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Word Cash

Word Cash for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Puzzle Free Game. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
Word cash is a brand word puzzle game that is new. It can train your brain to make it more agile, enrich the volume of words, and deepen the memory of words.
Connect letters, find hidden words, pass levels, and get rewards. Easy to learn, but the difficulty will increase!

Feature gradually:

* Free to play.
* Prompt the true number of words.
* Additional rewards for correct words.
* Use tools to find out the words that are right.
* Move letters to reorder to pass levels.
* Full of challenge.
* Get achievements.
* Suitable for both young children and adults.
* Collect rewards and exchange for cash.
* Well designed beautiful themes.

An excellent word spelling game with real money!

Download the game to train your brain and improve memory and skills that are thinking. You can also compete with friends.
It can be played anytime, anywhere, without a time limit.

(1) We do not have in-app purchases, nor do we provide any entry that is recharge the game is completely free
(2) We have complete guidelines and requirements forprizes, learn more: http://www.wordcash.club/tos.html. Please read our rules and guidelines firmly, if players violate rules and guidelines we will not provide rewards for users.
(3) We will only use your information that is personal when by law. For more details, please refer to our privacy policy: http://www.wordcash.club/privacy_policy.html

You also can find us on our website that is official://www.wordcash.club

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Word Cash.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Word Cash for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
I played thirteen levels and was happy with the amount I got. But you could not play a more excited and challenging game than Word Cash. It was easy at first and each level has a heading as to what words to look for. So go ahead guy and download this game. Have fun.
You made me start over! I was on level 94 and when I went back on the app I was on level one. Right now I am on level 25 and between the levels I WAS on and right now I haven't gotten a single penny!!! This app is trash, I would recommend you actually paying over 80 cents after each level , that way you have more good reviews then bad reviews. So my ratings are going to stay at one until you fix that issue. If anyone has read my review all the way up until hereDO NOT GET THIS FAKE APP SO MANYADS
Graphics are Great, Game is entertaining and educational, haven't had enough time to determine if i can cash out.
So...I haven't played yet. I'll give another rating once I play, but I wanted to comment. So, I've noticed the game creator never responds to comment. Which, makes me curious about the legitimacy of the app.They at least respond on other apps that are real. Now, has anyone really gotten of for any of these win money apps via PayPal? If so pls comment & which games. I'm playing 1 so far that seems promising, but I have to win $19 more $ 1st, so, we shall see! Good luck everyone!
Simple and easy. Hopefully it's not like the others I have tried when I get close to cashing out goal they start awarding. One pennies after 30 or more levels. I don't care for that. I will let you know though. Back to my fun😁
Been on this game for a while now, I'm past level 100 and I noticed that once I got to $122.19 no matter how many more levels you keep on playing , it stays on that amount. This game does not let you reach to $150 so you will be playing it for a long long time and never win anything!!
I love the challenge of the game. It started off great. I got up to $143 and kept playing and the next thing I notice is that my balance is back down to $123. It has done this a couple of times. Why advertise what you can't make happen. False advertising, as a lot of these other money making games. Gimmicks.
Pays good until you get to 125.00, then you play 10 levels for a dime...if you game makers would realize if its a fun game players will keep playing. This game is same as the crappy ones they claim to not like. Quit lying to the peplpe!
After level 350, it gives $0.02 after you play 10 games. Still $22.07 to cash out. The game designed not to give you any money. So, if you are playing to win money, forget it.
As usual, the rewards are shrinking drastically with every level, but even so, the game is still fun. I like it.
This is getting old....When I first started playing I was getting money after every level but once I passed 100.00$ I only get money once every 5 to 7 levels and now it's like a mystery as to when I'll make some more 💰.
Good App so far. I really hope it does pay out unlike many of the other cash Apps I've already tried and failed! And I REALLY HOPE they don't drag out the cashing out part! I guess we'll see!
The problem with this app and this game is that to solve the puzzle the words are too mixed up and blocked formation so you're always pushing out 50 coins to switch up what they have it's a waste of time and you'll never get to the amount you think you're going to be getting to cuz that's not going to happen it's a quick quick scam as far as I'm concerned
This game is a ripoff. The more you play the less you get. Also, takes money from you really quickly if you aren't watching how it plays in the beginning.
Scam. I'm over lvl 100 and have only made $.35 in 2.5 hours. Very relaxing game though. Just don't expect to actually get anything for your time. Game rewards start to decrease dramatically after level 60.
I like the game,but I got to where I needed less than $30.00 to cash out and you need to win ten levels before you win any money and then it is only 2 cents at a time. So it will take a long time to be able to cash out. You need 150.00 to cash out which I think is crazy, especially since you're only getting 2 cents for every ten levels won. At the beginning I was winning dollars at a time for every level won. If I'm able to reach the $150.00 and cash out with no problems, I'll give it more star
I am a pretty patient person, and this game falls short .....even of the logical minimum expectations. I am not tripping about the decreases of reward towards the last $20 threshold. I am however a bit suspicious as to no longer getting rewards for each solved puzzle. That is extremely dishonest. Also, dishonest is claim button and assist buttons stop having any usefulness...they literally are programmed to stop functioning as you go up in levels. $150 not achievable under them cheating you.
