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Toss'em all!

Toss'em all! for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Bright Geeks located at AA-177 Shalimar Bagh. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Toss 'em all is a free ring that is casual game. It's also a fun game to pass the time! It is exciting and it relieves boredom.

Toss 'em all is fun and the best ring Toss ever! Toss 'em all USES a scene that simulates a circus that is real allowing users to get a feel for a happy time at the circus.

If you like to Toss rings or other games that are throwing you will like to Toss 'em all.
Toss 'em All is a fun and addictive casual game.

【 How to play 】
-Control the ring with your dominant finger.
-Aim for your reward
-Throw the ring.
-Throw the ring at the bottle and let go.

【 Function 】
-- Rewards.
Easy control with one button.
Beautiful graphics and animation.
-- Addictive games.
The terrible time killer game.

Toss 'em all offers different kinds of rewards. Just like in a circus game, the more you Toss, the more prizes you get. Toss 'em all and show your true strength.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Toss'em all!.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Toss'em all! for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
It's like ads with a bit of game. It won't give you anything but false hope and tons of ads. Don't waste your time downloading and playing this game.
This is fake.. I am so excited to get my iPhone because I completely the puzzle of I phone and I wait this for 11 days and this not deliver.. Bad app I waste my wifi load for watching the all ads to win a iPhone but I dint receive it.
I like this game so much I am earning so much money but I am not getting it nor the iPhone the vedios the showed that people are getting reall money and iPhone but I didn't get any thing πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
Enjoying game until it stopped working when you try throwing the rings they just drop too floor,there is no guide line too guide you too the table.
Its literally takibg a long time to get 200 whenver youre near to 200 the money youll keep getting keeps getting lower and lower and the bottle one isnt any bettwe cuz they wont let you get the last bottle so you wont get it, god- another rigged game please fix this.
Bad game, the puzzle is 9/10 but not 10/10, my game level is 580, so I think it's a fake game. If a puzzle matches then I will give 5 stars, I promised. And if I don't get more than 133 cash, then how can I understand this is a real game.
Fake as all the other money apps I played until now. No cash out and puzzles get stuck at 9.9/10 so you wont get any prize as well. All these deceiving fake games made in the same way dont know why they even release such games just to fool people and stealing their time!
All i am getting nw for reward as coins and no money in any levels.. i reached level 650+.. i really dnt understand what the hell u guys were showing in that ad.. one man carrying huge amt of money.. won iphone.. etc etc.. this is taking to the hell.. getting frustrated.. everything and everyone did this game is fraud.. you knw wat, people like me y playing these games.. expecting like atleast some amount to get. So that we could clear some debits. I started playing this game thinking like only
I hate almost the games you get from puppy town, ring toss and toss em all they just have a lot of ads. So who is with me!
Mf developer Wast of time I am playing last 20 days for I phone to get. One piece of that puzzle I am not getting Leave of the phone what about another products y can't I get. U r all fake as other app i well make YouTube video on ur apps and another fake app wast of time u r making and when we reach 190 rs dollar u we give each round 0.01/0.09 like that amount when I well get 200 dollar to collect. I well post this on Facebook, Instagram all social media
I played alot of levels and got to 9.9/10 puzzle pieces only to find out it's only for us users so any Canadain's playing it stop play it I feel it's fake and misleading
I do everything just to get all the lucky pieces. I but no change.. I watch hundred of adds still nothing happen. Then the money price become .03 cents to 1cent πŸ˜”
The game is nice but the materials we are getting so late but it will be also ok we only need the prizes please πŸ™πŸ™ don't ignore us because we all are playing your game and one more thing I don't have a nice phone it was only 1.8gb so please and the game was awesome from that I always use to play this game and like this other games also we never thought that we will get like this kind of offers so I request you to please send materials so I can take a new phone with the help and thanks again to
This app is trash😀😀.I spend 1 hour To get 100 dollar and when i started reach lvl.19 it started giving me less money and most of the lvls dont include money too and when they gave it they give like 0.11$ what a i gonna fo with that small amout.Do not dowlode this app if you dowlode it then delete it bec this app is more worse then trash😠😠😠
This game is rubbish πŸ—‘ πŸ˜’ i hate it that stupid game people put on advertising, its making people think yuo get alot of money. People are complaining πŸ™„
This game is completely a flawed which makes everyone attract with the prizes but they just cheat in every spin it shop at iPhone and puzzles r of other products ..... complete a spam 😑😑😑😑guys don't waste your time in this game
I just downloaded this game to leave my comment. I saw an ad about this game saying you can win 2 million dollars a week. These apps that promise you free money are messing with you to download their games. You want money? Get a job. There is no such thing as free money
Fun and i pray that i have not 5 starts to another scam as Theres been a glitch once i .hit 80 the adds needed to continue getting coinage to get money from the game please can fix this asap as I have a addiction!!
Nice game i dont think if they realy gave the reward after playing the game !!! But this game is good
This is fun. But when you get close to winning a prize, it don't let you win. Thats the only bad part. If you want people to play, you got to let them win something. Thank you.
hi this game is super good but I have one problem that is. In this game you said we can get prizes but in the the level 58 the games is saying unfortunately this game has stopped. And I have one more problem? That is When I got 8.5i phone puzzles but after that many puzzles accept that you people are not giving the IPhone puzzles. Everything is alright with game I just have this 2 problems Please recheck it And fix these two problems
Expired game. If you check the rules it clearly mentioned there about the validate date (sep till oct 2020).
