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Top video downloader

Top video downloader for PC and MAC

Is a Music And Audio game developed by Smart App Home located at TQ. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Sexual Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Top video downloader is the greatest and movie downloader that is easiest software to download and save videos from net social network.
Easily download videos and songs right on the internet onto your unit. All formats tend to be supported. 100% free!
Video downloader automobile detects movies, you can install them with just one simply click. The powerful download supervisor lets you pause and resume packages, install within the history and download several files during the time this is certainly same. Preview the video very first, fast download and play it offline.
Top movie downloader allows you to browse your news feed and your friends/pages wall space to select the movie you need to grab and save your self them.
And You'll be able to later view it and share it with your friends.

* Include grab manager to pause, resume and remove downloads
* help quick install with public video url or Browse videos because of the built-in browser
* Support search video clip with any keyword
* Play videos offline with the integral player
* Support many forms of data: Mp3, Mp4, m4a, mov, avi, flv, m4v ...
* Auto detect videos and quickly download
* install several files during the same time
* Download videos when you look at the background
* Resume failed downloads
* Split large file and High download speed
* Check the progress in the download bar
* HD,2k,4k video grab supported
* huge file download supported
* install video, music and movie file
* Watch movies in offline mode

How to Use This Video Downloader
* Browse website with all the built-in browser
* The application will automatically detect videos
* Tap the grab button
* Choose which video clip you intend to download
* complete! Open install file if you need!

Install today! it's an easy video clip downloader.
This video downloader app help you movie that is install just one mouse click. Love movie grab with this video clip this is certainly free app.
Try now & install video clip to your android device.

Permission required:
- Network - to browse and download files
- study and write sdcard - to save your installed data to SD card

