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Word Search Puzzle

Word Search Puzzle for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by wz game located at HONGKONG. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.
Download the word search puzzle that is best game for free!

Word Search Puzzle offers exciting word games for free! Word Search starts with a word that is simple puzzle game and gets harder as you level up!

Enjoy the word search game!
-Connect letters in any direction to form hidden words!
-Find all words in the list to upgrade and get rewarded!

-Word Search Free Connect!
-Play word games for free over 1500 levels!
-Easy to play and hard to beat
-Difficulty increases with your game!
-Play offline anytime, anywhere.
-For Free single player word search games, download Word Search Puzzle!

Get word search for the word games that are best for free, word search and word puzzle games, as well as free game fans, word search game addicts and more!

Are there any problems with these free word games on Android? For immediate support, please contact us at [email protected] Thank you!

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Word Search Puzzle.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Word Search Puzzle for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
This app game is really fun .had a 1 star .then gave it the benefit of the doubt, and gave 5 star now back to 1 star if I could give it 0 stars I would .this game is just like all the other scamming games starts out good and goes right down to bad.
Don't download.Like àll these money making promises-stuck!!Now I easily go through levels,(10 per time)without ANY reward,as frequently as it used to be(0/10)This game is as false in promises,scemes,as the rest.If you like"word-search"you'll like this one,if you're willing to leave the game and re-enter after each round,around$40.forget about the money THOUGH.LIES like àll the others.After a few weeks I still stand at $00.01 STUCK,at $43.03!no LUCK.
I like this game but it keeps freezing when you press to either watch ads or bypass them. Grrrrrrr - so not happy. Fix it please. Trying to get to £50 to cash out is nigh on impossible! Not impressed at all so I'm uninstalling.
Worst game. To get 25$ I played 50 levels. To make it 35 I had played another 50 levels. As the levels increase the money we get is very very less. It's as if they fool us by promising money. Now I am in level 140. When I played 10 levels my money got increased only by 0.30 dollars. NEVER EVER PLAY SUCH GAMES.
Like word Search very much it's stimulating to the brain and fun earning cash at the same time. Gave a 5 rating for games 1 to 10 after giving the rating I can't open level 11 what's the problem
This game is good when you satar at first but when after you get cash atleast $40. The problem starts from their its written that the game will give cash with each and every certain level but after $40.its not giving any cash and one more bearding thing is you can cash out the cash when your cash will be at least 50$. But i think its fake... please team answer it and solve it am giving it 5 star.
The worst app ever. Too many ads. Gets freezed up often and wait for limitless time. I m so fed up that i could bear this app only for a day. Uninstalling it. Litearlly waste of time.
Initially everything works fine.after crossing some levels the amount credited will not work.also rewards buttons will not work.it has limit of 50 dollars to withdraw but it will never happen.cheating people.
The worst app....I was fooled by the 4.5 rating....Making people mad.....This creates a mental pressure to the users and make them quit....Many of the puzzles are not alloted cash.....Simply waste of time just dumping lots and lots of adds....I feel like why am I installed this....
I love it except my energy is not working and I have to back out and re-enter in order to do anything otherwise it would be a five star please fix. I tried contacting you by email but no response and I'm deleting it until the problem is fixed.
This app is Soo boring. You said it earns a lot of money buh I just got $33 and it keeps freezing and it's so annoying. Well I'm so much disappointed. Cause I have to wait until the next day before I'm able play.
It's just so annoying me.. Live also not giving it's got stuck in the middle of da game. I have to quit da game nd start it again for live nd live aloo automatically gone balance is giving like.0.15 like dis.. So so irritating me
One of the worst app first it get freeze in each level , second to get only 0.3$ yoi sbould have to play 20 level , third in each level u have to see ads total time waste ..
Honestly I think the reviews for this app are nothing but FAKE! Don't download this app. It's a SHAM & a SCAM! I'm already at level 65 and the game won't go through anymore even if it already deducted 200 coins on my account! As if it's preventing me in winning $50 so I can finally withdraw my funds! How can this get even a 4/5 rating when clearly it's just a junk on your phone?!