This game is good . But the fortune bottle are waste of time i have all bottle but you are refusing to put pink can .don't like that. In starting you give 1 puzzle . But as we go ahead in level you only give 0.1 that's not fair. First sovle my these problem . Then i will give 5 star to this game
Fake games horrible terrible games i got 9.9/10 pieces of puzzle but whenever i go to wheel of fortune after watching e ads it always skip. Then when sky drop present you need watch again but after you done watch e ads you still can't get last pieces one you choose 2 out 4 after you watch ads you still can't get e last pieces. Almost all e time you throw hoop you never get e last even watch e ads somemore almost after you watched e ads that no prize at all. I won't recommend.
This game is the worst.....It doesn't even deserve one star........ I have 9/10 puzzle 19/20 puzzle and I'm not getting anymore pieces to redeem the prize and I also got 30+ of every bottle except one....
Dropped my opinion on this game. Just like before you get up high on your numbers to were you only need a few for prizes and all it gives you is coins coins and more coins. B.S.
Sometimes it takes forever to get the line to aim and fire to work. You have to get $200 to be able to cash out, BUT after you hit $50 the only money you get is all under a dollar!!! Don't bother to download this app!!! It's a waste of time!!!
I think it's fake It says 100% chances of winning then I open the box and then it's says oops loading fail😠😑😠😑😠😑feel very angry now please fix it I want to play this game and win big prizes Begging u fix it
I'm currently level 150 but I noticed that as soon a I reached lvl 90 all I'm earning is a few cents and when I collect nine of the 10 pieces for as reward suddenly they stop appearing and only giving for the pieces that needs like 20. If you guys don't want to give the prizes, you shouldn't offer it at all.
Rampravesh Kumarrating loads of fun while others may find it going I find it challenging and fun it is like being at the carnival in playing the games only you don't get a goldfish in a bowl that dies in 3 days no matter how well you care for it and you don't get ripped
😭😭🀧🀧I got (9.9/10) from IPHONE 11 PRO.🀧🀧😭😭 Isa na lang yung kulang complte na yung puzzel. At may (iphone 11 pro) sa πŸ“±BUBBLE PUZZEL. More than 10x i played ads (no skip) still iphone CAN'T get to complete the task.🀧😭🀧. ONE puzzle Left. Ayaw talagang e-get yung sang natitirang kulang sa puzzel.. 🀧🀧😭😭🀧🀧🀧I want 2 get the puzel left in bubble puz. So i may now complte my GIFT (IPHONE 11 PRO) πŸ“± πŸ˜­πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ€§πŸ€§πŸ˜­πŸ€§πŸ“±πŸ“±πŸ€§πŸ˜­πŸ€§
Everything look fun at first but slowly the darkness came all the ads popping up I'm ok but slowly showing ads that not healthy and this kind of game should be fun for kids 3-6 years old but due to the ads I dun think should kids really be playing
The game is fun and it charling you so you have to think about your next moving so you can go higher up in the game. Also you can win cash by playing it. Thank You for this game.
A total waste of time, It's better to just watch YouTube if you want ads....but even YouTube has less, this game is an absolute waste of time 0% Legitimacy...and why do I have to wait so long😭 just to log in, only to be greeted by an adπŸ˜“..... It's either this is fixed or stop giving people false hope... Definitely Not recommended
Super game but cash is coming so slowly so please change this one when I download this game I was thinking every game was fake but after playing this game I feel better but in the first day they gave 2or1dollar but after they reduce this amount
Was having a good time. ...as soon as I reach over $100 and the amount to redeem iphone nearly over.,the whole app won't open up. ..really frustrating. ...if it's not a fake game please fix it up
It is good but when u have higher numbers on it ot takes about 2to3 months to get your data back DON'T DOWNLOAD IT OR U WILL WASTE YOUR DATA,TIME AND STORAGE. Plus when u have 9.0/10 it won't let you get the the last piece
This is really an awesome app... Though you need to be patient for redemption of your rewards.... And I'm a bit bothered by a bunch of ads.
Disappointing i just need one more to get the phone but it refuses to give it. if you'll dont want us to win just say so and take the game off playstore. Dont keep people hopes up when this game fake.
Honestly...ive spent my whole december download all kind of paypal games and ive done cashout 2600usd combination of all games...BUT... all was fake.. nothing in my paypal wallet.. now i just treat this as a game of fun.. cant trust anymore.. i play all because i lost my job.. my boss shut his sho and i dont have extra money.. which means ive put a hope on paypal games.. unluckily..theres nothing.. i still havent pay my rental room..
This game is full of s*** when you get a certain amount of money it'll slow down extremely fast and then the items that you're trying to get when you get nine but almost 10 for each item it is it will just stop giving it to you this game is a waste of time no one should play this game I only play this game but it's my job to see what games to play and recommend to people and luckily my YouTube and everybody in social media is going to know all the f****** fake games out there
Very very good app. Hope i can win prizes and withdraw cash on it, thanks to the creator or owner of this game this a big help to those who has no work in this pandemic situation...
