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Toddler Puzzles for Kids - Baby Learning Games App

Toddler Puzzles for Kids - Baby Learning Games App for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by Bebi Family Games: Free & Educational for toddlers located at Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Sakala tn 7-2. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Play & Learn!
Educational, simple puzzles for 2, 3, 4 year toddlers that are old. Kids love to play, but they also love to explore, discover and learn if the process is fun enough. Our baby puzzle games are all about this: colorful, intuitive games, tailored specifically for 2, 3 and 4 year kids that are old. They'll spend

Toddler puzzle games improve motor and cognitive skills, which are crucial in development of young children, while playing, toddlers learn names of various animals, fish, food and much more!

🎯 Smarter, healthier alternative to watching videos online
🎯 100+ Different objects to learn by playing puzzles
🎯 9 Categories - 9 different worlds to learn about
🎯 Child Lock - settings, purchase dialogues and external links are inaccessible for toddlers
🎯 Kid friendly controls - Playable without adult supervision
🎯 Play Offline
🎯 Ads free - No advertisments in the app

100+ Different objects to learn, in 9 categories:
πŸ±β€πŸ‰ Dinosaurs
πŸ‰ Food
πŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ Farm and domestic animals
🐯 Wild Animals
🐟 Fish & Sea World
🧸 Toys
🌼 Flowers and Plants
🐝 Bugs

About Us
Babi Family is all about kids, so we have three key principles to guide our app designs:
Kids are curious – We need to provide them with valuable content to learn and develop new knowledge and skills, thus, all our apps and games are educational.
Kids Need safety – Any environment they’re in touch with, needs safety standards that are highest. We see our apps as a playroom for millions of kids worldwide, designing them as a safe and space that is friendly one of our top priorities.
Kids always play – For them, any activity is a game, even learning process can’t be anything but fun. So we try equally hard to make our games as entertaining as they are educational.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Toddler Puzzles for Kids - Baby Learning Games App.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Toddler Puzzles for Kids - Baby Learning Games App for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
My great grandson is only 2 1/2 and these games are just a bit above his level so they challenge but do not frustrate him. I intend to get more of the same for older children as he progresses. Good job and thank you.
The game is really nice my daughter really love this game she learned a lot from this game thank you so much amd more learning games to come have a great day....
My 2 year old development has improved dramatically with this app. It's very intresting to watch him grow and leaner. But the app has far to meny add for a child
This was agreat new app for my 3year old granddaughter. She played all the free games and started again. Limited to 15 min a couple times a day. Thank you.
Great educational entertainment for my autistic year old son. He loves to play & even asks for it by name. It very easy for both of us to understand and control.
I think this is very good. It has a lot of activities for my kid to do and he really enjoys it. Its nice I could try it for free and test the waters to see if I wanted to spend money on it or not... I did. Try it for yourself and see it you kid likes the activities.
My toddler really likes this game. He calls it the duck game and we play it to pass time waiting in a restaurant or to keep him occupied in the grocery store. He loves the puzzles and I love that I don't have to constantly "fix" it for him It's one of the few I've downloaded and kept for him.
My 2 year old daughter is in love with this app. All the cute puzzles and activities keep her entertained and the best of all she is learning a lot too.
Great game to keep a toddler occupied. It's one of our favourite and my LO kerps coming back to play.
My daughter loves this app. it's really awesome too because you have the option to unlock without having to pay so we can try out all of the different options thank you.
This game is perfect for my 2.7 year old daughter. Fun colors and graphics, and games are simple and quick that she does not get bored and impatient.
My toddler looks forward to her game time. The puzzles are fun and allow her to learn about animals we don't see where we are living.
Brilliant game. My 21 month old loves it and its helped massively with her learning shapes and to use her tablet. Excellent.
Very good game for my 2 year old, helpful to learn shapes and colours as well as various animals. Helps with hand eye coordination alot. Would recommend to anyone with a small child
My daughter loves the games. Nice color and voice, too! Already have few games in the gadget but this app she easily remembers.
