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Tiles Hop Ball - Neon EDM Rush

Tiles Hop Ball - Neon EDM Rush for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by 6monkeys:Idle space miner located at 12th Floor, Block B, Zhonghang Tiansheng Plaza, 415 Zhengli Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.
Have you have you ever heard “Tiles Hop Ball - Neon EDM Rush”? It's going to be your EDM that is preferred online game relax yourself and kill-time after hectic works. Let’s play & enjoy the music on the go EDM Tiles. We advise using headsets to feel the beats.

How to play “Tiles Hop Ball - Neon EDM Rush”
1.Hold & Drag to control the basketball.
2.Hop on the tiles.
3.Don’t miss tiles.
4.You can upload your personal regional track to play.

The Neon Ball will jump on the Beats Drop from slow to quickly. Then tune in to the music beat, proceed with the rhythm and make use of your reflexes which can be music guide the basketball from tiles to tiles. Don’t faucet! It is not a Tap Tap game. Don’t forget to produce outrageous combinations!

“Tiles Hop Ball - Neon EDM Rush” has addictive and appealing Game functions!
-Auto-generated content: upload your favorite tracks towards the music
-One-button control, simple to play
-Breathtaking 3D aesthetic effects and effects
-The ever-changing experiences will certainly provide you with a experience that is new every scene!
-Collect stunning skins for the prom
-Keep breaking your highest scores

What’s new?
New preferred music songs included. You will play various types of music on the web, through the rhythm this is certainly well Piano to guitar songs, Pop, Rock and EDM.

“Tiles Hop Ball - Neon EDM Rush” is totally free now! Let’s enjoy this EDM music dash game now!

“Tiles Hop Ball - Neon EDM Rush” is very easy to relax and play and very enjoyable. Are available in and get in on the songs adventure in tiles hop universe with us.

Contact us:

Are you problems that are having? Send a contact to [email protected]

