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Tile Connect - Classic Match

Tile Connect - Classic Match for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Happy Game, Happy Life located at OFFICE UNIT B ON 9/F THOMSON COMMERCIAL BUTLDING 8 THOMSON ROAD HK . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Connect tiles with delicate images by pairs in the limit of time. You can pass the level as you eliminate all the tiles! Become a masterπŸ† level by level! Play faster and faster to train your brain! Ready to fully enjoy the collection of various images on the tiles: cute animals 🐼, fresh fruits πŸ₯‘, delicious cakes πŸŽ‚, beautiful clothes πŸ‘—, cool vehicles πŸš—, lovely toys 🧸, etc. You can definitely find your ones that are favorite! 😊 version that is latest of Tile Connect πŸ“£

- You can get more rewards by completing tasks! πŸ“‘

- Hundreds of new levels that are exciting added to give you more challenge! πŸŽ‰

Key Features πŸ’‘

- Various images on the tiles: Thousands of images randomly appear level by level!

- Easy rule to play: Only need to tap tiles and connect them!

- Powerful tools to choose: Unlock tools to pass more quickly!

- Autosave and offline: Play at anytime and anywhere!

- Task focus and concentration enhance: Wonderful gameplay to train your brain!

How to play ❓

- Find two identical tiles without the block of other tiles!

- Tap the tiles to connect with maximum three lines! that are straight Use powerful tools as you want!

- Eliminate all the tiles within the limit time!

- Pass levels one by one to become a master!

Now come to play this puzzle that is free, Tile connect! Prove you are a master at connecting tiles!

