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Webfic for PC and MAC

Is a Books And Reference game developed by DIANZHONG TECHNOLOGY SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. located at 2 VENTURE DRIVE #11-31 VISION EXCHANGE SINGAPORE. The game is suitable for Teen (Diverse Content: Discretion Advised) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Webfic is a web fiction system for numerous initial English stories, including,romance that is urban,werewolf, classic, and etc. Grab it today to start out reading and also have fun.

- Get recommendation that is real time of stories based on your preferences.
- Adjust background, fonts and typesetting to have a reading knowledge. this is certainly wonderful save your valuable favorite stories when you look at the collection to keep the newest chapters you go.
- Search styles from romance, werewolf,etc to get started to you wherever.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Webfic.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Webfic for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I have added more money to this book and it keeps taking me back, not at the place I stopped at, which was chapter 375. It keeps going back to 325. This is a scam, even with my bonus points it still takes me back to 325. I am Uninstalling this app now. Wasted money and days to finish this book.
I checked-in. I opened the novel i was on to check for updates. NO UPDATES but 13 bonus coins were deducted! Then i opened another novel, 15 coins were deducted! I HAVE NOT EVEN STARTED TO READ YET!!! I really like your novels but with this... i might just stop. Please return my coins.
I love the story but couldn't easily go to another chapter..it sucks.I wish it is free to read without difficulties.So that we can go on another chapter and new books.
I've really enjoyed reading a novel however cannot finish it because I've spent $60US ($90NZD) and only got 61% completed... I don't believe I was charged correctly per chapter plus the chapters are very short. I would appreciate a response to my comment.
This is a money grab, go to the library before using this app. You spend twice what you would on any other reading site. The stories are badly written and badly translated, overly long repetitive stories. You get sucked in, it's like watching a train wreck you can't look away from.
It is fun reading some of the books, however, it is a big rip off that a lot of the books have the same plot and themes. Also some pages are so short that you wonder if it is not a scheme to rip customers off. There should be a minimum standard and maximum standard for the length of Chapters. Also, the cost is prohibitive. I have spent more than $30 on coins. I don't think I have gotten my money's worth. It also seems I am unable to really keep track of my coins when I unlock new chapters
Its good app but at certain level in the book you need to unlock the next chapter.Fort that you have to pay. Sorry not the one I want. Useless. Couldnt give negative rating so giving 1.
The novel I am reading is really nice but the fee per chapter is super expensive. 16 coins per chapter. Other reading apps would only ask for 4 coins per chapter. I hope they can reconsider the fees.
Stories are good..Unfortunately it's very expensive. So many chapters which are very short Buying more coins to finish one book will cost you a lot..Even more expensive than those books in the book store.
Very good books, I enjoying reading them and I love the suspense and drama but my problem is the price. I think it is way too expensive for books read over the net.
So far the story is very interesting and I am intrigued by it. So I will read unless I can't afford anymore coins. It's very expensive to read these books, which I wish the author and whoever runs this would really consider lowering coins to help people be able to afford each chapters. Thanks for letting me express my opinion.
Nice story but why do I have to always buy coins to read? And how many coins does a page cost? Bought soo many coins and read a few pages and went to sleep. Tried reading the next day only to be told I run out of coins. That's a total SCAM!!!
What about downloading a complete novel and ask for payment at one time rather than waiting each chapters to be downloaded because its so tiring and I cannot wait ,if I started reading a book I want to finish it at one time.(just a suggestion)
Quite an engaging read...but just when I was looking forward to what will happen next when Charlie stood up at the Wilson's family banquet, I was asked to unlock the next chapter(s) πŸ™„πŸ˜₯
The stories were great and awesome, but the frustration due to expensive coins really put the app negatively. Imagine buying coins to pay per chapter? Why don't you put some subscriptions like BravoNovel wherein you will pay subscription for a month and all the novels are free to read within that duration? The stories are great but gotta uninstall this app now since I won't be buying coins. Saves me from frustration.
it doesn't seem like you guys update your books very often if at all. Its annoying that most of these book apps don't have actual complete books and then they want you to pay for every chapter which just gets expensive you'll pay 3x as much for a book and I don't really think it's worth it which socks because some of them are actually good they are just incomplete.
