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Train your Brain

Train your Brain for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Senior Games located at Alameda Mazarredo 69 Bilbao - Bizkaia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Stimulate your abilities which can be intellectual having a great time. Inside 'Train your brain' you will find a few games that may help you stimulate different areas and will serve as a daily mind training.

This application works for people of most ages, both for the ones that are little for the elderly. The overall game is split into five categories, each one of these associated with a unique area that is cognitive memory, attention, reasoning, coordination and visuospatial skills.


- Memory: stimulates temporary memory systems or working memory.
- Attention: Stimulates focus with workouts that really work suffered attention, selective attention and concentrated attention.
- Thinking: reasoning workouts to stimulate the capability to think, procedure and employ information to obtain understanding, comprehend the world while making decisions. that is appropriate Coordination: Strengthens and optimizes coordination that is hand-eye response time.
- Aesthetic perception: encourages the capability to portray, analyze and manipulate objects mentally.

The design of the games happens to be done in collaboration with specialists in neuroscience and psychiatry, with the purpose of creating content this is certainly playful, in addition, to act as a complement of this remedies done in wellness centers.


Tellmewow is a game that is mobile business skilled in simple adaptation and standard functionality, which make them well suited for the elderly or young people who simply want to play an occasional game without significant complications.

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How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Train your Brain.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
It's really a nice game it develops my brain so much if there will be an option of giving 100/100 I will be giving it 100/100 as it is there in game.
The games are good but get harder the more you progress. The downsides are that once you've had enough brain workout, the game won't let you leave so you have to forcibly shut the game down on your device. Also that you start a level in which your timed, but before you get a chance to play an ad pops up. The ad maybe only 10 seconds or so but having an ad pop up before you can even play is not only annoying but rude! At least let us play the game a little before you push annoying ads at us.
Only played a few times so far, but finding it to be quite enjoyable. It can be challenging, but that's the point. I 😁 Thank you.
It gives you A very clear memory where u can go back n pick where each card was at from when it gave u a chance to memorize which cards were set in certain places in which i had to remember which was the other cards pair positioned at.
1st. Night!!Just started the Jigsaw portion! Fun for sure! My only wish though--is that you'd say what and where each scene is..3rd. night! Well you gave me two fails just now..my 1st. two Jigsaw puzzles tonight..Game kept freezing up! Not only that--every darn piece fought me on placement!! I'd say the real failure's on your end!! Def will uninstall if this happens 1 more time!! No fun at all this way ..Senior Games indeed! What a joke!! πŸ˜£πŸ˜²πŸ˜΅πŸ˜’πŸ˜£!!
I Like that there is varieties of different games on there that you can play and that it helps to improve the brain and it also helps to booster the things that i lack at. If there was school subjects on there then I would love that!!
For someone with dementia these adds are horrible. My mom gave up after only a few minutes. Would be great if add free.
This is a very good game, there are a few ads, but this game is amazing. I would recommed playing this.
Its really good game and it level is also train my mind and very helpful me so plz dowload this game .
Really great and useful app I've been training my brain to become more smart and great at remembering things.
Very first puzzle of the game. Missed zero. Score 94/100. The "?" button which one would assume is a help button is unresponsive.
Lots of different categories. The ads are frequent but are only about 5 seconds long. It's a lot of fun.
So far good I just downloaded the game and I'm 59 years old and so this is good for my memory an attention span.
Really very nice app...I enjoy the game...I refer to download this app,because it's checks our memory power time...we analyse that...so I suggest to download this app...it's very good and boosted up for me...
Far too many ads after every level. Time wasting and frustrating. I installed this about 20 mns ago and am now uninstalling. Looked promising but time- wasting.
Seemingly simple games that are more difficult than you would have thought at first. But they are good, because they are amusing and you can get yourself to continue to use them. So far, so good. I know from previous efforts of mine that I do not like ads, so I paid for the game straight off. I hope that I did the right thing.
This is a good game but i do not have such a good memory and level 4 seems to be where i got stuck on. But i like all the colors and how bright they are. Thank you and i hope who ever created this game has a blessed day.
