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UniDEX - Uniswap Exchange

UniDEX - Uniswap Exchange for PC and MAC

Is a Finance game developed by HEX TOYS located at 13b The Vale, London, England, W3 7SH. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Uniswap is a protocol for exchanging tokens that are ERC-20 Ethereum. It eliminates trusted intermediaries and unnecessary forms of rent extraction, allowing for fast, efficient trading. Where it makes tradeoffs decentralization, censorship resistance, and security are prioritized. Uniswap is software that is open-source under GPL.

This is the Uniswap community APP brought to you by HEX.TOYS

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How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the UniDEX - Uniswap Exchange.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download UniDEX - Uniswap Exchange for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Just started using uni and I'm living it. So excited about the potential of decentralized exchanges. And uni is leading the way.
Appears to be a very good App. The interface is ok and runs transactions and transfer smoothly. For now i rate it 4 🌟
Ads removed. Everything fine, for now. ============================================ Ads every click. R U SERIOUS? What a money monger, this should not be in commercial app.
It worked but kept switching me to staking platform, very confusing. Needs to be a little more user friendly especially those new to crypto. Wish you all the best though.
So much potential ... guys if you could simplify the user experience and enhance the visuals I'm sure this app would increase exponentially. There's surely a massive market of "non-techy" users who would love to trade altcoins who are put off by this kind of difficult to use app. Someone's gonna come along with a user friendly app that's gonna be giant.
I installed this app last week. When trying to convert ETH into another coin I couldn't find the coin via search so I gave up but had already attempted to connect to my metamask wallet. I woke up the next morning and 10k was stolen from my wallet. Buyer beware. If I don't hear from customer service soon I'll be contacting the authorities. Life savings, gone!
This app is ridiculous.. can't even get a coin typed in to the search bar before it routes you to some stupid add. Once you click off of it it just sends you to another page..and then back to "please rate this app".. unbelievable! Negative starsπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Two weeks waiting period, having to open other accts to trade on it, waiting two week for nothing I guess don't know if I trade on it, but to be fair I havent used it but not to a good start. Should be a one stop shop not having to open two accts
People want to buy or sell on your exchange. There shows no buttons to buy or sell. It doesn't show that it is an exchange where someone could buy, sell, or exchange. How strange! Actually a horrible site. I was told to buy some cryptocurrency at Uniswap, but this site sells nothing. Wow.
Scam! All my funds disappeared after using this app. Not the real uniswap. I never gave my keys to anyone, yet I connect my metamask wallet to unidex and funds from both wallets gone a few weeks later.
1 second and already opened google play to tell me to download an app. Exactly 0 seconds of use before I uninstalled. Not a chance...
Great experience on buying tokens that's not listed on the top exchanges yet. Nothing better than getting in early and making gains.
I have used before and made transactions but lately I get all the way past the gas fees. I have enough for that but after I hit the "pay" button it just sits there! I have tried many pairs and can't get a transaction to work
My experience has not been the best. My suggestion is...Do Not have any problems with the Exchange because there is no one to help you. I attempted to contact them regarding an issue and I haven't heard from anyone from Uniswap. SAD!!!
Super user friendly. When I want to explain to some one what digital currency is, I open UNIswap as a persuasive visual aid. I have educated 32 people with the app. Thank you much!!!
App kept sending push notifications every other day to rate the app so I rate the app to stop annoying notifications. Then it starts sending push notifications about claiming my $50 uni tokens but when I tried to claim them it says I have no unclaimed tokens and I cant stop those annoying messages. Update: tried to give the app another shot and I completly hate it more than ever. - push spam for daily give aways - opening app instantly opens play store for more trash. Avoid at all costs (-5*)
For someone that doesn't know much, this is hard to understand. It's alot more like Kyber and less like Coinbase. I am going to try it out anyway as it offers better defi options than Compound. Compound is also very simple.
Good DeX app over all my only issue is that since the least few days everytime I'm lunching the uni app it looks like it will lunch the app then all of the sudden it opens Crypto. Com app instead. Very weird if anyone could help?
This app infuriates me. If I wanted to open Staker I would have opened that from the app drawer. Stop forcing me to open a different app every time I open UniDEX. This is borderline AdWare. Other than that, decent for using UniSwap.
