fix this
i like this app, but it does not let me watch contents that i like, the videos that i'm not interested in keeps on showing up and i tried to like the contents i like but the ones that i like never ever showed up and it frustrated me so much.... It always shows people dancing and twerking and i HATE that. I just want to be in the anime community side but instead i got into straight tiktok side.
Im using this app like 2 years already and this is so great cause you can dance,sing,act and many more and also theres a lot of talented peoples here they are so good...even I dont have a lots of viewers,followers, and likes a I still love using this and I hope someday I'll be verified😇I highly recommend this to you guys try it and join some trends💗💗
This app is good but i have some problem to this app I cant follow the persons i want to follow and it keep saying "youre following too fast".....how can i do to fallow those persons???
Hello, I love the app so much and the community is great! But I'm not satisfied with the "not interested" button. I think it doesn't work because the videos that are alike is still showing up and I dislike it. I hope you can make it better. Thank you for the app! Love it!
I give it 3 stars. I've been loving and using tiktok for so long ever since it started. But now it won't let me log innnn
at first it was fine then things went downhill because even if you blocked someone the video still shows on your fyp but before if you were to block someone the video doesn't show anymore. I don't like it anymore..
I wanted to duet with another user's video. The duet option is there, I click on it, it let's me record. Visually everything looks like it's working but when I finish the recording and play it back, the only sound is the original video sound. My new duet sound wasn't recorded. How do I get both our sounds to work?? I figure I must be doing something wrong but I can't see what. I already allowed permission to tiktok to access my microphone in the setting.
I cant finish a song till 60 seconds. Ive tried setting it 60 seconds but still when i play it, it stops at 15 seconds. Please give regard to this issue
Hello please help me. I cant open my tiktok, ive tried uninstalling and install again, but it doesn't work. I even try to reboot my phone it doesnt work, other apps is fine except for this. Please help me im using vivo y15. It says tiktok got crushed and auto home before i even do anything. *Thank you for fix my tik tok
Hi, TikTok developers! First off, its a great app! This is great for creating contents and a mode of communication across devices. It is also great for past times. But can you add a feature that lets you see duets of a certain video and lets you see trending hashtags of other countries? If so, that would be really nice.
I really loved this app but time to time I thought the phone is the problem everytime I am doing the DUETS and my voice is always late even if I executed perfectly singing with the melody. How are you going to fix this? It really pissess me. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!! This my 3rd phone and still the DUET is npt working perfectly. 😔😔😔
This tiktok app is very cool,I really appreciate this app,and the others you made,I love this,but there is only one problem,the tiktok kept removing the sounds,but I still love it even it keeps removing sounds,thank you for reading,have a nice day!🥰🥰
I can't use the shake filter for a video effect and if I do the app crashes and I lose all my progress, other then that it's pretty good but can you please fix this problem.
Overall this app is fun, it also goes worldwide, but i did install this app but this makes itself "ungood" when no-one likes my video, but I'm gonna choose if I'm not gonna make anymore videos or do my best to make people like my video. (i did try my best last time but I'm gonna do it again)
TIKTOK is a great game it's easy to use and overall it's been a great experience using this app for 2 days UwU tho not to be rude I think you should add more visual effects and filters and that when u use photo clips u should be able to agust the length and frame it takes but maybe it's there but I haven't found it AMZING GAME THANK YOU
Hi why cant i link my account to the email i used to log in on app ? I keep trying to link it simce it keeps on popping but everytime i try to use the same email that im usinh it keeps on sayinh that the account already taken. That email is what im logged into
Hi tiktok! I really love your app um I have a suggestion , can you please add like a timer until you can comment again , cause when it says "your commenting too fast , take a break" and has no timer that says when I can use it again, it stresses me out. Thx!
This app is really good and exciting💯. I love all the contents and everything is working properly fine💚. RATING IT 5 STARS!!☺. I downloaded this app last 2 years actually, my cousin actually told me to download this app and I dont regret downloading it.
Before the update, I'd give this app 5 stars but the moment they remove the option to choose regions my fyp has been nothing but unfunny videos for me. It took me months to make my fyp cater to what I prefer but now my fyp is locked to my region which really sucks. Please add the option to choose my region again, I can't bear to use the app any longer
I reallly love this app but my problem is this, I know that tiktok is deleting videos such as bullying, hate speech, harassment etc. But why i can still see videos like that on my for you page? Also i deleted my acc but logged in again because i have something to do there why is it always reminding me to return back my acc or log out? Its so annoying
Hi, TikTok! I've had the app for quite a long time now, and I must say it makes me procrastinate more.😂 I'd like to suggest a new feature if you don't mind... So, when we go scrolling we just heart the ones we like right. How about we add a feature where if we add them into favorite we can create a board of favorites like this one is on funny videos, this one wilk be saved in DIY videos. I think it will be a great feature for people like me who likes to rewatch videos. Hope u guys consider it!