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Tiles Hop Ball - Neon EDM Rush.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Tiles Hop Ball - Neon EDM Rush for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
good but not sooo.existing game but a little bit boring for the ads.i really enojoy while playing but if the songs were available the game could creat much better impression.
Not that good the game is good but the music is so bad in the commercial it said that it had all the new songs like mad at Disney they only have songs from 2018
it was really fun and i had a great time playing with my sister because we love it has music and the beats was fun.
I LOVE IT, okay so I'm obviously a huge Hamilton Stan and the fact that you can import songs blew my mind! Plus there's not a lot of ads it's just perfect!
I like everything except for one, there arent many songs to choose from and I dont know how to import songs so yeah. Pls add more songs to this game and I will change this review.
This game is awsome plus you can import songs from your device but i just wish that you could type in the song name and it would give you choices to do like cradles i was hopeing i could do it but other wise great game
The reason that THIS game is kinda bad is becuase you have the watch adds from evrything i understand that a game needs adds but i dont think is NEEDE so much like 1 every minute like you cant even play the actual game witchout having a add every second also the game controls are really bad and i cant play another song without a ADD so im not very happy with this game.
I love this game it has lots of music 💙 and I love music...so yeah and the only problem I have is there's lots of adds and every time I start a round of it 3 tiles later it just kills me BYW this game is really good for teens...I'm only 10 soon 11HAVE A GOOD YEAR or hope to👻😉🎃🎄🎂
This is the best game I've ever had in my life The thing that admires me is that you can add any song that you want
I had previously rated this with four stars. I have to give a lower rating because it is pretty much all ads. Also, the bounces don't match up with most of the songs. They don't have a large selection of songs, and I think there were only a few songs with the original singer, but I'm not completely sure. It was fun for a few days. It's deleted now.
I honestly don't think it is all that great. The songs aren't even the real ones. And having to almost wait an hour to gey the song that I want? Really. Not how I expected this app to be. It is all very touchy.
The game is really nice, love it!! but the ads are too much after every win or to unlock a new song an ad appears .
Epic !! If I looking for a game to flow with this it it u can export songs and premium packages u purchase gives u access to rare songs 💚💛💜💓💕💖💙💙❤❤
I love this game you should download it it is the best game in the world you should download it has all the right sounds best game ever.
The songs are HORRIBLE they're song covers instead of the real thing, The people who are singing aren't even doing a good job! They're messing up my favorite songs...(I know it's hard and complicated to make a game but they could do better 😒) Everything else is good but the songs are the who point of the game Soo 1 star
I like the game but the only reason I gave it a to start is because don't let me hear the music wow I'm playing without headphones.
OMG his game lages like hell I guve it a 1 star. The percentage was stocked in 76 so I uninstalled apps the more I uninstall the apps the less the percentage gets it was on 76 now on 21 please do something in my other device the songs lag so much although my network is super high please fix this bug of laging thank you very much for those who are reading my review out it was helpful down there if the same thing happened to you guys
Like the game is amazing but why 4? Cause I just wish you can search for any song then some you watch ads and ya but other then that this game is amazing love it
I Love this app I play it everyday it is so much fun. I like that they had added new songs to it but. I wish it had not had as much ads every one game is finished an ad pops up that is very very very annoying and disappointing but I still really like this game it is the best with headphones I play this game always with headphones and my high score is 784 I played the song bad guy to get this high score
I Don't like how it sometimes gliches and how I have to watch a ad to Continue. But other wise it is a good game.
Wow no words for this game 🎮 I really enjoy 😊 this game 🤩🤩🥳🥳 Love this game and when play this game My all tention is gone to ☁ ... Sky😂🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘
Good game! Ilike the overall game and so much fun ❤️ And the problem is when the ball beats it doesn't not matches the song.But it is ok because as long the game is actually good...And have a great day ❤️👍
Generic, tiles don't match the songs, you have to watch an ad for every single song you wanna play, followed by an ad after the song is finished, along with horrible covers for the songs themselves, and you have to pay to play your own songs when there's other apps like this that let you use your own songs free of charge. Theres better ones out there's guys.
It's so much fun and great and so cool songs are available in it and endless is the best but I have a problem which is that the temporary tiles confuse me and I get out so please make a updated version and remove the temporary tiles and it is such a good game I love it 😀👍👍👌👌and it's songs are very cool and beautiful 😍🙂☺🙂☺👍👌👍👌👍
This game is awesome! But u really need to start the songs from the start and finish them. But I must admit I really like endless mode although speading up the songs kinda ruins them but I guess it is good for showing off to ur friends how good u r at this game so u should make a choice. And u should put Astranomina in ur game alright? I want these changes made in 2 years time. Or I will delete ur game!
Nice because totally good than magic tiles 3 in magic tiles we will get out in this we can play for a little long time by watching 👀 an ad but I request to unlock some more music 🎶 to play ▶️
Fabulous game but one problem that is if I choose my song it did not match with the blocks soo fix this problem otherwise the game is very nice 🙂
This is a great game but with loads of games it seems like rock music was from the last generation and everyone has forgotten about it.
This is so amazing,but it has a little bit of problem it's so many ads so I gave this game 4 stars and the song is so little bit so not much many but the old tiles hop is so amazing at has many many song sucks it's poor🤮🤮🤮🤮😠
Good game, but whenever I play a song that I've already completed twice the voices are high pitched and the song is faster I know this is endless mode, but the high pitched voices are becoming annoying and obnoxious, so I would like if you put a option to turn endless mode off
It's just that it's so cool and play it plays your favorite songs and it's a game you can just move your finger but sometimes you lose but then you can just replay it so cool.
I give it a 4 out of 5 because there are many songs and the graphics are so underrated. though you have to watch an ad at every song you choose.
This game is pretty fun, just got it though so my opinion may change in the future. I'm having trouble figuring out if there is some kind of system that forces you to use in game currency to buy ads to play certain songs. But overall not a bad game.
This game is really good but the controls are not that great or a little annoying, because I know the graphics are really good. But pay more attention to the controls, because it makes it more difficult for the player to focus on the game, thank you