Hope you have a time that is wonderful!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Tile Connect - Classic Match.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Tile Connect - Classic Match for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I just really like this Tile Connect game! I've loaded and tried several others and ended up deleting because they didn't stand up to what I was expecting and looking for! This game is tops! Plus, kudos to the jazzy soundtrack! It's up lifting and pleasant, not to mention it enhanses my playing abilities and relaxing experience! Good job, all!
It's very relaxing. I can play it for hours....just feel there should be slightly less ads. A bit annoying having them after each game.
Too many ads. Paid for removal and have just as many as ever. Do not waste your money paying because it is useless. I wish I had my 2.99 back.
You can't have a game with a timer then have a 30 second advert in the middle without stopping the timer.
Falsely advertises gameplay. Is not the same game in their adverts and is a ad revenue generator masquerading as a boring, super simple match game.
Too many adverts but a good game. Will see how it goes may have to cancel as just too many adverts, you wait too long in between games.
The game itself is fun...but the ads take a lot of fun away. Ads after you pause. Ads after each game. Ads after you resurrect...WAY TOO MANY ADS. OFTEN CANT EVEN PLAY YWO GAMES...MORE AD TIME THAN PLAY TIME.
I am liking this game doesn't have to many ads and the levels get progressively difficult but not impossible I'm on level 31 with 3 stars on every level so far I've been playing for 2 days now.
The rule is use a game pattern to join the tiles at your own pace. I would have preferred forming my own links quickly.
This was one of my favorite games, but ever since I updated it continues to ask me if I'm 16yrs or older. I answered it several times. It happens before allowing you to advance to the next level. I'm sad that I will no longer be able to play it. Before this issue I would've given it a 5 star
So far loving this game. Fast paced if you know what you are doing. Some levels easier than others. Graphics are average. Wish they'd explode once you guess correctly. Colors could be a little more vibrant! Overall 4.5-5.0 stars
We loved this game BUT the sheer volume of ads in this game are unbelievable... If you pause it for any reason AD, run outta time AD, bomb goes off AD, every new board AD, win a round AD, lose a round AD. ITS RIDICULOUS!!! My entire household will be removing this & its affiliates from our devices, IMMEDIATELY!!! Sucks that the devs are so hard up & greedy that they're willing to ruin the experience for the rest of us.
In the past 2 days, when one chooses double points for anything, and when bomb goes off, hard to get ads to run. When they run, game totally freezes. The ads are new. Something is wrong!
I absolutely love this game, and love the Jazz music so comforting, (the only thing I would change is some of objects are to small, you could make a little bigger, hard to see). Great Game, very addicting πŸ‘ Thank you.
Calming match game with deadlines. A wide variety of themes. Functions very well, with no glitches. My one complaint is the eyestrain. Some characters are small.
fun game. I like the game a lot, but there are way too many commercials, and they are very repetetive.
I like it. However the ads are extremely annoying & deters from gameplay. I want to get a full version ad free is this available? I Paid to get rid of ads & I'm still seeing ads!
Much,so much harder than it looks...do not play if you have any trouble with your eyes adjusting extremely quickly.
Too many ads, of course. But they don't interrupt game play, so it's fine. Some of the tile sets are really hard, but it's still fun.
So many variations! Xlnt graphics, mixes it up. Ads can be long but are not terribly annoying. This is a great gameπŸπŸ‰πŸŒΉπŸ
I really enjoy this game but I do not like timed games why does there have to be time to games when some of us are older and our eyes are not that good and the reason we get this game is to improve focus
Paid for no ads. Still getting them and there are so, so many and so long. I keep playing because it's challenging and the graphics are cute but it really bugs me about the ads.
You're right false advertisement. They beg you to download this stupid game and when you do you can't even make one single match. So don't DOWNLOAD, waste of tine. They should stop showing games like this. And STOP LYING!!!!!!!!!!
Paid for no ads. Still getting them and there are so, so many and so long. I keep playing because it's challenging and the graphics are cute but it really bugs me about the ads. Update: the developers did help me figure out why I was getting so many ads. That's helped and I have given the game an extra star. Still, if they're going to charge for no ads, it should be clear what that actually means. You still get ads when you time out, sometimes 5 seconds into a new game. It's pretty ridiculous.
Great game but ALL the adverts make it impossible to play. Mid game you have to watch an ad. Close it down, the game is on countdown, another ad appears. Wait & close ad down and another appears! Too many times the game times out. I've just counted 7 ads in a row with no chance of getting back to the game so I'm out. Sad, because I like this otherwise. I do it to distress me but I end up being so frustrated with so many ads it's just not worth it. Uninstalled.
I've just started playing and am finding it quite easy. Hoping as I progress it becomes a little more challenging. Love love the different themes.
Great game. I like the extra games I can play. The short games are really great. This is by far the best bubble game I have ever played. I never get bored. Thank you developers. Down load this game. You will NOT regret it. Really
This game is awesome. The only thing is the ads ..for each and every step an ad appears..otherwise this game is addictive
This game is very addictive. I have poor vision so I would benefit from being able to enlarge the tiles, or expand the screen. Sadly I can do neither to help me see it better. Overall a great game, frustrating at times, but fun to play.
Hate the new update, mixing of categories of graphics, new scoring etc. If I cant go back to the old game will be uninstalling. Used to be my fav game, playing hours each day. Now, hate it.
Game is alright. The challenges are ridiculous nobody can clear the tiles in the time that is given, you have to continuously watch ads to try to win the challenges. Will not be playing challenges on this game. Still deciding if I really want to continue playing.
I was trying to achieve 3 stars for each level, but failed in about 2 levels, that I could tell. When I tried to go "home" to check my star collecting status, I realized that feature was not available. Why am I not able to see my progress within the game? And why is there not a feature that allows the player to replay a level if she/he so chooses? Is this deliberate on your part, or did you forget these features? Apart from those irritations I do find myself liking the game....
