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Viu : Korean & Asian content

Viu : Korean & Asian content for PC and MAC

Is a Entertainment game developed by PCCW OTT (HK) Limited located at PCCW Tower Taikoo Place, 979 King's Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Sexual Innuendo, Scary Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
What's New
β—Ž Performance improvement.

This version of Viu App is dedicated for Android users.

Viu brings you the best of Asian Entertainment anytime anywhere for free! Enjoy as free users or upgrade to Viu Premium* for more enhanced features.

Features of Viu
β—Ž Watch the most up-to-date programmes from Asia, as fast as 4 hours* with subtitles. Content availability will vary from region to region due to content licensing rights.
β—Ž Unlimited Video Streaming
β—Ž Free Member Registration. Registered members can bookmark their favourite shows and multi- synchronization across devices for more viewing that is hassle-free Local language interface

For feedback and enquiries, please send email to (Hong Kong)[email protected]; or (Singapore)[email protected]; (The Philippines) [email protected] Or Thailand that [email protected]

Viu T&C (Hong Kong)

Viu T&C (Singapore English)

Viu T&C (Singapore Chinese)

Viu T&C (The Philippines English)

Viu T&C (Thai Thai)

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Viu : Korean & Asian content.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Viu : Korean & Asian content for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Amazing app however, I am a fan of running man and viu doesn't have all the episodes which is really depressing so please fix that and this app also has too many adds and its really annoying so please fix these issues.
It says just today that this service is not available in our country (Philippines) which is weird since it's working fine yesterday.
My subscription expired and resubscribed to their service. I thought i could regain my access to their services again on my android device but learned that it was a fluke(watching directly on viu home). Quite disappointed. Casting is good and all but i cant use my mobile while doing it. This app/service needs improvement on compatibility devices. Please. Its good but i probably won't recommend it anymore. There are tons of other streaming sites with more compatibility on other devices after all.
Seriously... previously I gave 2 but now it's so bad. There's too many bugs and technicalities! What's wrong!? I've been enduring those ads that keeps freezing and now another no internet connection when we have one!? The updates are getting more ridiculous!!!Ugh.
It would be better if there is a way to adjust the color of the subs all white on the text for subtitles makes it hard to read especially on bright scenes if its to hard to change the color atleast add a black outline on the existing white subs
Sometimes even if my wifi is so strong the drama won't load and the app crashes sometimes. I also want you to subscribe more kdramas so we could watch more well. Other than that, I have no problems anymore.
Its a really good app,but can you pls add some new k-drama like "crash landing on you" also can you please remove the thing that when you swipe down it lower the volume and sometimes it play back speed
I like dis app but it have some problems like it has so many ads and lately i can't open dis app because of 25% loading! I re-download it again and it happen again(25% loading )it's irritating!
This app sucks. I cannot upgrade my account into premium even after subscribing to the new promo of smart. Whenever i try upgrading, it just keeps on loading. This is really pissing me off
Everytime i opened it it always show "not available in you country" even though im a subcriber.what happened??hope it can bbe fixed.
I can't open viu using my data. It always tells me to check my connection. I load giga50 for kdrama I can open it last time but now I can't . The update is very bad please fix this :)
So what happened? I'm already subscribed with k-video yet I still can't access the premium subscription. I'm uninstalling. Fix your bug.
very easy to use although it is kind of frustating that you have to get primuim to watch some shows. But I understand the need. They are a lot of good shows available for free and I am very happy about that
I don't like this app please don't download it. its a hassle, this app doesn't have a rewind button and you can only continue watching by going premium i'd rather watch on netflix than on this "VIU" app and it has alot of ads, it clearly doesn't meet my expectations, once I tap the screen the "PREMIUM" pops up and it gives me a headache, PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT TO YOU.
Its annoying cause of the ads and you can only download 1 if you are not premium😏 actually yes it is nice cause there are a lot of new kdrama's but the disadvantage tho. if you are rich then you can premium and if you guys have a wifi or a mobile data you can watch it but the download tho only 1 vid.
The app working at its best but when I try to subscribe to premium via smart giga k-video(which have a free viu premium subscription) it does not seem to work. Also, at the middle of watching ad was appear and I think it will stay forever until I get premium, which is inconvenient for me. Please fix this bug.
I'm a huge fan of KDrama and the app too but... The app is not working. I have to uninstalled and reinstalled it a lot of times beacuse it keep saying, 'please connect to a better internet connection' which my wifi signal is good and even my apps that heavily uses data is working fine. The home of the app is working but whenever I would play a video, it won't work and load. It would be straight balck screen and nothing is showing even the advertisement. Please fix the app. Thankyou.
I have already unsubscribe through Singtel app months ago but I recently discovered that VIU has continusd to charge monthly? The app login also showed that I'm no longer able to access premium then why are there still charges?
The App isn't working anymore, it always says that i need to check my connection and try again but I'm all good. I can't log in to the App even after I installed it. Fix it please
Fine i change my rating, after you register fpr the promo you have to sign off and sign on to refresh tje page and the ads will go away. If you can just remove the automatic changing the view if i put the phone on vertical to horizontal. I cam just adjust it if i want.