This app is extremely expensive. After enticing you for reading few free chapters then all succeeding locked chapters charges high rates. the stories/plots of the books listed here are also not unique. I've read similar storylines and only the character names, location places and events are changed. So disappointing. No wonder this e-book app is not popular to avid readers.
The first time i saw it in my facebook acct, i was a bit adamant in reading it coz i was thinking that this novel will have the same plot with other novels. However, I continued browsing it and ended with reading the story. I was caught in between... whether to continue reading the story or to let it go. Curiosity haunted me thus i ended up installing the website and enjoyed reading the story. I like the plot of the story which kept me on my toes. The twists and turns of events surpeise me more.
Costs too much and you have to wait for chapters to load !! I am so confused because I am reading 2 books at the same time and neither of them will never load more than a few chapters at a time!!! Everyone I see reading are making the same comments!!! Too much money and a very slow load time of days to weeks!!!!!!!!!!
I have a great experience with reading in this app and the books are the best. I would have given you five stars if i ddn't encounter problems with purchasing coins, now i want to finish a book i'm currently reading i cant because when i try to purchase the coins i keep on seing this message that keep on appearing on my screen that the coins that i have purchased haven't been sent to my account whch i restored it bt nw i want to make a new purchase and i cnt bcs the same message keep on appearin
The stories I've read is quite interesting but the payment is a bit expensive. The minimum purchase for coins is also high. Please consider giving rewards and discounts for an avid readers. It could boost your patron a lot.
The stories are enjoyable however the price of it's every chapter is somewhat costly. also may I ask you to have another "activities" because not everyone in that installed this app can afford to top up.
The app, is very goog, I am happy about daily bonuses, and so but if you actually want to buy, the chapters are too expensive, I purchased twice already but I am not even half way through one book. πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ‡³πŸ‡¦
A book that is not edited, nor published should not cost over twenty dollars! I'm not even half way through the chapters and I ran out of 10 dollars worth of coins and bonus coins twice! Absolutely ridiculous!
Unbelievably expensive! The book I STARTED reading cost me $30.00 USD. I was unwilling to spend anymore more on a poorly written novel because of an intriging storyline. The story was extremely drawn- out in order to rip off the reader. The novel still had at least 50 chapters to go before I gave up. Each chapter ranges from 18-48 coins, so when you purchase 1000 coins for $9.99 USD, it will not get you far. The app does not even allow you free coins. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME!
i love the stories but it is really expensive to continue :(. the customer service does not reply to inquiries either. if the books really have to cost this much, they should put how many chapters does the book have and how much does the entire book costs so that readers can anticipate how much they need to complete the book. monthly subscriptions would also be nice. :(
Stories are good but it is sad you can't finish them as the app dont allow you to pay and I can't afford to be reading books piece by piece. A waste of time
I made a purchase to continue reading and my money was taken but I didn't get credited. I also have been binge reading and never get the 15minutes or 45 minutes bonus. A rip off.
Nice stories but way too expensive to unlock chapters.i have spent 28 dollars so far and am not even anywhere near the end of the book. I would rather buy paperbacks from the stores...that way i would get atleast two to three books for 28 bucks and complete them as well
It was great. But you have to at least give one book free for fresh fans before asking them to subscribe. U have so many good educating and up building plus interesting stories, allowing a new user to just choose one before subscribing should be the attracting scheme for u
First i like the story that is why i spent money to buy the next chapter although it is expensive but because i want to know the whole story even sometimes im cried of anger coz im carried out but because i spend much amount and the story just keep on rotating im angry much... I will uninstall this app.. So expensivee
The check in system is lacking. I attempt to check in daily, and some days it says I didnt, other days it says I've already checked in. And some days it says I'm 2 days ahead of the current calendar day. Customers like myself will get discouraged and delete the app if it glitches.
Got to say that it takes a lot of money just to complete 1 story. It is way more expensive than buying an ebook (which are published books btw) ! Stories are interesting. At first first it made me buy coins just to unlock chapters. But after realizing that i have to spend a lot just to even finish 1 story. I think im gonna have to uninstall this aftr. Sorry
I love the story. However I would like to be able to continue where I stopped, when I return to reading. It is extremely annoying having to scroll many chapters to get back to where I stopped. Also am I being charged to read the same pages again?
