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Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles

Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Unico Studio located at 35080 Charmwood Court, Newark, CA 94560. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
A brand puzzle that is new riddle game comes from the makers of fun-favorite Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles and Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories! Then you will relax with this puzzle game and play for your brain training.

Who if you like brain games and mind games is? Brain Teaser & Riddles is a riddle that is completely free, which will challenge your brain and mind. Each level consists of difficult choices, riddles, puzzles, and questions. You will solve complex riddles by finding clues, objects, and secrets that are hidden. Brain games will get harder and challenging as you complete the levels filled with tricky riddles and puzzles that are logical. Play hundreds of amazing jigsaw puzzles for your brain out and exercise with brain games and logic games. If you like IQ games or IQ quizzes you will also find many tricky questions for healthy brain training.

This puzzle game will test your brain and tease crazy puzzles to your mind and riddles. You shall think outside the box and find clever solutions. Answers to the riddles will blow your brain and surprise you! Players will increase their IQ and brainpower as they solve a variety of puzzles and riddles. This puzzle game is not easy and you will find out many puzzles that are tricky.

This mind game offers a user that is great with artistic and funny graphics and animations. You will play a variety of crazy riddles where you solve the nagging problems such as who is the mother, who is cheating and who is the lover. You will solve crimes, uncover hidden secrets, and complete puzzles that are complex finding clues.

This Free game that is mobile be played anywhere and anytime. Puzzles & riddles can comfortably be solved with one hand and you can enjoy the game without pushing yourself too hard. No reflex testing or phone shaking is needed to logic that is complete levels. You can relax and enjoy solving our funny riddles that are tricky funny brainwash. Stupid test, moron test, or dumb test, all of them are in this brain game.


● Mystery solving and clue hunt levels: Who is lying? Who is the mother? Who is the killer?
● Free to download, free to play, and free to enjoy. No hidden fees.
● Dozens of levels filled with Tricky & Crazy riddles.
● Choice-based scenarios that are complex gameplay.
● Professional graphics and animations.
● Immersive and funny sound effects.
● A game that is great develop brain skills and IQ.
● Funny stories and characters.
● Levels filled with brain teaser humor.
● Clue detection system for complex puzzle lovers.
● Find object that is hidden to test your perception.
● No copy-paste levels, each level is %100 unique.
● Intuitive Help and Hint systems to help you along the way.
● Addictive and relaxing gameplay.
● Can be played offline.
● Play without the internet.
● Brain games for adults to boost their brainpower.
● Great exercise for brain training.

What are you waiting for? Download Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles now to start solving the trickiest and craziest riddles ever!

Have fun!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I love who is it's just it has so many ads in this game is so fun that's why I gave it five stars but it has way too many ads it will give you a dad after like every question but other than that this is a great app it really tests your mind I want to give you an answer to one the vegetarian one click on the bones and you see the guy there for the vegetarian one pick up his salad there's a steak on the it ✌
Jesus, this is a game made just for the ads. For every 10 seconds of gameplay (you wont need more to solve the 'riddles') follows 15 seconds of ads. There are no riddles, its just too easy. Thus the game is just ads. Dont download if you want to play a game
Super fun game. Very casual and light, no overthinking required, could do well as a stress or boredom reliever, plus the music is calming. Much easier than I thought it'd be, wish there were more levels. Ton of adds, but that's to be expected from a free game. **One improvement I'd like to see is a win of clues with every level, instead of only getting them by watching adds* But overall a really cool game with awesome graphics and user response interactivity. Love it 👍
Good,apart from that I've finished all the levels and I have been waiting for a month now and still no more LEVELS. When will there be more levels ? Oh and it also has wayyyyy too many ads. It is quite a good game but a ad every time you finish a level...
Not awful. Hard to work out what the dev is trying to make you do each time, which is fine if you can see the task properly. My phone isn't small (S10) but for the "find five things" I've had to screenshot and zoom in. For the black/spotlight games, you can't hold the light off to the side, so my entire finger is covering the light section while I'm trying to look. Just enough frustration that it's being uninstalled.
Very nice 👍game. I love this game very much. But it has too many ads and I have to wait for atleast 1 minute. It is very nice but too many ads. You must download this game but don't break your phone because of seeing those stupid ads ok. Stay home stay safe
If youve read the reveiws saying this game is bad, they are true. First off, it didnt let me choose my answer until i found evodence even though i was correct. Second,it chose my answers before i even answered. And last, there wasnt to many ads for me i guess,but still. I do not recommend this to anyone who likes a challenge,nor do i recommend it to anyone else.before you download this game,read the reviews
FAR too many ads, ad after every level, which have the hidden close buttons so you're constantly opening external and potentially DANGEROUS links. You also have the option to watch an ad after a level to earn.. currency? Which you can't spend on levels without opening an ad anyway! The game is just ad after ad after ad. Don't waste your time, find a game that was designed to be fun not just line the Devs pockets exploiting people. It only stops if we put a stop to it!
This was a rly fun game easy enough that I could play and feel smart 😂😂 but hard enough on some of the levels it took me a second I actually rly liked it! The adds honestly werent bad I have had way way worse but u could actually play it without an add missing things up lol the puzzles we also very interesting! So great job guys I enjoyed this hope new levels come our soon!