The experience has been great, but I cancelled my subscription from a while ago but still got charged on the next billing, I was trying to contact via application developer and the app contact us section, but haven't got any response. I would like to get refunded for the unauthorized charges!
Im literally just using this to watch Runningman but now it keeps on saying to connect to a better network when I'm trying to play like anything. Is this a bug my internet is working fine.
I can't even open it because it keeps telling me that it isn't available in my country even when I already used it before and it was working fine. Please fix this.
the app is great, but when I use the smart TV the subtitles dissapear? it's very annoying even though I already set it to english subtitles. Please fix it.
TOO MANY ADS! I'm not even exaggerating!! I spent my time watching the long unskippable ads more than the series itself!
It has limited shows in it. I just hope they accepts show suggestions/recommendations. Plus, lately I'm also having problems with internet connections using this app. I hope you fix this very soon. Thank you. Recos: historical drama like gu family book, queen seondeok, jewel in the palace etc
The app is okay i guess. I downloaded this app to watch NCT World 2.0 because i'm an NCTzen. 2 episodes are out for now, and i really wanna watch those 2 episodes, but the app only lets like premium members watch the second episode which i am devastated of. I cannot buy a premium membership because i only use Viu if i have to. But the app is okay.
This app SUCKS!!!! Im already subscribed to premium access via smart and yet when I click activate premium, it just keeps on loading even after 20mins has passeed nothing happened.. I need to have it removed and reinstall all the time.. This is a waste of time... Edit: its been 3 days since I subscribed to k-video.. Been trying for days to ACTIVATE PREMIUM. Its just keep on loading for hours. I've tried it many times to activate and hopefully remove the ads 😠😠😠
It's four stars because I think it's good to have an option to save the downloads to SD card to for more usable internal storage. Please read this review developers. Thanks.
i started subscribing to this app because of Korean Variety show 2d1n! Forward 2020! I am so disappointed that you took down 2015 most variety shows esp 2d1n. I subscribed even if I rarely use it (read! rare, 1 or not even in a month) because when I want to watch 2d 1 n s3 I just go back and stream watch. Now this!? Geez
Yup its the best k-drama downloader πŸ‘ but the download is limited 1 download per day😭 😭its so sad i thought its unlimited downloads unless your out of load. It says there that if i upgrade to VIU premium the download are unlimited but i didn't upgrade it because im afraid ended up like the others that had so many problems after upgrading to VIU premium. i hope you will find a way so that even if we wont upgrade to VIU premium the download are unlimited like in the iQIYI app.
It's an okay app. But I wish you can improve. I hope you can lock the screen while watching. And the fit of the screen hope it can also be adjusted.
I wish you'd put all the dramas that are currently being watch on the home page and where we left off watching so that its easier to get back to it. I also wish there is a 10s forward button, not the sliding function on the screen because you can easily get off track to where you wanna be.
I really love this appπŸ‘ that's why I give this 5 star ,But sometimes the app always say that I must connect to a better network connection Even through our internet connection is strong. Please fix this , thank you,God bless you.
I was on the process of availing the premium account but it's not working. I've benn waiting fo an hour but no progress. I'm really disappointed.
I hate it! I've been trying to upgrade to viu premium many times and its not working. I even tried reinstalling the app and still its not working
This app is really nice because it had a lot of nice kdramas and the quality is really good but the issue is you can only download one episode and u need to buy premium for you to download more than one ep.
Fix this issue. I'm from Philippines. The problem here is the region. Tried to use VPN from HK and it works fine. But without it, no way I can access VIU directly from our ISP here. Please fix. ASAP!
It's a fantastic app to watch Kdramas, Variety shows, and more! And they come with great, high quality too! My only problem are the excessive ads, But it's not really much of a bother. I enjoy this app a lot and I highly reccomend it! <3
At the first I love this app because I'm watching kdrama at free but at the last episode of the kdrama you need to pay or get premium and I don't like the app also because there's a lot of add so please let us watch this for free don't get premium I HATE THIS!!!!!!!!
Actually this is app is great but it's just so slow when I'll click any other stuff, like when I click search it's slow tho even others too. The problem is not in my internet it's in the app, hoping that you'll fix this problem.
The app is great for watching korean shows but the adds are so annoying. I can't even skip the apps and one add is around 30 secs long and every 10-15 mins the add comes on most of the time it's 2-3 adds at once and i need to just sit there and watch 1 min of ads.
I already followed the instruction for unsubscribing the viu. And I did. And weeks later at the expiration date, why did you renew your membership without my permit? I already uninstall and unsubscribe it. I am not using the app anymore but why. What should I do so that it wont make me pay it monthly?
The app starts to work on my mibox which is a good improvement. Their interface is user friendly and clean. I truly love their wide variety of growing selections. Premium price is reasonable. Recommended service~ ^^
Why some movies cannot cast to chromecast. It's not like any copyright issue. I just want to see it on the big screen n not want to cast my whole device. The app itself is ok.
