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Voicemod Clips: Free Voice Changer & Video Maker

Voicemod Clips: Free Voice Changer & Video Maker for PC and MAC

Is a Entertainment game developed by Voicemod. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 6.0 and up.
Control your voice and amplify yourself with VoiceMod Clips β€” The FREE app for Content Creators

Looking to create funny, original content on your mobile? Want to change your voice and share videos that are original your social network? Want to keep your SnapChat, Instagram and TikTok follower on their toes? You can do all of that and more with Voicemod Clips!

Voicemod Clips is a Content Maker App that includes dozens of original voices and filters that will allow you to change your voice and apply fun filters to your smartphone&# camera that is 39;s. The voice changer that is best and video editor for TikTok, Instagram Reels / Stories, Triller, byte, or Snapchat.


How it works

Make original clips in seconds:

  • Choose the type of content you want to create: Audio or Video Clip.

  • Tap β€œrecord” to generate a clip.

  • Choose a camera filter, type of voice changer and the duration of the clip.

  • Name your work and share it using apps that are messaging WhatsApp or Snapchat, as well as Instagram Reels, Triller, byte, Stories and TikTok Clips.

  • πŸ“£

    A powerful Voice Modulator

    Take control of your voice and amplify yourself with the most voice that is powerful ever designed for content creators. Choose from a lot of different voices fand generate terrifying or audios that are funny videos.

    Voicemod’s voice collection includes presets of robotic effects, male-to-female, scary voices, autotune voices, even voices inspired by popular characters or celebrities. You control how you want to modulate or transform your voice in your clips!


    Video Filters Collection: the tool that is visual the Mobile Clip Maker

    As well as the voice changing options, Voicemod Clips features a collection of video filters that make it the best mobile editor available. Deform, squeeze, stretch any watch and video how your viewers react. You can also use original, 3D masks to transform yourself into a range of different characters. Let your imagination run wild!


    Made for Mobile Content Creators

    Voicemod Clips is a app that is perfect those content creators who publish across social networks. Voicemod Clips content can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram Reels, Triller, byte, and TikTok publications. Choose where you want to publish the most content that is popular surprise your followers!


    Where Can I use Voicemod Clips?

    You can use the voice video and changer filters and effects in social networks such as Instagram Reels, Triller, byte, Snapchat or TikTok. Or in messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

  • Record covers of your favorite songs and make somebody’s day using the voice changer for your TikTok videos

  • Surprise your Instagram Stories followers with fun video masks

  • Add auto-tune, robot, or scary effects and personalize your Whatsapp audio messages to your friends and family

  • Voicemod Clips is a way that is great make fun audiovisual content with your mobile device. Get creative with the voice changer and video filters and then share the results using your favourite social media and apps that are messaging.