*Edited 10/12/20 - can't play more than 1 round without having to close the app 😡 Can't play more than 2 rounds without having to close the app and open it back up. If I forget and hit the next level to start the new round, nothing happens, but I lose an energy. So aggravating!
I think this is scam app. I have now 48.06, but need to finish all 50 levels to get the cash reward which is likely around 0.06. This is absurd, crazy and stupid app. The more higher you got, the less cash you win. And the level getting higher. From 10, 20, 30, 50 and maybe it can go to 100 with the rewards cash 0.03. Do not install the app guys! Just report this app and hope Playstore can remove it! The performance also even worssssssst ever!
This game is rubbing me of my reword, play a level an get nothing then when u click on next lever my energy goes down, an then it ask u to buy more or watch video, then I of to wait for it to fill again an it's the same thing over an over it keep freezing an of to relaunch, don't see how this is helping people
DOESN'T PAY!! AVOID!! Any 5 year old could easily find words at every level. Initially the money adds up quickly reaching $42 with a $50 cash out requirement, THAT STOPS DEAD IN IT'S TRACKS AT $42!!! You will NEVER BE ABLE TO MONETARILY ADVANCE TO $50!!! There is also a "Reward" window that pops up AFTER YOU SAT THROUGH THE 30 SECOND AD (that THEY GOT PAID FOR and YOU DIDN'T) that WILL NOT CLOSE, so you can't continue PLAYING the next level UNTIL YOU EXIT THE APP AND RELOAD IT. AVOID!!!
The game is nice and easy I cant wait to cash out and I hope it's really not a scam or something but so far I'm really enjoying the game it's really fun
This game is full of cheating I got 45.54 dollars and then I continued playing once I crossed other levels the dollars will start getting minus....
Never download it when you reach near about rs 48 it stopped to gave money. It is a fake app. There are many apps that advertising to earn lot of money when you reach your goal they stopped to gave money. They play our innocency.They himself earn lot of money because they show too much advertisement. Play store should be strict to these types of apps. Because we waste our time and also became mentally upset.
In this game it says we can get money when we reach 50 dollars. I reached 48.5 dollars. And the game stopped working its not going to the next level. I finished 941 levels and it stopped working. I want some solution. Its sooo frustrating coz I spent lot of time in this game. And yet not able to get a penny from this game 😑
Suck games. At first will give chance of winning. Timers finished because of ads, every level. And when you buy a timers it stacked. They just cheated you with your effort. Especially when your about to reach your payout.
It has a problem ,after reaching level 132 it stalled,that's quite dissapointing,am just wondering whether it's legit simply because,why is it when i've reached 45$ nearing the 50$ mark it stalled???
Not bad but money is not coming more please increase money 5 or 8 dollar every level please rectify this problem if you accept my request user's beliveness is increase on your app and downloads also getting more please rectify this problem
Its a good apps... It gave use rewards instantly after a level... I will wait and see if it will be the same until the cash out
It freezes up and won't let you pass to certain level waste of my time going to try one more time if its still the same going to uninstall its still the same uninstall it is
Excellent and birriliant, absolutely very exceptional. I really enjoy everything in it and hoping to continue enjoying it. I believe it is so exceptional to have it around. Though, I see it as brain cracking game when the game get going, it will really be topper and challenging.
not a good app..til 40dollars you can score easily.after that it is too difficult.after 45 dollars they stop ads and only after completing every 20 levels you hardly can earn 0.02 or 0.01 dollar. Two days continuously i played..but it didnot allow me to reach the target
The most time wasting game! Yah earning is never easy but it must be mention before that how difficultly you will earn here. But no! How they fool, in the start they give too much dollars but when dollars turn to thirty they get stuck. This is how people are fooled here in this game. My dollars are 47 .53 and now going to uninstall the app. Players did not play game, players were played. So shameful! Never try or you will miss your precious time/regret.
it is an fake game it starts error after you we earned 35 $ ut is impossible to get to 50$ it only shows adds
I love word search but to get money you have to complete 14 or more levels just to get a few couple of cents, it tells you can cash out at $50 but then it takes a bunch of levels and they give 3 cents, I'm still on $48 after finishing 19 levels to get 3cents. It's a crock.