Loved it, but when I updated it they locked the 2 games I played every day to make me pay. Deleting the whole thing. feel like it was a con to get $
You need to pay to unlock more games, it seems. They're super easy though, so I don't want to pay for more.
Excellent and very fun and challenging very good brain and memory training!! Thanks for all these games keep making more games
Always new challenges and puzzles to keep you engaged. Challenges build with levels, definitely helps to keep you sharpe.
Fun games. I hate ads so I have the play pass which imo makes games more fun if you don't have to sit through ads. The games seem simple at first but then you find yourself really thinking to finish.
There so many games and each of it have many levels. So, this game really train our brain and make sure our brain stay working.
Too good man..... Amazing game . Excellent for the people who want to improve their critical and logical skills . Do try it out .... I hv improved my skills with it and as we all know critical and problem solving skills are essential for making one's career . Wonderful ⭐⭐⭐⭐
I enjoy all the games this app has to offer and it never seems like it's doing anything for me but after I am on it for awhile I def notice the improvements. It's good if you can stick to the 15 or 30 mins a day.
It never hurts to test your brain. Warning ⚠️ Some people may not qualify to play this game due to missing necessary equipment!
So far so good. Fast moving. You can select Several types of games to game, like card matching. Goes from easy to hard.
Good and excellent game, just the advertisement is to much. But overall it's a great brain training experience.
I have been taking care of dementia people for quite a while. I have known my thinking has been off and my memory messed up but not as bad as I have with these inlighting games. I'm so thankful for these games for seniors. Thank you for this. It really helps.
Excellent game . Great graphics and visuals. Very very very addicted to this game. It activatrs my brain in minutes .
It was an eventually game ,by this we can increase our brain power ,by sloving ,and getting grading improves and the marks given for that game increase s our enthusiasm and don't miss to play this game.
Relaxing because my thoughts stop while I'm focusing on the games. A mental break and exercise in one place.
It is really helpful for increasing memory power . Although, it have some difficulties but overall this game is good as well.
Well I just started so it's hard to rate it yet. I never understood why you guys want us to rate our experience so early. Sorry for the 3 star but I only played a game 3 times when the " Rate Us" popup appeared.
Very beautiful and ossam game.I like this game.This game is best for our brain.I love!this game very much for my brain and if you all would play this game you'll will also like this game very much and you'll will love this game for your brain! 😊
This is a brain training game that makes it fun and enjoyable to play. At the same time it helps improve your cognitive ability and mental health which I've struggled with in the past few years. Thanks to the company who made this game.
Very very good experience and this game is very very good and it help me to train my brainπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜˜
Really good game. On reasoning it took me a minute to to finish level 1 now it takes me 10 seconds!! Ps my baby sister is playing all the the time and loves it🀣🀣🀣
Nice app and nice experience. I like to play puzzles ,it is very nice.But if it will be a money game I would felt more happy.Ok.Thank you for giving me this chance
A good range of brain training type games. However the spelling leaves a bit to be desired. In one word search game you are looking for cities - it's Sydney not Sidney, Peking not Pekin, Tokyo not Tokio. But other than that...
The games are simple to understand and not get frusterated but more mentally stimulating than normal app games.
Train your brain can be an exciting game. I enjoy how to keep track of your time and allows you to go back and better your time. I believe with patience and practice motor skills
Brill game had trouble with faces after level 12 wellall time low score but I have a health problem where face recognition is a issue so it was no surprise but I would on occasions have 2 out of four faces right same with colour sequence after 5 combinations I'd had it only deleted it cos tablet started playing up but I could have had it overloaded so will try when I've finished with another app
Superb app. I don't play games on my phone at all. I had chess before and it was great but uninstalled it because I didn't use it for too long. So now I find this interesting. I just played till level 5 and was asked to rate this app. It's good till now. Memory test.. It's good.
Could be fun, but the ads are after each game which is a few moves and then takes too long to teturn to game. Also, nothing happens at times when screen is touched and game must be exited befor continuing....maybe a glitch?