    How to run this game on PC or MAC

    You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

    1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
    2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
    3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Voicemod Clips: Free Voice Changer & Video Maker.
    4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
    I hope the guide to download Voicemod Clips: Free Voice Changer & Video Maker for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
    User Reviews
    This app is amazing but have you added a feature that can make it so calls, discord calls, etc can use this somehow?
    Yeah theres the voices, but I was thinking you could transfer your stuff from the computer voicemod on my account onto this one, I usually use this bc I voice act a few fnaf characters and we use discord. But this doesnt work and its confusing bc I cant make custom voices. PLEASE can you add a way to access stuff like how you would using a computer? Or is there a way and I just cant find it?
    I hate it when you promote an app to change your voice in real time on any call but it doesn't work like that
    Im so amazed that the developers behind Voicemod actually delivered!! I really like the way the app handles, the effects and I love how there are N O A D S ! Furthermore, I am very excited for the future updates that will get implemented into the app and also I would like to say to the devs to keep on trying to make their application better no matter what others say. Well done.
    It's really good for what I want but there is a lack of modifications or abilitys of the PC version. Please add more to this and it will be a lot better of an app!
    To be honest the best voice changer app out there. And the fact that it's free just blows my mind. I think this deserves a five star review.
    I really like it but can you put something like teen or young man and woman voice and when I remove the app the voice still works can you please do that
    Fun but i wan't that voices combine together or calibrate and I want to connect voicemod to discord, messenger, games, it's really fun to play or troll with friends
    I would actually want a feature for you can download the audio/video to your phone so content creators can use it, can you guys add a download feature?
    This app is good but I want like fnaf voices to troll people but I can't so add that plz for free and when he making it make us hear what we sound like you do it on the pc version so plz add that stuff it will really matter to alot of people.
    I love it. Ive had many great times laughing with my friends at the effects. Now to wait for live voice changing if it ever gets implemented.
    I would give it 4 stars for now because I thought there would be a live voice changer for mobile games because PC Voicemod has that. I hope they add it soon and they would get over 5 stars because this would be the first app to do this due to other apps not having this opportunity. If a developer sees this, please let me know if you guys are trying to find a way to do this and please try your hardest. I understand if you can't. But otherwise, the voices sound realistic. I feel very satisfied.
    Great app but it's just missing the real time voice changing I hope they will bring this feature as soon as possible because right now there are no other voice changer apps like this one
    The only reason to use this app is realtime voice change but it's not yet available, I wish it come soon
    How Can I Find Custom Voice I Make Impression Of Games Characters (Including Friday Night Funkin Characters Voice)
    I like the idea of this app but I can't work out how to get the real-time voice changer which I need for my YouTube videos!
    This Is Amazing. I Would Like This To Have A New Voices Like The PC Version That Has 80+ Voices, Floating Bubble to Change Voices, The Voicelab Editor in PC and Voice Changer While Talking To People in Games, etc. If I Can Rate Higher Than 5 Stars. I Would Rate 10.
    Tbh they should really add a feature where you can use the voice changer though a discord call but I like it
    I wanted to ask when do you think that the feature that everyone's been talking about will come I also really love this app it's very funny and I love people's reactions when I send them voice clips and also this is made by voice hurt a lot because I'm having so much fun using this I really love it
    Its a Great App I have been waiting on it FOR MONTHSSS!!! but The thing is i cant use it for Real-Time...Im on Android Im so tireed of using 3rd party apps and watching indian Speaking language that talks about voice changer sooooo... Yeah I hope you add that on Android! still Waiting here :D but still 5 starsss!!!
    I would like it to be like the computer where you can speak through it and everything else like the computer version you can hear your own voice and everything else and you can do voice changer and everything on the computer version of this make it for the phone as well so I can speak instead of doing cips we can use our voice how long is we want
    Need to improve performance and over haul the whole app in the trash no comparison to desktop app ijs. Especially been a license holder..
    This seems like it is a five star app, however I'm putting one star because of a creepy feature in the app. The app asked me if I like it's voice and then proceeded by ending the question with 'Nate'. I never put my Nick name on my Google, I just checked. Either I'm hearing things or this app is creepy asf. Correct me if I'm wrong and I'll change this to a five star.
    I love the app, its amazing! (can you make it kind of like the pc version though, with the ability to use the app with other apps)
    I think you should make one like the pc version where it's free but you can use the same membership as the pc code
    App is stopping. Whenever i open this app on galaxy 10 plus it writes the stopped can't use it at all.
