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Word Link - Free Word Games

Word Link - Free Word Games for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Dream Word Games located at Wanchai, HongKong. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.
A new exciting word puzzle game Word Link created by Dream Studio Team, which brings you a word game experience that is completely different.

➤ Newly designed Scrabble mode! A lot of levels, infinite mission, brain training!
➤ Connect word letters in any direction to form the matches
➤ So many pretty themes for you to pick when you play the game.
➤ Challenge yourself in Daily mode every day! Become a word master!
➤ Extra words system! Find as many words as possible to earn more rewards!
➤ Daily rewards! Complete some tasks to get more bonus.
➤ More game Modes are coming soon!

Charm of Word Links
➤ Easy to play and increases that are difficulty you go
➤ No network limitation. You can play Word Links anytime you like.
➤ A amount that is large of to sharp your brain.

Get Word Links for the word games that are best for our fans, which is so addictive! To be a expressed word master now!

We love to hear from our players! Contact us at:
[email protected]

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Word Link - Free Word Games.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Word Link - Free Word Games for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Typical ad scam game with zero chance of getting money. 180 levels in and you have to finish 10 more levels to get 12 cents, 10 more levels it's down to 10 cents. The closer you get to $100, despite the ad saying you can cash out anytime, the more you have to play.
Just started rate again later...the only thing I found is I have to start all over just because I switched phones if there was away to connect to Facebook or Google then I wouldn't have lost my 99.22 dollars...
Total Scam, I almost got to $100 (minimum to cash out) and the next time I tried to sign in and play my progress disappeared. I spent a whole week playing this game and leaving it every day with no problems. It was only after I got to $98+ that the game started over back to $0 with no way to recover my prior earnings. Shame on the crooked developers of this POOP-CHUTE of a game. Don't waste your time or memory on this app. You'll end up with nothing but a bad mood.
as all of these games it starts out good giving out decent amounts of money for every level completed, but when you get to $99, it gives you $0.01 per every 30 levels completed. To earn the last dollar so that you can cash out you have to complete about 3000 levels. With 30 second ads in between each level this is going to take hella long to complete. I'll go play the free version cuz I enjoy the game and won't have to put up with all the ads.
Absolute worst! Made it all the way to $99.43 then find out I have to play 30 levels for 2 cents. I only got as far as I did because I cheated. Now it's not even worth it. The amount of time it will take to cash out, even with cheating, just making me lose interest completely. I will try to finish to 100 to see if cash out is real but no promises. Worst game ever!!!
DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! I am up to $99.44. The last increase I got was $0.01 and I have been playing it for two weeks to get that. I thought I would try this app to see if I could get at least $100. I have never played a game to win $$. It kept adding up pretty quickly from $0 to $90. Once I got to $90, money accrued a lot less quickly. It is now going by 11cent increments and I am up to $99.43. I just got an additional $0.02 after about 3 weeks! Will I ever get to $100?
You start off making money very quickly. Anything from $2-$4 per level. After a while it drops to $1 per level; then you don't even get it every level. I just played 5 levels and earned $0.50. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ But I'm only $5 away from the $100 needed to cash out through PayPal or Amazon. I will update when/if I actually get my payout.
So far i like your game. The worst thing about it is, your ads don't stop when there supposed too, very irritating.
Im tired of false advertisement. I wish there were fair games to win money instead of using us to play and I get paid from the ads.
down loaded your apt lots of time, 1st of all your add shows different game then after downloaded. 2nd you pay dollars after every round at the beginning, then it goes down to pennies more rounds you play. false advertising
Said pays good. Lie.. My other games i play pay so much better. Ill give this a week. If i dont hit 100 as often as i play. Ill DELETE. I will update soon. 99% of these games are fake. I just love mind word games. But might as well make money doing it as im didabled so i so so need the money. Ill get back to u. BUT SO FAR. WORST WORD PAYING GAME SO FAR
Wow!!! I have sat and read all the reviews so I'm going to just try this game for a short time so far every I have played let's u reach close 98.to 99. then either sets u back, has had ad after ad I don't believe there is one single game I have played that has the truth of winning. I'm starting to believe this is a real scam why put the game out there and tell us that you're going to win that is untrue..
Too many ads and not enough compensation per ad. I like the game, it's challenging and I'd like to give a higher rating. We'll see if the vendor listens.
Fun, easy and keeps your brain moving! I just hope that as the words, #s of letters, etc. Increase, that the payoffs do too! If so, you hooked me!
Ok...I was trying to come up with a bit of extra cash and this seemed a bit more ligit than some of the other games because it was giving a steady flow of change so I didn't want to think that these ppl really would be so bold as to go down so much that the player ( me ) will never reach said goal! What an a$*hat thing to do.. and I've already been worried that what happens when I DO get to 100$..will I be able to collect it.. but now it seems the bigger question is will I ever get to the 💯$ ?
I like the game itself, but its discouraging doing so well then needing to do a dozen levels before you get 50 cents. The game would have got a much better review had it not been for the scammy money toss attention grabber that you use to promote it. If you dont want to pay out, dont mske it a money winning game. Wish I could rate it zero just for that.
This game is fun and keeps you busy when you dont have anything do during these times. Sharpens the brain, while earning money. What else you got to do, try it now!!
Once you get close to the cash out amount you have to go thru 30 or more levels and it only gives you 1 cent. It is just another scam like all the other so. Called money making games.
ADS, ADS, AND MORE ADS, ALL 30 SECONDS LONG!! After each level, once you get past the first few. RIDICULOUS! Makes this game (which I really like), COMPLETELY UNENJOYABLE. Most apps are going to 5 second ads now. Uninstalling.
