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Viu for Tablet

Viu for Tablet for PC and MAC

Is a Entertainment game developed by PCCW OTT (HK) Limited located at PCCW Tower Taikoo Place, 979 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.. The game is suitable for Teen (Language) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.
What's New
β—Ž Performance improvement.

This version of Viu App is dedicated for Android users.

Viu brings you the best of Asian Entertainment anytime anywhere for free! Enjoy as free users or upgrade to Viu Premium* for more enhanced features.

Features of Viu
β—Ž Watch the most up-to-date programmes from Asia, as fast as 4 hours* with subtitles. Content availability will vary from region to region due to content licensing rights.
β—Ž Unlimited Video Streaming
β—Ž Free Member Registration. Registered members can bookmark their favourite shows and multi- synchronization across devices for more viewing that is hassle-free Local language interface

For feedback and enquiries, please send email to (Hong Kong)[email protected]; or (Singapore)[email protected]; (The Philippines) [email protected] Or Thailand that [email protected]

Viu T&C (Hong Kong)

Viu T&C (Singapore English)

Viu T&C (Singapore Chinese)

Viu T&C (The Philippines English)

Viu T&C (Thai Thai)

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Viu for Tablet.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Viu for Tablet for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I love it when the first time i use it to watch hwarang but after 2 days when i open this app it will open and when i swipe it will vlose and open again this happend to me 20 times today i hope someone can fix this sittuation
So far so good..they have all the variety/drama/movies i enjoy watching.. just that sometime it freezes. And hope that they can do something to make it easier to press the play/pause button.
I give it a 4 star it is good but there are some kdrama that is not there so I hope the other kdrama will be included
The app is not working properly yes i can open the app with no errors but the problem is it only plays for 3-8 seconds then it stops, then it plays again after a minute or so its so annoying. Do you know the feeling of wanting to watch something so bad that you'll do anything just to watch it? i thought that i can finally watch the drama that i'm trying to watch for months without any trouble ...
Please enable this app to work on Android Ethernet. Support for Nvidia Shield TV or any android TV box that have an ethernet port. Please enable this app to remember where viewer left off per each episode and not always default replay latest episode of any drama. Current app coding seems very native and outdated. It bluntly just replay any last episode when title thumbnail is selected. Paid as premium user, still having unskippable 30sec ads? I understand ads is part of your revenue, unskippable long ads is way too brutal for premium subscribers. I think this VIU app content is wonderful, don't let the above issues discourage existing or new users. Please improve it and make this the best premium paid content app.
Why did you make the episode synopsis smaller. It is very difficult to read on a larger screen. Cannot read anything at all. Please make it x20 bigger. Afterall this is for tablet. Or make customizable available.
I don't get why people are saying this app is not that good it it's their opinion. First of all, what I like about this app is we, viewers, can watch FREE kdrama content but with adds. All though the add doesn't really bother me. The membership is to have benefits and such but not that different with the FREE version and it doesn't interrupt viewing. Second, a few kdramas aren't available here but it's not really a big deal. Third, the kdrama presented in the app are amazing and entertaining.
Disappointed with the app lately. I can hardly download any shows or load any shows even though my wifi network is perfectly fine. I think there is something very wrong with the app. Then what is the point of me subscribing to premium when i can't even use the app to watch shows?
I used to love this app and I used it a lot on my free time, but lately, the app has been compromised. I can't even open it as I'm stuck at 25% can't use it anymore so it's basically useless now. I've switched to a different streaming service and just very disappointed with how this app turned out. This was my go-to especially because I don't like watching/streaming illegally. I hope that everything gets fixed though, only then I will get back to this app. What a shame!
it's been hours already, why is always saying please connect to a better connection or error? i have a strong internet connection!!!! now, where can i watch korean variety shows?????
Too many commercials every once in a while. And when the commercials come, volume will be raised by itself and can annoy you. App is not professional, always start out at the final part of episode you choose. One star may be too many.