I love it to the point that I purchased for premium but now it keeps telling me to connect to a better network though my connection is stable. pls fix
I was going to rate a 5 star But as I use it, it slows down to download the episodes I want. It takes five hours or more to download that episode. So i hope That it fixed. Thank you
There are many to watch but TOO MUCH ads. When I say TOO MUCH, i mean TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! Like i wasted my 30 minutes before watching an episode...
My downloaded eps dont support english sub once downloaded. WHY?! When I watch online the downloaded episode, it has eng in sub choices but it doesn't display english, instead it uses chinese whatsoever. Are you for real?
It's a good app but it keeps giving me notice to Log-in or Be a Premium Member every time I want to watch a movie even if I am already logged in.
Overall is good but I hope you can improve the subtitle font size. It's too small for when I view from 2m away. Maybe should include feature to adjust the subtitle size for both phone and tablet app. Another thing is, I hope VIU can release VIU for TV app. Just like the one that released for HK user. Thank you.
This is a nice app, i search every korean drama but there's a problem was so annoying there's so many ads every episodes.. its ok to put ads every episodes, but the ads had every episodes is 2 To 4 ads its also waisting my time πŸ˜’
Why does it always have difficulty in connecting to WiFi ? I am tired of its bolts and halts, and endless waiting time, when other apps can connect.
I subscribed to k-video right after I subscribed I tried to activate the viu premium but it just kept on loading and loading but my signal is fine. Last night I waited an hour for it to activate so I can watch without that much ads, but nothing happened it just kept on loading. I tried it again today but its the same.
Would be nicer if we can customize the play speed. For me, I like it better playing a movie on a faster pace, for some slower.
There's so many ads,if i'm going to put it together I can say that the ads will be longer than the actual episode.Send help JEBAL!!
Why i cannot watch premium video when i am subscribed to smart giga k video. I was able to watch the old videos but the recent ones that has been uploaded i can only watch the first 3 minutes of it and its says i need to upgrade to premium video which i alredy did because i subscribed to smart giga k video. This is so frustrating. I hope you have answer for this.
The app was so slow I almost waited 1 hour just to start watching a episode. It has to many adds also long and you can't even skip it, after the adds finish you'll have to wait more for the video to play!!! Edit: just uninstalled the app, it was just a waste of my time, I feel like I watched a long advertisement other than a series. When it starts working fast, subtitles won't go on😑
This app sucks. Everytime i open a series i have to start from the latest episode and i have to remember which ep i am it doesnt save my previous watched
Everything's okay, but could we please change subtitle color to our discretion? The white fonts on white border is killing me and my astigmatism. Plus, it blends in the white background and I couldn't read anything. If it's too much, can you just please change the border of the fonts to black at least for 2D1N Season 4. Pleeeease
When i stop at the middle of an episode, and switch to other app whenever i come back to viu app, it is always trying to play the last episode of the series. Edit: I am fine with genuine ads, but not because of bugs in the app. Example: i just watched an ad, then received a whatsapp message. I open whatsapp and replied, then switched back to viu. Everything is gone. I need to search the video again and watch ads again.
One of the best apps for watching k-dramas and k-variety shows! I've been using this app ever since I started to watch k-dramas. The only problem is that it's a streaming app, so you need to have a stable internet connection and data won't probably work. If you have difficulty in trying to load an episode, try to lower its quality. Lowering the quality doesn't make the video too blurry and not too high-quality either, it's just good enough to watch it.
Was hoping to get a premium account but Im having a hard time going through the process. It does not proceed and kept on loading. My internet is working. It's your app that has a flaw
Can you please put "skip ad"?? We're waiting too long after finishing the ad??.. and refrain from repeating ads!!!! it's so annoying..
The Viu app is good but for the premium price I'm not that satisfied. If I'm going to choose between Netflix and Viu I'll go for Netflix. Unfortunately, a lot of variety shows are here so, don't have a choice for now. I have Google Chromecast with Google TV right now and I can't maximize it coz Viu app is not compatible so, I still need to cast the app from my device to chromecast. Hopefully, I can watch directly from the Google Chromecast with Google TV.
I am used to Netflix having the rewind button and it's a hassle for this app that it doesn't have one. I have to slide my finger backwards and look for the scene where I missed the subtitles. It has very poor user interface :( It works on SmartTVs but sometimes have issues casting. The ads (even when on premium) on the home screen are way too big. Moreover, when I click on the series that I want to watch, it automatically plays the last EP. 3/5 for this app. I am neutral. Room for improvement.
I will write again a review. Actually a great free tv show app if you can't avail Netflix, the reason behind many ads its because its free. just avail the premium content so you could remove all the ads.
It auto deducted money from my account. It says I already paid. But upon checking on the account, it says I still need to upgrade to premium. You already took my money and yet I am not subscribed to the plan yet. I tried to uninstall and reinstall hoping it would fix the issue but no.
Keeps crashing everytime i play something. Uninstalled and installed again and same thing keeps happening. Update: Now it keeps playing ads while am watching movies or dramas. Paid premiums should not have ads as stated! So whats happening! There are so many streaming services and why should i continue paying when these things keep happening!
