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Wallery for PC and MAC

Is a Personalization game developed by toolsmaker located at 1234 Sugarfoot Lane. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Perhaps you additionally like the tradition this is certainly classic of 1980s? We now have numerous works of photography by masters.Red rising automobiles, old phonograph, and bikini. All the hopes and dreams you create, they truly are here now.

You can do everything below through CLASSIC Wallpaper:
1. Beautify vintage backgrounds to your phone.
2. Wallpapers of retro American girls, automobiles and all sorts of the sences of vintage.
3. 3-D and HD classic wallpapers for the vintage fans!
4. Besides all the vintage style wallpapers, you may try our broken display impacts and adorable emojis!

Retro designs with various unique impacts will give you the wallpaper experience that is the best!

Get all HD wallpapers by downloading.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Wallery.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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User Reviews
I just downloaded this app today so I’m not sure if it works perfectly but my first impression is that it took me right to the wallpapers, (after agreeing to the terms of use of course), it didn’t have any ads in the corners like in other apps, but it did have ads sometimes when you clicked to see the wallpapers. this still seems like a good app though. The wallpapers are very nice & aesthetic
I want to download HD wallpapers for free and I wonder mind watching ADS for them. 5 stars because of its decent look and optional ADS if you only download a top rated wallpaper.Good job Devs and Designers of WallCraft!Better than Zedge for sure!!
Why are they so expensive? Plus it said FREE walpapers, so why doea it cost hundreds. I wasted my time even downloading this. I dont think anyone would pay hundreds for a wallpaper. This would be a better app if i didnt have to pay fir the wallpapers.
I love the app so much that I had to give it a five start but one problem is I wish there was more slideshow wallpapers just because the ones that are there are getting pretty boring and I think people that brought premium are upset about that so maybe a little up to date would help but over all the app is outstanding.
i love these wallpapers, especially since so many these days don’t fit my aesthetic. i highly recommend this app to anyone who feels that the more ‘basic’ or ‘neutral’ ones are boring. not to mention, this app is extremely different for anyone who doesn’t like the conventional wallpapers or photos of things.
It want take me to the wallpapers i dont want to subscribe it cost 200$ to subscribe for a mobile app i dont and i do recommend this app cause it has cool wallpapers but you have to pqy way to much money to get every wallpaper
I love this app, but can you plz make it so we can delete things that we search? That would be awesome! Thx! Keep it up!:)
I don't even like that app at all because you cannot do is get your wallpaper just have to do is subscribe to it and that's it like serious I wish I could give it 0 Stars instead
I just installed this and I can't get off the screen of an annual $300 subscription FOR WALPAPERS!!!!!!!
DISAPPOINTED!!! this is another one of those cash grab apps where it makes you pay $200 a year for just some wallpapers. Do not install this shame of an app🤬😡😠
$200? Literally insane.. Also how is this rated at 4.5 overall? Google, are you just not counting all the people bashing the price?
I really like this app it gives really good quality wallpapers an it’s so Unique an aesthetic looking it’s beautiful I love the vibes
No access, but wanting you to pay $69 a year for access first... some people need to see before buying
Who ever made this is a complete idiot when he expects people to pay 200 dollars for a wallpaper and a bigger idiot those who pay it get a life mate and quit trying to extort people for a wallpaper
The best feature is that it lets you easily sample a wallpaper in-app without downloading it first. This is a blessing I didn’t realize I needed. I can also consider paying for this.
Developers: Please update permissions to allow us to choose between the app reading and writing to our photos to having an option to just write. I think you only use it for dupe checks, but access to photos is a privacy concern. Would be great to have the option."
Why should we have to pay for a wallpaper like that doesn't make sense that's why you give bad reviews stop making us buy stuff it's a waste of time
I got this thinking it was gonna he trash but for a simple ad it’s super high quality and fits your screen size perfectly no zooming or stretching
If they were 0 stars I would've put that. This app demands u 260$/year for a wallpaper. If u have that kind of money and want to lose it for a wallpaper go a head. I'm not sorry to say this but this app has to be banned from play store. Worst app I've ever seen in my life. Dont download this, it would just waste your time. Remember time is money.
Like this is actually legitimate garbage of an app. it literally just gives you 4 wallpapers to choose from if you don't want to subscribe like what in the hell.
You can get any wallpaper you like. If you don’t have the money. You have to watch a short video. But hey it’s up to you!
