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Yoruba & English Bible - With Full Offline Audio

Yoruba & English Bible - With Full Offline Audio for PC and MAC

Is a Books And Reference game developed by Mobobi located at Gh Apps Limited Presby Road, Dansoman Office #404 Zodiac - Ghana. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.0 and up.
The No.1 Original Yoruba and English Bible with full offline audio. An award winning app! Yoruba Bible - Bibeli Mimọ. A total Yoruba sound bible with Yoruba audio, pidgin audio, english bible(KJV, NIV).

**The only Yoruba Bible application with full offline scriptures, traditional audio in Old & brand new Testaments (all free-of-charge) - complete sound in Yoruba, Nigerian Pidgin, English (NIV, KJV etc)

**Read hand and hand (parallel) or change between Yoruba and English and Pidgin for both Old and brand new Testaments (Scriptures & audio)

Install truly the only Offline Holy Bible in Yoruba (Nigerian), English languages with offline audio in Yoruba and English and Pidgin. Truly the only Bible that talks to you! The entire Holy Bible within mommy language + English all in your pocket. Read, Listen and Hear! The best of the most effective and far anticipated and popular Nigerian application. You will find 40million yoruba speakers in Nigeria. This is certainly an intelligent & intelligent traditional holy bible software accepted and appointed is read in churches & for personal use

Some Top attributes of Yoruba & English Bible:

- Complete Offline scriptures with offline sound in Yoruba & English languages for both Old & brand new Testaments. Sound help for Pidgin also as well as Yoruba and English
- the only real Holy Bible that foretells you! good quality audio permits the Bible becoming look over to you out loud in Nigerian & English languages
- Open certain bible verse rapidly - By saying or typing the part or verse you would like. Running on Ojo the Yoruba artificial smart assistant
- Automatic scrolling feature permits the Bible to scroll immediately when audio will be played or read by Ojo
- complete offline use both for scriptures & sound. You don’t require the net to make use of it. Most readily useful yoruba app ever.
- Include your commentaries, text notes, sound notes, sermons, record preachings, songs, praise, worships, church solutions & individual records
- Complete Holy Bible in Yoruba, English containing both Old and brand new Testaments
- Full offline Speech, audio help - Smart Ojo can immediately scroll & read out loud scriptures to you within top Yoruba, English and Pidgin bible
- solution to review scriptures in parallel mode(Yoruba and English alongside) or in single mode (Yoruba or English)
- Bible with devotions - Be promoted with day-to-day devotional messages, motivational verses, inspirational verses to assist you within daily life
- Highlight, bookmark & rescue chapters of scriptures and verses within top Super english & Yoruba bible
- Copy, share, convert scriptures with friends & families within best super english & Yoruba bible
-The parallel mode feature lets you make use of this best Nigerian application as a Yoruba to english translator or english to yoruba translator

This application will enable you spiritually throughout your walk with God. It is possible to read in parallel mode (Yoruba English side by side) or read in solitary mode (Yoruba or English). Ojo & Noah can review scriptures to your hearing, scroll verses intelligently read out devotions, inspirational quotes to you. Yoruba Holy Bible (Bibeli Mimo) lets you emphasize bookmark any element of scripture incorporate records share scriptures with buddies, household on WhatsApp, Twitter, twitter with Yorùbá bible

Switch between South western Nigeria Yorùbá, Pidgin, Yoruba English bible & English in King James Version (KJV), New International Version (NIV), Amplified Bible (AMP), New United states Standard Bible, The Living Bible, New life Translation(NLT),(MSG)
Offers Yoruba translator, english to Yoruba translator, yoruba dictionary translator
The Nigerian bible in Yoruba language, English Language Super English & Yoruba bible. Top Nigerian application with Yuroba audio.
Record sound, hymns, compliments, worship in most readily useful africa application. Translate in English to Yoruba & Yoruba to English, awesome english Yoruba bible to be used in churches including Methodist, pentecost, Roman catholic, Jesus Christ churches

Install this top application to grow your faith & get you nearer to Jesus.
Don’t forget to go out of united states an evaluation :)