Very good 😃 in my game there are only some ads so I took it has an advantage for some time of rest to my brain and my eyes. So I like the game. Also one problem in this game there is ONLY FEW LEVELS!!!!! like we can complete this game only in one hour like ONLY ONE HOUR. so that is it. So good luck with in the future 👍👍👍👍¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The puzzles are so easy and solvable within seconds it simply is not worth laughing to watch a 25 second ad in between every single puzzle. The graphics are so basic and it's simply a game that runs on its own. Appears to be a backdrop for making money off of advertisements. If you want to play while watching TV then it would be suitable. Also the amount of memory it uses is suspect no.
I love it! People say there are adds but i dont get any or just turn off ur wifi! I love the references from brain test i love brain test! I finished brain test 1 and 2!! I also love the silly lines at the end of each puzzle! Keep it up!
I installed it 7 minutes ago, played it for 5 minutes and am Uninstalling now! I'd like to give it a -(minus) rating, if I could. BORING and STUPID! No challenge at all. And 5 or 6-thirty minute ads in less than 5 minutes. I don't think so! I've got better things to do and I bet u do too, so don't even waste ur time installing it. Developers, I'd like to be able to give u some costuctive criticism, but the best I can do is: wipe this game out and start over!
So this is a really fun app fun and challenging and good graphics. I do how ever agree with others about the ads . I got to level 46 before they kicked in and they are playing now after every level. I understand the need of ads but they need to be more spaced out in regardless how skippable they are. It takes you away from the game to be taken to an ad after every level. It is still worth downloading as I say very fun addictive app but ads need to be more spaced out to warrant rating 5 stars
Well thankyou for making this game ....i love this types of games and play a lot😁.I have no complaints for ads or anything.Many people told in their reviews that there are too may ads!!but😉i turned off my data and i am playing it without ads...but its true that you will have to see ads for the lightbulb😌..well i dont consider it as a bad thing as a review....and the game authors are responding to many of the players its good to say that they listen to us😋...well then waiting for new levels..
I have now finished all levels. Its very addictive and quite fun. I do have issues with the hidden object puzzles. They are easy enough to do, but they really strain my eyes. It would be helpful if you could enlarge it, or maybe have a skip button. I think there should be some reward for completing levels, even if just 10 coins. The only way to get the 50 coins required for a hint, is to watch a 30 second ad. I don't have an issue with the ads that can be cancelled after 5 or so seconds.
It's a great game. You should download it. It tests your brain and helps you learning abilities. I give it a four star rating just because there is kinda a problem of laggyness. But if there wasn't lag I would give it a five star rating. It's really good! Download it now for free!!!! :D
This is a very nice game. I must say you to download this game as it is a really a stress buster for me...... Good work done by the game maker.....👍👍 But the only thing is that there are very less levels. I think you should add more levels in it so that it can last longer....... At all it is a very nice game.👍
Not a bad game but on my phone the pictures are too small to really see details. Also some of the levels it is harder to figure out what to do I figure they are purposely wanting you to have to use hints. Also if I wanted to play hidden object games I would download that kind of game.
This game is awesome there are just some delays on why I gave it a 3 star rating: It's just you need to calm down on the ads no one will enjoy if you always have to watch ads every round you finish, and also why have ads just for clues? We should all be able to just get a clue. Otherwise can't wait for the new levels soon! Thanks for the awesome game (with to many ads) hope the ads go away and the new levels come soon! Thank you so much!!! Everyone enjoy the game! It's awesome hard work! 3 star
It's fine and I'm really good at it I know all the questions and I know all the teasers and riddles but one thing it gives you a chance to get off to take off your apps and it but it always when I press finish it gives me a ad and it says I can take away my ad but you have to pay to take away it so I'm only giving it for star
Funny ⭐, help to calm and relax⭐, teaches how to see beyond things⭐ and also very sweet game⭐but there are too many ads, which you find a solution for this, you can use ads as a way to get additional rewards or something, but not after each and every level, that would be so boring... Thanks for the game and I hope you take a second look about the ads
Absolutely enjoying this app. Far better then the other similar apps I've tried. Great balance of problem solving, eye spy and other fun games. I noticed people complaining about ads so I turned my wifi and data off before playing and haven't encountered a single ad (or any notifications at all, so left in peace to enjoy this fun app!) Puzzles start to increase in difficulty after level 50 but not too difficult that i lose interest, definitely solvable with what you see in front of you
Is great fun,but can't stand people complaining about ads all the time they last 30secs max,just get over it,that is how they make their money is the ads otherwise they would be making free games that people play for free,how would they live,eat, pay rent?
The levels usually only take a minute or less and you have to watch a 30 second ad after every since level and its pretty boring too. If you're thinking of installing this game I advise not to, theirs better game than this one.
The "challenging" part of the game isn't the puzzles themselves, it the poorly functioning interface. I've been trying to figure out if at some points if certain puzzles are not registering my input or if they just won't accept input until you've used a hint/watched a video.
The game is over very quick. You can complete all levels in a day. There is a video ad after every single level. This is super annoying. To remove the ads is very expensive- especially considering the game doesn't last long. Ultimately would not recommend.