Great app to watch most of the latest k-dramas and k-variety. Would love it if there is a fit to screen function to enlarge the video for phones with bigger aspect ratios. It'll also be great if the app can play the next episode of the series where the account has last watched instead of playing the 1st episode.
i registered giga kvideo to get premium access while i have my subscription. but your page loads forever even using wifi to connect and get a premium account. if u use my card it loads immediately and other payments method. is this premium subscription as joke? change my rating from 5 star to 1. poor service
The app is good but the only problem is you can't download video or episode using your mobile data ,can you please fix that problem thank you
Your ads especially the GoDaddy keeps on interfering. I understand why you put ads since they pay you but the problem is that it stops/lags for God knows how long. I keep on waiting for the ad to end but there are times that it won't even continue to play. Do something about it because it makes us lose our interest anymore to watch kdramas here!
Interruption and low connection that I don't have that problem in Netflix and YouTube and Facebook. Please improve because I paid 1 month subscription and never watch smoothly. I just apply in gigalife the video but can't connect. Keep reloading. I haven't watch anything. Frustrates me grrrr!! I wasted β‚±99.00 worth of my credit.
It's a good application for kdramas and variety shows, but I can't find the episodes of running man from year 2015
Can't use the app. been 2 days. i uninstalled and installed it again but nothing change. it says "please connect to a better network" my wi-fi signal is strong also my netflix is working properly.
I wish you could add a screen lock option so it doesn't auto-rotate everytime I slightly move my phone from landscape to portrait. Thanks.
Stop giving us more and more ads and bugs i just want to watch a video how hard is it. I would have to wait 5 minutes to watch one
I don't mind the ads when watching.. It's a good app for movies and series but i wish more will be added soon!
It was fine for a few weeks after I installed it. I even subscribed for their premium accounts but after a few days, the app kept on crashing while I was watching my favourite show! It always says "please check your internet connection" or "no internet connection" and "retry" eventhough I am connected in a good wifi. Please fix this VIU!!!!!
I upgraded to premium so I can watch kmovies.. a certain movie is showing when I wasn't subscribed on premium yet, now that I already have the prem subscription I suddenly can't find the movie and it says the movie is unavailable. Is the location a factor for some movies to be shown??? Where can I raise this concern?
I have already sent my concerns. Please fix this. The app is really nice but there is nothing wrong with my connection. Please notice my message.
Prob,not the best app its just to much ads and its like annoying i know you are paid but its just annoying now im just not interested to use this app.Sorry but the ads are just annoying.I will try to use this again just plss dont put to much ads in one single episode.
I previously gave 3 stars but sorry... the update is just getting worse. The bugs aren't still fixed and it's been months already. Another problem came up and it's the downloads. Whenever I download an episode, it just says error. Please fix this ASAP.
I don't know whether I'm using viu to watch shows or watch ad... Seriously there are many platforms or other sites that we can watch. Some even without ads and free... But here in viu, 30sec unskippable ads x 2 for every now and then... Painful experience.
The app working at its best but when I try to subscribe to premium via smart giga k-video(which have a free viu premium subscription) it does not seem to work. Please fix this bug.
The app keep saying bad network and keep requiring to click "try again" . Can't watch at all as it shows only "try again" page. (my network is totally fine for other apps though)
This app is nice but I hope that the next update won't have too many ads. The ads are just annoying you shouldn't have put the ads on it.
I edited my review because it's even more terrible and disappointing. It's been 15 ads now and can't still watch. If you're trying to install this app forget it. This is disappointing.
I enjoy your collection of dramas and movies, but Please enlarge your caption. Too small especially when I watch in a tablet.
Seriously... previously I gave 2 but now it's so bad. There's too many bugs and technicalities! What's wrong!? I've been enduring those ads that keeps freezing and now another no internet connection when we have one!? The updates are getting more ridiculous!!!Ugh. Why is it that whenever I log in it says no internet connection!
i was going to rate this app 5 stars until the app started to crash and go back to my home screen and i end up losing the episode and i swear its not my device and sometimes the app stops and says "Check your internet connection" when my wifi is perfectly good. And i have another complaint , there are to much ads and you cant even skip the longest and weirdest ads , and yes i kbow this is how you earn money but this is too much!! PLEASE FIX THIS!! πŸ˜­πŸ™
I enjoyed all the available programs on Viu but the thing is I got a lot of titles i wanted to watch that is not available here which makes me think this app is a little lacking. But I'm giving it 4stars because I'm still satisfied with the whole app regardless.
I would like to rate this 5 stars but the problem is that u need to upgrade to premium in order to watch vip and to download more content. However the app is good and it has a lot of kdramas to watch but if i recommend an app which can download as many as you can as long as you have space it is iqiyI or wetv
the app seems to work well but now there's a bug that even when you're registered to giga kvideo via smart, you can't activate it's premium subscription. I tried many times clicking the "activate premium access" but it just keep on loading for hours
The app will not open anymore unless I switch to mobile data. It's always stuck at 25% when using wifi. I had premium subscription just few weeks ago and was able to use it but now it won't open.
It took a long time for me to watch the drama series. I understand that the ads are necessary for the app to earn but when the two consecutive ads are done, it went back to the viu logo and when i picked the specific drama again, two ads are gonna pop up again and again and again until i got pissed.