It's a good game. Has lots of good songs. When I don't have internet I listen to them while I play it.
I really like this game its super fun and you can even search the song up but the only thing that i dont like about it is that not all the songs are there:( but i still like it a lot!!!
I like this application because this application can give me relax, when i hear the type of the songs in this application... I'm sorry because i not smart in english language .. thank for this application 😄😃😀😊👍👍
The game is wonderful but in the advertisement the show that type your favourite song that song will be played but there are only limited songs please fix this
It's so much better than tiles hop that doesn't even let you use your own songs, but could you maybe make it easier to find you songs like let it actually go into your song gallery, but above all I love it.
Wow this game is good but i have a problem i gave it 4 because all songs here is small and was not along with the music while i play this song,please add more trending songs like someone you loved,yummy,dance monkey, etc. and fix these bugs but this game is amazing for me please update this game.Thank you.
The game was good at first but then it said that you can watch ads to get other songs but when you press the thing to watch the ad so you can get the song it kept on saying ad not available so the persons who made this game should fix that😤
Its ok, very loud, tons of adds to unlock every song and no words to the songs just Da da da do ba g f k da de Good
This is by far the best music beat tile hop game in my opinion! Not to many ads, You can play a downloaded song and the controls are nice!
This game is so good. We can listen English songs and the thing is this we can add our songs also!!!!😊😊But one problem is there this game is not offline.
Far too many ads for the amount of game play you receive. Game devs aren't as concerned with making the game enjoyable as they are selling ad space
I recommend to download this app as not much ads and graphics are pretty good and controls are better..
This game was good but i need to wait so long for the song to be played. It downloaded the data very slowly and stop in the middle.
I didn't like it,in the ad it said ya could choose your favorite music,but no, it's all spam,you can just play with the musics you unlock in the game. So I think they shouldn't put that ad,right?
This game is really good But it should be more accurate and attracted and the graphic that it can improve Because its graphics are not as shown in the ad shown in you So this game should have more improvements
Ok first of all the graphics are bad as a blasted rat. Its to small and its small don't know why but it sounds like flamingos singing (YouTuber)
I love this game if you want a music game i recomed too try this game for two days and see if you like it
So sorry I would have rate you more than that but you see the thing is that the song is sticking which made it song hurifing. For the rating I spelt out the word song .Two letters in each star . I try to make it short you guys but I have to say all the things wrong with the game so you should not make a mistake 😵😵😵
This game is a game to have fun and relax⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ just get this pls 😊 U will not live without it 💯% true 😜
This game is good and when I play a sad song the ball follow the beats..Musicians will understand what I'm talking about I mean the ball follows the song's tempo that's why you guys think the ball didn't matched the song..But one thing I don't understand sometimes I play a song the key would go higher and I don't like it a bit..It was my fav songs but the key suddenly went higher..
It's a fantastic game with songs and different colour balls also collecting diamonds i really like it
Tiles hop is a great game but there are a few difficulties, no.1 there isn't the raining tacos Song. No.2 every time I have tried to get on to the app on my Samsung ipad it wont work pls fix dis pleeeeeeeeaaase !
I like this game buuuuttt!! Its take time to record your song that,'s why I rated this app 4 ,I hope you fix it jix you own my a soda
This is a very fun and you can like try to figure out like different music and stuff like that but I wish it would have less ads like you don't die you haven't had an ad and well yeah
I really like the game because there are too much of songs there are international also. Best experience
This game is awesome I get to listen to my favorite songs while I play this game the graphics good but I wish some of the songs could be easier.
It is fun to play this game and its so intrumental I really love this game download it now for free try it it is super fun it has differrent musics and albums my brother is playing this game also we love the game its a super relaxing game it gives us thrill and its good to install vause this app is super good app for kids 7-19 its a good I know that any one loves this gaame its better than roblox its educational why it teaches you to be patient and dont always be mad .
Just simply nice ..realxing .. Ads are not invasive .. The songs are awesome .. I have tried many simalar games in this genre .. I am impressed .
The music in this is pretty good, It's also exciting, and it kinda reminds me of that one piano game. 9/10 Unique.
I haven't even played this game but they neeto know that fake playable ads. Make us not want to get ur trashy game. I've read some of the comments and geez there's like no songs no rhythm to the ball bouncing it's a really bad game that I don't want to even install. I hope ppl will put a ban on fake playable ads because their so annoying. But on the other side I spent a lot longer writing this than going back to the game I was playing
This app is good and it's way smoother than the original one but one thing I don't like is when you start to get further into the song it starts to become 3D which makes it hard to control but overall it's a good game
I love this game so much😘😘😘.I have so much fun playing it.I like the music so much it is great fun it is like when it hops it goes in different directions and which is why I like it😆😆😆
this game is amaizing game , i love music song, faded, beliver, black pink playing with fire, alone alane walker, dance monkey ect. when im bored playing EDM Rush and thank you to all of you all. thanks
This game is AWESOME! I like to challenge my sisters in this game to see who is better I always swim I have over 48 songs unlocked this game makes me happy and im happy to support you in this app if ever really needed so I'm giving you 4 stars congrats sorry that it is not 5 it's just not like the epic Games like Roblox and Minecraft just saying but congrats on your score
It was amazing experience. Really enjoyed playing the game along with amazing songs. Very unique game, color transitions and graphics are so eye catching.
I personally think this game is even better than paino tiles because it is fun and mostly you could listen to any song you want but the only problem is that it has alot of ads as in videos.
Holy Ads, way too many ads to be even called fun. Watching more ads to unlock songs. A game shouldn't have equal time between game and ads.
This game is awesome unlike all the other games I have played it's so fast to download and but you should be able to get other songs for free and not having to watch adds
Everytime i would pick a song the music would glitch out and it got to the ponit it sound like a robot and i con't understand a word of the song
Really fun, especially when playing offline (no ads). It does seem kind of sketchy, however, that a mobile game got the rights to all of these songs.