Loos similar to the dot cash game I have. It starts out where you win large amounts of cash around $10 a game or a little less and now I'm earning around a dollar and some change a game and if it's like the game with the objectives you drop a ball on it will be rare to get any of the money because they just quit showing the money dots so it might not be worth even playing. I just played a few games where I earned less than $1 and the last game I played I didn't earn any money and Im at level 43
Game is one that wont pay out. Im thinking most if not all are fake. Lucky Day is the only game i win gift cards from. The game is rigged to let you get close to 150 but good luck. It starts out paying good. Then it goes to 60 cents or less a game. This is all false advertising. Dint waste your time.
I hit the $150.00 mark & it want let me cash out . I played the game for several hours. So once I hit the mark I tap cash out it says you have to reach $150.00 which I did as you apparently see. I feel like either I'm imbursed my winnings or I'm contacting my lawyer. 1st Pic: Shows my winnings 2nd Pic: Shows what it says once I tap Cash Out Im suing them
This game is prompted to cheat players. Instead of it giving you the balance which you deserve, it skips it. Makers of this game did this with the intent of cheating. They let it skip only once you are tuned to the game so you do not notice. It is morally cheap.
This is a total rip off once you get over $100. First you have to win many times before there is a pay off usually of one cent and it doesn't show you how long before a payoff. I wasn't really keeping track but I just figured out it stayed at $128.28 for 4 payouts at least then I won .02 and it showed $128.29 instead of $128.30. seems impossible to get to $150 without being cheated on top of it
I love the puzzles ..but would like to see you add some going diagonal..i think that would add something more to yhe game and maybe give ectra bonus' for findind thrm
Its an okay word game. You breeze through earning the money at first but then it goes to 2 cents per level...(10 games) I don't think you can actually get to the point of collecting money from it. A lot of times the words don't match the clue as well.
Damn, the reviews look horrible! I just got it, and I've been playing, and ive been also noticing at how when you first play it goes from high tips to lower and lower as you get higher and higher levels. I'm frankly concerned where the money would even come from, or how you'd get it when or IF you get it. Just horrible. Its pretty suspicious. But it's a decent set up just a game without the money concept other than the con artist set up.
So far i definitely enjoy this game! Its complex enough to rack your brain while still being easy to understand and follow! Also seems to accumulate earnings quickly, but i still gave a bit to go so we shall see how it turns out. So far so good!
This game is good for passing time not money making. It starts off paying huge amounts, which is understandable they're trying to keep you interested and compete with other games like this. However I am now level 395 and only get $.02 every 10-15 levels now. I think they should have been more realistic and started off with that amount every 2-3 levels. Then up the amount and levels in between each win with the higher levels. Other than that it's fun to play.
The advertising showed a completely different game then what this was open too. Just started maybe it will change after time, it remains to be seen if it will actually let me cash out when I reach the end.
I love word games and who doesnt like to make money?! It starts out with dollars and as soon as you get close to the cash out amount, it starts giving pennies and its like every 6-10 levels before you get those pennies!!!!! Very heartbreaking and saddening. Just when i thought i found something real
I enjoy playing the game. Just so many stages to get credit. Even harder at the near of end of the game. I I usually just give up on that last dollar. Start another game. Do many I like , but problem with the game, makes me loose interest
So far I'm getting money, however less and less each turn. But it is unity, I haven't got a dime from any game, but unity is the worst. But there games are good
Like other games of this type, the amount you earn accumulates quickly at first, then reduces to a dribble. I gave it to 100 levels but it just was not worth my time. Also, the clues do not always help with the answers: waterfall was the clue to words about wedding and fighting fire was the clue to food words. Not challenging, not fun, a waste of time.
So far so good. Fully expect monetary amounts will get smaller and smaller the closer I get to cash out limit. Same as all the other games. The few times I succeeded in reaching the limit, withdrawal was impossible. It just wouldn't work. I truly hope this game is different. I've tried at least 35 different games and have not made a penny from any of them.
Fun but as you play more & more, your cash rewards get smaller and it takes 3 or 4 games to collect pennies, instead of dollars like at the start of your membership. Very frustrating.
Fun game. Probably just like the rest of thrm; the closer you get to cash out. It will only give a penny at a time. We'll see.
I have read over 50 of the reviews and do not see where anyone has actually gotten paid. I have contacted the developer to see if they will respond to me as I see they did not respond to any of the reviews. Before I waste my time playing I will give them 3 days to respond... It looks to me like it's probably a fake app and that it does not really pay
Wow what a waste of my time.. It lets you win after every level but the closser you get it skips paying you. Its happend 4 times so far..i can see how this will go.. It wont let me collect the money.. I hate scam apps like this..2 days of my time wasted!!!
The rate the app. Comes up to early in the game. Time and time again these games are great in the beginning and you give a great rating. However seems very soon after they start diming you to death and pay out is never reached. Let's hope this isn't one of those. Fun game just hoping for an actual light at the end of the tunnel.
It's a fun game, but I have to earn $140 before I can cash out. Then I'm sure like other games I've played when I get to $130 I'll win like eleven cents or fifty cents and I have to play 4-6 levels before getting more money. You make me feel like you don't want us to win the first amount of money the $140.
So far it's paying higher amounts than all the other word games!!! In less than 10 minutes I had over 50.00... Real Nice!!!