Very fun and helpful with identifying shapes. My kid always asks for my phone to play! And they've gotten much better with their shapes!
My toddler loves this app. He loves to pop the "boons" (balloons). He is just under two and the games are perfect for his age. Engaging but not too difficult.
My daughter has fun playing this game, and gets excited to show me she can do it on her own (2.5 yrs). Definitely a great game for toddlers!
Good game 2year old enjoys puzzles. Would be great if they said the colour of the ballons or counted them. Other than my son loves it
My 3 year old loves this app. His favorite is the underwater creatures. He enjoys the puzzles and is great for the small motor skills
Great for little learners! My 3 years old is taken with this app it's taught him about sizes, colours, shapes etc and the different puzzles are really good fun. I totally recommend this app
App is buggy. After 5 minutes of play puzzles just start overlapping each other making it unplayable. Having purchased the full game I'm not a happy camper :(
It's a good game plus educational too...kids love this alot and also this app does not have any advertisement.. thanks for it
Granddaughter loves playing the games! A great way to introduce the little ones to different experiences and to the world of technology - a few minutes at a time.
My toddler absolutely loves the games from this company. She can easily follow along and learn all kinds of things!
Best best best game for toddlers.. My baby girl really learn all the stuff of this game .. love it well done
My grandson loves this and plays all the time. The only thing I don't like is the adverts. But overall a great game for little ones.
Good for toddler. Colorful and attractive. They can learn about animals. I like this game for my child.
Great app for little ones, easy to use for them. My 2 year old loves playing this & unlocking new parts of th puzzles.
This is what we are looking for. Great application for our baby and toddler. All in one, easy to play, perfect picture and color.
The coloring part needs to be fixed immediately. It's pretty much like a bug and I need to exit to home screen whenever I see it.
My daughter loves these games. Their easy to navigate, very instructional and educational. Designed with children in mind!!! Thank you to the company who produced them.
My 2 year old enjoys this. It's fairly basic in terms of educational teaching. But it describes the pictures shown, and has some eye/hand/finger dexterity training. you can get more out of it by playing along with your child and describing things in more detail.
My 3 year old grandsons absolutely love this game! Lots of variety and so captivating. Both boys find the game easy to use and will spend ages playing it. Would definitely recommend.
Really simple for my 2 yr old on long car rides. Puzzle pieces go into place even if it's not perfectly aligned which avoids frustration
This game is great for my 3.5 year old. It makes him think and is just the right amount of challenge. Four stars because there was a glitch that happened with the vehicles where the puzzles didn't clear and the new vehicles puzzles kept stacking on top of the old ones (impossible to see the current puzzle). Fixed it by closing out and opening again.
This app is brilliant for my daughter who has special needs and in lock down meaning no day center . She is 27 and loves it . Thank you 😊
I downloaded this game for my toddler as bcz of covid he is not able to attend the play school, this game is helping him a lot in identifying the fruits, veggies and animals. Awesome app for kids πŸ™‚
My 2.5 year old loves these games and even knows how to open it on her tablet by herself. She also knows how to skip and back out of puzzles. I'm giving it 4 stars because there is a lot of stuff you have to pay to unlock and I hear "content is locked" so many times from her hitting locked games
My one and a half year old granddaughter has been playing what I called part 1 since she was about 6 months old. She loves it and loves to be on it. I just got this version for her and she is blowing right through it which is completely awesome considering like I said she's only 18 months old. Thank you
This game is great for those long car rides or just a moment to step away and your child be entertained.
The games are fun and educational. My 3yr old luvs the graphics and being able to play different games.
my Grandson loves these games, they are excellent for teaching shapes, colours and fruits/vegetables, he also loves to pop the balloons when completing a task. The graphics are also extremely well done.
Great puzzle app! Lots of learning: teaching of shapes, animals, colors, different modes of transportation, and gradually increases how challenging each puzzle is. Very delightful puzzle app for little ones.