This game would be worth 5 stars if the developer would reply to the emails you send to them, in the past 7 days ive had 3 high PayPal payments vanish only to have to restart, I've had a processing payment to your PayPal account in 29 minutes for it not to arrive. It appears to be a scam all these alleged wins and payments, I've been sent gifts from others but not been able to accept them as there is no link. Re geeks, I've contacted many times via email they don't respond hence my public post
Great i had a dun time and got Real money wow i have never actually gotten real money like this app is not fake you just need paypal for it to work!
I can't play the game because there's a ring that is hung up on the corner of the table.....I skipped to see if that would fix it....it doesn't.....and the small winnings is very small....and the rings are hard to use...they don't let you be able to aim at all..
Dont bother wasting your time with this app or any other app like it they are all con artists you'll never get any money or iPhone or anything you win I've been waiting months still nothing there's always a problem with your PayPal yet noone else has a problem paying in every single money app is a con please don't bother your better off with 888 or 777 aleast they let you get what you win but they don't con you into watching apps so they get payed every app you watch you will get nothing
This is a difficult game It looks easy but isn't. Good for motor coordination. When you get a prize it is because you deserve one.
It's a fake game... After 202 level they don't gave no puzzle... I have reached 500 level win nothing.
This app is extremely creepy. I get notifications on my phone from the game but when I look at the notification It's a message of someone saying hey baby..your so pretty..you look so beautiful...messages of a sexual nature...coming from this app... I m staring to think there able to see me threw my camera be careful people...
such a waste of time.so many ads.and also when you're nearly to the withdrawal amount,it will only give you a very small amount of usd and keep you wait but at the end no chance of getting money other words such a scam..this game is just good at the beginning.their ads lies..to be honest..and about the puzzle you must complete it to redeem it.in my experience it say's there 10 is to 10 but when i completed the puzzle in one item it changed to 20 is to 20..what the hell.. zero star..
This app is fake , when it comes to give the reward the server goes down purposely. You can never get the last puzzle so don't hope just delete the game
It is a fun way to pass the time. However everytime I get the PayPal$10 card the game kicks me out and I have to start over
Very good game i hope you like this but my experience is very good and i earn money for the i phone and i like this
I love this game its really good but its my first day playing it but maybe after a day it will be bad but now I like it
What is up with your game it will say that you are close to winning iphone then when you spin it passes the iphone and I have been playing this game for months now and I am tired
Like it and it actually sent money to my PayPal so it's pretty good so if you want to buy it or no not buy it if you want to get it the app trust me it's really good
when claiming rewards ads crashes,or sometimes after the ads play when your about to get the reward its always loading.and impossible to get the minimum cash out..bunch of lies!
nice game but when you get 9 puzzels for all big price it will give you only coin puzzle which is a game currencey please fix this
You get to 9/10 or 19/20 and then the game stops giving you anything other than gold coins which are pointless in the game. Literally no use for them other than to stop you winning any prizes.
the Ads are too many and after a certain level you don't get nothing above 5 cents and also I had the IPhone puzzle up to 9/10 and after that it stops counting so I don't know if to conclude that I've just been wasting my time
It's the one of the most fake app i ever seen, because i haved played and i also have completed all coins and other too...but than also I don't get any of the think which were there as a gift.....i just dislike this game and it only and only a waste of time...its good for time pass only...now i have uninstalled it.
I think this games is great fun there's loads of adds but that's how they get there money back.been told to get rid of the game because you don't pay out Hess I'll find out fro my self
Thar game is good play.if u play for money you will not get it.because last that money is very low give.so not play guys.
Hi, this is a good game, but the prizes are very low in the game, and for one dollar, like steps one through 50, which reached one hundred dollars, but since then, up to stage 544, it has become $ 132. Then a bottle called pink pink may not be in the 550 steps in the game and this really gives a lot You advertise, then you see a kind of prize that a person gets old to win a $ 200 in the game
Boring game but playing for money I am playing this game still a month but never get anything. Boring.
This game is nice but I have just won a gucci bag and it keeps on freezing with something spining. So if amto rate this app I give it a zero
Too bad zero stars were available. Played for a while kinda of a good time killer don't expect any prizes. I got to 9.9 on prizes when you go to get the final piece it crashes or disappears and cash out is fake too bad too good to be true.
I has 9/10 puzzle pieces for the watch and was awarded 1 puzzle piece for the 7 day log in, went to collect the prize and wouldn't you know... I still had 9/10 puzzle pieces. Honestly I'm beyond annoyed right now because I played your game, followed the stupid rules and was screwed over. Also, for the pink drink not being considered rare, I have yet to get the pink can after reaching 400 levels when that is the last can I need for the bottle with a star.
Fun game but after u get a lil over $140 it keeps giving u 1cent until I get the $150. To me that's unfair
So Much Fun Already At πŸ’²90 Just Downloaded Still Waiting On My Money From My Merge Game Pending At My Bank Not Excepting Please Your Games Are Amazing Just Want To Get The Money Ya'll Say Ya'll Throwing Away.This Is A Real Money Making Game And Lot's More Games Thanks For Making Games To Make Real MoneyπŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²
Great game, loads of fun. While others may find it boring, I find it challenging and fun. It is like being at the Carnival and playing the games, only you don't get a Goldfish in a bowl that dies in 3 days, no matter how well you care for it, and you don't get ripped off. I say give a try, what have you got to lose? Nothing! So what's in it for you, some damn good prizes. Enjoy, cause I sure am!