Time told on this game. What a rip off. Start one out thinking goal is achievable only to get you close enough to feel victory is at hand. Then, slam, 30 levels to get one penny. RIP off. The only thing good is it does help keep the brain working.
I wouldn't recommend this app unless u want to get extremely pissed off. I finally got to $99.46 and now im having to pass 30 levels to get a measly penny. This game sucks. I dont think that u ever get any $$ for playing this game. I give 0 stars!!
They lure you in, give you a lot of points at first. The closer you get to $100 the slower it gets. Sometimes you only get 1 cent after 20 levels. Very misleading.
I really like the game but it's way too early to tell if it's going to pay out. Every single one of the dozens of games I have downloaded have not paid me $0.01 yet. I am very close to goals on a few of them but don't expect to get there very quickly. Hope you're different.
I enjoy playing word games as this one. especially making money, but I have been playing this game daily going on about two months. I am now up to $99.45, I was going to wait to leave a post until I was paid out. It doesn't look like I will be paid out. I receive $0.01 after solving 50 word puzzles. So will I get paid out who knows.
Started out racking up money but you have to have $100 to cash out and now that i am at $98 its only cents at the time for about every 4 or 5 levels . Looked great to start. Got $60 to$70 on just a few days. Then it dropped drastically. Its rigged where may not ever get the $100. Been hung on $97 or 98 for 3 out 4 days . Only get cents instead of dollars every couple hours . Its rigged.
Word Link will never ever pay players any amount of money or prizes....I make over 3500 a day walking. There's this new app, it is unbelievable, then I received my 1st check...OMG!!!! I made 22480 dollars in a weekend. Just for walking. I can't believe everyone is not doing this. I think everyone in America should stop working, download this new app, and start walking....
Never been more disappointed and upset with a game that first started off fun.Then it started slowing down and only given pennies away.It says no where that you have to play 6000 damn levels just yo get a 100 dollars. I personally think its a shame to take advantage of people just trying to have fun and win a little money they thought was real money. But thanks to companies like yourself, it makes it hard for people to trust in these games now.
I've been playing this game for about a week I made it to $98.11 and every puzzle that I saw I'm getting changed but it's not adding up the game is a scam it's get stuck at $98.11 it won't let you get to $100 and I know I passed it several times so until I get able to cash out I don't give this game any stars.
The game started out nicely, paying out like it said it would...The game was out doing some of these other games up until the last $10 before you can cash out, it started making you do 10 levels before it would give you any cash.Then the amount of cash that was being given all the way up to that point was downsized triple the amount and you had to clear over 10 levels to even get that much...I am disappointed with it all...I thought I had a great game that was truly about earning cash...NOT TRUE
I'm going to tell you just like I tell every other developer I will NOT recommend this game because of all the ads! My family loves games like this but when you don't have a choice but to watch an ad after every level it doesn't make the game fun! Please fix this bug.
bait & switch! don't waste your time on this game! you have to earn $100 before you can "cash out." at first, you will earn over $1 per game (level), but soon it will require several levels just to earn less than 50 cents. now that I've accumulated $98 it will only pay 1 cent for 20 levels! this is hogwash!
There is not an overabundance of ads and the game is fun and challenging. BUT, as my mother always said, "You don't get something for nothing." I thought I would try this app to see if I could get at least $100. I have never played a game to win $$. It kept adding up pretty quickly from $0 to $90. Once I got to $90, money accrued a lot less quickly. It is now going by 11cent increments and I am up to $99.43. I just got an additional $0.02 after about 3 weeks! Will I ever get to $100?
Been playing this game for months it said you win real money really ? When? I'm at 99.45 the game says you get more money after you play this last level. It's just a penny then it said 27 more levels to get more! Someone is making money ,just not the players! DELETE!
It Is kinda false advertisement i mean because the guy trying to buy a burrito but no meat cause he don't have enough money and they tell him about the game and make it seem as if he will accumulate 100's of dollars in 5-10 minutes. LIES. It takes hours to get to 100 just to redeem cause you can't cash out nothing lower than that. Sick of the scams just so someone can play the game. Just be real For once. It works. Realness people like that. Game is fun. But in future try Authentic.
Don't waste your time! The game gave big dollars until it got to around $90. Just like the other players, I'm deleting the game, because at $99.44, you have to win 30 levels for $.02! I'm thinking that I'll never get to the $100 payout! I haven't seen any reviews with anyone making it to $100, therefore cashing out. This seems like a SCAM! I'm deleting this game!
At first I enjoyed playing this game very much & earning $ was fairly worth it, but now I have $99.45 & I have to play 30-levels to win .01¢ which is so unfair & not worth over a hour of playing time for half a cent. Or 0.01¢ please fix this problem & I'm sure you will have a lot more happy players & downloads...
It's sad this game seems to lure you in and you think you will be able to get money. But when you get in the $99 range you only earn 1 cent at a time and have to play 30 or more levels to get a penny. Game is alot of fun too bad it is all a scam.
You are not rewarding coins when they are due after watching ads! If you can't follow thru with what you promise, then remove your app! I'm not 15 & expect my rewards for my time & effort! I got close to the $100. AMAZON reward & all of a sudden your app wouldn't reward ANYTHING! NOT COOL!