I love the concept but is it too much to be allowed to play? For the first area it gives you suggestions after 3 seconds and the second area is like "USE A JINT USE A HINT USE A HINT"
If you pause about 2-3 seconds during the game, the hint icon begins intrusively bouncing. I couldn't focus with it in the way. "Hey, click me click me!" No, I don't want to, I'm trying to think!!!! In the end, I got angry and uninstalled the game!! Normally, I'd rate a game based off the gameplay, but all I remember is that icon, pulling me away all the time.
I like games like this, and for the most part, this is a good game. My only issue is that there are tears offered for watching ads, but the ads are never available. Can't get the daily watch five ads and get rewards, can't get the doubling of rewards for watching and ad. That's frustrating. Fix it, and I'll go five stars.
Love the game except when I have a chance to get some more time I push it and it will go to an advertisement and I can't get back to the game and the time is used up if this problem can be fixed I will give more stars i play it daily but get frustrated when time runs out and have to get interrupted because of advertisement of other game or somewhere ad love all the different puzzles and designs that are given thats one of the good things and its challenging trying to beat the clock fix issue πŸ˜€
Like so many other good games on here it forces u to watch an ad after every level. Don't waste your time too many ads. -99999999999999999999 stars given
Not as advertised. There is no brain age assessment and you don't play the game like it is shown in the advert. It's repetitive and you don't really progress in the game. It's a bit disappointing.
Fun, engaging, good variety and mix. Good exercise for my 54 year old eyes and brain. Nice distraction after a stressful day.
Not like the ads at all. I expected a slider game, instead its like mahjong with issues about how many corners you can do (I think, there were no written instructions). I'd give it a higher rating if it wasn't for the lying ads, i dont like being lied to.
The best thing is that it does not have ny advertisement! Yeaaaj! Very entertaining and at the same time challenging!
Very fun game, like the Christmas touch. Needs more levels and different items and would get five stars for having a variety of items
This is a solid game. There is nothing really fancy about it and the premise of the game is quite simple and so I found it to be relaxing for the most part. You are not inundated with ads although there are times when you see an ad even if you decline the bonus prize. I was disappointed that there were only 2 types of background music though, and not a ton of unique board themes. I did not find it very challenging, at least up until where I left off, level 52. A solid basic game of tiles.
Love this game! So i just upgraded because i enjoy the game so much and after watching the same ad 17 times in a row i decided to purchase the bundle that included 'no ads'. And i still have ads....very disappointing... :(.
Ads ads ads that should be the name of the game. Ads every level and in the middle of. Annoying. Uninstalling.
Enjoy playing this game, however: When playing Zuma it seems sometimes when clicking on a tile it doesn't get highlighted.
I am giving 2 stars because I guess the game is ok, but I am sick of seeing games advertised to be played one way and then after I download they are just dull and boring! I would actually make in app purchases if game was as advertised! Instead, I immediately deleted! Disappointed!
Interesting, engaging, visually appealing, diverse elements to keep players wanting more and pleasurable. Hate the advertisment frequency and constant interruptions.
Better than ANY Tile game I have ever played!!! I have Young-Onset Dementia and this will surely help everybody. With movement of hands-to-mind, eyes-to-hands, and kids can play it too against their parents. Everyone Wins...
A good entertaining game completely ruined by the intrusion of adverts. The levels are over quick and sandwiched by long playing adverts. Avoid.
I absolutely love this game, it's more challenging than any other tile game & the adverts aren't as bad as people make out, keeps me busy for hours so well done & thank you.
I love this game everything about it is great. But do you know what really got that 5th star?you let me play off and on all day without ever asking me to rate it. I'm on level one thousand and some and still addicted, even my autistic daughter loves this game now
I love this game but the ads are a pain, so I paid to remove them and I'm still getting the damn things
Because you can play or you can getmore points by watching the apps you could bet you score or you could challenge some one else it's great for three years to ninety-fiveof age it's a great game you have choices SOMETIMESIT makes me hungry because is almost real Ireally like it thanksfor making it .
Pictures are large enough and very challenging. Gives me a good run for the time allowing me to really feel challenged. I think I'm addicted.
I like this game because it is challenging and fun, you get to find out what percentage of 100 people you are better than, my best is 99% of people that I am better than at solving that particular game, or puzzle.
I enjoy playing this game to pass the time. The bombs and various challenges make it intense which is nice.
I like this game, but I'm done playing. Tired of the same old pictures or whatever you call them. I'm advancing but the patterns done advance .
I really enjoy this game. Can't play like I want. To many ads for other games. I will just keep playing.
Was happy to play to start with, to much advertising, so I pay to play without, and still get adverts, total rip off, give my back my money 😠
What is the use of playing a game when all you can matches what is side by side or on top of each other. Then when you think you've got a match the whole thing moves and rearranges. What is the purpose. I like to use my brain to figure something out just not go by color. Therefore I uninstall. It's a stupid game
I have 5β˜† this for the inspirational notifications it sends me regularly. There are some days they really are needed. It may not make me want to play right away, but next notify I probably will. ^_^
So many variations! Xlnt graphics, mixes it up. Ads can be long but are not terribly annoying. This is a great gameπŸπŸ‰πŸŒΉπŸI have been playing now for more than a month. Beautiful graphics. Too many ads and ads are too long, up to 30 sec each. I'd rather watch 5 ads 10 sec long than one ad 30 sec long.
Beautiful grafics and a real exercise for the brain. I've played most of the connect games and this one is the best.