I love it and it's awesome. But this ads are too much. The timing for the ads is too much You people should reduce the time to enable for people to download the game. Thanks
I was supposed to have one a phone and also a pair of Nikes they tell me to claim them but I can't find out where to claim them it doesn't show me anywhere so I think this is not nothing but a fake game I have asked them three or four times where to claim my prizes and they keep sending me the same thing here's where you we inclined and I press on that and it don't take me nowhere to get them so it has to be a fake game
Waste of time. You will never reach the payout amount. They keep increasing it. As far as the puzzles you will never get there. It stops giving it to you the closer you get to it. I'm soooooooo done with it. Uninstalling. Waste of storage space.
They stuck he prizes when you are near to get it, stuck with 19 out of 20 and 9 out of 10. You're controlling the game you are earning from the player by playing the ads. What can we earm from this waste?
Game has been fun until I hit $300- plus then game quit loading after update 12/11/2020 very disappointed in no payout
This is fakeee. A waste of timeee. It triggered me alot. To the owner of this app please if it is legit try to fix it. A lot of people including me wasting our time and hoping to get stuff (iphone etc). dot give us hope if it is not true.
I love this game have so much of opportunity to win and get prices that I couldn't buy it for from online not even at the store. I'm just loving it and I just started to have some fun of it. Thanks a million this helps me a lot. Here also the mailing address to reach me. New Century Insurance Services; Joseph Chan; Alhambra, CA 91801. Thank you and I really appreciate and looking forward to see the products.
I give like for sending this comment plz Dont install this I'm in 9.9/10 now I'm trying to get last piece and I spin and saw many more ads but they not provide to give last piece this is really irritating.so don't waste your time
It's fun and I play it ever day I won a phone but never received but all's good I like your game just don't need to get people s hopes up tho.
Puzzle pieces tht are "earned" are no longer being credited to me. In four of the gifts categories I have earned 9.9 out of 10 total puzzle points, but can't earn any more points. Prizes aren't prizes if they aren't paid out. They're just a conjob. A fake game.
IT IS REALLY FUN! and I don't get bored of it . You created you created a wonderful game for everyone I really enjoy the game plus awesome prizes it's very wonderful and I just want to thank you for this game I just want to say everyone should have fun with it thanks
It's ok only thing is it keeps wanted or taking me to download another app and I really don't know why? πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
After completing the puzzle, the option to redeem the prize was disabled. Its a fraud. Don't download this game and waste your time.
This is a really fun game and it gives you a bunch of options to win the prizes or money. When you first start off you can easily make about $50 but as the level go farther you get less and less money down to 5Β’ and you can't cash out until you reach $200. I'm just over $100 right now and I could pass 10 levels without even getting money and when I do it's 5Β’. All the prizes reach 9/10 and then they just sit there instead of you getting another one to win with. Waste of time.
WARNING! Cheating app is what you should call it and toss it to the bin. I saw the 100 PayPal amount. I aimed for that. When I was trying to claim it it became $200. But that's not all. At first you get to win $20. Pretty soon those prizes become only two cents per prize. And the ads would add on another to make you view more ads only to get back to view another ads again. Total con this app is.
what wrong with this game. the first it will give us a lot of money but then when the level going high and we almost at the limit to cashout the money the game start to give less money. useless. i waste my time for this thing
Depressing game...you only win virtual coins...if you win real money it's like two cents...twelve cents...then they stop the cash and only put puzzle pieces that give virtual coins....the fortune bottles are a waste of time...I have hundreds of bottles and missing just one pink can that they refuse to put...the tasks in the prize section only wi virtual coins...am missing one puzzle piece for each of all the prizes and only virtual coins come up...it's very depressing....
The problem is i've collected all the puzzle pieces for the iphone but when i finally get the very last puzzle piece the game never allows me to claim the piece doesn't even show me the piece at all it just burst into juicy drops and then nothing even when i play the video ad to recieve the piece i do not recieve it .. Although i continue to recieve notifications to claim the iphone; yet when i go to the game i can't cause its still not allowing me to claim the last puzzle piece .. So therefore
Game is very good at locking up or freezes up making you have to restart game when last puzzle piece comes up
I love this game but the daily reward doesn't work properly (an error occurred, pls try again) and on my notification it said (go claim your daily reward), when I pressed the notification it was still not there
I like the game but it will not let you get your last piece of puzzle for any item. I landed on the last piece a dozen times for a couple different prizes but it would never pay off the last piece of and puzzle for any prizes so NO it does NOT pay anything at all. Law suites for international fraud/scam will be coming soon and all these companies will be closed and will be made to pay everyone while their companies are taken away from them and possibly prison for these people running these scams
FAKE APP. It earns money by making you watch ads. You never win a penny. Like you need 10 pieces for an iphone and you never progress more than 9.9 points. Rewards are not awarded often after watching ads also. Many places one would feel one can win but you WOULD NEVER WIN. waste of time.a NEGATIVE FIVE STAR. Minimum withdraw amount is 200 and you would never make it to 200. DONT DOWNLOAD AND WASTE TIME.
Awsome. This game is very easy to pick uo but really hard to put down. The gifts they offer is very nice.
