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UBS TWINT: Swiss Payment

UBS TWINT: Swiss Payment for PC and MAC

Is a Finance game developed by UBS AG located at UBS Switzerland AG P.O. Box CH-8098 Zurich. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 7.0 and up.
UBS TWINT is Switzerland’s most popular payment that is mobile and it’s free. With more than 700,000 registered users, UBS TWINT is the number one mobile-payment and digital-money solution in Switzerland.

UBS TWINT links directly to your credit cards and bank accounts. You can also use TWINT without a UBS account.

Send, request and money that is receive send money quickly and securely to your friends, family and colleagues on your smartphone

Pay online: save time when shopping online by scanning the QR code at the checkout or opening the TWINT App to confirm your payment, e.g. at ticketcorner.ch, microspot.ch, SBB

KeyClub points: collect valuable points when you pay with TWINT using the registered UBS Credit Card

Vouchers and credit: buy digital vouchers and credit for yourself or as a gift in just a few clicks

Pay for parking: pay for your parking in public parking spaces by locating your position in the app or using the QR code on the parking meter

Pay using apps: use the TWINT App as a secure payment method in apps like SBB, Fairtiq, Lezzgo and many more to buy your tickets.

Cashless payments at the checkout: pay conveniently in stores, restaurants, farm shops etc. by using your mobile phone to make cashless payments at any card terminal with QR codes or TWINT beacons (e.g. at Coop)

Donate: support charities by donating money to aid that is swiss and their projects

Benefit: benefit from various coupons, prize draws, vouchers and loyalty cards

● UBS TWINT complies with Swiss banking security standards.
● All data remains in Switzerland.
● The TWINT App can only be launched with a PIN that is six-character your fingerprint.
● The UBS TWINT account can be blocked at any time if your smartphone is lost or stolen.

● To register, simply enter your swiss number that is mobile your credit card or Swiss bank account details. You also collect KeyClub points on your credit card.
● If you’re not a UBS client, you’ll need a Swiss credit or prepaid card to register as well as some proof of identity (ID, passport, driver’s license, etc.).

UBS Switzerland AG has made UBS TWINT available to, and UBS TWINT is only intended for and able to be used by (i) existing client of UBS Switzerland AG and other affiliates of UBS Group AG domiciled in Switzerland, and (ii) natural persons who are domiciled in Switzerland. UBS TWINT is not intended to be used by US residents. The availability of UBS TWINT in non-Swiss App Stores for download does not constitute a solicitation, offer or recommendation of a UBS product or service or to enter into any transaction, nor does it establish or constitute a solicitation or offer to establish a client relationship between the person who downloads UBS TWINT and UBS Switzerland AG or any other non-US affiliates of UBS Group AG.

Do you have any relevant questions or suggestions? Contact us directly on the UBS TWINT Hotline 0848 000 374 (24/7 year-round) or visit our website.