This app is very addictive. You can find many types of videos ranging from comedy, art, education and many more. The way the algorithm works is also very helpful. But i wish that they improve the inbox and messaging section in the future as i can form a group for now and the way the messaging experience is kinda poor as it's just very a mere 2 blank sided conversations with your friends.
this app is good but why i only give 4 star because until now the problem in my Tiktok they didn't fix it about "Your Following Too Fast" and i can't follow back my followers😔. Hope you can improve about this things.
I love this app! It is amazing and it is addicting! And its so Fun! Whenever you bored in quarantine, you can just open this app and make tiktoks, Or watch tiktok videos that just pops on your fyp! I love this app! I had this app since Music.ly sorry i dont know how to spell that.. But i love this app! There is one bug though, One person that I follow are allover my fyp! And when I go all the way down, It's their first video, And theres no other tiktok vids just one of the person that I follow,
I think this platform is a good outlet for people who wants to give a hand at creating short content. Its entertaining and sorta addictive. System doesn't spaz out, which is good. Only issue is when you share to Insta stories it takes a few tries. So long the algorithm doesnt mess things up like they do in other apps, this is actually something worth just trying if you're new.
app keeps stopping and crashing. updated it to the newest version but still crashes everytime i opened it:( this has been going for like an hour and a half:(( any solution?
I couldnt use the Beautification. There is no noselifter blush on or any kinds of make ups on tiktok i have been waiting for so long, in my mom's phone it functions. I redownload tiktok hoping there will be an update but theres nothing happened. Please help me to update my tiktok
I gave this a 1 star because I CAN'T REGISTER MY BIRTHDAY. It kept saying that my birthday was "eligible" and there's no way that I can open my other account because it says that the account or the password was probably incorrect but I assume that, ITS DEFINITELY NOT. Please fix this problem. All of my friends and cousins are using this app while I'm here, can't figure out what to do in this case.
I LOVE THISS APP I REALLY ENJOY USING IT, ITS REALLY PERFECT FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO LIKE RECORDING, DANCING, OR PEOPLE WHO LIKE SOCIALIZING, SO I'D GIVE THIS APP A 4, the only thing i dont like about it is, when you open the app it shows you an ad, and wenever i press skip it just shows me deataild of the ad or whatever its really a big bummer having that on my favorite app, and also whenever i record it stops when it reaches 60 seconds, maybe make it a bit longer please. Thats all
It's a stress reliver🤗🤗🤗, and you can do whatever you wanted to do😊😊, the most important thing is you can have many friends, awesome 😄😄..
i have a great time using tiktok but for the past 4 days, i cannot use it. Whenever i open the app, "no internet connection" shows up, I don't have a problem with the connection using other apps but for the past few days it's been like that. I tried logging out and uninstalling the app but it's still the same. Can someone help me?
Tiktok I can't report on the official app but I can report here.tiktok if you can read this,I think my account got hacked I didn't even log out or do anything when I was scrolling to my fyp it suddenly close and when I opened it again my account was gone and all my videos.please tiktok if you can do anything pls fix my account, Username:B - Medrano, Gerard Tristan M. TwT
It is a good app but i always accidentally click on the refresh button by accident and lose the funny video i watched before i accidentally refresh my suggestion is when you accidentally refresh it says are u sure and it shows a yes or a no option i hope tiktok will take this into consideration
I would give it five stars if you had to confirm when you press for you. Like I'm watching a vid I accidentally press for you and look at my liked and see I didn't like it I had so many videos I couldn't watch because of me mistakingly tapping the for you button at the top
I keep messaging through the report a problem channel but nobody is checking my messages and answering my problems. But other from that this is great. I really hope tiktok see's this because i have problems on my account. I would rate this a 5 star if they check my messages cause i keep giving feedbacks but no one is answering my messages or helping me.
Its fine, the videos are cool, but the point is theres a random thing which pops up in my screen and i have to refresh the app,. It really annoys me, especially when its my me time, it really pops up. And can you ban videos and accounts that has nudity asap. Its really disturbing.