I am at $ 128.56 and it is only giving just a few cents it is going to take forever to reach the $ 200 you need to cash out. The prize ( puzzle pieces) is no better you can get 9/10 or 19/20 once you get these score you only receive the coin puzzle piece. The bottle and can ( the $245.00 prize) they will not let you get that last one then when you message them with a question they will not respond. But in the fun category I would give it a five star
At all of me prizes I've redeemed 9 out of 10 or 19 out of 20 its not letting me redeem the last one only the coins are coming, Please fix this it's starting to get Really on my nerves and annoying I'm starting to hate this game and it's not ad promising as the ad that made me wanna download this game, SO I ask you again Please fix it!I DONT WANT COINS I WANT MY PRIZES! Which is annoying cause their not letting me collect it,it's making me wanna delete it. ITS JUST HORRIBLE!
your game keeps on cheating @ $82 any amount you win will be gone and goes back to being $82!WFT!!this game is BS
Ive got 9.9 for iPhone whenever I go to furtune wheel it just skip or when it stops in an iPhone fragment it will change the prize it's very horrible they play alot of ads they got the money and we don't such an affair app it's fake don't download
Fake... Y'all had me hooked at first but it's like I have to get 100 puzzle pieces just to get a prize... Which says 10 puzzle pieces... Why I'm getting .1 puzzle pieces instead of 1 puzzle piece...😑😑
This is totally fraud when you reach 145 $ then they start to give 0.1 wvery time and another is when you get 9 out of 10 puzzle you will never get that puzzle ... Don't waste your time on this why google is not deleting this app ..
Once I worked out how to get hoop over the item it became so easier I'm earning quick cash ect to gain more wonderful things like heading to get a new iPhone Γ¨ct... wow I put of down loading this game for so long now it was the wrong move... I should've been winning bigger cash ect of this app way before NOW I regret not joining up months ago hey guys join up now and see how much fun times you will have also I was the fool not too...
Toss em was good. But it went down in amount you win after a few hours. Like from winning $2.50 down to 50Β’. :(
its good but i dont know if you can give us the prizes..i am pretty much closer to get an iphone. only one puzzle to gain to redeem but it make me sad because i think its only a trick. i hope you give us the real prizes, we done and keep on watching all of your ads. so please give us some consideration
Since the last update i can not throw the rings because the line pointer does not come out any more .
Its ok i guess im still trying it outit seems to be a little boring the careters dont do anything not evenjump or cherr u on..and the guy running the game look like he wants to kill someone...(lol) outher then that its ok i guess..im just downloaded it ill let u know in the future games..sincerley donna pablo from buena park calif...😺
To everyone that decides to play this game take note, despite their promises that you'll receive PayPal cash and gifts. You won't receive a thing. They will claim your details and PayPal has errors they will claim they've called you when they haven't and you'll NEVER get the iPhone. Its a scam Google is aware and has no intention to stop them. Check out a guy called vinsane review on youtube
Really disappointed with this app...I almost got 1 point left to get the prizes but still, they never try to give the prizes even if I try to play more...it is really making me feel that I had just waste my time behind this..
Crazy game and depressing, I all get the 9pcs of puzzles but only missing one and all come ups is the coins only. This is fake I'm going to uninstall this game, TO YOU GUYS DON'T INSTILL THIS APP THIS IS FAKE LOL! I'M GOING TO GIVE YOU 5STAR IF YOU FIX IT
Umm this is the worst game ever i have gotten all 10 puzzle pieces for the iPhone 11 and I still haven't gotten anything and everyone u get money its only in cents. This game is a rip off.
I am at $112.66 and they are only giving me a few cents. And I also have every bottles except the pink one. Please don't download this game. Its totally and I mean totally a waste of time guys. These type of money games should be banned. As also those ads.
This game is kinda fun but u start to get angry when u get to 9/10 and then it just stops giving the phone puzzle peices so i just think that this game is a waste of time i have been playing for like a week and all the other games like these are the same way so i think u r just using people to get paid everytime we play an ad im getting ready to delete this app its so annoying im sick of ot and when u hit $100 it starts to give like 3 cents at a time fix these problomes or i will delete this app
Such a useless app it's a real fake game I've reached level 508 and still I've got only 9 iphone points on 10.Same thing with every gadgets but after I've took the coins they are only giving that gift all the rest is hidden simply wasting our valuable time. I think that the owner of this game is a beggar might be because he is only giving 200 coins gift which is of no use
Stupid app ever it's not even loading after I updated it it's a fake and garbage app idiots 😑😑😑😑😑I had a dream to give my mom a new mobile and earn something but you guys fooled. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don't play with anyone's life and dream 😑😑😑😑πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
It's nice game for enjoyment but seriously it is possible that play games and win I phone and other prises whatever but I like it and I give 5 stars
A really nice game. but it's hard to get your prize. one you get 9/10 price they make it hard for u. AM in 9.9 to win the the iphone but it just hard to get 1puzzle
I like it so far I also like how it gives you notifications to let you know you have money you can cash out , now let's see if I can get the money I made playing the game , I will let you know
This game is fake y'all bc I have been playing this game for almost a year and still got nothing I had 9/10 of the iphone and it stoped giving me the puzzles 🧩 can y'all play fix this game and give us the actual thing bc if u are playing this game is just wast of time bc there is no reason of play this stupid game peace ✌️ out
Lol. It does not give the prizes. When you reach lvl 400+ it will only give you coin puzzle not the puzzle for the items. Scam, just making profit through ADS. Paasa
The reason I have given this a low star rating is they are giving you puzzle pieces for a competition that has expired if you read the rules.