Its ok. Too many ads. You cant earn points, you only get them with ads but you don't really need them. You can literally figure stuff out by just dragging your finger or tapping the screen. Eventually something will happen. I completed all levels in about an hour. Not relaxing, nor stimulating. Just mediocre at best. It forces you to "find evidences" (this is grammatically incorrect btw) even if you know the answer already. Edit: I shouldn't have to pay for "earned" points. No one should.
One of the best logical game ever ... I'm a fan of this game ... This will help you solve logical questions in your life .... But I have a problem ... Don't give that you have completed all the levels and restart ... Instead give a option to update
Yet another horrible app. Ads after every round, some playing longer then 30secs, all without the option to skip. Game interaction very slow with some very stupid scenarios. Played for four rounds then uninstalled this mind-numbing, silly game.
You are forced to watch an ad after every single level, and if you want lightbulbs, you have to watch another ad. It's basically watching 2 ads after every single level. Ridiculous. Also, yes, I know you can technically "skip" the first ad that automatically plays after each level, but the skip is usually hidden in a corner where a lot of people would miss it. It's still ridiculous to play an ad after every single level in a game like this.
I love this game it's super fun and I had so much fun completing the levels and I finished all the levels and while I was in the levels I came across some levels that were really hard but you know I kept thinking and thinking and thinking until I finally figured it out and if I can't I use a hint but I always try to use as little hints as possible I am so excited ᕕ(՞ᗜ՞)ᕗ to see 👀what❓ level's come 🚶next👉
Great game I definitely would give 5⭐'s but some of the levels when you find the answer and click on where it is, it won't go through. You sit there hitting the screen until it finally goes though! or you have to lose 50 points just to go on!
This is such an amazing game! Every riddle is unique and fun and I enjoyed playing it so much. I have finished all of the 100 levels, and I am waiting for new ones. All riddles give me a boost of excitement and I love these types of games. It was hard trying to find one like this, but u know that this game will be a hit soon enough. Personally, I love brain teasers and riddles, and everything in this game makes me feel...awesome! Thank you so much for making this game and also.. love da game! C:
Very ad heavy. Fun, and mostly user friendly. There were several levels that just didn't work. Either I would solve it and it wouldn't register that I did, or what you need to solve it wouldn't work. Had to restart several levels several times to get them to work but levels 59, 188, 228, 235, and 236 wouldn't work no matter what I did. Even after doing what the "hint" specifically said to do. Like using the blow dryer.
Forceful ads. Some times tap will not work until you opt for clue and one more ads. 1 add between each level and 1 add for clue basically it takes 2 ads per level. If particular app is ment for gaming please restrict atleast 1 ads per 2 levels. Skip option appeares only at last seconds of add. This makes one irritate to play. Even though game is intresting am uninstalling the game mainly because of ads.
The gameplay is ok but there are way too many ads. I shouldn't have to pay to get rid of them. There should be less to begin with. If there were less ads I would maybe rate this a 4 since the game isn't really challenging imo but still fun. Overall a 6/10 experience and disappointed with the number of advertisements
This game has so much potential! But good Lord, the ads are ridiculous. You win a level- watch an ad, move to the next level watch another ad. Back to back ads are stupid and annoying. I prefer to NOT waste my time with basically trying to play a game but really only watching ads. Not to mention watching the same ad back to back & back again is an excellent way to discourage me from checking the advertised product! Thanks, but no thanks!
Way too many ads. Two, thirty second ads, to solve a ten second (if that long) puzzle. Trying to close ads, when they're done, almost always brings up Google Play Store. Puzzles are either; not very challenging, or the clues are too small to click on.
This is a very fun game! And it has a cute design, and a satisfying keyboard sound when someone talks, although when I pressed the button to claim the 50x light bulb thingy it didn't work! But it's not a big deal and I don't really mind it, I only needed it in level 1 for a hint because I thought that you didn't have to press anything. I don't know whats the problem yet though, I just installed this game so hopefully it will work sooner or later.
I persinaly love this game although I just played it for at least 10 min I love it. But there were a lot of extra things you had to do like find evedence and it was really anoying how how you had to find itbecause it just seems like a waste of time. But other than that I love this game.
There are lots of ads and the game tends to lag thats why when I was doing the exact thing you were supposed to do in a level I had to use a hint which I thought you had 50 hints available but apparently you have to use 50 to get one hint which is pretty misleading plus some of the levely were already shown in the advertisement I saw which made it a lot easier to play but I completely thought it was not going to be that easy but yeah thats all I have to say for this game...
Waste of time! Each level would glitch so you couldn't complete the level. You would have to close/open the app. If you manage to get through a level you get a 30 second ad. Even the ad would freeze. I passed 3 levels and uninstalled.
Omg i thought that this games levels would go on and on i love this game it gave me something to do because it worked in are car and I can turn the volume down and sit in the cart of the store while my mom is pushing me it is so fun that is my good things about the game. The bad thing that I don't like about this game is THERE IS SO MANY ADS I tried bought the no ads but there was still so MANY ADS I love this game I think if you like puzzle games get it but beware the ads
Really great game to kills boring time. Just can't look back the game details if u hv forget how u win it.. The game must keep moving and don't stop now I'm addicted to the game already. Overall it's really a nice game. Most reconmended game for killing times.
