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Topping - likes, followers for Instagram and VK

Topping - likes, followers for Instagram and VK for PC and MAC

Is a Social game developed by AppsTime.RU located at Lenina st, 11. The game is suitable for Parental guidance (Parental Guidance Recommended) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Topping is a brand app that is new creators of "LikeMe" and "iLike".
Use Smart search to our HASHTAGS to improve your account popularity! :)

Key benefits:
- no bots, only real users
- likes
- followers
- fines (!)
- single account over many social networks
- (yeah, finally! :) ) single balance between social networks
- shared settings

Many of our users wrote us for a long time and asked for many features, we listen for all of you and created new service - Topping!

Topping - is a platform, which is stands "above" social networks, when you login to your Google account, you can choose(and switch) between social networks "inside" your Google account.

It means that now you can earn the points in one network that is social spend it in another(cool, yeah? :)), for now there's no necessary to ask our support to transfer your points from one app to another like it was with "iLike" and "LikeMe".

The same with your purchases and settings: when you turn off Ads - it will be turned off for all networks that are social when you make a purchase - you can spend the points everywhere!

For any questions you can write us to [email protected]

1. This app is not affiliated with Instagram©®™ official.
2. Any reposting that is unauthorized of and/or violations of Intellectual property rights is the sole responsibility of the user.
3. No liability is assumed for errors or omissions in the contents thereof. This is not an application that is official we do not have nothing to do with Instagram©®™.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Topping - likes, followers for Instagram and VK.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Topping - likes, followers for Instagram and VK for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Im rating this 4 star bc of how long you need to wait to follow or like some ones post but overall its great...
First 1 hour it was working but after 1 hour when I followed someone it was showing error and then I've waited for 3 days then I followed someone again it was showing the same. So please fix it as soon as possible Then I'll give u a good ratings
This aap is very good I give 4star ⭐⭐⭐⭐. It working is very and gain my Instagram followers . thanks you for this aap
It's really awesome i love this app than its really helpful for me than this app increase my Instagram followers thank you so much i love this app
This app is a very best way for increasing our Instagram before using this app I have 320 after using this app i have 30.5I I am sure it is a great app
This app us very good but it is only for 2 hours or more then it was saying again and again errror feedback required please fix it but this app is very nice if it eroor was fixed..
I always find error whenever i to score more points please fix it and sometimes when i just get started the error sign comes fix those glitch
I have reinstalled this app 10-15 times but It keeps on showing error. I have tried to log out also but it shows error. Please fix this problem.
The app was working very well... Now now when i try to like or follow someone it shows that "Error feedback required" Please try something on it
It's a very nice app but there is a problem of error feedback.. It's showing ERROR:ERROR FEEDBACK REQUIRED
My experience about this APPLICATION is very much impressive and I love this app and much opportunity to increase points
It worked at least. But I disklike how it forces you to make feedback. After all it's nice and works well
This is very good app but if there is no error feedback required I will suggest all of you please try it ones it works 100✓
It is a nice app and I like it only one thing is not good. While using app sometimes its showing that error feedback required. But I like the app I like it it is a amazing app
It's a very good app.....I'm enjoying and very happy..........bt a problem that it show error...good app
Very good application but it should also have a feature to invite other friends or referral code system.For myself it's best app because it does not drop any followers but drops likes🙄,so...
It was best app for Instagram to making the followers and likes but it has some problem the ask for feedback
Nice app ... I use within a one month and I gain more than 300 followers by this app🤗 😊 download this app and enjoy
It is nice app but that take 14s to come an new post there is no addd I like this app some time error saying in the screen. Plzz solve this
Its awesome but error feedback is continously irritating me. Please fix it otherwise this app is useless
It's Quite a good app but sometimes even if I give it review it says "error_feedback required" it's very annoying. Please fix this. Otherwise the app is completely fine.
Actually a very good app for followers on instagram loved it 4 bcoz of waiting fo 15 to 20 seconds on each like and follow
Nice app but after 1 day it shows error and ask to give feedback please solve this and yeah the points also charges higher than before.
I'll gave this app only one star because after of 2hours it saying that feedback required feedback required
This app is so good but followers become decreasing nd i already give feedback but they asking for feedback again nd again nd some error...
Sometimes even though I give reviews, the app still says "error_feedback required". Otherwise the app is good. Please fix this.
showed error. At first it was working very well but after an hour. i reinstall it but nothing happened