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  1. Download BlueStacks, a free Android emulator.
  2. Install BlueStacks from installation file.
  3. Now run BlueStacks and use the search tool of BlueStacks to find the Yoruba & English Bible - With Full Offline Audio.
  4. As you find the game then hit the installation button and install it by following on screen instructions.
I hope the guide to download Yoruba & English Bible - With Full Offline Audio for Windows PC works for you. Don't forget to share this guide with your friends over social media sites like Twitter or Facebook.
User Reviews
Good and innovative, I love the combination of both,it really inspire me to read and get good and better understanding of the Bible.
Really love your translations. You have been a huge blessing. However, i wish that there is a feature to make it read non-stop , one chapter after the other until manually stopped. Pls consider adding a command key like that. All said, great job. Kudos!
It inspires me to read the scripture daily,especially at night before going to bed. I enjoy reading when the night mode is on.
Sometime I would like to look up a passage in other version which is not available. So please make it possi le to switch to other version of the bible
Why isn't it possible to download the full audio version of the bible? but directing you go for the purchase of the pro version... can't the developer makes good sum by enabling full audio downloads via data charges? Does data have no monetary value?
It's a work of experience that least think of! It was a great experience and surprise, having opened the app and Yoruba pronunciation of the scriptures heard. This dual contents of both English and Yoruba text is also amazing! I say thank you for the good work 👍
It is a wonderful App, i give it 5stars because i don't need a translator again or an interpreter and more so they give verses every morning
A very nice,incredible,mindblowing app! Kudos to the developer!!! I love this app so much,it's one of the best apps have ever encountered!
The voice is so much better and clear more so the more you listen the more you understand you are the best
Nice and easy to use. If i can't pronounce words in Yoruba,i quickly switch to the english version 😃😃. I like it
I love the app, especially when I listen to the verse of the day voice version. I can easily read Yoruba and English version at a time. Well done and God bless your team.
I've experienced wonderful times studying with it especially the Yoruba version. I really appreciate the verse of the day also. God bless you
But my thoughts was that the audio will work with the Bible text but am the one to download the speech text
The Yoruba/English app is wonderful. I really appreciate your technical know-how. The Audio/voice part of the app is amazing! *Observation, the picture of the man that read out in Yoruba is not the best. I want to suggest that he should off his cap while reading as a Mark of honor/ regards to God. (That my personal view) Besides I enjoy your spade work ( ogbon atinuda) You have done a great job. Bravo
Really great Yoruba & English Bible App. My Yoruba friends and I are seeing the power of God's word becoming more and more real. We're really grateful to the developer, just want to let you know that this is blessing people and changing lives.
I think the back ground music should be removed. And why do we have to download the audio each time? I like it though.
I appreciate the idea. Beautiful one at that. Please can the soundtrack in the Yoruba versions be removed? It is a distraction. Just the readers voice is perfect. Also improvements be made so that audio can be used without having to download it. This makes it perfectly offline. Thanks
Good concept. Nice execution, but there's always a room for improvement. Thanks for not resting on your oars.
Fantastic, i am enjoying the app, i love the fact that it is offline & also the audio, God bless the team that put this together.
It is a very good App. I wish you can tap to focus on a language with increase font size and easily go back to previous language. I wish the voice of the memory verse can be controlled as it distracts when opened during Sermon. There is always room for improvement.
Very good, only that the vice reading in Yoruba is to be completed, the advertisement are distracting
Like seriously I'm really enjoying this app. The audio versions makes it so interesting. This app is a great app. How i wish i can download the whole version especially the pidgin version at once but thats going to be a whole lot of data
I like the mixture of English and Yoruba side by side however I still struggle with the audio part of it, can't seem to be able to listen to it
My experience is very good but how I which that the OLD TESTAMENT of the Bible is also full audio as the NEW TESTAMENT. Meanwhile it has been a great work done. May God bless and increase this you. Looking forward to see the completed OLD TESTAMENT SOON.
Its a good app, the thing i liked most is the voice but not all verses could be read out by the voice. Pls make it more advance and more useable to everyone
Great app.But, have to download chapter by chapter to listen to the audio,which is cumbersome.I love the fact that I can have English and Yoruba Bible in one app
I love the Yoruba translation and also the fact that the app can record messages for me it's a big bonus....
The numbering of English verses is not in line with Yoruba, so scrolling the two together seems impossible. Please can you make adjustments? Thanks, God bless you richly
My first Impression of this application is high. It's a job well done by the developers. Most especially Yorùbá translations. My observations: Something should be done to ensure complete download of audio at once instead of piece meals. Adverts covers the visibility of letters asking for download of applications you have already had. Asking for donations in Dollars from Nigerians is scaring instead of NGN. Developers should try to correct these observations. It is a good project. Well done.