Another no pay game. Give good rewards til you get close to cash out; then they don't give you anything! I don't know why there is so many people that lies bi there sure is! I'm uninstalling
This app has phony reviews. I read 50 that all say the same thing. No one says they got the $100! PLUS I know this developer is a shyster. Dream Studios. I played hours of Word Relax and Solitaire Relax and they were RIGGED. I'm surprised Google Play backs these developers. I got the app to tell you this and now I'm going to delete it because I don't need to spend a lifetime for a measly $100!
This game is time consuming and annoying. I love word games but wouldn't recommend this. The prizes depreciate the higher you go in levels. Besides being bombarded with commercials, it takes forever to reach $100 so you can cash out. I got caught up when I saw an advertisement on one of my other games. Save yourself and say NO!!!
Fake money game, do not download and play, wasting time, they won't pay you,. When you approach $99.50 you have to play 90 level for only 1 cent, and the amount you have owned will be reduced several cent. I have earned $99.67, and played 90 level got 1 cent , so my earned money should become $99,68, but the fact is my final owned money become $99,63. Unfair and rediculous. Again don't play!
I didn't expect a windfall, I learned a long time ago not to trust the ads, but I did expect a more challenging game and less ads, hence my decision to uninstall.
Got up from 95 dollars yesterday played all day almost 97 dollars yes payoffs are going very low from few dollars to 45 cents .fun game but let's see if it pays and earns 5 stars and the greatest honest review ever .I have been this close on other games and stayed still for over 1 yr on 1 game and only need 5 cents to cashout so you never know I could get to 99.95 and never get the 5 cents needed will keep you all updated fingers crossed
This game us do relaxing and exciting. It keeps you mind on finding how many word made from one word. I love playing thus game and you get a good dollar amount after each word played. I'm recommending this game to any one who love playing word link.
Been playing this game forever, and it only gives you a few cents every few hours! If at all! You play till your fingers practically fall off and it gives you NO MONEY! There's so many ads and it's just a damn waste of time! You need to rework this game so it actually pays off!! Not one person has seen any pay off! IT'S A SCAM AND THIS APP SHOULD BE REPORTED!!
Been playing starts out fun then you get close to the $100 cash out and it takes five rounds for change .40 or .50 it is just like all these other games that say you will get money and never do. All this crappy ads pop up and it really is a waste of time as usual. I wish I could give it no stars. I feel it is a scam.
This game is a RIP off the closer you get to $100 you have to play 50 levels to get 1 cent. It is exhausting. I don't think it is possible to get to $100 and that's what you need to cash out. SO DISAPPOINTING. IVE BEEN PLAYING FOR WEEKS NO REWARD
I'm trying to finish til the end of the chapters or rounds to get the treasure prize bc the game is nothing like was advertised! It's just like Word Connect and another word game app that I have played already! The pay is slow and there's no guarantees that I finally get $100 and can cash out 🙄! A lot of these are scams and I will be installing them one by one! These developers and people compensated to advertise should be ashamed to misleading hurting people to believe that they can win money!
Just like other word games, with the lavish adds to win money and cash out right away....only its just a scam. These game.makers are raking in the cash everytime you watch an add . You collect 6.00 on your.first completed puzzle and the closer you get to your cash out goal, the less you win. Im winning on average .06 cents per puzzle.
I have been playing for 10 days. I am at level 447 and have $99.44. At this point, I get $.01 for every 30 levels. If the rate doesn't change (as it has every few days so far), I need to play 1,980 more levels to get to $100. And there's no way to know what the actual prize is. It says cash via Paypal or Amazon gift card, but doesn't tell the amount.
I like the game. You have to get $100 before you can cash out. I stayed stuck on $97 for a long time. I gave up. If you want people to play your game you have to do better with the pay out. Somebody has to win sometimes .
Any 5 stars this game gets MUST be their own company employees! The money was ok at first, then as you get closer to the $100 withdrawal limit the money per level drops from $.10 PER 20 LEVELS to $.02 PER 30 LEVELS! What a joke!! I'm on level 412 and played 30 levels only to go from $99.41 to $99.43. At that rate I have to play another 750 LEVELS or more. Then you have to watch a lying promo game from the same maker after every level! Don't believe a thing they tell you. ALL LIES!
False claim of good pay off is BS. In tbe first day I got to $98.44 and then it froze. 3 days I continued to play with zero progress. And I don't care for watching the same three commercials, time in time out I just mute it or set the phone down. Ripoff of time played.5 days wasted stopped at $98.68 I'm outta here
It's just a click fraud platform. You are never going to reach the $100 payout, they make sure of it. Your time is spent watching ads more than actually playing any game, every 30 minutes you might make a penny once you get anywhere close to $100 payout. It would take you years to reach the $300 that they talk about people making playing this game. Your time is spent better doing something else!
This game is fun at first, you gain alot of money at first, then once you get to 99 dollars you have to pay 30 games just to get a penny, and you can'tcash out till you reach 100, so unless you just like playing it, i wouldn't recommend. You have to have alot of patience. I play for fun im at 99.45 , so I have ways to go lol
Well it gets 1 star now because it j not pay off. Do not waste your time playing it for the money. It takes you to $2 from cash out amount then stops giving you any credit after. Just makes you watch thle ad over and over.
Terrible when you have sat and played almost 3 weeks straight and when you get to 94.00 you only get a penny for finishing 50 levels its BS. When I ever get the money prob will delete app not going to go through that again. Your app needs some adjustments.