The main problem is when ads are played. There are 2 ads played in sequence in the middle or at the start of any show. And usually, once the 2nd ad ends, it gets stuck at the last frame of that ad and nothing happens. Getting out of the player and play whether the same or another show, it does the same thing again, wasting 5 mins for another failed attempt. And half of the time the ads are played, it gets stuck at a frame while the audio continues to play, and then it doesn't play the show AGAIN. Put a shortcut to History in the main page to be user friendly. We do not need to go through 3 clicks just to continue watching a show. Have you ever checked Netflix' UI? If not, then you should. Also, put a fullscreen button while the ads are being played. Why do we need to wait for an ad to end just to switch to full screen? Do some more research on UI. There should be a growing number of smart tv/boxes users.
I give this a three star cuz at first it was normal everyday I watched a kdrama it'll only start with 1-3 ad but 1 month later it started to have 4or5 ads then I deleted it an downloaded again and it started to work then it started to having 1 to 5 ads again so downloaded again started to then it was the last ep of he is psychometric then I couldn't Bear the that I cried two day later still haven't work
It's a good app but recently I can't view the videos saying "Please connect to better network" even though we have a strong conection of the wifi. It's quite disappointing I hope you'll be able to fix the problem. Thank you!
The view is not full my phone is huge i thought it'll work in this app but it still little i want it full view pls... Fix this
This is amazing! I almost gave them 5 stars but because I can't download as many as I can, there's a limitation. Only 1 video can be download, you need to update into premium if you want to download unlimited videos. This features sucks! I can't enjoy to watch offline because of this. But this app is great. There's always a room for improvement.
What's with the subtitle, I can't read it properly due to the color. Its just plain white with no black outline, and can't read jt properly when it touches a white surrounding from the background
this is a nice app. but there are alot of errors especially the Internet Connection. My other apps that are online are working well but this just says " please connect to a better network" it really is annoying. i tried to go nearer to tue wifi but there still are no changes. this app is nice and has alot of nice features but it has alot of errors
I almost gave a five star rating,ofcourse I love it and all but the thing is,I can't watch in peace, I already have my cousins who keep on video calling me and then right in the middle of the scene pops up an irritating ad,I'm not mad that ads pop up but I wish it would pop only in the beginning of the episode and at the end that way it wouldn't be a bother waiting for at least 30 or more,when you're anxious on what happens next even 5 seconds is too long,please keep this in consideration tnx :)
Connection problem.. ts says my connection poor when other apps are working well?! Getting alot of buffering in midst of watching a drama/variety is so frustrating. Please fix it.
Amazing app but i have a problem when i install it it was working but in my second day using it it says unfortunitly stoped pls fix it its pretty good i love it
Everything is good but the problem is the connection my connection is totally fine but im not sure it kept on saying no connection and it is sooo annoying or maybe sometimes is stops at 25% very long and then once it is done its says their is no connection so yea.. is rlly annoying but other then that is rlly good but hope theres more shows put inside this app. Tq!!
The counts of ads are not that bad and its a nice app for my old tablet it didn't freeze or having an issue about lagging
I hate it when it is very hard to pause(the buttons is too small) thats why i always need to it to replay it several times to get the perfect timing.
It's good. But earlier (in extra-ordinary you) i finished episode 12 and now on ep 13, every ads keeps popping every 5-10 seconds there is also a time when three ads (prepaid, soap, sim brands) pop ups at once then it'll be back at ye very first second of episode 13, sometimes it's also back at episode 12 It's the first time I got irritated because of ads.
I love it very much. But sometimes it says that I have no internet connection but I'm already connected to the internet. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it and even restarting my tablet but nothing happens. Please fix this as soon as possible. Thank you.