Do not download this game it's a waste of time I am at level 413 and i have only made $47.99, it gives you more levels to complete until you will get money again and you only get like a few cents after like 30 levels which is horrible
The first 8 -10 turns were doing good, than the Rate us showed up I tried to close it. Couldn't close it. I then rated the site with 4 stars now I don't know if I have to uninstall the game. The rate us will not close. Not good for only playing maybe 10 minutes first time playing this
I wouldn't even bother with this game the levels are not challenging and it claims to pay big the level payouts are a joke I've given 1 star and that's being generous as this game doesn't even deserve 1
What happen to it suddenly. The game has stuck in level 40 for me. Please why did it happen check it once. Any one had this problem. Please say me. Other wise the game is kiraak
Its totally SCAM from level 60 above its ALL JOKES, even you use coin or watch ads it will not refill your energy! If you reach lvl 90 its just WASTE OF TIME...
Game sucks. I could only play one time even if i have full energy befor i have to watch videos to keep playing waist of time.
I love playing puzzles.. I give you this rate cause I am not sure what this game can be. Hoping it's not like the other games I played which was awesome at first and after a few days it was really hard to get a $ . 01. If it is not the same I probably would give it a 5 star. Promise...
It's actually kinda good but if you fix the freezing/crashing problem so I can play each round without restarting the app everytime. I would give this a (5)five star for sure. This makes everyone loose there energy by click on the next button when it cliche out.
This game is a terrrrrriiiiibbbbllle rip off and a complete waste of time. It starts off fun until you actually look like your going to make it to the payout limit and for some reason it starts freezing up and you don't get credited for the puzzles you finish. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS USELESS APP😠😠😠
Moving from one level to the next is not possible without a complete game restart. Very frustrating and should the gaming experience. I've almost given up on the game. 2 stars only for now
Im not happy im spending hours and days making the money and the game takes it, it took very long just too get a few cents i took screen shot from when i started the game
Another waste of time! I gave it 1 star simply because i couldn't give any less. You only need $50 to cash out but i got to $36.00 and now it only allows me to play 2 rounds instead of 10. It Will never let you get to the cash out point
I've played over 200 levels and still haven't reached the 50$ withdrawal limit. The amount keeps decreasing and now cash is won only after 20 levels each and it keeps increasing. It's a total scam.
Great in start but then you need to about 20 level to get 0.02$. This is this a money scame game that make you play but with no rewards
O don't know why you have a rating like 4.4 but for me one star only because like the other people said here, I have the same bad experience in this game, this game is NOT REALLY GOOD, I'm just wasting my time to wait for my energy to be full then when its already full, I can only use the 2 then when I buy more energies, I need to restart the game because it's not working! I really hate this. This game is a really BIG SCAM. IT SUCKS
Never download it. It's scam after level 70 they stop giving money. Don't waste you're time watching ads everytime you play it.
Have only been playing for a short while and so far it's been great, but I'm cautious because of all the other games that promise you big wins and you can never cash out! So I am going to continue with it and see how things progress!
Really fake. They will just let you watch more ads for them. Its not real. So easy to play and answers is already given,not fun at all.
Game gets extremely slow once you cross 30 dollars. It keeps getting stuck on ads and doesn't let you go to next levels . less than a dollar gets added after every 10 levels. I even feel they have reduced my balance from 47 to 45 dollars today. I am at level 140 but I don't think I will be able to reach 50 dollars. It's just a waste of time. Don't get your hope high. Nothing comes free in this world
Interesting app but am still playing. If they gonna pay me $50 then I can believe that this is really and not a fake scam. And I will also give a 5 start. Let see if they gonna put some tricks in order for me not to reach $50
Horrible app. Payout rounds become further apart and payouts become smaller as user nears minimum cash out amount. App will not load a new game unless it was a payout round; a logic bug. Gameplay difficulty does not increase incrementally, but seemingly random.
The game freezes and you have to play well over 300 or more levels to even come close to making $50 in order to even cash anything out from the game. Loses energy every time it freezes making it even harder to play the game.