WARNING I'm at $99.43 and its 1 penny every 30 levels. I saw another review saying it will go up to like 80 levels for a single penny. I am very well aware that you dont get money for FREE but I'm surprised these game manufacturers arnt in a class action lawsuit as their ads are highly misleading to the masses, call it a "penny game" or somthing more suitable. All the ads that you have to watch earns them money also. ...I'll gladly update to 5 stars if I actually ever make it to $100 lol
Really nice until you get up in 90,then pay drops to .02, and takes 30 plays- 2 ads each to try to finally get to 100 ,the minimum you can cash out at. Sucks like rest of games. Reaching my 100 soon as possible then uninstalling game 🤨
I've been playing this game for almost a month straight and on level 265 and at need $1.35 to reach tha $100 payout and bout every 20 levels or more Ive gotten most 10 cents since level 100 prob and was paying out great at 1st.... of course.... just a bunch of nonsense and like every other game gets you hoping or thinking I'm almost there but never get to payout, so I'm not giving any stars, had to do 1 so can post and gonna go back to playing regular actual games with no lies or money involved
DON'T GET, IF YOU ARE PLAYING 4 MONEY, YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT! False Ads-Rules Change @ 1st great, had $25 in an hour went to cash out, it begins The minimum to cash out is $100 Ok well only 3 more hours, but no 1st the payouts become smaller w/each puzzle done, then it is more levels to finish, between these even smaller payouts 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 & even 30 levels Finally enough @ $99.43-30 levels for 0.02¢-WASTED TIME-Happy w/other App 4 FREE Disappointed because I was mislead 4 that Zero 0 Stars.
The ads for this game and others like it are very deceiving. They tell you that you can make lots of money if you play, but when you get close to tha t$100.00 goal, the amount of money earned is only pennies at a time. Has there actually been anyone who actually won any money playing these games? Please don't play games with us. We're in the middle of a pandemic and some of us are truly in need of money to survive. It's cruel what you're doing.
Games ok, has big payouts until you reach 99.45, then drops to 1 cent, you have to play 40 games to get another Penny, until you reach 99.80 then you have to play 80 games for the next payout of 1 penny. I reached 99.97 then when I returned to play I was back down to 99.58. So it's a scam, an ad after every game, sometimes 2 ads or a black screen to trick you into tapping your screen then your on an advertising page . Expected ads, but not losing almost 30 cents - starting over for a penny!
This game is the worst game ive ever played when it comes to payouts it only gives you a few pennies every few hours . I played for three hours today and all it gave me was eleven cents . To me its not worth playing at all. At this rate it will take forever to get my 100$ card i meann think about it how would you feel only making eleven cents evey few hours? Yea i didnt think so either. It starts taking two days to earn 1 cent as you get closer to cashing out. It makes google play store look bad
This is the worst game ever. I have been playing for days now, it was easy to get to mid point for 100 dollars but the closer you get the lesser amount you get. I have just hit 97.99 and I guarantee it will remain there and more levels will show up. Very frustrating and not worth playing.
So I downloaded this game hoping that I could use the money I got from it to buy groceries as I am more than a little strapped for cash. I love word games and inside of a few hours I was up to $90. This was last Friday (October 2.) It then started dropping reward down to cents and more levels that I had to complete before I could get any reward. I am up to $99.45. My last reward was .01c. I wish I was kidding. I now have to play 30 levels before I get my next reward and I am sure it will be .01
The closer I get to being able to cash out on this game it's blacking out and won't come back on during the ads... I enjoy the game but what's the problem with wanting to give me an adequate chance to play?
Total scam. They get you to about $80 pretty fast, giving you like $3 a game. But then they start giving you only about 10 cents every 20 games. Then when you get to about $90, they start giving you 1 penny every 30 games. Takes about an hour to do 30 games, if you're fast. So to get from $90 to $100 so you can cash out, it'll take you about 100 hours more. I can't believe that with everyone hurting for money in these times, a company would act like this. Not sure how they can sleep at night.
They allow you to spend hours on end playing for dollars then force you to live on cents.i got 99$ and after 3days on have 43 cents since. The levels go up and the cents are like 2 a pop.its only a game but if you put in 30+ Hours in this sham of a game you have a right to legal action. They get paid per ad sent to your screen and doing this means they get money while you're stuck hoping for 100$ gift card. Every user gets over 1000 ads per two days of play time. So you beg for a gift card?
Not very challenging. And unfortunately you cant cash out until you reach $100. Got all the way up to $97 and now ive just stopped winning. Too bad this is just another dishonest app.
DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!! Update: On 10/31 I had $99.44. It's 11/21 and I am up to $99.45. The last increase I got was $0.01 and I have been playing it for a month to get that. I thought I would try this app to see if I could get at least $100. I have never played a game to win $$. It kept adding up pretty quickly from $0 to $90. Once I got to $90, money accrued a lot less quickly. It is now going by .01 increments. Will I ever get to $100?
My experiance, I'd say, is very peaceful and riveting at the same time. The game makes peace in your heart especially after a hard day, but the game is also very riveting and exciting, sort of like a serge of energy is racing through your body. This game is great. I would recommend it 100 percent to anybody. Thank you.. Mr. Chase
At first it's fun. However, it's no longer fun when you realize you will never get any money. The game reduces your winnings to just a few cents every 15 levels! I will not play this anymore! Major time waster!
Started out great as far as earning the money towards the $100 paypal or amazon gift card but when i got to $95 it quit guving me money per puzzle i get like 6 to 12 cent every 15 0r 20 puzzles if im lucky im at $97.99 and i havnt recieved any money at all in like a day and a half and ive played all day long i hope that yall fix this because its not exactly fair i have put in the time and effort and i deserve the last $2.01! I will continue to play the game but only if it is worth my time!!