I was looking for a negative five star for this app. You are hooked on a book only to be told almost at the end of the story you have to pay to read the end. One should be informed before reading of the policy. If I had been informed at the beginning I would have a choice whether to begin the story and be prepared to pay. I am truly disappointed and will remove app after writing this review.
Super dissapointed in this app.. Every chapter u read u have to pay. If I knew I would've never downloaded it in the first place. I would've rather go to the library instead. Worst experience ever. I only paid because I wanted to finish the book. After that I deleted the app.
Story are decent, once i get to the paywall i didnt mind it as much i was about to paid but decided to search first, turn out i was reading a book with about 2000 chapters, after doing the math it would cost me around 200$ just to read that one book. 200$+ for each book seem crazy
Good novels although chapters are too short ... It seems good because you only use few coins to read chapter but each chapter is too short thats why it is still costly...
The book I was reading is quite interesting. In my country we would rather have the options to pay using mobile money apps since most of the population don't have credit card.
I am loving the books. I only wish the coin system would offer more coins which would allow me to read more chapter. I dont like having to wait so long to continue with my reading since I am really anxious to know how this book end. Additionally it will take a while to read this book since it has so many chapters and I am using this coin system. However, I have no other choice but to wait cause the book is oh so good and I cant wait until tomorrow to collect more rewards so that I can continue b
I enjoy the book, but don't like having to buy every chapter after reading enough to get into the story. I would rather buy it and read at my own pace and not yours. If I ever get to finish this boo.k I probably won't read another as of now
Best when killing time. I loved it but very much disappointing. The chapters are way too expensive. I would understand if i only pay once for the whole story or for the paid app. But for every chapter? Nah. I wont waste such money again for this. I hope the developer might want to consider lowering the cost so that more readers can enjoy the app. Or let us earn coins in the app.
This is a big rip off to readers. The coin subscription setting ,if I don't want to have it in auto why don't the settings response to my preference
Your bonuses are hard to get only one chapter per bonus and sometimes the bonus is not enough for one chapter. The stories is nice you will be addicted that's why i'm asking for more bonus no money to recharge, my library is full due to five points when you add a book to the library. Please be kind to readers to lower your required points for every chapters and add more chapters for every acquired bonus.I love reading but i dont have enough money to.recharge thats why i only depend on your bonu
I don't think buying a original novel will cost me this much money. You should reduce the coin value required to unlock each chapter or give us more coin for less money when we purchase.
I love the stories, but having to pay for the chapters are frustrating. Are there any good free online books out there that you don't have to pay for the next chapter and can read from beginning to end whenever you please?
I bought 1000 coins, supposedly I was getting a bonus if 150 extra coins, so I calculated about 100 chapters, but for my surprise did not even give me 50 chapters, so this application is a rip off, in other words, THIS IS A SCAM. Please don't fall for it. Erase and don't continue, there are better applications, amazon, barnes and noble, e-books that you can have for only $1 dollar. Don't give away your money to this scammer.
I think its disgusting to come halfway in a book then you charge people to read further. I've never felt so angry as now! Cleaver wont further your app at all. Normally you pat for a book first then you read it. This assures a person of finishing books. Ive bought 1000's with kindle over the years, but you pay before you read. This is disgusting. If you remove my rating and this word describing my disgust i will take it further. It's plain and simple. Tell people beforehand. Fire this idea probe
Story interesting, you should add more payment method, like verve card and visa card payment, your book is too expensive, set a price for opening all the chatpter, a chapter at a times is bad and slow
The cheating app so far This is the most cheating I have found so far....even after making payment you cannot receive coins.....and chapters are too small to charge so much coins
I love most of the stories that I started reading..its just that i don't have coins to unlock all of the chapters so I just wait for my daily bonusπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
The books are good. But they are waaay too expensive. I hope delevopers find a way to help readers save money like watching ads to open a new chapter or pay cheaper to buy the entire book. I've already spent almost $100 and I haven't yet finished the book. The story I'm currently reading is actually interesting and it would suck to stop halfway because it's too expensive. Another thing, I noticed that its UI is very similar to Dreame. I find it very weird.
Its contains good storylines but we can't have you telling us to pay after a couple of chapters... didn't think after downloading the app we had other extra charges....i would just uninstall the app...this payment makes it very hard for people to want this story....