I was able to finish all the levels only because I didn't have any ads, only when I needed a hint, which is totally fine. And that's why I actually liked the game, it was fun 😉
This has been a really fun game. Works exactly as advertised and the puzzles vary each time. The text between each level is very entertaining. I've already completed the game so I'm looking forward to playing the next levels whenever they're released!
Very cool game. Really a brain picker on some. I completed the entire game without any help. It does have a lot of ads but i have read to turn off your data/wifi before playing it. I highly recommend this game to anyone.
The game is alright. I got to level 145. Thought the brain teasers were kinda fun. However on my latest level I've tapped on literally every other section of the picture. I've even tried dragging. It just gives me the same hint everytime no matter how many times I ask for one. No amount of tapping circles the third safety feature I'm supposed to be finding. This isn't the first puzzle to have wonky tap/swipes that don't register. It's just the level that made me uninstall.
I'm pretty sure most of these are paid reviews. I understand why the developers use ads but there are just WAY TOO MANY. You also have to watch an ad after every level if you want to claim your coins which I wouldn't mind if there weren't already an ad between each level. (That's correct, 2 ads per level if you claim coins.) The game is great and would be worthy of 5* if the ads were reduced.
There are like 100- 200 small levels in this game and i have finished this game in a short time period and now no more levels.....i hate this ending of levels...i mean i hate waiting. I have restarted this game 3 times but still there are no more new levels
This isn't one of those click-bait apps; it's actually as advertised. After hearing all the complaints about too many ads, I simply turned off my data/Wi-Fi connection before playing. I didn't experience any of the issues regarding slow responsiveness nor touch point inaccuracy. Some of the puzzles are quite crafty, but I was able to get all 100 in one sitting without any help. I had to close the app and restart it a few times to get a fresh redo of some puzzles, but it kept me on the same one.
It's a really good and challenging game, some of the parts you can't clearly drag or touch so you have to use like 5 mins grabbing it to just lose it anyway other than that this is a really fun game to play and I definitely recommend it, and it sharpens your brain awesomely!!! Overall I really enjoyed this game and still do have a great day!!!!!! And keep playing!!❤️
This game is fun but the games back to back ads are driving me bonkers. I like the option to watch ads to earn 50 coins each level you pass BUT they have other 30sec ads that are just ads. You get them after every level you complete. Other than that.. Its a fun addictive game.
Same old problem with this kind of game. Too many ads. When you are watching ads more than you are playing the game, it's time to call it quits. Too frustrating. Edit.... Before you say it, I know there is a remove ad option that we can pay for. You're kind of holding us to ransom with that aren't you? Either pay to stop the ads or take an hour to play about 5 minutes of the game. I'm going for option three. Uninstall.
This game is wonderfull without any doubt but there are few things on which the makers should think , first of all there are too much adds which are futile. According to me , there should be a limit for adds otherwise a fun & awesome game looks dull and boring , and there is another thing that some levels are illogical ,the question is illogical , the answer is illogical, I mean without any sense. So, these are few things on which the makers should work more and thank you so much for this game !
Amazing game . Tricky and appealing levels. The reason I gave 4 stars is ads. Sometimes it's really annoying. Otherwise superb app. I really appreciate the makers.
It's a very good game but there are so many ads 😕to see if u don't know what's the correct answer.. I would recommend to not make us see the ads and instead, if we have won the game then u can give us points and with the help of the points we can know what's the answer.. And very less levels.. plz make more levels as soon as possible🙏.. And after u do so I'll update my rating... It's a very interesting game😌.. I love it a lot...😍Pls do tell us when you are done with the level..☺
First of all, the ads can be avoided by shutting off the wifi. But the game content itself is weird. The artstyle, and difficulty level (most of the puzzles are very,very easy, and if you can't solve it, just tap everywhere or drag everything around until something happens) suggest that this is for little children, yet half, if not more, of the puzzles revolve around cheating, dying, monsters and criminals. Or just some stuff little kids wouldn't know. I wouldn't give this to a child.
This is a good game I like it becase at the first and second one are so easy but the bad part is it has to much adds and I don't like it😐😐😐😐😐and when it said rate us it didn't have any x's I got mad this is bad and good on the other hand I would say this is a good game I can't wait when it gets harder and my fat brain gets bigger.
Game is extremely slow to respond! I have to constantly try touching different areas of the screen and absolutely NOTHING happens...it would be great if the screen were more responsive. I will NOT pay something this non responsive...and the ADS are too many and too frequent! Unistalling...I will chk back from time to time. If the game improves I will change my review!
Ridiculous ads. And telling people to give you money to skip them only works if you can get them to LIKE your product first. Couldn't stand playing it long enough to even know if I would like it sans ads. There are millions of games out there that are more entertaining and less ad heavy than this. Look elsewhere.
A good app in concept, but buggy and riddled with ads. I'm not yet willing to buy the ad-free version because some levels simply do not work. For instance, level 30 instructs the player to turn the tree men in the picture around, but I am only able to turn one of them. Aimlessly tapping is not rewarding.