What have you done to this app??? I played it this afternoon, came back a few hours later and it had disappeared from my phone. I finally found it and it is unrecognizable and unplayable. Is thus a useless and unneeded update??? You ruined it. I'll give it a few days for you to fix this and then I will delete. You ruined a fun game.🀬🀬🀬 no resolution except to blame every one else for YOUR screw up. Uninstalling now. Do not waste your time here. It is unplayable.
Love the game, but I can't take it with the many ads 2. 3 times during one session and even more ads before and after and when I want to get more shuffles or change the hand because I already had it to many times. CAN YOU TELL ME OF ANOTHER GAME THAT IT IS BETTER
Love the game, paid to remove ads, still has so many ads you can't play without extreme frustration. Don't waste your money.
OK game. Nothing exciting. Although the worst thing for me is the false advertising. Downloaded it as it was advertised as brain training and could predict and improve your brain age. This app certainly doesn't do that!
I love this game. It took me awhile to realize that. The graphics are awesome and it does get stressful being timed but they give you the option to redeem yourself by watching an ad. It doesn't hurt too much. HAHA
This happens way too much, its false advertising. When the ad for the game plays and it looks like a great game, then you download it and it doesnt even play the way the ad shows. And its not even fun. What is up with the false ads? Why doesnt the play store stop this stupid stuff? I would like the game owner to explain why they do this, but they wont.....
I enjoy the game. I really like the pictures. I do not like having to wait 30 seconds between each set for ads. This will cause me to tire of the game quickly and then I will delete it at that point.
It is an interesting and challenging game if you have normal vision. It can be fun. If you are color-blind, it is especially challenging. Numbers to be matched looks like they're the same color.. The game is not color-blind friendly. The problem also presents itself when playing with chips in the same amount and the same design, with different colors. The colors appear grayish. For this reason, plus a headache from eye strain, the game needs to be uninstalled.
Wat to many ads. You get a little more than a couple minutes of play time before you have an ad which leads to another ad before you can go back to the game. So actually very little game time.
This game is not anything like the ad that I got which prompted me to download it. I'm just going to stop downloading Google Play games that I see as advertisements in a different game.
Good game. I paid for no adverts. You just did an update and now I'm getting adverts again? Please sort this or refund me. You'll get better rating if you can sort this out. Theft comes to mind.
When we open the app, the option party has other games which I want to play many times but we can play them only 3 times and one extra by watching ads. Can the games ZUMA put in play store and if it is already available what's it's name in play store. Anyway the game is awesome πŸ‘Œ
I love how the tiles take on different grid patterns, n also how some of them move around... makes it more interesting. Absolutely LOVE it! Not that many ads, either, which is totally awesome. Thank you for that! 😊
I like this app because it challenges the mind. It also makes you see what is the best strategy to use to make the tiles disappear within a decent time frame.
I love this game everything about it is great. But do you know what really got that 5th star?you let me play off and on all day without ever asking me to rate it. I'm on level one thousand and some and still addicted, even my autistic daughter loves this game now. I'm taking a star because you made it so hard now and very few power ups. What a shame
This game is cool. It has multiple games you can play with tiles, it's great. I like the the sliding match one but they're all fun. I would recommend this game for every body, although it might be a little difficult for younger kids, Idk. Enjoy.
I love this game. It has it's share of ads to get bonuses. I don't care. I still get lost in time to consumption of enjoying the game. πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—
Your terrible ad in Duolingo that requires first pressing skip in one corner, before revealing the exit button in another, is so annoying that accepted to install your app, just to make this one star rating. I will now uninstall it. Keep it up.
Graphics good, play good, but I'm now bored out of my mind. You just don't advance through the game. How many thousands of levels am I going to have to play to get through it all? Where's the incentive? There are at least a dozen areas to open and the number of games you have to play keeps going up for each one. And it's cheap. 250 coins 1 hint, 200 for 1 reshuffle. Yea, you get coins during game and you can watch videos, but why? Ugh. I'm done wasting my time getting nowhere.
Game is fun at first, end up annoying cause of TOO MANY AD! Every change stage AD, bomb AD, Paused AD... Uninstalled. Thanks.
Loved this game. However after only one week I would watch a video ad only to receive 9 extra seconds of play time! After several days of this I am uninstalling. Would have given the game 5 stars if not for this major glitch.
Like this game,very challenging,was doing the same game on the other tablet, unfortunately the tablet expired!,so starting a new,was on #2845!πŸŽ³πŸ¦‹
Ads are now reasonable ....has to do with Google whom controls ad ..... & Yes. Annoying bombs. I am stuck living in Quebec in extreme poverty because of the way they cut off everything for seniors ....... Prevents me from going bonkers .....
Good game. Pictures clear and you get a reasonable time to disable bombs. Annoying that there are ads between every game and I find it infuriating that if you pause the game for some reason you have to watch an ad before you can continue. I may delete the game because of this.
I generally do really well with match games But,,,, as You get going,,,, It'll make You Crazy, Insane, ready for the Happy Hotel, the Loony Bin etc....... Good game and relaxing,,,, if You can put up with the ads after every game.... Try it..... E.
I downloaded it because of the video in the ad. Not the same game as advertised, making it false advertising. I am getting real sick of downloading games and finding out their not the same as the ad. Giving this one star because of that.
Nothing like the ad, it's an ok game but I'd give no stars if I could. What's with false advertising in the mobile gaming world recently?
⚠ ⚠ AVOID AVOID ⚠ ⚠ at all costs! WOW! THIS APP IS A FULL ON RIP OFF! REPORTING TO GOOGLE NOW! THERE'S NO CONTACT INFO!! And further (not related to paying to get rid of ads~this is mandatory if you want to finish a game)~ when playing you are forced to watch adverts because even though there's almost 2 minutes left on the timer they want you to watch a full 30sec ad to finish playing the game! AVOID THIS! DELETING THIS APP. FOREVER A ONE 🌟 APP!