Too expensive for the next chapter, its much better to buy other books than to spend money on it,..the story is quite good, but the price to unlock the next chapter is not..
The number of pages are to small by chapter. And the method of getting the bonus coins are not clear. Such 15mn and 45mn of reading. Aside that the story about harvey Yorks is a nice one.love it
This is my first time to install this app since i saw it on Facebook when i read the story i really interested it but after a free pages you need to buy a coins to unlock the next chapter although theres a reward but its only cost one chapter to open it how sad 😒 please put some reward coins to unlock atleast 3 pages thanks a lot
I just paid for coins, money was deducted from my account but I didn't receive the coins and it shows no transaction done... My id- 10919434. Please look at this matter. If that's the case then how do expect someone to buy coins in future.. Please solve this issue asap..
You make stories interesting to read but at the end when it gets to the most interesting part of the story, chapter is locked ... Bruh why all of a sudden needah pay ... Atleast watch a video AD to unlock or somewhat anything πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ ... We cannot keep spending money on each chapter πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ ... Please make things easier πŸ™πŸ™
I bought the $9.95 dollar package and thought I would get to read an entire book but to my horror I only got to read 13% of the book I chose. The story is good but the price to read your stories is absolutely ridiculous!!! Very very disappointed. I can buy 1 or 2 paper back books at the store for that price. Like I said before only got to read 13% from your book..
Great to read, but costs are ridiculous. A normal fiction story costs ~$20 not the $100 plus for Charlie Wade.
The stories in this platform are good but very expensive, their plots are intriguing. I would suggest that they open their platform to ads so that their stories would not be that expensive, as I can see that their source of revenue are the book purchase... I won't mind watching some ads for them in order to have coins.
I'm reading the charismatic charlie wade, it is good, but there are many incomplete sentences or areas that seem that it was cut out and not finished. For as much as buying coins cost and how many you use a chapter is high. Would be nice to have longer chapters but less cost.
Why does each chapter costs so much coins!!! Some stories seem to be never ending.. A week ago I started one book with 874 chapters now it has 1,258 chapters so far. Ridiculous!!!! Just another way to get people to keep buying coins. Ive wasted over $50 already!!!
Good stories to read... I'm actually enslaved to the app but the cost for reading one book is 5x its value ... That I believe is wrong and need to be corrected... The coins per chapter is waaay too much and inconsiderate considering some books are over a 1000 chapters! Please correct this immediately
Bonus are hard to get. And it is expensive. But very interesting stories. Too bad it takes so long and so much effort to finish the books.
Absolute rip off of an app. Gives you all of 4 pages to read then you need to pay to read the rest of the story. I wouldnt mind if it was just 1 or 2 coins to unlock the next chapter but it more like 10-15 per chapter and takes ages to get that much saved up. Losing interest in the stories and now uninstalling because of it
Stories are good but not enough coins for the chapters you give us. Especially when the book is complete. It an extortionate amount of money for coins you have to keep topped up. The status quo is not equal. I have enjoyed the chapter I have read and look forward to it being released in paperback if that ever happens I'll be the first to buy. So I'm uninstalling the app and thank you for the experience.
I loved this it has a lot of different books to read and it gives you sample chapters to read If you're unsure if you want to read it. I've found a few really great reads and I'm really enjoying them. But there is a downside the amount for the chapters if very expensive, I would love to read more but its cost a lot of money. I'd reccomend the owners of the app reduce the prices cause then people would be willing to pay the amount more often and it wouldnt be such a big deal for most of us.
So far i like the stories but the app is a money pit. I paid 10 bucks thinking i would be able to finish the book. But that got me only so many more chapters. The story is good but i dont think i would want to spend more than what i have already for it. Maybe give a opinion to watch a add and earn coins so you can finish the book.
The chapters are short and needs to unlock everytime after one two pages and disturbs the flow of reading.. not much reader friendly
The story is beautiful, but hate the coins, can remove it.. I'm poor not afford to buy coins. But I love your apps.
Simply the best, I highly recommend this app. but however, purchasing of coins after reading a few chapters of a book is quite a headache, kindly do something about it since that's the major problem of your readers. aside that, I've no other problem
i really love to read the Story was great but too much expensive, i really understand if there is payment for once in every book, but not in every chapter. hope webfic notice this problem.