* This software is certainly not connected to or recommended by Facebook official network.
* Any unauthorized activities (re-uploading or downloading of contents) and/or violations of intellectual home liberties is the responsibility that is only of individual.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Top video downloader.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Top video downloader for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
The application is great and easy to use. The problem is after a while, it fails to download and writes 'unknown error.' At that point you are better off to delete and re-download the app. Otherwise, its a great app.
The reason why this app quit working is because youtube no longer allows any permanent downloading into any computer anywhere so now all you can do is watch with internet connection only. Why youtube has to be nastyabout it I don't know, not everyone has a internet connection to use all day.
I purchased the Pro version before, the app was good. But when I was about to download this morning, the app just keeps on loading when I entered a link to download. Then I went to play store to see if my app needs to be updated. But I saw "install" instead of "update" even if I already have the app. So I have two apps of this, but the previous one is not working now so I deleted it. I tried to restore my pro version using the newly installed app but it says I didn't purchase before.
It's awesome I love this it's very nice we can download YouTube video's in our mobile storage......we can download movies, music , etc etc.......
I absolutely love this app like it is so usefull it's just really awesome this is ACTUALLY THE FIRST one that works really happy with this I'm here to update this and thought about editing my review....that's it bye(rated 5 satrs) Edit: my phone got reset and this app got uninstalled then when I reinsatlled it it's not working anymore..
It's good but may contain adds too. Still, some videos have problems on downloading. Even it is like that, I'm fine with it as long as i can find whatever i can :)
Awesome, outstanding I don't have words to explain.πŸ‘πŸ‘ But after some time there is no YouTube options
I rated this app 5 star today and it starts to work badly..Why does it says unknown error try again and even If I do it doesn't work like after getting 5 star they show their real face
Had to uninstall and redownload because it kept saying "Unknown error. Try again later." Other than that, this app is great. This has happened constantly and I really don't appreciate it. Taking the star down to 3.
I guess whoever developed this app just fix the unknown error be advised the app is working again and is working wonderfully keep up the excellent work
I like it. In answer to Corey Moore who was disappointed after update. I had the same challenge. I however uninstalled it. When the need arose I was tempted to re-instal. Lo & behold it works real well except that it has the disadvantage of having to see ad before you can actually download.
Even after I upgraded it.. It still can download.. Not like other app that claim can download video but after ugraded it.. It's crash.
This is great! I use this a lot when I want to download sound affects or songs for my gacha life mini movies that I use on Kinemaster!πŸ˜πŸ‘
Great app, I love it and it helps me so much. Though it occasionally stops working and won't let me download things, but overrall great app.
Amazing app...Sometimes it shows unknown error but when you clear the recent apps and open this app again your video will download...loved this app
There is no option to select video quality. Also, since now, many ads distrub during play of videos. Hence I can give only 03 star.
Lot of troubles for downloading videos... nowadays I can't able to download any videos.. very poor ..
I have been having a blast and I am a very happy consumer using this product it'd be amazing if they would update it and add new features to it I would pay an additional Buck for an added feature or an updated version thank you for the developers of this application I can use my YouTube videos and save it to my phone instantly although sometimes there is like a A Frame data pixelated issue sometimes but overall it's an amazing application
First time using it and I'm a teacher, sometimes I need videos for my kids and this immediately worked and downloaded all my content.❀️ The ads suck but as long as my videos are downloaded I'll deal with them
This App is realy awsome. But in the past few weeks - i've been finding it very dificult to download. So I had to uninstall the App. But I later, for some reasons, decided to re-download and install; then noticed the issue regarding dificulty with downloading has been resolved. Thanks, Dear Developer for bringing back the joy.
Simply doesn't work. On opening app, message says 'no Internet connection' when I have a full connection. Unusable.
Whenever I want to download a video, it says "Unknown Error". I don't know why it's saying that, I have good internet connection, I just don't know why it won't let me download it.
this app is very useful i've been using for a long time but there's a bug where it tells to check the internet connection well normally its just gonna say it one times and after that its working again but this time it just spams it even if the data is on can you guys fix this issue please. thankyou fix it!!!!!!!! please
I would love to give this a 5 star but there is just a problem. I tried to download an opening and it said "unkown error please try again." I cleaned up all my storage and it was still there. No matter how much I tried to do it again. Please fix this,there us nothing wrong with my phone it just says that all over again.
This app is nice but my main aim was. To download YouTube videos and we can download but after some videos an error cam and now it if not fixing I am not able to download YouTube videos or music tap please I request you to look into this matter and fix it πŸ™‚ I hope you will
It is good for YouTube video downloader but it does not give quality option to download. Only in the name of trial it gives and then it ask for payment to download in High quality. This should not be there please work on it. But if we will reinstall the app before any download then we can download in High quality 😊.
The top half of the screen was stuck on "loading adds". Even after 5 restarts. The bottom half had 6 buttons. I couldn't change the output folder and there were no other settings. The Quick Download said "your link is invalid" (not true). All it would allow me to do was upgrade to the pro version or log onto Facebook. No thanks.
This app is amazing you can actually download things online and plus when you uninstall it all of your videos might be deleted but i like the parts when they're you can download a lot of videos but they can get all piled up
This is a really helpful app, if you want to be a professinal Youtuber or something you can try this out! I never ran into any problems while downloading videos or audio.
Download videos are not clear. When download, videos are very hazy πŸ˜• Do something about this problem
I love itπŸ‘πŸ» I would give this app,5 stars but I gave 3 because there's one thing I don't like about this app and the thing is,you said its all free for any quality but it costs money to download the high quality one like 720p or 1080pπŸ€§πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’