I have played once but so far it is competitive against oneself and one wants to improve and it helps progress as insight gained on each level helps with the next one.
It great but you need to unlock the rest of the games to do that you need to download the full version without the ads so it's a bit of a waste not so sure
It has ads after literally every level. That's my main reason to paying for play pass. There are supposed to be no ads.
I like the game but everytime I replay level 2,5, and 6, I always get 94/100, 95/100, and 96/100. This the for the changeing lanes. Can you please fix it pls.
Boring, repetitive, goals and rewards not evident. Amount of ads and ad time greater than actual play time. Uninstalling.
This is a good game but has many errors in it. Especially mirror game. Even after placing all the geometrical figures properly in a mirrored part, it doesn't show correct & you get stuck at that level for no reason!
Relaxing and fun. The best training game I have ever played, and I have been playing these types of games for years.
It,s intresting game . In this many games are there to play . This game any one can play small child , young age or old age also , no any adds are there but some are saying that it,s there some some please improve this adds . Otherwise , the game is very interesting and awsome . I like this game .
It's superb best for childrenπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘§πŸ‘¦. They could develop their memory power and also other skills.
This is a such game of skills preventing the forgetters from a total loss of their memories; and it makes them regain it those who lost their. Fabulous, guys ! I love your games.
I was thinking about how fast I needed to calculate, so I was nervous. Than i didn't know I could use three numbers at a time my goal is speed. This is great for me I enjoy it.
Super game When i am feeling headache 😡 when i played it was very relaxing and very intellectual game🀩🀩
Excellent App that gets the ole brain working. I've enjoyed playing all the different puzzles and am impressed with the variety. Even the constant ads haven't deterred me. Thank you x
I really like this game!!! There are many types of games like brain, attention, reasoning, memory, etc. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Gets harder as the game progresses and can not do the one that requires two hands moving in different ways
This game seems like it will help I'll come back and update you in a few days. The only problem is the ads come too frequently and that messes up the game. When you get on the right track the ad pops up so it feels like starting all over again, somethings not right about that. I think there should be ads between the levels not the games. But since it's free these are the things you have to deal with
Really good.... The game will developed our concentration and thinking!!!!! Really loved it a lot...πŸ₯°
This is one application I do like it has load of brain testing puzzles that keeps you thinking for hours so have a we look see what you think...
I like the game but everytime I replay level 2,5, and 6, I always get 94/100, 95/100, and 96/100. This the for the changeing lanes. Can you please fix it if there is something needed to fix?
Fun, intriguing, could be a little bit more challenging, I do however, enjoy howany options for the different games there are. I would also like to see, or I guess wish that there was some king of journaling area, where it showed the different areas of the brain I have exercised/trained, and it keeps track of my progress.
Was enjoying but to many ads. It's a great game for someone who can afford to keep playing to remove them at this time.
The further I go into it the more difficult it proves for my brain. I struggle alittle and the one set of puzzles all together took almost 5 minutes. But I made it and it's fun because it makes you think. It makes your brain work which is what it's supposed to do. I personally think if you like the game but struggle with getting fusterated like I do sometimes. It's good to move to a different game and then go back to it later. You don't have to to do the game. I'm not but it's fun!! You got this
I love these games. I have severe anxiety and doing these when I am having a panic attack or feel one coming on helps give me relief. So I truly appreciate these games.
This game good but not also good but it can train our brain nicely some we should play and see if other like than goodπŸ‘
Iv put 5* for now as I'm having fun whilst keeping the grey cells awake😊 iv read other reviews so depending on ads will see if I stay? If too many especially if they interrupt game play will be a no πŸ€” but we will see keeping fingers crossed as I am enjoying the game for now,,
Just started. I'm enjoying it so far. I have a feeling it'll be another app that I'll be addicted to!
Problem with this game is if you get stuck there is nothing for it but to play a new game and Uninstall this one
Too early to tell. So far it's good, no glitches but one: although I turned off media sound globally, sound still played. Also, where is the settings access?