The app is a not bad app but I have 2 Problems 1. Why does the TikTok app have to remove sounds? 2. Why do you have to equip "You're tapping too fast! Take a break." I hope you will fix this TikTok
I used this app about 2years now and..it Good it was Entertaining then i Changed my username and it said change your username or theremight be chages afffected later then after about 3 weeks i opened the app and i checked my followers it keeps saying "if someonefollows you you will find it here" then i closed the app and opened it again i thought it was only a bug, and i saw my name was 0 my followers were 0 and my following was 0 then something poped up it said change username: Servernotworking
This app is actually great my only concern is that I received a notification that this following is live then when you click it it opens then you leave and open its account it doesn't says its live. Is it because I am from another country I cannot watch a live from another country
Hello tiktok, there is a problem happening to me,wjen i open the app for 3-5 seconds it suddenly exits the app and it says the app has stopped and i tried for many times and still cant enter the app,i like this app but this thing bothers me.
The app is amazing. But during editing, caption sometimes not editable. The duration became 0.5 s and i couldn't drag it to fix it. Happens few times. At other times, the captions don't match the edited time and this can only be seen after it was published.
I can't do live stream i have 2k followers and I am an adult but still doesn't have live button. I tried to report it several timea but there is no action. I will give it 5 star if the problem is fixed.
I'll give this 5 stars if I wanted to. Starting yesterday I couldnt post videos since it always fails and goes into my drafts. I did everything. Clean cashe, Clean data, Reinstall app, Restart the app,Restart mu phone, And reported a problem. Fix this and I'll give this a 5 star.
This app is so fun, it's like this is the best app I ever had...but I got one problem tho, there's a song that I wanted to use for my tiktok video but everytime I'll download that song, it will always say "couldn't download song" and I tried over and over again it will always say the same thing, I'm even connected to the internet, so I bet the problem isn't in my internet connection it's in the app...but it's actually ok, this app still brings my day everyday😘😍
I like the way it likes slow motion and there's tutorials too if it's hard I like it that way I gave it five stars!
It's a really good app but I wished you can go live even if your only 11 cuz I'm eleven and I thought if you have 1000 Followers your allowed to go live but I still can't I was really excited to go live tho :c but it's still a good app I have like 20k Followers but can't go live I'm changing it to 2 stars
Why is it that Everytime I downloaded this app,it always said that I have this f violations and suspensions. I reccomended this to my friends and some got same problem with me .we are excited for the new event. Please fix this.
I love this app but I can't use my account nor make a new one please can you fix this problem and it keeps telling me network error can anyone tell me what to do
Fun app.they banned my account for no reason.you can see the casses of covid the covid.like,comment,share,save,duet on a video.but when i like a comment there all few comment just liked.you can see the trending hashtags.hit the plus sign to make a video add some music,choose some filters,add text,effect and post it.and edit your profile info.and manage your account.entertaining app,lots to learn with,thank you for making quarantine not boring🙂✨
I love this app so much because it is very entertaining and that can relieve stress. This one makes you really motivated to create a content. I notice one thing after I uploaded my contents, the quality is darkening or deteriorating. Is this really normal?
I don't seem to get any notifications for my videos when people like or comment on it Even when I'm in the application, as people commented on it, I didn't even know they did as it wasn't in the notifications both in app and out of app It can be kinda hard when your videos are only shown to locals and not audiences worldwide Tiktok isn't very supportive of small creators But all in all, it is a pretty good application for people who want to try their hand at making short videos!
I hate the new updates they need to go back the way they were and you need to be able to sign into all accounts by username and password not by a code
Hello Tiktok!Started i downloaded this i was really amazed!As in super cool!But for some reason,i dont have a template button.So i wish to get that soon❤But yeah back to the topic,I really love your app and i wish it could have better updates!🎉And as in by tiktok you can show the people how talented u are how fantastic you are so COOL!Even i dont have that much likes and follows i still didnt deleted it beacause i know ill be famous "SOON"!So yeah im thankful that someone made this app!Thanksss
Its an amazing app, but there's a problem, it said that I have 0 followers, 0 likes, 0 following. It also deleted all of my videos and my liked videos, please fix this problem
Hi, I can't seem to log in on my TikTok account. It says, "We're changing our username requirements and this username will no longer be valid. Update your username before the new rules take effect". What's happening? I hope you can enlighten me, thank you.
Its really fun to do when your bored but tiktok is starting to have many inappropriate videos. Like I'm so scared that my sister would watch it and ask me what it means
It's a very good app. But the camera quality when filming a video is very low than the real camera quality. And it's also laggy. And there is also a bug that even you delete the vid. The likes will be the same even the video isn't there already.
I don't know since when this has been happening but it looks like TikTok has shadowbanned my account. I still remember my first video went fine, it was like 1-2 months ago. But now, my videos have 0 views for the past two weeks, with that, my own view does not even counted. Besides, there is no notification regarding why am I shadowbanned. TikTok needs to give information regarding this shadowban thing.
Why is it that Everytime I downloaded this app,it always said that I have this f********** violations and suspensions. I reccomended this to my friends and some got same problem with me .we are excited for the new event. Please fix this.