This game is simple, fun; I will give 3 stars only, unless and until that time I am able to claim a cash reward. I am a pretty fair-minded individual, and I give each game creator the precious opportunity to actually keep a promise made in seemibg earnest. Let me cash out at $5.00, $1.00 whatever amount of cash I've won and whenever I choose to withdraw. Why? You said you do so in your advertisement, where happy people from all walks of life are joyfully extolling the gifts they've recieved...
I am thoroughly enjoying playing this game. I sure hope they pay when you finally get 100 dollars as it takes nearly your entire day. I sometimes don't get much done! If it doesn't pay I'm gonna be upset cuz surveys make you a lot more money. Only 10c per level of like 20 thousand it seems but surveys you can cash out daily. I'm trying three games and I will then post on YouTube my findings. So if it's legit. As I my met the goals daily I'll recommend.
Worst game ever! After you earn about $99.43 you have to play 30 games to earn just $0.01 its rediculous. Waste of time if you ask me. Not worth it!
They make you believe you can make money. Quickly, you will reach $97 but eventually you will be playing for example 30 games for 11 cents. Never heard of anyone cashing out. Tons of ads. Definitely not worth it.
This game is like all the other it let's you get close to 100 than it stops giving money and only let's you have a few cents ever 10 or 15 game or just stop giving money at all why do this when you know that people will stop playing if they don't see a improvement it's just a scam so you can make more money by people playing for a little while and watching the add but never winning any money
So far i like your game. The worst thing about it is, your ads don't stop when there supposed too, very irritating. To many ads, takes up to much battery time. It's killing me. Very frustrated. Where's my money?? $98.82, 12 more levels to go. Ridiculous. Very annoyed, there are more ads than actual play time. Just ridiculous. I give this game a two.
Game is ok but if you think youre getting any reward fast ummm think again. Need 100 minimum to cash out, now at 99.45 cents ( which took 477 levels to get) now i get .01 for every 30 levels completed (last 90 levels 3 cents). Ads after every level do the math of how much of your life waiting for ads( which is how they get money) to give you so little. £uck this game
This is a great game but: it's not meant for us players to win. As u get closer to cashing out, they only pay One Cent per level which is not fair at all. Don't waste your time trying to get paid because u won't ever reach the cash out point. I am going to UnInstall this game right now with my $99.44 balance.
I have been playing for mouths and I am at 99.42 and it wants me to play 30 levels just to get a penny pay was good until I got to 99 Dollars then it drop to a penny this is just a shame I love the game bc it make you use your brain and stuff but it's a shame that us players put all that effort into getting to the $100 payout just to receive a penny after you play 30 levels come on yall need to fix that and asap or I am deleting the game.
FAKE money game. Started off winning $8-10 per level. Then went down to $2+ every 5 levels. Once I reached $88 the payouts went down to 12 cents every 20 levels. I reached $91 and now payouts are 10 cents every 20 levels. I assume it will continue to decrease to keep me from ever reaching the $100 limit to get paid. I am on level 340. I suggest that you do not rate this game when they 1st ask. You will be getting good payouts at that time. It's a trick.
Been playing for a good f'n time now and nothing! Only time wasted.!!! I was hoping one game would finally prove me wrong and be legit but NOPE!!!! I feel I've invested so much so much time and I'm hesitant on really just uninstalling it or actually continuing to try to reach the goal. But I dont know what to do.? I need help/ advice. So everyone what do u think I should do.?
This game is super easy to play. How hard is it to go unsscramble letters to find tge hidden words!? Bad part is if you install the game, because the ads says you'll make easy $$. WRONG! The ploy is it lets you earn up to $90 fast. BUT, it trickles down to 40¢ then to 1¢ at around $94 for every 30 levels completed after watching tons of ads. OH, YOU can only cash-in at $100. There are plenty of word games with minimal ads out there.
This app is just like all the other "money making apps" they give you a lot of money upfront like 70-80 dollars real quick then it goes from each level paying you 4- 15 dollars down to 1-63 cents. You can't cash out till you reach $100. And hardly any ads in the beginning then there's 1-2 ads every level. Smh what a wast of time. At this rate I'd have to play 10 hours a day for a year for a measly hundred bucks! Thanks for the lies word link
Too many ads and it slow to gain once you reach about $89 or so. At the starts of the game, you earn good amounts. Then after like $30, You gain about a dollar after. But then when you thinks you're almost through. It gives you more level to complete just to get that few cents. For ex: $87. Needs 20 level for 30cents. And gets lower each time you reach another goals.
Great app, it doesnt blast you with ads right out the gate and its a fun little brain teaser once you get going. Havent cashed out yet but curious to see how much I can rack up. As of right now i like it regardless of the cash part.
20 levels to gain $0.10. Once u reach $99.00, you get 10 to 12 cents every 20 plus games. Everything you do, requires an ad. After awhile, a five letter word is not appealing. The game is set to discourage you from getting to $100 amazon dollars. You can NOT cash out until you reach $100.00.
Its fun to play when you are killing time. But the small amount of coins you get after 50.00 is so little that you give up playing for the 100.00 cash out. Your balance will be $ 98.73, and itll take you 16 rounds to make $0.08 more. Great for kids with nothing but time on hand. It does pay out.
This game isn't worth it at all..started paying good but the closer you get to the 100 the less it pays or hell it won't pay at all .I got a new phone and switched all my apps over from old phone to new phone and lost everything and lost the whole $98.08!!!WTH!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME IM DELETING IT!!!
Just like any other money games,can't cash out til you get a certain amount, then they give you very little the closer you get.
They make it impossible to get to $100..After u reach $94..u receive a penny after beating 30 games! Don't waste time..Takes way too long!