How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the UBS TWINT: Swiss Payment.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download UBS TWINT: Swiss Payment for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Very easy to use, all you need is a name and phone number for the person you need to pay. Much easier to pay bills or friends than via traditional IBAN.
Payments take more than a minute to go through. Sometimes even get cancelled after you leave the shop. Customer support reject any responsibility and force the customer to chase cancelled payments. Won't use Twint again. Android Pay so much more reliable, professional and faster.
Good functionality, but has almost always problems with "Weak internet connection" and therefore takes ages to complete transactions. Edit: the problems appear to have been solved, 4 stars.
The parking payment (where you actually need this app the most) consistently doesnt work. CH resident, UBS bank customer, already twice I had to borrow money from strangers.. When you get to swipe to pay, nothing ever happens.. I hope this will be fixed soon..
Unfortunately the android version of the app is trash compared to the iOS version. When activating fingerprint login, the app will always ask for fingerprint login and then afterwards pin code login. You have to cancel the second login for the app to function. After that a number keyboard covers the bottom half of the screen until you make and cancel a payment. Was happy on iOS, recently switched to android and dissapointed to see the much lower effort here :(
6 weeks ago I could not send money anymore with an error message about internet connection issue - this lasted for several weeks. I tried it in several places including at home on wifi with same error message. Difficult to find any support phone number. I finally thought about uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Since then it works again.
Very unstable to use. Keep saying that my Internet connection is very weak and opening any sub menu in the app takes ages to respond and display the results.
Seems to fail to start when on WiFi (the spinner just spins forever). On mobile data it seems to work, but I haven't made any transactions yet.
Payment is not accessible because there is an overlay promoting send/receive amount. Further, ads are annoying. UX is no joy at all.
I give it 2 stars because of the parking feature which has never failed me. Works fine every time. However doing things like paying my local farm which accepts twint, is a pain! I always pay from home, on wifi. I always struggle for about 5 min to get the payment through. Either it will complain my 'internet is slow' or will spend a lot of time 'connecting'. It's very hit and miss. Update after the reply from UBS: I do not have a mobile data plan. That's why I said I use wifi, at home.
While the core functionality of twint is great, the UBS implementation seems to be botched. It always complains about slow internet, no matter if I have 4G on the go or fiber at home. And now it has started to complain about a missing update that doesn't exist on the Google Play Store. Bad job from UBS developers, others banks seem to handle this a lot better.
Completely unusable. A number input blocks the bottom half of the app and can't be dismissed. Can't make any payments due to this. Back button does not work. Edit: this only happens when fingerprint login is enabled. It completely breaks the app. Even when it works, the app is pretty bad. Sluggish, UI issues that convey a lack of quality, half the home screen is self-promotional advertising, need to create dummy contacts for every person I want to send money to, I could go on.. Disappointing.
Tried making recent payments and keep getting internet connection error message. Updated app, still not working. Read another reviewer with same issue uninstalled app and then reinstalled. Tried same and now can't log in at all! Not good when trying to make payments. How can we trust this app? Update: Since UBS team responded, I deleted all UBS apps installed and authorised again and still same issue! No workaround as promised.
The keyboard does not disappear after entering the pin, blocking half of the screen and making the app useless
Great app with very quick transaction options for small transactions this is great yo use and convenience.
Super easy to use to pay for web and mobile orders as well as to transfer money to friends. It would be great if there was a way to share a screenshot of the transaction after success to show that it was paid. Also, if there was a way to download all the transactions for a period, like a transaction statement, that would help with bookkeeping.
Whenever I try to pay its a nightmare. I have to try multiple times without any guarantee that next time will work. I had to cancel orders from the online shops for the sole reason there were payment errors with the app, even though I set up everything correctly. Now I just use PayPal - there's extra fee, but at least it's reliable.
Update: It took their customer support a month to reply via email just to let me know that they can't fix the issue. At least UBS stays consistently bad across all their customer channels. Payments take more than a minute to go through. Sometimes even get cancelled after you leave the shop. Customer support reject any responsibility and force the customer to chase cancelled payments. Won't use Twint again. Android Pay so much more reliable, professional and faster.
I actually quite like the app and would like to be able to use it as my primary payment vehicle. Unfortunately, paying at the register with NFC (with other apps) is much simpler and faster than the process of using Twint. For now, I use it to send money to friends, pay certain things online, and very occasionally pay merchants who don't support NFC payments but do support Twint. Adding NFC support to this app would bump this rating to five stars and I would use it for EVERYTHING.
