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TVPlayer for PC and MAC

Is a Entertainment game developed by ALCHIMIE U.K. located at 11-12 ST JAME'S SQUARE SW1Y 4LB LONDON. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
TVPlayer is better than TV. Discover tons of amazing shows you won’t see anywhere else and enjoy premium that is exclusive, never been seen shows in the US, only the content you love, and more!

Whether your passion is Law & Crime stories, Food, Science, Travel, House & Garden, Nature, Animals, History, Hunting & Fishing, the Military world, Outdoor recreation, International Sports or Horror movies - or anything in between – we’ve got you covered with new content every week!

Watch TVPlayer anywhere you like at home on the go. You'll get instant and access that is unlimited live and on-demand channels such as All Warrior Network, Screambox, Inside Outside, Gone TV, DocCom TV, Great Escape TV, Nautical Mile, Motorland, Humanity Documentaries, Explorers, Xtrem, Species, Icons, Food Feast, Moove, Moods, Unbeaten, Drnk TV, Newsmax TV, Newsy and many more.

- Try it for 0$ ! First time subscribers can try it for a, absolutely week FREE.
- No contracts. Cancel anytime.
- Premium channels with no Ads.
- Download on-demand shows
- Watch also on TV with Chromecast

Get your monthly Google TVPlayer subscription that is PREMIUM the app. The price shall be shown in the app before you complete the payment. You will be charged after your free trial the monthly payment of $9.99 to your Google Play Account if you are eligible for a Free Trial. You will be charged immediately if you have previously had a Free Trial. The subscription will renew every month unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period that is current. Your Google Play account will be automatically charged within 24 hours prior to the end of the period that is current you will be charged for one month at a time. You can cancel anytime via your Google Play account.

Privacy Policy: https://tvplayer.com/privacy
Terms of Use: https://tvplayer.com/terms