I love kdram so much and i understand and in okay if it has a ads shown but sometimes there are too much ads are showing to the point that i couldnt watch the video.
I have some problems from this app. First the pause button, I'm having a hard time to press it like geez (-,-) ,It would be nice if you put it in the middle actually so its easy to pause no hastle specially the forward and backward yall should focus to improve that cuz its pretty annoying actually. Also it would be nice if you put lock on it so we dont accidentally press the forward and backward it happens alot :3. And Lastly we would love it if all kdramas is present to your app 😁. Thank You!
Its a good app. I can watch my favorite kdramas and some thai or chinese dramas. But we does'nt have a wifi i'm just using a mobile data and it's not good at perfomancing using mobile data. It always say poor status connection, really!? my cignal is 4G then it will say poor status connection omayygadd you're getting in to my nerves.
There's no option to cancel plan on the app. so once you purchase it would eventually turn to a regular subscription.
i loved it but the problem is that if you watch Some of drama and dont watch it for a long Time / a week after. The drama or move will No more to be found. Can you help me in my situation . I love this app and i can spend my time watching drama or move . PlsπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€
Everything was good until Nov 2, 2020. I can't access the app with my WiFi and kept prompting me to check my internet connection which is fine - I can use the internet just fine with other apps except Viu. When I use my mobile data it works but when I switch to WiFi again it doesn't. Please fix this. I can't enjoy my premium access like this. 😭😭😭
you might want to consider putting a lock button while an episode or a movie is playing. the button you use to browse an episode is too sensitive and the video orientation keeps on rotating even though my device's rotaion setting is turned off.
Suddenly not able to cast to my tv although my wifi is connected. Whaaaaat happened? So i emailed the email add that they ask to email about the problem with casting. And now they say cant cast on tv. I am paying monthly subscription for this. And now i cant. Very dissappointing that Viu would make such a change without even informing their customers.
The experience is very nice but why did i give 4 stars is cause the adds i know thats how you guys earn money but its kinda too much i would give this 5 stars if we get less adds cause it interfere with the experience but its still a great app:)
I've been using this App for about 4 or 5 months now and just this day it says that Service is not available in your country. Can anyone help?
3 stars because you can find a lot of the Korean dramas and variety shows you want to watcg but the UI and UX of this app is terrible!!! Even though we have a premium account, it keeps logging out randomly! Your history doesn't appear on the homepage so if you didn't finish watching something you have to look for it again. Very buggy. This is a paid app they should improve it otherwise you'll lose customers.
Viu has serious bandwidth issue that is super laggy and causing a lot of pauses during the streaming process. Viu should learn from Netflix that offer a lot better than Viu for streaming services.
i subscribed to k-video to get viu premium but when i tried upgrading it to premium it kept on loading for how many hours, my signal is stable and I don't know what's the problem.
I love the app but can you please add a feature where you can zoom in your screen when watching because my galaxy s10+ wastes a lot of screen with some dramas and gives it big bezels..please please add this feature and i will rate 5 stars
It was the best app I've used so far but i hate when they didn't add the latest kdrama.... I hope you can add more kdramas so i can watch it here and not in netflix cuz i dont have a wifi and money- _-
Its a good app I've already installed it before but i delete it, because when i tried to download some of it the mb to download it is too high and also i can just only download one free, i needed get a premium to get unlimited to download and i need to pay it every month when i want to get premium thats why i delete it before. And here i am i downloaded it again to check if there is change on it but still the same😐. So im gonna delete it again. Please fix itπŸ˜’.
Sad to say..it always says VIU keeps stopping. I can't open my app..what is happening???πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”I Love this app so much, I even registered as Premium member. But there are kdramas, kmovies and kvarieties that are not here. Please upload them. And men on missions latest episodes also.😁😁😁πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­
It's almost perfect... I just hate it when the pause button is on a certain place, I hope it'll be like the ones in YouTube which is the pause is in the middle and when you want to rewind or skip, you just have to double tap... Please fix this... I really love this app for watching kdramas, so, please improve it...
Love all the Korean variety shows but recently whenever I want to watch those show it keeps saying to connect to a better network and it does not download as well.
It's good. It could have been better if there's an option where to save the downloaded videos. It takes too much of my phone storage. Hope I can save them to my SD card. And the downloaded videos only last for one week. Hope it's longer. Other than those things, it's a good app. I wish to watch Taiwanese/Chinese dramas in Viu too.
This app is a scam!!! Full of adds that'll take forever, also I always register in giga smart promo and didn't always get a premium Viu promo
despite premium subscription. No option to skip recap, or resume from where I stop. Unacceptable for there is advertisement within the app. Why auto play episode 16 of 16 instead of ep#1? Compare to interface of Netflix, Netflix is more human touch. Viu not only lacks one, it is worst. Not worth my $$$.
Warning: Doesn't work on Android TV even if you can download app. Worse your phone or tablet app cannot correctly cast to Android TV even if it has built-in Chromecast.
The advertisements makes the application lag and the advertisements volume is louder than the series itself. And it always says that I have a poor network when my wifi is in stable network.
