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VideoLeap - Video Editor - Film Photo Editor

VideoLeap - Video Editor - Film Photo Editor for PC and MAC

Is a Photography game developed by Analog Camera - Photo Editor - Filter Film Picture located at London, England. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.3 and up.
Video Leap Editor - Photo Editor is the most movie that is powerful & slideshow editor application on Android. Create, edit Video Editing to your project from your Android device

Whether you want to make artistic, Hollywood-level films or simply share memories and funny moments with friends, Video Leap is a breakthrough video editor just for you.

Movie making pros can take advantage of powerful editing that is high-end. Beginners and user that is casual have fun cutting and combining clips simply, intuitively and on-the-go.

Edit movies or create videos for Instagram with pro video that is quality tools. Add effects that are video filters, adjustment, stickers, frames, overlays and more to create beautiful movies.

Download Enlight Video Leap now and start creating videos that are amazing.

Movie Editing Tools

• 200+ selected professional filters.

• Trimming Tool

• Cropping Tool

• Adjustment (Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation, Clarify, Shadows, Exposure...)

• Unlimited undo/redo.

• 60+ overlays.

• 60+ frames.

• Add text to& photo. that is video

• Style your text

• Brush

• Blur

• Unique, adjustable film filters for every moment.

Creative Cinematic Compositions

• Mix videos & images together to create double exposures and artistic looks.

• Layer-based editing! Add videos, effects, text and images then reorder them however you like.

• Customize layers with transformation, masking, and blending modes.