Downloaded this game for my 2 year old. She loves it and is able to complete most with little assistance.
My toddler loves the app, he repeatedly ask to play the games. Its very easy for him to navigate between the puzzles as well.
Very well made. What I like about it is how well thought the development is it. For example, if the toddler makes a mistake it or not getting it, the app gives very thoughtful hints. The puzzles are also intelligent in the way they are made, for example if the toddler is trying to color an area but not exactly reaching it with his/her finger, the app is smart enough to allow that area to be colored after a few failed attempts so the child can move on.
It's very nice for kids, for learning. I think the only problem is because they are lock for to long, children can't wait that long.
My 2 yr old loves this app, and some of their other ones. Loads fine, doesn't seem to be any glitches. Nothing inappropriate πŸ™‚
My son loves this game. Additionally, he's learning in the process. However, there is a glitch that happens when long pressing the screen. Some animations stay between segments instead of going away like intended causing the screen to become extra busy with everything.
My almost 3 year old is obsessed with this game! He loves it. It has variety and balloons to pop, so he doesn't get bored.
My 2 year old loves this game, she loves popping the balloons between stages and has even mastered the back button. More often that not she struggles or gets stuck in games locked/advertising loops or end up on the store page being asked for my password and stresses her out or upsets her a bit as she doesn't understand, but not on this game! Its great for the very little ones, trustworthy, and someone has clearly studied carefully the way they interact and keep it stress free for them. 10/10!!!!
Paid for the additional games but their all the same?! Am I missing something all the games are the same colour in different things just different topics, so my little one got bored very quickly.
My toddler loves and wants to play this game everyday. He loves it. Easy for him to understand and play/ learn on his own but also fun to play with him.
This is a great game for my 3 year old. She loves the games and popping the ballons. She does get bored with it quickly because of repetition but always asks to play.
Amazing app! Very eyes catching because of the illustration. My son enjoys conpleting the puzzles. At the same time, they get to learn the names of the items. What i love about it is thqt they have alot of different categories.
This is an amazing app! My daughter loves it. Very helpful for toddlers that are starting to explore more things. Love the graphics and very colorful that my daughter wants to play all the time.
It's a great game my son loves to play and because of it he has learned very quickly how to use puzzles this is a great and educational game
My daughter loves this game and shes only 2! Perfect for keeping her on the potty while shes in training!
Perfect for my 2 year old daughter... I recommend this game to kids with multiple sibs.. she enjoys the balloons you pop
My 2 year old loves this game, but sometimes it does glitch and the cars dont go away from previous rounds.
I look after my grandson 3 days a week, he is only 20 months old but these games keep him occupied for hours & he knows how to use them! Very educational
I like the graphics + a lot of simple games to choose from. Working from home can be a challenge, but this game certainly helps to entertain our little one while learning something too.
My son just turned 3 and loves putting the puzzles together and popping balloons ☺️ keeps his attention and helps him learn shapes.
3 year old loves it and the fact ads aren't popping up every second is great as well as being able to unlock everything by writing a review, thanks
My toddler absolutely loves doing all the different puzzles. It gives them a great idea with matching animals and shapes. Wonderful app for 2 and 3 year olds
Dont know why our review isnt here but its a great app easy to learn and mater my 20 month old grandson loves it
My one year old has used this app and develop problem solving skills. Actual puzzles are easy for her.
Very easy for my 2 and a half year old to follow by their example. Game controls are simple but still fun for a toddler.
My son loves this, I have seen him develop recognising colours shapes and definitely seen his cognitive skills improve.
This is brilliant! This would keep my little boy entertained for ages if I left him with it. He's learning colours, shapes, animals and more. Its also helping with his hand eye coordination. This is the best app I've found for him.
My grand daughter is 2 and she loves to play these games on my tablet. She is learning shapes and colors.