I'm a viu premium member thru singtel 'cast' app but why I'm facing an error which the accounts have binding issue and I can't download multiple videos like before the updated version. Can someone do smth to help? Can't binge watch anymore!
I cant activate my premium subscription. I availed my network's promo where I get 1GB data of Viu and a premium subscription. However, the app takes eternity to load before I can activate it.
I was charge for two months subscription *November 1 and December 1 but I cannot download anything offline as well as there are ads whenever I watch. I am no longer enjoying the perks of a premium subscirption since October but this app keeps on charging me!
Viu ON 99 to 2948 is listed as an option for a 30-day subscription but I get a message from smart that the input is incorrect. Is this not available anymore? Then why is it still listed as an option on the app?
It's good, but when an ad show up the ad always freeze and it won't disappear. I keep on waiting for the ad to disappear but it won't disappear when the ad froze. I'm really annoyed because of the ads.
Overall its a good platform, but its eating too much data. Even though I'm on 360p, just watched few episodes and my data would be gone. Please reduce the data consumption. Thank you !
I've been enjoying VIU because of the variety of shows before. Now, the updates aren't really helping at all. Since then I always have problems when downloading the episodes even if I'm on premium. When it was supposed to be finished error occurs at the end. If I chose to watch without downloading, too many ads are always playing. Hope you'll fix this. Thank you!
I really love this appπŸ‘But sometimes the app always say that I must connect to a better network connection Even through our internet connection is strong. Please fix this , thank you,God bless you.
I thought there were plenty of selection for tagalog dubbed tv series. I don't I will continue the subscription after my current subscription expires.
5 star but PLEASE can you change the "play button" on the center of the screen? Having it in the bottom left of the screen is a lot struggling for me and I think for others as well. It really is an inconvenience. Thanks 😊
I just rate it 3 cauz' yes I like this app but the thing is only the one who pays can watch the movie "The Penthouse episode 21" I really got mad because that part is so nice but then only can pay dollars can watch it will say that "get viu premium to watch the full episode of the penthouse" Iiiiiiiiihhhhh!!!!!!! I really got mad now cauz' until now even tho episode 21 release already, I can't watch it! Because of that VIU PREMIUM! THIS NEEDS FIX!!!😠
It was okay at first, but ever since I have updated the app, I can't access it using my mobile data. Given that I have the allocation for the app itself.
VIU support is quite good and respond is fast. They solved the issues that I encountered. But I still hope that they can implement Audio selection someday and it would help to reduce their storage size because they wouldn't have to keep two same videos with different languages. Thank you.
I love all the k-dramas available here, but if it is available on Netflix, I'd rather watched on Netflix because you can "fit to screen" the videos. So sad that I am just paying a premium for 1 show because I can't enjoy other shows, if not fit to screen. I still like the app because of the availability of some korean dramas and variety shows.
I hope you can provide a better library for downloaded tv shows , in which they are organized according to the tittle. So the user won't need to shuffle through the tiles to look for next episode. I usually download a lot, and open the app when there is no available signal.
This app is good and it is easy to use and there are many shows so you can really entertain. The only problem is sometimes the subtitle does not work but this is the best app.
I thought no ads for premium? But how come it does advertisement of the main page of the app? Maybe thia all needs an update and more options on settings. We badly need a new user interface for this β˜ΊοΈπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ I watch my bookmarks dramas but still it wont appear on my hompage until i search it. And also the subtitles are delay. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
It was great. But the other episodes are gone, i don't know what happened. I was just watching it yesterday then it's gone now. Whyyyy??? πŸ₯Ί
The app loads so slow even with a good connection. It doesn't remember the unfinished episode and the app itself is confusing.
In my first try I don't have any issue or problem but after a week I cannot open this apps..I thought that my data is not enough so I buy another load but still I can't open...I'm so disappointed please do something before I hate this apps
Lately, the app doesn't even load even though i have a strong wifi connection. I'm pretty sure it's not my wifi that needs fixing when i can watch on youtube, netflix, etc. without any problems.
I'll change my rating once it's compatible with Skyworth Android TV. Right now it's not really worth the premium.
I love this app because i can watch all of the episodes for free, however i think there are some missing k drama stories in viu like, love alarm, extraordinary you, etc... I don't mind the ads because i understand you need to earn money too for us to pay vip to get rid of them... I think you should add more k dramas theres a lot missing in it...
It's good to watch in this up but, it's a little bit disappointing because the movie especially if it is a variety show the episodes are not complete. Also the app always say that I must connect to a better network even though our internet connection is strong. But i still recommend this app because of the movie quality.
Constantly crashes. Random days where the app does not respond. Network is 5G and WiFi signal is strong but still unable to connect.
Downloaded this app on my other android mobile phone and it works perfectly well Downloaded again on my other android mobile phone and error message- this is not available on your country - appears What gives??
Too much ads. This app had ads before too but not this much. Can't even start what I'm watching. Straight up watched 5 ads and 30 sec for each.