Download Video Leap now and wow the videos to your followers you’ll create and edit on iPhone!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the VideoLeap - Video Editor - Film Photo Editor.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download VideoLeap - Video Editor - Film Photo Editor for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
It's ok whenever I try to blur it works but it's all wrong I export it and I cant play it back fix this bug. Add a pause button, and videos play fast with a slow audio
I have android phone,and if i out the blur effect it just glittched i try it again and it happen again.. please fix this.. ty
Whenever i try to add blur focus, it either loads until 25.5 or 55.0 and then stops. Or it will load all the, say that it saved to my gallery, but then when i go to check my gallery its not there. I have tried over 20 times. Please fix it. I am doing 3 stars for now until it gets fixed. If it doesnt get fixed within the next few days, im deleting it. Thank u
I give it a 3 because sometimes the video goes fast and sound I edit and it say on gallery but it isn't there.
Did they remove editing options? I keep seeing people make really cool videos on tiktok and everyone says they're using this app. But this doesn't have ANY of the editing options they show in tutorials. I even paid for premium (and it still asks me to upgrade even after purchasing it?). Weird. I'm disappointed, especially because the website still has tutorials up for editing options that aren't even available.
I'll give it a 2 star for now because its very glichly are like when I put the blur on it just pixilats and its so annoying Im so sad but it would so cool if you can fix it please and thanks
This app is amazing for pictures but very boring for videos so I don't understand the whole name "videoleap". I wanted to edit my dance videos but I have been disappointed so it's just two stars for me
I don't even know if this is a fake app or not. I tried to go on to this app but then my screen suddenly turned white without even loading!! Please fix this.
I'm using this app for blurring and it isn't working when I export it and it says "saved to you gallery" it doesn't appear in my gallery please fix it!!
I would rate this a 5, but whenever I wanna blur a video It says saved to camera roll but then I got there and I don't see the video so I think this app needs a little update for this, but It's a very good app!💕
I would give this 5 starts if it actually worked. I only isntalled this app for focus, but whenever i use that effect, the screen keeps blacking out and it crashes. Also, the audio slows down. So, i just thought "Maybe it'll work if i just save it" But no. When i saved it, nothing showed. What a waste of my tine and storage. 😐
The app was very good, I didn't have any problems until now... I export the video and when I'm going to my gallery it doesn't exist! I tried it a thousand times and it didn't work, pls fix it.
I have KINE, Power Director, etc. & this is as basic an app u can get. Filters n frames, overlays toyish. Some may want simply basic. I don't
It's so good! If there sre any fanpafes here I want them to know that the blur on the sides from Prequel that is not avalible on Android is here too. Love this app! Really good for editing videos.
I gave this a 5 star this is so good it helps you edit good without even messing up but sometimes if it doesn't export you need to close it and open it back up again so this app is really good
this app is so bad i just got it and when i open the app all i see is white . my whole screen turns white and nothing happens ! pls fix this problem
I say 4/10, why? Cause this app is great but when i use the brush first it did great! But then when i use the brush again it basicly makes the left side black... But great app tho 😁
I just downloaded the app, and all I see is a white screen with an ad at the bottom. Ive restarted it, ive even uninstalled it. Nothing.
Each time I try to do an overlay, it closes the app and brings me back to the start and makes me redo my whole edit. Please fix this.
Up-sides about this app: - Edit a simple quick video - Ideal for short mini videos around 50 seconds to 4 minutes - one of the very few android editors to have a chroma key feature Down-sides about this app - to much promotion to buy upgraded version - watermarks - 5 minute video limit - chroma key is quite sloppy - exporting takes forever - sometimes it pauses/freezes & kicks you out the editor
These apps are the best!!! A little expensive when you want all 3 apps I can only afford to subscribe to 1 but i want all 3!! Apart from that, these are the best editing apps for creative photo and video effects ever!!
EXCUSE me? Okay idk why but I feel like right after I done a good edit now I'm having the same problems as other people,audio is wonky,it said "saved to your gallery" but it actually hasnt if u dont fix this I will complain. -by Tohin Aman
It's Good I use this For my VHS Tapes This App I good the reason for 4 Stars comes from a weird Glitch when you log on and Work it Fills it so I log out and join back in an fixed.
This is a very great app for me!the filters texas everything ,there's only two things that bother me,first one is when I share my edits to my friends they can't open it,second is like u to add over pics on videos!i don't need the glitter over lay i just need to over lay a pic so I'd suggest u add over lay pics on video or video on pictures se we can resize it and move it,but overall this is the best app i ever used for editing video with texts and stickers!
Ugh what can u get in this app? When i download this app o thought it was so good but it was soooo horrible and gross and when i save my vid and when I'll add blur to my vid and I'll save the fu- theres nothing in my gallery pls fix whats happening in this fu**ing app- Sorry for talking SO ANGRYYYYY
this app is really laggy as what I meant laggy I meant: I only use this app for the blur nothing else but when I try it keeps flickering and whatever pops up on my phone it flickers with it.It should be fixed because it's an editing app not an flickering app that all
The screen won't load it's just a blank white screen and I can't do anything. Please help me and tell me what to do to fix it. Thanks!
It's very good for editing, but it's limiting that you can only edit it as a whole and not edit certain parts seperate from the rest, if you can, please add this option.
Whatever you do don't get this app. Overall I would say it is bad the only thing it's good for is the focus filter oh and there is nothing on there to add any sounds or do green screen or anything like that. It makes itself look like a YT vid editor but it's not I would give it 0 stars but I cant
I really liked this app cause it did the blur. Now it won't when I edit it it won't even load. I can't believe I liked this app. Please fix this glitch! As a fanpage it made editing videos really easy!!