    This app works well but, I m unable to change my voice durimg google meet and zoom meeting in my vivo v15 pro because I am unable to get the proper settings so plz gave me the proper steps to use it in my device. so I will rate It for 3 stars
    Overall Great Voicechanger, but wish too see a little more variety like the Windows version! (But the windows version is not completely free like this one is, it's partially paid). Voices are very accurate and there is a still a TON of customization options. Very easy to use app as well! Just wish my favourite voice, that is on the Windows Version is here!
    Well it changes the voice of my mic so I can hear myself talk in a different voice, but it does not work for Nintendo switch, If it does not work for it than this is USELESS
    Hi i have a problem that i'll say. Sometimes the audio glitches out without using any voice changers.. is this is a bug?
    Very good app! Extremely funny voices and really sicl effects. Its perfect! But i hope you can add the function to change voices while in a call. But still, pretty good app.
    This app is very good but not able to change or use at realtime and in games. Please make as it in pc like realtime voice changer thats my suggestion to inprove this app
    It's really good but you guys should add the live voice changer that could be used in games and calls it would be really good
    Hi there, Thanks a lot for your review and for your feedback! Soon there will be more new features and voices in our mobile application. Stay tuned! Best, Voicemod Support Team
    I do say that this is a really good app although it does need an update whenever I talk for like 2 seconds its normal but then the rest of the seconds is just fuzzy and laggy I'm not sure if this is just my phone or the app although I'm pretty sure a lot of people are having a lot of fun with this app
    To the peaple who made this. First thing is first I love this so much and if there was a 101 stare rating I would raite it that much. Second thing can I post all of my making on yt for content? And if so I will make sure to give all the credit to you all for making this possable.
    This app is amazing and funny I hope this app has an update where you can use voice changer on discord if that happened I will be really happy
    Its very great! How can i use this while outside the app? I mean i dont wanna use it with talking to people i just wanna use voicemod while scrolling down on facebook or play games while using voicemod, etc.
    It's really great but the pc version is better like when your talking to someone on discord or messenger voicemod will help you change your voice on PC but in Android it creates you voice clips it's really Great but you gotta add the feature that the pc version had pls add that feature.
    I Love The App! But the thing is that can you Add A New Feature that when you livestream you can use this app? I would really love it!
    The voices is awesome but useless dont waste downloading this app waste ur time for who wants changing voices when playing smth because its not capable off
    Man, this app is amazing. I came here after the PC version, I really enjoyed it using on discord with my friends. Thank You soo much, But the PC version is too expensive, please make it bit cheaper πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί I know you guys have to earn but, PLEASE πŸ₯Ί πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ
    hello there!!! I give this 5 stars but if I click it and change the app and go in a call nothing happen do I need to do somethin to fix this? and how can I do this on utube?
    This app is really good! To be honest, it'd be a lot better if you could use it in real time with voice chats in games or calls etc. Like the pc version, but I understand the devs are working on this so sticking around and can't wait to see it added! Other than that, great app!
    This app is amazing I've loved the amount of voice effects there are 1 thing I would love and I'm sure everyone else would love is if this could be used in chat like discord or skype or any application where you can call but overall this app is amazing and I love it so much again if the things that I said could be done that would be absolutely great.thanks for this amazing app
    I like the app its pretty good but i think it could be louder while wearing head phones that will be a great use for me
    I tried this and the voice result is so crappy, most of the voices result are disorted. Example, if I use "deep", voice, it's very disorted it doesn't sound the same with the example. Fix this.
    Its great but can you add like an option to add more effects for instead of just like one effect added for it for when your about to record
    Even though it doesn't have live voice changer, I'll still give it 5 stars because I saw the raw potential of someone having the best time of they're lives listening to me sounding like a robot for no reason. Keep the amazing job guys
    The voices and everything else is good but like maybe you should add a feature where u can use the voice changer through a call eg; on a discord call,you are able to use the voice changer - this makes it a 5 star but right now it's a 4 star
    Useful app, sadly the lack of unique mods kind of kills the vibe, seen similar vocals on other apps. Adding a custom voice setting for mobile and such would be nice.
    I like the app and all, its amazing overall, but the one problem is that, I've been trying to do that anime voice thing and I dont know how to get to the voicelab on mobile, it's a 5 star for sure, but I don't know how to get voicemod pro and voicelab
    Really great. But still waiting for voicemod to change my voice when I talk on the phone with someone. Still waiting...
    It's a 3 star for now but if they add a live voice changer then I will gladly give it a 5 star review. It's a great app for funny videos and audio. But I was hoping for a live voice changer like the PC version.