Too many ads that don't even show how long they run and no option to stop intrusive push messages appearing in my phone. Shame as potential to be an amusing have to kill the odd half hour. Uninstalled.
Pleasantly surprised.. I play another connect game and was getting bored so tried this one. It is much more challenging and I love all the different lay-outs, challenges and pictures. Not sure why everyone complains about the few ads. One thing I don't quite understand.. what do you do with all the gold coins? I don't see where to use them?
Game does not work. Didn't work from page 1. Did not work from the start. A WASTE OF TIME DO NOT DL, ITS A WASTE OF TIME AND BATTERY. Uninstalling asap!
Very annoying to play. I have passed numerous levels but never get the reward so the game often stalls and must be restarted. I may Uninstaller out of frustration.
I cant give this app a true rating of what it's worth it was an add on my other game I felt it was a completely different game buy the ad it showed I was very interested so I hit install I played one level thinking perhaps it would be the next level that would be the level I saw and it was not so I felt the ad misled me and I uninstalled it. So it really is unfair for me to rate a game I did not play the 1 star is just because I had to give a star and its because I felt misled.
The game is fun; the ads are low; and the graphics are cool! The only con would be the lack of difficulty... I'm on Level 196 and it's too easy. I'm kinda getting bored. And, I can't figure out the point of earning coins.
I really used to enjoy this game but it has now become absolutley impossible to play!! Why has it become so stressfull? Some of the games the icons are too tiny to play properly, sometimes when you press on two icons you are ignored, and some of the games l feel that they are impossible to play unless you have the rewards to move!! Too many ads, especially when you request volume off- people l live wirh work shifts and are asleep but the volume still comes on too loud in the ads. So really disap
An ad for a Bible app that you would be able to install on your phone or tablet simply could not be cleared no matter what I tried. Actually, I lied. I kept tapping the "Decline" button and would not tap the "Accept" button. I am uninstalling the tile app/game and won't ever play or install this game ever again. I found this experience to be an Invasion of my personal property. I would give it no stars if possible.
I loved playing this game and when I got my new phone I wanted to play it again. However no matter how many times I install/uninstall it will not open. So sad.
Waaaaay Tooooo Maaaaany Adsssss. After every level an ad. You are forced to watch an entire 30 sec ad. This game is obviously an attempt by developer to be as greedy as possible. Deleting this now.
Fun but way too many ads. I don't want to have to pay to not get bombarded with ads. So I'll just uninstall the game.
Variations are a plus. But the same match with only two turns game. Music was not obnoxious. It was nice to relax, with the accasional bomb to keep things interesting.
I like this game. It's cute, But has the potential for much more. Some people like to race and beat previous times and scores. And that's great, but I like to relax. I race around all day at work starting with the moment I wake up. It would be nice for a selection of not being timed for this game.
This is really an awesome game and is not just any ordinary game because it is so relaxing to play unless your not competitive and anyone that tries it will see what I mean! I really like this game. Thanks for making it..
Although this game is great, and I enjoy playing it, the ads drive me CRAZY and are much too LENGTHY between the levels! You shouldn't have to purchase this game before you have a chance to try it out, just to get rid of those annoying ads! I will delete it on account of TOO MANY ADS!πŸ‘Ž
You can't make any match after a very little while of playing. Then you can't watch ads either. I've been trying to get in touch WITH ANYONE regarding this game. It's ridiculous. Vicious circle with no one available to help regardless of the issue. I'M DELETING IT!!
I like this game and would give it 5 stars except the flashing on a square. When that happens, I cannot see what is under it. Also it does not give me time to find a match before it flashes for me to see a hint.
Too many ads. I realize they pay the bills, but after every level and if you want to replay a level? If you pause the game you have to watch an ad to restart it. It is ridiculous. I am deleting it, even though I really like playing the game. So sad really.
Cool game but nothing like the ad that i installed to play false advertisement .. On level 62 no mini game or nothing... Update... The game was updated abd all is fixed...mini games are fun and offer extra content... I reccommend this game
There are some long ads, getting tired of thredUp, but over half the ads are 5 seconds. I really like the graphics on this game. It's slightly challenging but not frustrating. Good fun.
Lots of fun.. I did do an update. Thank you. I love this game it's a great. I enjoy playing this game so much. It keeps me on my toes.. Helps my memory, I stay more alert. When I have to stop playing I can't wait to start playing again.
Both relaxing and challenging. The music is great as a meditative change from other games. And there's enough variety to keep me interested and excited.
I love this game but why does it have to stop so much first bomb and then time up. You just get into it and you see an ad. Otherwise, great
Too many ads, like after every board, sheeshπŸ˜₯πŸ€”πŸ˜‘πŸ€¬ and I've yet to see the level they advertise to get your to get the game but other than that it's a cool take and I like it as much as I can. Just stop falsely advertising with levels we'll never see our get to trying to get us to get the game. Be πŸ’― she will respect that miss than anything. So only 3 🌟
Game is way too easy. If you take the world's population and compare how many people have downloaded it then yes less than 1% have beaten this game. I deleted it because it is just too easy.
My experience has been just πŸ‘Œ. I'm rating this game with 3 ⭐ 's for the simple fact that it cannot be played in a LANDSCAPE MODE 🀨....A+ for puzzle challenge and graphics.
Basic game is ok but no way to customize gimmick add-ons . Hate "bombs" and interruptions every 30 seconds (just an excuse to go to a commercial) and I'm tired of being told I FAILED when it's the game that failed me.
Too bad for the design and graphics. Adds kill the pleasure. Waste of time and battery. 1 star just because I cannot give 0 stars. Stupid greedly developers.
I just got this game, and it seems fun, but I HATE the timer!! THAT is NOT RELAXING, having to beat the clock!!! PLEASE ADD the option under Settings, to turn OFF THE TIMER!!!.... THEN, the game will be relaxing and fun... but not now!