Its really a good app that contain what you really wanted. But they should make the voice message useful when go offline.
I really love it, the app is really amazing and it's helping me to understand the bible the more, thanks
It's a wonderful application. Please try to improve on the download package. I believe it's possible to download the entire new and old testament audio files each at a time rather than downloading each chapter one after the other. I am really enjoying the app and I recommend it to others. May God continue to bless and increase the producer. Shalom
Available for use but still displays ads after payment. How do I get to listen to all the preferred verses at a particular time?
Very helpful app, will give 5 stars if the ads aren't annoying sometimes, I understand its used to keep the app running. 👍
Long before now when I read in English, sometimes I don't understand somethings written therein but now, I have a better and clearer understanding reading the verses in Yoruba and English coherently. And this encourages me to study the Word daily and tirelessly.
The best Bible I ever download, But i still never understand it much, Just that the add is too much and is distract someone, Work on that.. Nice app though.👍👍
Its really nice, the voice note is also cool and I will love it more if the whole old testament has their voice note too
I love this App especially the Yoruba version.but the audio is not working well when the data is off.
I like it because one does not need to download both Yoruba and English Bible separately. But I wanted to download the audio, it was not successful.
The app is good, easy to operate, but it could have better if we can share a verse or more if we love to do so. Because sometimes we just love to share some verse to our friends while reading. I will be glad if you can improve on that aspect please for Christ sake.
I have not seen this type of bible here that combined Yoruba and English language in such a way that non-Christian can read and understand it. Nice work!!!
Awesome app! Thank you all for this great work well done. I suggest the full audio should be downloadable once instead of this fragment downloading
It's been so interesting having yoruba and English verson side by side as it enhances more understanding of the bible
The app is superb. Should there be any need for improvement, I would suggest it is on verses fast selection just as we have it for chapters. Thanks
This app is good but the only problem is that one needs to be downloading the audio form before one can listen. Please work on this so that the illiterates can listen to the word of God once they have access to the app. Most English offline Bibles comes with audio forms and that makes even the blind and the illiterates enjoy the word of God the more.
The best offline Bible application I have come across so far. With Yoruba/English translation side by side, Bible reading and studyhas been made very easy for me. I'm particularly impressed with the audio. It is very clear and natural, just like one of us is reading aloud during a family Bible study program It is a great application. I really appreciate the effort. Thanks
I love it, At Time If Am Tired To Go Through The Bible I can easily play the audio It's Excellent Thank U
Audio Bible helps one to connect with the Holy when one is tired and it gives life and strength to the spirit Man. Thank you for the product.It has met my needs.
It's so sweet to compare both languages it took me back to my late father 'morning devotion back in the 80s,old but fresh knowledge ever green. Thanks n God bless you mighty, Amen
It's a wonderful tool towards spiritual development of believers. The audio Bible is the best I have ever seen, especially, the Yoruba audio Bible.
Am not understanding this app at all..so complicated. It's not playing the audio...and I don't even get what I want. Its a no no for me
Incredible app. I just love it. I want to download the offline audio and it's been difficult for me to make payment. Provide more options of payment.
Excellently Built to enhance Faith through hearing the Word of God. Very helpful. Thanking God for the lives of the programmers and others used to achieve it. To God be all the glory.
Awesome I was marvelously blessed by the yoruba version. I enjoy listen to it in my mother's togue and it helps me to understand better the scripture. The word has been my guide indeed, i love to read it more than ever. I see that i am obligated to read it to enjoy Him to the fullness. God's word is being great in my life. I have used the word to fight the powers of darkness. When devil or evil spirit came to torment my household, i told them to read a particular psalm and pray, they won.
The app is awesome. However, I want to go pro, in the payment section I was asked to enter my card number which I did many times and it was saying invalid card number. This is the same card that I used for purchasing online products. The app should have come with full audio. Even when I went to settings to download the full audio, the audio didn't download full. No where to choose the language e.g Yoruba or English which you prefer listening to.
It is rather annoying having to download the audio for every chapter one wants to read. For other apps, once the audio starts reading, it doesnt stop till you stop it.
It's the best app... With great voice reading both Yoruba and English..... It also has both night and day vision reading....
I love this app, it's easy to open, bible books easy to access, and the devotional is enriching. Thank you developer.
The App will have make sense if one can easily play the audio of any verses apart from the one that pop up immediately after opening the App.
The app is so good considering that you could actually learn to read Yoruba language because of the parallel placement with English language.