Ridiculously expensive just to read a book! I can buy a 1000 page paperback for the price of a few of these ridiculously short 'chapters'. The spending stops here
Great stories, poor coin system charges too much for the usage of coins and has no other way of unlocking stories. I support authors but 15coins and gets more expensive the following days for only 10coins per day? It would be better if you have fass pass like the other novel.app and could send gifts for the authors
Nice books and I must confess that I have enjoyed it. Nonetheless, I can't seem to buy coins with my debit card in Nigeria, why's that? Secondly, the coins you are giving for free is too small..... Kindly review same if not one will get frustrated and abandon the books
I find it interesting book novel but its too expensive i already spend almost $100 but still im on a half of book chapter. And when im read it goes back 10-20 chapters back even you read it already, they deducted to your credit, it is a scam for all the readers maybe i uninstall it and find much better application with same storyline and unlimited to read. Please can you check your apps before all your readers look for another apps much better than yours.
I have got caught up in one story, but after a few weeks not even made it through 10% of the story due to the developers charges. You can earn a small daily reward for logging in and an even smaller reward for adding a book to the library (one per day) which together gives you around 10 minutes of reading ( depending on your speed of reading) would happily watch ads to get extra credits but not an option...
I find it annoying that I can't finish reading the story, which I was enjoying, so feel that I wouldn't wish to pay like a randome
I like your books. They are to expensive. I have already spent$40 on one book. I still have at least 60 more chapters to read. Not enough money left to read the ending. This will be my one and only book from this app.
I like the story but its too expensive than the regular book maybe in one book of this site is 100 dollars or more which is not good at all. In each chapter you expense 10 dollars, its too high. It seems that they are taking advantage for all the readers.
Great and interesting stories but the only problem i encounter was it moves 10-15 chapters back so when you have a credit when you scroll it was deducyed to your credit even you read those chapters already, hope you can fix it as soon as possible. That is why i gave only 3 🌟 🌟 🌟 if you can fix it i recoomend this apps and give 5stars.
It does not provide with right tool for the chapters. For example I stayed awake for two days in a row, non stopped reading on Chapter 187, until I took a break from reading, and then to go back reading to go back to chapter 28 and read all those chapters?
I tried to top up for 1000+150 coins but what happened is..only the 1000 has been transferred no 150free . Such a shame.
I would have given 5 star rating because the content is great but your payment platform is fraudulent. I've been debited but yet to get the coins I paid for, meaning that the locked pages remain locked even after deducting my money. Pls refund my money or credit me with the coins I paid for.
I really love the app, there were so many novels that you can choose from but the bonus coin that i supposed to received did not come i tried to restore still nothing happened.
Amazing first experience. But one major deterrent is that I have to buy most of the chapters before I can read them. It's quite exorbitant.
A good read to pass time. The chapters are a bit short. The English seems like direct translation from Chinese so a bit weird. Overall, a good read. πŸ€—
The story is great but EXPENSIVE! Even I buy Stephen King or Danielle physical book, it's won't cost this much. So disappointed that I can't finish my reading πŸ˜“
So far so good but it does take a lot of coins to read each new chapter with little rewards for reading or checking in each day
Its great but the only problem is the payment, i read 20 chapters on yersterday and i love the books but access to payment is an issue
It cost $4.99 to unlock chapters and that is only for 500 coins. As the chapters go it cost more coins to read and is not a lot for what they rob you of. For this price i can buy a whole novel. If you check in and read, you can only earn enough to read no more than 2 or 3 small chapters a day ans they want you to apebd 45 minutes just to get points which is ridiculous it is a horrible scam to swindle you out if money. You could spend 100.00 trying to read one book instead of having many books
Love this app, so far i am enjoying the stories alot πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°. It would be reallynice if you include a feature where members get bonus for invitations and if the other person accepts the invitation and download the app, hope you will consider this
It is nice but it's a waste to download this app because they didn't give any options how to read more ,but buying coins, unlike in other apps that offers another way how you can continue reading without buying coins
All and all the stories is so wonderful I give it a 10/10. But the problem is why is so expensive? I know it's difficult to write a story but why each chapter is so expensive? That if you want to read or finish a book you need to pay each chapter in a different price?