An ad after every level. Absurd. These are long unskippable ads between. Every. Level. The levels that take maybe 20 seconds to solve, and you get hit with an ad just as long. Why should half our play time be advertisements? And why should we have to pay to get rid of the obnoxious things you put in there? Just cut down the number of ads. Stop being a greedy corporation.
Very good. But some levels didn't recognize my input. I would know something was right and try over and over to try it. But it felt like only when I asked for a hint the answer would be correct. I wish that there were more levels. I really love this game.
Very nice game👌🏻. But you can also add different methods suppose give the question as pictures and tell that guess the sentence, it will be more fun and entertainment. I am not telling that this is not a good game, it is a good game just i suggested that you can make the game be more entertainment. Nothing to talk about this game fun, best for time pass, and entertainment. I hope you may not disagree my suggest. Best game. ~hitaishee
I really love the interactive part of this game, and I love the hints, they don't give it away (most of the ), but they definitly help you. The only thing I don't like is the sorting, that gets a little annoying and its hard, but overall I love this game.
After playing the other two brain teaser games this company had and enjoyed them, I got this one. It substandard compared to the other two. Some pictures are reused from another game. I paid for no ads, partly to support the Devs, so why do I have to wait to go between riddles. A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. Also when the game asks you about rating it, give it a 3 star or less and it would want you to email them, choose higher and it would take you to the store to leave a review.
It's a great game and I enjoy solving the puzzles however, as everyone else has mentioned, there are too many ads! They keep appearing as soon as you complete a level and before you can even click the next level arrow, it's so frustrating and putting me off playing any further than my current level of 17. Another thing that's annoying is I disagree with the hints system - it makes you watch a video to gain 50 bulbs which is equal to 1 hint! Also some levels are a bit misleading. Don't download.
It was just an awesome experience i think you should really try it and the riddles are to where they are hard but not to hard to where you cant even solve them and when im bored i just pull my phone out and play this game kts really a good game to cure bordem and i really liked this game so i think that you would like it too
I really enjoy this game It's a very creative and fun way to use your brain but considering this is a very new game consider that after every single simple round there is another advertisement. But if I had more money to spend on non essential items I would actually purchase the ad free version.
After forcefully playing this game for 30 minutes, I couldn't take it any more and deleted the app. This game is spammed with ads, have to wait for 5 seconds before going to the next level. The levels were just so bad, no thinking required, the controls were not consistent (had to click 4 times just to drag an item), overall it was just boring and a waste of time. Uninstalled and will not consider playing again.
Game is quite easy compare to brain test. Ad is every level. Done u complete that level, it will be 1 advertisement, if you choose to earn the 50"bulbs", another advertisement. Or else, no point for you and you just need to wait for few seconds till the arrow next appear. So many advertisement.
This game is so fun. I love how some levels are a bit challenging and some are easier. I was soooooooooooooo sad when I finished all the levels so you can tell I like the game. I especially liked the level before it told me I finished them all. Please download this game if you have patience and love challenging things (it's just a bit challenging don't worry).
Really good. When I first opened the game, I wasn't too sure what to expect. Usually, every game that I did download that was a look and find or guessing game was, well, pretty bad. BUT THIS, THIS, was AMAZING.
It's a great game if you enjoy playing these sort of games. Only HUGE issue is the INSANE amount of ads! It isn't even quick easily closed out of ads either... Every single ad after every game is 30+ seconds long. So really, I would recommend IF there wasn't SO MANY ADS! Just installed but reconsidering due to crazy amount of ads -_- Update: I notice you have the same reply to everyone about the ads. Maybe you should do something more than reply the same?
Horrible game. Ads after every single section. You find who it is then you get an ad. Find who it is in the next scene, another ad..by the time the ads finish you don't even want to play any more. I didn't bother watching the ads, I just used that time for something else.
This is an amazing game and I would recommend it to all those who desire crime and mystery novels/series. Reason why I didn't give it five stars is because at only has limited levels and I only played it for 4 days . But this is an amazing and extraordinary game.
But you can give more levels there is only 100 levels . The game is too interesting and enjoyable. Keep it up and increase the levels and you can make hard levels in this this game. Overall I enjoyed the game but not more levels👍☺
Hey I know you need to make money but ads every time you solve a puzzle and then sometimes before you solve a puzzle AND after you solve a puzzle! I mean it's just nothing but ads and it takes away from the enjoyment of the game. Come on! If it wasn't for the ads, or if there wasn't so many of them, I wouldn't mind playing the game, but no, I'm an uninstalling
I have no idea why a lot of the answers were right, no explanation just a daft comment. Easily passable but not a clue why! Also, way too many ads.
Fun game but the number of ads is way over the top. Each puzzle takes only a few seconds to complete and there are full 30 second ads in between each and every puzzle! Sometimes two 30 second ads back to back. I understand it's free but come on! Way too much work.
Love this I finished all the levels I wish there were more🙂 but I really did enjoy this and thank you for taking you time to create t hi is game. To all the people trying to decide if they want to download this game it is wonderfullymade. The only thing wrong with it is all the ads but if you watch the ads for the money than it is good🙂. The levels are all different and amazing there are like puzzles and who is there...., and many more things.
it was totally amazing and also fun and well it also challenging and to sharping our mind and this game could be really recommended but the annoying part is the an ads coming from nowhere unless you want to collect some idea or hint and anyway this game is so so funny and good to use while you want to relaxing or sleep I think but I'm pretty sure you will have a good time playing this game and for me it's really addicted and worth it :)) hope you guys will extend the level .