I babysit a w year old, and she really loves these puzzles. They are simple, not too complicated, but fun. She is able to follow it really well. Thank you!
Wonderful. Lets toddlers think and learn to say colors, names and identify objects by their shape. Gives the the option of coloring the animals and solving puzzles. It is definitely recommendable.
Games are fun and my two year old requests this game a lot but there seems to be glitches, sometimes the animal doesnt appear at all and other times the colouring in wont work
My 2 year old loves this selection of games and picked them up quickly. Learning is good when they dont know they are. And in lockdown (uk) they are crucial for his development.
The game is simple and easy to navigate yet still challenges my little to think. I have an 11 month old. It's bright and colourful and very attractive.
Fun for my 2-3 year old. Only docked a star because all the games aren't unlocked right away. This caused a couple meltdowns. We've had this for over a month and just got a notice saying if I wrote a review we could unlock all of the games for free. But it's a good game.
My son absolutely loves this game! Virtually ad free. I love that I don't have to hover to be sure he is on task instead trying to buy something. I would highly recommend this game!
My 3 year old loves these puzzles. They look great, are educational and keep her engaged long enough for me to have a hot cup of tea!
My autistic toddler loves these puzzles! Star off because the game glitches frequently. It is easily fixed, but still annoying.
My daughter is 4 and loves playing this game. I love that there are no adverts or pop ups to confuse her.
Brilliant app for toddlers. My 2yo has had lots of fun and has come on bounds with naming the objects on screen
Exceptionally good interactive experience. Allowing toddlers to learn hand dexterity and coordination. The game allows toddlers to engage with certain characters, enabling them to think independently. I definitely think it is worthwhile downloading as it will keep your little one happy and active.
My kids love this game! Knocked a star because after a while the puzzles glitch but seem to fix if you close and reopen.
This is one the best toddler games I've come across. It's add free, engaging, entertaining and educating at the same time.
My 3 year old lives this game its a shame she can't access all the games without having to pay for them
This app is great for toddlers! There are many different puzzles and different styles of puzzle. My two-year-old figured them all out with just a little coaching. My only complaint is it gets buggy sometimes. Sometimes the puzzles don't end correctly, so you can't do the next puzzle without closing the app completely. But most of them time it's great for me to get a few minutes of peace, and I don't feel as guilty about this screen time.
My 18 month old loves this game! Simple and colorful, comfortably paced for her age and she learns as she goes about different animals and mimicks the sounds they make. Great app, doesnt freeze on her.
My two year old enjoys tapping the animals and popping the ballons. Still is trying to get the concept but nevertheless is enjoying it.
A hit with our young one and great to talk through to help with language as well and the coordination and recognition.
Great game for toddlers and those learning motor skills. Best part is that there are no ads for your kids to get into. Great little game.
My almost 2 year old loves this. It uses their critical thinking skills, putting together the puzzles. But it's simple enough that a toddler can figure out what needs to be done. We played it together the first couple times and after that he was able to play it on his own. My only problem is sometimes it's a little buggy and doesn't load correctly.
My 2 year old loves the puzzles. She's gonna love it when they unlock in a minute by writing this review.
My 5yr old is hooked on these puzzles. She gets so excited every time she solves them. Very fun and easy for her to operate on her own.
I'm writing this review to unlock things. The app isn't really free most of the things are locked and you have to pay to unlock them.
My little girl loves this game!! Keeps her entertained and allows me time to get some things done! I love that they have different puzzles to mix it up a little. Thanks for developing a great app for my little one!
Been great for my 2 year old grandson he enjoys it so much its been his potty training experience πŸ˜„that's what we used it for and he has learned so much πŸ˜€
Great toddler app! No extra ad clicks for accidental toddler fingers. Easy flow for my toddler too from puzzle to puzzle.