Really like how the game challenges me but it would be nice if an explanation was given at the start instead of having to spend time working out what is required of the players. Coins are collected but why? Nothing to say what they can be exchanged for. Otherwise I'm quite enjoying it.
I've always loved these games. I'm a 100% disabled female A.F. Veteran and these games help my brain stay sharper from all of the medications I'm on. Thank you to you and all of the other computer programmers for these ideas. Games aren't just for kids anymore. I'm 67yrs old and still feel young.
It's a great game but I'm uninstalling it because there are ads after each level and 30-45 second ads at that. I want to play the game not continually have to watch long ads.
This game makes you really think what you're doing. You have to remember if there are tiles being blocked by other tiles then you have to play the tiles which match and are closer
I love the game, but the ads spoil me playing more. I know there has to be ads but why so many..?. Other than that I like the game.
I have been enjoying this game for the past few weeks but today it wouldn't load past 85% so needed to uninstall and reinstall and it started over, but still like it.
This is a really lovely game. Took a while to get used to the bouncing hint button on the bottom right I understand why it does it yet its a bit annoying
I love this game! It has been my go to game recently! Only complaint is all the ads for other GAMES, but I understand why they are there so I deal with it! Fun game anyway!
It started out lots of fun and interesting but then after I hit a certain level, low, it started putting me on 18 seconds. That's not enough time to do anything. Uninstalling the app
I paid for no ads. But still have to sit through too many ads to proceed. But I have reached level 135 with no way to pass. As soon as I clear some tiles, more pop up. There is no way to go any further. It was fun for a day.
I normally don't complain about ads as I do realize they need to be there. However the ones in this app are almost after every level but they are long to. This app has plenty of potential but the ads are just too much. I found this to be one of the most relaxing games. I do really like the game!
The game could be fun, but the constant ad interruption is irritating. Watching an ad earns you points that you can't use. Thrilling!!!
Not as advertised. Its ok. I liked the appearance/style in ad- moving snake form matching. This is like any other tile matching game. Think rectangle like 'concentration' game.
I love this game! I know some of the puzzles are tiny but that adds to the difficulty. Some if you need to put your big girl panties on or stay off the game sites. It's not the games fault you cant handle the pressure! GREAT GAME!!
First off, way too many ads. Second, once you get to level 170, it is almost impossible to win. All they want to do is take your money. Very disappointing.
Great game but the ADS!!!! After every single level. While some I can skip after 15sec others I must wait. Considering I am nearing level 600 that is nearly 600 ads I have had to watch many repetitive. Quite a few have frozen the game so I have to restart. But for sanity sake ease off on the ads! One every 5 levels is enough.
Pretty challenging game but too many ads, you get a 30 second ad between almost every game and at times during a game
Easy mindless fun. Downloaded a similar game by a different designer (Onnect) but ad campaign was too aggressive, so uninstalled. Thankfully, this one let's you get through several levels first. Smooth interface, and good way to pass the time, but not sure how beating the timer affects coin count, if at all.
Really like but WAY TOO MANY ADS. I have limited data on phone and the ads really eat it up quick, especially if it's a 30 second ad for bonuses. Ads between every game and same ones over and over again. Cut the ads down and will give a better rating.
I enjoy the game but the price for hints and such cost WAY to much. There is also too many ads. But if you like watching ads instead of playing games then this game is for you.
A really cool game. If you enjoy a fast paced, puzzle solving ,visual array of things this game is for you.
Fun, but the ads are way too much. Plus, the app stops inexplicably approximately every four games, forcing ou to close and restart it. Not worth the bother.
Not a bad game but I saw an ad for this game and thought it looked fun but then when download it and play its different than the preview game on the ad. Dont understand why you advertise it one way but game is different . Will be ininstalling since already play a game exactly like this and don't need two
Thank you for your feedback you can update the latest version!!! Excuse me But this is not helpful....it seems that every question asked gets the same message....a bit disappointed with that. I have questions but I know that I will be getting the same answer as everyone
This app is consuming lots of battery life and there is nothing new in this game this game is looking old classic games.We will definitely not rate to this garbage app classic games are much better....!!!!!!!
The game keep freezing after I complete the level. I can't click watch ad to double my reward nor can I click receive to proceed to the next level. It has been happening for 3 days. Gonna uninstall this game.
I know that ads pay for the game, but when you have the attention span of a goldfish constant 30+ second ads just make me give up..sorry. Good game but ads are too long
I gave this app a three-star because I really do enjoy the game. But, since I was forced to do the update on the game, every time I try to push to watch an advertisement to either keep going within the game after time ran out or the daily coins and the daily spin, when I do so the whole game freezes and I have to exit the app and come back in and it does it again this is only been an issue for me since the latest update was done before that it worked beautifully.. so if wasn't an issue, I'dgive5
This had 5 Stars until the recent update. Now it is sooo slow because of the long videos you have to watch in between the levels. If it gets any slower I will uninstall, I am sorry to say as I used to love the game.
Bait and switch warning! They make it fun and you succeed, so you think it's worth paying for no ads. Paid to remove ads and instead of making it more enjoyable, they make it impossible to succeed so you'll purchase more gimmicks AND you still get ads if you're not careful where you click. Unless you have $ to burn, this is a rip-off.
Latest update or lack of update is causing the game to freeze on the 5sec bomb. Cannot continue and have to leave the game completely destroying all progress in that level.
This game is great fun and very addictive, it was one of my favorites. However, the ads are disgusting and inappropriate. What makes it worse is that this game is for everyone, so young children are seeing this filth! Uninstalling now.
The gameplay is varied and challenging. Thanks for the inclusion of a way to access a scrolling game. ALL of the puzzles in this app are a lot of fun.