This game is AWESOME!!!! I will be keeping it!!! It's so much fun and WOW 😍 I AM truly IMPRESSED 😍
Super fun & has a decent variety of games to build on.. however one of the games in one section would never work right for me, wouldn't allow me to make a choice thus forcing the time to be up before I could even get it to click through
Challenging , Constant these are so fun I like how you get to keep trying and I count how ,any times if takes me to get it always want to get in in 3 tries to challenge myself
Love it !...need more levels tho,.... and you need to fix the watch a ad to unlock a level!....I CAN'T PLAY NO ADDS .BUT NICE OVERALL.
I have little bag for my head like there no place in this world that id rather than a good 6 and it's a good day mother's house for a 5th birthday and I have a 666 birthday cake and a birthday cake for her birthday so will have to
a few good nuggets here but mainly just repetitive puzzles to solve over and over.you might be training your brain but youre also training your boredom.
This game is really good helps to boost our brain .the only thing bothering is that there are so many ads in this game .other than that it is good
This game is awesome it has alot of fun games and some adds but not alot its fun for my age and it makes your mind work !!!!!!!❀❀❀
Its mind blowing just started playing five minutes ago and im seeing and improvement in that less amount TIME WOW.😒 thanks so much big leap for me and my Depression much love to creater THANKS.
It's a brilliant game to play when you want to incrase your brain fuction! Play this everyday. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Easy to learn & play. Would recommend for seniors & toddlers. Anyone who wants to train cognitive abilities.
This game has all features that we can use. It is very easy to use. But only it has 5 seconds ad after a few minutes
This game really helps to straighten your brain. I have been playing this game everyday and I can see the difference.
Not hard to do plus no reward could do with some reward so that there's more of a challenge. To many adverts
Fabulous for the memory, clear graphics, free mode,. I use it whilst being imprisoned by the government and waiting for UK government to take responsibility from NAV. No telephone, no support, no social media, no money, nothing Tiffany Brown
I like all the games but some of the games are not unlocking so please unlock that games also and the game was superb and I like it very very much so, please unlock that games also ❀❀❀
Pretty cool. To remove ads is a little steep in price in my opinion. But, the ads don't seen to be too invasive. Just started playing but enjoying so far. :-)
I have played about 10 memory games...from past experiences with other apps they want your response while it is easy. I havent played much so I cant give a true account as to how I will feel in an hour. Maybe good, maybe not so much, but it is good enough I will try other areas in this app.
I could figure out how to play 3 different games, but couldn't get beyond the example so I could actually Play. What's up?
Thanks for issueing this game very interesting and to executive and very interesting but mind blowing game because it refresh the mind. Thanks πŸ’πŸ₯€πŸ˜€
Excellent for memory-failing, incapable dummies like me. There are an entire variety of brain games testing all types of thought processes. I tend to get between 72 to 92% correct on each of the first 5 to 15 games of each thought capability, then I have to give up. These games show me my limitations, but I still like them very much.
Fun variety of games. I do have play pass and can confirm I have not seen any ads and I've played dozens of levels on all the games.
I am 59 years old and I love these games. They truly do help train your brain! Thank you developers!!
Short fun puzzles that increase in difficulty. Except spot the difference which starts out hard. But there are a couple dozen other games to choose from and it's easy to navigate.
Excellent! I've played all the expensive games and this one offers just as much but at a fraction of the price. And, after just a few weeks of practice, I can see an improvement in my daily life...I'm not a whole new person or anything, but little things here and there have become easier. I can't wait to see what happens next month! This app has all the other Senior Games apps that are $2.99 each. Even the free version is wonderful, hardly any ads.
Wow, 🀩🀩🀩. This game is superb, it's really good. This game have many variety of game, that we can choose and play, I love this game. It have no ads. This game is a list of new game, that I love so so much❀❀❀, it is offlin also. That I find a interesting offlin game, that not use data. So, this game is perfect for me. 😘😘😘🀩🀩
WOW !! It really does give your mind and brain quite a workout ! My mind's not as sharp as it used to be when I was much younger so this is helping me to try and keep it as sharp as I possibly can.