Why does the money stops/slows down showing in the table that you'll about to toss when you are already near to reach the 200$? I only got $136.10 and the bottles I need to collect is 9/10.
I've been playing this game for a long time, and I've already been able to use it for about 300levels But I still have a small gold coin, but I can't take it out yet I have completely lost the line before I take the prize. Please tell me what I should do. Please tell me
It's a good game but after 200 game they don't give me a real money plus no useful awards... And the vibration is so nervous
I didn’t get any prize but money is coming for me too fast. I can play it 2 weeks then if that is helpful i will continue it.
It's just another scam totally waste your time I'm playing almost 25 days reached 500 level and got nothing and complete iPhone puzzles 9.9 but they don't give you last puzzle an money 0.1,0.6? I'm very disappointed 😠😠
I'm over 100 levels and still can't get pink can . It's not worth it. And it's boring after all this time. Same with the other prizes haven't even come close after all this time.
I like this game it doesn't have any adds but it is relaxing game AMAZING πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Nothing but a stupid app. I collected 9.9 iPhone puzzles on the 1st day but I'm not getting 0.1 puzzle. You'll get up to 9.9 and never reach 10. I DID NOTHING BUT WASTED MY TIME!!! DO NOT download!!
Now on level 433 and still have not won a prize, on all the prizes i still need 1 more point or should i say 10 -20 points as the game only gives you 0.01 point... The only prize i have been successful in collecting is the one for coins... Don't think i will be playing much longer....
DON'T INSTALL THIS GAME. The developer deceive you with advertisement saying you'll get lots of prizes and money. The fact is the game was rigged. You won't be able getting those phone, watch, bracelet or even the money. They only wants you to watch all the ads so they can get lots of money while you get nothing. I know so, because i got stuck with most prizes at 85%-90% for more than a week. and for the cash once you reach $105, you will only get $0.1 - $0.3 and it only shows rarely.
1 star for this because it's hard to win in this Game. After you reach the number 9 or 19 you can't redeem the prizes again especialy the iphone 11 pro
This app is the worst app in the world omg i think this is named as adds app omg i cant i was about to win iPhone 11 when i nring 9.9 they said play the wheel to win i play the wheel but nothing happened and i made every thing last thing was the daily review they say(NETWORK ERORR PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER) just shut app i dont know how Google allow to those games i tryed to make 0 star but i cant the game is the worst app I've ever seen and to much adds i thought i was the only one who had to much
This game is very good and so interest I am so happy to play this game I love this game and I am very very happy I am leave my all game I love this game So much
I like the game itself, but I got 9.9 pieces for iphone, and I've landed on the piece on the spin wheel and it always skips to the next one. Once I got a notification from the game that said that someone else won the iPhone. It made me feel like it's not worth it. I still play it tho to see if I can get it.
Thought it was a good game but cant cashout cant get last bottle for fortune bottle prize cant get last remaining puzzle peices to any of it except for the two hundred coins which ive won over and over again.
This app seemed legit for a while and it was fun playing it but then I was right there and they just stopped giving money and puzzle pieces all of the prizes are 9/10 and 18/20 and I have not gotten 1 single puzzle piece since. So I do not recommend this game not unless they make some changes and start allowing people to actually win like they say we will but I do not see that happening so no not worth your time false advertising!
Always network problem. Same as other apps .shame .requesting no to put adversting with fake promises
Fake fake fake!! Playing for almost a month now and never get anything. I got to 120 coins and I'll I get now is 2-6 cents after 30 seconds ads. 9/10 on the iphone and all of a sudden the phone just disappeared! Ugh! Don't waste your time! I'm deleting it!
Yes it's waste of time,you can't redeem also bottles cause it's not complete of colors I almost play this app almost 2weeks and lucky toss 2wks also I got nothing,your only hoping to nothing
Once u get to 9 out of 10 or 19 out of 20 to win the prizes all u get is the coins dont bother and also they deleted my last review i placed on here
I'm in love with this game but i struggle so hard to get all the puzzle together.Well like they say be patient yehh βœŒοΈπŸ‘
F R A U D . You will never can cashout your $ . You will never get the gadget (I already get 9.9 out of 10 puzzle Iphone and I think I will never get 0.1 puzzle to complete the prize) . So its just like the other scam game that will rob your time, your energy, your phone battery, and the most important is your internet for watching a lots of ads to keep their company run and pay all the bills . Thank you for download and playing is all you get from them...lol
This is a scam. In ad it shows throwing ring make puzzles.And in every reply of this game developers copy one message and paste it and it is too hard win a iphone and why would I watch ad and earn not single you can earn by only watching ad only please don’t download
Lie lie and just lie This application only exploits us. I do not understand why Google Play allows the release of such applications. Do not waste your time. I got 9.9 out of 10 puzzles, but after that I will not get 10 after seeing the ad. The pink can is not displayed at any stage. They will give nobody a dollar. This application is clearly a kind of scam of users. Shame on you
I am clear 300 levels but I am only get 120 dollars and not found pink bottle and puzzles are stop on 9 not give puzzle
Hi! If you dont want to let people win, please do not give people false hope and make them spend their time playing it. The creator of this game is smart by making people to think that they are just unlucky not to get the last puzzle or the last colour of the bottle. This game is already pre-fixed and is just using people to play their game and watch their advertisment.