I have been using this app for a couple weeks now, and it was really good untill the sound went really slow on one of my edits and the video went fast, this was really annoying as its my favourite editing app. Please fix this issue!!
Trash App I payed 2.99 for the all features and it will not let me access it. When i press restore purchase. It does not give me the money back
Is really basic doesn't work the same as on an iPhone for editing videos, I think I prefer Inshot. Maybe this have more creatives filters for editing photos.
Its a Very. and im saying a VERY good app but the problem is that when i put blyr on the video it has black lughts turn on and off udk why but plz check it and get rid of it.
It won't load at all. I open the app and it stays on a white screen. I tried letting it load, and an hour later, there was nothing.
When I bought it I thought it was the other videoleap turns out it was a fake videoleap I even bought unlock all but what I unlocked is only more background things also I wanted to my tiktoks and also text can't be revised such a scam
I could have put 5stars but when I try to make my video blurry I save it and then I go to put other things on it and it just says 0 second video
It's very nice I love video leap Very funny application I love it so much I do what ever I want with it So I'm gladly say video leap is the best application ever
It's a good app for blurring, I've been using this for a while now. But now whenever I try to edit a video now, the audio plays all wonky and the video goes fast, even if I try exporting it, it says "Error loading media" I even tried restarting my phone, then uninstalling and installing again. Still won't work :( I'm quite sad but hopefully it's just a little glitch that can be fixed.
Don't downland it if you are reading this It is just a white screen the reviews are bots .worst app everr 😠😠😠
When I open the app, it's just a white screen with an ad at the bottom. It won't load, I don't know if I have to wait at that screen for long but it's ridiculous.
Paid for app and doesn't give me the features, went back to the page and charged me again. Still don't have access to the extra I've paid twice for.
This is a 1 star for this pasific reason. The reason is that when I opened it for the first time all it was, was this awful glitchy app with all of the “take photo”,“edit photo”,and shop. It had this awful background with all the colors glitched. I downloaded this app cause my sister was teaching me to blur and I said “ok let me try!” and this is what pops up. This is very upsetting cause I am a fan page and literally EVERYBODY is bluring. can you fix this glich please?
I love it a lot because of how many options it has and you dont have to pay for a lot of it and its rlly cool
Obviously a rip off of the real VideoLeap, it's still good but the massive VideoLeap Logo is distracting, all around decent quality though.
This is a very good app I've been looking for blur for my fanpage on tiktok and this is a perfect app to use
Very basic. I was looking for the Videoleap App that's apparently only for iPhone to mix and mask videos together. This just gives simple filters and edits.
It wont let me save the videos for some reason it's annoying me if this ain't fixed quickly I will delete this app thx
This app is really good, i use it for adding blur at the bottom of videos for my tiktok fanpage. Maybe try making the exporting process shorter because sometimes the videos i put are very short but when i export them it takes a long time, other then that amazing app.
1 star because I'm trying to make an edit that I saw on a social media app and it works for everyone but me it shows in the pictures where explains the app what it has but when I open the app it says take a photo edit photo edit video if I press edit video then it just makes me adjust the filter
I always use it for my Instagram videos, stories, reels and IGTV. A paid the PRO version and it is well paid.
Bruh I can't even edit my video it keeps kicking me out it doesn't even say it's an issue I just I click on a video and then nothing literally nothing I watched a video about how good this was no way think it's literally lying I thought this was going to be good for my starting Channel could you please wake just fix it I don't even know how to use and everything out this is my first one I don't know if it's just an issue for me but it's an issue and it needs to be fixed
The app is good but there is a few problems The app glitches A LOT that is definitely something to fix But other than that It's honestly okay....
The effects don't work . I tried to save a video after saving affects on it only to realize that the filters did not save on the video. Waste of storage DO NOT GET THIS APP
Trash. nothing but trash, i thought it was going to be a good app but when i added focus on a video and waited for it to load, and when it finally 'saved' to my camera roll it said the video couldnt play and i tried it three times but nothing. i dont even know why i have any expactions, i will wait a few days to see if it gets fixed if it doesnt im deleting the app right away. Im sorry if the person reading this feels hurt but if you dont want bad rewievs you need ti prove yoyr Gosh dang app😐
I have an Android so I tried downloading it but it doesn't load in , I just see a glitched screen . It can't be my phone because it's been like this for months . Unbelievable.
No stars because when I opened the app it shows up only white I will definitely delete the app today until I wait for it to update please update this app
It works good. But when I use it sometimes the video doesn't show. It doesnt save. It's like when I saved it from the app I went to my camera roll and it showed as of the video was deleted. I even tried it on multiple different devices. And didnt work. Get this fixed .
Its ok but people on tiktok are saying to edit audios you have to download this so I pressed edit video cause ir scored the music and all it is is basically the volume and etc theres no editing at all theres only filters which annoys me
Paid for the full app because it said tons of other features were unlocked. Nope. Nothing different at all. No more features for video editing. Just removed the ads. What a waste of money. Wish I could get a refund as I will be deleting this app.
This app took forever to load. This app I thought would be a quick and easy way to edit photos. I was very wrong. It took at least 5 minutes or more to load.
Great editor for single photos or videos but lacks some basic features. No control over jpg quality or video size, no control over export folder. Can only trim videos, not split/cut or merge. But for what it is, nice clean interface and works ok.
So I open this app for the first time and noting just a white color I uninstall and reinstall and still the same thing I will keep on trying till I get it to work but for now I will give this app one star