    Really great app, easy to use software, good looking UI, High quality filters and not too many bugs, but one thing which I feel like we need is real-time voice changing. That feature is exclusively on PC right now and I was hoping we could get it on mobile as well. I would have given it a 4.5 stars rating If I could.
    I really like this app, there are some things I would like to see on here however. Such as new voices, the woman's voice to be less robotic. A way for the phone to never turn off while in use of the app. Suggestion if possible maybe voice impressions like celebrities or such stuff.
    It's a really great app. But there is one problem with it. I was seeing for autotune where your voice goes up and deep. But I just wanted to say if you could add autotune to troll on discord if it's possible. It's a great app nonetheless thanks for making it!
    works well and is easy to use but the presets aren't very good. would be nice to be able to upload my own mp3 files
    I would give four star because i love to use this even i'm using mobile. I hope they can make live voice changer so it would be fun.
    Its cool but i wish there was an option where you can use it real time on discord and dont have to record
    This is a nice app for entertainment purposes, by using this you can make or edit your voice. I would give this app 5 star if it had more features like real time voice changing, that would make VOICEMOD the world's best voice changer...😁
    App doesn't seem to work on samsung note. Records but won't playback sound, original or modified. Other voice changer apps work
    I would have gave 5 stars but it ain't got no connect feature for all phone types only for mostly iphone so can we please get a feature that way
    The app itself is great nd funcional I rate it 5 stars but can i pls suggest something if this can be used in Realtime like gaming and troll sombody in the game that would be much more appreciated and pls add that feature because it can boost you up like a lot...
    Id prefer if there was a version of voicemod for discord mobile so i could actualy talked to friends on discord with a squirrel voice on my phone because i dont have a pc
    I mean, it's not bad, but it could use some work. Besides the critiques other people have given, I want to add on by saying that there should be more variety with the voices, many of them seem the same and I wish there could be more uniqueness between voices.
    So it's good nonetheless but the only problem I have is that we can't make our own voices,and I would like if you added more voices.But if you do that then it's a 5 star for sure.No rush because I know that this could be pretty hard to great an app like this.But that's all I have to say.
    It works great and there are lots of fun voices to choose from I've only been using it for a week now and it hasn't been glitchy whatsoever I'm going to give it four stars (⭐⭐⭐⭐) because there is something missing from the experience and that is the ability to use it in a call in something such as discord once it gets that I'll rate five stars
    I loved this app, reason I gave it a 4 star is that I wanted this app on my phone for only one reason, venom's voice. So I request the developers to add venom voice to it.
    Amazing app. Does exactly what it should and sounds great. The free version seems to lack in voice changer options which kind of sucks. But other than that, everything is perfect. Last thing left to do is wait for a real time coice changer option and the app is golden.
    Great app they're trying there best to make it better and better and all though you can't use it to troll it's still a funny and real working voice changer I honestly would suggest it and if you have a problem write a review they have great staff that'll reply in one to two days.
    One Of The Best Apps Out There. I Really Thought IT had a live voice changer but I Really think they are working the hardest for us Thanks.
    Honestly a great app but when will we be able to the stuff like voice chat and the call with voice changer?
    This app is wonderful. A great app to troll people on online games. I think they should make a effect that's changes your voice more into a girl because the one they have just changes the pitch. Overall I recommend getting this app even if you are just using it to entertain yourself when you have time to yourself. πŸ˜€
    I like the app and would give it 5 stars but you can't use it live in calls like it advertised but other than that it's good
    Its really good with the voices great experience but only 1 problem theres no live voice changing i really wanted to prank my google class meeting with the voice changer over all really good :D
    I am part of voicemod's discord, and all I see is that the pc version keeps getting updates, while I haven't seen or heard of mobile news for at least 6 months now! Can someone besides a bot review this and reply on what's happening with Voicemod mobile? It would make my day! :)
    Very good and funny voices for if u don't want people to know real voice or a trolling people but I dosent work on discord xbox app etc so please add a feature so u could use it on call
    Amazing app, but would be better if it was like the pc version and there was a live mode. If you did that then you would go famous. Please add it
    Its good, especially if you can change the voice outputs, like being able to hear your voice outloud. I wish theres a way to listen to tour voice with the screen off
    I love this app I troll my friends and they really wonder how I do this if I would rate this I would give it an5 star.
    I love this app so much! I like all of the effects i can use. But I wish there was more Voice Effects.
    The websites advertises anime voice mod and realistic girl voice changer but it just is a garbage high pitch voice
    What if you maintain the voice changer, if even open other apps or gaming online, please, even if not free, even if you sell this please, i love this app so much But it will no use in gaming online, so please make this app for gaming online.
    Amazing, i have one suggestion though. Can you add so you can change voices of videos you already have? If so that would be amazing.