So good so far just started playing because i have a another word game same thing cash out always $150 but this will keep ur brain thinking i like games like these those scratch off app are not good the word games are better i think
This game & others like it are trash. A friend told me to try cuz he wanted to see if he had a chance at really earning the money. He assumed that because I'm good at word games, I could breeze thru this easily. Well I played and got to level 100 in just a few short hours. It's really hard cuz it's boring. The hints have nothing to do with the words, it's simplistic and requires no skill, it doesn't get harder & I'm only earning $0.054 every 5 games. 2700 games to get the money? No thank you!
Good at First... The rewards are great at first....then they start getting smaller and smaller...taking you longer and longer to get to the $150 cash out goal. It's a fun brain teaser, but 3 cents every 10 games is just stingy. Play if you're bored, not to make quick money.
This game is good let hope it give out the same dose of money all the way to the end I'm still playing some games that have not been true to just giving you your money, towards the end of the they give you 2/3cents and it's taking forever to compleat wow we will see about this game
I enjoy playing word games as this one. especially making money, but I have been playing this game daily going on about two months. I am now up to $99.45, I was going to wait to leave a post until I was paid out. It doesn't look like I will be paid out. I receive $0.01 after solving 50 word puzzles. So will I get paid out who knows.
It's a cool game!!! Fast Pace!! You win money when you get to $150.00 to cash out!!! You can breeze through quickly. Great word game that hints at what suppose to be clicked in the crossword puzzle. Using the sliding mechanism it is faster. You will make alot of money in no time. The screen of the game changes with each level of each game. I Love it!!! Plus, the music 🎶 is entertaining!!
Good old diminishing returns... at level 126 I still had $26.20 to go to be able to cash out $150. Puzzles were repetitve, using same words over and over and some puzzles did not follow the posted theme at all.
It's a good and fun game but a little to much ads but the rest PERFECT it pays u good and when u get to atleast level 200 u get to 150 dollars and u can cash out download this game first game I could actually cash out other than other games good game download NOW IM NOT JOKING BEST GAME EVER download now(I don't know how many times I said that but download now);) I'm at 90$ so don't give up on the game! Download
Fun so far, but Cash is already getting smaller while tasks are getting harder. I'll give 5 stars if I can Cash out.
I just started playing and the payouts are great and it tells you how much you need to cash out love it.
I like the game. Its actually fun to play. But advertisement I saw said you can withdraw money with no restrictions. That was a lie. And then if I stop playing the game for awhile, it starts me from the beginning and doesn't give me my rewards. This game is full of lies...
Just started playing and I cannot give 5 stars because of the little payouts... It will take forever to get to $150 at the pay rate you guys are giving.... The game is ok to play though... After reading the othe reviews I still decided to give Word Cash a chance... I hope it doesn't take forever to cash out...
Great Games haven't gotten any Payouts Yet, For I've only just began. Though I have but one question? Just about 3 to 4 months ago I Downloaded Vegas Slot, said it's Guaranteed pay out. So I did win on 2 Scratch card for a total of $700.00. 1ticket was for $100.00 and the other was for $600.00. And So I Couldn't CLAIM didn't know how to go about it, I went ahead and TOOK A PHOTO SHOT of my winning Tickets. If possible can I get a feedback? Thank You.
What a joke! This game claims that you can cash out once you reach a certain amount, but after a certain level, they stop awarding you anything. I get that the amounts have to decrease as you advance, but to let you earn almost what you need to do the first cash out and then stop awarding? Way to waste everyone's time and pretend this app does something it doesn't.
Fun but slow paced. The more you get close to cash redeem, the less you earn per round. The game is fun and the music is entertaining, but the game should give 1 dollar per round if you want to make thing slow but not too much
Fun, relaxing, beautiful background scenic views. Weather or not it is easy to cash out remains to be seen.
The first time I gave a review I was excited however as I play the games the pay keeps slower and slower...means it will take you to play so many levels before you can get paid for a few cents to reach the 150.00 pay out. Im getting bored and impatient....I don't know if this game will really pay. I guess this is not a game that you will enjoy playing at the same time excited to get paid...I will still try...
So far this app is wonderful. Actually does everything the developers say it will do. The game is also slightly addictive but super fun. While addiction is always a serious issue this seems harmless enough. If you are bored, have alot of time on your hands, or just looking for something to do I recommend this app highly. Getting paid for having fun is about as good as it gets. Two thumbs up to the creators. Way up!
From the advertisement it looked like a lot of fun and you will get a big reward and you can cash out to PayPal. The commercial is fake and you have cash out at 125.00. This is not a good review.
At first the payout was at $139.99, then jumped to $150.00. I have had many times where I didn't receive my rewards or money added. The ad for this game claimed to be fair. Good game, but not as fair as it says.
I like word games , so it's fun, but its a scam like all of the others . Promising payoffs only to rapidly decline in rewards that allow you to reach the one hundred dollar mark before you cash out, in which case.. You're not going to get any money , so play for fun or don't play.
Its a great game and I'm sure you can win money BUT you will have to play ALOT.It gives you the money quickly at first but then drags it out to the point of being mind numbing. I'm only 26.00 away from being able to cash out but when u get remotely close to the cash out of 150 it only gives you .17 cents every 6 boards you complete. So now I will have to play around 450 rounds to actually get to be able to cash out. I'm at the point now of saying forget it and just deleting the app.Sick of it.