Easy and interactive game,my kids can do without any assistance and enjoying. More Useful for small kids who are yet not part of formal schooling.variation of content help kids learn a lot about environment.Game can be improved by providing by adding difficulty levels like more options for matching or more cut pieces. Instead of sticking to wait period for opening of next levels, level can be opened on reward basis as well.So that sharp kids need not to wait longer.Yet I feel app is best for kid
2 year old niece loves this game and holds her attention. Good graphics, sounds and vibrant colours. There was a glitch however when the previous picture overlapped onto the next picture and the app had to be restarted to resolve.
My son loves this puzzle game. It actually kept his interest for quite awhile, and kept his patience, which he never does. He usually gets frustrated and gives up doing puzzles but this one he kept playing with
Easiest enough for my 2 year old, but still challenging enough to keep her interested. I wish they had more free games though. It only starts out with a few and you have to purchase the rest.
Brilliant game my 2 year old loves and can understand to play by himself keeps him entertained for ages! Love that there's no ads and all games can be unlocked
My daughter enjoy playing all these kind of games. But at least could slightly more of them for free.
Very good game for toddlers. It helps to understand the shapes and colors and various animals to kids.
Terrible, just terrible! There are a multitude of characters on the screen that won't go away. You can't play any of the other games because you can't see what's going on. Worst $ ever spent on an app.
This apps is great for my little one as she learns while playing. Looking forward for more categories.
I got this version after having the first baby games of this set my daughter who is 3 nearly 4 has showed me so much how this game is helping her education an learning i would strongly advise this game an if u wait long enough without paying for levels it lets u unlock free for a trade lol
My boy is 2 1/2 yrs old. I really enjoy the way he applauds himself for his own accomplishments . The learning games gives confidence in the app. Your app has made me a proud father. Thank you .
This set of games keeps my 2 yr old entertained with multiple games that teach him shapes, colors and many other things.
This game is so incredible my son loves it😊😊this game really let him learn a lot of words aswell
the game is very educational, but the games have some issues like the food, may be include food groups...
My 2yo grandson really loves these. I was very happy to see dinos unlocked. It's great that the back button is not so easy to maneuver so he doesn't inadvertently get out of what he's playing.
My 2 and a half year old loves these games. I dont feel as bad about screen time as I feel they are educational. Also bonus for no ads
3 year old son loves this! I like letting him play games where you can learn to solve problems and have fun
I love this game for my 3 year old. He loves all the variety of animals, dinosaurs, ect. that he can choose from.
My 2 year old little girl is obsessed with this game! Such a fun colourful but simple game for toddlers to play. Keeps her quiet for 10 minutes :) Super dooper.
My baby 3 years old and she likes this game a lot. It is a very educational game for kids 2-3 years old. I lot of fun for them and for parents.
Wow, this puzzle games are amazing! My son loves it! The music, the colours, the choice of puzzles are just great!
Wonderful game for the toddlers. My daughter loves it and likes to enjoy while playing it and learning new things. Great app .
It keeps my kid entertained. She's been asking for it when installed. A good way to keep her occupied, but not overly challenging. For reference, my child is 2.5
Downloaded this to keep my toddler quiet at an event. Worked great. Only downside are buttons to unlock content for a price. Not sure if there are child safeguards on those.
I bought my daughter this entire app on a different phone. I downloaded it to this phone ans tried to get the redeem code and it wont send one to the email. I want to give a better rating since she loves it. I just cant buy it again.
My daughter loves to play with this game because it is super friendly to use and no annoying ads. It also offers free unlock with only write review on playstore. Thank you
My four year old loves it. As a parent I wish the puzzles differed as we open more rooms. They are all basically the same.
Very limited types of play (very repetitive). Toddler gets disinterested very quickly. Not as good as other games Made by the developer.
My 2 year old enjoys the coloring of different stuffs on this app for kids. She always ask me to play with it. Very good activity for a learning toddler.
My two year old is obsessed with these games, they are easy for her to do and there is lots of variety. It is definity helling her dexterity.
Enjoyable and a little too simple for my 5 year old. Would be nice if all the games were available upon install.