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the TVPlayer.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download TVPlayer for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Ammended back to a 5 now that the bugs when using on android phone have been fixed. Back to the app I love. I rated it 3. Currently it is a 1 as I can't use it! Prior to that it was a 5 as I used it almost daily and loved it! Since the last "upgrade" to "fix bugs", it keeps crashing and kicking me out. Very frustrating as there is a fantastic app still in there somewhere.
A VERY LONG WAY TO GO TO BE USER FRIENDLY. Channels you CAN'T watch shown and "Live" can be a couple of hours time! Why on earth show me channels that say "You are not authorised to view this channel"? Where the heck is the filter to only show channels that I can watch? Also, when selecting "Live" I get shown programmes that start in the future, anything up to 2 hours time, instead of what's actual live NOW! Why? If I select "live" then I expect to see what's on NOW, not what's on next!!!
Edit... Another day, another issue with the app so I can't watch on my firecube or phone! 25/10 Will be updating this review with every date I can't use the pile of rubbish! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Does not go more than a few days without breaking and being unwatchable. Customer support is next to usless too. I'm sorry I expect something that I'm paying £6.99 pm for to actually work more than 40% of the time! 🤬🤬
On top of my review I found clearing the cache from the app, when opened app it asked to update bbc iplayer, opening tvplayer now works with BBC programs, thought if I download itv hub and all 4 it might work with other channels but no still black screen. ----- Update: Thanks for the reply I've responded to the email to take part in the survey, and look forward to your reply. Many Thanks for the generosity of the app purchase whatever this may be. Kind Regards Done survey no response or voucher
This app works very well, love the live channels, just wish the ID channel was also free, other than that no complains.
Was OK for the first year or so but now it malfunctions more often than it works. Am using an older android version. Two months since it first stopped working, the App is still not working (can see the guide but cannot play anything, including non subscription channels). Would have hoped this fundamental problem to have been fixed. Absolutely no point for me to have the app. Can't watch anything, justify the monthly subscription for extra access, or store recordings anymore. It's a shame.
Was fine to watch 2 shows one evening. Now doesn't recall my login. Doesn't accept my pass. Won't send a reset link Avoid if you want something that works for more than a few hours
Can view all media really well. Not sure the problem other people are having. My only issue is in the On Demand section all of the channel photos are just black squares. Have to press and guess to hope I get the catch up channel I want
I have redone this review becuase they have still not fixed the issue of it stopping all the time and naw it saying to subscribe wen i have already payed and wont let me access anything i have emailed twice and nothing has been done
This is great app for watching the main stream British channels , but when the BBC goes to local news all I get is London . You once had this sorted , we'll get it sorted again.... Please.!!!! Replying to me , the editors still never told me if there addressing the problem that I highlighted, either yes we are , or no we're not simple question..????.?
App not working at all, tried troubleshooting advice but no joy. If not fixed within 48 hrs will be cancelling which is a shame as used to really enjoy this app. Uninstalled now as I no longer wish to pay for something that does not work
Terrible app! Subscribed to it for my parents but after subscribing, it said that i could find my account even though im logged in. Paid the £7 and i cant even watch the channels that i subscribed too nor the on demand feature. Horrible app and quite frankly clearly a scam. Do not use this app! Avoid at all cost!!!!
DO NOT pay for this app. It is absolutely useless, spent two hours trying to troubleshoot it as it would only play the free live TV channels and NONE of the on demand channels (suspicious) which is the whole reason I paid for it in the first place. When I cancelled the subscription two hours later and contacted support to request a refund, their response was that I needed to go through Google for a refund. ABSOLUTE WASTE of £7. I wish I had read the other reviews and steered well clear.
Download this on my firestick and was going to pay for the whole thing until I thought I should try the free channels first and it was a good thing that I did because there is no subtitles and I need subtitles due to me being deaf...
Poor now so broken can not watch any of the TV channels as now stuck in a reset loop still stuck in restart loop I have now sent the 3rd report in two days
Didn't like the app and when I tried to cancel it it won't go away and if you all try to charge me and I already cancelled my subscription it'll be he'll to pay tvplayer 😠😠😠😡😡😡
Could be much better, on demand rarely is updated quickly and the download option has been unavailable since day 1
Should be able to hide locked channels from showing up in the list. Why can't you stream live channels directly within the app? I don't like it were you are sent to a different app and then you can't just change between channels easily.
DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Complete waste of time. Does not go more than a few days without breaking and giving the "cannot load video" notice. Customer support is next to usless too. Gave me one refund and made it seem like they just handed over the whole company. I'm sorry I expect something that I'm paying £6.99 pm for to actually work more than 40% of the time! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Best free tv app about. TV guide for channels is a bonus. Never an issue. Well done to app developers!
Had this app for years but now all of a sudden cannot play video. Despite reinstall .Audio is fine. Sad very sad!!!
Does not work. Was really good for a while. Each update now leads to less functionality. The last update renders this app useless. Caught in a error reopen loop. UNINSTALL.
The first month was fine, after I started paying for the app it constantly comes up with video failed to load!!! This has been going on for the last 2 months, i have now cancelled my subscription because the app just does not work!!!!!!
Good app works well most of the time. I use it on a daily basis and there aren't many if any multi channel apps that work as well.
Can't use the app keeps kicking me out when go to watch something, disappointing. I won't be recommending this app to anyone as its pointless if you can't use it.
Have used it for years but have now spent an hour trying to log in then when finally got choose the the program I wanted it says TVPlayer per has stopped!! Kept doing this.There was an update on 11 Sept which must have killed it. How can the team behind it leave an app in such a mess!!
I want to retract a statement from earlier where I called it 'Jank'. New android TV update has made things clean and usable. Just unfortunate you cannot scroll through channels while watching. Good job.
Cancelled my subscription due to annoying issues with the app on Sony Android TV. For example the message you get asking if you are watching, you press ok I am watching and it throws you out anyway. And of course the tv guide that never works, which kinda ruins everything.