Screen issues on Pixel 3 with Android 10. I cannot reject a payment request since the input field and send button are hidden after I enter the input field. Additional: redundant requests for the fingerprint every time I open the app. Plus: seem to be very slow in WLAN even if the bandwidth is good enough for everything else (might be not related to twint/ubs)
I am not able to send any money. I can specify amount and receiver but then the slider cannot be used.
In general the app is good and I like the idea of it. However the app is totally useless because it practically never works. I have been able to make a payment probably only twice after trying multiple times over several years. It just never connects to the bank and tells me that it's my fault for having a bad connection. Meanwhile I get 500Mbps+ with a latency of a few milliseconds over the said connection. EDIT new phone activation message arrived 1.75h after starting the process. UBS is slow.
Worked amazingly previously. For past month, have been unable to make payments in twint or see earlier transactions. Popup "weak internet". Has made the app 100% unusable.
Whenever I use it, I always see the "weak internet connection" message, doesn't matter if i have full 4G or Wifi signal. Doesn't really live up to the quality of the other UBS apps.
I have had this app already 18 months and used it rarely. The connection problem which everyone talks about in the app reviews has always been there. I honestly don't believe that you try to fix it. You just keep on saying that problem is in the custom devices, stop doing that and find the problem. Hint: It is possible for the app developer to choose in which network the app connects to and he has maybe chosen that the app connects only in the 4G network, not in WLAN. Please take this problem seriously and fix it now.
The app works fine - especially for sending money quickly to friends etc. But it is still slower to pay with Twint in the store than it is to pay via card. If you could speed it up even more, then it would be a super great thing to have.
Very useful app in Switzerland! Not just for regular payments, but also instant transfers to friends / family and dynamically paying for parking.
Despite it's error messages, no, I *don't* have a weak internet connection. Just... hopeless. The ZKB TWINT app was rock solid. The UBS TWINT app is slow, painful and unusable (it did eventually decide my Fibre Internet was fast enough to work though , and I was able to make a purchase)
Works half the time. Tells me I'm offline and to check my internet connection but submits the payment like a few seconds later. Why am I offline then? Also other internet services working fine at the same time, but Twint tells me that I'm offline.. not sure this is proper implemented.. Edit: Tells me that I'm having a weak internet connection when I'm connecting at home while 4 other devices are connected fine. Need to re-authenticate up to 4 times when doing a payment because I'm hitting a timeout or similar....not usable.
Updated to latest version has solved issues with the previous ones. Except that the GUI can't be customised but with a bit disturbing "ads" on top (I never appreciate ads on top, at bottom might be acceptable). Otherwise it is fine currently.
The app always fails to load or pay at the first attempt, saying weak internet connection while I'm happily using the internet connection on multiple devices including the same phone. Fix your backend and don't lie to users. Edit (because I can't answer to the devs' reply): This is on a phone with no cellular data access, only Wi-Fi.
Sadly this otherwise good app has so many bugs. The one with the forever-staying touch-keypad, the strange limit behavior which won't let me receive money for some reason (didn't use any of it in the last 30 days), the top overlay which stays as well and even the adverts won't load from time to time :D. For a company like UBS this is really not adequate. Two stars because during those times when it's working normally, it's good. But the few times i need it, it is more than 50% not working.
Decided to give the app a try yesterday... Wasn't able to pay for my Kebab. I now owe the guy and I'm not someone who's into owing money. Tried roughly ten times with my mobile data, his mobile data, his wifi, from outside the store and with different payment methods.. to no avail, obviously. Edit: The payment was stuck after the slider, to give some more detail.
Everything fine except there is a message to "update the application" clicking on it directs you to a browser instead of the play store then google in German appears amd then I canceled. I have version 4.15.2, is there a more recent version? On play store I do not see it
Works half the time. Tells me I'm offline and to check my internet connection but submits the payment like a few seconds later. Why am I offline then? Also other internet services working fine at the same time, but Twint tells me that I'm offline.. not sure this is proper implemented..
Experience is good, but you got too confident, when you wanted more fees for your services and the biggest onliner in your portfolio quit. That's why you only get 4 stars
Doesn't work most of the time. The main error message I get tells me that I have a weak connection (whether I'm on Wi-Fi or cellular) but that is not the case. Hoping for a fix. Update: I appreciate the reply, plus the issue seems to be solved! Convenient little app, glad I'm able to use it now. Upped the stars :)
My comments in below paragraph 2 years ago still stands true. Really wanting for this app to work, alas, again getting " weak internet", "payment status unknown" scary messages over perfectly working home Wi-Fi connection. The rest of the apps from UBS mobile suite are truly excellent and example of serious engineering. This one... is not! Getting worse with every release. Awfully bad handling of network, telling weak Internet and not operating while on my 300 mbps wifi. Yes 300 mbps.
