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Unique VPN | Fast VPN Proxy

Unique VPN | Fast VPN Proxy for PC and MAC

Is a Tools game developed by ITRAYS OÜ Develop located at Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, 10151, Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
The most effective free VPN that is limitless proxy android, secure you connection & stay safe

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Unique VPN | Fast VPN Proxy.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Unique VPN | Fast VPN Proxy for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Unique VP lives up to its name! Way easier to do the other VP app I tried, and there is no time limit to use it so the ads don't bother me at all!
Its wonder and exactly such as its name its unique . I love it easy to work estable for long time ,quickly connect and fast work
working great earlier but after 15 minutes and the store I'm using store Wi-Fi people are everywhere places the place is packed you shut off on me not sure what the issue is love and kisses Pop's patches and Bella
Used to be good, but now it has only 3 region so don't go with the images it has only 3 common countries.
The most satisfying feature of this VPN is that it wouldn't be disconnected after some time and would try to reconnect if you get disconnected. For me who needs to always be connected to a VPN this has been a great help
really satisfying, no sticking bothering ads,connects instantly and does work properly plus it's stable. Worth a try. GoodJob 👍
Excellent for it being free it works great and I have tried other VPN and not one of them has come close to unique vpn.
I like this Vpn. It actually works no disconnection. I have it now for about 2 weeks. Great so far. I highly recommend it.
So far good. Tried vpnify also. Was good first but lagging began after a while. Hope this one doesn't put me down
More than four years I have to use from different vpn. But I never seen and used the vpn how much matches that details together like unique. Names, logo, performance are amazing incredible. Thanks
It was real simple to set up and to use. And completely satisfied and have not had any problems as of yet.
writing only can express how unique this vpn is, as it name implies. this vpn is the best, i mean the greatest anonymous vpn ever!!! cant stop loving it....... i love - love it
It worked nice but since I rated it as 5 star it didn't work anymore!!! So I came hear again and changed the rate by giving it just 1 star...
Ive been installed for few days ,its the best vpn with fast connect ...pleast always be like this at all🙏‼️
I work with differents apps but they does not work wel but unique VPN is the best and i suggest it to every one
Perfect VPN out there. What thrills me most about this VPN app is the speed of internet connection without lagging. Thanks to the developers.
It is Really a Unique VPN! And not just in one detail or two, but in everything that I need and want ⚡⭐⚡
Page loading is very slow. It takes a long time for 20% to 100%. I hope this feedback can cause developers to fix it. Such overloading will only make users feel negative. Maybe I think that after updating, you can remove the loading progress to re-enter the new way quickly, or fine-tune his loading. Thank you
It used to work really well but now when I open the app it stays on 20%. I've tried using other internet and uninstalling and installing again but it's still the same.
I have several VPN I installed it, but after a while they were down, but this app VPN It still connects very well. I hope it will always work like this connected to social networks that have been filtered.Thanks to the creators of this app and its developers👍
One of the best... But it doesn't work anymore... For me at least. At the beginning it just stops on 20% and doesn't go in the app anymore.
Amazing and really perfect VPN i have ever seen. Fast and powerful Thanks developer for the app. The name is match it's function which is secure,fast trustable. Nice graphic and easy to use with no any difficulty. I used many of VPN in the past and found the unique much more better than others. Comparing is giving the developers more interest to love what their done for the people which make them happy and these feels actually means self satisfaction for the maker and/or developer Thanks a lot
I have several VPN I installed it, but after a while they were down, but this app VPN It still connects very well. I hope it will always work like this connected to social networks that have been filtered.Thanks to the creators of this app and its developers👍Why servers for me are 6 countries?
Hi, the filter breaker has been running for some time and it does not work, it can be said that it is completely inefficient.
For my opinion,this is very nice vpn I'd ever try,,except to other vpn,,some vpn that I try Automatic disconnected,,but when I try this unique vpn,,I'd never experienced anything error or disconnect, two thumps up,,thank you,,
This app works every time and it's free. Beats all the other paid apps. I would give it 6 stars if I could. Just amazing!
