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VPGAME Esports

VPGAME Esports for PC and MAC

Is a Entertainment game developed by Hangzhou WeiPei Network Technology. The game is suitable for PEGI 16 (Strong Language) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
VPGAME - Esports news & community

[Esports News]

First-hand esports news, include real-time score and stats analysis, Enjoy esports here and root for your favorite team!

[Esports Community]

Hear first-hand esports news, watch tournaments with thousands of fans, gossip and make new friends.

[About VPGame]

VPGAME, a place where you can cheer for your teams that are favorite players and even share your experience and understandings of the game with them.Let’s build the best esports community here so that esports fans from all over the world could connect together and have fun.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the VPGAME Esports.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download VPGAME Esports for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Waste of time. Can't even sign in into steam account always shows incorrect login repeatedly. What can we expect anyway.
What happen with your mobile API calling mate? Too many "no predictions", "no stats", and "no match recap" in a match. Often lose information about a match because of that. Other than that, UI/UX is good.
My friend recommended it to me and told me it's a good app. Well, after I used it, I found it's really good for us as gamers who always need to watch league matches and want to follow players. The Match feature on VPGAME is awesome
There are lots of tournaments like DOTA2/CSGO/League of Leagues/Mobile Legends:bang bang . Really satisfying to watch, just like watching pros.
I place a bet before the match like 30mins before and tried to cancel it due to miss clicked. Unfortunately it still went thru and no option to cancel it. Remember that betting sites should always have their customer options to cancel it instantly on or at least 5mins before the match for a numerous reasons, However they dont inform or at least warnd their customer about it. Sad day.
Ded app, vp matches and bettings are all ded. No info or news about what is happening. Vpgame still keeps giving news UNRELATED to what is the problem.
I can't control the quality of the video. I'm only on data and I can't seem to enjoy the live streaming of the game because it requires a very fast internet. For data users, we all know 240p will do atleast.
VPGAME is great, many hot games like DOTA2 and Leaue of leagues, live streams for tournaments, many fellow-gamers to chat with in the Forum.
cant login through steam account always say incorrect login i consult live chat but still no help just say repeat and repeat like what the hell ..
Well i can't sign in my steam account. I did sign in and put the code but after that it would let me repeat the process. I'm stuck at steam sign in.
I tried logging in to steam but it kept telling me that it was incorrect. It already got in for the steam guard but after putting the steam guard successfully, that is when it will say incorrect login pls.help
There is no picture of team just blank white(fixed), pls add select all when withdraw hard to withdraw when no items
Be careful in private rolling of your items, my 100usd got stolen. The thing is it is a private roll w/ password. The user who stole my item got my friends name and profile picture. Then once i rolled the item the user changed. I have proof. Their customer service just ignoring me. So It must be an inside job! TAKE CARE!!
The app is awesome very easy to use and nice interface. But I would love for it to provide as much detailed I.formation as the actual website and also please have a dark background teme it is really hard to wake up at night and try to check your predictions on your way to the toilet and no having an option to reduce drastically that white brightness. Apart from those aspects I would give it a nice 5 stars.
Server error for about 6 weeks now... And they just like running away... And still call them self number 1Funny
I cant withdraw my item and its stucked on my VP inventory The MY VPGAME BAR will only let you see quest, comment, and my favorites.
To the developers, This app really good and a good place to bet in skins. The reason I only rate this 4 stars is because of the latest patch, the share facebook option doesn't work anymore even if I press it a couple times. Waiting for confirmations from the developer
after i login my steam account and put the code, its repeat to login stage again and again please fix this.
Live support? So perfect, they replies to me and they are all kind. I'm quite pissed to those retarded people getting mad at them, there is no such thing as a perfect betting site, it still has flaws. The admin? Already talked with him/here and he/she is really hospitable. That's all, thank you and good luck on more improvements.
I live in India and today when i tried to open vpgame then its not starting then i thought that let me try my another account !! Then i realized that vpgame app is not working properly and then i used web version of vpgame and try to contact with coustomer care but its continiously loading and i cant contact with them also !! Hope you guys reply me fast and update your app as soon as possible and fix your site as well !.