Great stories! But too expensive.. Should have an option to purchase entire book instead of a person having to pay out $60+ to finish these mostly seen it before read it before books.. Ive spent $15 so far and thats all im willing to risk of my hard earned $!
I've bought 100 coin and they keep leaving when the chapters keep jumping back I even tried just going to the chapters and choosing them instead of scrolling and it still took the coins down this is so my fair very disappointed 😠
I like most if not all of your novels that I have and am reading. Just wish that you could increase the bonuses and minimize the coins so I can read more chapters. Please?😊 Thank you!
Watched social dilemma... This is classic example of the negatives... The stories are interesting and easy to read... But captivating readers with free chapters and then trapping them to spend on ridiculous amount of coins to read further is unethical... Its worth paying to read but this is rip off the way the pricing is set based on each chapters.... There is potential if they change pricing otherwise absolute con job and cheap street trick to make money.... Please think seriously otw bye
Exceptional experience. But the payment Method is limited and it's abruptly frustrating to some readers(especially me) who use different currency payment method. Please πŸ™ you guys should improvise new payment method thanks..
Every time I top up... the story start back 5 or 10 chapters back... then when I finally get to where I needed to top up... it's used the coins... don't understand how I have to pay more coins to re-read what I've already read... I'm now thinking this website is a rip off... I'm already paying more in coins because it is us money value and not nz... not happy at all seeing as I like reading books and this is making spend extra money I don't have...
there is something tricky... specially with the coins.. for u to top up and read again😑 and i think it is really obvious especially the updates of some novels, stop for almost weeks .. why??? in order for us to choose to read other novels? then what???
The stories are good, the font size is ok but some of the chapters are soo many that makes reading not appealing. Do you mind giving us some short and interesting stories to read? But in all every story is on point. Gudos to you
Everytime i log off the app takes me way back to a part ive already read. I'll be on 43%, then log off and end up on 25%. Its taking my coins that Ive already used trying to catch back up. Please fix this because i enjoy this app.
The books I'm reading was great. Though I hated everytime I relogged in it starts at 200 chapter I already read so I have to scroll down 20 minutes later I can start reading again It sucks. Cannot mark or save the last chapter I read. To restart reading. Have to rescroll down again and again.
Love this app..but my problem is i want to finish what i have reading..but unfortunately it keeps saying more chapters in the oven..im little dissapointed about it..but so far love the stories..
This App needs a warning that saying To Expensive. Super disappointed about the high prices and fees to buy a new chapter everytime or to buy new books. You just started to get deep into a good book then your bonus points or money is finish. It would've been very nice if it wasn't so expensive. Thinking of deleting this app~
Was really enjoying the book that I was busy reading but couldn't finish as one has to buy coins. It really would be nice, for a change, to have access to an app that doesn't always require some form of payment! Unfortunately, I'm uninstalling the app without knowing how the book ends!!
The stories are nice at the beginning but i've spent over $80 for just a book and yet the story keeps going in circles, not nice at all,will have to delete this app.
Stories are good but it's a rip off If you don't have coins you cant read Simply uninstall .wasted my time reading because some of us dont own online payment cards. So you will, be disappointed
I love the book I am reading, but I don't like how the coin system is. The book has many chapters, but the coins you're getting is so minuscule in comparison and it takes forever to earn more coins. I wish you had a better coin system, I would watch ads if I could to get more coins, but it's not an option.
I keep getting bonuses, and buy coins yet have to buy more if I wanna continue reading the book I'm trying to. Just get a real book cuz this app sucks. Draws you in and then ONCE you are hooked on what you are reading then BAM they want money
Good story but the cut off in the middle to get coins it's alittle annoying I just started i have no coins should make it clear that we'd have to pay from the get go
The stories are great but you'll have to spend an at least $100 to finish all chapters of one book. That's too overpriced. Unfortunately its not worth it and I have no other choice but to uninstall this.
I was reading a story that I really enjoyed but you need to put a price for the whole story. STOP playing with the customers. We are thr ones that keep you here. You keep asking for money for evrry chapter then keep adding chapters.
Too expensive I woun't be adding any more money to this account. Their are a lot of other sights that are cheaper and only 1 payment. The book stores have a lot of good books for cheep. Even a best seller is not this expencive by a famous author. And I don't have to pay exchange on my money
I have bought 2 different coin exchange currencies to enable me to continue reading Sir Ares Goodnight and I have just emailed them. The fact that my exchange doesn't go through right away shows either how new the app is or how bad the connection is.... I'm hoping they get back to me asap so I can update this review. I really enjoyed the series and the app was pretty easy to navigate through.