This game is created by the same company (Dream Studio) as Word Connect, which only pays one cent per 100 games (or more) after hitting $90. Pisses me off that it takes forever to get the last $10! in to get paid. The same thing will probably happen on this game.
It told me that I could cash out when I wanted to but I have to play to 100 dollars. I am $0.50 away and have to play 100 levels to make $0.10. I've been playing this game for 3 weeks and it's taking me forever to win $100.00. It's an unfair game.
Do not dowload if you expect to earn money - initially it is easy to earn but the closer you get to the level to cash out, the more puzzles you must solve to earn a penny at a time - and there are so many ads - if it were more entertaining, it might be worth it but I recommend avoiding this game
As is all of these games, they are fun but when it comes to the money dropping down to eventually one penny due to fact your within four dollars of reaching one hundred dollars, and you play four hours daily and still haven't reached one hundred dollars, kinda of makes one think these are jokes and advertisements are far fetched..
Its a good game so far. I hope its not another one of those games that says you can win some money at a certain level or cash amount before you can cash out. And when u get to that amount the screen frezz n you can not cash out. That happen to me twice already. If this happens this time i will take out all these games out my phone. And u know i have a lot.
Ridiculous and disappointing. The point is to never reach the payout BUT watch hundreds of ads in the meantime. I'm at $99.41 and now have to play 30 levels to get to payout UNDER $0.10. I will probably never get to 100. Smh. Update: payouts are now a penny to 2 per 30 levels. (Annoyed face)
This game is easy an fun ..only problem is im almost at cash out and i basically have to play 30 rounds before being able to get a couple cents ... Thats rediculous so im thinkn by time i get to just need a couple cents its going to stop giving money
One star for it all. Don't waste your time. Got to $99.41, played the 30 levels and got $0.02. F- That!! To say the least, I stopped playing it.
I'm glad you guys took the bugs out cuz I really didn't enjoy playing it before but now I enjoy playing it's fun exciting and I like how money is better and thank you I really enjoy and I'm 60 years old and makes me lose my mind and that's good the streets are going through it helps you with your spelling and thank you again.
this game is like all the others, fun to play, fast rewards at first then they come slower and far between. I am sure once I reach $98, reward will be given every 15 or more levels, then a penney will pay each 15 levels if you are lucky. No pay to be seen.....
Love these game's. But when it comes to the money one's there cheap towards the top half of pay off and I sure hope this game is as honest as they claim. But all in all there fun and mind challenge.
Wish there was a -☆ rating for false advertising, like all other pay to play games, it starts out earning somewhat consistently but then it comes to a halt. I'm sure even if you reach the level you probably won't be able to cash out.
It might pay, maybe, one day...??! I get the point, but pace it better, or throw in a big chunk from time to time. Make it feel like you are rewarded for your work on the puzzles, I know that the advertisements pay, but even on tv you get 12 minutes, 2 minutes. The fact that it keeps getting stretched out like this makes it a touch pathetic, or I am. I'm so close
This game is fun & engaging. I really like the backround music; it's calming,pleasant, & relaxing. I see that as I play, I am being rewarded also. If you like word puzzles, you will like this game, AND earn real rewards too. YEY!! 5 STARS ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
It's great for killing time and seeing how many words you can figure out, but if you're trying to win money, forget about it. It moved great until I got over $90 when it started taking longer to earn money at $.10 each time. Once I reached $99.40, it dropped from $.10 to just $.01.
If you don't care about collecting cash and you're only in it for a fun game, then it's awesome! Actually really fun and educational. In this regard the game gets a 5, love it. If you DO care about the money, here's the thing. There's an algorithm to when and how much you win. Just like Word Connect, you earn like $50 in a half hour then over them next two months bang your head on the ground earning $00.02, yes 2 cents! TheY get hard but follow the scrabble dictionary EXACTLY.
What a scam!! Its fun, but dont play for money. The more you play, the closer you get to $100, the less you get with more levels to play...pft, 2 cents and 25 levels to pass, no thanks!!
I'm doing this for the $100 Amazon gift card that I'll use to get items off my charities' wish lists, which is why is why I'm sticking around. Otherwise, I'd have bailed. Other reviewers are right: you get more $ @ the start, then it seriously slows down. Right now, I'm @ $99.68 & each level gives me a whopping 1 cent. Thanks to COVID, I'm home with time on my hands, so I can put in the effort to collect the money. If this sucker doesn't pay @ $100, I'm going to raise hell.
Fun if you like word games. Like all the others win some money, then start getting pennies. Never reach cash out. Just have fun. No money
So fun! So easy to get real cash to my PayPal acct.! TOTALLY SATISFIED! ALSO... Stress killer!! Thanks a millions for this game app! Really keep me coming back for more! Bravo! Its about time a game ( that most usually claims to give out millions of dollars a day) puts it money where our hand is by the billfold and not by the pitence at a time!
I just downloaded the app about an hour or two and I have played maybe twenty minutes or less and it says I have $30.something dollars I guess I will find out if I actually will receive the money after I get up to $100.00 that's when it says I can cash out. 🙏🤞🤑
I'm on level 440. Within .50 cents of my goal. Earning one penny after finishing as many as 30 rounds. Endless ads. What started off fun has now turned into drudgery. Don't waste your tim
Level 493 and payouts are 1 cent. Like everyone else's complaints, once you get close to $100 you have to complete 30 levels to earn .01!!!. I will finish just to see what happens
I have had a great experience in the game. First level it have me 5$ and then it started to give me 1$ per level. But overall I have had a great experience!!