Thank you very much for provider, It was really very good. I enjoy it very much. It is really fast and excellent.
Wasn't sure about it at first but it turns out to be the best vpn I've used so far and I will totally recommend it
This app doesn't work properly in my phone become available for 4 hours up to now, why? What is problem? Please tell me the solution.
This Vpn is so fast tried other vpns so slow mostly slow. I'd also like to ask is unique VPN available for windows 10?
I am extremely pleased with Unique VPN. I have tried, I'm guessing, 8 to 10 different free vpns and they all had their shortcomings, low latency, lag, just kicking me off it was always something. I have been using unique VPN for approximately one month now. And in that month I have experienced not a single issue with this service. And I especially want to thank the makers and providers of this app. Thank you very much for providing a free service and quality app. Makes a big difference to me.
I was introduced to Unique VPN by a friend. It's ok, easy to set up, works fine and it's free to air but hates the ads pop up. The app will make a greater sense if developers can deactivate the ads pop up. Thank you 👍
Honestly really happy of using this because there were some apps that I wasn't able to download but now because of this VPN I was able to do so. So thanks to the creators and really keep up the good work😊. But on the down side it's the adverts, really annoying
Just installed. First impression was good. No complaints . ... Keeping one star for subsequent review.
It's overall too slow that it is almost same as not working at all Barely opens some sites and apps but for example too slow for YouTube or game
It was awesome! But it's been a while that after connecting, internet doesn't work the I disconnect it.
Fantastic app. Don't have to Start it up. Always on until you turn the App off. Wish the VPN connected automatically.
Hey try this app if you dont want to be followed around. It if you dont want one of those accidental ad pop up on your phone and then you have your girlfriend asking you questions and you didnt think about well I need to hide my tracks of appears your searchs are and dont give your girlfriend access to your google or your facebook or you can have a long lasting bad joke played on you.
This app is very useful and helpful I recommend it to every one I see and this app deserves the best rating in my opinion
Fastest and best vpn i have right now. Thank you for making it free for us. I just discovered that India server usually doesnt work however still 5★ for great preformence with other servers.
This app gets connected real quick & dont show any problem other vpn apps have been showing. So far Im satisfied with its function 100%.
I like this app a lot I would recommended it has been working flawlessly well you guys just did an update and you screwed the app up 4 1/2 star down to a two star the app isn't opening up like it used to do you have to open it 2 or three times gets open up right also the adds have doubled
the only thing which i can say, is that: It's a perfect app, it doesn't have somany ads, it doesn't disconnent easily.
I have never seen a filter breaker like this before! It is the best of its kind. Thanks to the creator of this program ✔️
awsome vpn,i hope so this app continues it's path and improve much better ,and never close and crash and it's speed increase every time
Just started using it so don't have anything bad to say about but also nothing impressive to rant on about
It's very fast. I'm so satisfied to install it.enjoy and offer it to every body want to have free access to the world. Thank you! And Keep going...😉
Its a great VPN , ads are inappropriate like they should be 17+ , but the VPN is great , connects really fast .
It's the best vpn i have ever use. Thank's to all of producers, designers and enhancers. Good job . Perfect app.
Hands down the absolute best free VPN I've ever used I've used! I have tried six or seven different kinds they all had issues ads, connecting slow... Unique VPN does have ads but they don't force it down your throat and they have never been slow thank you Unique VPN
To be honest. This is the same vpn app that I have been following for a long time! And whay? because it connects fast, it has fast and easy servers with no ads in the middle of working with vpn, and most importantly it works with weak internets. This is one of the best vpns I have ever used. And I hope it gets better.
Best vpn . Excellent speed without disconnecting ! it would be complete if it have an option to proxy specific apps i choose and not tunneling whole device , and also wn option to kill apps automatically when vpn disconnected .then i give 5 star
It's really fast but it doesn't work for some websites. edit: now I find out that it's not secure enough.