I don't get Viu. I don't understand my experiences I even wish to report this if possible. I started to watch in the website. And then, suddenly I can't click anything or access the dramas. I switched to this app and all was good until a few episodes. It suddenly showed "unavailable" And wow, like just that, the drama that I've been watching have been removed? This have never happened. I already finished a lot on Viu. So why? Ugh. Cursed...
I like this app very much because it allows me to watch korean drama such as Touch Your Heart,Goblin,etc. I have no problem with ads but the my only problem is I waited too long for the series called Produce x 101 and it gave a preview of it And it say that you need to log in or make your viu app premium so I chose to log in and then I restarted the app and played Produce x 101 again but gave me the preview again of episode 1 please do something for this and I hope this oppinion can help viu app.
The web version has delayed and quick disappearing sub. Useless. Why the developer doesn't care? You don't listen to feedbacks. Crashing on Android 5 for half a year. I told the Ph support and their solution of upgrading OS which means buying a new phone is very awful. The app is very rude. Your episode title spoils what will happen next. I'm referring to your self created title not the one provided by kdramas. It's annoying. I have sent messages to your support PH and nothing happens.
Its a great app for kdramas i love that its completely free the that you can download episodes it was a little upsetting when i found out that you could only download one episode at a time but better something than nothing! The ads are not a big problem the other people complaining about the ads are overreacting its not that bad just be patient i really recommend this app for kdrama lovers like me!
Like the free content, but really too much ads, 3-4 ads at one time is way too excessive especially when some ads are repeated
Getting ads although I am a premium subscriber. I just subscribed to monthly subscription and it hasn't been a month, that I have started seeing ads. This is not a good market tactics. Looks like I have to decide whether to continue my subscription or not.
I watch a lot of drama in this app on my tablet but recently I cant open your app it always say no internet connection even though I have a very stable internet connection, I tried uninstalling it and installing again and other stuff but still it does not work , I also have viu on my other gadgets and it works just fine pls help me fix it.
I don't get Viu. I don't understand my experiences and I even wish to report this if possible. I started to watch in the website. And then, suddenly I can't click anything or access the dramas. I switched to this app and all was good until a few episodes. It suddenly showed "unavailable" And wow, like just that, the drama that I've been watching have been removed? This have never happened. I already finished a lot on Viu. So why? Ugh. Cursed...
I can't read the subtitle, is there a way to change the settings for font style and font size? Also I cannot play it on full screen using my android phone.
Can't stand all the endless advertisement in between dramas, so irritating!! Prefer the previous VIU website..
This is the best app for quarantine but can you add the "backstreet rookie,itaewon class and its okay not to be okay." Tnx:)
Its good though it has many ads but i can bear it though when i tried it on my ipod i cant find other titles even if its the same account......πŸ€”πŸ€”
πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽDisappointed with Ph support. My last query many months ago was just ignored. The Singapore enquiry is a lot better. Maybe the PH support version should shut down instantly. Furthermore, I still remember the unacceptable reply of Ph support on my query many months ago. Very disappointed with Ph support. I sent a query today and I would be ignored again. Thanks
Been using VIU for almostt 2yrs now. Started watching for free but advertisements pops up it makes me annoyed plus i cant watch latest shows so decided to start paying. Its so WORTH IT! No commercials, unlimitted downloads, access to all latest movies, variety shows and drama series, log in to 4gadgets is allowed for a very affordable price. What more can you ask for?
Poor service. It always say Your internet connection is poor. Connect to another internet subscriber. But I have no problem connecting with Netflix. I have to wait until the wee hours of the morning or very late at night to watch my KDramas on Viu. Please improve your service. If not for some Dramas not on Netflix, specifically The Flower of Evil, I would have cut off my subscription with them already.
I can't watch any shows even in stable wi fi connection for weeks now and I just availed my premium access. Something is very wrong with this app. I am so disappointed. I even promote this app to everyone of my friends since this app is the only way for me to watch korean dramas and shows but now it's not working.
It was good for a while, but for the past few days, it loaded at 25% and stopped working. Changed thr rating bcos it is now working well