This app is very nice to gain followers but after some days the followers get reducing... And really every day or having the gap of 2 3 days daily update comes.. And when we want to gain likes we need only 15 points to gain 5 likes and for followers we need 35 points to gain only 5 followers that's not fair.. I suggest that the amount of points should be same whether it is in likes or followers.. If you can then please give a option on comments.. Thank you and must download this app.. 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️
Good app most trusted app I have used it but only problem is it shows error thats why i am giving 4 stars
Worst app ever... whenever i tried to follow someone it shows error: feedback required...after giving feedback nothing happens...it still shows error
After somtimes of usage and giving feedback it starts showing"errror_feedback required".please fix this
First 3 hours it was working but when I started using it again then it shows feedback required 😶 that's why I m giving you 2 stars
Super application for good morning my name logo and reader to view the document I to chukha you come to bare up for Facebook today.
Such a great appp all you can download but there is a problem that it requires feedback again and again
The app is fine! Its not so good, not so bad as well. It requires feedback after u use it for like 1-2 time . Also its easy to use its not hard. I liked it!
This is one of the most useful app for social media lover. We can also make our own standard by using this app but I see there is one problem with this app tha earn points is that problem I must refer to watch video instead of following other if not then earn points must be increased by 15 or 20 in each follow. Hello please solve the problems of required feedback as soon as possible!!!!!
Not showing task after two days of usage, just buffering but not getting any tasks from the past 2 days.
this app os really very nice it gives us like and followers and we can give like and followers to others also but one problem is that many times it says error and it wants the feed back to get likes and followers over an all this app os very good
I would like to rate this app only on 4 stars cuz the user who has given us like or followed us after sometimes they take back the like and unfollow us.
Please solve error problem in points earning please solve. After 3-4 days this app not work properly .this app only buffering right now.
Best app for gaining followers and likes Please download this app it's very helpful and also a useful app love it very much.
Really nice app, Helped me get Instagram followers, but this error keeps showing, that should be worked on.
good app but sometimes it says that feedback required.... what does it mean... i don't understand..... by the nice app 5 star given help me now i am having issues
Iam not satisfied with this ap this ap was great when it was old plzz developer's do this ap like old version that version was great
Very nice 👍😊 and increase my likes and followers day by day I like it app. And it's really work. I like it very much 😊😊😉 and much followers are increasing day by day and I like it very much you also download and see how it's work😍😍
This is better app for Instagram I like this app but when get follows that will decrease Their showing errors
#Sometimes some problems occured plz slove this problem in updates sometimes feedback is always needed
this is best app i ever found but one problem is that after sometimes when we earn points till 600- 700 then its doesn't works
I used this app nearly for a week . But after somedays that is from last 3 days it is showing only looking for task and i didn't get any task too. So creator please suggest a solution to me
Overall this app satisfice all needs of a user but sometimes this app might be a headache for user, that is this app need to be more stable and all the bugs should be removed/ debugged.
It is actually very good app to gain likes and followers i really loved it, but after a while..it showing error. do something..
its great app the only problem is that it have limited likes, For eg: it had error response, it need to be fixed
Not that much satisfied me. Sometimes this app is not working but if we uninstall it and then install it then it will work.
#Sometimes some problems occured plz slove this problem in updates sometimes feedback is always needed. all working good but feedback is how much time required
Nice app but it is coming always error plz give feedback I am giving feed back so many times always it is coming
worst app ever...it was just superv,but only for 2days after log in...then it shows error again and again....i have re-installed it soo many times...used different accounts,also used VPN but it did not work...and i am not the only person who is facing this problem,many of my freinds are also have the same problem with this app... i just want to say to the creators "stupid manage your app properly at first,then launch it on any platform"🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼
It's work but after just 1 or 2hrs they show ERROR: error feedback_required I don't know what that mean that's why I'm giving 2 stars hope you slove that problem
I login through Insta id but after sometime it is showing account has been disabled. I could not open my insta id on Instagram. Topping is just ruining our ID.
It's although a good app but sometimes it dosent work and the same problem occurs everytime when we login we need to finish login every time whenever we do login and this the main problem I do face several times 😑hope u will solve it as soon as possible
It's good but video we can try only 3 times and give feedback first otherwise u can get point and follower unfollow you and take like back and not that much bad it's average
This app is good, and it's worth, But there is a problem when you follow people and take heart in their post 15-30 times you get this error, but it's worth it
Wowww it really works and you can earn a lot of followers in no time using this app but it shows error : feedback required some time so that's a weird thing
At first I thought that this isnt goona work but when I tried this app it works so perfectly I'm so shocked... love this app keep making this kind of apps. And lemme me tell u guys this isnt fake it actually works just try it