Features are great, and sound makes it specially interesting. However, it would have been better if the sound download could be downloaded just at once, and if choice could be made with respect to the language one wishes to listen to at any point in time. Wish improvement could come to this point.
I am able to have the English version of the bible alongside the Yoruba translation of it which is in fact very handy.
I love d application, very easy-to-use, especially in church wen pastor quote some Bible verses,u wl find d verse in a jiffy.
I am delighted at the opportunity to read the Yoruba translation alongside the English translation. It helps a lot to make the message of the Bible clear and simple. Bravo !
I truly love it,but the only problem is that I will have to download the audio one by one(chapter by chapter) which I don't like. So please make it easy for us to download it once. Thank you and Weldone.
The app is perfect especially reading both English and Yoruba Chapters at the same time.Pls just try to improve on your voice downloading because it gets stopped when you download to some extent.Thanks!
It's so easy to flip through and stable. If the next edition can come in colours, it will be more facilitating.
Great. It increases my understanding of the Bible! Yes, a Yoruba man reading English Bible may think he understands everything, but let him try and read this along, then, he will confirm what I mean here. Good works.
It's very good for comparative study. Everything may not be perfect especially typographical in compounding words occasionally. I really enjoy it. It's wonderful.
I downloaded the app but the audio not working. It's asking me to download speech data which automatically comes up on the screen but it's not downloading. Pls help with suggestions on how to solve the problem.
This is exceptionally wondered - to access the Bible in your language both in reading and in voice platform. Thank you.
It is a very good app, the experience using it is a wonderful one. I haven't come across any difficulty since I've been using it as far as I am concerned
This Yoruba and English Bible is very beautiful i don't stress myself anymore to know the meaning of some words in Yoruba and it very easy to download and open.thank you so much for app
I love the app is lovely..just that the price that was fix on the voice was high..for the poppose of gosple it should be affordable for everyone..thanks and God bless
Thanks for the effort you put into this work, more grace to continue in Jesus name. My observation is that the downloads I made was very bad, the chapters are not completely downloaded: some 5,6,10 verses then it will jump to the next chapter, this is my experience through almost all the books. This definitely is not the best and really it's very painful to pay for what you cannot enjoy, please improve the work so that your efforts will not be wasted and God can receive the glory. Thanks.
Audio may be offline but you will need to download all the audio passage by passage with additional data charges. Gross!
The reading is so clear and understandable. It also help in pronouncing difficult words but there should be a way to download an audio for a whole book of bible instead of downloading them by chapters
It was awesome 😎😎 In fact I have never come across this type of bible application before and I've been looking for it. 👍👍👍
Very great. The application is good for both adult and children. Daily Bible qoute both in English and Yoruba always sweet my heart.
It has been good, recently when people suggested the highlighting of some verses it was carried out ! It can't be better. Thanks for feeding me with the beautiful words of God. Mogbadunola Babatunde.
It's a good job, i like the layout. However the audio speaker is not downloading. Please look into that. All together it is a good app.
Good thinking i love this write-up and the app is very good i love when playing the Yoruba Audio thanks God we bless you
Excellent. It brings back my memory of Yoruba language. As a kid, I started reading the Bible in Yoruba language. And till now, there are times I want to quite the scriptures and it's the Yoruba version that'll express it just like I want it. So whenever I get to that point, I open the app like I did this morning.
Excellent work. Pls add other payment platform for the purchase of pro version and payment for the Yoruba voice over. Add payment via bank transfer and other.
Excellent, it makes reading more clear and well meaningful to me. Even though the English translation is also there, but I enjoy reading Yoruba more. Thank you, God will bless your efforts in Christ Jesus name
This app is exceptional,it really make bible readings a pleasure, it brings us closer to the bible and more closer to almighty God.well done.
Am one of beneficiaries for this wonderful opportunity to have the two languages together, I read my Bible daily without any stress anywhere with or without network, God bless and more anointing.
Since I downloaded this app,it has been a wonderful experience reading my Bible in Yoruba and English language.
Awesome. Having the English and Yoruba versions side by side increases the understanding of the holy scripture
Very impressive app with Yoruba and english compilation, even with quick search for any verses,and also allow speech mode depending on your choice,waw, it's so fantastic, thanks this is what I needed for years👍👍🙌🙌👌
Very good app, it makes it easy for me to read my bible without any feelings of confusion or misinterpretation.
Both the English and Yoruba versions are well written exactly like the old version. Well constructed and very understandable. The wordings are not twisted.
This bible app is so easy and lovely, especially the aspect of verse of the day but I wonder why old testament cannot be verse of the day,thou new testament are cool with me too.
Pls kindly reduce the volume of the background instrumental just a little bit so that One will not miss any word from the Audio Reader
Love the app so much but I think it still need to be upgraded cos you cant scroll up or down when it is on auto read and the scrolling is faster than the reader. Thanks