This app is a scam you do not get paid and it should be removed from play store for misleading people. It is fun to play but they made it to freeze so you cannot cash out. Plus way too much advertisement. After every game is an ad extremely annoying.
Hello guys, 1. This game earns first 25 dollars very instantly. 2. After 30 dollars it earns very slowly that is 0.01, 0.03, 0.11,... 3. Now I am playing 400 level and I earn 48 dollars and so I am still playing... 4. Do not click the ad video for the life..because it will take time... 5. If u finish the level and immediately you exit the game and reopen it there will 9 life is still there... So if u are having 10 lifes after u exit and open there is 9. Thank u...
Can only play one or two rounds then the game freeze or it tells me i do not have energy left. Please fix the problem
Not a bad at all, I actually like it. Problem is though, after just 30 seconds on the platform, it freezes and when I try to relaunch it I find out that I have lost all my energy. So literally I can only play once and then it after freezing, I have to wait until it fills up again cause even buying energy makes it worse!
I had 9energy left when I play one game solve the puzzle n it got stuck fr proceed next leveln I had to close n open the game n it show 0 energy!!!! no more energy left. It all sarted like that moments I am at level 50.why is that so????? Is the money payout real??if it is not don't use those to drag ppl install the game n play fr that caused.
This app did my smartphone to get hang for a minute even I have 6GB ram. This should be needed to fix by the time. I dont know is it really pays you via paypal. Not sure. Need to be update this aap. This app works on add principle to pay you dollars.
This game is worse and I don't like this game after reaching at $30 it doesn't work i have to restart this app again and again
Very bad game when I played every after 2 time it want to open again and again. And it doesn't give money. Fake app don't install it
Wish I could give this app 0 star. Im at level 488 with a cash amount of 48.03. I for some reason cant move to the next level even though I have found all the words, I have spent money to clear all the other letters. So basically all that is on the screen is the words I found, yet it is not letting me go next. Scam that is what this app is. Just pure f**kery. I will kindly delete this app.
BAD EXPERIENCE...I've reached level 313 but my point increased only by $0.001every 20 level..It also always freezes and needs to close and reopen to continue . JUST WASTED MY TIME HERE...
everything is good enough but the problem is when we reach to $39 we cannot get reward if you play every minute every second but only level you can passed without reward
I loved i just started playing it yesterday and i am loving it . just the probs is that there are too many ads. It is totaly worth it. I dont know if the prize is real but this game is so good. Loving this game . I gave it 4 stars because it is filled with a lot of ad . It deserves 4 stars
I have been playing this for over a month now but money its not reaching 50 Dollars. So Monday when i play my balance was 40.17 Dollars but to my surprise it went down to 40.2 dollars. I think this a scam. Even winnings. You just win 1 not even dollar but 1 cent. It's really not fare. You can't play 50 levels on a game then you win 1 cent what's that
It's fun to play plus it is a learning puzzle game and the gifts just make it that more interesting to play.
Iam still new right now iam still to reach 50 dollars soooo i will update soon if it good or not! UPDATE: ok this game i dont know how to say ok it always freeze and when u play for a long time it just stop giving the paypal cards and starting to loss ur coins and the energy so.....yeahhh
Worst experience. It's fake mean Total fake. I had played about 250 level but couldn't get $50. After playing 20 round get only $0.02 time wasted game.
I don't think it's a genuine one. first of all its very easy to play. I m in 172 level still with $46.50 which is not paid. They say that we can get money or voucher if we reach $50 But I am playing it because just want to know. Game is having so much bugs I can give 1 star..
Worst app ever . Cheating is their tagline .. TILL 47th DOLLAR its easy to play (which gives more hope that we will win ) , but after that the ads will become often and we are forced to lose hope . It will be made clear that this app is a trash for those who believe real, who works real . Worst app ever !
The game has heaps of ads , And takes to long to get very little in return don't waste your time trying to have fun here.
it's a fake game.... its good until it reaches 30 levels and after that it getting slower and slower... and money also declines instead of increasing as it approaches near $46.