Game is fun however the higher the level the less money you collect I made it to level 15 in like 7 min and the rewards went from $10 to $2 each level. That's gonna take a lot to cash out when you can't cash out till $150. The advertisement made it seem like you can win that money as fast as the waiter comes to pick up the tab lol they won't wait that long for you to play this game to pay.
Good so far, but when it gets close to target amount it might be the same as the other games 50 levels for .01 cent then at that time my rating to this game will go down to 2 stars
So far is fun lots of fun but I would hate for it to be like the other game and when you win you still got to do more and so far I haven't gotten my money yet I hope this game is not like that they said you can win you can cash out when you get to 139 I hope it's the truth I hope it's no more b******* to it
So far so good. Its more fun than the other cash winning apps Ive tried. I just hope its not a waste of my time like so many have been. By not bein able to cash out. When its that time, I will let you know. Word on it. Im ready to put that word out everywhere very soon. On all these games. On our sites.
I love word cash!! Its stimulating, i love how you can change themes. Plus im playing a game i love on top of that, im making a little cash on the side as i do!! What gets better than that, lol. I love words & money.
I enjoy the game, but instead of giving you more for the more you do. They keep going down in money when the game gets harder, which, is a whole lot backwards if you ask me. That is why I will be deleting this game when I get through with this money giveaway is complete
Don't waste your time. It will never payout and the game is not very entertaining. The answers often have nothing to do with the subject. The payouts diminish until you get nothing or very little so you'll never reach the needed $150 to collect.
The hints frequently do not match up to the words you're looking for. The hint was "superpowers" the words were "piano, drum, swim, pray, conductor, juggle, etc." Another, the hint was "related to fire" and the words were "donut, grape, bread, etc." Huh?? I'm dumb, I know... But grapes are related to fire? How? Also "fire, fires, and flame/flames" were somehow NOT related to fire?? Interesting.
Are you freaking kidding me?I played this game for two months and got up too $130 with $20 to go before I could cash out and logged back in to play and it started me from the very beginning again!Not happy at all about this scam!I want to know why it started me all over again!
Waste Of MyTime This game, as almost everyone else has said, starts off giving money; however, it gradually decreases as you get to the $150 threshold. I reached $121 and it stopped right there. They should pay ME money for having wasted my time. This is a gimmick for ads to pay them at the players expense of precious time. Very dishonest, indeed.
First of all I was playing another game this add came across pay $100.00 I tapped it an it said redeem well I down loaded this game which in order to redeem the $100.00 to do so nothing absolutely nothing the things are rigged shame on pay pal an all the rest developers... I find the game good. But $100.oo be better doesn't me I'll quite playn just disappointed...
Am just starting to play. Unity games gave high payout at the start, then it goes down and down to .01 and ultimately stops when you reach 99. Or ads wont load since you have to watch it to get your reward.and then you're stuck in there. Anyway I had fun playing the games.
Not sure how i ferl about this game yet. I've played other money games like this and it takes me a long time before im able to cashout. It's not st all like the ads.
Great game you get money amount built really quick only till your like 40 dollars from being able to cash out then each level only pays you like 6 cent or 24 cents to where in the beginning I was getting paid like 6 dollars or 12 dollars each level other than that it's a really good way to make money just depends on how determined you are to get paid feel me...
This game is a scam just like all the other ones I've played! You make it up to a certain level it stops playing ads for money for hints. And the more levels you do the less money it gives you! I haven't been able to cash out but honestly I don't think anyone would ever be able to because it is just a scam
I think it's a scam. I'm at level 171 and have "$125" and you need $150 to cash out. But I don't even get rewards at this level. You play 20 rounds in a row which takes TIME and then maybe you get 15 cents after days and days of nothing. Stupid waste of time, I can make better money elsewhere. Also if you do decide to play, keep it in AIRPLANE MODE or you will be bombarded with tricky ads that have fake X's (you click X to close the ad and it just closes the game and opens the app store)
Liar! It's advertised that you'll make money for every game. The first few you get unrealistic amounts. The cash out point is a $150 minimum. By level 25 or so you get less than a dollar per game. By level 40 you get less than twenty five cents per game. By the mid 80s you get around twenty cents per two games. I'm on level 99 right now and haven't gotten anything for the last several levels. I'm stuck at $122.19 payout amount. It's not even really that fun either. Huge waste of time.
Extremely disappointed. It was going great, but now I'm at level 125 and have to play 4 consecutive games to get any reward. Supposedly I'm 5 dollars from reaching cash out. Dont think that's happening. It said no limit. That's a lie. You have to reach 150 to cash out. And it only gives about 4-6 cents every 4 games when you get close. Uninstalling. I hate liars. Teeling my friends too. Who all started playing.
Haven't been able to cash out yet. Not enough to do so. But i love word games and hoping that maybe i will be able to cash out once i get enough. Get to actually play without so many ads and it's a game i like. Cash will be surprising and a blessing, if i'm able to cash out once i get close. But all them other games your playing only get you close to the cash out and stop paying so you never get to cash out. I will be very happy if this one does let me cash out cause to its a game i really like!
I like the game, BUT, there are to many interruptions.. there are too many steps to get to actual game play.. you should show the $$ accumulation alot less, like maybe $20 increments instead..it makes people focus on the $$ instead of playing, then become aggravated with the decreasing amts added each time, then the next step is to uninstall.. That is because of the focus on the $$ instead of just playing.. Make it easier to go to the next level w/o all of the extra stuff in between each board
Haven't played long enough to know whether I like it or not. At this point it's so simple it's not. But chapter rewards decreased at an alarming rate. The jury is still out...