OK on phone, but I would like to be able to connnect my phone to an actual TV via HDMI and use this where I don't get a signal. it would therefore be better if the interface would work in landscape mode and if was easier to navigate with a remote control.
Can't watch BBC channels with this app despite paying for a licence fee. Very poor show. update 24/10/20- when a BBC channel is selected the TV player app says it is opening BBC Iplayer for which you have to sign in. I have a valid UK TV licence but do not wish to sign in just to watch BBC tv and do not wish to install bbc iplayer and media player due to it's storage space guzzling nature. Channels which do play have a black screen with audio.
On top of my review I found clearing the cache from the app, when opened app it asked to update bbc iplayer, opening tvplayer now works with BBC programs, thought if I download itv hub and all 4 it might work with other channels but no still black screen. ----- Update: Thanks for the reply I've responded to the email to take part in the survey, and look forward to your reply. Many Thanks for the generosity of the app purchase whatever this may be. Kind Regards
Stopped working completely , im paying for this app for it not to work ill be cancelling my subscription
Didn't want to give it a star but won't let you post if you don't this app is useless won't load and when it does it dont work
Constant glitches when i have paid for a subscription. It keeps on saying i need to sign up when i have and i keep on having to delete the app and reinstall. I am NOT happy
I use this app all the time and have done for years, but now it crashes all the time and says failed to download video. I've tried closing the app and restarting, deleting and reinstalling and tried it on different devices. Please fix it because it's become unwatchable. This is the first time i have ever needed to write a review.
This is a great app. However I did an update yesterday and now cannot use it. On the live screen there is an arrow which you press to then watch that channel, but now after the update the arrow has gone. I see the screen but cannot watch. Have uninstalled and installed again but it has not changed! What a shame...help!! I can watch tv on it but have to scroll across channels on a much smaller screen ...please can you fix the "live screen'
Good App. Would be 5 stars if it allowed us to customise which channels we see on our home screens to save endless scrolling for the 2 channels I use the app for.
All it keeps saying is failed to load video, so cannot watch any TV(edit had response saying there was an outage so now on the 24/5/20 still sometimes works sometimes not, more not than works,think this app needs sorting (edit) keep being told failed to load video been fixed (BUT IT IS NOT)! and if you look at most of your reviews they have all gone down, don't know what the problem is but it getting worse, so I'm sorry but only 1 star and that's for installing nothing else and I am uninstall
Log in issues - after installing the app on my phone, it asks for a log in. I signed up and tried to login. Everytime it's says login not accepted. Rest my password and tried again, still won't let you login. How can you use the app if it won't allow you to login. Useless!
Have an issue with a blank login screen when trying to log in on Galaxy Alpha. Works fine on my Xbox one though.
❗ Rubbish App.. after a week or so of watching - you are Required to Sign In for No Apparent reason. Had this app for "Several Years" I Was Constantly Being INCONVENIENCED. 😡 [UNINSTALL WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT]
EVERY new update worsens this app: I've contacted the Dev. about three times now, and although they respond in a helpful way, it NEVER rectifies the problem! Each time I try to select a programme to watch, a "timer" goes round and round for ages, then states,"Failed to load video", and then crashes. Unsurprisingly!!!...it ALWAYS manages to play the ads no problem! Perhaps the real name of this app should be updated to "Ad Player"! It would at least be accurate then! So, NOT recommended.
As others have mentioned, it has died. What was once a very useful App and handily part of Three's Go Binge, now just continually gives a "failed to load video" or "TVPlayer has Stopped". Time to find a replacement and time for Three to give a better option.
Better than FREEVIEW Thank you for replying TV Player yes I'm disabled, sometimes can't get to my living room. So I can watch TV on my phone or tablet now, I can also watch when I'm out walking dog when I stop to let her play or when I visit my dad. So thank you so much !
Just hangs on logon. Support was incredibly bad and kept on asking me the same questions (I gave them everything in the initial email). Clearly didn't read any read my emails. Edit: I gave up trying to get it fixed, it felt like I was getting nowhere fast.
Rubbish! ITV and ITV2 are the only channels i can stream on my hdmi stick, the rest they expect you to subscribe! BBC channels you get to view about 3 seconds and then freezes, tried clearing cache etc but nothing!....uninstalled!!!
Absolute rubbish, very little on catch-up which I wanted it for, all it is good for live viewing which I can do for Free. Ridiculous, has a download button but can't download anything, and can't record and watch later. What are you charging people for?
No picture but got sound! Using Sony Xperia! Weird thing is if u cast to TV it works, but that defeats the object because I want it on the phone!!!!
I have no problems with the app other than it losing some of the good channels it used to have. The app runs fine for me on all devices. Maybe people need to get better ISP...
I have no fun but all the time problems with login. Even if subscription is paid I cannot watch anything because app asks me for paying again. I don't recommend it!
Not working on Android mobile. I have a Huawei Mate 20 Pro, and this now no longer works. I can see the TV guide, but nothing will play, not even the free channels like ITV. There is a play button on some of the live shows, but hitting that just takes me back to the home screen, even on Coronation Street. Sad times 😥
Sadly. Another example of a "pull you in" with lite version. Except. Paying already a tv licence and freeview being what it is. I d rather die than giving one single penny. It is actually ennoying that in this day and age. Having paid a tv licence. There is still no option to simply have an official click and play app without the usual troubleshooting that incline people to pay for better service. To cut a long story short.... a joke. As always.
This app charges you a fee,but keeps failing constantly,it fails to load channels and constantly crashes. I was using another tv app which rarely failed,so now will go back to my previous app.
It's okay, but the search doesn't work and it doesn't save your place when you leave the app. Also, it keeps cutting to other shows when I'm watching something. Like I'll be watching one thing, then there's 5 minutes of another show, then back to what I was watching originally
A bit up and down this app weekly channels stop working then they get fixed then others break frustrating also it would be nice have few more pay channels on the service
When watching an episode it can jump to episodes of other programmes multiple times throughout. Episodes not always labelled correctly, and don't have series or episode number on them which would be helpful. Definitely not worth paying a monthly subscription.