Im pissed as soon as I download it says 3 day free trial then 200 DOLLARS. A YEAR hell nah worst app ever
Waste of time, do not download it, it wants you to pay over $200 for a year just to have wallpaper that moves do not listen to the people that have five stars on this look for the ones that have one Stars
Usually I would download wallpaper apps to get scenic photos that were ok, but this app has the most (not pun intended) dope wallpapers ever. High quality. Easy user interface. The only downside is it crashes from time to time but who knows the devs will probably fix it soon. Download this app ASAP
I love this app, but can you plz make it so we can delete our search history? Other than that, I love this app! Thx! Keep it up!:)
If your 12-16 you will love it perfect not many adds and has a lot of wallpapers told everyone about it.
We have a winner. What you get it what you see. Quality app, updated often enough. My only wish is that you could get notified if your submissions are approved and maybe even have access to the data showing how many people saved or looked at it. Overall 9.999/10.
This app makes you pay $299 AUD for a single year of wallpapers. Do not download this app its a waste of time
this app is not worth that you have to pay $200 for a normal wallpaper you can get a better free app with way better wallpapers anyways this app is useless don't download it
I love this app and there are so many backgrounds to choose from! One thing I would change is that they should have create your own live backgrounds. I frequently change the background on my phone and I highly recommend this app! 😀
Honestly I think this is the best app ever to get wallpapers. I love every single one of them and I almost filled up all my storage with them. 10/10 definitely a must download.
Really good solid wallpaper app there is a really good selection that varies, it’s be pretty “dope” to get some anime wallpapers as well.
Didnt even have 100 wallpapers and they were not movable as shown in adds and everything else do not buy this if you are look for live wallpapers
This is the best for the simple fact that you don’t need to buy anything like most other wallpaper apps
This app is just a big waste of time for any teenagers reading this do not buy or waste your time you could easily get cheaper and more lock screen theme of googles theme store just another pocket pinching robbers.
After looking years for a good wallpaper app, this is incredible. Great selection, minimal adds, easy downloads.
I love this app, but can you plz make it so we can delete our search history? Can you plz give us access to all of the wallpapers for those of us that aren’t willing to pay money to have all of the wallpapers? That would be awesome! Thx! Keep it up!:)
Never have I seen before such beautiful pictures, they’re so full of life & beauty! I truly do like this app!
"I want to download HD wallpapers for free and I wonder mind watching ADS for them. 5 stars because of its decent look and optional ADS if you only download a top rated wallpaper.
Who ever thinks im gonna pay 260 per month just to use a wallpaper are surely mistaken because if youre gonna make a app free to download but pay to use just make the app itself cost money
I uninstalled this app so fast cause it requires you to pay $199.99 a year for a subscription, i dont even have money i just want some awesome free wallpapers but this app should be taken out of the app store.
I am not some to take time out of my day to write a review, although I can take the time to recognize a job well done. This app has the best wallpapers I have ever encountered. The quality and creativity of them is amazing. Definitely worth upgrading for the double wallpapers which are my favorite.
Useless don't download. Costs too much and doesn't work. No chance is it worth $260 a year. Developer needs a bullet
This is the best wallpaper app in the world just I want to be able to search pictures like anime. But remember best app ever!!
I love this app I just got it like 2 minutes ago and I love it so much if you like cute wallpapers this is the app for you they have everything love it so much
This app is horrible so horrible I do not like it it's the worst I have ever got in my phone so I deleted it never getting the Saddle Again
There is not that many kid wallpapers and I love everything else it has great wallpapers and everything elseThank u for making this app
I have tried so many wallpaper apps and all of theme want u to pay for the app after u download it but this app is totally free.
Honestly, this is the best wallpaper/screensaver app I have ever used. Great free wallpapers, and the ones that are locked can be unlocked by an ad. I never rate apps, but thought this one was for sure worth it.
"Free wallpapers" completely false statement. It's $199.99 / year. Yea, 200 bucks a year. For wallpapers? Nope
Extremely good quality wallpapers, and Live wallpapers 4k, totally worth it. It looks soo cool and amazing 👌👌 keep it UP.
They have good wallpaper and especially you don’t have to watch ads to get your wallpaper,well they have ads but like only 5-10(you don’t have to watch ads to get your wallpaper,so that’s good)?❤️?you should download this
The editing option on all of the wallpapers is innovative and immersive. Favorite wallpaper app by far.