I am really having fun in this game BUT the title doesn't always fit the words. For example, the title was waterfall and it was all wedding stuff. There also seems to be a huge slowdown when you try to swipe a word from right to left. Ads to double coins are not always available.
I like the game but it is funny how you make the money but can't cash out anything until $139.99. These pay games can be a bit rediculous because the closer you get to the cash out amount the less they give you in rewards to meet it.
I am enjoying it so far. Still new to it so will still see how my experience goes as we play. My husband also plays and he is happy thus far. Great way to pass time and hopefully get paid for my time spent on this game
I like the game, but I'm uninstalling it. The earned money amounts go up, and then decrease. So according to the rewarded amounts that I was given, I should have $110, but decreased down to $67 instead.. Yeah.. I don't like that. Fun game though.
So far so good I just hope as I progress further into the levels it doesn't take longer for payouts & once I get enough to cash out I actually can.Im cool with the payouts getting smaller as you go along that way you can keep interested.And if I can cashout once I get enough money.I'll happily rate 5 stars until then I only rate 3. (60 percent high end of failing).
This game is a joke. When you start money flies to your account. You can't cash out until you make $150. I am at about $128. It is paying 2 cents every 10 or 12 games now and locking up every other game. Don't waste your time!! Also tonnnnnnns of ads. I am at level 300 something lol ripoff! Been playing for days
Word Cash is a cheat, I'm at 21.79 right now, it should be less but I noticed ( on more than one occasion ) first the game at this point only allows you to win .02 cent, you put in 10 levels and win .02 cent, sorry but my time is worth more than that, but then when you win the .02 cent, game only takes off .01, I guess the makers would figure no one would notice the cheat, wonder how many times this happened without me knowing. I know you get so much for advertising but to cheat is unacceptable
Me and my hubby enjoy the game, it used to give us some change every other level but now we go 5-10 levels with nothing earned. I play this game a lot but im at $126 and some change but since you can't cash out till $150 i dont see me playing this game ling enough to get there the beginning was ok but not now. Idk that id download it if i was new.
I'm stuck on level 56 with $115.33 to get to $150.00 cash out. I'm done with these pay to win games! Surveys too! I just get annoying sales call never paid for not one. Google holds responsibility for these fake games and if everyone who has been scammed come together for a class action lawsuit, make them payout for false advertising!
Game is awesome to play, the only part was not good was i froze up in a level. I had to delete & start all over from level 1..
Fast moving, background changes, fun, and gets yer mind working instead of just watching things match :)
I'm starting to change my mind on this game because at the beginning you do very very well and of course we expect it to slow down a little bit as you go it's all right now it's almost not worth continuing because you only make cash every 10 boards or so you could be able to have been screwed over by games like this before when you get to where you can cash out and then you never can maybe you guys should do something about it but let me know what to do
Pretty simple. Game starts outs out with pretty good currency but then gets smaller as you play. I just started playing am at level 10. Let's see what happens.
It's a pretty nice game so far the price it gives you till you can cash out goes down if you earn a certain amount of coins but I just got the game today I dont know if the money will transfer over yet so fingers crossed
Just started and so far it's extremely fun. Hope it continues to be fun as I don't like it when games start out fun then start dragging after the half way mark of desired goal of money.
Game starts off teasing you as it rolls in the cash good. Then you realize it slows down to nothing. You stop getting the chests after you put in hard work. You need $150 to cash out and you will play it for weeks with very little chiseled down once you hit $125. It's like the creators do not want you to win. But if you take the money aspect out and play it just as the game it is then it's fun just to play as a spelling game.
Very interesting game I like so far...I came to edit because its always a catch to winning when u get close to cash out they dont give u money after the levels. I'm gonna play a lil longer but I'm gonna uninstall...Dont waste ya time downloading
When you start this game, it pays $6, $5 and as you go on it decreases all the way to $.02. I have been in the $120's for the last 300 levels. It does not even pay at every level. Right now it pays $.02 every 9 levels. Who knows when I will be able to cash out but at this rate, another 10k games. Also, it does not always apply the amount it says. Sometimes it pays $.02 and only applies $.01. Its ridiculous.
Takes way too long to earn any rewards. Player can't cash out till $150 and I'm at level 175 and still can't cash out.
So, I see This advertisement during a game I was playing, and I Love word puzzles to begin with, but what blew my mind is that I already won almost $50 before my 10th level! Even though you can't cash out until you've won $150, I am keeping my fingers crossed to see if you really can cash out. I have played 3 games all the way thru but could never cash out from them for some unknown reason and now I'm wondering if this will be a ' 'fake' app as well.I sure hope not.
This game is a fraud. When I first started playing the game, each game gave you some money. As you get closer to the $150 to cash out, they give you less money and only after so many games. I just played 16 games to get 23 cents. I'm done with this game. Find another game, this one isn't worth your time.
So far so good, the pay out in the beginning is great but the more you get to the cash out, the amount goes really low
Ad doesn't show real game. Disappointed because of that. However, game itself is fun. Will play until I get bored with it or something neat happens...maybe the spelling game I saw in the ad?