This aap is sooo good and safe i have used it and it gives fastest service bt there is ptoblem of time when we follow or like someone it takes minimum 18 to 20 sec after that this ap is good in every thing
Good app for gaining Followers and likes though their is some issues ✓ Asking for feedback again and again ✓ Sometimes hang the device 🤷 ✓ Out of 100 about 20_30 Followers unfollow each day Pls solve these issues overall a good app
It really works & I'm very happy with that but still in version 0.8 it's showing error try again.. & It keeps refreshing & doesn't show anything after using for 1 day...but when I changed the account it again started working I don't know what is it Just fix this... otherwise A Great app
It was working fine then started showing error messages 🙄please increase point so that it can be easy to get 10k followers it's useless to get 30 followers
It's easy to use and it's gives the followers or like quickly but now it's showing, ERROR: error send feedback👹
It is very good app , I really appreciate it but the problem with it is that after 2-3 days it returns an error: feedback required. Solve it as possible..
It's a very good app I used it for 2 days and it has better experience than other applications. So I give it 5 stars
Liked this app but after some time it tells error need feedback idk what to do please solve the problem....after all this is a nice and working app....
A good app foe getting follower but some time it not working in a proper way the app want feedback for getting new point fix this error
A good app foe getting follower but some time it not working in a proper way the app want feedback for getting new point fix this error awesome app
Works fine for some time, then later it gives you an error : error feedback required. Even if you come here and put your feedback the error never goes so it's good for short term like for 15-20 likes or followers after that it's not of any use.
I give 3 star for this app❤️. Very helpful app for increasing number of followers & likes.😍😍😍. I said it's best app compare to others app. But after 1 or 2 days it's not work at all.😠😨🥺.
Worst app i saw .. every log in .. app only buffer buffer. . Same problem every time . I uninstall this worst app
First 2 hour it was working but after that when i followed someone it was showing error: feedback_required and i given the feedback also but it was showing same error. So please fix it as soon as possible.
Feedback required problem😡😡 and Instagram account block😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
It is a nice app. But one thing money earning method was too time taking process. And one thing it's a nice app
It was working well for 1 day but after that I cannot follow or like anyone for earning points . It is showing error . Pls fix it
It is best in world . Easy to use . Not need to much work . Very. Ice app at all . Super duper app . Owner is worlds most talented person .
Good app I love it Because you have to work for a minute and get likes and followers without paying money. But 1 problem is error
Please fix the error problem it shows again and again. When I got 10 point it show error again and again I several times reinstall and logout but the problem is not firx
Good! I like it a lot. But sometimes even if I rate this app, it says "error_feedback required" and these few days I've noticed something. When I tap the ad button to watch ads and gain coins, it doesn't show ads and give coins. Please fix this.
I am very much happy because it is working. But it has some problem like sometimes it again and again shows error. Try again. But still I am so much happy. And now it is showing one more problem that it requires a feed back but I have already given feedback.
It is very nice app... I have been used this app for last 3 to 4 months , it is very amazing... I have easily earn the points and I have order the likes and the followers.... 💖💖💖💖💖 I have easily got the likes and the followers on my Instagram profile 👌👌👌👌👌 I wish every person use this app minimum once a time 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
App is not working now it used to work but now tasks don't load and it is useless to me now so please fix it
Its really amazing app..but improve this error feedback required.. please.. I've already given feed back then also it doesn't allow me to collect coin's
Very good app nice and very helpful . And the problem is every it ask for feedback even i have given so here is my feedback
It's very nice app. But the followers unfollow you soon. And it is always showing errors. But overall it's very good app to increase likes and followers.
Sometimes even I give feedback,the app still say error:-feedback required otherwise the app is good Please fix this🥀
Very very very bad i gained for two days and it is saying that the app has stopped my followers are just reducing everyday like 20_30 plz fix that bug
it was very amazing aap but after 2 hours this aap showing again and again feed back requires so please work on this problem
Very good app it helps to get the followers and likes in nano seconds but the error problem is not solved yet
This app is fabulous but after 2 days the followers own by using this app is disappearing 👎, Error also required 😤.
Everything is awesome in this app just one error that came to me and is not going is error feedback required pls fix this issue rest every thing is awesome❤❤❤❤❤❤
My experience is very good and the Constitution play is very good night and getting chicken dinner with the family 👪 and getting 😀
It is a nice app and I like it only one thing is not good. While using app sometimes its showing that error feedback required. But I like the app
Plz everybody dont waste your time . This app cant load tasks today on 9 january it is only showing circle loading ..but cannot show tasks Plz solve this problem
Yes,I add count on current task and after 2-3 hr when i cant get any follower I try the other way,deleting the task and create it again, But unfortunately both method not working.