This is not what it showed on the add, first I have to sign up to get in then I had to pay $199 for it!!! This is not worth it
This wallpaper app is about the best your going to get out of the live wallpaper game I will most definitely recommend it to my friends
SOMEONE THINKS TOO HIGHLY OF THEIR ABILITIES CAUSE OVER $250 PER YEAR??? WHO WOULD EVER BUY THAT. I can't believe I even downloaded this for a second. I dont care how good those wallpapers are, its definitely not worth it. Its not worth $5 let alone hundreds.
This app is amazing. Before it I was looking for wallpapers online, and I couldn’t find anything I liked. Now I can find wallpapers I love.
I really like this app. It has very new pop stars and such on here and also as high end clothes brands it’s just what people like and what are looking for keep it up.?
I love this app and usually can’t decide which wallpaper to use but I love it and now I have a different wallpaper every week the only thing I can suggest is to add a search to search specific things but other than that I love the app
I can't even get into the the app so I can see some of the wallpapers it's want me to pay 200 a year hell no I'm suing this app
I like all that is about this app, it’s jut the fact that there is more pics that have stuff you would not want to see on the front of a phone when you turn it on , all I am saying is there should be more quotes and more funny quotes, in my opinion. ????‍⚕️
This app is really good I lowkey Am a wallpaper junky and I paid the 799 or what ever it was so I could have all of them and the wallpapers are really cool and they get more all the tome the live ones are kinda lame but you just gotta keep scrolling and find a cool one which almost makes you appreciate it even more? Idk but this is the beat one I’ve used 10/10
"This is a great app and I love all the live wallpapers, but I keep having one issue. I’m sure this is more of an issue on apples part so I’m still giving 5 stars, however when I download a live image and set it as my lock screen, the live image becomes blurry for some reason.
Always coming out with new wallpapers, never gets old, or boring. By far the champion of wallpaper apps. NO ONE beats this app!!! PERIOD.
This app is so cool I was on this app looking for cool things like for an hour or something. You guys need to create more apps like this!
Literally there name says it all. There wallpaper is dope. I usually don’t download a lot of wallpaper apps but I needed a new one and the app I had was just boring so I stumbled across this one & after I downloaded it within mins I was saving different wallpapers totally recommend !
I cant even get into the app to see if i like it before i get bombarded with a subscription fee of 260 DOLLARS A YEAR FOR A WALLPAPER. there is an x to close this pop up ive clicked it around 15 times and each time it pulls up a screen saying please enter paypal, visa or giftcard to enter like WHAT THE HELL! I CANT EVEN SEE WHAT IM ABOUT TO PAY 260 DOLLARS FOR LIKE I COULD BUY NETFLIX FOR A YEAR AND A HALF FOR THAT PRICE LIKE DAMN. 0 STARS if i could until this is fixed.
It’s a great app I really would love it if they would take ads away but other then that it’s great
would give this app 0 stars if i could. It opens up to a page telling me to pay $260 a year. Are you joking? and then an x pops up buy when i click on it all that comes up is a stupid thing telling me to pay
I'm not going to spend $70 just to have a wallpaper that I'm keeping for 2 years it literally forces me to pay it's a scam
I love this at this episode good you should definitely buy it when I went to search for wallpaper this is the first thing that popped up and I loved it it was so good I love this game I mean wallpaper this is so nice I love it and whoever made this it’s amazing love your girl Gianna
Very interesting app. Won't advance in menus. Upon app restart, won't acknowledge that I have accepted the subscription. Extremely overpriced, a shame I didn't get to explore. This may have been the actual app that I pay an arm and a leg for because I want to.
OMG this is so amazing! It so hard to choose.I wish we could have more than 2 wallpapers! Like do I want the “Daddy’s girl” or another! I love this so much I’m giving it a five star for sure
It sucks you can not do any thing do not download you have to spend 200 dollers for a wallpaper hell no
This wallpaper app is the best I’ve ever seen! The wallpapers are extremely high definition and detailed and are free. Whoever made this app is an angel.
I’ve been wanting a good wallpaper app on my phone for years, and ill i’ve found is either really crappy apps or apps where you gotta pay (as if in 2019 anyone would pay for a wallpaper) but this app is the total opposite! Amazing wallpapers and its completely free! Super happy i found this app. Thank you to the creators for putting something like this out there and not make us pay
This is a app where you pay $259 a year, for about 30 wallpapers that arent what was advertised what so ever. Find a app that's either free or isnt highway robbery to get an app for wallpapers.👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Dope is a really good app now i have a difrent selection of wallpapers and theres alot of different people stuff and thing for people who want to be diffeent from otherw and want to make your wallpaper look really nice you should definitely get the app Dope.