I am $.05 away from cash out and i am at level 152. It stopped giving me money a while back. Ive played this game since yesterday and made it this far. It feels like i havent won any money in the past 20 rounds and its really starting to make me mad. ITS ONLY 5 CENTS PEOPLE COME ON! i would not recomend this app its a complete waste of time. There are people that are in actual need of money and cant get a real job. This is f#$!*×% rediculous.
This game is a fraud. You can "only" cash out at $150. You will (maybe cash out) around level 12,000 at the earliest (based on the math)!!!! Don't let the early dollar amounts fool you. On level 400, and only collect .02 cents per ten stages completed. At level 400 you will still need $22.20 to reach $150. .02 for every 10 levels .20 for every 100 levels $2.00 for every thousand levels $22.00 will be reached with playing another 11,000 plus levels.
Good app if you like to search for words and create new words, enjoyable to play on my free time which is not often, I enjoy to take surveys that paid me, since it is like a job for me untill I can fine a job in my field CMA Covid -19 has put a damper on moving forward in most people's lives, for me it school and work. Pray there is a vaccine for this virus soon. For now I try to earn some money with surveys is not easy but doable. Thank you Kathleen
This is a scam as far as iam concerned, i started playing the game and was breezing through then as soon as i got to $126 it started paying me less and less so i can't get near to cashing out, and the title does not match up with the words at all. What does the word surgery or uterus have to do with the movie Lion King, RIP OFF. So this app gets no stars and i will no longer play any of these games. I spents along time on this game to be done this way.
As soon as I got 20.00 from cashing in the game went wrong. I was unable to get to cash out I was stopped from solviing the word problem. Before I was adding cash after every game now its every third game then stopped.
If you have half a brain the game is easy enough. The money started high and very quickly with each puzzle you solve it goes down and the cash out is over a hundred. So if you have the time to challenge your brain you can move through the puzzles easily. My mother would have played for free just for the fun of it.
It is fun but I'm certain it won't pay out when you get to the desired amount. Oh and I don't know why these games want access to your files, media, and photos but that part is absolutely a no for me. I've fallen for it once and had someone hack my phone. Had to change everything
Awful. I'm on level 100 and still 28.00 to go to cash out. Now you go 4 levels and only make about 16 cents per level. It starts out like your gonna make 150 quick but not a damn chance. Like I said level 100!! So if you have alot of spare time and dont need money why not.
Less rewards (coins) after update which sucks because I wasn't getting a lot of rewards anyway being over level 100. Then my first review was deleted. So now I'm putting another with 1 star. Delete this one and I will blast your ass on social media and report to Google.
I really liked this game when I started, now at level 112 , half the time I make less than .50 cents and worse the game makes me watch ad after ad and when I switch the words around it's no better until I use up 4-5 ads. You can't cash out till $150.00 and I'm at $123.00 and some cents for 2 days now. I prefer a game that plays fair and doesn't cheat me out of anything it can. I'm deleting it.
What happened to the earn money part? up to $103 and it started the game back over to the first level I still have the $103 but it made me play through all the games that are already did now I know I'm past where I had left off and it's not adding any more money why
It's a good game but if you want to make good money like they show on the Ads I'd say fond another app. It starts out fast for the first 30 levels after that.....I'll jiay day this I've been three full days and I'm at, $123.26 on LV.113. Now mind you I didn't sleep one of those three days cause I wanted to hey that $150.00. You can make $100.00 a day but can't pull it out til $150.00. 0
Fun to play. Even though I've only played like 5 levels. Money earned lessens with each play. I'm curious what happens when you get toward the end. Probably like most games. You end up playing for Penny's per play. But it's still fun.
Basically it is good until you reach $120.00. Then you get less than .10 per 10 levels. This tells me that you will most likely never reach the $150.00 needed to cash out or if you do then they wont pay!!
at first it was good but suddenly its absolutely waste of time and internet because when your getting closer to 150$ it seems very difficult to earn pennies you need to play 10 levels before getting 0.10$ sometimes 0.6$ even though im not skipping their ads😭😡😤.!! im at level 321 but i only earn 127.83$ its totally a waste of time.,dont download it i will not recommend this game to my friends and reLatives..
Game starts off good and money rolls in then it slows down. But if you play it as just a game its ok. You first get told a lower number to cash out then realize it's $150. Not sure if it pays yet haven't gotten that far.
Great game on the Play I hope I don't get to the end and start giving me pennies the company make good Grant games but they don't want to pay out when you get close to a hundred I don't know where they get these people on the commercials with all this money I wish they put me in a commercial with real money
I'm on level 390 and still need 22.02 to cash out...im to the point where I have to beat 10-13 puzzles before getting 00.02..but I just noticed the last time I earned 2 cents it really only gave me 1 cent, so hence why I'm here to leave my review...don't waste your time on this dead end game
They start paying .01 cent after level 200!Game wont pay out quick, you will spend years trying to get that $150 cash out mark! This game is rigged to let you get close to 150 but good luck. It starts out paying good. Then it goes to 30 cents or less a game. This is all false advertising. Dont waste your time. You will get to level 500 and still won't have enough to cash out.
So far so good, have not actually cashed oit so we will see if this is legitimate. A lotbof ads for other cash games and a click bait ad that put me in a loop. Fingers crossed this is not a gimmick.