I'm facing trouble. When I try to download something, "unknown error try again later". Shows this thing. Please solve this matter.
It's very simple and good. You doesn't need to be premium for downloading videos (just watch some ads and that's it!). The video quality is good too. And you cantik download the audio only. In conclusion, this app is amazing.
No it's not fixed ,i nedded to reinstall the app lot of times cz of the errors ,but it's the only app that can properly install music and that
Great app. The only problem is that when i want to download a video i need to watch an AD which is pretty annoying. I get it, you get money but ITS TOO MUCH. This is probably the only app that can download youtube videos so im not gonna delete it but please LET US DOWNLOAD VIDEOS WITHOUT WATCHING AN AD.
The application was good, It was working perfectly well at the initial time but became useless within the month of July. Each time I want to download, it will bring out unknown error, try again later. I hope Google will fix the problem soon.
It's working almost is good for YouTube but the problem is that sometimes work or sometime not but most of the times it doesn't work .... Whenever it works then it's tooooo good but after that it again stop working.....
It's very easy to use.its connected with youtube and whatever you search or watch, it is shown on youtube. I will give you the steps- Step -1click on the video or search the video and tap on it. Step-2click on the down red arrow ⬇️on the right bottom side of the screen and a menu appears select the secont option and watch an add and the video gets downloaded Step-3:be Happy The reason I am giving 5 is that it's very amazing. Be happy with your video.But you can only download15 videos in this app
This app is God sent,its usefulness to me cannot be expressed by mere rating in this play store,All what You need can be downloaded, play it at any time you feel like at your own comfortability and shared to your family and friends.This APP is exremely useful,i love it with my whole heart,pls download it and have beautiful experience of digital life. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
It's very good app. The thing is that you can install only music, not video... But I love that I can install all the voices in youtubeβ™₯️β™₯️🎈
I use it to download copyright free content. Very easy to use app to download YouTube audio. I haven't tried other options but so far so good.
Very good, comes highly recommended. Normal quality downloads are free. Higher quality downloads are cheap. Seems like you can download what you want.
I love this app. I have downloaded many videos and movies from YouTube and even full music albums. It would be great if you could add a special feature to protect the videos from being deleted by accident. It has happened to me and then the name of the video that i deleted by accident, does not appear. It would be fabulous if you could do something about it.
it worked well but after some days I couldn't download videos because of adds. I uninstalled this and now I'm re installing. because I like this app
I have never seen like this application.. More beneficial for student. Fast , easy to use, and more batter than others video downloader. I love πŸ’ž this application 😻😍😍
This is the best video downlader app i ever had. I can download youtube videos and watch them offline. I dont have internet at home but thanks to this app, i can still watch youtube. Thanks a lot app.
If you're looking for a video downloader to download videos off YouTube this is not the one anymore they changed it so you have to copy the URL that's annoying
I'm growing frustrated, as the videos are downloading to my gallery but are saying that they were downloads on a different date than they actually were. For example, I downloaded a video today but it says it was downloaded on 21st September. I have recently gotten a new phone, but I haven't experienced this issue with the photos or any videos not downloaded form this app. It has even classed some videos as downloaded in 2019. It changes the order of viewing in my gallery. Fix this issue, please!
This is a nice app but if it is free download is will be easy for us to download also but it is a nice app. In this app we can download audio and video separately It so good this app is very nice
I bought pro-version because I was able to download videos on YouTube from this app, but after the latest update I can't download videos from YouTube now. It's no use anymore, I've wasted money just for this. I'm not using your app anymore, I'm very disappointed now here. πŸ˜”
Every now & then it just stop downloading the file and even in lock screen it doesn't support file downloading i have to restart the download with lot of problem.....if you have to download a file more than 1 GB this app will take almost 1 hour no matter how good you internet connection is and worst app
At least have the video download at 480p instead of 360p. 360p is chincy with the paid version I believe it's 1080p. If I'm going to purchase something I at least want to see how good the quality is instead of this low quality garbage. I don't like logging into websites through the app.
This app is pretty amazing, all you need is a link for a video or song and it could be done in an instant. I use this to download music that I like to listen to.
The reason I gave 2 stars is that it downloads videos in 720p but after some days it says that error can't download video and when I try to download in 1080p it does not don load it says download failed
Great I can download any thing I want.but i have give here 4 star because some videos cannot be downloaded by this app may be not by another app.you can fix it or not your wish.the videos are not that important.thats why I give it 4 star. Best of luck.
Fantastic! Lovely!! Thanks for upgrading- Bless u. I've tried a lot to me, this stands out though unknown error at points- still useful
I really love this app! The downloads are very easy to make :D You have to watch adds sometimes, but that's OK for the quality you get there
This is the best app I've found for downloading favourite videos from YouTube and many others apps. YouTube updated their app recently and downloading was impossible for a short while. Then Top Video guys updated this app and everything downloaded perfectly again! I'm delighted. Thank you!
This app is very usefull to me . Very easy to use. everything is very good and easy to use . I think this is the best video dawnloader. I dawnlood many video dawnloader and they are very difficult to us but this app is very easy to use. Evryone should dawnload this app. I will happy to say that a big thanks to the makers for making this best app named ( Top video dawnloader)
Very great app. No single complications at all and downloads the videos very fast. It can also download any video in any app. I'm loving it.❀️❀️
I have enjoyed using this App, will not give excuses but the app is working perfectly, yesterday it stopped downloading that you are still fixing youtube error.
Used to be great, but now suddenly after reinstalling, it seems to no longer support downloading from YouTube, which was the entire purpose of this app for me and why I paid for premium. Considering asking for a refund now unless this original feature is added back in.