So i have just started the other day It says $50 to cash out well i was at $39. some of the rounds they didn't pay and if they did it was as little as 35 cents so don't waste your time with this game. I honestly hope that some day there will be a money earning game that dose what it says it does
Worst game I ever played. No logic. Levels are almost same. Only cash level increase. You got reward on every one level,then every 2 level, then every 5 levels and every 10 levels. You need to close and start game after every level otherwise you will lose your energy. Worst game and worst team. I don't know why google didn't notice and action. They deserve kick
over 300 levels and have not cashed out yet. do not use this app at over 500 levels and have still not cashed out. when i buy energy and use 1, then go back in the game. it then goes to negitive energies. the latest is -27. why is this happening??????
Great to play. But it keeps on freezing up, on about every 2nd game. I would give it a five star if you could fix it up
These type of apps are made to make the people fool. The app managers will not allow you to reach the limit in any condition. You will waste your time and app managers earn money proportional to the time you see the aids. There must be a govt regulatory body to protect the people from such fraudulent apps and stern action should be taken .
I can only play 2 games in a row before I have to restart the app and I only ever get played one game not both been happening for a while now so I would like someone to credit the 20 + dollars the game hasn't let me receive
It wont let me advance to the next level after 40$. Everytime i tap the "next level" button, it will take away the energy but it wont open. No coin rewards as well. Does anyone here actully made a cash out?
Im totally annoying i want my phone destroyed its sucks.. when im done with 2 game its says need to recharge if the ok pop up nothing happen then i need to restart the apps.. i understand if have many adds on on your apps but its totally annoying. arggghhhhh
Worst app i have ever seen in my life.. it sucks.. god damn this app should be ban for it's trick to earn money from innocents and doesn't give any cashout.. oops sorry it can't give u reach for 50 and it is the minimum cashout amt.. i don't know why but i can't reach 50 i am stuck at 47.67 and i get rewards of 0.01c after playing 20 levels ..what the heck is this app..i will suggest to everyone that to not play this game u can't earn money it's just a waste of time and it's spam nothing else.
It seems like a good app but i have not yet reached the minimum amount to be able to cashout. I hope it does not disappoint me like other apps.
Very very stupid app,stop misleading people.How comes I have played so many levels and I'm just stuck at $42?It keeps on freezing!!
I really want to enjoy this game but its soo irritating. my energy was full and after 1 play it starts saying I should refill. I hope the money isn't a scam cause this game is already pissing me off!!
I do not see how this game has a 4.5 star rating. It sucks. It was doing good until I reached $28 or so and then it went to every other level before it would give me any money and with that I am only getting cents. I would have 10 plays and after I played 2 I have to go out of the game and start and then I loose some of my free plays. I am deleting this game it is not worth my time.
Worst experience in this game one level is clear then it show ads also u don't deserve one star also this very worst game that I have experience this is just waste of money I have cleared 300 level then also I didn't reach to 50$ that all are fooling
This is app is a scam. I olayed and the game gas been stuck on one level cant go any further since I'm close to the 50$ mark. I reinstalled the app but it's still stuck on that level. Annoying much
Its a scam, freezes all the time, why put up apps like this if you dont intend paying out? It would have just been nice as a game only, please edit and remove the fact that you get to win and cash out, not nice misleading people.
Game is a scam . I have worked my way up to level 2022 . I am at 49.17 dollars it has taken me weeks. Your game refuses to accept the word moor.. it won't let you move forward. I have watched all your ads which you are getting paid a fortune for and I only get paid one cent for doing 50 levels and watching 50 ads. Now that your game does not work , I don't get paid a cent. Avoid the game at all costs.
So far, I am playing fine with this word puzzle.. I have not reach the minimum for cash out though and I hope that I will be able to really cashout my winnings with Paymaya.. I am enjoying this game as its easy!
I like this game nice and wander full experience me good luck you this game is maind blowing me know when you're ready for playing with your friends and family members who was the first time that the government will have to pay a joke about you have to be careful with this game nice and cool in the first time that I have been using the government will have an opportunity for the public to get it was a great experience. t mobile phone is great for playing in the first half hours of sleep good lu
This app is the biggest hack... When you get to $45 they start paying you 0.02c after every 20 levels that you pass. So meaning you can never get to $50 which is the minimum amount you can transfer to your PayPal account 🙄