There are way too many ads for the play time. Each level takes about 20seconds but then AFTER EACH LEVEL is a longer ad, it doesnt even make it worth it!!! Its annoying and you get over it pretty quick because of the ads, i got to level 10, painstakingly, but then deleted the game because of how many ads there was
Ads, ads, ads - 30 second add after every level unless you want to pay for the add free version. You can also choose to watch ads to make the game easier (not needed). Game developers need to get paid, but when the game is more than 50% advertisement, it isn't worth playing.
I like it a lot but i do think it could really use some polishing. But lots good to love and i think it has a potentially fun and good future... but only if they polish and update it as needed. But in its current state i see no real problems with the game or app
Very boring game and 75% of the time is spent watching ads. Each round is over very quickly and then you get an ad, followed by the option to watch more ads for points or you have to wait around until an arrow appears. Play this game if you hate yourself.
its a good game but the ads ruin it. You finish a level it plays an ad and then says watch an ad for reward but thats the only option so you watch ANOTHER one. I realized that if you download brain test than the ads go away. LIE. I downloaded it and played it and there were still ads and it still said "download Brain Test for no ads" But the overall game play is good.
Thought it was cute game very excited about playing it. Way too many unskippable ads! After almost every single level there's an ad that you cannot back out of and if you force close the game you have to start the level over instead of it continuing on to the next level. I don't have time for that. After the company replied, I'm still having unskippable ads. Just don't install!!!
Its a good game, I like it's graphics but the main problem is that we have to restart this game after each n every level. Plz try to improve this problem otherwise it's a good game. If there would be no problem to restart this game after each level then I would have given this 3.5 stars. Its not that extraordinary but it's good there are better games than this. I have seen in many reviews that this game has a lot of ads but if we close our wifi/data then we'll not experience these many ads.
Too many ads. TOO MANY. The levels aren't that hard so you'll finish each one fairly quickly. And every after level, you are forced to see an ad! that's like, 2-3x in a minute. The concept is nice, but playing this is not enjoyable AT ALL.
Game is great but the reason why I gave 1 star is everytime you click on something it can not be clicked.. Also, it contains too much ad but when you watch ads for a clue or hint ads are not available... What is this?? Add to much ad but when you watch an ad for a clue it never appears.. Pls, be aware that happens all the time..
Its a pretty good game, I would recommend to people who love to find things and find out the answer to things. It so far does not have many ads, which I like that and I know so many other people do. So if you like to investigate and like brain games that don't have a lot of ads than this is the game for you.
So many ads its ridiculous! Literally after every round you get 1 to 2 adds which you cannot skip. I will be deleting this game after installing it a matter of minutes ago! Not worth the download or the money to pay for no ads.
This game is atrocious to play watch ads more then play game, things that are supposed to move stick and lag. I think this is a game put on here to just earn money from the constant ads only gave it 1 star because I couldn't review it otherwise. Update not giving more stars as you hve asked me to do because the game is not worth more than one still just because adsvare skippable there is still to many of them.
Full of ads... Cant play with peaceful mind getting irritated. Most of the people play games to relax their mind. But this ads in between each and every level is quiet irritating. Uninstalling because of the ad itself...
Very ad heavy. After every puzzle there is 25 seconds ad which takes away all the excitement. And regarding points, I have to watch a 25 seconds ad.C'mon atleast give me points because I have cleared the level with no assistance.Otherwise not so bad. Can pass my time .
I really likr this game. Itbis too good to play and becomes more intelligent . it is a tricky game that we all don't expect. But am really sad because there is only some levels. Anyway it is too good game and i am recommending this game for you all. But there is also an another problem , if we switch on the 'data network' for hints there will be so many ads. After finishing each level there will be an ad. That i hate. Anyway all in all this game is superb. U all please play thus game and enjoy.
So far really fun and interesting. No real complaints, I am thankful that it's free and engages my brain. I look forward to the new levels. If I were to mention any dislikes I think it would be the levels where you have to find a certain object by moving around the circle and it could just be my eyes but sometimes I can't really make out the Clues to click on because the image is just so small. Other than that thank you.
Hi everyone, I'm 8 years old and I love this game so so so so so so so much. It's literally just the best and pretty hard to solve the levels but it's still the best. But there's a major problem with this game. It is amazing accept when I solve the level there's an ad. They really need to fix that or something like that. Thx for reading this ☺.
The actual game is fun, but it'll have puzzle games and you will be forced to watch an ad and use a hint, they only give you 6 out of 9 pieces in every single puzzle. after ever level there is an ad. you sit around watching ads more than you actually play the game. I thought that the game would get better the farther in you got, I am on level 150 and I have watched the same puzzle or dress up ad over 100 times. if you like watching ads this is the game for you
I really like this game just there is a add after every level.... That's annoying 😔 And they had some copy levels from the last game that they make in the find the things levels overall a good game just these few opinions and the game is perfect.... Si you can do better unico studio...