im very disappointed my first win was cancelled because of the maintenance problem, it was only for 1$ but VPgame is so lousy, please send some complements to those who are affected by your so called maintenance issue LOUSY
Can u please make it fast. Update the current verion 4.0 - 4.1 . Its very unfair for android user. You put 4.1 version to IOS but just 4.0 in Android?
If you win bet, you basically have rights now on your winnings, this site does not have the right to cancel and return bets, goes to show this app does not care about their consumers, better switch to a more reliable site
It's more fun in betting even you lose or win if you have no analysis if you bet Rip haha the problem only is you need to read the rule because if you don't there's a possibility that you'll get scammed (auto roll) just like my experience so please before you play this game you need to read the rule first its kinda boring but it's for your own good sake
Please fix the page/app.. We want to win not cancelled. I win 149$ but so long to be settled, then after 12hours VPGAME cancelled it. Sadlife
Until now the matches is cancelled how long it will take this problem no quick maintenance no action so disappointed
I can check many hero stats and watch many esports news on VPGAME. It also will remind me if my followed team have a match .
Good app Who need help login problim here i can help you I can withdraw and dipost with no issue Pm me in my facebook Sherwin niel basuel bona
Feels like it's the best one in the market right now, a nice platform, very convenient. Wish it's discovered and used by more people because it is so well-designed. It has timely and quality updates.
It's a nice app and much more detailed compared to the previous versions. I understand that having a new VPgame is essential to cope up with the current valve rules, hence the items are sometimes out of stock and cannot be withdrawn. My problem is my account sometimes logs out and takes time to relog in again.
It has latest and most interesting news for games, always has multiple competitive tournaments for like DOTA2/CSGO/League of Leagues/Mobile Legends:bang bang and many. You can get rewards finishing certain mission, it's a great app.
The best betting site..if u got some problem relating the app their customer service is so good... live chat will response within 20 mins max..
Important warning hard to see at app like roll, the warning if you want see only small at queation mark symbol, so if you not see and create the roll room and aomething happen thats make you lose item for nothing, and customer service will said there is a warning, when inly they know where it is
The most useful app of all esports apps, there are not only game news, but also interesting videos on VPGAME.
U guys was best skin betting apk for me.Betting Cancelled its still fine but I m not happy with locked diamond for too long.i cant understand why there is no item on market to buy.really! i feels like i got scam.i will rate up if things are ok.
Dota is game empasize on teamwork. And by using VPGAME, I met many Dota2 players and became friends in real life. More power VPGAME.
A nice integrated app, can have live chat as well as live streams for tournaments, many free rewards.
There are many game videos and related match news on the app which is wonderful for us who love playing games.
Okay my experience is improving the only thing that bugs me is why would you guys not allow all immortal skins of dota 2 to deposited into vp like come on dude please let all items to be deposited.
Very bad experience for me. It's asking for email confirmation but no confirmation numbers/whatnot being sent to my email. Tsssk
Really good app but a bit disappointed as some recharge features were removed so I have to face some difficulty to charge.
The guys must have been working hard on this, thanks for the constant upgrade! Better to have more means to get items or skins for normal users
I only bet in NBA but the app doesn't put NBA Games earlier than expected that's why I can't bet at night. I hope you put it early. Just update the handicap in score in the morning. Thanks.
Easy to find live streams for pro matches and for pro players. Good community, lots of experienced gamers discussing meta, can also find guides for other games.
I really like this app, I can follow every big tournaments for games at all time, I am a great lover for league of leagues and CS:GO, and this is of great help to me, very good!
Fast deposit of items but withdrawing takes so much time. Some are labeled as " cant be withdrawn" items. Says insufficient inventory. But the servers are fast in giving steps on what to do. Nice app but needs improvement specially the withdraw mechanics
Lately having to much problem with lottery wheel n market place in app. Also in web the page barely open like before.. Keeps saying update your web browser even when it is up to date.
I used to use vpgame for betting but they changed their system and make you give them your steam info to be able to deposit items. This means they dont need your steam auth code because they get it automatically when sending trades. very shady i don't trust them anymore beware!!!
I just downloaded this, still figuring everything out, but the match history is nice, keeps me motivated in League Of Leagues.
When I'm in the inventory tab, I can see my items but I can't see their pictures. Just the VP logo and the price. Same in the prediction tab, I can see the match name (example: OG vs Nigma) but not their logo/picture just the vp logo again. I have checked my internet connection but I think the app is the problem here. Fix it!