Just started playing so far seem to be earning $$ fast let's see if the game will allow me to earn enough to cash out at $100. All the other games I have played either will let me earn the amount 2 to 4 cents less then need to cash out, then it stops letting earn any more cash.
I just started on the game, levels are easy right now, but already see the payments slowing down for the regular game. It does seem, at this point, that there are a variety of different things to do, that earns extra points. Don't know yet, the others that rated the game are much further along in the game. If it remains as it is now, I will change to 5 stars. I do look forward to the words being more of a challenge to get. ( It seems as though they will in higher levels.)
The game is fun, but due to the ridiculous amount of advertisements it's not realistically fun to play for enjoyment. I was still playing it everyday and dealt with the ads because I figured I could handle sitting through them if eventually I can earn cash to my PayPal. I was doing pretty good until now I'm at $90 and if I ever level up now I only level up by a couple of pennies. I don't believe it is feasible to finally get to $100. I don't like to be lied to or manipulated
I really love the game but the money part sucks. I've been on $97.99 for several levels. It's like you get close to that 100.00 and it's impossible to earn the rest. Also the higher the level you go the less I make. Or u make nothing at all. It's a rip off just like all the others. But I like playing it so I will. If you don't want to pay out don't offer it. Just sayin.
I enjoy the speed of play and its simplicity at first and then the incremental challenging play its entertaining and i believe better mental stimulation then merging things or casino games like brain training 2 thumbs up😇
Its payout was decent until you reach 99.41. That is when the game starts to give you one penny for every 30 games with ads between each one. You cannot cash out until you reach $100.
When you get to about $99.41 you only earn pennies. About 1 penny for every 30 levels to be exact. You have to play thousands of levels to earn the rest you need.
I only downloaded this game because the add made me believe it would be like a word search. I would have a list of words to search for. Its not that at all just another word guessing game. Disappointing. Another game which makes it impossible for you to reach the $100 cash out goal. Not worth my time. I would play for fun and thats all. So many ads makes it almost impossible to enjoy
There is not an overabundance of ads and the game is fun and challenging. BUT, as my mother always said, "You don't get something for nothing." I thought I would try this app to see if I could get at least $100. I have never played a game to win $$. It kept adding up pretty quickly from $0 to $90. Once I got to $90, money accrued a lot less quickly. It is now going by 11cent increments and I am up to $98.65. At this rate I will probably have to play 1000 more games if I can ever get to $100!
When I first started playing it was great, now that I have $2 left to get to $100 it's slow at giving me any cash!
advertising is false. starts off good but then it takes 10 levels to get more money then its .11 cents forcthe 10 levels plus advertisment in between each level. has take 3 days to get to $97.99. and today i have only received. less than a dollar and played several times. isn't what they say it is. just trying to get $100 to trade
This game is a total waste of time. You can't cash out until you reach $100.00. when you get to a little over $95.00 it stops giving you credit so you can't cash out!!! Uninstalling,
It starts off great. You make a few dollars on each set of games. Then it lowers the amount of money you make as you go to like 2 cents for like 30 puzzles completed. You cant cash out til you hit $100. I've been playing non stop for a week and I'm not there yet. I really thought this was going to be my game
Having a blast so far.. Now if it starts acting weird the closer to $100 we will have a 1 star review. Alot of these games get you hooked right up to the time you gotta put $ in to continue.
If you're looking for a cash pay out you better be willing to play this game and watch a ton of videos for a very long time before anything happens. I got close to the payout and now I have to play a lot of levels before I get anything and the amount has gone down to 1 to 2 cents per 30 to 50 levels. Waste of your time.
You get to $95 quickly but then it goes to .15 cents for every 10-15 levels when it was previously $1.00 or more for every 1-3 levels up until I hit $95. I am sick and tired of these games advertising that you can win hundreds of dollars and then get you when you get almost there. I have at least 4-5 games where I am $95 dollars or more when supposedly $100 is needed and just don't think I will ever get there on any of them. We all know they have plenty of money based on all of the ads we see
Huge waste of time. At first you get big rewards. The closer to the $100 withdrawal requirement you get, the smaller the rewards are and the more levels you need to pass. I'm at $99.44 and have only received $0.01 for the last 30 levels. Really?!
As far as I know, right now in the beginning you collect cash pretty good, but believe, like all other cash games they will eventually Drop to pennies as cash around $92.00 which makes it BORING, IRRITATING, & CAUSES YOU TO STALL PLAYING THE GAME & you never get to $100 because where they start the pennies, you'd have to play 800 more pennies/games in order to reach your so called earned $100.
Shouldn't be allowed to say they pay anything for you playing this. I am now at 99.49 and it is 50 levels for each additional amount. Update - at 99.65, now 128 levels per additional 0.01. I looked at reviews for other games by this publisher and people who got within 1 cent of cashing out saw that the button for cashing out no longer displayed.
It's A fun game. However, no 1 will ever be able to cash out. I'm at $99.43 almost at level 1000 and now it's just giving me .1cent. To top it off now I have to pass 30 levels just to get a measly penny. Play the game like a game and not for money and u won't expect the $100. I guess....
This game is the worst game ive ever played when it comes to payouts it only gives you a few pennies every few hours . I played for three hours today and all it gave me was eleven cents . To me its not worth playing at all. At this rate it will take forever to get my 100$ card i meann think about it how would you feel only making eleven cents evey few hours? Yea i didnt think so either. Its got to get better than that. People have a habit of geting upset when they realize theyve been douped.