This game is quite enjoyable. The Muzak could be better though, or at least changed up every few levels. I know the smooth jazz is intended to enhance the relaxing atmosphere of the game, but I feel like I've traveled back in time to a cocktail club in the 1940s. πŸ˜†
Nice challenge and fun. Too many ads, but keep Uninstalling and reinstall ..seems to be best of the group.. Use the ads and gaining coins that pays for play when wi-fi off.
This game is very well designed, easy yet challenging. Boosters are cheap. I will be playing this one for a while.
❀ your game! Very user friendly and easy to navigate. I personally find it a challenge to develop eye hand coordination as well as good mental exercise. Thank you
The game is boring. At first it's kinda fun. After a while it's gets harder and harder to match the boxes that will qualify, which is probably the point. But, you have to use up all your features to get any two that matches that will count. It becomes tiresome, boring and discouraging and you wonder what's the point of it all. None...! There is no success to this game. It's stupid. I'm uninstalling like, right now...! You developers need to do better. We're all just not steeple. Bye...!
I liked this game enough to pay $2.99 to get rid of ads. After doing so, I'm still getting ads, thus the 2 stars.
oh my gosh- there's a 30 second add every 2Β½- 3 minutes after each play. & bcz of this- I'm uninstalling. it's disruptive & the adverts every 3 minutes have ruined the game.
Too many ads.....plus if you finish a puzzle and there is still time left you should get extra rewards...
Excellent game. Good variety and number of options when get stuck. Side games are also fun, just wish they could be played more than 3 times each.
Zuma in the Party area is the best and worst part of this app. Where can I play more of JUST the Zuma boards? So fun! Only 4 in a 24-hour period is just not cutting it!
The game is fine but as it's one of many recent games that is nothing like the advert that convinced me to download it, it gets 1 star and deleted from my phone. I just don't understand this recent craze of false advertising. Why not just advertise the actual game or implement the features you advertise? Who benefits from advertising features that aren't in the game?
Commercials and ads for every level and every time you pause in the middle of a level. Rounds are quick. I would understand ads and commercials on every level if the levels lasted a few minutes but they don't, they are only a few seconds long.
Okay so far...paid to get rid of banner ads. But still get game ads...that's stiid cause showing me these ads will not make me but those games...just really annoying and a waste of time...the more ya show me the games ...less inclined to buy them...you shouldn't do this to those who actually like playing games...not right and totally useless...
Great, loving the graphics, love the mini games but too many ads. Ads after every level of tile master.
It's fun and relaxing only thing so annoying all the ads pops up all the time but other than that I really enjoyed it.
I don't know why but I misunderstood how to play this game. I downloaded it & now so far I LOVE IT! LOL...my apologies. I still can't see how you can replay a level but I guess if I pass the level I'm on, it doesn't. Great game DEVS!! TY! Jessie
So much fun until I paid for ads to be removed. Money taken but ads still there and annoying. VERY DISAPPOINTING.
I like the game but the tiles constantly changing makes little hard and annoying. If I can pick tile then I love the game
Yall need different TILES get rid of the Christmas pieces Christmas is over.. All the ads are ridiculous the challenges when you touch the items to match it don't be working. You have to do so much just to earn the hints even if you have over 5000 in coins
Great game until you get to Level 57...not sure why, but the tiles are hard to see. Even if you switch the layout the tiles are still hard to make out. Will be deleting this game. (Fortunately, I didn't waste my money on removing the ads).
I like this game but when it comes to continue due to the bom exploded its hang (cannot play). Got to wait hour to continue. Spoil my mood....
The game is relatively mindless, which not even my issue with it. The constant 30 second ads are beyond annoying. Uninstalling. Don't waste your time.
Too many 30 second ads. It takes me less time to complete the game then I get another 30 second ad. If I pause the game I get another 30 second ad when I restart. Although I enjoyed thus game it was somewhat addictive I'm uninstalling it because of the lengthy ads.
I love this app! Keeps my mind sharp, always a new board, and the extra challenges are just that, challenging!!
After over 100 levels saying i did better than well over 90% of players you turned the tables and made this relaxing game imposable.. Win one tablet then another comes up... i get five matches, you switch the table, i get 6 and you add about twenty new tiles... Not relaxing.. Just insane... Deleted!
Too many ads! 1 ad after every game after passing level 25. And every time you pause there's another ad before you can resume. Deleting!
Fun game but it freezes. Both my Android OS are up to date as is the game, but it still freezes during gameplay.
I just like when the ad for the game is not actually what the game is. How many levels do you have to play to get to the game that's actually on the ad? Not willing to figure out and there's better connect games out there. Sad you had to fool everyone just to get them to download you.
I really like and enjoy all the connect games. You match all kinds of different Items. It's really fun and works on your memory.. Try the Game.. I guarantee You will like this Game and all the connect games.. Come play...
Great game but way too many adverts. Bomb goes off..advert, want a hint..advert, out of time..advert. It really ruins the game. More time watching the same 30 second adverts than actually playing the game. Will have to uninstall it as it's driving me crazy!!!
I like this game, it's entertaining and a little addictive, so that's good. The ads are annoying but that seems to be the case with any game played. I do find it hard to exit the game when you need to stop. There should be an exit button
It would be a fun game, but the amount and length of the ads is ridiculous! Long ads after every round. Uninstalling.
I am uninstalling this game -- I have reached level 635 -- For quite a few of the last levels the number of ads is absolutely riduculous -- Ads pop up every 60 seconds or less making playing this game now almost impossible -- Game difficulty at this level is NOT the problem -- It is the incessant number of ads -- Make no mistake, I've enjoyed this game until recently but have been driven off by the constant interruption of annoying ads -- BYE and GOOD RIDDANCE !!!
Different than what they describe in the ad. What you can/cannot pair is so random its ridiculous. Absolutely no consistency. Got bored after 30 minutes and got sick of how inconsistent the pairing is.