This app was awesome, until the latest update... Now I can't download YouTube videos, even if I add the link manually... Being able to download YouTube was what made the app special. I almost bought the pro version for that reason. Glad I didn't before they updated it or I'd be pissed! IF you bring back YouTube downloads, I'll buy the pro version. Until then I'm uninstalling this app, as I have no need for it other than that.
Love this app. Works brilliantly since the recent error which prevented certain video downloads was fixed! πŸ‘
Almost It's working is good for YouTube but the problem is that sometimes it work or sometime not but most of the times it doesn't work .... Whenever it works then it's tooooo good but after that it again stop working.....
It is the best video mp4 downloading app I have ever installed..... It is toooo good ... The video gets downloaded so quickly and is superb ..... Just love it 😍❀️
I constantly received "Unknown Error" when I tried to use the app which I paid for and got the "Pro" version. At first it worked GREAT! But, the errors I have been getting at every attempt to use it made it impossible . I uninstalled hoping that a re-install would fix the problem. No luck. ☹ NOW I no longer have the "PRO" version and still all the errors. I need the CODE that you offer in app in order to get the pro version I paid for back. Hoping for a fix soon! Please & thank you. *Waits*
Wonderful experience. Quite functional. I love it. But recently after update, we are required to paste url. That is cumbersome. Something should be done about that. The previous version was ok. Thanks for the listening ear! I am with you all the way. Keep it up
I like downloading with it,its easy and fun no more comments...nakakasura kase di ko man lang magamit yung video downloader, music lang yung nagana
I've bought premiums but why youTube download doesn't work??? try uninstall you re-download even if it doesn't work. very disappointed. I lose my premium rm17.
I downloaded the app and it worked better for some days but then it stopped downloading from youtube morever it does not open at all now everytime I open the app it shows connection problem while I have no connection problem at all.
I can't restore my Pro version. This will be the THIRD time where I get forced to pay for a Pro version after the app update. Not cool. If I'm honest I love this app when it's working but forcing people to repay again and again is not good business practice and disappointing.
This is wonderful app , I like it . Video is so clear and easily downloading the video. Thanks for this app .
U have to watch ad, before u can download. All and all the app works great, I give it 4 stars because of the ad.
I perchase a preioum version. But cant,t be able to download any of video. And no help line. Wehre to contact for rceeive a code. What demand there. So thtas why giving one star. Other once i have full excess. Then can chang this what situation going on
It's very easy to use.its connected with youtube and whatever you search or watch, it is shown on youtube. I will give you the steps- Step -1click on the video or search the video and tap on it. Step-2click on the down red arrow ⬇️on the right bottom side of the screen and a menu appears select the secont option and watch an add and the video gets downloaded Step-3:be Happy The reason I am giving 5 is that it's very amazing. Be happy with your video.
I wish i could rate it 5 stars...cause when i download something it will say try again later....then i tried again after 2 hours...then it says try again later.....dont worry its not that bad...its a good app but sometimes it dosent work. Great app
it really worked!but my problem is sometimes it said unknown error but its okay atleast i can download some music and video
It was the best video downloader I've ever downloaded before there was an error.Hope you fix it as soon as possible
Wonderful experience. Quite functional. I love it. But recently after update, we are required to paste url. That is cumbersome. Something should be done about that. The previous version was ok.
this app is very useful i've been using for a long time but there's a bug where it tells to check the internet connection well normally its just gonna say it one times and after that its working again but this time it just spams it even if the data is on can you guys fix this issue please. thankyou
Awesome applicatio very fast downloading from youtube but seems like after a month you have to re download again fot it will be recordig error
I like it , it's the best so far, the only but in it are the ads you have to watch before downloading any video
Thanks very much developer I have been searching for an app like this one long time, Now my problem is solved. Like it much it works very well , it can download you tube videos πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘†
The whole reason I loved this app was because you could download youtube videos... Now all you can do is download Facebook videos even if I use the quick video downloader it says my link is invalid I only liked this app because you could download youtube videos but if you bring back the option to download youtube videos I might buy the pro and give it a five star but for now it's a 1 star
This app was absolutely fantastic and served all its purposes for the first few months of me using it, now whenever I go to download something it just says 'error try again later' this has been happening for weeks now and no matter how long I wait nothing downloads. This was an incredible app but now it's practically useless, and I truly hate to say that because of how much it helped me originally. I have nothing against this app, I just wish it would work again as it was great before.
Great app for downloading Facebook and YouTube videos. I've used this for about a year with no issues.
There is an option to download but after the ad of 5-10 seconds nothing happens. Waited for 20+mins and nothing is available in the output folder and hence nothing in my gallery also.. therefore, wastage of time.
Marvelous. If I can download from YouTube and Facebook that's all I want. Plus I can convert YouTube video into MP4. It's perfect for me
Wonderful app. Just that it works awhile then malfunctions, you just have to redownload when that happens
it's still broken after updating it nothing change it always says check your internet connection fix it!!!!!!! please
it was a very good video and music downloader, at first, now i see what's the problem, we can't download from youtube anymore, that was sad and frustrating, you'll find out if you uninstall this app and then install it again..
Oh my god this app is so simple to download and use.one of the most helpful apps ever used , I was in need to download some videos from YT but none of the apps permitted but this app helps me to download from various applications it's very fast and easy
I have gone through many apps to download videos and every app i gone through disappointed mee always...this was awesome...such a great app...felt satisfied....thanks 4 d app....😊
I do last ve this app but now all its showingme is error. Would definitely give a 5 star if this error thing goes away. Please fix this problem as this is my favourite app for my downloads and music.