This game is absolutely brilliant, colourful & beautiful backgrounds. It's extremely relaxing. If I do receive any cash or gift cards it would be fantastic but I'm playing it because the game is fantastic 😻
Back to update on this app. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! Better to just get a real job and make that $100 elsewhere. It was going good as I'm closer to $100, but as of right now. I'm stuck at $99.47. Every time I passed 30 levels it only gives you 1 cent. That's a complete waste of time. 😡 It is not worth your time and so many stupid ads. So please, don't even download.
Graphics and gameplay are smooth and the fact its play at your own pace! But im kinda skeptical about if its going to actually pay out or if its going to be just another letdown like every other game that offered rewards but failed to deliver and without any aditiinal fees or hidden catch
Do not install. Minimum to cash out is $100.00 Must pass minimum of 30 levels to get 1 penny when you are over 98.00. It goes great at first with 2.00 every 10 levels. Then goes to 20 levels for 10 cents then 30 levels for 2 cents and then 30 levels for 1 cent. So doing the math that's 120 levels for 4 cents and 360 levels for 12 cents. This is assuming the levels don't increase from 30 to 40 levels to get that penny and assuming the amount doesn't decrease to a half a penny for 30 levels.
This game is trash. As soon as you get to around $98 they drop the money all the way down to 2 cents, then raise the amount of levels to receive the pennies and make them harder. I'm at $99.43 and I had to complete 30 very hard levels for 2 cents. I'm pretty sure it's going to drop to a penny and the levels will be at 50 if I got any closer. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
So far I give it 4 stars. It's fun, and works your brain, but I will have to see if the pay out is real or not. Most of the games I played like this start paying out little to nothing the closer you get to completing you pay out amount. We will see. So far so good
So far so good, but if this game is like the other one I play from the same company when it gets close to where you can cash out it slows way down. I have been on $49 and change for weeks. I will probably be two years older before I get to $50. And then I do no know if they will give me the money. Sad but I know this has happened. Maybe it will be reputable and do the right thing. I would rather give the games I play a great review than a bad one. So let's play and we will see.
It say that you can cash out with no limit, but there's a 100 limit before you can get your money. No ads in beginning, large bonus until you get to about 90 then smaller bonus after that
it was great until you have to play 20 levels or more. for 10 cents. the first 80 or so came fast them went down to 1 dollar for 5 level then down to 10 - 50 cents for 10 levels just gets worse.. im on level 250 and at the rate its going id have to play over 200 more levels to get to 100 dollars im at 98.65 now
It was great at first, the closer you get to $100.00, you earn pennies instead of dollars. I have been playing for a week and still have not made it. Disappointed
Just FYI this game was fun until I hit Level 500, then you only get one penny per 50 levels just so you won't get to the hundred mark. Also I believe they make some of these words up so you can't get them cuz even when you click on the dictionary there's no explanation for quite a few of them. Pretty crappy move word link.
I will write again here very shortly but I will say that once you hit $95 it starts paying you very little from that point, for example, at the beginning of the game I won $6 after a round and now I'm at $95 I got paid $0.50 So... If this one of them games that is going to nickel-and-dime you or Penny you in this case, at the very end, I will keep you posted to save you the trouble! Thanks for the read Well, yes, its robbery and trickery, but fun. What a shame! 😡😡😡 I would have stayed
I really enjoy this game but im only 3 dollars away from cash out n it doesn't even give me enough money to do so it is like a few cents im a bit frustrated by this..
This game is ok until you get close to the dollar amount required to cash out. At that point you need to win 30 levels just to earn a single penny. By that time you feel like you are so close to being able to cash out that you don't want to uninstall it but it is just to frustrating to continue playing. Not happy.
It's a decent little word game. But knock off the cash out silliness.. I'm on level 477..I need 56 cents to cash out, at the current rate of 30 levels for a penny I should only need to play another 1600 plus levels.. Lol
I was enjoying the game very much and I got close to cashing out and every tool I used for hints the boxes are just empty but you set thru the videos to get hints and it gives you nothing now I'm salty I have tried every combination of letters and can't get the last word. I'm sitting stuck at almost 99.00 for 2 days so it must be a scam.
I will write again here very shortly but I will say that once you hit $95 it starts paying you very little from that point, for example, at the beginning of the game I won $6 after a round and now I'm at $95 I got paid $0.50 So... If this one of them games that is going to nickel-and-dime you or Penny you in this case, at the very end, I will keep you posted to save you the trouble! Thanks for the read Well, yes, its robbery and trickery, but fun. What a shame! 😡😡😡
Deceptive. Minimum to claim is $100. Cash accumulates fairly qickly at first. Once you reach around $97, it takes 20 levels just to get 10-11 cents. After $99.50, you need to do 29 levels for just one cent. IOW, chances are, you are just waiting time. You might get to $100 after seceral weeks of continuous gameplay.
You start off getting a lot of money, but you can't get your money till you reach $100.00. When you have $90.00 you start getting .10 at a time. Then when you have $95.00 you get .01 at a time after 30 puzzles. Then 40 puzzles and so on. You won't get to $100.00 untill you do about 500 puzzles at .01 at a time. Only play if you have about 3 or 4 months to get to $100.00.
Do not bother with this app. They sell you on an actual payout for playing and it's unattainable. You start out like you can really win money and bank fast. Then as you get closer to the 100$ minimum to withdrawal they make it impossible. You have to beat 20 levels for only a few cents. This game is a scam DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!
This game is good until you get close to cashing out you get a penny after your complete so many games when before it was $10 5 down to$2 then down to.01. Perso many wins. It's a waste of time thinking you'll be able to cash out.when it's taking for ever.