    I really love this app! But to be honest im waiting for the real like you can use it while using other Applications like playing games while using it.
    Awesome but pls add more effects pls and voice. I recommend you to download this app its awesome for prankster or something you want to do with your voice or your self
    It's fun but I gave 4/5 stars because it's a voice recorder I want it when you talk it will make the voice.
    Best voice changer ive ever used i use it on PC alot. @devs thank you for continuing work on an already amazing piece of work
    I waited for Voicemod to make an app for Android (because it was already available for Windows/IOS users). When I first used this app, Iwould have given 4 stars because some features are missing, but the dev made a survey in which I found out that in future updates some cool features are going to be added, and the present effects are really nice, so only opinion is that this app and the devs deserve 5 stars!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Hello Mister developer I like your app especially when you will add real time voicemod like you can use at in discord calls/chats and pubg mic and omlet arcade voice/chats pls do that Mr developer I want to stream in omlet :-: with real time voice Also Its the best voice changer ever (pls do notify/reply me when you want to add real time voice like you can chat in at and pls do what I want :-:) Sorry for my broken English but I speak Arabic mostly
    Hey guys. I've downloaded VoiceMod onto my MacOSX but then deleted it afterwards when I found out that it's not supported on Macs. Why is this?πŸ€”
    Idk i just want to make a SCP-049 voice but i am on mobile plese make this avilable for me. I would gladly rate it 5 stars after
    The problem with this app is that I can not use this for discord calls or anything else, I can only record my voice, hopefully you can add the discord feature soon
    The app sucks It won't work for discord unless you record your self then play it in the mic it's ok if you prank your friends but only for a little bit
    its cool but can u do a display over apps so like when u exit the app the voice effect is still there overall its fun
    I like the app but you should add a sound board. It will be so cool if you do that but i still like the app tho so thanks.
    why on android there is no crazy clown sound and lost soul ? I want crazy clown and lost soul, please add those two voices if you have then I will give 5 stars at once πŸ‘πŸ»β˜ΊοΈ
    This is a great app but I really wish that you can use this on discord and stuff like that I know that you can put it though a pc but I think it should work for mobile too
    Voice mod is a fun app to mess around with when you are board, and I really like the quality, I just wish I could use it while playing games with my friends so that they can hear the many voices to choose from.
    Its great as there is real time voice changers but the only downside is that its nothing like the pc version and its hard to connect it to other apps like discord
    This is such a good app. But if u ever do another update or any update you do can you add a thing where you can put voices together and make your own voice, turn the voices high and low that would actually be pretty cool I'm trying to make a Venom voice. This is because I am on phone. Thank u bai.
    Hey, I'm a developer at ubisoft Pune. This could have been way better if you made it work for discord. Seems your doing your best and please make it so that this app can be used for discord.
    Its great but it would be better if there were alot more voices like on pc and live use discord, phone calls, video calls etc... please work on that i would be so great full
    Its a really good app but I feel like you guys should let us combine at least three or four of the voice mods but im having fun with it.
    This is pretty fun, but I wish you could have all the voices like the Windows version, alteast have those free on this mobile version, or have the Voicelab so people can make a custom voice
    It's so amazing but can you make this app to be a voice changer and works on background to can used in other apps just a suggestion πŸ˜ƒ
    Overall its alright i wish i can be a voice as a youtber like dream and technoblade l hope they will change it in the meanwhille i will stay away from the app
    Eh. It's not really fun since the voice changers barley do anything and unlike the PC version, there's no soundboard, pitch, or anything. Still a p good app tho.
    piece of garbage app. forces you to do a three day trial, then google messes up and my subscription never cancelled when I did it the same day. it's the same as stealing money for an app that does the same as the free ones.
    Hi this is the best voice changer but like everyone else I'd like to see a real time voice changer also it for xbox but I know you are trying to do live recordings and that's why I do 5 stars but make sure it works for discord and calls please but for bonus if this gets to xbox I'll personally tell everyone to get it I'll spread the word but for now I'll just record my voice do your best and if possible please bring it to xbox keep up the good work 😁😁😁
    I have searched and searched but no matter what I look up and no matter what I do it doesn't do what it says it will do... it does not do anything with discore and I've looked up what to do I've even tried to get voicemod++ and that didn't even work perhaps I'm doing something wrong but the tutorials are useless.
    It's a very great app Although I have seen some things which could be better. First of all I now need internet to start the app and second I'm still waiting for the feature to use VoiceMod on Discord Mobile to troll people.
    It's a pretty cool app. The advertisement said live voice changer. I wanted to use it for my live stream. Have a little fun. But it's not a live voice changer.
    Great app but can't i use it to prank Like while am on a call and the person would hear a different voice please tell
