War of Nations for PC

Build a global military empire and crush your enemies in War of Nations! Battle other players, take over the world and become the most dominant nation!

Construct bases, train military units, and deploy armies across a gigantic world in this massively multiplayer strategy game. Engage in epic battles with other...

User reviews

  • Alan Dwight
    Alan Dwight

    Rated ONE STAR. Over 700Mb in less than 24 hours. Most of it being shown used by application today on 3rd of sep 2014. Data usage showed most of it being used in real time and not background. On force closing application, data usage report reverted back to less than 300mb. Install at your own risk. Above information was confirmed via my ISP network carrier data notification.

  • Karl Levin
    Karl Levin

    High data drain A few unknown IDs within the game respond to silent building within protection period via direct attacks to player's device/data plan. Not a single word was typed in chat from my end. Around 150mb within 2 hours. Reporting it.

  • Jerry Gooding
    Jerry Gooding

    No money? Don't bother. It's a good game, entertaining for a little bit at a time because of how long it takes to do anything. But the biggest issue with this game is you have to pay for anything of worth. People in this game that spend a lot of money are the ones on top and the people that won't or can't spend money for a free game is just a speed bump for them.

  • Elijah Mclaurin
    Elijah Mclaurin

    Awesome but You need to capture regnade outposts to own it but you need power cores can you change that if you attack the command center and you won can you control the out post .It will be better my opinion.

  • Benjamin Gauvin
    Benjamin Gauvin

    Addictive A couple little "hick-ups" in the events, but besides that it's a pretty well designed app

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee

    Great game! This game is LOADS of fun! I've made friends with people all over the world. Its not overly complex either. HOWEVER, to really progress and truly appreciate the game you must be willing to dedicate time (especially in the beginning). Becoming part of an alliance is KEY so if you're shy, find another game. And lastly, I HATE in-app purchases but somewhat necessary with this game. Worth it!!

  • TheOne One
    TheOne One

    Good but some bugs It's a good app/game. Except its suddenly stopped giving me battle points, and there's some missions which I complete but it's not registering that I've completed them. For example a mission for 5 fusion base cores as the reward. Attack 5 level 10-20 NPCs. I've done that 3 times at least and it won't go through its stuck on 2/5. Highly frustrating along with not getting any battle points. I'd rate 5/5 otherwise.

  • Hazhar Kwekha
    Hazhar Kwekha

    Very very good I have never seen a game more thought about than this game its fantastic welldone guys... but one thing is missing! And that is when ur off the game and someone attacks one of ur bases it should let u know by a msg like most other games do. I nearly had one of my bases completly wiped out by enemy army if i didnt go on the game in two mins by accident i quickly had to reinforce that base.and that is the only thing.

  • apper pyn
    apper pyn

    Great I have not been playing long however I must say it lures me. I have played many games like this and I enjoy this one just as much as Kings Empire. Personally I think they should add infantry not just vehicles but hey it's still fun.

  • George B
    George B

    Fun If you like just checking in every now and then to an RTS, this is a fun one to play with friends. I dislike, however, that you cannot destroy your enemies fully, or that they gain a shield with every lost base... (You cannot take more than one essential piece from your opponents in 24 hours). Also, needs graphics, and repairing destroyed facilities should be harder, lest what is the point of destroying them? Four stars.

Download War of Nations for Computer

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the War of Nations.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
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War of Nations Download