The app, is very good, I am happy about daily bonuses, and so but if you actually want to buy, the chapters are too expensive, I purchased five times already but I am not even half way through one book. πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ‡³πŸ‡¦
Love this app. Only proplem is when u run out of coins u cant read till you get more coins. You should have a thing where for every ten pages we read we get free coins. Not every one can afford to buy coins all the time. Or if we buy the book we get to keep the book with out paying for it again or something. The book im teading so far us vety awsome. I it hypes me uo to want to finnish the book to want to find out the ending. A big πŸ‘πŸ‘
Chapters are way too short , earning coins for new chapters takes too long, and buying the coins to unlock chapters are expensive as most chapters vary in the amount of coins to unlock which soon eats away at your coins and soon you have spent more on coins than you would buying a full book and there's still loads of chapters left to unlock.
Im annoyed, its expensive! Every chapters need a high amount of coins to unlock and the coins that you've earned through daily check in is very little! Not even enough for me to read at least 3chapters through that free coins! Tsk,tsk, though the stories are quite good and interesting i will give this app 2stars only
The story was nice. But the price is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!!!!!!. Even a hard copy book doesn't cost that much. I've spent a million IDR, still not enough to finish one book. For a best seller hard copy book, I can get at least 3 books already.
Good app. But... Why is there no BUY the book option???? Its way to expensive and unrealistic to expect customers to spend 100's of dollars to finish a story. I started to read Charlie wade . Excellent trashy chinese novel. Reached chapter 317 after spending $30 but need now to spend $100's more to get to chapter 1000 plus. This is not going to happen. Be warned that if a you do want to finish a book it will cost you way way more then what a book ought to cost. The price MUST come down.
Biggest ripped off. Although the books were nice , however, it's too pricey. I had to buy coins to read a few chapters. There are thousands of chapters in their books. Can you imagine spending hundreds of dollars just to read a fiction book? No fiction book in the market sells at that price, even if it's written by some famous author.
I love the story I started very much and will continue to read more stories it just that to only get 5 points is really very little for people that love to read apart from that I'm really liking all of your books
I like the stories here but have to wait for the rewards I'd earn everyday before I can read the next chapter... This is expensive for my part... I don't earn big amount of money... Reading online novel apps is considered a luxury for me.
It is to expensive 20 to 30 dollars just to read 1 book with huge grammer errors is a little ridiculous. Each chapter has only a few paragraphs and then you have to pay 20 coins each chapter.
Was enjoying the story, but there is a problem with having 30 bonus points clicking for next chapter once which takes 9 points, and the next time I click for the next chapter wanting 9 points it shows 2 points left! What the heck?!
please do not auto unlock the chapters as i am just collecting free coins from signing in and time of reading rewards. i might open stories unintentionally that are locked then it will be unlocked automatically the my coins will be lost and wasted. your stories are good but as the others says.. it's too expensive then it will be wasted just like that. please be considerate to those who can't afford to spend cash to read your stories. thank youπŸ˜‡
great stories.... but very disappointed in the developers because they are indirectly scamming innocent people...Initially the free chapters had longer pages but after u buy coins the pages become shorter and it will definitely COST A FORTUNE TO READ a full novel... That's very bad and disappointing
I had no idea that this would be charging me so much to read almost 100.00 and not even passed the 1000 chapter. I hat that I will not get to finish this book . it was really awesome but tooo Expensive. all beware of Great Book but cost too much. Sad Sad would of Loved to read whold book and more of them!
I have failed to coins as much as I try to make payment, what could be the problem, I'm always told that my debit number needs to be corrected!
Great to read, but costs are ridiculous. A normal fiction story costs ~$20 not the $100 plus for Charlie Wade. Webfic should seriously consider changing their pricing structure. Has anyone paid for a full novel yet?
The translation is good, more understandable. Although the first check in price is quite high.$9.99. Why not $5. Us in third word country not so rich to buy ebook.
Love the books,but pricing is just too much as I have to buy more coins to unlock some few chapters,if they can introsuce adds for coins,it will be ok.Thank you.