    I've been using the computer version its very good and free only problem is that the soundbord doesnt go straight into your microphone I'd give it a 4.5 but i cant
    It's good. But I kinda wish they kept the voice called lost soul I think it's called. It honestly made great voices for fnaf roleplays! Other than that this app is very fun to use!
    I LOVE this app I mess around with it all the time I would give it a 5 star but I would like it if you add more vocies and be able to make your own vocie I think you can on pc but can't on mobile aka phone over all it's a good app
    Ok this app os very good but I don't think that it is on enough platforms, can you make the APK compatible with PlayStation, Xbox and other consoles? Also gotta Tell ya the customer service is on point.
    I love this app, it's so good and very fun! One question does it have free trail if you want to open all of the voice changer? I'm just wondering.
    The audio peaks a lot, its making a lot of crackling noises. Also will there be live microphone like the pc version?
    This app is real good. Seriously need a live voice changing option to try out these awesome voice mods! It's a humble request to please the live voice chat option asap!!
    It's great and all. But i noticed that doesn't have a feature were it can do the live voice thing. I wanted to try it on discord. But I'm not sure how to set up the voice changer thing onto discord. Giving y'all 4 Stars btw for support.
    This app is very amazing! I love it the only thing that turned me off is that, the famale voice is kinda fake and the auto-tune ain't that great add a auto tune with real pitch correction in then this app would be greater!
    I love this app because i am a youtuber with low subs. I used to type but now i use the helium voice because i really like it. I wouldve given 4 stars because you can only record up to 1 min and i can't do that so can you please update it to make the time 10 mins??? ANd it it very slow at trying to share a video onto it it takes forever and its kinda annoying.
    Well, yeah. It's a good app, but, it needs a live voice changer like for discord calls, games, etc. Please, I'd appreciate it, And this will be popular out of no time
    It's literally good for recording and changing your voice but I need the feature when I can use this to change my voice while playing game like Mobile Legends. Can you give me the exact time of that feature? Estimated Time.
    Epic, there is just one thing, I wish voicemod on mobile could be like the one on pc when you can call your friends and use voice changer.
    I can't use this app. I downloaded this app for changing my voice in google meet but I can't set it.. It's just impossible to use.. Can u pls explain how can I use it on google meet on Android...
    I have Give 3 Star . 2 star of no live voice changer . If they Join that live voice changer linke in pc version then I will give 5 star . At the end Best App for video editing voice. Thanks. By the way this is my first review I hope that's almost Good.
    It's a really nice app... Love it.... Waiting for the MacOs version.... I just hav a doubt, how do we use this app in zoom (android version)? Pls reply
    Great but you cant use it in other apps while in call and other things even call please release Voice mod pro the PC version or make this as good as PC one please so as we speak our voice changes i want a voice changer like that
    Uhhm. I fell in love with this app but I got heartbroken when I heard that it doesn't have discord vocie changing. Please bring that feature as soon as possible. As a fellow discorder. Love ur app thx!
    This app is well organized and fun but there is an issue with the blending of background effects and the user's voice.The background effects are normally higher in volume.I would really love it if those features are fixed as soon as possible. THANK YOU
    I give it a 5 stars, it's nice and good. I used this for 3 months now. You can also use this in your youtube channel as your fake voice, i very-very recommend this app for y'all to use it!
    We are still waiting for the android live voice changer is it coming soon or? And btw great app to use
    It is a very good app for voice changing , recording and uploading it . It would be great if this enable us to change voice live in game.please bring this feature soon.
    Its a really good app and it deserves 5 stars, but the thing missing is connecting it to discord or any platform that uses voice-call because im on mobile, (and the pc in my house is only for work) so please make it happen, and don't worry take your time if you need to, i'll be waiting :)
    The voice is completely muted and I dont know why very disappointed if you fix that I'll give it 5 stars
    Honestly it's a great app for fun if your bored. I hear they will update it to where you can talk to people while the voice changer is on. Such as discord calls etc. I have it on pc. Also i think it would be cool to have a soundboard for online chat. Kinda like the PC version i believe. I will stay tuned for the next update. We all need to stick around. Rn it's a great app but could be a whole lot better with fine adjustments. I'm glad to see that they are working to bring us the same quality.
    I only put 4 stars because I dont know how and even if its possible to keep our voice that we change et still talking with it like for hours ,like ine Virtual Droid 2
    I would like to give it a 50/50. Because the audio was a little bit distorted when I play it. Or is it just me...?
    The voices don't sound even remotely real.You can tell that there is a voice changer.Also people on PC and iOS have voices I don't. Im on Android.
    This game is the best but I'm using a three phone, Whenever I record something and save it no sound comes up. So you need to upgrade this app for me
    Very disappointed that I cant have custom voices...spent 2 whole hours that I cant get back, just looking for ways to make my voice sound like a Space Marine from Warhammer 40k...cant tell you how pissed I am with the results I got...