Aha. Here we have it. You don't care about privacy. What good does it do me, if I can deny Twint to access my location if it is required to work?? Why the hell does Twint need to know my location?? Paying has nothing to do with location. Sorry for the language but this is just BS. I really hope you take that out again with your next update!
Used it a lot. Recently, I'm having massive problems when paying at self checkouts. TWINT app says payment went through, but the checkout never finishes the process. Payment gets canceled couple minutes later in the app. Already twice I had walked away from the shop. I needed to go back to not get in trouble for shoplifting. I don't like waiting 3 min in front of the checkout machine till a payment might or might not get processed. This is not the experience I'm looking for when paying by app.
App is good but most of time it has problem connecting, even in wifi of 1gbps it says slow internet connection
Awful APP, super buggy and so sloooow. I regret switching from Raiffeisen to UBS for that, their APP is working just fine, but this one crashes half of the time, fake "no network connection" error all the time. I used to buy most of my stuff with twint because it was faster, but now I can't afford to wait 30-45 sec at the counter and finally get my wallet out to pay cash and apologize to the cashier
Flop! When one does decide to use the app (on a cell that has both WLAN and mobile access), .... no connection, but payments can be made!!! Probably only at point of sale. I need it to receive a payment! A few more tries and then delete; Sorry! Biggest disappointment: UBS marketing machinery selling this, when it clearly no more than a point of sale payment device! I'll stick to my credit card :) ................................................................................Here's the trick:..Switch OFF WLAN!!! UBS: Why not write that into the App, instead of NO CONNECTION!
Very unstable app. Had to contact support multiple times in order to get my money back after failed transactions: merchants website says transaction failed, Twint says transaction successful...
I love using TWINT! It's so easy. I wish every vendor in Switzerland made it available as a payment method.
Very Practical! I love the quick exchange of money and personal send/request as well. It works perfectly. The payment with the beam is quote slow still but I just avoid using it so overall I don't mind.
Unable to use since recently. The number keyboard is always present, blocking half the screen, and not letting me access the pay function in the bottom of the screen.
I want to use this app mainly to pay quickly like parking, but the lengthy startup and endless interstitials and ads makes this largely impossible. Why show me these ads at startup? There is no way i will look at them. Today the app asked for my phone number without any explanation as to why at startup, no way to skip. Twint's idea is great but the typical bank like execution makes me really hate it.
Love it best for parking meters, when it is working. Also paying and receiving money to & from friends are so convenient now
Love the concept of Twint but every time I open the app, it says "no internet connection" while I'm pretty sure the phone doesn't have internet issue. It happens even when I'm at home. I'm wondering if the startup process can be improved.
Why does Twint (UBS) need to know my location when paying. I tri3d to pay contactless with Twint at a shop and got a message forcing me to give permission to access my location. I don't understand how this is useful to UBS to know my location when paying!
The app is good for transferring money to friends. But in store payments are too convoluted. Why can I not pay with NFC when terminal is compatible? I don't care that iPhone does not allow that, android does, take advantage! EDIT: The fact that UBS is now compatible with Google Pay is solving this. Thanks a lot
Good functionality but is often unable to connect to its server in order to complete transactions. I get this problem on 4G and my home WIFI. It is definitely to do with either the App itself or Twint's servers. Update 3 Jun 2020- has been out of service all day. Just not reliable. Update 5 Jun 2020- still not working
If it wants to be a secure and serious paymentmethod it should work ALWAYS...but ut doesnt. Good idea but....my app is not working anymore. There is the "information : pleas check ypur internet connectiom, payment cannot be executed"
The easiest paiment method ever. I never liked apps, this one will make your life easier, whether you forgot your purse, want to quickly pay friends an much more.
Unable to log in due to weak connection/no connection even though i've tried on wifi and on LTE. Edit: After changin ROMs, I was able to log in.
It's okay a bit slow, but neither me nor my husband can pay our parking with Twint it doesn't work, we live in Switzerland and the UBS is our main bank. We can open the app by scanning the QR code, choose the time, slide to pay and it's at this point it blocks the payment won't pass. Still not working it's really frustrating. So I have now downloaded the Twint Prepaid app and it works perfectly well for the parking so it must be a problem with your app
Works great mostly. For some reason couldn't connect through the Swisscom home wifi. I had to switch to Natel every time. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Works through our GGA home WiFi.
it changes way I do things. no more petty cash! I use to pay small stuff in my company so I do not. need to have a box with small cash.
Edit: I'm sorry, I call it a lie now. It's been MONTHS since I last reviewed it and they are DEFINITELY NOT working on the app. It's unacceptable that the wifi-mobile data problem hasn't been fixed yet on an app used all over Switzerland. Utter disrespect! Love the idea, I hate it how it's made to work only with mobile data so it'll never work when I'm connected to a WiFi. Edit: thank you for the reply! What I do is I turn off wifi whenever I'm at the supermarket or at home using Twint.