Nice app collect coins and increase your likes and follower...but after sometime it gives error feedback....but great app
The app is fine! Its not so good, not so bad as well. It requires feedback after u use it for like 1-2 time . Also its easy to use its not hard. And the error problem modt specially 🙄 please please fix it!
I am using it from a while now but some irritating surfacess like *error totally is good if you use it contineusly it will creat some error surfece so use it with taking break.
....Topping - Likes, Followers For Instagram And VK APK is a Social Apps on Android. We provide version 0.19, the latest version that has been optimized for different devices. You can choose the Topping APK version that suits your phone, tablet, TV. We support all Android devices such as Samsung, Google, Huawei, Sony, Vivo, Motorola. Selecting the correct version will make the Topping app work better, faster, use less battery power. You can experience the version for other devices running on
Its not working every time i log in insta is sending otp and after confinrming insta profile is opening and after going back or closing app the login page is coming and it going on and on i am not able to use the features of app
This is a very good app but here's problem error feedback_required Idont know how to fix it nd I'm jst afraid of this as this is now happening with everytime...
Its an good app to increase our followers and likes but also it decreases a little but over all its an nice app.
Its a great app I recommend it although there is a problem, it doesn't work after a while because of feedback, it would be great if you fixed it
Not working after some time, error as feedback required is showing, fake app totally. Just working for first time.
I think that it take too much time to earn the credits you must work on it but it's great you all must use this app once.....
It was just amazing but only for 2 bays after login.....then it shows error again and again🙁🙁...I have re-installed so many times.... used different account also but it didn't work but this app is very nice
The is good but after 2-3days the app showing error occurred so login with a new account.. this app is not bad...
This is the best app concept getting likes and followers on Instagram.But this app has so many bugs. Like if we create point more than 300 then the app freezes and we can do nothing if we clear the data and restart with the same account it will not work. To make it work again we must choose a different Google account and start from the beginning.There is a trick to get more points. Don't use follow option will get your account blocked very fast,use like option.Developers please fix these bugs
Is a very good application. Fruits increase further in 2 hours. Wow brother is Ausam working, works perfectly. Very good fun by using this application.
In starting it worked osm but now it is not at all working it is showing as error feedback required, so I gave it 2 stars not satisfied
The app is working good💯 but i wish my id not get ban🥺😌guys if you get some error just exit it and make a another fake id then try it you can grow your follower and like again.......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very nice app to get more followers and likes Do not download any other app just download Topping app and get followers
There's a problem on earning points...after using this app three four times it shows error sign while liking and following other accounts...after that the app itself closed...after all i reinstall it again and again but it shows the same error sign...it really sucks...!please do something guys..!
This is the best app concept. Getting likes and followers on instagram on instagram but this app has so many bugs like if. we create point. More than 300 Then the the. App freezes and we can do nothing if we clean the data and restart with the same account it
I would have given it 5 stars but the fact that you can't follow or like others when when there is this feedback error is really disturbing
Very nice 👍😊 and increase my likes and followers day by day I like it app. And it's really work. I like it very much 😊😊😉
Not working properly just showing one thing :- ERROR:- give us feedback I uninstall the application and then agin install but still problem is there whats the solution
Most of the apps are just fake but topping prove that barking dogs seldom bites idiom wrong, this app really works and an excellent result is given to me I love this app
Why the followers drop? Why it shows "error try again"? Why it doesn't gives likes and take the points? If these problems are fixed then this will a excellent application but for now one of the under constructed application on google play store or anywhere!
This app is good BUT pls stop the "error : feedback_required" bcs it's really annoying to guve feedback when you don't want to
Good but not so much after some time it stop working and need feedback but no option yo give feedback from any where.
Really bad for this time it's asking OTP every time very disgusting me !!! but it's loading so much time really irritating and another one error problem . Pls fix this bugs other wise this ise wonderful ✅ I will give 5 🌟 when u will fix this bugs and reply me what u have done 👍
It's a good for gain followers on Instagram but there is Feedback problem it working for sometime and then there is error and we can not follow person on this ap
I would highly recommend to use this app. It's very helpful. It gives followers instantly. U just have to earn and send followers. The best part of this app is that it allows to send followers in other's account, and we can add likes and followers collected smiley together. And it also allows to send followers went we just have 35 smiley. It's the real, instant,and best Instagram followers app. Hury up download and enjoy.🥳😊
It's work for 3,4 hrs after that it's show some error after giving feed back also then also show error