..■—1rst☆ for a few different reasons. Reason●Number1:The full version has no additional features●Number2: The frames are skewed if imported picture is 9by16(&also because theres no option for this size) At 16by9 4by3 and 3by2 frames are also stretched. ●Number3: The color picker isnt the exact color that it selects/no opacity control/blending ■—2nd☆ because I cant control placement of overlays, even the good overlays mess up some pictures because their placement. Price is good $2.99 1time buy
Terrible. Absolute Garbage. I downloaded this app because of the focus option, which I needed. When I selected the video, the preview vid around the middle/top of the screen was going fast and the audio was in slow motion. I thought, "Whatever, aslong as it saved correctly". I thought that because the focus feature had worked before. When I saved it to my gallery, it did not actually show. It was black and just wasted storage, no video. Very disappointed it no longer works like it used to.
Doesn't even have half of the editing features like other apps I think this is the fake version of video leap
Worst app ever, it wouldnt work and hanged my phone. The screen turned black and my phone freezed, never using this app again!
I love it I like to make edits so when I go on here I edit my videos and pictures and they turn out great this is a really good app ☺️
This app was good until this morning. Every time i make a video it speeds up then doesn't save to my phone. If this isn't fixed in 2 days im deleting the app. Thanks now good bye.
I was really excited to use this app then when I chose a video the video was playing fast and the audio was slowed down. I then tried to add the focus effect on and the video starting flickering I just saved and thought it would work and when I saved it I looked for it in my gallery and it wasn't there I thought that there was something wrong with the video when I saved it but there was nothing wrong with it please fix this glitch if it doesn't work in 4 days I'm deleting the app.
It's a really good all to edit videos and photos, and I just have one suggestion:to be able to import fonts that tou have downloaded
I would not reccomend,ot freezes everytime you want to export a video and you cant add somethong to it!AWFUL
This would be five stars but they promote they're expansion pack so many times it's annoying, but other than that videoleap is amazing. I would recommend it for for people that are new to video making! Please try it for you're self, I promise you will have some fun with it!
This app is the most worst app ever.Why cant you just blur a background please fix this im a fanpage on tiktok amd nothing works as a blur.Thank you see this please fix it if not.Im deleteing this app right away.
I am disappointed!!!!! When ever I try and blur My videos it keeps on glitching. Rubbish do not download it will waste your time 🙄😡😠🤬
It is a very good bluring app. I started to use it a few times, then it started gliching and the video was going so fast. I looked in my pictures, and the video was glitching and wouldn't load. But for a few times, it works really good.
It works good. But when I use it sometimes the video doesn't show. It doesnt save. It's like when I saved it from the app I went to my camera roll and it showed as of the video was deleted. I even tried it on multiple different devices. And didnt work. Horrible app. get this fixed .
I love the app so much! It helps me with the blur. Sometimes the app is down but other than that its amazing, and did I mention there are NO ads!!
When I am going to add the blur it is starting to do a flash, and the spead is also bad. When I am going to export it says something like error. Pls fix this😊
Vita app is better I prefer Vita app it's even easier to edit with I am giving this app1/100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
This app has many features like blurring & stuff but it won't always import. Also you can't save drafts...so if it doesn't import I can start over...over again !!! Its really disappointing, plsss fix it 😭
When i entered the game everything was white and nothing else i waited for a looooooooonnnggg time but still white
Its exelent i love this app i mix with intro makers for it and i made some awsome vidieos for yt on my phone of coure i use it on my tablet and it kind lags and it takes a while to export tho but after sll its realy awsome il give it four stars for it taking to long to export but still very good app indeed try it outand vidieo leap pro makes it a 4 still very good😀😀🙂on my other account tanya jones 10 subs 2020 the other google account wont show apps 🙂its ok youtube is loged in to it tho🙂
I have been using this app for a couple weeks now, and it was really good untill the sound went really slow on one of my edits and the video went fast, this was really annoying as its my favourite editing app. Please fix this issue!! Edit: it started working better again but then the same thing happend. I have reinstalled the app multiple times. PLEASE FIX THIS!!
Its great! I am clearly making a present for my friend one day shes going to come over,i personally LOVE DIS its not as good a picshot but its great!!
This app sucks it keeps not working it kicks me out I just want to put blur on my videos I hate this app and it made my whole phone Glitching and not working like if it was some type of virus
When i ever put a video,The music gets slow and the dance is so fast.I hate this app so much,I used to love this app then it broke,So fix your app its so annoying i hate is so much
When I edited my whole video it doesn't EXPORT!!! I waiting a whole 1 hour but it was STILL loading!!!
This app is so bad as soon as I load it up it glitch up like a Tv would I can't even do anything I wouldn't recommend this app at all this app needs to be banned
BEST EDITING APP ON PLANET. Quality is great everything is and I'm a fanpage on tiktok and this works so well androids I suggest u use it.
Terrible, first it just glitches and says "take photo" "edit photo" "shop from facebook" and the background just glitches, I was trying to use this for my editing, but it wouldn't let me insert a video, this needs to be updated.
when i was about to save it to my gallery it won't let me share and save it.It is not on my gallery at all idk why its like that its not happen like that before tho
This app is amazing its helped me edit so many pictures I use this app for pretty much every thing I use pictures to make video And this helps so much! I love this
I rate this a 4 because it cost for some things, but ypu can still make beautiful pictures even more beautiful, and its AMAZING!!
This app i prefer it in blur its amazing and the blur also works with android but sometimes i download it,it doesnt come in my gallery i give it 4 stars but pls if u guys can solve this problem it would mean alot🤗🤗