Good game so far only on level 10 and have over $50 but can't cash out until $150 and if it's like the other games it'll let me get close then start paying 1-4 cents when I get close to cashing out
Am I the only one where when it almost time to cash out and get the last couple of dollars they keep on leveling up but not assigning you any cash? Dont get me wrong I love the game I am addicted to it been playing for 7hrs straight right now and getting piss off by that little glitch
I love this game. But it takes way to long to reach the cash out amount. I been playing this game for 3 months now. It's starts out paying good then when you get to a certain amount the amount drops down to you getting $0.2 to $0.25 to $0.30.it needs to continue to pay the same amount when you first start playing the game. I can really use the money ..
Ad says you can earn money fast. Infact I think it said something about cashing out in minutes, well you start earning every level then as you get further along the amounts get less and the levels between the payouts get to be more. Currently I'm at $126 and change and I have to complete 10 levels before getting pennies. At this rate I'll have to complete 500 levels or more before staining the $150 necessary to cash it out.
So far, so good. I just started playing for the first time a few hours ago. I am having fun and earning USD. It shows that in $75 more, I can cash out for $140 to my PayPal. 🙈 wow! I will be back with updates after I learn more. I hope I get to say Thank you to WORD CASH!!🤞👀
Game is like the others wont let you cash out. You need $150 to cash out. Once I got past $120 the ad icon to get more coins stopped working and the increase icon to double or triple your coins stopped working. App automatically gives you the base pay after clicking on increase more than once trying to view ad. Also, it stopped paying coins or awarding cash after you complete each level. You need the coins to pay for clues. Such a cheat all of these games are.
Played straight through fot about two hours and the score got $120 and some change and then petered off into no pay.. Fun game. Its still a bummer.
Its a fun, fast pace game, you win every time. But when you at your total page, Why does the total needed to cash out is shown in an odd currency amount
After reading reviews I find out your game is like almost every game I play. Our time is worth more than a penny, and you have to finish about 30 to 40 levels before you can reach the set amount to cash out. Will delete before I get too far into it.
The game is easy to play but not a breeze to get through. The titles don't always match the puzzle. After a few hundred levels, it shows you get $.02 per 10 levels. Every other 10th level shows 2 but only credits $.01. It will take forever to get enough to cash out. I have completed 550 levels with $21.79 to cash out. 14500 levels to go.
I think this game is okay, but I wish it gives out more money than it does when you achieve each level, so you can get to your goal a little faster. Other than that, I think this game looks more legit compare to the other games I played so far, so I hope they work on that, while I try to get use to the game itself. 😊
A little bit better than the other word puzzle game I was playing but you only get some money. The ad was wrong. You also can't cash out until you get to a certain amount. It takes several levels to get there if at all.
I can see that the further in you go, the $$ drops a lot,they make it to were you spend money just to shuffle mandatory. I'm on level 11 and out of 139 dollars needed to cash out, im at 51 dollars...I don't see that happening unless I spend half my time with ads and paying for coins.
I like it but I thought it was the look for the right speelling. This game is same of the crossword puzzle. Overall I think it's fun game and at the same time making money. So far I I made less than 60 bucks and can not claim it until your reach 150 bucks. Well see....
I just started playing the game but it seems that this game is like all the othrr ones, they pay big at the start and then start paynig mere change or pennies as you progree in the game. If you could only give an amount that is fair you'd have more players playing the game you have presented.
It's a fun game so far and I'm winning money so far I'm on level 13 and I've been winning more then 2 dollars but nothing over 11 dollars so I think that's good so far. Who knows what I'll it be like when I get closer to the withdrawal amount and if I'll even be able to withdraw the money. That's why I give it 3 stars for now but I will be keeping my review updated so you all can know if it's worth it or not.
I like the game a lot, but I hate when they try to con me by trying to suck me into playing with promise of winning money. It pisses me off enough that when the $$$ total doesnt go any further I usually quit. So I give it a 3 cuz I detest cheaters and liars! So in awhile I'll probably quit. But before that time someone will be called out to be jerks or someone will write the best damn apology to honest ppl.
I am over level 200, and still dont have enough to cash out.. got alot to begin with, but then it stopped around $120.. I have to go 10 levels or more to $.17.. this game will never allow you to cash out (need $150) would change rating if it actually allowed me to cash out! Wish I could give it zero stars!
Good game to pass the time and helps too keep your mind sharp. Excellent game for lovers of word games.
I've been playing this game for two weeks and just yesterday I reached 98.55 and I have to reach $100.00 to cash out, but each puzzle I solve I only receive .10 cent, .11cent🤔....the closer I get the harder it gets to cash out.....Is that the objective to this game?🤣🤣if so, this game should be called "Word Torture."
You will never earn the $150. You start earning very quickly. I got to $127 but then after level 94 there is no money. I am currently on level 106 and have not gotten a sent since level 94. Also the even thou it starts high you suddenly find yourself playing harder levels and getting less and less. I wish google play will get rid of these scammers. They have not replied to one person on this site indicating they just sitting back and making money of the players.
I like it; it gives you a theme or main idea of what you'll be looking for, and you have no time limit. Nice game for certain job field workers like myself.
I like this game but the part I'm not liking is that some of these levels are not letting me earn anything...it will go to the next level but doesn't pay...next thing is I can't even use the options at the bottom of the screen...when I click it, it doesn't let me see ads for more moves or coins...I hope this is not a scam...plz look in to these issues...and I hope that this is legit as well and can actually earn funds....
At first good money, has anybody ever really cashed out on any of these false advertised games. Everyone ive played once u get to cashing out it slow down an the money gets lower an lower an sometimes none at all. Disappointed.