    Help me..... I just downloaded the app but can't record anything the mic button is keeps loading allways....i have give the app permissions but it's still not working.i can upload video and change the video voice but not in real time or recording. Edit: just restarted my ph and it works now..... Plz add feature so i can use it in calls and discord.
    It’s cool. But what is lacking in it is this does not work live on voice chats and discord. I’ll give four stars but I hope that this may be available to change voice on live during using voice chat, discord and other online vc games.
    nice, everything works fine but i give you 2 stars only because no option for longer voice record, the only option is 6, 30, to 60 seconds... i will be happy if you update that kind of problem in the future, thank you
    This is good, but I wish there were effects like stormtroopers, Vader, etc. Those are currently the only I can think of who have specific effects I'd like to have. I also would like accented voice changing because my voice doesn't do accents well at all. Some other ideas are ghostly effects, corrupted-like effects, vocaloid effects.
    Man i thought when i quit the app the voice changer would still be there but no :/. I would really like for this app to keep the voice changer even if you quit the app
    Great voice changing app, but hate the fact that I can't pair it with discord. Update: 3🌟 -> 5🌟
    Hey guys. I see that it says that you have updated the VoiceClips App. with more voices without limitations. However there are still 25 voice effects total, same as last time. And you can only record your voice through headphones and I can only send video recordings to Discord. Not record my voice with the effect within a voice chat. Can you please check on this? Thanks.
    Really good app, but I I wish you can add the feature with the voice changer on live call for discord and stuff
    I like the app alot, and the fact it allows you to insert videos and use the voice effects on them is great as well. Just some constructive critizism, but, if people could insert videos over 60 seconds that would be really great too! And maybe a "VoiceMod pro" version for people who don't want the water mark. Besides those small things, 10/10!
    Best voice changer! 11/10 must download. One thing they should add is the ability to combine different voices to make new voices. Overall I am very happy.
    Selected a voice changer and nearly damaged my eardrum with a piercing high pitch tone. None of the voice changers worker correctly.
    Great app but I think we should be able to Voice change live other than that Great app and keep it up!
    I love this thing so much, great for trolling or just having fun with your friends. I wish it was a one time payment though.
    if I could give this less than a one star I would because now instead of just being a total let down compared to the PC version it consistently crashes my phone after only minutes of use
    Mhh I think this app works better if you have ios but if you have an android like me I think you should have some problems I can't use any of the voices because whenever I press record to hear my voice with the selected mod it always just says loading for hours and never works I would appreciate it if you guys Could read my review and tell me if you could fix it, thanks.
    So I open the app it crashes I open it again it crashes I Told the support team and it still crashed ... UNINSTALL this app if u have it all its gonna do is crash πŸ˜”
    This app is really cool! The options available are fun and entertaining but I really wish there were more options. Like maybe some scary ones please? Like glitchy, five nights at freddy's voices.
    I cannot use it in real-time while iam streaming Only PC not for mobile I hope this app to be developed for mobile live streaming specially PUBG mobile even its paid i know its need permissions and liability but it will help a lot of mobiles streaming live
    I would give a five star bit all I want to reply do is use a live voice changer for Xbox or mobile but no this dumb app doesn't let that happen so fix this and I am pretty sure the 159 other people have been trying to do the same but can't and I have tried and tried but just can't get it to work as a live voice changer and most people are trying to do what I have been trying to do so please fix this so many people can use a live voice changer without a PC plus that is a stupid design 😐😐😐😐😐.
    Does not work very well, the video effects are very glitchy. The voice effects are nothing special, they are available on many other similar apps or can be created with an audio editing program like Audacity that you can download for free as well. Do not download this app because it is not worth the data on your phone.
    Best voice changer but I think to make it top notch it needs to be real time where others can you you while you talk like in the PC version plz do this
    It's a great app really but i would love if you guys can make it so when you talk like in game your voice will change that would be cool but that's not possible.
    Amazing App, Lots Of Features And Voices To Use. The Fact That We All Get To Experience This For Free Is Very Sick. Even Though It Doesn't Have The Effects From PC, The Effects It Has Are More Than Enough. And With The Fact That New Ones Just Got Added And An Account Option, I Can Write Many More Good Things About This App, But You Have To Try The App To Know How Amazing It Is
    Love it, whoever is asking for a live vouce changer there is one, All you need are head phones with a mic on it. You can go to voice record, pick an effect and talk into the mic. Five stars.
    I feel lied too i found this app looking to spice up my d&d over discord the internet tells me this works over discord and it doesnt the voices are cool but its useless maybe contact when the discord feature is added and ill change my rating
    Great it should be updating like lottery want to take this moment for this app to get a perfect detail of the app