Well at first I didn't want to give you a rating I held it off because it wasn't working for me It kept saying cannot connect, cannot connect, but I was patient and it connected finally. Now that it's connected perfect no problems so I think it wasn't your fault about the connection your problem is having an app that works good and that's where I'm at right now, it works perfect, thank you.
Haven't had a single problem since I downloaded the app 😀😀😀😊😊👍👍👍👍👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars 5 smiling faces. And 5 thumbs up Linda
Fantastic vpn app.I've been using it for a long time and I don't have any issue or complain about it.Though sometimes, my internet connection was a bit slow but I think it depends on our phone carrier or the location of area where we live in. 🙂💓💓
I wanna tell you about this VPN, like it's name this VPN is a really Unique VPN, never stop and fast and easy to work 😍 just try it and enjoy 😉
It's nice, but u should know that if u want connect every time well, you should change your region (US, UK, OPTIMIZED OR ETC)
Found the server Please wait , checking the server,trying to connect and repeat Thats all that happens since last update,it used to be better before update but now it doesn't connect even if you wait for 10 minutes straight!!!!
very great, it dosen't need pay money for have great speed and has very good spead and bether than other vpn with vip mod
Hi guys this vpn is working very well I feel my gaming performance is smooth and ping 80 to 140 nice app download right now
Excellent vpn , connects instantly and does the job, every other free vpn I've tried as given me nothing but problem s connecting , nice work guys keep it up
After a while, it gets stuck in the same front page and regiments, but before it broke down, its speed was very good.
Really High quality free vpn; get connected just in less than 3 seconds, without failing, disconnecting, etc 🌟✨Just Great ✨🌟
Good VPN, but some of the countries aren't appear in the drop down list compared to the screenshots you have in the play store, and my phone gets very hot while it's running, was it because I chose turbo as my connection type? Uninstalled.
God of VPN😇😇 I love this VPN as i love myself.😇 Believe it or not But it is really.🥰 Without internet connection i had better to die.😅 But this VPN is so bad due to showing Rate Us for many time. I cant tolerate it anymore.😡😡
STOP WORKING AGAIN ON SONY AND SAMSUNG. Excluded from system task killer but still this vpn doesn't stay active. Hard to tell if this vpn is staying active or even working and battery drain. NEXT!
It's a good vpn,it's fast but my problem is that when I connect with this vpn my Google wont open and the another problem is that some of the ad's do not have exit button and I most completely close the app and re open it
This is the 1st time I am trying a free VPN app & the only thing I keep having to remember to do is to 'connect'. It was always automatic .. but I am starting to realize when I don't see the 'Key' icon next to the 'wifi icon .. go to the app icon & connect😉 I love this & am very appreciative🤑 thankyou Unique VPN🙃
It's a very very nice nice app, get it, and i promise you will never regret doing so, and secondly to the developers you need to add more location to it.
Great vpn but sometimes got ping 968 overall very great vpn, my friend recommended this app and select Singapore network
To date, this VPN provider has more than lived up to it's descript. I will gladly recommend it to friends and family. Truly a keeper.
حرف نداره،واقعا عالی،دمتون گرم،سرعت بیست،راحتی بیست،ایول ۵ستاره واسش کمه
واسه ما که گیر داده میگه بایستی نظرتو بگی وگرنه مادرتو...میبینمو بهش میگم،منم از ترس مامانی پنج ستاره میدم،ولی خارسازندشو با سوزن در آوردم خداییش خارش خار بوده ها
bugs fixed!! yeh that's big lie after 3 time updated bugs grow up! I do not recommend using it at all.
For the first time use in Iran Country With Unlimited Internet Filters, This app Just Connect In Turbo Mode, With Stable Mode Couldn't Connect
حرف نداره،واقعا عالی،دمتون گرم،سرعت بیست،راحتی بیست،ایول ۵ستاره واسش کمه.خیلی عالیه،خیلی خوووووووووب
Your app is clearly infected. An hour of using your app & all kinds of weird screens, error msgs, and know that i deleted your app, and back to my original.. no issues. By far the worst app ive ever tried to be honest.