My daughter could play this game for hours. I love how easy it is to navigate and that she can't just buy things because its needs a pin to continue
My 2 year old loves this!! This has taught him shapes colors letters matching like shapes and like colors it's a great app!
My daughter and I love this game so much as it builds and develop my daughter's skill and interest for puzzles.
Bebi Family keeps impressing with its range of apps for toddlers. This one is an amalgamation of previous apps, but the perpetual method of the puzzles keeps the little one busy for hours at a time.
Liked it, if only there would be an option to change languages, I'd love my little one to get to know Russian for instance with this game
My son loves this game!! It's simple to navigate, eye-catching, educational, and has tons of puzzles to work with!! This keeps my son entertained and happy! 😁😊
The game is enjoyable for the toddlers although my son finds it quite frustrating and gets very upset he can't play the other games that are locked.
Good variety of toddler puzzles. Keeps my daughter busy enough to drink my coffee while its hot, most of the time.
Amazing jigsaws for little ones, my daughter enjoys the puzzles they are very reactive and immersive, plus they teach the names of the animals! lots of other games on the site too, teaching quick thinking and logic too, well made app with no bugs, and no annoying music! thanks.
My kid doesn't like all the locks..and he doesn't understand that it's locked..so it either forces you to buy some games or look elsewhere
My 2 year old daughter really loves this app. The games are cancelled n and she can easily understand the instructions. I'd recommend this app for anyone wanting to let their toddler learn in a fun interactive way.
Nice simple game for many of my younger students to work on language skills, and exciting enough to keep them motivated/interested. Love that there is an interactive component to these games without there being too much going on - many games are overly distracting due to extra sounds and images onstantly flying by, but this game sticks to bright colors, cute (not annoying) sounds, and fun pictures to keep kids engaged.
My 2 yr okd kid enjoys it alot . Games are long and dosent have a ton of ads which make him upset in Other apps ive tried in the past
Toddler loves this app and it is great for development. He loves sitting down with mammy and daddy to do it with us. Would definitely recommend this app.
My daughter absolutely loves this game. It teaches her about different animals, vehicles etc and helps with her dexterity and eye coordination skills.
Easy to set up and most enjoyable for the little ones to play. The games are easy to play, colorful, and clearly the developers gave a great deal of thought as to keeping the children entertained all while learning with each game. As a parent, I highly recommend letting your little ones try this game. Toddler puzzles for kids - Baby Learning Games App has afforded my child hours of entertainment and lots of fun while learning. I look forward to seeing more games just like these in the future
It's mostly just coloring and dragging shapes. I'm very happy it doesn't have any adverts. i was hoping something geared to "toddlers" would be more challenging or educational. I prefer the other versions made by this comoany that have matching and letters and math skills. This is good for a lazy day coloring though.
this is a brilliant learning app and has kept my 3 year old grandson entertained. it has been a great exercise for his brain and he is flying through the puzzles. he can even change them to 30pieces himself with no problems. i highy recommend this app
If you want your child to be independent and creative trust this game with them. Am so shocked how my child who is just two years is able difference between colours and do simple puzzle on his on
My 2 y.o. daughter loves these games. They're skills building and I would give it 5 stars of it didn't lock up fairly often on android devices. It's not hard to find with a game restart, but a little annoying.
Good game for toodler. But maybe its need to be more variatif, so toodler not feel boored to playing this game. Thanks
Such cute, educational games. My son and I very much have been enjoying these games. Wish they could all come unlocked.
My toddler wants to play this game everyday. He loves it. Easy for him to understand and play/ learn on his own but also fun to play with him.
Very cool visuals and rich interactive game for toddlers. Very few free choices though, offers different type of games.
I downloaded all the options for my 1.5 baby. Its okay for yhe most part the only problem that i have is the coloring part. Its so detailed that you actually have to color the smallest part even i had to press multiple time just to hit that cherry stalk on coloring. My baby just gets upset and changes to other learning game. And the puzzles are pretty repetitive on my opinion.
good quality graphics , beautiful and colorful games that are simple enough for toddlers with a user -friendly interface.