The rules get flexible when i use the magnifying glass so i clicked on ever tile and it wouldnt work untill i used the magnifying glass and all of a sudden it worked
When i first played it i didn't think i was going to like it because i thought it was not going to be challenging enough. I was wrong, I am glad i persevered with it. There are so many different aspects to this game.
Not impressed. To many ads. They dont fully load. To much nonsense. The game itself i do like but may uninstall
Great game, but hard totp hit the tiles. This is the only game that happens, have to hit tiles 2 ands 3 times to get them off screen. Love game tho. Wish it worlked right
I like it. However the ads are extremely annoying & deters gameplay. I want to get a full version ad free is this available?
Fun at first. Then you get to level 100 which there is no way to pass. Literally the tiles just keep filling in. So it's an endless game with a timer. It doesn't make any sense.
Game is great but all the long ads after each game is ridiculous. I have to exit completely out of the game and go back just to play. Get rid of the constant ads.
There is nothing I despise more than seeing a game ad that I like, then downloading the app and the game plays nothing like the ad.
I enjoy this game. But could you either give more time or take time away all together. Not everyone who plays this game is a teenager . And for us older people we need a little more time. Thank you
Most frustrating to play with all the ads that you have to wait to finish just to continue to play the game. Otherwise it is a good app to play.
I'm finished. Uninstall. About level 75 the images are difficult to see and very similar. Any power up you have you will use at this point. There will be no matches until you use the power up. After every level after everything you do there is a 30 second or longer ad.
I am all for ads, the creators should earn a buck. But the ads here appear way way too often, and worse - even if you mute them they force your earphones to pause other noises, something that NEVER happened to me in any game. Other seriously annoying features include the hints button constantly 'jumping' and distracting you, the next button misplaced to be replaced by 'watch an ad' button, and other such trickery. When these are solves, this game may be actually fun.
They finally fixed the bug that didn't allow the player to access double the amount of power ups. But it is very annoying that's so very many ads pop up during the middle of each game. Also, sometimes the bombs are so large and so dark that it's difficult to see what the picture is underneath them. Otherwise this is fun.
Before I started I carefully read almost all the reviews. People tend to tell the truth especially if they feel they are being conned. And oh boy does this game play a con. I uninstalled right away. Ads for every game? Nah. The game they show on the ad is NOT THE GAME YOU GET. I hate liars. And I will not support them. Readers, you are warned. .
I can TOLERATE the ads but what I can't find out is up on the top, with the GOLD STAR. I continue to earn points. What can I do with them? When I touch the +, it goes to option to buy Bundles and wants money. I am playing free and not purchasing any Bundles but there must be a reason for the points accumulating. Anyone know how to redeem them and for what? Thanks.
TOO MANY ADS. I understand having to watch ads to power up or if I fail a level but I'm constantly winning without hints why do I have to watch an ad after each level no matter what. Only made it to level 31 before I couldn't take anymore. I was already irritated that the game does not play out as advertised but the ads were to irritating and the reason for my uninstall
This game is like mahjong and yet different. It would be great if we could zoom in 'cos the tiles are a tad small to the eyes, even on a smartphone. But it is still a great game.
⚠ ⚠ AVOID AVOID ⚠ ⚠ at all costs! WOW! THIS APP IS A FULL ON RIP OFF! There was no contact info. I see they've added it now. Further to it being a rip off~when playing every level, you are forced to watch adverts! Even though there's almost 2 minutes left on the timer, they want you to watch a full 30sec ad to finish playing the level! (this is NOT related to paying to get rid of ads~this is mandatory if you want to finish a level) AVOID THIS! DELETING THIS APP. FOREVER A ONE 🌟 APP!
The ad shows tiles moving on a line and you have to make pairs before the line of tiles reaches the end. BUT the game is just a silly match game. Very disappointing.
Addicted BUT ALSO ANNOYING. especially the stupid messages they send telling you to relax and play tile connect. EVEN THOUGH THE NIGHTWEAR your trying to relax and SLEEP .(please stop send these messages no point we play this game when we will have time ..too )πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄πŸ›ŒπŸ›ŒπŸ›ŒπŸ›ŒπŸ›ŒπŸ›ŒπŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί thanks
I like the game but I not sure why sometimes I can go around a spot one way but not the other. Yes is a good brain using game
I like this game. It's a little to easy ( it might just be me ) I just downloaded it today so maybe it will get harder. But it is fun. ;)
Been looking for a game like this,passes the time without being boring,does have a lot of ads though...
I really like this game... and i paid for no ads... however, between every bomb or time out i still get ads... so, don't pay for it...☹
Just another tile matching game, NOT the same game as what was shown in the ad I clicked on to get this game. Uninstalling. FALSE ADVERTISING.
Too much hint, it does give me any time to think, no pleasure in playing a puzzle game that constantly shows you the solution, deleted it just after few minutes!
There are supposedly explosive bombs that are extremely annoying on the eyes, actually hurtful. They don't go off anyway so serve no purpose. It is the same tiny pictures all the time. If you don't want ads after every game you have to pay for it. I believe you have to pay to go up a level. I paid $3.49 or something just to get rid of the ads.
1 star. Game is good. But adopting a non standard advertisement system is cheating players. Standard ad in the market display a poster to a 30 sec video.. but ur ad is 30 sec video followed by a 15 sec demo.. its a waste of our time.. its unfair.. its non standard.. its unscrupulous.. i am uninstalling this game becuz of the dishonest ad system.. Go F urself trying to cheat us of our air time..
Worth the money to buy and nix the ads. I've played 40+ games in one day. Pretty adictive I do wish the timer could be disabled
Bad app... showing in unwanted to many ads....and it can not get back while playing ad...so irritating...I am uninstalling now
Was loving it until you reached a level where so many icons were added to make them too small for my eyes. Also, it became almost impossible to complete. It ceased being fun. Uninstalling