This game is so much easier than I thought...πŸ€”l think this game can be better than this.... I like to play this game but sometimes I get bored..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I am doomed. My puzzle piece counter died at 9.9/10. I keep getting the piece I need but the counter refuses to go past 9.9.
This is a waste i hit 128.00 the game litterally disappear off my phone and then reinstalled it wont alow me to attempt to make cash andd prize piece are only awarded if i watch an ad(now) this is such a crock dont waste your time or energy its not worth it.
This game was a fake game i have 9.9/10 but I try to win the I phone 11 pro Guess what i think I go to review and find out this game was real or fake don,t download this game it is fake do not waste your time to play this game
Don't waste your time with this game at some point the game stops and I got so many puzzles and they still didn't give me any prizes and when you get to 100 bucks they will start giving cents only and it will take so much time to get to 200$ to cash out don't waste your time don't download this game. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ–•πŸ–•
This game is fake. I won playing for the games but no rewards I get at all. Don't install. And uninstall soon. I checked by App Info this game need storage space about 253 MB.
Nice game,but its so expected because i see in the ads that the money is so easy to get,but the reality is no.
This game fast fast 1-2 dollar given..now 2 cents 4 cents given.may be 2 yearsgo not success withdraw.vary hard this game.
It ok but it hardbto get tye prizes and after you get a couple prrizes they start counting fraction of the piece and as soon as you open up the game, there is an ad.
When I was on 9.9 for the iphone I got a notification that said that someone won but in the spining wheel it just misses the iPhone. I don't think this is reall I was seriously exited. It never gives you the iPhone or eny thing. Don't waist your time on this app.
Wasting time 😀 to creator and administrator of this game I am very dissapointed next time don't use props or the price if you are not willing to give the prices that we Win cause we expect and we waste a lot of time to win then when we win we doesn't claim the price.
Fake game very bad game 😀😑😑🀬🀬🀬 For iPhone the number above does not increase after number 9 totally wasted urs time
I've sent 100's of messages regarding my issues but got nothing what so ever back in response. Firstly when I came to get my winnings out it constantly states my PayPal info is incorrect Even thought I clearly know it's not wrong, but what's took the complete piss is the fact that I've been on 9.9/10 for the iPhone11 and done everything to get the last 0.1 to win it but no matter what you can't win it, keep the $1,000's I've won but when can I have my iPhone 11 I've won???? Thank you.
I had the same experience. I also never get the puzzle pieces. I got 9/10 puzzle piece of iPhone 11. I just can't get that puzzle. I don't recommend you playing this expecially if you are easily getting mad like me. Hope someday this app will change. I dont like to say this but I need to. We are writing our feedback so that they can make some changes. But somehow they are not even minding our feedback and they are not making hanged at all. Whoever made this app. Please fulfill our feedbacks.
I dont no why this app anging on my phone when i login this app it will anging but the thing i no is real app to make money so help me find solution for because i like this app if my phone is not anging again i will rate the remain star ok
Just imagine getting 9.9/10 puzzles for the iphone and then not beeing able to find the 0.01 for hours but u cant. This was such a bad experience. There are so many ads (i get it they need money to pay ppl) and u get real money slowly. very slowly...
I love this game. But if you don't want to give sway your just remove it along with tons of ads. its just we don't get anything after watching a wholesome tons of ads. Everything is just set not to be completed.
If you wanna play for money dont do it. It's like winning the online lottery. I have a better chance buying local scratch tickets. You win big at first yet will never get to a cashout once near the minimum while watching numerous of the same advertisements over and over. I think I spent more time watching advertisements than game play itself
It has been fun but once you get to 9 you wont see ten they send you messages to retrive your award and you cant get it. Just hope that they do send it in the mail
Very stupid game it's all girlsh and I am a boy If you are a boy don't download it And by the way my name is andrew
I enjoyed but if this make me frustrated i will report like i got the i phone but why stop giving me the puzzle
i like this game ,it like real and graphic...well good ,fun also it awesome but have some bug with the ad can fix it cause my connection is good but to loading the ad is so longgggg hehehe just that.
I just love this game you can win anything is totally awesome thank you so much for this game i really love your game you can earn money and you can win all prizes for free and what are you waiting for download it now it will blow your mind completely you have to love it
Win real prizes!!! I have a lot of fun with this Toss'em all game. A new challenge with every puzzle. Good graphics. A game for the whole family. Toss On !! Pam
This is just a scheme to cheat and explore people. It's a waste of time and effort and WiFi and data.
I really love this game I won an iphone 11 pro!!!!!!!!!! And even a gucci dionysus bag even a versace watch!!!! Wow I will rate this game 5 stars!!!!! The thing is, I hate the ads!!!😑 But I still like it...😁😁 I would highly recommend this game than Puppy town... Thank you.. I'm a girl but I forgot to switch my account...
It's a scam game, already a 9.9/10 in getting the iPhone but it keeps giving me coins and the worse part is getting nothing. Don't waist your time playing this game they only benifit from us watching advertisements and in return we cannot get anything. Don't ever thank us for giving this opinion its the worse game I have ever played. Its not our mood giving this a bad impression its what you promised you fake game maker. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME
The baddest app ever ofcourse it has ads But nothing are showing and the catch is we should watch ads.