    It's really cool and fun but I hope I can change my voices without record it and it can be used on any platforms like online games,discord live or etc
    This app is extremely good for trolling and being funny. There's one thing. I wish it would be able to work with Discord mobile.
    Love this app but.. please increase the recording time limit and..make a separate gallary of all background music of all the voice I love the most background music of story teller drama...then if you add these I would love to give it 5 stars 🌟 from πŸ’– heart
    Wow this is the best voice changer app ever but the problem is there is not feature for calling but still a great app
    Thank you for tgis i can troll my friends and some features are so great pls Be Some Updates its really Really cool app i would be waiting for new update :D
    It won't let me sound different something like that and i think it needs more voices on th here and some SCP voice like the Scp-049 voice
    I would give it 5 stars if it had all of the voices. I know for PC its different, but why? I mean, its a really great app and I use it a lot, I just think it would be a whole lot better if it had all of them. I watch VRchat videos on YouTube and a lot of them have really cool voices from this same app. Could you fix this please? It would be a LIFE changer. -KnightoftheNeon
    I'm happy that Voicemod has now made it to Mobile,I can now use Voicemod without computer lag interface
    This app is very good but it's amazing if it was like pc version like u open discord and your voice is still in effect I would like that
    I give it five stars because it really change your voice but I wish that there were more voice changer in voicemod.
    It's a great app my personal favorite is magic chords although I haven't figured out how to connect it to discord
    To be clear I gave this app four stars for it's amazing voice changing but I noticed it didn't do live in calls but after I saw the amazing speed of response and assurance from one of the people that brings this experience to life on android and iphone I decided to change the rating to five stars. Thank you for your time and reassurance.
    Its alright. I mean if your editing for a video or something but I thought it was a voice changer I could use for calling so I can troll my friend. If you could add that. That would be great. Thanks for taking your time and reading this
    Great but you cant use it in other apps while in call and other things even call please release Vlice mod pro the PC version or make this as good as PC one please so as we speak our voice changes i want a voice changer like that
    The PC version of this app ruined my life. It's been two months of nonstop mental health decline thanks to this app. If it weren't for this, I'd still be included in a worldbuilding project I wrote hundreds of pages and drew two significant digital drawings for. It was one of the only things I had left during quarantine, and this app stole it and $25 from me. My relationships both in-person and virtual have begun to crumble alongside my mental state. Please, don't make the same mistake I made.
    Its a great app for recording but will it be able to work for live auido for calls, discord, and games with voice chats? It would be awesome if it did
    This app is amazing, but one thing. Can you make horror movie filters? It would help me a lot! The app is great! Good job!
    This app is great for curing bordem. I was on a long car journey just messing around with it and it made the journey fell a lot quicker. Love it!
    Got it for voice mod, dont want to give video permission but can't use app without it. Doesn't work in real-time. Remove discord from the title because this app has nothing to do with discord and you people are just trying to piggyback on that apps popularity to gain downloads for this sub par app. You should be ashamed. Dishonest and deceitful. Would give 0 stars if I could and won't even go into all the other issues with this app.
    I like this app so much i can use it on ps4 on pc and more can you plz make.it were you can turn off your phone and use it and were people can here you on a phone call or on omegle.
    Best App...I liked it,Voice effects are awesome...few days before app was not working but I reinstall it and now it is working fine.My one suggestion is kindly increase the limit of video upto 120 seconds..
    Can you make it so when you're off the app you could still do the recording thing speak when you're not on the app still so like when I go on the phone with my friends I can go to remake a queer voices it'll be like super confused like I don't know how to do it just give me a help please but just give me a help
    It will not let me use the app it is just loading and now t letting me use it and I will keep it 2 stars until it gets fixed so yeah!!!
    Voicemod is a very good app for making original and funny content but the reason I gave it 3 stars is because if you film within the app the camera quality is bad and I can't manually focus (I don't know if it's just my phone) Reason 2: It's not letting me take video files from my camera and put a different voice on it, it will put up a loading screen but it won't go away.
    It's great it's no direct import but I enjoy what is Givin I hope we get access to the creation lab like the pc counter part so we Alcan install/ upload community made voices I'd honestly give this app or even the company 10 stars
    This app is really cool! The options available are fun and entertaining but I really wish there were more options. Like maybe some scary ones please? Like glitchy, five nights at freddy's voices. (Edit) 5 stars now because the developers are so nice and supportive of new ideas and suggestions! Not to mention the update that is coming soon, as they stated.
    Works good but it would be nice if there was a option for the live audio to go through the phone speakers
    I never know that your app is so cool and very fun to use but can you make it access to zoom or other that would more interest app