Wayyyyyyy to many ads. Its more ad then game. Can't complete 2 rounds without an ad. Also when you do complete a round you must watch another add if you want to collect the reward. Its out of control with the ads. Don't waste you time or phone space just to get them rich by you getting inundated by ads the when you hit the x to clowe it almost always goes to playstore
It is a good game to kill time one should definitely try this game once. Now coming to its con then there is one and only problem is that I felt the game is too short because I have completed it's all levels in just two days .there is a request please expand it. It is very nice and logical game which is not repetitive as well.
The game is cute and funny. BUT guys, do you really think that it worth it to watch 2 ads 30 sec each after every task that was done? The game is quite easy and it takes 2 sec to finish the task. And I have to wait at least 1 min to go to the next one. Huh. It's too stressful. I played 5 tasks and I'm already bored. You'd better change the ads mechanic a bit. It's ok to watch ads if you failed (need more keys). But whet you successfully finished it by yourself, you shouldn't watch the ad 2 times
The game was kinda boring and I uninstalled and reinstalled a few times. I never play it much and prefer other brain testing games more then this, oh though I very much dis-like it many people may think otherwise. If you do see this try out the game to see if you like it this is just my opinion.
Selecting the correct article doesn't always work. It could be an excellent game if the hot spot would work all the time.....I love playing it but, it's frustrating having to watch an add to get a clue only to find out that you have tried the same clue for the last 2 or 3 minutes. Too bad. Please let me know when this issue is fixed
Ads! Ads! Ads! It's a great puzzle and brain teaser game. But there are so many ads. In between each level is an ad. You have go watch ads for hints. You watch ads for bonuses. So many ads!
The ads are ABSURD. You spend twice as much time watching ads as you do playing the game. I never write reviews but I had to review this game because it irritated me so much. The game itself is incredibly boring and pointless also.
I loved it! I finished all of them after 2 days! They changed my brain a lot! Download this if you want to, they're are very nice. This has points that i don't understand. And that's the the thing that i loved. My mom loved it too! But the thing is, please dont put too much ads. It's disturbing my fun! But it's worth it anyways! I love it 😍
Just installed, then uninstalled minutes later. Listen to the reviews. There's literally an ad after every play and there was no mystery in the game for me. It didn't give me an option to just guess and pick. I had to pick an option that gave clues, which was pretty much the answer. I love puzzles and this isn't it, especially with all the ads. I can take ads, but every second? Geesh
The gameplay is good, but sometimes a bit 'sticky' so you can't move things that you know are supposed to move. I love the graphics and the levels are interesting & sometimes challenging. The 3* review is mainly due to the intrusive adverts. A level takes 10-20 seconds to complete, then there's an ad that takes almost as long. The other annoying thing about this is that I play games with no sound or music and then when the ads play there's sound.
Its really TERRIBLE AND IT EVEN IS BORING REALLY gets boring tho but Other than that awsome game but the reson i gave 1 star is becouse its terribly crazy that you only get not that much but still a kinda LAME game pretty STUPID.and terrible at the same time so i don't know what to expect its so crazy!.??????
It's so nice it trains your brain and makes you smarter and it's entertaining , but the bad in it that the points finish so fast and whenever you finish a level an add comes . And when you finish a level you should have a price (some hints or like a money in a game) but also you can't get your price only when you watch an add. But about the game it's so good, the only thing you need to fix is the adds and the points that finish so fast and the prices when you finish a level. Thanks for reading
I really like your game cuz it gives you an option if you like want to watch a video or not and it's kind of easy cuz on the second one I I okay so it's not really that easy because I had to just use a little? Thing the light bulb because I was really confused cuz I'm really new to the game and it's really really cool actually and if it was the real thing if I could give it 100 Stars I definitely will you should definitely like this
Its a good game, I like it's graphics but the main problem is that we have to restart this game like after each n every level. Plz try to improve this problem otherwise it's a good game. If there would be no problem to restart this game after each level then I would have given this 4 stars. Its not that extraordinary but it's good there are better games than this. I have seen in many reviews that this game has a lot of ads but if we close our wifi/data then we'll not experience these many ads
An ad is played after every single level, and you cannot skip them from anywhere between 10-25 seconds at least, you are forced to watch them. The levels take only seconds to beat, so really, you are spending all your time watching ads. I got to level 12 and was so sick of the ads, I am done. This is garbage, find something better to pass your time. This game is not worth wasting even minutes of your time watching ads you dont care about.
Actually salty about wasting time to download this, the ads are freaking ridiculous, you get two ads between each and every level, although you can pay $4 to have them removed, the game is nowhere near large enough or entertaining enough to charge that price to remove ads
This game has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too many ads to even keep you attentive long enough to keep playing. I can see some ads after so many rounds but after each round and another to claim your points... no way! Deleted in 5 minutes!! Not even 1 star!
Had the game for 5 mins. Out of those 5 minutes I had 60 seconds of game play and 4 mins of ads which were FORCED on me. I had to sit through 30 seconds at a time just to get 5 seconds of gameplay. Deleted, uninstalled, hated it and will NOT be recommending to fellow gamers. Do you need ads to make money so you can provide a free game to users? Yes. But if it comes at the expense of the users fun factor (which this game has none of) then no, it's not worth it. 1 word to describe this app BORING!