So far so good! I have noticed the farther along I get in the game, the less money I get for each level. As long as it doesn't go to getting only a few cents after each level, I will leave a 5 star rating. If it does do that my rating will go down.
Hopefully this is not the typical game that has you plan slows everything down when you're about to get the amount you should and it ends up never paying out no matter how long you play it again and they are totally so far I like your game I'm just watching it to make sure your app is not like the rest
So far, so good. This is a really fun game and I'm at level 327 with only 22.00 dollars to go. I recommend it. Update: As a note, I thought I would add that this game is a GREAT game, especially if one likes word searches. I plan to continue playing after I reach $150.
3 stars for 2 reasons... 1) I just got to level 20 and have been asked 8 times to rate the game, the first time was after I played the first level. 2) After getting to where I am now, the pay has decreased quite a bit. I mean I hit $50 in the first 4 levels, now I barely make it to a dollar. Doesn't matter how fast u play either.
Just downliaded this game, taking a chance on it, to be true to its advertisement, and actually be able to cash out, unlike other games who let you get to within 2 cents and never let you collect, so 4 stars for now
So far so good. Just started playing 5 minutes ago and im already almost to the cash out amount. Not so many ads in a short time and your able to skip through them.
Its a great word game but thats all it is. Because the more you get to the cash out the money drops lower. So it takes ridiculously long to get to the end. I'm uninstalling it was a big waste of time. Thumbs down stop lying to people saying its a great game.
So far so good but I have played unity games and when you get close to winning it starts giving you 1 cent. I played 2948 and got to 99 dollars and got 1 cent couldn't finish to cash out
Instead of like a normal game where the rewards get better as the levels increase and get harder these go down. Also don't bother to hit the button to double your rewards it won't double also if you don't it will play the video anyway
So far like all other cash games. Not really believing I will ever get a dime, but with that said. This game is a lot of fun and who cares about Ads! I mean come on people you expect to get rich off a app that you pass time playing a game for free. You should know that NOTHING is free that is worth anything. So stop being lazy thinking you will get paid to play.
Played for awhile and added everything up on my calculator as I played and the game takes cents off of your winnings total and just hopes that no one notices. This game is a full-on rip off. If you want to play a word game there are so many more that you can get and NOT get ripped off. Wish I could've given negative stars
It's a good game but it has way to many ads and it take a long time to get money and when u do it's only change
Was fun to play in the beginning. You need $150.00 to cash out. You can get to $110 or so pretty quick, than you end up playing 2 to 3 puzzles for one payout which is now . 25 at best. This is Bull @#$_. Don't have that kind of time. Should be charging you for wasting mine.
Just started this game. It may be legit . . .? After playing this game for three to four weeks every day, the amount rewarded after every game decreases to once every 10 games the amount goes from $8 all the way down to 2 cents. I'm currently stuck at $126 receiving one to two cents every 10 games. This game is ridiculous. FALSE ADVERTISING. I DON'T SEE HOW I'M EVER GOING TO GET PAID THE $150.
Just started so it's not yet hard--but the $$$$$ is good. Hope the money keeps growing as the level of difficulty does. Good for the brain (and walletl. Thanks.
We will see if we will have any changes with payouts when the time comes iv have not been very impressed with PAYPAL when it sees 100 to cash out and they charge the roul,s when you have the right amount now it's well you have to get a wallet and go through a bunch of different rules takes you like a month to get your money
Fun game but like every other game out there where you can win money or gift cards, after a certain point in the game you stop earning money everytime. If you're lucky, you might get a few cents every 10th game or so. Also the amount that's paid out decreases every round too which I expected but it's the not earning some kind of money after every round that bothers me. Also, the developers ignore you and don't help either just like other games like this I've played as well.
I give you 3 stars by the moment cause I just start the game minutes ago. So later, when I can reach the amount to cash out I can give you a 5 stars. Because my experience with this kind of game that is not the best.
The game is great. The game gets you excited right off with nice dollar amounts to get you well on your way to the cashout amount. BUT then the dollar amount per puzzle drops drastically. Reaching the cashout amount is still very do-able but it is going to take a lot more puzzles to do it. Therefore, I strongly suggest that you take advantage of all bonuses.
By what was pictured I thought this would be a different game the rewards go up and down by the amount of words you have to find the rewards are coming in fast but you only make about $3 I'm on level 20 and still making upto $3 so I guess it's going pretty good change the rating if I can cash out
I'll give the game 2 stars because it is fun to play. But like almost all of the other reviews they are lying about winning lots of money. It's impossible to win enough money to cash out. You might get 20 cents if your lucky every 10 levels. Tired of false promises!
I give it 4 stars. I was close to reaching the amount to be able to cash out and I get stuck. Not enough coins to rotate letters. Too good to be true. Deleted app. Maybe I will give it try some other time but for now I will just stick to games where you play just for fun. Only my 2nd time trying games where you can wish gift cards, money, etc. and of course experienced the same thing. Start out winning only to get let down.
Before I give a good rating. I would like for the developers to switch around how much money you can make. As it gets harder you should make a little more money then a dollar. It's starts off at $10.00, then goes all the way down to $1.00. honestly I like the game. It's a good way to kill time and make a little money. Also ads aren't a problem in this game. Just make it to where I'm more willing to play. Thank you😀