Not sure if I like it yet, giving it 5 stars because I'm going to be optimistic, but really on here because uniswaps still dumpy And it's discouraging. So I'm being optimistic
Uniswap is great but what really needs fixing is the simplicity of ETH fees before mass adoption is even contemplated. I know there is no control of price of ETH fees but need it simplifying to stop never ending pending or failing transactions even if your wallet is set to fast and higher slippage. The average user does not know how to alter gas in etherscan which I feel is giving more advanced users an edge over novices. This may be out of uniswaps hands but the whole process needs addressing.
stopped working with trust wallet. can approve tokens and do transactions. Great idea but i was charged 3 time fee with eth for 1 transactions.. Still have some bugs to fix, also only for erc20 network, expensive to work with... I use it for coins i can't get anywhere else. No limit order, live next to the screen.. Lol. Gratful i found trade platform.
Unable to connect to wallet from Metamask app. Metamask side able to authenticate, but Uniswap shows a blank screen.
Still kind of buggy always auto opens staker app pretty annoying but im sure they'll fix it all then I'll change to 5 stars
Uniswap Exchange is fantastic for converting Ethereum to ERC-20 Tokens or ERC20 Tokens to ETHEREUM. Ensure your wallet has Ethereum before you SWAP and link your wallet. Then choose your token with the correct contract address (can be found on Etherscan or CoinGecko, etc. ) Voila! You have successfully swapped for a token that is now stored in your wallet.
πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ€©Uniswap the BEST and EASIEST Exchange that I have ever used in Crypto, and if you're just get started in cryptocurrency this is your spot Yes it might cost a little extra in gas fees but A SMALL PRICE FOR THE AGGRAVATION IT WILL SAVE UπŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ’£πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ€©
I carried out a swap on the 2nd of September and just missed the 400uni airdrop. The app however alerts me everyday to check my unclaimed uni which I tried many times but even though etherscan says successful transaction, uniswap does not show any transactions. A little disappointed but have faith in v3
Can't find most the coin I want I hv to look for like it like am doing an alltimate search I would I prefere to have a search box where i can search from the very 1st page what am r looking for
Every time I try to connect a wallet I get an unknown URL scheme error. Can't really use the app at all. EDIT - Fortmatic & Metamask work fine but it won't let me connect to my Coinbase account :(
This one of worst apps i have ever installed on my phone!!! I have Samsung galaxy s20 ultra 5g.. White screen the phone when you connect any kind of wallet.. I tried it on 2 different wallets account one was medimask and the other one was trust wallet does the same thing!!! White screen screen of death!!! Hopefully they fixed the bar soon!!!!
Push notifications for another ap called stacker ,plus it's not the trusted uniswap ap you were searching for.
Doesnt open anything unless the white screen displayed when opened is its only function which 2 stars would be 2 much πŸ‘Ž
I personally havent had any problems with the app. It does everything i want it to do when i need it to do it lol and it exchanges what i need to. Yuhp that empty promis of $5 pmo too hahaha gotta put cash in in order to get bonus measly $5USD. Sort it out and just give it if its free bruh. Free is free not on conditions.
V2 are very difficult in terms of swapping transaction and always failed even if you change the slippage tolerance ..please fix it.
It's really confusing and the GAS price is ridiculous. Why would anybody ever waste coins chasing a token regen the gas is half
Unintuitive, unusable. Cant even connect coinbase account without error code, lags and crashes, pop-ups. I want to like this app, but currently cannot.
Uniswap is by far my favourite Dex. Although I know it's not Uniswaps fault, it's the current gas fees due to a slow scaling Etherium network that taint the experience, hence 4 stars.
This app is too slow and more over fake I received notifications of claim uni coin but every time I want to claim this app hang up please work on it so I can claim my coin
This app is a nightmare, it's hard to connect to a wallet, it's hard to find a token, it's hard to find an app for some tokens...and if u r lucky to find those u can't make a trade because price impact too high, not enough fees that u can't adjust, not enough liquidity, not enough everything. Why this garbage is so popular?!!! Even worse if u use Metamath ( complete garbage! ) , Trust wallet 100 times better!
I use "Kiwi Browser" on Android with Uniswap and it works great! Kiwi allows for google chrome extensions, which most android browsers do not have this feature. =)
It's great, but it's laggy and slow. Don't think it's my connection as other apps are responsive. Moving screen to screen takes seconds. Give it a shot tho, great app if you have patience
I would like to rate this app higher but it just appears as a white screen on my Pixel 3. Any help on how to fix this would be appreciated
I found uniswap very easy right to my wallet not leaving my assets on an exchange having to move them later is great. Most of all thank you for the 400 uni token air drop
When try to open the 'app', it redirects to another app, 'staker'. Very much annoying, clear the problem immediately. Today also, to my disappointment, it keeps redirecting to 'staker'.