It's great l got up to 300 us a day l also got an iPhone 11pro l love this app you gotta try it😻😻😻😻😻
Very great and nice I like this game and it's very easy to play you win it and you withdraw the money
This game is very fake!! I tried redeeming the 200 coin puzzle when I got all the puzzles, and it said at the bottom, "network error. Please try again later." I've been trying to look for a real game that gave real prizes (like an iPhone 11 Pro) but I haven't found any decent ones. I will change the rating once I get a real prize. :(
The game is fun when you first play you get dollars but when you pass 100 $ you only get change also when yoy get the puzzle to lets say 5.7 they take it so you can not win but on the ads they got it back to back so if get this "game" do not get your hopes up and the lucky scatch off it is riged to make u watch ads you will aways win if you watch the ads
Please do not install it ,this will waste your time in the name of big prize. It's fake apps, while earning of $160 complete ,then you will not get any dollar except coin.
How to claim your delivery item i can't message u or call It so sad i can't claim my i phone 11😭😭😭 i am so excited but i think my prize is just like a bobless when heat comes it desappear.😭😭😭😭😭😭
This game doesn't gave me the iPhone puzzle 😭😭I was to reach 10 but it stop giving me the puzzle after 9 it is really disappointed me I played it for more then a month plz developer see to it I really tried it
It's just another scam totally waste your time I'm playing almost 25 days reached 500 level and got nothing and complete iPhone puzzles 9.9 but they don't give you last puzzle an money 0.1,0.6? I'm very disappointed 😠
At all of me prizes I've redeemed 9 out of 10 or 19 out of 20 its not letting me redeem the last one only the coins are coming, Please fix this it's starting to get Really on my nerves and annoying I'm starting to hate this game and it's not ad promising as the ad that made me wanna download this game, SO I ask you again Please fix it!
This Game is amazing. Very easy to play so that anyone can play this game. And the prizes are there in the game. We can win any prize very easy. And prizes are amazing
Fun so far hope it doesn't take to long to win things I've tried other games and they were slow as can be to get pieces to claim prizes
This game is a waste of time. Do Not Download!!!! At first the money you won is all $10 and $8 and then $6 and it keeps decreasing and decreasing making it impossible for you to make $2 a day. And the ads. Omg the Ads. Total wastes of time.
I just the game toss em all it very addictive and challenging and loads of fun and easy to play I was I could give this app a thousand stars butt five is good.
fake.. if only i could give 0 stars.. up to 98 dollars, u can get afew cents... the puzzle? dream on it as well.. certain toss i dont get any puzzle piece at all.. u get to waste your time only
I still love play with my toss'em all is great throw right βœ… πŸ‘Œ 😌 πŸ‘ ☺ I hope be happy to hear that so funny game. I will get happy with my great we are get winner πŸ† for us πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ ❀ love to see all of my time yeah can't wait for myself will be surprised soon hope so winner finish all game will pass out winner πŸ† game
Game is very good at locking up or freezes up making you have to restart game when last puzzle piece comes up another FAKE APP! LEVEL 320 All you win is gold coins!
Deeply disappointed.. why..? Why?! Why do you give me an ads everytime i toss..Why?! And playing offline is not a option because, you wont get any puzzle pieces and money and worst of all? The money only gave cents as you played.. it really disappoint me.. it makes me mad that i destroyed my phone instead of making ME happy
I only give three star because the pink can is the last one to get the fortune bottle and nothing show in the game no pink can
This game is a scam like the rest. Whoen trying to win prizes, not only so you have to watch so many adds but it also has ads after every game. This game made my phone slow down and it took forever just to get to 5/10 puzzles. I do not suggest playing/wasting your time on this game.
After a while you only get the coins in the game because I need 1 more puzzle peace for all the prizes but the only thing that I'm getting is coins coins and more coins !!! And the worst part is that I haven't won anything yet. Today I got a notification from someone called Lilly saying she sent me some puzzle peace's and to collect my phone but when I tap on the notifications it won't let me collect them
Always no ads, when im bout to claim a random piece of puzzle. No ads. Bubble of puzzle no ads.level rewards also no ads.
It is very bad app. Because in my phone the message was that your iPhone is delivered but it didn't come and I wait One month but it didn't come
When I started playing it I Though it was a rubbish game and When I got to level 4 the game started looking interesting in my eye
I am at Level like 400 sum, Have 9 all everything expect the 1 with 20. Been playing this game and still haven't win anything, the amount of money you get each round sucks. I don't know if it's just me? I literally have 9/10 counted in the iPhone 11 pro and more but it's taking me months 2 get it. I don't wanna delete it because I am already so far, Just like the pink can of soda that we have 2 find. They give you coins once they see that you are close 2 get a prize. Shame on them🀬🀬😭😭😭😭😭
Now that I'm at 9.9 of 10 on every prize I can't get anything except the 200 coins. I thought this game might be different because they offer prizes. It's no different than any of the other cheater sites. Save your energy. You'll never win!
I don't know what happen it says in ads that you can win a iPhone before a week but is not true any time you almost done all the money that I was making in the first time is going down I am not making dollar no more is taking too long I got almost everything the shoes πŸ‘Ÿ the I phone and everything that I received is coin's what is the limit of coin's?????? I am making money or this is a joke?????
You start the game fine then they asked you to claim $$, you click and it shows can only take out when reach $200. So that is going to take forever. I uninstall. Same like the rest...dissappointing.