I really do like Viu. And to take the next step, by signing up as a Premium member. Since I am a student, I wanted to choose a plan that has already been catered to me and there it was "Student Plan". However, I can't seem to sign up under that plan because Viu requires verification. I agree but I couldn't find any way to apply for verification and now I'm just sad.
This app is soo cool but in the middle of the start there some ads sometimes but is ok and plus my fav. Show is the desendants of the sun that's all i can share, <3
this is getting annoying lots of ads and always says connect to better network when in fact my wifi is in full bar. whats wrong with you developers gettin greedy i guess hmmmm. ohh and by the way the white caps. makes the eye so painful, And also this new update is sucks it stop multiple times why keep updating this app. If you cannot make it right?.
I rate it 1 one because it says sometimes "Sorry, the video is unavailable" and if you try it will go back to episode 1. And it's always hang, but i still using it.But it's still you're decision, if youre going to install it β€οΈπŸ‘
I can't registered my free viu premium even though that I am registered to smart promo "Giga K-Video" why is it not working?( Please fix it ), But the app is good although there are many ads.
Good kdrama and kmovie collection but has no fit to screen option for infinity display phones, which makes viewing experience unsatisfactory.
Please lessen the laggyness I was on premium and there was still ads. The download process didn't even download it says error even if your a premium. It's all free and nice but gotta update the smoothness of the app please
I am using this app for a long time and it works well, but why can't i open it now? It said that it not available in my region, how come ?
The app can improve more, like adding speed option on the player, screen fitting option, etc. Fighting!
I've been using the app for a long time already and to my past experience i would gladly gave you 5 stars but lately it's been telling me to connect to a better network which for god sake is stable, my internet is good, i am not a premium user, i undrstnd about the ads, but that's my problem i need to install and reinstall the app like crazy, i even entered the giga k-video load of smart dedicated only for this app, please fix this :)
SLOW LOADING. Please fix your CDN, it is very slow. My internet is working fine. Not to mention the pirate sites' blazing fast content delivery.
Always says "Please connect to a better network" eventhough I have a very good network. Very slow when loading an episode. I don't think I will renew my subsciption next month. πŸ˜‚
I subscribed to this app and i just want to know if how to unsubscribe because i did some research but it didn't work . So what should i do ? Please !!! The other apps when you subscribe and sent you an email the Cancel or how to cancel subscription is already there there is no need to do some kind of research. Pls , let me know .
I love the app I've been using this for a while but some problems occurred like the subtitle is late so plss fix this But I recommend the app love it 😜😜 and I don't like how u can only download one episode and if u want to download more u have to get premium 😭
Its been more than 15mins since i tried acitivating my premium subscription but till now its not activated..i dont know whats the problem, i'm already registered to a promo. Now its been an hour!!!
Subtitle appearance is not readable. Plain white without outline so it disappears when placed with white scenes.
Since I updated the app, I thought that everything will run smoothly but no, I kept activating my premium acc many times because I registered to SMART GIGA K-Video yet nothing happened, it still states that I only have 1 download qouta and that I should register to premium. I just kept repeating and repeating but it still the same. What is happening?! Fix the app.
Giving 1 star due to long wait and sudden stop while watching.. always do the buffering thing and says.. please connect to internet... how come.. it's not my internet for sure it's the app itself. Please fix this issue I'm not the only one who has this kind of issue. Stay safe everyone.
Viu was so far the best kdrama app I had. But I tried opening it today and it always says "connect to a better network etc.." but my connection was working fine. So I updated it but still the same. I tried uninstalling it and installed it again but still the same. I'm really disappointed. Please fix this.
Its a good platform but i can't cancel my subscription. How to cancel my subscription, it's like a free trial
Please after the update I can't watch without the internet lagging. Other apps work fine with my data connection except for this one. I love your app but can't enjoy it if the drama I'm watching keeps on stopping and loading.
I use to love this app but i dunno when i download it on my Xiaomi phone the subtitle sucks I can't read it properly,worst i can't even change the fonts πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
It was fun watching in this app, but then this "please have a better connection" pops up out of nowhere tho I have a good connection..
Too much ads, and it always repeat for more ads, you have to know what episode you exactly ended and if not you have to look for it and wait for the million ads and no movies.
The app is great. I can search most of the S.Korean series here, but there's some major irritating flaw. The video navigation is too flawed. The forward and backward speed can't be adjusted. So if you missed to read something, you have to backward by at least 25 seconds to rewatch the missed subtitle. The pause buttton is hard to press, it's too small that you need to press several times just to hit that button. If this continues, I'll stop my premium subscription and uninstall the app.
i was satisfied with this, and I'm willing to pay for te premium subscription, only thing is that why isn't it not loading and telling me that i have no internet connection, when i have connection, pls respond and help me fix this problem
No ads since upgrade to premium and been subscribe almost to 1 year and no worries to watch all my favourites dramas and movies..