Facing problem since last night games not settling users frequently changing bets from 1 side to another cancel tha bets.
You have to download this app if you are lovers for DOTA2/CSGO/League of Leagues/Mobile Legends:bang bang and battle royale games! It's super good, all kinds of live streams for tournaments with explicit commentary, keep signing gets points for lucky draws and get lots of good items.
Disatisfied with the log in with steam option it just does not work how many times i try. It sucks i can't even deposit my items.
It sucks I can't deposit because of steam session time out and when I login to steam nothing happens next it repeats logging and nothing happens
Scamm Site make all Ongoing match into cancel because of their own mistake. And also too slow to fix the problem till now matches not yet ready lol
Scammer site..if you win your bet..they will cancel the match for plenty of reason..or they lock your account
TBH, it's definitely the best esports app, in this app I can see all pro player's stats and learn skills from them.
Can't withdraw so many item with low price until you convert it into diamonds and trade it with higher price item Some mistakes from the admin like today VG vs SAG, they don't want to pay us and suddenly cancel the prediction when the game already over. There's no compensation as well Under rated 👎🏽
App was not working in phone.When I try to deposit my items from steam to vp inventory it gets refreshed automatically. So I uninstalled app and then installed again, now it is not working at all when I open it app gets crashed.Help me as soon as possible.i am waiting...
can't take my items and so many maintenance that they don't announce it's soo sad that this app the one I love to get and take my items and bet my money can be such a huge let down 😟😢
This APP is good. But for now i can't log in it always looping at the Log in interface. how to fix this?
The live support can't understand a simple problem and on the live bet it seems to have a bug but they don't want to admit it several months have past yet that bug still alive
It was a Great app, you can win immortal hehe, I wish that Vp game has an other way to convert item to diamond hehe
Pls help me I cant log in my vpgame After signing in my steam it keeps saying incorrect log in Please reply ASAP!!!!!!!!
Your last app was dangerous to install cause it can access my personal information like my google password and any app in my phone its just like trojan virus that cannot be detected by any anti virus app i started to notice it when one of my app allways block my account during login period so what i did i use vpn and turn off my location...😑😑 now i know why google play block your last app for installing🙄🙄
Good app betting and you can get some free items too ocasionally if you are lucky. However, once the steam session expires it doesn't allow me to login again. When I try to login with steam through vpgame app it leads to unlimited loops of sign ins. I have no problem with browser but the app login isn't working and item deposit/withdraw is only possible through app. So, it is basically useless for me right now.
The app is good but please fix this bug. I can’t deposit my item because of this. Please fix steam login. Whenever I login my account it will return from the start and I can’t login my account. I can’t even deposit my item and withdraw because of this. Please fix.
Not bad, it updates posts for games and tournaments very fast, lots of times they even updates them during the night.
The app is great but the community post had a lot of problem like when you scroll for a few second then you click a post after you finish looking on the post when you toggle back or click back it refresh so if you want to read the older post you need to scroll again. New and Old post are not arrage you should fix it so we know what post is the new and old.
waste of time! First time i login but it says too many log in failures in your network try again later LMAO. Do not DOWNLOAD this app or you will just stress. Broken application
Downloaded the app last year cuz I play steam games. It's super nice to able to track my stats whenever I want.The news and discussion are in-depth. Vpgame is a nice app in general.
Cannot even withdraw items that is in my inventory for more than 7 days. App suck. Only work for abundant items.
UnTill this maintenance fix? Vpgame user are 2 weeks waiting for any announcement about this maintenance. Pls pls pls give an announcement if vpgame when vpgame is back or can't back
My items are stuck in my own vp inventory and I'm unable to withdraw them. All vp says is there is cooldown but it has been more than 2 weeks now.
my 31 diamonds are gone suddenly!! i haven't bet yet i was planning to buy some item on vp diamond market. i was trying to purchase the item worth 28diamonds suddenly not enough diamond. it turn out my diamknd left now is 0.1
Games not settled. Predictions i win. But dont settle vpgame cancelled it. And no compensations for the inconveniece
A solid five stars! Keep signing in and get points to make lucky draw and loot items, plus you get loads of feeds, super great
Well, I think all Overwatch players can download this app. No matter watching games and communications, both are convenient on VPGAME.