My kiddo really enjoys all these games. She is 3 and they are simple enough for her to do on her own. Plus if you write a review, they unlock the rest of the games for free :)
My 19 month old grandson likes the puzzles and the balloon pop. It's easy enough for him to choose which one he wants to do and to back out of it when he's done. Good app. Do come across an occasional bug.
My 2 year old has been playing and LOVING these games! They are very user friendly for her and engaging for her to play and replay. Well Done!! Looking forward to more from these apps.
My 2 and 3 year old both really like playing thIs game! The graphics and music are both tolerable too.
Simple for a tot. My 3 year old loves to pop the balloons and is able to learn her shapes. Not too bad of an app and I have yet to see a pop up ad.
Little educational fun games like matching colors and shape and even a little math. My daughter enjoys playing.
Great! My daughter absolutely loves this game! She does wish more was free. But the option to write a review to unlock everything is a great feature too! It keeps my daughter entertained everytime she wants to use it!
great app for my preschooler. She and my kindergartner love it so much. I would definitely recommend this app
My 2 years old kid loves this app soo much.it is fun and enjoyable game for her.As a mother I recommend this game for all the kids
The game is wonderful but it does have a few glitches which makes you have to shut it off and restart it. Otherwise I'd give it stars
This has been one of the best games we downloaded for my grand daughter. It keeps her interested for a long time.
My toddler loves this game!! Its educational plus fun! Teaches them colors, shape matching and cognitive skills. Must have game for toddlers
Edited this review after been found out that its free...but in time...but its still free soo I've re rate it to 5 stars ^_^ Good job guys!
This is often a matching game more than a puzzle. Also the shapes are hard to see clearly. My toddler didnt like it much, got bored quickly.
Great. Keeps my 2 year old daughter entertained for hours as she works on her motor skills and memory
Great app! My 2 year old loves it and it keeps his attention for longer than any other app we've tried!
My 2 year old loves this! I'm amazed how easily she picked up all the games. Great games actually, some unlock after a few days. There's some protections to prevent your child from buying access to none free games.
My 2 year old loves this app the only problem we have is sometimes the puzzle piece freezes but we just reset an she's happy again :)
This is really a good app for kids to get involved and play all the games. Love to concept of learning new things in daily basis. They enjoy every game. It's good to activate them with different forms of animals pattern.
Love it! My 2 1/2 year old loves it! He cant get enough it's his go to game keeps him going for hours!
Amazing app for toddlers. My son learn and recognize animals, vegetables, fruits etc. He also learn to solve the puzzle. THUMBS UP πŸ‘
My toddler loves playing on here. The characters and animations are appealing and it has helped develop her hand and eye coordination even further. The games are fun and challenging and the balloon popping is a firm favourite!
This is very nice game. My Son loves this app very much. Great Learning Experience for my son. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Awesome I love that you can unlock all the levels by writing a review. My daughter was so happy as she really wanted the locked levels. Thank you!
The game makes kids understand shapes colours vehicles & types of animals. Options are very simple and easy to understand, best educational game for kids, best to recommend...
2 year old niece loves this game and holds their attention. Good graphics, sounds and vibrant colours. There was a glitch however when the previous picture overlapped onto the next picture and the had app had to be restarted to resolve.
My 3 yr old gets angry that there's only 3 insects quick puzzles to click on and the rest are locked. Should have more unlocked. Not as fun as other games
Its perfect for my daughters.. they love it soo much and it helps them learn at the same time!! Highly recommended!
My son really likes this puzzle game some are fairly simple and other are a bit more complicated making him think about what needs done. Over all a pretty cute and fun app for him.
My toddler loves this app. Took away a star because it occassionally glitches and we have to shut down and reopen. Let's see how the unlocked version works.