This is the greatest app that I installed. Good work! There's nothing I can't tell a bad thing but the ads is my only problem because it can't be skipped and the ads is long and annoying while watching. But after all, nice app! πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‘‰πŸ“±
This is my favourite app to watch Korean shows but I'm not happy with the bug, my WiFi is working fine but it keeps telling me to connect to a better connection. Can u fix this?
i was going to rate this app 5 stars until the app started to crash and go back to my home screen and i end up losing the episode and i swear its not my device and sometimes the app stops and says "Check your internet connection" when my wifi is perfectly good. And i have another complaint , there are to much ads and you cant even skip the longest and weirdest ads , and yes i know this is how you earn money but this is too much!! I SERIOUSLY HATE THIS APP!! PLEASE FIX THIS!! 😭 πŸ˜‘πŸ™
Please resolve the app issue ASAP. It keep showing "Please connect to a better connection". Paying for premium and yet I can't watch
Please lower the volume of the ads. Or at least make it the same the same as the video. It is always too loud compared to the videos. The ads always startle me and hurt my ears. Edit: Changing to 1 star because the ads are still the same and because there are no English subs on downloaded vids.
Please add a rewind settings wherein we're just going to double tap the screen if we want to go back to the previous scene or if we have to skip some parts. Thats only my problem, please fix it thanks ❀️
Why couldn't I open the app? I have internet connection but it keeps saying that it need an internet connection. I've been trying to open it for several times and even tried to open through my google chrome but the result was still the same. I've grown pissed every time I try it. Can anybody tell me how is this going to be fixed?
Can this app interface be worse? On my free trial but checking the FAQs on when it ends/how to cancel does zilch, just brings me circling through the FAQs without answering my question. Video interface is also terrible. Can't choose viewing speed, and also can't fast forward/rewind by 10s/5s. It's only plus point is ability to use split screen.
I'am using the VIU app for 5 or more months now but this september 28, 2020 I avail the Viu premium monthly subscription and it had 14days free trial, it was working fine for 5days but after that the issue started I encounter a buffering issue with a message "please connect to a better connection" even though I have a good connection and my other apps on my phone is working, so now I cannot watch any episode.. please resolve the bug or issue on the app
On the first day I installed it, it was very good. But when I oppened it the next day, it won't open. It keeps saying to check my internet connection even though it's on. We also have a high data connection so why? What's the problem?
After update my download speed is below 100kbps but other apps when downloading i get a speed of 5mbps
Extremely poor apps!! 2018 subscribe to viu premium but it doesn't good and I don't even use the apps as it automatically log out my accounts, after login it showed up I didn't subscribe any premium but it keep deduct every months in my accounts. I have sent email to their mailbox so many times but no responsibility! Never use the apps but they keep deduct the amount from my account!! Please assist to deregister and cancel the auto pay ASAP!! I advice you guys don't use this apps! Poor service!
Great app! But if there could be more dramas after you buy the premium version Edit: I bought the premium version of thus app. After sometime, it will show adds. Please fix this!
its fun watching variety shows but these days viu is so irritating coz it always says "please connect to a better network" but my network is super fine.
Giving it a 3 because there is no way to share the subscription with my wife so she can also use it on her phone. Also the next episode of the show we are watching doesn't automatically appear on the homepage. Finally, some shows are not dubbed in Thai. Making it hard for the shows we'd like to watch together. Being able to dubb it in Thai with English subtitles would be great. And yes I have the premium subscription
Before viu running are smoth i can watch whatever I want.now I cant bcoz its said it currently not available in our country..how come I've been using it for a year..for now I give 2star I'm going to change it once the problem are fix.
Actually good when you have premium account, but i hope it does the same with the regular account when you dont have to deal with ads just like the premium ones cuz its kinda annoying, specially when I'm so into watching a particular scene then it changes to ads. Well yeah, guess that's how it works, just gotta deal with maybe.
i can watch korean variety shows here . but the problem is the font color of the subtitle when you use their mobile app. if the background is white, you can't read it anymore . unlike watching in computer, the subtitle had outline and it's still readable even if its background is white. please fix this issue.
should make the ui better. in case of putting the latest episode on top, the episodes should be in ascending order. and try considering having a premium where you can make 2 or more accounts, just like netflix, so i can share my account with my love ones hehe
Hey so I recently started a free trial for the premium version of this app and I am having a bad experience with it. I paid premium so I can cast it on my tv but it is either too slow or it's not casting at all. My internet is stable and it's fast and I have no problems with casting other apps to my tv. The free trial is supposed to show me that it's worth it getting a premium subscription but so far it's leaving a bad impression.
good but theres a lot of room for improvement. hope theres a list of what are you watching right now and what episode you stop like on some streaming app.. pls make this on viu. one of you subscriber here.
This is a good app, but when I click the connect with your TV, it always go to the Try free for 14 days. I don't know why? Please feedback thankyou:)
The app is great and their premiums are budget friendly! I just wish they will put more korean historical drama like Queen Seondeok, Jewel in the Palace and Gu Family book.
Viu is amazing before but now it's sucks am supposedly enjoy while watching on my favorite show but now it's disapointing they keep stoping, and pop up please connect the better network which is my WiFi connection is good and working well on my Netflix app.
Okay, I've used this app for quite a while and now it just keeps on saying to connect to a better network even if my connection's just fine. Ugh, could you fix this?
I have problems in this app. It always restarting. The ads is annoying. There is too many ads and it happens after watching an hour ago. Pssh.