Need some improvements and development work to make it more accessible for all wallets, but for now it's ok
App keeps going to blank page and will not refresh every time when connecting to Trust wallet! Too frustrating to use!
Revising my review to one star. Tired of bate and switch notification to receive $50. It's for referrals and notification keeps repeating.
Absolute garbage app. Blocks confirm button with exact same fb ad, and x to close the ad is the size of the tip of a nail. Redundant. Completely frustrating!! I took the time to write this review because the app will not let me past ad to complete my order. Buyer BEWARY!!
Eager to try it out. Review on a neutral level and from overall reviews...to be updated soon with personal experience and usage.
This app gave us over $1000 via airdrop! This is the greatest app ever. Its simple, sophisticated and even my grandma can use it. Great job Uniswap Team. What's next?
App kept sending push notifications every other day to rate the app so I rate the app to stop annoying notifications. Then it starts sending push notifications about claiming my $50 uni tokens but when I tried to claim them it says I have no unclaimed tokens and I cant stop those annoying messages. This on top of having one of the most confusing interfaces Ive ever seen in an app. Plus the unicorn icon makes it feel very unprofessional and amateurish.
Nice exchange. Have to be smart with trades because the gas fees are high but great idea with an easy interface.
Lately I am mezmering with white clear background seems a little bit frustrating now I need to claim those 50$ maybe I think
Had some issues with it crashing on my phone. In turn, I didn't receive the airdrop. Bummed me out. Now I have it figured out though, so I'm interested to try it.
As soon as the app opens you get kicked to the play store to an app called shapewallet, which is irritating in and of itself. But on top of that you also have to put up with a ton of in app adverts every couple of minutes. It makes the app almost unusable. Will be sticking to the browser version until this travesty of an app is sorted out.
CORRUPTED - when opening the app = it instantly opens "Google Playstore to the "Staker app" - beware it is infected!!!!! Edit/Update BEWARE there is legal actions pending - this is NOT a legitimate exchange! Uninstall & RUN! ... Don't risk your private information let alone your money with this scam... my god.
Pretty good just slow sometimes an I like the token an all it has escpeally with the crypto games I play had them all.
This app kept sending push notifications asking me to claim my UNI +$50 and there's no place to locate the gift or the notification itself. Awful!!
Very poor can't even connect to my wallet talk more of running a transaction thats so poor plus the high gas fee.
First coinbase wallet would error constantly and now the fees are so high I can't even trade it for a different coin or even back to the previous wallet. Black holed.
Every 10min they will keep send you notifications did you claim 50$ from their affiliate ofcourse it's not free you have to do some transactions. However this app is more like getting referrals than a useful app.
This App is simply cool but I do have difficulty to Swap some tokens, it will be showing 'Invalid session' anytime I want to 'Confirm Swap' what could happen please.
Slow and sluggish, functionality is not intuitive, toggle over descriptions would help improve confidence in the app tremendously.
Great for beginners and seasoned traders looking for what type of access you get when you switch from iPhone to Samsung a lot more control and a lot less restrictions on what you can or are allowed till do with you own money / product
This app is spammy, and launches you into telegram every time you open it. It also fakes ad clicks or implements awful patterns to coerce you into clicking an ad
So hard to use. Miner fees cost more than your trade itself sometimes. It took forever for me to connect my wallet and when I made a swap, it took the Miner fee from me and DIDNT make the swap.
Never got 5 bucks. Sick and tired of chasing empty promotional promises. Why does Play store and telegram open EVERY time I use the app??? I swear I downloaded uniswap. Then when I signed up for HEX staking uniswap suddenly became unidex. UNINSTALL
This app is almost as promising as custycoin. Bitcoin is decent, but custycoin and phriendztoken are the best. Do not take Bill Gate's vaccines.
I just opened this app.havent used it for more than literally 15 second. Should rate 2 states bug Ive heard go things
This is one of the most useless app I've used, I just don't understand it and so I won't require it for anyone cause it's just a waste of time and resources and also trading your data for nothing
Well. I've tried hard to get this to work. But I'm not getting something, plus its beens weeks and I never get an email to verify my address. So until it's a little more user friendly I'm moving on.
Crashes constantly as soon as i want to connect a wallet, it doesn't work at all. Very displeased with the app, not user-friendly at all, and crashing constantly can barely open it. Downloaded it 2 or 3 days ago too :)