There are too many ads. I would be fine to watch some ads after a few puzzles but there is an ad after every stage and then there is the reward ad, which should be optional but you have to open the ad even if you don't want the reward. You can close it after you open but if I don't want hints just let me skip it. And the puzzles are very easy, although I couldn't go far because I had enough of the ads. Less ads and more thinking for the puzzles will improve it.
I completed all the levels of this game in just one day. It is the best game I have ever played.Loved it!!!!!!Thank you for creating such a game.Looking forward to more levels.I strongly recommend everyone to download this game.We will thank me afterwards, I am sure of this. Again, thank u to the creator of this game!!!!!!! And pls do not forget my request of creating more levels of this game
I like this game it is just that some of the riddles are Very hard so u have to have lots of patience I have been playing for afew months now and I still play it every morning when I eat my breakfast and also it can be annoying when you really need a clue but it makes you watch a thirty second ad😭😭 but overall I love this app Download it 😁😁
Five stars because this game only has questions and the questions are so easy to answer. The questions are easy I love the game thanks for making this game maybe when you're at level 1 maybe you should add where there's an arrow where the evidence is and that way is your than looking for it yourself stay away from covid-19 and wash your hands stay 6 feet distance and wear your mask bye talk to you later
It is really a fun game... .. Interesting and somehow tricky levels....I couldn't stop myself and finish all the levels in just 5 hours... The graphics are cute too...waiting in anticipation for other levels too..
This is a good game really good game I love this game it is the best game! I love it it doesn't require online thing it doesn't require anything but having fun!!! Best game ever OMG I just forgot to tell you I want you to just get this game and I wish that if you didn't you did because it's the best game ever!!!!!
This is a very hard game but it's very fun to figure out I love all the details that you have done to this game and they're very hard and I never use the clue for any question it was hard but I know that I should never give up on different games keep trying and that's what your game does for me I just love who is ?brain test it's amazingly amazing 😉🙂
It's a cute fun game to play. I blew through the levels fairly quickly. My only complaint is that it's sometimes hard to move stuff or click on it. It's like the game isn't reacting like it should.
Liked it a lot, although it didn't take very long to complete all levels. Ads are ok, can be skipped early, you don't have to watch them to the end. Lots of similar games out there which I uninstalled because of annoying, lengthy ads.
This is a good game but I don't really like it much that's why I gave it a four star but it's actually real good it can help you with learning we were actually doing a math problem about who is pregnant and who was not, I didn't really know but then I remembered this app the first one was who NOT pregnant I checked their bellies and one of them had a pillow inside it was just an excuse to eat everyone's cake 😋 and then I raise my hand and I said "the second one is not pregnant" and I was right!
This game is very aaaawwwwwssssooommmeee😘😘. I love this game because there are very interesting puzzle and when the riddles are over we just have to wait for new ones 🙃🙃because it has happen with me one time🤗🤗. If ou want to solve riddles just choose this game. Trust me!!!!🙂🙂
My opinion is that..if somebdy had played braintest 1 and 2.before this....then plz dont download this...becoz...this one is worst in comparison with those 2...first thing that i dont like is we can't know that how many levels in this..and secondly....same pattern of chalenges is repeated again and again.......I didn't like this one..unicostudio disappointed me this time😔
Love it! ❤️❤️❤️ It is very fun. I recommend you to install the game. ☺️ .....I do not have a problem, with the adds, in fact I love watching ' em. 💻!!! I hope you get more and more downloads each second : ) but please don't make this game... dirty, sexy, rude, or silly in a ew way. Thanx❤️ ( I hope this review goes positive, BC I luv ur game. Peace out P.S ...... I luv all the games U have made. ❤️🥰😘☺️
cute idea but has a LOT of problems. ads after EVERY level and sometimes in the middle of levels which prevent you from seeing what the solution was. the magnifying glass and other tools are controlled by your finger but way too small so your finger is covering up what they reveal. mostly it's the excessive ads though there are more ads than there is gameplay. i get having to support the game but this is excessive. make them every 3 levels or something and not in the middle of the level
Disappointed. Good idea, poorly done . The reasons why it's poorly done is I need to watch an ad to look for clues every time and am forced to look for clues even when I have guessed correctly. Get the picture? Also when I am looking for clues, I don't feel like I'm doing it myself. I hover over something then it says correct before I have the opportunity to express that is my answer.
I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!! It's sooooooooo good I finished it in like two days I loved it! But I really wish there were more levels or maybe we could even make our own levels for maybe an online community for this game who knows? I think this is the best riddle game I've ever played!
This seems like a fun game, but there are way to many adds that last longer than the actual game play. Two seconds of game play isn't worth 24 seconds of adds after each level. I will be deeting this game due to the monotonous amount of adds.
The game is cool! Addictive for sure. Very sad to see I completed the first & only "phase". Please add more soon! And add a daily prize to promote more downloads. Just a suggestion. Let me know when more are added. Thanks!
It's very interesting to play this game unlike other games. But I disappointed for one reason and that is there are no more levels to play because I have completed all the levels. Anyway the app is one of the best logical games ever. Another thing , please make sure the app having a mainmenu , levels because we can't go to previous levels without these things . Please take a look at what I am saying. Thank you.