Such a good little game for my little 20 month old, she absolutely loves it, learning shapes and colours and animals
Awesome game! It definitely keeps my toddler entertained for a while. This is his go to app. The best part: NO Ads/commercials!
Good but could be better. Since same pattern is repeated in all the world, it get boring after playing for few days.
Very educational. Two year old has a lot of fun with all the games and puzzles. Teaches colors, counting, memory...lots of learning fun for toddlers!
Toddler seems to love it but not alot there so hoping with everything unlocked it will keep her busy for more rheb a few minutes!
Our 3yr old grandson loves these games. Easy for him to play, he has lots of choices, and reinforces following directions with math, alphabet, and colors.
It is not just a puzzle game. There are "levels" that have you color in pictures, tap to color, and other things that my 2 year old has had trouble figuring out exactly how to complete. Overall he enjoys it, but does have a hard time with the switching of objectives so quickly.
My niece enjoys playing the games! Perfect for improving her motor skills and bonding too! Couldn't recommend this app more!
My 18 month old grandson loves this app. So simple and keeps him entertained when you have that little job that needs to be done. He Loves to tell me the animal noises and growl at the dinosaurs. Totally recommend.
This app works well. My son just turned 2 and he loves these games! They have really helped him with learning his colors, matching, and shapes. This app has been awesome!!
My 2 year old loves all of the different types of puzzles. I like that she can figure them out on her own which helps grow her problem solving skills.
This is the best toddler game and so much fun loving activities through which babies can learn so many things at home.
Love this app for my 3 year old, there's so many puzzle that keeps him busy, and they are very educational.
my 3 year old brother super love this game. it helps him be more active and participative in learing using this app. He can play while at the same time learn.
Awesome!!! My kid really likes it and enjoys all the puzzles. We are extremely happy because finally could find a useful app for our son. I wish I could have given more than 5 stars to it.
My son likes it. He learns fast and it's nice because there's a lot of options to choose from. Their other app is nice too, very good for toddlers learning
We loved the game, as soon as I paid for the full version the it started acting up. There is a pig that stays in the center of the screen and blocks the picture you are trying to work on. Please fix
This app is amazing for my 1 year old. He has great fun while playing each game and it has been great for his speech and counting.
Once one item has been completed. When moving to next item, it doesnt allow to continue. Not frozen but doesnt let one carry out the activity.
This app is great for my two year old who Is begining to learn more shapes/colours and objects through playing and learning how to direct them selves round the app. Also keep them occupied for ages
It's simple, easy, colourful game that can attract child between 2-4 years old. My boy like the game very much.
My son loves this app, it does glitch quite a bit, but we just close and reopen it and the issue is fixed.
Have been looking at a game for my 2+ toddler that she can do on her own, have fun and develop some sort of understand. This game did just that. I let her play 5-10min every other day and she enjoys it very much as its leveled at her ability standard.
Great educational games for my mini one! He loves them! (he's been enjoying well before 2 years). Bebi family are the go-to apps in this house!
My daughter is two and really enjoys most of the games. Some are to easy, but she skips those. Overall good experience.
My 2yr old really enjoys it and keeps her entertained whilst learning. Great for hand eye coordination, imaginative play and cognitive development.
Not educational. Mindless scribbling. Doesn't name any of the animals. Nice sounds and colorful. Don't expect your kid to get any relevant information by playing this game.
My 3 yr old on the spectrum loves this app! He plays with it everyday. The puzzles are challenging for most his age.
Keeps crashing and no jigsaw pieces appear just a shadow. Very frustrating also when it download it doesn't appear on my tablet i have to keep searching it on the play store and when i find it...it says open so it's downloaded but can't find it on the tablet. A shame because it's a good game when working
My toddler LOVES this game! Sometimes there's a hiccup with the graphics but other than that, it's great!
My two and a half granddaughter loves this. She can swipe easily pieces into place and gets excited when she completes a puzzle and gets to pop balloons.